Dual Core Processor HTC Vision Hitting T-Mobile This Holiday?

Lets just throw this out there right away and say while its highly possible, we’re going to stick this rumor firmly in the rumor category. Last night, during the Androidguys Podcast, Scotty Brown, an Androidguys writer discussed a conversation he had with an HTC rep at an event. Apparently, this HTC rep confessed to a super device coming to T-Mobile later this year. With a 4.3 inch screen, 800mhz dual core processor, Android3 (Gingerbread) and perhaps an 8 megapixel camera this device certainly can get some hopes up. With that said, Androidguys (or at least Ray from Androidguys) went so far as to personally guarantee his belief that this phone is the fabled Project Emerald device. Ray believes this device will be the HTC Vision. Information regarding the HTC vision that leaked in May definitely hinted toward a T-Mobile launch. With the belief that Project Emerald was an HTC device with a Qwerty keyboard, something the Vision is alleged to have so it’s definitely well within possibility. However, at this point its easy to point fingers at any HTC phone heading T-Mobile’s way and call it Project Emerald so won’t go as far as he was, but we’re not saying its wrong either.

That being said, it’s been weeks since we last heard anything about Project Emerald on our side and to that end, we’re not saying what it could be or couldn’t be until we get something more concrete. Predicting a super phone by the end of the year is highly logical, as we know phone manufacturers have stated their wish to place dual core processors inside cell phones by years end. Therefore, its quite likely we might see this device or something like it as HTC sounds like a logical manufacturer considering they seem to be far and away leading the Android device development front.

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