T-Mobileclue.com Officially Revealed

Look, at this point if you didn’t believe that the Samsung Vibrant was indeed the device behind the T-Mobileclue.com mystery, we can’t do much to help that. Or maybe we can? T-Mobile has revealed, likely ahead of schedule the entire puzzle to reveal, surprise surprise, the Samsung Vibrant! Well maybe not the actual unveiling of the device, but the name itself that we know correlates to the Samsung Galaxy S. Mystery officially solved, any questions?

P.S. Some of you have written in regarding a possible rumor floating around on the subject of a June 28th release date. We believe the countdown merely ends the day before the Samsung Press Conference unveiling on the 29th. Simple, we still expect a release July 21st.

P.P.S. Some of you have caught that a link on this site that leads you to a likely holding place for an upcoming Galaxy S/Vibrant T-Mobile page. You can check out the holding page here.

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  • SiXiam

    Wow great T-Mobile, you finally convinced me.
    Off to Verizon for the Droid X.

    I have 4 months left on contract, but right now I’ll just pay the $100.
    Your horrible 3G service in Pittsburgh doesn’t help.
    I was getting edge service in Green Tree today, which is right outside downtown.

    • wack mode

      its not tmobiles fault u live in a stupid town and cant afford another house in the big city hahaha

      • NiiDiddy

        hahahaha…that was actually funny.

      • Aston


      • Galen20K

        ha! Exactly Wack! TOo funny and TRUE! Haters in po-dunk towns complaining for T-Mobile to offer service in area’s with like 10 people. I’m sorry but its just not fiscally sound to do that for such a low amount of population in those rural area’s. Not T-Mobile’s fault.

    • phonegeek

      now now wait people before you start commenting im from a town up there in P.A. and t-mobile service sucks you cant get any signal like that up there now philly yea but towns around the burgh (pitt) thats a big negative sixiam i feel your pain

      • John Johnson

        You pay for what you get.

      • Daedalus

        Well all I can say is that TMO is not a Steelers Fan… Plus it is BFE. My GF dad lives in the Pitts we are not sure we want to visit him!!!!

    • if your complaining about tmo’s serice, than y do u have it in the first place?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s right. I suspect he can’t get a signal from the other carriers so it’s T-Mobile or nothing.

        Either that or he likes T-Mobile plans.

        Like others said, you get what you pay for.

        Of course that maxim is being challenged significantly with AT&T’s first cabin pricing and third class service.

    • TMOsucks

      LMFAO!! This is funny, considering I live in Greensburg (about 30-45 minutes from Pittsburgh), and I get great 3G service.

      • SiXiam

        Univ of Pitt-Greensburg service is spotty at best.

  • Ace

    w00t now for next puzzle which probably is picture

  • yo

    Good riddance!!! BTW, no one cares.

  • funny

    and when you are mad at verizon you will be paying a $350 term fee to switch again! lol

    • wack mode


  • great customer service and a decent smartphone is enough to keep me loyal

    • Bobomo

      Don’t forget about the great rates!

  • JustMike

    Maybe http://galaxy-s.t-mobile.com/ will go live for pre-orders at the end of the countdown?

    Nah.. they’ll probably just officially release everything we already know.

    • TheAnalyst

      That would be great if it was available for preorders. But I won’t hold my breath.

  • funny

    there will be alot of answers to what tmo will be doing in the 2nd half of the year. big meeting next week.

  • Whatever Verizon Wireless Fan… You will come back after Verizon sticks you with their ridiculous tethering fee which is on top of your data plan fee!

    “No Nonsense – With T mobile”

  • BabyGirl

    I don’t understand some people on here. If ur so mad at T-mobile and don’t like their phones than just jump ship already and stop ur constant complaining. I too don’t like the fact that they are behind in the android race but I love their plans and wonderful customer service so I waited it out and now I will buy the Samsung Vibrant.

    • Bobomo

      Word. People don’t get the connection between the cheap rates and the phone selection. Verizon has great phones because they screw people on their monthly bill and can afford to throw gobs of cash at Motorola for flagship exclusives. I did the math and I’d be paying $50/mo more on Verizon that I would on T-Mobile. Over the course of a two year contract that’s $1200. That’s a lot of money… I’ll happily take a few less phone selections and wait a few extra months for that kind of savings.

  • Chris

    I 2nd everyones comment except the top dude ^ up there. About leaving for Verizon…I left them, and thank god I did!!! Loving it with the good ole TM!

  • keele8

    Why would the webiste by galaxy-s if it is the Vibrant? Doesn’t make sense Tmobile?

    • Aston

      the vibrant is a version of the galaxy s, just like the captivate.

      • keele8

        But it isn’t the Galaxy S. It’s not like they are going to say “introducing the new Tmobile Galaxy S Vibrant Edition” Every HTC phone has a name HTC gives it, then the company that buys the phone changes the name. The didn’t say, “Introdcuting the HTC Dream also known as the Tmobile G1”. I am just saying, doesn’t make any sense to make such a big deal about changing the name to Vibrant and then having a website labeled Galaxy S.

    • NiiDiddy

      @keele8 that website is not real, bro…if you are talking the link someone posted above in their comment. try going to it and it’s “forbidden”. might have been internal [intranet] that was taken down. no sweat…it’s the T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant.

  • MM

    Wonder why it’s taking so long to release this phone? Maybe because the design is being tweaked from the original? Let’s get this thing out already!

  • MxPxFan

    I still can’t get over the fact that people think this phone isn’t a top notch phone because it doesn’t have flash and perhaps no front facing camera.

    Do you not understand that the Super AMOLED screen is the best screen on a phone right now, even better then the new Iphone 4’s screen? Also its going to have the best GPU.

    I love dumb people.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!! U betta speak on it, people are truly stupid & deceived .

    • NiiDiddy

      what about Super AMOLED Screen makes it better than IP4’s screen? Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those who is complaining because I LOVE the Salaxy-S/Vibrant. I think it’s an awesome phone and beats the IP4 in so many different things; however IMHO, the IP4’s Retina Display screen is better. It packs more pixels than the Super AMOLED’s 16M pixels. It looks brighter though not by a wide margin. I guess the difference comes in with how Samsung placed the g-sensors directly on the display thus eliminating the air space that would have been between them, while IP4 still takes adv of the air space with a little extra lighting. All in all Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant just makes sense to me from ground up….oh and it’s the lightest weight among any smartphone out there.

      • MxPxFan
      • MxPxFan

        Actually this article is better. There’s more to having a good picture on a screen then just resolution.

      • MxPxFan
      • NiiDiddy

        @MxPxFan – thanks for sharing. very insightful. you are right, the technology behind it is great. power-saving…etc are all great for Super AMOLED. I was looking at it from a different perspective – actual pixels [960×640 vs 800×480(16M)] – not that is makes any difference for the average user. but just by looking at both phones side by side ip4 looks clearer, crisper and brighter. then again it could be just my eyes LOL. i think it’s because Super AMOLED has deeper, and more true colors. either way i still love the technology behind S-AMOLED, and i will be a proud owner of the Vibrant some day ;)

    • just some dude

      MxPxFan “I love dumb people”

      Then you must adore yourself, How are you going to enjoy that S Amoled when all your pics come out like crap. The problem is that people take pictures with the flash on a foot away from there subject. Heres a hint, step back from your subject, zoom in with your camera, use the flash to fill the scene, and take your picture. Yes digital zoom sucks but that where we are at this point and time with the gear we have.

      Anyway no flash at this point in the game on mobiles is ridiculous, I’ll be skipping this one.

      • NiiDiddy

        On behald of MxPxFan – what matters to you doesn’t matter to everyone. is flash is your cp of tea, then my all means skip it. but i think its stupid to skip it because it doesnt have flash. pictures taken with it looks great anyway. pics and vids in 720p is not bad. besides for me, i dont use my phone for cam stuff – i have a Nikon D90 and my wife has a flash on her MT3G-S [she got that phone because flash matters to hear]. again, not all phones are meant to please all. you don’t like this one, move on!! think before you write, people!!!!

      • NiiDiddy

        On behalf of MxPxFan – what matters to you doesn’t matter to everyone. is flash is your cp of tea, then my all means skip it. but i think its stupid to skip it because it doesnt have flash. pictures taken with it looks great anyway. pics and vids in 720p is not bad. besides for me, i dont use my phone for cam stuff – i have a Nikon D90 and my wife has a flash on her MT3G-S [she got that phone because flash matters to hear]. again, not all phones are meant to please all. you don’t like this one, move on!! think before you write, people!!!!

  • umaluver

    any chance of UMA calling on this thing? *twitch*

  • Tony

    Seriously.. If you Verizon guys love Verizon they why are you on a T-mobile site?
    I love T-mobile – Great Service, Cheap, no nonsense.

    • Chris

      I agree with you there. I think they like coming in here because they miss it so much, alot cheaper than V…did I say ALOT cheaper than the big V? We get alot more than they do, now we are getting the phones as well. Jealousy is what I say. They are just wishing they could get away from the wrath of the V. I did and haven’t looked back. The Droid…nah, Droid X…again NAH. SGS? OH YEAH! We got it, they want it.

    • MMSD

      Thats because this site always has ads / banners for non-tmobile phones lol… iu i can see right now its palm-pre plus and bold and storm 2 ( verizon ) on top of the page …. ha ha ha

    • Dale Murphy

      tmobile isn’t “cheap” but it is definitely the best value. pre-paid is much cheaper.

  • Aston

    if the price is right, i will be picking on of these up. :D

  • BIGG13

    am i the only one noticeing something wrong with the calendar date on here? today is the 24th not 25th

    • MxPxFan

      I just noticed that too.

      Dude this article is from the FUTURE!

      • NiiDiddy

        LMAO! Okay, that was funny. Just had to comment on that… :)

  • daffy

    its set to a different timezone for some reason. no biggie

  • David Thomas

    While T-Mo doesn’t have all the hip, latest phones that other carriers usually have, I’ve got to say I get more bang from my buck with Magenta. I had Verizon before, it’s nothing special. T-Mobile’s customer support has always been good to me (even when I had pre-paid), their plans are very competitive (sometimes less) with/than other providers, and the phone selection, while lacking, isn’t terribly horrible.

    Besides, hot phones are released almost every 4 months. Unless you’re paying full price, there’s really no way you’ll be able to get every “great phone” even if they did have a greater selection. And honestly, if you were going to, then you might as well go buy these phones unlocked for $500.

    On-topic, I can’t wait. I know what I’ll be getting in December. :D

  • George

    I think TM has some of the best phones in the industry I just wish they would put a little more green on the map so I will quit getting those Emergency Calls Only messages when trying to make a local call Sprint has the right idea with their no roaming plan if the signal is there lets all get along use it and move on.

    • Yuri

      I have no problems roaming. I go all around Michigan and once you start getting to the middle portion of the lower peninsula, we connect to AT&T and everything works just fine at that point.

      They stopped charging me for roaming when Voicestream became T-mobile years ago.

  • Scott


    I was at a Tmobile store today. They told me HSPA+ is set to launch the end of June in Pittsburgh, fyi.

  • Scott
    • SEFan

      And once again my town is not on the list. Just like the 3G rollout.

      On the other hand, Vibrant definitely has potential. Still wish they’d left in the front-facing camera…

  • quikzilver

    June 21 feels to long a wait!

    Simce this phone has a different name from the World, Sprint, and AT&T version I hope T-mobile version has some added hardware on it.

    • Kickstar13

      You mean July 21st ;)

  • craig

    Hey T-Mobilers… misery love company, so just ignore the ones that complain about what T-Mobile dont have or what they are not doing. im yet amazed with my G1. love to read and hear about the upcoming phones to be released, because the phones i see being released from all carriers i say AND! so T-Mobile keep doing your thing. :-)

  • kebanyo

    does anyone know if the samsung galaxy S/Vibrant is fully supported with T-Mobile upcoming HSPA+?!

    • Scott

      I hope so. I believe the first phone to have that will probably be the “PROJECT EMERALD” phone, or also known as the SIDEKICK TWIST! :)

      • negtne

        My fiances mytouch slide shows hspa

      • keele8

        So I want try a little experiment. I am going to say that there is a new phone that HTC and Tmobile are working on called the Droid Ridiculous. It is code named Project Insane. The phone is going to be a hybrid between the Sidekick, G1, Driod, and the Evo. It is going to have a 2 Ghz humming dragon processor, 1 gb RAM, 80 gb of internal ram, 5G internet speed, 2 forward facing camera’s with 6 led flashes on it, and is going to be full 1080i HD recording, playing, and two HDMI ports on it. Now, lets see if people start talking about this phone for the next year and how they can’t wait for it to come out. Sorry, I can’t help myself but there are not pictures of this Sidekick twist, no official anything, no leaks, no nothing. I hope it comes to be someday but until we have some concrete stuff I wish we could stop talking about it!

      • keele8

        Sorry, I meant 80 gb of internal memory (just for those of you that want to help in starting the rumor experiment)

      • joel

        You’ve almost got your plan down pat, keele. Just a couple things left: 1) Claim that you’re a member of product development for T-Mobile and tell them you NEED to remain anonymous to keep your job. This way they report you as a “ninja on the inside” or something similar. 2) Make sure you get two websites to post it so they can quote each other and claim that makes it more legitimate.

        Man, I can’t wait for Project Insane! Now THAT’S a phone!!!

    • keele8

      I don’t know for sure but why wouldn’t it. That would be pretty stupid to be putting out phones that aren’t even supported by your network. What are we, Sprint over here?

    • Xerties

      Since the G1 is capable of HSPA+ I’m sure the Vibrant will be as well.

      • Bobomo

        No it’s not. G1 is capable of HSDPA which is not the same thing as HSPA+.

  • Scott

    Speaking of, whatever happened to “Project Emerald”? Guess we’ll hear more about that after the Samsung Vibrant been released.

    I’m just so curious as to what the rumored new sidekick ‘twist’ will be like!

    Can’t wait to get my hand on Vibrant! Nice job Tmo!! :):)

  • Stillwaiting

    Interesting how the Samsumgmobile twitter account linked to this website

    • David

      I just caught that and it sure is!

  • TheLight

    anybody get a gain of hope for another phone announcement when it reaches zero?

    the screen shot says,” T-Mobile is proud to offer the Samsung Vibrant, coming to soon to T-Mobile.”—-point, we figured it out its what we thought

    then it goes on to say, “Check back when the count down reaches zero for MORE exciting news.”—-why would they say “MORE” if it was just the about the release date or if it is about the release date why would they have to say that when there is already a countdown…

    the reason I bring this all up is I havent given up on the sidekick twist…the real project emerald..why? you ask, because I refuse to believe that the best customer service in America and my beloved Magenta isnt listening to all of us saying we want a keyboard with dedicated number keys.. How could they not here our cries? They started a whole little game for us to play to reveal the next new phone.. still holding my breathe for my TRUE G1 SUCCESSOR!

    anybody agree…please give me hope

    • Scott

      Hmmm… you might be on to something here!

    • Jay

      You guys are freaking delusional. You take a word like “more” to mean that they have another phone announcement coming up? Give me a freaking brake. The “twist” is just a rumor made up by delusional people like yourself.

      • Bobomo

        Right on. I said it at the time: The HTC Twist rumor sounded like somebody went to a T-Mobile forum and read what everyone was bitching about and made it into a rumor.

        The “MORE” in this case is likely referring to all the included software TmoNews predicted… Kindle, Sims 3, Avatar, etc.

  • drhonk

    Now that we know for sure it’s Vibrant. All we need now is the complete spec, pricing, and release date :)

    It looks like Vibrant would be my next phone instead of Nexus One .. yay

  • Nick

    Haters gonna hate. I’m pumped! I’ll finally be able to chuck my G1 in a river.

    • keele8

      I’ll save you a trip to the river, just send it to me I’ll take it!

  • TMoFan

    This is a great addition to T-Mobile’s lineup! I really think this is a start of some nice smartphones coming T-Mobile’s way.

    And to the complainers: I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were Voicestream and not once did T-Mobile give me a reason to switch. I had some billing issues and T-Mobile CS took care of me in mere minutes, and I didn’t have to turn into an irate monster to get them to do it. Seriously the CS is top notch. If you think you’ll be happy with another carrier just switch and go away. Nobody wants to hear your complaining.

    • TheLight

      Im not complaining about anything, I’ll be the first to say T-Mobile is better than every other carrier to my friends.

      Im just referring to the people in the room who are watching everyone discuss this wondering: My G1 upgrade is in a couple of months, I want a keyboard for the comfort of sending long e-mails, writing on blogs, and when I break the screen I can still use my keyboard :)

      I think the samsung vibrant is a great addition to the Magenta family and believe it will bring new customers and much needed upgrades to those who got stuck with the beholds, cliqs, and my touch(minus mts). I personally along with alot of G1 users would like a Droid X like phone with a keyboard since we did start this whole scha bang bang… just fan boy rant..nothing personal :)

      • Bobomo

        Since G1 contracts aren’t up until the fall, I am pretty sure they’ll have something in the pipeline before then.

      • She She

        yea but we can get a full upgrade now

  • deathsector

    well im just waiting till the 29 my contract with tmobile will end and i ll be going to verizon, a least verizon has good phones and other services when tmobile decide and stop gettin crap phones ill be back , it doesnt matter if the vibrant has a super amoled screen the company who made it still sucks they dont have good record making mobile technology

    • Bobomo


    • Chris

      And a real good price. Give big red your money, thats what they like, and care nothing about you. LOL! If you hate it so bad, pay the ETF and leave now. LOL! Now that would show em that you really hate em.

  • George

    I can’t get excited about anything TM has to offer the infrastructure isn’t there to support even the phones they have I started out with the internet service package and kept it for the required 6 months then dropped it because most of the time it just said unable to connect try again later. anytime I leave the city in any direction I get the message saying emergency calls only, I would hope that in such as instance i actually could reach 911. Sprint, Alltel, and Varizon all work fine why can’t we all share the same towers???

  • 30014

    I’m personally hoping tmo gets the n1 in stores soon, if not then this will more than likely be my next phone.


    A question to kckstar13, if I remember correctly you guys posted something about 5 or 7 htc devices coming to tmo, so far there’s been 4 including the N1, have you heard of anything else?

  • Hmmm

    Learn how to spell, George. Oh, and by the way… Reaching 911 goes beyond roaming agreements. Any cell phone can use any compatible frequency to reach 911. Varizon “as you put it” and Sprint are two totally separate technologies.

    It would be nice if we were all hippies/communists… And everything was shared, but we aren’t. This is a capitalist society, and competition drives and innovates business. It is a great thing to have the ability to choose.

  • Barakuda

    I cant believe you folks cant see the woods for the trees…its marketing 101…when your adversary ( I phone ) which is a superior device ( from a comercial point of view ) is in the news you try to divert peoples attention from it…granted not all will divert there attention from it but, if they only get 10-20% to not pay attention then thats 10-20% that will not buy i-phone yet…just a cheap marketing scheme…just like steve jobs decided to make some noise when NEXUS was set to release,REMEMBER?? he done the SAME thing…just to keep the group on the fence from swinging googles way…just a cheap game of 3-card-mollie.

    as a side note ( just my opinion ) public blogs are just that…public.
    I think its great that we have different views and opinions about the carriers and services…its what makes public blogs so damn good.
    IF everyone thought the same and had the same opinion then only one person would be needed.
    Winston Churchill said during W.W. 2 “if everyone is thinking the same thing then someone is not thinking”

    I think its kinda crappy for this public blog to put down anyone who has an opposing view.

    just my 2 cents.

    thank you

  • peter

    HTC are 1 drop phones.


    I just returned my mytouch slide and can tell you that it is not on par with the Iphone 3gs. I have 3 iphones and two were locked up with a software update. I dont understand how Apple can be so far ahead of all the other manufacturers but they are and I will pay the extra money. It was tough to make the move since I have been with Tmobile since it was Voicestream and had the greatest family plan rate but I am porting them over to a business plan with ATT for the new iphone. I hope Tmobile can get some decent phones people were standing in line at the ATT store thinking they could preorder the new Iphone. I played with one for a little while and I am sure it is untouchable. When I called tmobile they had been getting a lot of calls about the mytouch and about how they don’t have any good phones that can compare to the IPHONE.

    • Bobomo

      Enjoy your iPhone. Just don’t hold it in your hand while trying to use it:


      • NiiDiddy


    • G-Money

      I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to explain how Apple is “so far ahead” of all the other manufacturers. I literally “lol-ed” when I read that. They just updated their OS to include features that I could do with Android 1.0.

      • Barakuda

        @ g money,

        i was just saying i_phone is comercially better from a sales perspective.
        John Delorean had a vastly superior car in the eighties ( back to the future),but chevy out-sold Delorean 1 million times over!

        best product does not = best sales or most popular!

        if that was the case then so many people would not drive a KIA instead of a rolls royce or astin martin.

        just my 2 cents

  • Well well well,good old t-mobile does it again! They take a perfect picture and erase the beauty of it…no flash,no front cam,and still in the rear with a 5mp back cam instead of 8! The vibrant could have been the very thing to breathe life into the sleeping giant but nooooo,we have to be cost efficient I guess!ATT-i4,Sprint-Evo,Verizon-DroidX,and now here we are with the Vibrant with less features than anticipated! Unfortunately I will be buying this phone because it’s the best the company has to offer only to hold me over until the new Dell Super Phone(s) hit Q4 of this year!My only worry is, what will they take away from those wonderful handsets once they hit America???? I’m still hanging in there but it’s starting to get a little ridiculous! WOW ME T-MOBILE…PLEASE! With the president of the company stepping down this year I’m hoping the new commander and chief will dive in and put us in the #1 spot!!!!!!!

    • G-Money

      Dude…nobody has seen an official spec sheet, or a pic of the phone with “Vibrant” written on it, so we can’t say for sure what it has and doesn’t have. And please, show me where you ever saw the SGS with a flash. ::waits::

      • NiiDiddy

        AMEN, G-Money!

  • andres

    t-mobile great costumer service best company….im try verizon ,,att ,,sprint all sucks…tmobile the best

  • Ram

    Man I work for T-Mobile but you must admit that our phones are not the greatest! I got my new iPhone 4 today and I couldn’t be any happier so far no complaints! Other phones may be better but the gorgeous retina display and just overall beauty of a phone make it worth having AT&T.I still have the mytouch slide and nokia e73 which are both good phones in their own right.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I’m just being hopeful by wishing the “more exciting news to come” would be the release of the N1 to T-Mobile. If not, I’m definately going to consider getting the Vibrant as long as Samsung doesn’t screw this one up like the Behold 2.

  • Honestly,I know when my bill is due and I pay it,I upgrade the software on my T-Mobile phones from other trusted sites,and the phones I pick out from the company “luckily” are reliable/rebootable soooo…..CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE THE LAST CONCERN WHEN IT COMES TO PICKING OUT A CARRIER! Getting overcharged is avoidable with a “much needed” unlimited plan! Come on guys,I need a superphone, not a polite cust rep!

  • @G-Money please reread my statement!

  • WXman

    Because of the lack of support for their current phones (Cliq XT, Behold II, etc.)….they couldn’t make a phone bad ass enough to make me buy another one. My next phone will be on Verizon. Screw this. Android has been out for over a year and a half, and my new Cliq XT is still stuck on version 1.5. This is sad.

    • watbetch

      You’re sad. No one hid the fact that the CLIQ XT was on 1.5, moron.

  • MrMerk

    ALL you guys sound like B!+CHE$… Who cares if that guy leaves. Hell, leave already!!!

  • Barakuda

    I would like to make one more statement then i will back off…

    i have been with powertell/voicestream/t-mobile for over a DECADE!!
    11 years to be exact, I have chased phones for a long time,done the earliest pocket pc phones sda,mda…etc you get the point.
    i was going through my stuff the other day and found i had 13 phones in my desk.
    i thought i had recycled most of the “extra phones” i had a few years ago.
    and i thought to myself how the industry has spoon fed us for the past 15 years or so giving us “just a little more tech” to make us think this phone is so much better than the last one.
    I guess i finally woke up and realized the marketing strategy these guys use to keep us coming back time and again.
    I understand the young phone enthusiast out there,I was one just like you.
    people older than me didnt understand how great this stuff was,i proudly showed them how i could send text to another phone(yes there was a time when you could not!)or my first pocket pc that that could open a picture file!!
    and when i had my first camera phone motorola 720 ( the camera actually attached to the bottom) or my first MP3 phone….BLAZING tech!!
    I know sounds corny…
    I posted a note here several months ago from louisville KY. saying that if they get 3G speed here i would go right down to store and buy a shiny new mytouch…
    well they did and i did buy one…i was so disapointed with service that after 3 months of exremely poor service i cancelled data service ( btw customer service was great about it,didnt give me a hard time about contract service or anything,they just politely took me off of it and told me to keep phone no problem)
    I went back to my 13 phones and dusted off my old V95 (no bells or whistles…not even a camera!)and i have my $49.99 loyalty plan,$9.99 @home router(unlimited home phome) and finally realized t-mobile is the best darn VOICE carrier around!
    no data…no gee-whiz phones….just good old plain voice service.
    I am through chasing tech…a little older…little wiser…little poorer.

    you will see in a few years what i mean.. ;)


    • NiiDiddy

      Lol…gotta love it. Nice story to share. I guess I am one who chases tech a lot, especially on phone devices mainly just to know whats out there and then buy when something really tickles my fancy. but i totally see your point how they sucker us into it. maybe it’ll come to a head for me when i leave the I.T field someday. Good luck Barakuda :)

      • Barakuda

        thnx!…U 2

    • Green Robot

      This is a great post Barakuda. Larger perspective is priceless.
      I can definitely sympathize with you. I’ve been into cellular tech for about 10 years although I never got into it as heavy as you. In fact I just went back the memory lane and realized that in that after 10 years I am now on my 7th device only. I guess I managed to pace myself (comparably) and nit pick what I wanted without going overboard. “Everything in moderation” ha, how about them ancient Greeks…?

  • JP

    I wonder how long, if ever, it will take them to roll out 2.2 on this sucker? Probably never.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Seriously, this puzzle game is stupid. Whoever is in charge of T-Mobile marketing needs to be fired.

  • czaplin

    I upgraded to MTS. It’s a warm-up before SG arrival next month. Hopefully Bing cashback 35% still will be working. Btw. people sell iphone4 for $1000+++ on craigslist :O

    • TheAnalyst

      June is the last month for Bing cashback. They are no longer offering it starting in July.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m in a dilemma, I want to get rid of my HD2 but don’t fully want the galaxy s. I’m deciding between the Galaxy s and the streak but I’m also considering getting the galaxy s until the tmobile streak comes out. What would you considef the best choice of action?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wilma, I have followed your posts. I too have the HD2 and want the SGS.

      I am selling my HD2 (or might keep it as a spare phone because I love WinMo 6.5’s versatility and that tethering is easy).

      I will then get the SGS. If it is not all I expect it to be, I will sell it in Oct-Nov and get one of he phones I have been talking about for two months:

      1.5 GHz dual core, “dedicated” graphics, 1080p HD recording, 1GB RAM, HDMI port, AMOLED, 4.3″ display, USB 3.0, BT 3.0, etc.

      • HEMI 922

        @ItsMichaelNotMike, I am wondering if I can keep my data & switch from HD2 to SAMDROID?

  • soon2TMO

    and is there really a “sidekick twist” by the way??

    come to think of it, i dont think there really is one, coz the rumored spec boasted that it will use SAMOLED display , but samoled will be exclusive to samsung phones for a while, for at least 6 to 8 months plus there is already shortages of supply for this tech..

    i dont want to ruin it for those who are wanting the sidekick twist to be real.. im just taking a wild guess here and who knows , maybe there really is one and will be available this fall or something..

    • soon2TMO

      shortages of supply for amoled, oh wait does it have to do with super amoled display?

      or perhaps super amoled is a different product wherein there is no supply shortages, if so, then sidekick twist may actually use it but not till early next year??

      • TMOprophet

        There actually isnt a huge difference between the 2 displays, they are both AMOLED screens, the term super is just thrown in there by samsung, just to tell you the color saturation and brightness are slightly better. The HTC sidekick could definately come with a super amoled display and heres why…HTC already has a amoled screen in the N1, and guess who made that amoled screen…sammy..I believe..And before anyone gets all mad, sammy makes many products, amoleds are just one of many things they manufacture, they arent always exclusive to only samsung branded products, sammy will sell their products to who ever is willing to pay for them, so HTC could buy their product to use in their own devices. Now I am not 100 percent sure on this, but pretty sure….If I’m wrong someone correct me.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Super AMOLED displays are expensive to manufacture (there’s a high fail rate on the final product so they get tossed off the assembly line).

        Samsung barely has enough Super AMOLED displays for its own devices.

        So although Samsung does in fact sell AMOLED displays to other manufacturers, it announced that it will NOT sell Super AMOLED displays for 18 months (announced two months ago.)

      • soonTMO

        thanks for clarifying.. i guess HTC vision will use a different type of display instead..

  • Jay

    Its official, no front facing camera.

    “Will there be a front facing camera?”
    “No but The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!”


    • Stillwaiting

      Seems true, what’s sad is that they dont’ seem to get why it might be important


      Personally, I’m okay with having a phone that doesn’t offer this feature, but a camera flash is more of a big issue. I tried taking a picture in the complete dark last night with my MTS (which has a flash) and what do you know…the picture was great. I’d be really surprised if the SGS could do the same without a flash.

      • Jack_Handy

        The Vibrant does have a front facing camera, it is on the left side rather than the right in the leaked pictures. In addition, T-Mobile has told me that the Vibrant will have the same specs as the European Galaxy S; which would include the front facing camera.
        As for the HTC Sidekick, I have been told by someone that I trust at T-Mobile that the person was getting training on a phone from HTC and the discussion in the class turned to the Sidekick (it is not the phone that they were training on.) The rep stated that the Sidekick (didn’t mention the word “Twist”) would be released in Q4 and the specs were the same as the Evo 4G plus a physical qwerty.
        Between the two, I would take the Vibrant given the faster graphics processor and that I had an HD2 for a while and I think that the extra .3″ of screen made it a bit unwieldy, even in my fairly large hands, and fact that the physical keyboard is just not necessary at that size. I would recommend that any considering waiting for the Sidekick to go to a store and handle the HD2 and then decide if a keyboard would be an asset or not.

  • sikkboy

    I still think it’s an iPhone…. ;-)

  • Dashdroid

    . . .and its also a universal remote control. (thats what it says on the website)
    If this had a front facing camera and camera flash, I’d be a little more excited. (waits for the T-Mobile Dell Streak)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      me too on both parts. Has there been any official release dates on the Tmobile version of the Streak? I know the Streak is already out unlocked but what about the Tmobile Version?

  • MM

    Just read this on the Tmo twitter site. No front facing camera…

  • kebanyo

    DISAPPOINTING!!! I deal with my hd2 and wait it out til t-mo releases something worth while…..

  • mega

    Maybe we will get this version of the Galaxy S with LED flash and a FFC

  • photoguy225

    why is there no front facing cam or flash on the 5mp camera major downgrades in my opinion :(

  • flaroadie
  • RICO

    Sucks, they’re leaving out the front facing cam it isn’t going to be an HSPA+ device and no camera flash.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am imposing a new standard for my phones. Super AMOLED. I am dog tired of being outside on bright days (whether in the car or on the street) and I can’t see sheet on my HD2 screen. It’s a real hassle for me.

    Just today I was trying to call someone and was looking at the call history to call them back. Couldn’t see the screen at all.

    I have seen the SGS tested in sunlight and one can actually make a phone call or check e-mails.

    So being able to see the display is a HUGE feature in my book. I could care less about a FFC or LED camera flash.

    I’m too ugly to be making video calls and in my lifetime no woman has ever let me take flash pictures while she’s riding the baloney pony.

    So the T-Mobile’s Vibrator will be great for me.

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