Noah Goes Hands On With The Samsung Galaxy S

By now if you don’t believe that the Samsung Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile under the “Vibrant” moniker, we just can’t help you. Judging by the significant number of comments we’ve seen, desires to purchase this phone move from a resounding “Hell Yes,” to a “meh.” Perhaps a little hands on video might sway some of the maybes so check out Noah from Phonedog’s hands on video! Unfortunately its just an unlocked version but it’s just going to have to do until we can get some images and video of the T-Mobile version in action.


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  • J-Hop2o6

    T-Mo needs to hurry up and release the screen shots.. when is Samsung’s event again?

    • P-Dog

      Doesn’t look like anything special

      • alex

        I think it does look special only for the fact that T-Mobile hasn’t released any higher end android phones

  • Ran

    This phone should have gotten so much more coverage….. But Samsung didn’t get it into the hands of reviewers early enough and the US release has been dragging it’s feet. It’s a shame though because on paper it can go toe-to-toe against the new iPhone. I wish T-Mobile released this thing earlier, before the Droid X hype ramped up, and before AT&T announced their version of it. I’m still eagerly anticipating it though!

    • Bobomo

      It will. The Samsung launch event is the 29th. After the iPhone and Droid-mania wear off, the next big phone will be the Vibrant. AT&T won’t release the Captivate until later in the summer, and that will leave T-Mobile with some room to breath.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Dude, My HD2 is better than the iphone4 and that is just sad.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        that was directed at formertmoemployee.

      • FormerTMoEmployee

        @ Wilma Flinstone, if you think the HTC HD2 is better than “ANY” phone for that matter, it must obviously be your first smart phone. You’re like an over obnoxious person who just found Christ. Talk about a phone that’s limited in delivery other than it’s screen! I had that phone “free” for a month before it came out. When I got the Nokia 5230, I used that as my primary phone instead and literally, left that POS HTC HDPew home!

        @ Everyone else, Android only appears to have so much momentum behind it because they have like 800 devices on every carrier! They a choking the industry with their, once you’ve had one Android phone, you’ve had them all!!
        With that being said, Apple “may” have lost shares due to Android but they are still light years from surpassing.

        And let me ask you this. With soooooo many Android devices out, why isn’t Android dominating? Why? Open source doesn’t mean better. In fact it kills the phone (watch out for this and that app, cause it may fry your phone).

        Again, I am an Android fan! It’s just, I, in my unbiased opinion think that all of you take on the same traits as any other nit picking, ignorant bandwagoning person!

        And do it like this….
        Give me a couple of reasons, you honestly think Android is a better OS. Not phones the douche, who talked about dropping a phone. I’ve seen so many shattered HTC HD2’s. I’ve seen every phone break from it being dropped. You my friend confirmed the ignorance of the cult that is now Android.

        At the end of the day, Love the one you’re with.

    • FormerTMoEmployee

      NO IT CAN NOT GO TOE TO TOE WITH THE IPHONE!!!! I wish you people would stop it with that rant. Listen, customizable…YES!! It kills is that category. But, until Android gets better developers it will remain way behind! Androids apps suck major cow nuts!! After you make a ringer and place a few pics as your wallpaper, what else can you do? It’s all about the apps! How can my phone be apart of my everyday life, and do it with style?

      And I’m not just ranting. I have the MyTouch Slide. And I love it! I had the Fender (sold it for the slide), I had the cliq (two actually) and the original Mytouch. So, I know. Rooting it doesn’t do anything but expose it to a bunch of B.S. that’ll cause you to have to reset your phone.

      Just stop it already. Like the Oracle said, “Sorry kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something”.

      • Davidohio

        Blah blah blah. Android has passed the i phone and windows mobile in popularity and has taken over the market so they must be doing something right. The i phone4 is full of glitches now with dropped calls, reception problems, screen issues, etc. And ‘t’s all over the news networks. I love android and the apps. i phone4 is a big fail sorry to say.

      • taaars

        Go get your Iphone that cant be dropped more that twice without complete system failure, held a certain way while making calls, and has yellow spots (Jaundice on a phone?)Some much for people constantly saying Apple has awesome QC. Apple has lost market share to the Android platform, so what is the best way to compete? Sue everyone …BOOO HOOO Apple and its Isheep.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I’m not crazy about the galaxy s but I do know that it would decimate the CriPhone4 in all areas.

  • Andre

    why does no one ever mention the front facing camera? is it because no one knows its there?!?!?

    • Brian

      Or because no one cares? I can’t see any reason for one personally.

      • Ty

        It’s a Korean phone and in Korea they have video calls which are nice at times. I don’t use the feature but my girlfriend does.

      • Jay

        I would love to have a front facing camera for self-portraits. I could see myself using that feature a lot, so yes, I do care.

      • Anthony

        Or maybe, you know, you could have a real person take your picture…..

    • phonegeek

      i was wondering the same thing i want it with all the bells an whistles no handicap

    • NiiDiddy

      Andre, in this particular video, the front facing camera is there when you look closely right above the Samsung name to the right. However again, this is the Galaxy S. T-Mobile’s version is the Vibrant and I would hope they keep the front facing camera only to say i have a front facing camera phone…else, i dont really care and i’m getting it any way ;)

  • wasup


  • Daedalus

    Well I know where I am spending money.

  • pimpstrong

    I think once in hand, I will not miss the front camera anymore and just buy the damn phone. All probly $600 of it.

    • Ran

      miss it? it still looks like there IS a front camera.

    • Andre

      there is, i really don’t understand how Noah could leave that out, he failed to notice it in the hands on @ google I/O too, what gives

    • Andre

      there is a front facing camera, i really don’t understand how Noah could leave that out, he failed to notice it in the hands on @ google I/O too, what gives

      • NiiDiddy

        Andre, play the video again, you’ll see it’s right there, but to the top right, above the earpiece. Noah probably didn’t mention is since he’s trying to get use to the phone himself as this is his very first unboxing of it. Front camera or not, this phone is certain NOT a deal breaker and i’ll pick it up.

  • stephan brubaker

    just the phone i have been saving my full upgrade for … goodbye mt3g

  • crucial

    I want to see more now

  • mike

    this isnt enough for me to part with my N1

    • vinny

      It shouldn’t be, The N1 is still the best phone made. It only lacks front camera and who really cares, I don’t. The device gets all updates first and it has the perfect size screen and IMO looks killer.

    • Tyler

      See I was thinking about getting this to replace my N1, because a lot of times my N1 drops my coverage, my 3G goes to one bar, to eventually go back to Edge … and I know it’s not a coverage problem, because my wife can be sitting two feet away and have full 3G still. That’s my biggest gripe with my N1, besides the screen isn’t as responsive as it used to be …

  • andre

    Also, I’m hoping there is a way to get that God awful touch wiz UI removed its the worst, if I wanted that garbage I’d get a behold

  • catsigh

    I’ve been hoping this will be my next phone. I am still on a G-1 and have been holding out for something like this. Now TMO make it affordable.

  • JL

    REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the International Version. It has a FFC. The US version may not have it.

  • vinny

    This clown is pathetic. The chump is in love with himself. When I see him I turn it right off.

  • Andre

    Everyone is saying they won’t part with their N1, but the problem i have the N1 is the multitouch screen, its trash, same 1st gen touch screen as g1, i’m done with 1st gen, if this Vibrant doesn’t have a FFC, i’m going to sprint for the evo. I’ve had enough of t-mobile’s lack luster phone offerings. the mytouch 3g slide just isn’t enough, and without a FFC on this phone, it won’t be enough either

    • NiiDiddy

      Why is that SO IMPORTANT to you? You have gone without a FFC all this while. Why does it matter now?

      • Andre

        here’s why its important to me, why bother spending the money on this phone WITHOUT a FFC, when I can go to sprint and spend the money on an HTC, which IMO makes superior hardware, and get the Evo, what about this phone other than a 4 inch super amoled display is special? nothing really, and considering that the mytouch slide is going for 179.99 i can imagine this phone being priced higher than 199, not worth it without an FFC, just not worth it

      • Wilma Flintstone

        completely agree andre. Sprint’s prices aren’t that much higher either, maybe $10 more or so.

      • Anthony

        Great logic there. You would have been one of those people questioning family members for wanting a TV. You would have told them, “You have gone without a TV all this while, why does it matter now”? Or way back when cars were invented.

        There are a lot better arguments to make then, “you have gone without X all this while”.

  • Brian

    i am holding out with my blackberry pearl 8100, but this phone is not enough of an upgrade to satisfy me for 2 yrs

  • Noel

    Yeah but hopefully T-Mobile doesn’t short-hand their customers and take out the front-face camera. That would EFFING suck, especially not having classy phones since the G1. Yeah I said it… best T-Mobile branded phone hands down unlike the Nexus. Don’t let iPhone take it again T-Mobile. Hopefully, because my contract is up in a couple of months and you’ll be losing customers. TRUST ME!!! (oh and uh.. HOPEFULLY their listening… I’m just hoping….)

    I’m slowly thinking T-Mobile will be gone by 2014

    your HOPEFUL customer since the G1,

    • HavoK

      If they keep playin’ catchup they will, the way these phones are release are flooding the market. Soon the under performers will be cut and we the customer will lose out. Damn Brits………never want to fight it out…………

  • TheblueMonkeyNinja

    I pray to god that this Phone does not have a Front Facing Camera, i repeat I pray to god that this Phone does not have a Front Facing Camera.

    That way all those idiots that are whinning and threating to leave t-mobile will. Then i’ll be able to get this phone on release day without a problem and laugh at them paying more money a month with their precious FFC phone that has horrible frame rate when video calling each other.

    • underdog378

      Hahahaha, thank you, someone else saying exactly what I’m thinking as well!

      • Testament

        I pray that it does! If you don’t want a ffc, don’t use it. You can always not use a feature on a phone, but if it’s not put in the phone even people (like me) will have to go somewhere else to get what we want.

    • bdjnk

      You sir, have made the first sensible comment thus far.

    • tranquilnight

      ahahaha Great perspective! FFC is just a gimmick.

      • 2FR35H


        Yeah just like 3D viewing was a gimmick but look out there now people ENJOY it.

        Just like motion gaming was a gimmick but now look out now sony, xbox, and nintendo all are developing motion games and the nintendo wii killed everyone in sales.

        Since the new iPhone 4 has one now everyone is going to start developing phones with front facing camera’s. No its not the first but it is about the name alone with the camera. Apple. Apple sells because of the name.

        Hell everything was once a gimmick but times change. Maybe within the next year or so there will be over 20 more new devices with front facing camera then it will become a standard.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Couldn’t have said it better 2fresh. I don’t see why people settle for getting ripped off like alot of tmo customers do. Why would you be willing to pay the same price for an inferior device than your competition? Once video calls become mainstream because of Crapple, all these people making comments like “Ffc sucks” will turn around hypocritically and start saying such things as “Man, I wish Tmo would get in on this Ffc thing, I really need one”. Sad really.

    • Davidohio

      Lmao! I am with you on this. I am so sick of hearing it in every post. It’s like a toddler crying for candy in the store. I promise you that if it did have a front facing camera and t-mobile supported that feature in the network that they would just whine and complain about the lag and quality of it anyway. Ugh, it never ends.

    • Davidohio

      Bye bye. Have fun wasting all that money you will be paying for your new service and when you have an issue, and you will, good luck getting it resolved lmao!

  • Gago

    Is he hiding under a counter?

    • jmts80

      I think he is inside a cabinet or something…lol

  • ObsceneJesster

    You can’t compare this phone to the Nexus One. The Hummingbird in the Galaxy S blows the doors off of the outdated Snapdragon. The Super AmoLED display looks a lot better and performs much better when comparing touch sensitivity and multi touch functions. The Galaxy S will also be packing 16gb of internal memory. The only thing the Nexus has on this phone is the updates being available early.

    Here is the link showing the Hummingbird blowing the doors off of the outdated-over-hyped Snapdragon.,39050603,62200389,00.htm

    Here is the link that says TouchWiz can be turned off.

  • ObsceneJesster

    You can’t compare this phone to the Nexus One. The Hummingbird in the Galaxy S blows the doors off of the outdated Snapdragon. The Super AmoLED display looks a lot better and performs much better when comparing touch sensitivity and multi touch functions. The Galaxy S will also be packing 16gb of internal memory. The only thing the Nexus has on this phone is the updates being available early.

    Here is the link showing the Hummingbird blowing the doors off of the outdated-over-hyped Snapdragon.,39050603,62200389,00.htm

    Here is the link that says TouchWiz can be turned off.

  • tato22

    lets hope tmobile adds some different to the phone like new look or flash or idk somthing even tho i like it how it is

  • Belch

    FFC?! No flash?! Kids are crazy! This phone is AWESOME can’t wait until I get it! I’ll just have live without a ffc and flash just like on my g1 that I’ve had two years and not thought twice about it

    • Jsteuer


      I mean..who really is going to want to whip out the phone and video call their few friends or family who have the FFC? FFC is really nice and all…i wont lie about that. ..But it will be forgotten.

      • Wantsthebest

        There are many features on a phone we don’t really need. But they still come standard on a phone. If this one makes it easy to organize my music I will get rid of my iPod

  • NiiDiddy

    Sa-weet phone!! Excited. Thanks for sharing,David. I know you’ll have more as time goes on.

  • HavoK

    Ok let me get this out then I’m done with it.
    Glade I saw this video cause I’m not impressed…………..
    The MYtouch Slide unboxing for me was wayyyyy more of an experience than this crap.
    The skin on my slide is WAAAAAAYYYYY better IMHO than this, all of this functionality crap can kick rocks. THEN it only has a 5MP camera??? please I’m stayin with my slide.
    Also….I’m lovin my keyboard. This phone isn’t worth it to me simply cause it looks like plain android. No thanks Magenta I’ll stick with the home team phone with some sense UI. Also what’s sad is that the Droid X is gonna slaughter it. Too Bad for us. T-mobile won’t loose no sleep on it cause it’s not their branded phone, nor will Samsung cause the same freakin’ phone is released on ALL CARRIERS ala slight differences. At least when HTC released the TP2 it was the same on all except for network considerations and trimming……. So buy it up guys it will be the runt out of the pack when it’s big bros are released on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.


    • Wilma Flintstone

      even thought this was the overseas version, you’re totally right. The droid X will completely decimate this phone no matter what they do to it. Droid X is a hands down better phone and Tmobile needs something like it. The Galaxy s does not hold a candle to the Evo or Droid X at all.

      • rushmore

        Yep, Droid X rocks. Heck, the Incredible is better than this. Only real thing this device has over the Inc is a 4″ display. No flash for the camera and dubious chances for updates make this device a good, but not great device.

    • rushmore

      Meh- You are biased due to likeing a real keyboard ;)

      Galaxy is a very contradicting device:

      No flash
      Update chances are dubious at best (Samsung sux for updates- by design)
      Great build
      Great display
      8gb or 16gb of built in memory
      Poor track record for phone radio reception, compared to other manufacturers

  • sami

    why is everyone keep overthinking the whole galaxy s name on the back. people keep on saying “why does it have galaxy s name on back if the name is vibrant?”. PEOPLE LOOK: the samsung captivate has galaxy s name on back too. Samsung requires each company to still show that this phone is the samsung galaxy s. you guys are looking too much into this. I GUARANTEE YOU that those pics of the vibrant are legit, and are going to be official pics.

    • HavoK

      WHooooooooooooooooooooo Cares, they just wand the damn thing released!

    • soon2TMO

      are you serious? ughh, but the back of that one looks totally similar to the unbranded version..they should’ve redesigned the back at least or something..

      but whatever , i just wanna get it soon.

  • EyeOftheBEHOLDER3

    Here is the Behold II update you were all waiting for !!!

    oh woops they forgot to put the flash back on (downgrade),
    oh woops forgot the dpad/trackball/trackpad (miss)..
    wooooo bright screen (homer simpson says.. woooo shiny)

    FYI Samsung.. congrats on inventing the iphone.. oh wait.. apple did that years ago..

    This is as big a fail as when the Tap attempted to copy Touch Wiz…

    Android should be revoked from Samsung for continually defacing it..

    One Liners——–

    If Samsung were in the car business they would take the new Camaro and make it look like a firebrid from the 90s.

    If samsung were on ‘people of walmart’ they would be rockin a mullet and a t-shirt that says ” Im with stupid” and and arrow pointing up

    If samsung were a band they would be Milly Vanilly… girl you know its true.

    If samsung were an inspirational poster it would say ” Copyright Infringement: the best form of flattery”

    Yes my one liners are a bit retarded.. but I felt the need to return the feeling I got from the new Samsung

    PS. If it ends up having a flash, hdmi out, swype, and froyo for tmo… I might take back everything I just said.. Oh and throw in a gel skin like the HD2 did.. it makes us feel special.. like youre not out to completelty rip us off.. think of it as an apology for the behold II

    • HavoK

      OMG that was hilarious at 1am and will be come June 29th!!!!

      HEAR,HEAR my man you nailed it, Samsung said….”Hey T-mo you want an iPhone……..We’ll clone you one!! Screw apple, we wont FRAKK you over like HTC did the HD2 by putting WMO 6.5-1/2, version 1.0, rev. 5-6 on it!
      We’ll give your customers android 2.1 update 1 VANILLA on it and they’ll buy it!!!”

      “Of course with our patented Touch WIZZYY interface!!!!!”

      People wake up……….this is “stop gap” for Samsung and Tmo!!!
      Tmo needed an high end phone and Samsung gave them a half azzzed end!!!
      5 mega pixel… for how much!!!!!????? I’ll take a Slide please………
      Screw the FFC where is thy flash chumps????!!!!
      The question people need to be asking themselves is why didn’t HTC drop tmo some high end goodness after they introduced them to Android and the world?!??!!

      Talk about loyalty for being first………….Schizer!!!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I guess HTC is screwing Tmo for being the loyal customer like Tmo is screwing us loyal customers with getting left out on all the deals.

  • mike

    im good with my hd2…i really dont like samsung phones…it looks nice tho

  • Eldon

    Wow, they seriously forgot the flash. Thats insane. How did this phone make it through development without somebody at Samsung speaking up? Even the five megapixel camera on the behold 2 came with a flash. Amazing. They forgot the flash, but remembered to install the universally hated touchwiz interface. Fail.

    • jmts80

      I agree. The lack of flash and touchwiz are the only 2 things keeping me from rushing to get this phone as soon as it is released! Hope we r wrong and it does have a flash and touchwiz can b turned off

  • Wantsthebest

    It’s understadable why we want a ffc. If that’s what the new phones are featuring why wouldn’t I want it? The main reason to buy a phone like this is to be able to say my phone is better than yours. I don’t understand why tmobile won’t compeat with their phones. It’s obvious that people change carriers just to have the coolest phone. They should put flash on the camera and keep the ffc. Tmo is making it hard for me to brag about them. We are not winning right now

  • Jazz

    Samsung killed the “android experience” with its UI.

  • Getreal

    That phone is really great. It is like the HTC EVO 4G minus the 4G minus the more reliable HTC brand minus the front facing camera, minus the 8 MP camera. As much as I love TMO I can’t stand all this Android hype. I look at Android the same way Apple owners like to look at people who love PC’s. Shouldn’t it just work out of the box? Why do I have to search for hours about MS Exchange support and figure out how to bring contacts over? Apple and BB work out of the box. Put in the PW and you are in business. (Android geeks will say…but wait it is in 2.2… I say so what). Android blows as bad as bad as Palm’s OS.

    I chock this phone up to another one that gets passed by. Reminds me of the HTC HD2. Looked cool at first but glad I didn’t get suckered with that one. Winblows Mobile sucks.

    Easy to see why iPhone and BB rule the smartphone market.

  • smb

    Wait… so this Euro version has T-Mobile compatible 3G band support?? If that’s true I’ll go buy one now.

    I thought this version only has 1900/2100 MHz and not the necessary 1700/2100 UMTS?

    I guess we’ll find out when Noah tries a SIM in there.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Euro version DOES NOT have AWS

  • Rob

    look what was published on android does this change things for some??

    • getreal

      Yes. It makes me want an iPhone that much more. Dual core processing of Android junk.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Oh man I really hope so. I need something to replace this craptastic HD2.

  • dominique

    i really love t-mobile and there service but i need a good android phone I’m sick of my mytouch 3g, i hope that we can get something comparable to the evo and maybe something with a slide out keyboard, i refuse to go to sprint and pay that rip off price for an evo(plan) and i refuse to go to Verizon in spend 100 dollars a month for one phone, i have not lost faith in t-mobile i thank they are going to surprise use with something real good.i really hope soon

  • Andre

    heres the deal, i don’t understand why people keep saying who cares about the ffc and flash, for the most part, people who like to visit sites like this are people who want to see the newest tech available, and this phone isn’t it! i’m not loyal to t-mobile, who cares about t-mobile, we’re not friends, i want the best possible tech for my money and being stuck in this 2 year contract is the only thing preventing me from going elsewhere. verizon’s network is the best out there, i just don’t like cdma, and the fact that until they go to LTE you can’t talk and surf the web at the same time on their network. likewise with sprint, but with sprints 4g growing, its network allows that feature now, and for a better price too 69.99 for unlimited mobile to mobile, text, and web, 450 min to landlines, who calls landlines anyway anymore, who cares if i have to pay an extra 10 for the evo, its still cheaper than anything t-mobile offers, i want the latest and best tech out there, and the bottom line is, this phone isn’t it

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I agree again andre. You are on a roll. I couldn’t have said it better myself but I would like to add, if you must call landlines, why not use skype or google voice?

      People need to wake up and realize that Tmobile is not their parents or buddies and that we deserve better devices from them no matter how small the company is. We have been supporting their butts like crazy over the years and it’s time they give back. It makes no sense for Tmo UK to get all the updated tech while Tmo US gets stuck with flip phones and subpar smart phones. It seems like Tmo US is a storage department for unwanfed devices from Tmo UK. I want to be able to call tmo the best but until they give best phones, that can’t be said. Here’s hoping that changes once the new CEO comes in from overseas.

      • dominique

        wow u made my comment look stupid yea u r right we do deserve better phones from them


    like some one said before tmobile will end soon if they keep losing customer , one by one ,this phone has nothing special other than the super amoled screen , htc desire , htc incredible , htc evo ,even though the hd2 is better than this phone ,the droid 2 and droid x are better than this phone . nothing special at all , i cannot believe that this company is wasting money on stupid phones like this , i have 3 years of computer science and i think i know more about technology than the IT at tmobile corporate whoever make the decision to get this phone . i got 4 more days left with you tmobile and i ll be going to verizon or sprint and dont get me wrong you guys have a great customer service but that aint nothing if you have lack of good phones ,

  • aaronkt

    just my 2 cents here. The FFC is cool and all. I’d probably use it a few times and maybe every once and awhile down the road. However the flash isn’t a big deal for me. The biggest problem for me is no notification light to let you know about missed calls or SMS or MMS. I will be really upset if i have to turn on my screen every time to see if i have a new notification.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      What if you’re cornered by a bazilliob ghosts and the only way to beat them is by using Flash ? You’d wish you had it then. Haaaa! Fatal Frame reference.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I meant bazillion. Stupid HD2 typing.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Ppl from XDA are trying to make the front button(s) into notification lights here:

  • Jay

    Its official, no front facing camera.

    “Will there be a front facing camera?”
    “No but The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!”

  • Patrick

    I don’t see what makes this phone any less nice than the Evo, or the Incredible…ASIDE from no flash. Other than that…it has a better processor….more memory…..more onboard storage….and Touch Wiz can be turned off sooooooooo……i mean…im happy with my HD2(especially since I’ll soon be dual booting android) but…..all in all…..if i didn’t LOVE my HD2…i’d sell it for the Vibrant.

  • Davidohio

    Watching the morning news and there was a story on all the problems with the i phone after just a couple days after launch. Reception problems, antenna problems, screen problems with red and yellow spots on screen, many many dropped calls. Looks like a fail right out of the gate. Apple says not to hold the phone in the bottom left corner or you block the antenna and will drop your calls. What the hell kind of crap is that? I would hate to be a rep in one of their stores and hear those complaints all day long. I see the Samsung Vibrant being a big success.

    • getreal

      Millions of units sold = fail. Show me one android phone that did that volume. Not even the fanfare for the EVO made or will make it to that level. Truth be told Apple’s appeal is broad. Android’s appeal is for the people who like to screw around with stuff.

  • atljogger

    I will be very disappointed if there is no FFC. Really looking forward to the video conferencing feature since I travel and can use for work or checking in with family. I know phone video-chat is still novel in US but I see it growing in popularity in the next year or two as Iphone 4 takes off. Unlike a lot of people on this site, I buy phones to last several years – sure would like to invest in one that at least gives me the option for video-chat and wont be obsolete in 6 months.

  • Jsteuer

    I think this phone is going to be a legit phone no matter what. Lets just hope there is no Death Grip reception loss like the iPhone 4 is having…

  • Bill

    This is a sad phone. Every other highend Android blows this crap out of the water. No flash on the camera makes it almost useless in most inside locations. Why is the USB on the top? I guess there wont be a nice desktop dock that lets it sit upright. I am not digging the bedside dock they are advertising on their website. If everyone just wants this phone for the SAMOLED just wait for Samsung next crap phone realese. It will be a MSAMOLED Mega-Super AMOLED. Also Samsung support sucks. If you have any trouble with this phone do not expect any help from them. Thanks for the video but I will pass.

  • kinoy

    This is a very nice phone and it will still WORK no matter how you hold the phone. :)

  • bubbles

    Why are people so obsessed with the FFC, I have a Nokia N900 with a FFC. I use it occasionally with skype pr gtalk over 3g or wifi, both work fine. It is something I can do without. I think now that the Iphone has it, everyone wants a FFC. Trust me you are not missing anything. A ffc on a cell phone is over rated. The samsung galaxy is a great device, if the FFC is a eal breaker than change carriers and move on.

    • rushmore

      FFC is overrated. N900 camera seemed too grainy to me to use for anything much.

  • Cupcake

    Come on people…geez! If this phone does not have what you are looking for…don’t buy it and wait for the one that does or switch carriers! It’s just that simple! Its not that crucial to complain like this. I too have been waiting on a decent phone with Tmobile and looks like we will be getting one soon. If I am so desperate for a flash…I have a digital camera…so who cares. And having a front face camera…get somebody to take your pic if that’s all you want that for?!!! Yes T-Mobile is behind on getting great phones but give them some credit for making a decent attempt to get in the game. They have the best rate plans going and I would choose a cheaper plan anyday than to have a phone with all the bells and whistles AND a high azz rate plan that goes along with it! That’s what they make unlocked phones for!

    • Bill

      We complain so hopefully T-Mo will move away from Samsung and get real Android phones from HTC and the other top players. So many people get suckered into buying these crap Samsung phones and I feel sorry for them. So I will do my part to help spread the word that people should not buy this or any Samsung phone. At least until they stop pushing cheap phones and marketing them as high end.

  • Dissapointed

    You know what bugs me, and how I already know i wont be picking this phone up….the HOLLOW feeling, this phone is big but probably feels JUST like the behold 2 in your hands…like a piece of crap plastic toy….that hollow feeling is the worst, the phone vibrates and feels like its going to fall apart…

    ill still check it out, but im going to pass for now…i prefer solid phones, not a hollow toy.

  • Alex V

    considering getting the N900 now with the price drop….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Haaaa! Smart move.

    • rushmore

      Be careful, I love my N900 for media and as a MAME game device, but:

      1. 2G radio is very weak compared to the G1
      2. Not many apps and never will be
      3. Easy to screw the OS up
      4. Flash 10.1 is NOT coming to the N900- not even Flash Lite 4
      5. Poor device integration as a phone
      6. Wifi is weak- even when increasing the mW level in options

      I have had an N900 since November, but even when I was still with Tmo, I retired mine as a phone in December and went back to the G1. I documented testing three N900’s at the same time at Maemo Talk. I even took pictures of all three side by side.

      • rushmore

        Still, it is great for media and has amazing sound quality form 3.5mm jack. Also plays a full set of MAME. Just (IMO) sux as a phone- real bad.

  • mr. nice guy

    well since tmobile will be getting a dual-core gingerbread 4.3 screen with keyboard plus the htc name[(project emerald anybody?) check earlier comments for link or search android spin articles from yesterday] for the holidays i will get the vibrant until den way to go tmo way to start stepping your game up first to offer gingerbread? forget the evo this phone blows it the iphone and pretty much every other phone out don;t get me wrong the vibrant is good and i will definitely get it i see 2010 as the year tmobile overtakes sprint and at&t

  • mikeeeee

    first UMA ANDROID gets my bucks.

  • Seth

    If there is 16gb built in in the Vibrant and the price is $199 on contract, I’m in. Even without an LED flash or front facing camera. If they only put 8gb in for $199, I can wait. TMO doesn’t need an “iPhone competitor” they need an “iPhone comparable”.

    If they can be comparable in specs more people will buy. HD2 came with 16gb memory card, big screen, and despite windows mobile 6.5 couldn’t keep it stock for quite a while.

    TMO has always tried to twist the facts to say that an android phone with 1/4/8gb for $200 is better than an iPhone. Operating system aside the hardware has always been inferior (IMO), MT3G owner here. Make the price, hardware, and built in memory comparable with iPhone and people will buy Android and love it.

    • taaars

      Right now..the MT3G is better than the Iphone 4…ook at all the issues it has right out of the gate, and apples response…”err…dont hold the phone in that spot all will be good”

    • RockTripod

      Seriously, you can add a micro SDHC card to it and have …gasp! more memory than before! You can also take the battery out! Download any app you want, no matter what Google or Samsung or T-Mo tell you. This is automatically better than the iPhone. And, as taaars pointed out, you don’t have to worry about where to hold the phone.

  • Bill

    I was pretty hopeful for this phone, as I’m totally sick of my Blackberry 8900. I can’t get over how every unboxing/preview I’ve come across says how hollow and plasticy it feels. Some try and sugarcoat it and say how lightweight it is, but give me a freakin break.

    Sorry, but I can justify spending my hard earned money on something that feels cheap and easily breakable.

    • Bill

      *can’t justify

    • watbetch

      Why did you spend your money on a crapberry 8900 then?

      • Bill

        well at the time i didn’t know much about the newer phones and their capabilities. It was/is my first smartphone and didn’t know anything about android and whatnot. Just thought there was blackberry and the iphone and that was it.

    • Geniuz

      I feel you … I have a Blackberry 8900 as well and when I bought it, the first thing I thought was how “plasticy” it felt. It feels cheap and “soft”. I still think it does, compared to a lot of other phones. But surprisingly it has held up nice even to a few drops on the pavement. I think this Samsung’s “plastic” build will be fine at the end of the day.

  • SEFan

    Certainly not “meh”, but only cautiously optimistic. I’ll wait to see what the first post-release reviews look like. Behold II is still fresh in my mind. I really wish T-Mo had brought a first-line HTC device instead. Even the Nexus 1 as a supported phone would have been fine.

    Saw a friend’s iPhone 4 last night. Screen is just stunning, device is really fast. Looks like a winner..

    • SEFan

      Though not without issues apparently. What’s up with all the OS bugs?! And the antenna issue…

      Patient (iPhone 4 user): “Doctor, it hurts (or phone doesn’t work) when I do this (hold my iPhone like this)!”

      Doctor (Jobs): “Then don’t do that.”

      HAHAHAHA…. Except how the hell else are you supposed to hold a phone?! It’s the Nexus 1 reception issue all over again. Given that we all a) like slab phones; and b) manufacturers are trying hard to reduce radiation into the head at the behest of FCC, are we doomed to bottom-of-phone antennas and reduced performance? Anyone got a plausible solution?

  • MikeTheProf

    Definitely gonna use my upgrade for this as soon as it comes out.

    • briaann

      will the international version work on tmo 3G ?

  • TheBrandon

    The whole “Meh” attitude behind this device is the execution for its release. I mean what a complete and utter waste of time. We have all been patient waiting for T-Mobile to come out with a high end Droid especially since other carriers are pushing all their new Droid devices and other awesome phones. Instead they launch an annoying campaign to announce a phone that AT&T has already announced a week before. I wonder how many users that wanted a highend Droid would have stayed with T-Mobile before grabbing an EVO or now the new iPhone. Sorry the clunky windows interface on the HD2 doesn’t cut it. Now with AT&T having the new iPhone and getting this device, Verizon getting the new Droid X, and EVO on Sprint this whole campaign is a simple time waster and just makes T-Mobile look dated. I just don’t see how this benefits them with the timing except spending money on marketing when we just want the product. This is literally the worst marketing campaign I have seen p until this point… unless of course they announce this phone being free with commitment and cheaper plans to go with it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      So bottom line you want phones to be free and plans to be super cheap, maybe a $1 a month?

      OK, got it. T-Mobile said to tell you that it has a phone waiting for you, in the prepaid section. It’s a really snappy looking clamshell, with a .6MP camera even.

      • Scott

        Dude, you need to seriously work on your reading comprehension.

        He’s saying that T-Mobile needs a handset that can compete with the other carriers. And he’s right.

      • Scott

        Haha, never mind. Your joke whooshed right over my head. I thought you were talking about the MT Slide.

  • swoosh042507

    it has been confirmed via twitter from t-mobile no front facing camera :/ nevertheless i will be getting the phone? anyone else can confirm this?

    • chris

      It HAS a front facing camera!Stop spreading idiotic rumors.

      • fumanstan

        No, it doesn’t.

      • fujitsujeff

        if the tweets r to b believed, looks like no FFC. Not a deal breaker for me, but looks like it will be for a lot of people

      • paul s.

        AT&T version Will have the FC, T-Mo’s Won’t. Also T-Mo’s won’t have tethering.

  • mailman13877

    If this phone doesn’t have a front facing camera on the US version I am DEFINITELY leaving TMO when my contract ends on the 28th of July unless there’s a better 1 coming in AUG.I’ll get the EVO cause this is ridiculous.The design is an Iphone rip imo AND there’s no LED.Notice how Verizon tries to beat their competitors?The Droid X beats the EVO minus the front facing cam only and the Droid 2 is already rumored. TMO US is the only company that acts show their right behind but not to show their trying to be on top imo.smh

  • Alan

    Definitely won’t be getting this since I have an N1. No camera flash, no front facing camera, and it has a Sammy built OS laid over the Android OS which I don’t like. TMO needs to step up their game. I was expecting more out of this phone and unfortunately they’ve released another phone that just falls flat when compared to the competition.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I love the posts where people say they will leave T-Mobile over a front facing camera. When did that become the feature du jour?

    The fact is that NO carrier in the U. S. is going to provide true two-way video phone calls because it will suck up bandwidth.

    Jobs included it on the iPhone but crippled the feature to where it’s only usable offline (meaning with WiFi). True, you can use an airport’s or Starbuck’s WiFi, but how long do you think it will be before they impose charges if one intends to make video calls.

    And guess what, WiFi cannot handle hundreds of people making video calls. (As Jobs demonstrated when he tried to simply log on to the NY Times via WiFi during his keynote).

    So the only practical use of the iPhone 4’s face to face is when one is using his or her home’s broadband WiFi connection.

    IMHO, that’s not too much to get excited about, being able to make video calls ONLY at home and nowhere else.

    So the inability to make video calls at your house is a reason to leave T-Mobile and to provide the basis for complaints?


    • sheckylarue

      My thoughts EXACTLY. IMO, it’s one of those features that would be cool to show your friends (that is, if they happen to be at your house on wifi), but not very practical at this point because of bandwidth limitations.

      Chill out with the front-facing camera and flash crap, people. If that’s a reason to leave T-Mobile, then go to AT&T, jump on the hype bandwagon, and get yourself an iPhone. Just make sure and hold it the way Steve Jobs tells you to, or you won’t be able to make calls.

    • Stillwaiting

      Agreed, based upon the current system, you need to make these video calls in a wi-fi spot which means likely in a public place or in a home/office.

      I could use this service, but not in a public place, so if I really wanted to make “video calls” I likely could just use a laptop/computer to do so, and I’d bet that the quality would be better. Given that I haven’t seen the need to do so to date, leads me to believe I probably wouldn’t use the feature as much as I think I would.

      However, the flash for the camera is another issue. Even the MTS that I currenlty have has a flash for the camera, so I really wonder why T-mobile would say, yeah lets add a flash to the MTS, but think it’s not so important on the SGS?

  • mailman13877

    Ok you guys have a point but correct me if I’m wrong..doesn’t AT&T already have or did have a video call plan where you pay like $6/month for a few minutes or something of that sort? Also it will be big because of free apps like Fring and all those damn online dating people.I need it cause I’m often in situations where i need to show some1 something live where it can come into play on Fring as opposed to a pic or not around my web cam.This will be big to us college kids at a dorm party an younger audiences.The flash makes a huge diff imo when your the type that’s out a lot at night an being in NYC I’m at bars a lot with my friends.These features are important cause its for the younger audience like there’s old money and new money? Us young ones are new money and that’s how business works now.They don’t care bout old money cause old money settles.TMO is rumored to vanish from the US in 2011 cause of the lack of customers and so forth so they’re being cautious and cheap and it’s hurting em.

    • Dashi

      LIAR You Have No Friends To Go To The Bars With!!!! Lol But On The Serious Side Do You Think There Is A Reason They Took Away Unlimited Data? O.o (Other Than Them Sucking BIG Balls) The Video Call Feature Isn’t Going To Be Fully Avalible Till After They Drop The Prices Of The Talk/Text Portion To Get Everyone To Switch Then Theyre Going To Bring In Video Calling Wich Is Going To Cost You An Arm A Leg And TWO Balls. So Are You Really Willing To Pay 100 More For Video Calling? O.o

    • Dashi

      Because Video Calling Is Going To Use Data For The Video

  • mailman13877

    @ Dashi
    That’s why i said business runs on new $$.Younger people don’t care and will spend the money whether it’s crazy or not.Study shows that most young adults used their mobile for data more than 2x the amount for calls.Plus with technology there will always be workarounds to ease it for customers.I would pay the $100 because there’s always skype and Google Talk to eliminate high call plans.

    • Dashi

      LOL I’m One Of Those Youngiins I’m 20 but any ways on to more math 39.99 for there 450 mins talk 20 more for there unlimited messageing even if they droped that a total of 20 bucks your still looking at 39.99 and lets say u went with the 2gb WITHOUT tethering cause its a better deal so your looking at 25 for that for a total of 65 bucks a month ok and lets average 2hours of video calling a gb and btw thats being VERY generious So Let’s Say Your “talking with someone for 2 hours in a month that takes up HALF of your usage and you still useing skype which if im not mistken is only on jail broken anyways which uses the internet all your facebooking twittering and all that is more of and not to mention your phone constintly checking for updates and new email and program updates and this that and the other thing so another words have fun with that apple piece of crap and With your rediculas phone bill

  • croikee

    Seriously, people are complaining because it has no tiny led bar that lights up when you take pictures? Sorry, that is NOT a flash. Its called that on cell phones, but it isn’t. If you are SO into pictures that you need the best quality then you won’t use a cell phone anyways. A tiny led light up isn’t going to make or break your picture quality.

    Lets be honest, all the complaints here are all about the self-entitlement perception that we all deserve the best possible all the time. You want a flash because the other carriers have a phone with a flash and you can’t possibly have a phone that doesn’t have what someone else’s phone has, right?

    Gosh, some of you people need to get over yourselves. If you HAVE to be able to take a cell phone out of your pocket and boast of all the features it has over your buddies’ phones to make you feel secure about yourself, then Verizon is for you.

    This is rediculous.

    • Miguel

      Tiny LED.. rofl.. you obviously have not witnessed the Nexus One flash. It is extremely bright and now with group it becomes a torch while recording video.

      To all the people complaining about the lack of a superphone on Tmo just sack up and buy the Nexus One.

  • derrickps3

    this is what should have been the behold 2, or the bh2 should have been like this

  • taaars

    Everyone who says they are leaving..go…go now. get you data capped plan with a phone that if you drop more than two times bricks itself, has Jaundice (yellow spots that will eventually go away?) and can only hold its signal if you hold it certain ways (Next technical tip from apple: “to obtain the best signal reception stand on your head and wave your legs around in the air while holding the top of the phone between your fingers”) …yeah..thats a were all you need to be at.

    • Dashi

      i concor

  • mailman13877

    Okay seriously if your loving TMO then your opinion in this matter doesn’t matter because your not hurting them.The fact that there losing on the business side and may possibly leave the US means my opinion matters cause i say I’m leaving it hurts em.To you it’s “go” but to them they’re in panic mode cause think about it,there’s more than a 2:1 ratio of comments online about people leaving them as opposed to saying “i just left my EVO,Iphone or Droid for the MT3G”.Therefore you can tell me I’m crazy or bash me but I count on this one and that’s how businesses work once again.
    Verizon has dropped the Droid,Droid Incredible & now Droid X and probably the Droid 2 for the holidays all in less than a year.
    ATT has Iphone of course
    Sprint has Dropped the Hero and EVO

    Now look at TMO..G1,MT,MT3G & Behold 2. None of these phones has come close to a win vs the competitors at any point and time including the G1 cause the G1 was the only android phone out at the time.

    I think TMO owes us more than some lame half cut version of the original phone if it’s gonna be a iphone rip.What’s worse is they take on a Sammy rip thats ripping the outdated 3G an not the up to date Iphone.Even ATT change their version to the up to date BLK Berry..smh

    • Dashi

      you know why theres a 2:1 ratio of people complaining online? because only prissy bitches have time and complain to a bunch of strangers who dont care. just putting it out there same with restuarants

  • watbetch

    We just need to turn off the comments.
    The stupidity is rampant

  • Andre

    whatever I’m done with this, i don’t understand why they’re not coming with the best devices, it could be that handset makers don’t want to make good handsets for the 4th place network, i can understand that, i mean come on, the mytouch 3g is garbage, why would they NOT give us the mt3g with the added memory it is essentially a g1 without a keyboard, exact same hardware, so not worth it, and you’re not very smart if you’re saying “who cares if you want a ffc go to at&t” “if you want flash, then get a real camera” hey genius why should we pay the same, or more for a device that isn’t up to par with the rest of the smart phone elite, and don’t try to sell me that it is, cuz plain and simple it just ain’t, stop the madness, i’m over t-mobile, why do people keep saying oh good luck with all the other networks customer service, seriously? grow up, put on a set of balls already, t-mobile is a network for kids, i’m too old for this garbage

    • croikee

      Andre you are too old for this garbage and Tmobile is a network for kids? Then why are you posting here, posting a very child-like rant? You seriously sound like the kid next door throwing a fit because your Christmas present didn’t stack up to the other neighbors.

      Grow a pair? Really? Since when does our anatomy have anything to do with which cell phone carrier we choose to do business with? You, sir, are the one acting like the toddler. Internet tantrums are complete foolishness.

      To the person saying T-mobile was leaving the US, do you have a link or logic to back this up? T-mobile USA’s earnings last year was over 17 billion. They are spending a nice lump of cash to upgrade their 3g to HPSA+. You are saying, if you (Tantrum Customer) say you are leaving that you will somehow get T-mobile to change? That somehow your business will keep them in the states?

      They are here long-term, their investment in their infratsturcture is proof of that. So, yep. Go have fun with another provider that carries the best stuff around.

      • Andre

        right, child like, and only a moron would take the comment about growing a pair literally, consumer opinion is what matters most, and I being the consumer, along with all the other people who are writing in this forum are stating our opinion, your opinion appears to be, “we should show some gratitude for what t-mobile has done” and i’m just not buying it, its not logical when it comes to where i’m going to spend my hard earned money, you say tantrum customers like its thanksgiving and we should all be grateful for what we have, thats all well and good, but its our DISPOSABLE income we’re spending on this stuff, its not a necessity, and if i’m buying something because I want it, I want to make sure I get the best I can for the money i’m paying… you can keep paying top dollar for sub-par toys all you want, but more and more, people are getting tired of t-mobile’s game

      • Andre

        and i love the people that say “you, sir” trying to appear sophisticated and intelligent, very funny

  • ObsceneJesster

    I really think that some of you shouldn’t even bother posting until you know what the hell your talking about. The only thing the Droid X has on this phone is a LED flash.

    Galaxy has faster GPU (PowerVR SGX540) while the Droid X has a (PowerVR SGX530).

    Galaxy has a better display being 20% more power efficient, better contrast and more responsive during normal and multi-touch operations.

    When compared to the EVO you are giving up the camera flash and FFC but you are gaining a better looking and more responsive display. You are also gaining a Hummingbird processor that makes the Snapdragon in the EVO look like the outdated-over-hyped POS it is.

    You can have your FFC and camera flash. I will take the phone that pumps out more power. The Galaxy S.

    • Scott

      Dude, it’s easy to have a FFC and camera flash on this phone. You just don’t get to stay with T-Mobile.

  • rolo

    how come no one is talking about how useless this camera will be without a flash unless u’re in optimal light conditions? what the heck is the point of tech like 1ghz, 16gb & super amoled if u’re gonna cheap out on the flash? that’s as basic as a menu button as far as i’m concerned.

  • Kuttyjoe

    When he said, no flash, I stopped watching the video. LOL You can’t make a phone with otherwise great specs and leave out the flash. That’s like a luxury car with no air conditioning.

  • SaykredCow

    Just to reassure you guys, I’m a t-mobile employee and the chief technology officer of the company was directly asked about our lack of android super phones and he went on record saying that august will introduce a slew of android superphones. The other carriers just beat them to a punch by a month or two. However, the way they mapped it out was the HD2 as the first super phone and then we would have a wide range of super phones at the latter half of the year. For those threatening to leave, i would just stick around till august because apparently, if you look at the phones that are going to be out by year’s end, we’ll be up there. I’m sure of it.

  • Justwow

    I have to say it’s very amusing to read all the tantrums throughout the comments section. People are threatening to leave a carrier over a camera flash? Really? Because that’s more important than signal quality? More important than OS? That flash is definitely more important than durability. “I don’t care how many calls I drop, as long as I have my camera flash!” Besides, it’s not even really a flash. It’s a little light, that realistically illuminates about two feet in front of you, max. If you really care about pictures, then just by a camera. Even a hundred dollar point n’ shoot will be worlds better. And yes, I know some of you argue that you want everything in one device. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master at none?”

    • Justwow

      eh…I should pay attention to my spelling, but you get the idea.

  • Animate

    Is a FFC THAT important? Seriously…

  • Ms. Matrix

    The phone looks damn nice but I’m afraid of Samsung products. They may look nice but when the problems kick in then what. My cousin has the behold 2 and she’s having trouble with it. They refuse to help her…so I don’t know, it definitely will be a hard choice. I guess when it comes out I’ll play with it in stores.

  • Lan Kel

    I agree that TMOBILE is very slow (OR NOT PROVIDING AT ALL) the technology that its customers deserve. I’ve been a customer for 11 years and they are ALWAYS behind their competition. How is it that they had the first android device but yet Verizon is now the number one seller of android phones. DUH. A hint to Magneta, if you build, customers will buy and stay for good quality products. I will be leaving in one year when my contract expires due to the lack of technology and options available. Tired of just a little tease for a whole lot of money.

  • worth a bored of my htc hero ,but im always a fan of android but not samsung