T-Mobileclue.com Officially Revealed

Look, at this point if you didn’t believe that the Samsung Vibrant was indeed the device behind the T-Mobileclue.com mystery, we can’t do much to help that. Or maybe we can? T-Mobile has revealed, likely ahead of schedule the entire puzzle to reveal, surprise surprise, the Samsung Vibrant! Well maybe not the actual unveiling of the device, but the name itself that we know correlates to the Samsung Galaxy S. Mystery officially solved, any questions?

P.S. Some of you have written in regarding a possible rumor floating around on the subject of a June 28th release date. We believe the countdown merely ends the day before the Samsung Press Conference unveiling on the 29th. Simple, we still expect a release July 21st.

P.P.S. Some of you have caught that a link on this site that leads you to a likely holding place for an upcoming Galaxy S/Vibrant T-Mobile page. You can check out the holding page here.

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