Dual Core Processor HTC Vision Hitting T-Mobile This Holiday?

Lets just throw this out there right away and say while its highly possible, we’re going to stick this rumor firmly in the rumor category. Last night, during the Androidguys Podcast, Scotty Brown, an Androidguys writer discussed a conversation he had with an HTC rep at an event. Apparently, this HTC rep confessed to a super device coming to T-Mobile later this year. With a 4.3 inch screen, 800mhz dual core processor, Android3 (Gingerbread) and perhaps an 8 megapixel camera this device certainly can get some hopes up. With that said, Androidguys (or at least Ray from Androidguys) went so far as to personally guarantee his belief that this phone is the fabled Project Emerald device. Ray believes this device will be the HTC Vision. Information regarding the HTC vision that leaked in May definitely hinted toward a T-Mobile launch. With the belief that Project Emerald was an HTC device with a Qwerty keyboard, something the Vision is alleged to have so it’s definitely well within possibility. However, at this point its easy to point fingers at any HTC phone heading T-Mobile’s way and call it Project Emerald so won’t go as far as he was, but we’re not saying its wrong either.

That being said, it’s been weeks since we last heard anything about Project Emerald on our side and to that end, we’re not saying what it could be or couldn’t be until we get something more concrete. Predicting a super phone by the end of the year is highly logical, as we know phone manufacturers have stated their wish to place dual core processors inside cell phones by years end. Therefore, its quite likely we might see this device or something like it as HTC sounds like a logical manufacturer considering they seem to be far and away leading the Android device development front.

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  • Corejam

    Ugggghhhhh….must….resist…urge…to get hopes up….will only be crushed again….

    • Mexicano

      Well said. But eventually we will get a good phone, maybe in like two years. LOL!

      • CRadleOfChaos

        Yeah, and when that day comes, the other compaines will be two more years ahead of us with their good phones , Haha

      • H-Town Freak


  • alex

    maybe it’s the first HSPA+ phone

    • kooni

      I was under the impression, from a T-mobile CSA, that all of the current 3G phones would be capable of HSPA+ speeds

      • I’m guessing he’s thinking about phones that can reach up to HSPA+ 21Mbps and up. As I read even the Vibrant[Galaxy S] only gets up to 7.2Mbps

      • sirphunkee

        They need to read their own official statements then….the latest one from tmobile (a couple of months ago) stated that “no phones in the current lineup are HSPA+ capable”

      • Reece

        Current 3G phones’ll be given an extra speed boast to 7mbps with HSPA+

        A true HSPA+ phone however would reach past the HSPA+ limits of 21mb/s

      • swehes

        I thought that the MyTouch 3G slide was HSPA+ enabled.

      • Frankie

        Point of correction….MyTouch 3G slide is a HSPA phone and not a HSPA+ phone, cos the HSPA+ technology is backwards, meaning it makes the 3g network a little bit faster if you are using a HSPA phone like MyTouch 3G slide in a HSPA+ area, but it doesn’t mean the phone itself is a true HSPA+ phone..HSPA phones max @ 7.2 Mbps download and i think 4.2 Mbps upload or less but a HSPA+ phones like Huawei U8800 can allow more than 14Mbps download data speeds and more than 7.2 Mbps upload. And the Samsung Vibrant can be tmobile’s first HSPA+ phone which will be the fastest phone in the US in terms of 3g network but they will do that cos its tmo……always playing catch up.

  • SnakeEyez

    wowowow that sounds amazing. If this rumor ends up to be true (and exclusive to Tmo) this would be big for tmo as they would have something to compete against the evo, droid x and the like.

  • Garret

    My original MT3G runs so slow and can’t multi-task (running CM 5.0.8) due to lack of memory…do I make the much needed upgrade and get the Vibrant – or do I wait it out through the summer, through the fall, and *hope* that T-Mobile gets the Vision.

    Someone had to bring this up just when I convinced myself I’d be willing to pay retail for the Vibrant if T-Mobile wouldn’t offer me an early upgrade…damn.

    • I so feel ya, i’m in the same predicament, except I been got rid of that phone, it was just too much. I had Cliq, got rid of that too. Now, i’m using my cousin’s old Samsung Blast until something good comes out (Samsung Vibrant), but I don’t think imma be doing the , “oh, let me wait until T-Mobile comes out with the best device ever”; i’d be waiting all century. I can’t go any longer. I’ve already waited past getting the MyTouch Slide 3G cause I figured i’m worth more. But, I don’t think I can wait till the end of the year, & i’m not. If you can do it go ahead. Try to turn your MT3G in for an exchange for a better device till then. If your device is turned into insurance over 3 times, they’ll exchange it for a device of equal caliber.

      • swehes

        You can always buy it and then sell it on Ebay or something when the new phone comes out. My friend sold his Nexus One as he got the EVO and it sold within 5 minutes of him posting it.

    • mmaxxsooner

      I’ll wait. First to see if Samsung really will update their device, froyo anyone? Second, to see If this device is real. What could it hurt, if the super device is a nogo by then we will know if Samsung really gets android.

    • justin

      just pay retail for whatever phone you want, then when the new phone you want comes out, pay retail for that one too, and then sell the previous phone on eBay. wash, rinse, repeat. if you want to stay up-to-date, this method is the only way to go, as there’ll always be something bigger and better on the horizon.

      + the money that you save monthly by getting a Even More Plus package easily outweighs the savings of getting a contract discount.

      • Eddie Android

        Yep that has been my method since I left Verizon (2005) and five years later I’m still with Tmo.

  • Andy G

    Corejam… I know exactly how you feel… Every time its like a kick in the gut… We get the SGS sprint gets the SGS pro… Please Magenta Please… We are fragile souls… Don’t drop us from those heights yet again… My heart can’t endure more lol

  • Lou Baldanza

    So, I’m a quasi-noob when it comes to the guts of these phones, is an 800 mhz dual core processor better than a 1 ghz processor? what are the benefits of a dual-core?

    • Putz

      Well is an Intel Prescott P4 3.0 ghz PC processor faster than an intel i7 2.86 ghz dual core processor?

      • Brent

        Not to be rude but the Core i7 is a quad core.

        The benefits of having 2 cores is being able to have 1 core manage the system in the background and 1 core to be used for open apps, so it would be much more efficient and faster, the clock speed has really nothing to do with it, or if you add it up. 800+800=1600 1.6 ghz, the same as my HP Vectra I bought in 2000. 10 year old computer in your pocket.

      • David Thomas

        Way to just dis a guy who clearly stated he’s somewhat a newb to this stuff. Go to 4Chan, jackass.

        Anyway, Lou Baldanza, yes, a dual-core 800MHz processor CAN be much more better than a 1.0GHz processor, because while you’ve got a single 1Ghz processor doing work in, say, an EVO 4G, this phone would have two processors running at 800MHz EACH.

        There are other things to factor in, though. For instance, just like in multi-core PCs, if the software doesn’t support dual- or quad-core processors, then it only utilizes a fraction of the computing power. So while using Google Chrome only takes up part of core #1 on my machine, rendering a video from Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere uses all four of the cores. This means that the dual-core on the phone will only be effective if they can design the software to make use of both cores (which I don’t know enough about to even speculate on).

        Then there’s power. Even though the processors may not be power-heavy in theory, they will be more demanding on juice if you’re using both cores heavily. Example: PCs (as in desktop machines) run on a power supply. But let’s pretend that I’m using a battery to power it. Again, while I’m surfing the web on Chrome, it won’t take as much power as if I’m processing a video, which would kill the battery charge significantly faster. Same goes with the phones.

    • Nokia N900USER

      To give you a good explanation, the point of running a dual core is to:
      1) Lower voltage across two cores intead of one. This gives you lower power consumption and better battery life.
      2) Dual core chips can run and encode and 1080p (YES I said it 1080P)
      3) Dual core also allows room for lower GPS power.
      4) It will allow for a better GPU which will allow better 2D/3D graphics.

      If my memory serves me right, Qualcomm debut these chips earlier this month and they are actually 1.2 Ghz but probably will be clocked down to 800 Mhz for better and smoother performance.

      Hope this helps.

  • TheLight

    This was my post around 3:00 ct on the official revealing of the samsung vibrant game….

    “anybody get a gain of hope for another phone announcement when it reaches zero?

    the screen shot says,” T-Mobile is proud to offer the Samsung Vibrant, coming to soon to T-Mobile.”—-point, we figured it out its what we thought

    then it goes on to say, “Check back when the count down reaches zero for MORE exciting news.”—-why would they say “MORE” if it was just the about the release date or if it is about the release date why would they have to say that when there is already a countdown…

    the reason I bring this all up is I havent given up on the sidekick twist…the real project emerald..why? you ask, because I refuse to believe that the best customer service in America and my beloved Magenta isnt listening to all of us saying we want a keyboard with dedicated number keys.. How could they not here our cries? They started a whole little game for us to play to reveal the next new phone.. still holding my breathe for my TRUE G1 SUCCESSOR!

    anybody agree…please give me hope”

    Now that we have your attention T-Mobile…Thank You(even though a rumor right now)

    Please let me be right and let project emerald be my upgrade Magenta…by the way with the cheapest plans..the best data and calling network being rolled out and PROJECT EMERALD w/ Gingerbread stock NOT being a rumor will be a great holiday for me!! :) Im already smiling and its just a rumor

    • Bob

      There is no way they are going to announce the Dual Core Vision along with the Vibrant. The sales for Vibrant would plummet if everyone knew of the super phone coming out in 4 or 5 months.
      Personally, if I knew for sure that the the Dual core Vision with all bells and whistles is coming out in Nov, I’ll keep my HD2 for now.
      If Vibrant is the only phone I know about, I’ll buy it to replace my HD2.

    • TheLight

      Let me dream man…lol.. but I understand the logic in your thinking and I was kind of hoping that because it doesnt have a keyboard and all the G1 upgades that want a keyboard with dedicated numbers and all the great hardware feel left out.

      I’ll replace my G1 with a true successor not a phone that everybody drooling about becuase T-Mobile finally got a great handset. I like the Vibrant and its a great phone, but its not what the other half of the superphone users want…must I remind people that the droid is the most used android phone and it has a keyboard…even Verizon knows that you need to satisfy both sides. but forget Verizon Im on Magenta and Im not switching so it looks like Im waiting… hope fully they get the Vibrant Pro so I can upgrade to that and then buy the sidekick twist…

  • G333NJ

    AWWW MANNNNNNN lol , I’m still rocking my G1 and I was looking forward to the SGS ( VIBRANT ) or Dell Streak……now this??? ughhh

    I’d just like to know when there will be some concrete info.

    aug , sept , oct , nov , dec ?……….gimme something

    • tmoPLEASE

      I’ve still got the G1 too and I couldnt agree more! If we could just have a ballpark on a month so i know to wait or to just get something… but you know the day we buy something will be the day they release this HTC Vision

  • Brie987

    Still running my G1, I read that there was a HTC Vision coming out in July with Snapdragon and qwerty, cannot find link. Dont want to wait till winter, I really want the Vision dual core or not.

  • Really?

    no way t-mobile has a gingerbread phone out in 2010. (nexus one excluded)

    • timmyjoe42

      Didn’t Google confirm that 2.2 would the last release for a year to curb the fragmentation issue?

  • 30014

    Let’s all hope this ends up being more than rumor and speculation.

  • TMOGUY89

    Motorola Basil confirmed launch for next month , running enhanced blur 2.1 (ningablur whatever) will be heavily focused for business customers as well as regular too. Moto rep slipped some info ;)

    o and cliq and cliq xt will also have the enhanced blur 2.1 soon after the launch.

  • WXman

    Awesome. Yet another phone that TMo will not support and continue to update. Whatever it has out of the box will be what’s it stuck with a year later.

    Having to buy a new phone every 3-6 months to keep up with the latest software. Screw that.

  • Steve

    By “this holiday” do you mean Christmas?

    • Corejam

      I was hoping for more of a fireworks and grilling holiday than a Jesus and Santa holiday, but it’s definitely the latter.

      • David Thomas

        Yeah, I hardly think they’d release the HTC phone so close to the Vibrant (which is rumored for the second-half of July). Since my phone was a Christmas gift (whoo!!!), I wouldn’t be sad for anything earlier than that, but at least a November launch would be sweet, since that’d give me time to see what everyone else says about it.

  • Deke218

    This will be my next device!

  • Deke218

    This will be my next device. Gonna try Android again.

  • Inhuman

    hope it doesnt have a physical keyboard. 4.3 inch screen with no keyboard is thinner and sexier than the added bulk of a keyboard. :(

    • Agreed. I have an original MyTouch, so I’d prefer to upgrade to this phone when it comes out if it does not have a physical keyboard.

    • Barton

      I agree the keyboard is dying. I had a g1, used swype. Nexus1…swype, HD2…swype, broke the HD2, used wifes old CLIQ XT…swype, now have the MT3GS rooted with a port of 2.1 from the Legend…using swype. Swype is the best keyboard ever.

  • I’m still leaning towards the Vibrant.. At least that’s pretty much concrete for us at this point, except for the FFC. [hope that somehow makes it though]

  • Jay

    Lol, watch a bunch guys scrap plans for getting the Vibrant and hold out for this rumored phone.

  • Chaos

    I think I just wet myself.

  • I just hope this is true. My contract expires on december and i m so tire of my mt3g. And the iphone4 evo4g and droid envy is getting out of control lol.

  • kebanyo

    Ill stick with my HD2 til this device comes out but if the HD2 gets the WP7 update before then or android…..idk….TRIPLE BOOT wm6.5/a2.2/wp7

  • NiiDiddy

    This has got to stop…NOT! Lmao… :). All this news is good stuff…rumor or not. However, most [not all] rumors made it in Magenta world, so I will keep my fingers crossed on this. Having said that though, this is not going to get me to hold on for the next best thing because then we’ll all be waiting forever and a day. Everytime something that I think is good comes out, a few months down the road, something else drops, then another few months something else…and so on and so forth. Just when you thought what you had was great, a better one comes out with specs maybe slightly superior.

    So I will continue to drool over newer devices coming out – i love to drool over all these devices – however I am going to buy the Vibrant and keep it for awhile…maybe 2 years before scouting whatever may be out there at the time. Here’s to a satisfied customer. Sorry for those who aren’t!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    funny, good for tmobile but by that time, how much do you want a bet that sprint, verizon and at&t have better phones than that and will be making tbis device look like garbage. This phone is great and I’ll most likely get it but I can guarantee you that when this phone releases, it’ll be back seat to a host of competitor phones again.

    • Beto

      VERY TRUE! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Beto

    Lets hope. T mobile has many projects that get everyone hyped up then when it is revealed it is BULL – .

  • This device looks like a good option. I hope the holiday means the 4th. Remember if it is android software upgrade gives you what you need. No need to by new phone until you want to.

    • swehes

      Thought the Holiday is Christmas in the USA.

      • David Thomas

        Yeah, besides, 2.2 is JUST getting released, and the rumor is that this phone will sport Android 3. So unless the rumor is wrong and it will ship with 2.1/2.2 (which I doubt), then it’ll be Christmas.

        Besides, how many companies state “Holiday” and not mean Thanksgiving/Christmas?

  • peter fitzenwell

    I just want another great htc phone …my g1 is about to die

  • Longsh0t

    Between this and the Dell offerings (Flash, Thunder, Lightning) it looks like Q4 is going to be very promising.

    Also @ Wilma Flintstone…I don’t know if I agree with that. I can’t think of anything that could be added to any phone that would make the proposed specs of the HTC Vision “garbage”.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      yeah but you’re also one person and ideas are limited when it’s only one person, heck, ideas are limited when there are teams but I can bet you that the team has more and better ideas than the one person by themself. I can guarantee you that by the time the vision releases, the competition, heck even htc themselves would have many devices that do more than the vision and I also bet that none of those will come to Tmobile. They have teams that come up with numerous new tech for phones as I’m sure you know and I can guarantee you that there will be much better phones by the time this releases.

      • Longsh0t

        Just curious what you would need to come out to make the specs of the HTC Vision “garbage”. Hologram calls? 1 week talk times? Let’s hear some examples. I’m just saying that using the term “garbage” is a pretty bold statement.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        trash then. How about:
        1. full 1080p video recording,streaming and playback?
        2. How about a 2GHz processor which is rumored to be out by the end of the year?
        3. How about a complete voice translator for all languages that not only translates, but allows you to speak back and translate into the language of choice?

        Holographic images are coming, but not right now.

        4. How about full 3D (without glasses) Super Amoled screen?
        5. 5mp (Carl Zeiss) ffc with 30fps video calls with allowing for full conference video calls?

        It’s too much to name, and thats just from me alone, imagine an entire team.

  • Wunako

    Looks good keeping my fingers crossed…. But i do doubt it running 3.x who knows though right?

  • pimpstrong

    It’s decided for me. 5 months until I buy the baddest fastest phone on earth and be proud that it is operating on TMO’s HSPA+ network. Where’s my calender and a red sharpie?

    PS The Galaxy S (!@#$ the name Vibrant) is an awsome phone for those who want an awsome phone. Me personally I want a top phone with ALL the latest features. Patience is a vertue.

  • alex32

    my curve 8900 is failing and dying by the day. Im glad tmobile is getting rumors of good phones like this, so ill keep waiting. I just wish it wasnt so long though..when they say holiday season does it mean this christmas?

    Hopefully they’ll bring this phone out by October tops, I see myself getting this phone if its true. I will assure you that by the end of the year if tmobile gets this kind of phone verizon, att, and sprint is already going to have android phones to completely beat this thing out of the water but i dont care. As long as i get a 4.3 inch screen Android phone I am good to go. Gingerbread sounds awesome, but heck ill even get it if it has android 2.1 lol. I dont mind the 800mhz..this will still put tmobile behind the carriers since its always been that way and always will be but all i want is tmobiles version of an htc evo

    i really hope this is true, and if it is..that it comes out soon like October.

    • alex32

      i forgot..tmobiles upgraded 3.5g network will make up for the 800mhx more or less so its all good if this turns out true

    • pimpstrong

      800mhz x 2(Dual Core) = 1.6ghz

      • alex32

        woahh really? i didnt know that..i thought it was only 800mhz and thats it. so if that equals 1.6 ghz thats amazing, along with hspa makes it great!

        thanks pimpstrong for the info (:

      • pimpstrong

        NP dude. Being dual core, it would split up the phones duties and run more efficiently.

  • Spencer

    What’s the difference between dual core processors and a normal one, is a snapdragon or other 1ghz processor better than this 800mhz one? Or is this like the equivalent of 1.6 ghz?

    • swehes

      Instead of having one little smarter brain only able to do one thing at the time, you have two brains that can do two tasks (one each) at the same time. Collaboration between the two brains turn out better than the one little smarter brain. Also as you have two processors, it will most likely be able to handle efficiency better.

      • swehes

        Sorry. Meant to say handle battery efficiency better.

    • David Thomas

      Basically, it will be a smoother experience, since (for a crude example), one core would focus on the OS and background tasks, while the other core can focus on apps currently running. Or, developers can use both cores to make their apps run more efficiently.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Dual core means that there’s two processors, they can be on two chips, or on one chip with two separate processors (picture a wafer with cut in half, with a processor on each side).

      With dual core, one part or processor can be dedicated to all computer functions and operations, except graphics, the other core (or part/section) can be dedicated to running graphic functions.

      This splitting of functions, tasks or processes results in your smartphone running blazing fast because the system and operation is not getting clogged or overwhelmed by having to do too much.

      Currently, your smartphone, like many budget computers, shares one processor or chip. All computer functions sharing one processor/chip has always slowed down smartphones to where users experience lag and often times system crashes.

      While faster processors and increased RAM can help speed up a smartphone’s performance, dual core is the best solutions.

      Note: These same principles apply to notebooks and netbooks. Because many notebooks are used for data crunching (math type computations), dual core chips help immensely when the processor is asked to “crunch numbers” so to speak and other functions/tasks can be assigned to the other core.

  • ashton
  • Jonathan

    i’m sick of qwert keyboards. they make the phone to bulky. just come out with all touch screen and thats it

    • ashton

      me too

    • Dale Murphy

      when you guys have your own telecom company then make any product you want with whatever features u do or don’t want. don’t speak for me and anyone else here. a keyboard would be a nice addition to swype.

  • JD

    I’ll skip the Vibrant and hold my upgrade for this phone (if the specs are at all close to this rumor, I’m all over it). I’m in no rush as I bought the N1 unlocked to replace my G1, something I suggest everyone with tMob (and G1s) do. It’s a great phone.

  • mailman13877

    Notice they leaked out the goods.That’s almost to good for TMO which means no front facing camera i bet an prob single camera flash while all other top phones have dual.They may even leave out HDMI lol.That’s how TMO has worked for the past 15 years,hey never try to get it all in like the superior companies.Galaxy S is their last hope of keeping me so they better throw in that front facing camera.

    • ashton

      I know , look at all the cool phones that Verizon is getting

  • Jazz

    Tmo needs to step their game up! Tmo needs to get a better line up for the rest of the year as well and not just holidays… Yes, this phone does soound exciting but I’ve been let down by tmo way too many time. (Been a customer since they were VoiceStream).

  • Adrian

    Yes me too, i dont really want qwerty keyboard on the htc vision, i love the touch screen keyboard and plus it would be thicker if it had the qwerty keyboard. Please I want a powerful smartphone with 4.3inch large screen and a virtual keyboard

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well that makes two HTC reps because recall I mentioned this three times now.

    The HTC rep I talked to, twice, told me the exact same information.

    Obviously they can’t say too much, but it only stands to logic. While many in here diss T-Mobile and its product line, we T-Mobile faithful have kept saying that T-Mobile isn’t simply sitting on the sidelines, as I said a month ago, watching others have all the fun.

    It’s obvious tha T-Mobile intends to bring out some super superphones in the fall and holiday period.

    Also recall what I posted was said by Qualcomm: “Later in the year” we will see handsets with:

    1.5 ghz dual core processor, “dedicated” graphics, 1080p HD recording, 1GB RAM, HDMI port, AMOLED, 4″ to 4.3″ display, USB 3.0, BT 3.0, etc.

    So that makes two HTC reps and one Qualcomm rep all saying the same thing.

    Maybe all this moves the rumor closer to the “confirmed” side. ;)

  • pimpstrong

    I will Jizz to this phone.

  • going_home

    Now thats what I’m talking about !


  • David Thomas

    Note: To those who thought “Gingerbread” wouldn’t be out for another year, just do a Google search:

  • J-Hop2o6

    does HTC “sidekick twist” = HTC Vision? or are they two different phones? but yea, THIS is the phone i want.. the SGS/Vibrant (or mT-Slide) will hold me over until i can get this one day.. hopefully it turns out to be true.. plus tmousa really neeeds a phone like this.

  • iFloss™

    This also seems logical after they admitted that they’re more profitable market is in making mid to high-end phones. This makes the most sense for HTC as well ass t-mo.

    They have a solid track record with t-mo

  • raymond

    hopefully this phone comes before my 28 days r up atleast some hints woot woot

    • pimpstrong

      After today, I don’t expect to see or hear about the phone before “28 Days Later” bu-dum-bump-tss.

  • Vert

    Ya know… you finally get us news on a phone I’m considering buying (the Vibrant), and then you give us news on something that might be worth waiting for instead. What are you trying to do to me, tmonews? I have DECISIONS to make here.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Do what I am going to do. Buy the SGS, use it, enjoy it, then sell it in November, on eBay.

      If you go this route make sure to take super good care of the phone and save the box, packing materials and documentation. (You get a top price if you include the original box with the sale.)

  • Hmm only 800 MHz? I wish it was a 1 GHz dual processor phone, that would be ridunkulous…

    Having said that, I’m really curious and interested in what this phone has to offer. I’ve been WAITING to jump from my Touch Pro 2 to a Android device with a KB, this may be the one…

    • J-Hop2o6

      did u even read it? it a DUAL CORE PROCESSOR! which Is like 1.6GHz.. but basically its 2 processors running at 800.. do this phone will run more efficient compared to only having one.. shot , if u want it to show 1GHz, then overclock it.

  • ckrucks

    Some folks will still get the SGS and be happy with it.
    Just like some folks went and got the HD2 and are happy.
    I would have the HD2 right now but was advised to go for an android.
    I just can’t wait that long…as much as I would like to have what is coming in the fall.
    But for me and a lot of other people, as long as the phone works “as-is” for two years I am satisfied. Updates are just a bonus. Two years down the road I’ll get the next great thing.

    I like a light and thin phone like the SGS because I always end up putting a protector on it that adds additional bulk and weight. The hardware by today’s standards seems adequate (at a minimum) and by some accounts exceptional. From what I gather the “skin” over the android on the SGS is a significant correction to the hated versions of the past…so that’s good. I’ll take a gamble on an update to 2.2 because I really want be able to us flash apps.

    I have been in a wait and see mode since Jan. Hate sliding keyboards, the Behold and My Touch didn’t seem to do or offer what other HTC phones or the iPhone did and there was something about them that was off-putting. Couldn’t use my upgrade on an N1. I have been using the web browser on my XpressMusic for a year…if you can believe that? It’s time to pull the trigger and get a new device.

    So if you are wondering why a person who read this post would go and get the SGS instead of holding off until the Fall….that’s why.

  • kinoy

    Can we concentrate on Samsung Vibrant please? haha .. too many rumors .. :)

  • rubbd

    Put UMA in this beast, and it’s my dream phone.
    But I’ll probably get it anyway, as my G1 is also on its last legs, even while running Eclair.

  • Jay

    Yayy good thing i didnt waste my upgrade on a mt3gs

    • pimpstrong

      tell me about it. just a couple months ago I considered it because Tmo didnt seem like they were getting anything good. as long as the info on a bad ass phone is here, that will hold me over much better than owning a Slide.

  • jshin

    waiting for super phones like this rumored device before handing my HD2 to the wifey. Samsung is trash, would need to be an HTC as well.

    • SwizzleStix


    • justin bailey

      hear hear! Samsung is trash indeed. I’ve had an a500 cell phone and one of their 50in DLP televisions. Never again.

      Here’s to hoping for that new HTC device!

  • Kam

    This is great news. I can’t wait to see if this true or not.

  • Dashi

    I Think I’m In Love Now I Would Love To See A Quad With 10 hr talk time battery O.O THAT Would Be Awesome

  • Ausar

    Have been a loyal customer for over ten years(powertel<voicestream<tmobile), I held on to a RZR for 3yrs waiting for something worth while to come out and finally the G1 came out and i was elated. Now the G1 is seeming more like a relic in the fast pace evolution of smartphones. While I love the service and rate plans of tmobile, a significant % of their customer base is crying out practically begging 4 them to keep up,(not be dominate) just keep up in smart phone race. I have had 2 full upgrades for over a year with nothing worthwhile 2 buy. Prototype Phone–Super smartphone with ALL latest features(physical keyboard opt.), android OS, and some sort of guarantee of being upgradeable. Thats all i want, if i can get that and you maintain same customer friendly enviroment, you have me as a customer for life.

  • wasup

    wow, sounds really nice, glad for the people who will get this, I however am getting the galaxy S, perfect phone in my opinion, and Iam sure I will be happy with it for at least a year, choice good

    • Bobomo

      I agree. Besides, by the time this phone comes out, there will be the next great phone already rumored. If I get the Vibrant, in two years there will be something even better than the HTC Vision available.

      • Daniel

        Not even in two years that same week HTC will release a better phone with another carrier. Is it me or is T-Mobile not carring?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        sooo true daniel. haaa!!!

      • RockTripod

        They don’t care about you Daniel. Now go cry in the corner.

      • Scott

        That’s true Rock Tripod. T-Mobile only cares about 20 year olds who love The Sims and Avatar.

  • James

    I’m waiting for this to drop and the first Windows Phone 7 devices to drop to compare. I’m pretty interested in what Windows Phone 7 has to offer.

    • just some dude

      WP7 is dead even before it hits, don’t limit yourself to a device that will have no future. Consider an Android or iPhone.

    • JustAPhoneUser

      I can’t wait for wp7… full outlook integration w/ free busy, company contact directory, (OH AND XBOX LIVE…). but the outlook/office stuff is something google/apple just can’t do, and i really ant to dump the rim…

  • Negtne

    So is android gonna start rolling out 3.0? I thought gingerbread was 2.3?

  • Negtne

    I thought gingerbread was 2.3?


    nexus will be sold for vibrant, vibrant will be sold for vision, HD2 will be sold for wp7. don’t you just love Craigslist and gsm phones, its like christmas every 6 months for the early smartphone adopter!!!!!!!

    • Phenomenon

      How much does every new device end up costing you out of pocket after selling your old device? I may have to start doing this to feed my need for new tech!


        Yeah! I’m thinking about selling my hd2 for a vibrant. But only if i don’t have to pay more than 50 dollars.

    • Jay

      Pretty much what I plan on doing! Man, being a tech guy can sure add up! :P

  • sidekicker

    whats this news about T-Mobile shutting down in 2011??

    • Flgirll99


      I saw this article the other day but I think T-mobile has some staying power if they really focus on improving their handset selection.

      • rickb928

        TMO would not shut down, EVEN if they decided to leave the US market. they would sell to some other entity, maybe an operator, maybe give an MVO, but the cost would be prohibitive. Sprint is the logical suitor, the Feds would choek on the antitrust implications of selling to either AT&T or VZW, and there aren’t any MVOs that have the $. Baseless rumor and noise to sell more page views at wallst.com.

        It’s not IMpossible, but highly improbable. TMO is profitable. Diving off the cliff is the only reason to sell them, and DT is not that dumb.

  • khaltz

    I actually heard they’re realeasing like 30 some phones, most of tmobiles phones will be running andriod. Also some being high end(like the Vibrant) according to the lady I order my htc hd2 with for being a loyal tmo customer. She said Motorolas(andriod), The Samsung Vibrant(andriod) and I think HTC(andriod). Let’s hope they are nice.

    Is there anyway to run andriod on the HTC HD2.

    • RockTripod

      Cuz us reps are told about super-secret upcoming phones all the time!! You should totally listen to her!

  • Daniel

    I’ve been a LOYAL T-Mobile customer since about 2003-04 and I’ve come to the point where I’m ready to leave because I’m sick and tired of T-Mobile’s lack of dedication to putting out GREAT smartphones and competting with the likes of AT&T or Sprint.

    I’m tired of having to unlock and jailbreak and have to go through loops to get my iPhone to work on the T-Mobile network and I’m completely torn becasue the phone I want isn’t on the network I love and to top it off they come out with a crappy update of the MYTouch. Really??!

    I was a dedicated Sidekick fan and when the G1 came out I got it because I was tired of the small tweaks they would do and expect people to dish out the money to have the latest. And now here we go again with the MYTouch. What’s next the MYTouch with a fastor processor and improved keyboard!?

    COMMON T-MOBILE!! You’re playing us for fools!!

    If you won’t be dedicated to doing everything it takes to land a QUALITY smartphone then you’re loosing a quality customer.

    I absolutely LOVE T-Mobile but I’ve been let down time after time with phones. I won’t stick around much longer. I’m fed-up, frustrated and annoyed!

    I just had to get this off my chest because I know that in the community of T-Mobile we’re the laughing stock of the nation. What are we gonna boast oh we have a GREAT network but crappy phones to utalize that network.

    • Bobomo

      So in an article about a great phone that could be coming to T-Mobile, you are complaining about … no great phones coming to T-Mobile?

      I don’t get it…

      • Daniel

        that’s the thing it COULD be another rumor… it’s been years when do they plan on catching up to the others?? by the time this “big quality phone” decides to drop it’ll be another crappy a** phone to add to their line-up

      • Shagman68

        He is complaining, because T-mobile is one year behind Verizon and AT&T’s smart phone releases. Other carriers had 1ghz phones long b4 T-Mo got its HD2, and who really wants a windows driven phone anymore.

    • ihatefanboys

      yawwwwwwnnnnnn, when you’re done crying into your vagina, ill give u a tissue and a tampon….just GO, dont BITCH, just STFU and GO

      • alex32

        @ihatefanboys ^

      • AndroidRRR


      • Reece


        Cold hearted, cruel, crude, and yet too hilarious to hate haha

      • kershon

        Hahahahaha. Too funny.

    • Jabombardier

      Well as a long time t-mobile customer, I don’t feel the same way you do. I got a MyTouch 3G Slide because my G1 is an unstable piece of crap. the mytouch 3G Slide that a quite a lot of people in here loathe is a very good phone that does keep up with and do the same tasks at the same performance rate as the so called super phones that people are becoming fools for. I went testing out the Evo 4G versus this and they both do the same things, perform the same. Just because the Evo has a bigger rediculous screen, 8mp camera and a HDMI out and a snapdragon doesn’t sway me. Especially more so that it is on Sprint. So yes when you say they are taking us for fools, only speak for yourself for I think a fool is one who judges something without trying it out and that a phone network, customer service, and low prices for high amount of minutes than running to go get a “superphone” that you have to pay out your ass to use monthly and don’t even reap the benefits (Evo 4G). But go ahead leave. You and the other blind lemmings. It is your perogative.

  • shawn1224

    Another happy camper for not upgrading to the MT3G slide. I’ll hold on to the Mytouch 1.2 until this bad boy comes to fruition. If this is true and I hope it is, all I can say is “it’s about damn time”

  • ov1

    Damn damn damn just when I thought I was ready for the gravitys next month. Well maybe they have another phone give away around that time. I know it doesn’t have a front camera or flash but I gotta move on past my old faithful g1

  • dc

    what is better 1gz snap dragon or a 800mhz dual core? whats faster n y if u guys dont mind giving me a brief xplanation

    • J-Hop2o6

      read the 1st page of the comments.. a few ppl explained it.. but the 800MHz dual core will be faster than a single 1GHz processor.. its basically TWO processors running @ 800MHz in a phone.. so its more efficient, and its not one processor doin all the work,, the second core picks up some slack.. does that sound good to u?

      • dc

        yeah thank you n thanx for lettn me know bout the first page of comments i didnt even realize they had 1 lol thanx

    • duhh

      Of course a dual core when you have a true multitasking OS (unlike a particular fruit based OS with preemptive multitasking). There are more threads available to service application process requests with multiple cores. Just think about it, one queue or two queues.

  • Manny

    I just asked TMO about this on Twitter… i’ll copy and paste my question and their response below.

    Me: Are you guys going to be carrying the HTC Vision (Sidekick Twist) in the foreseeable future?

    TMO USA: Great question. Unfortunately we do not have any confirmation of such news or device. ^JG

    So idk guys, im not sure if i should wait or switch carriers. btw this was a direct message

    • shawn1224

      Of course they’re going to say that. the Vibrant is getting ready to drop and they don’t what to hurt their sales any more than they have to. They will never cop to this until it’s almost ready to be released.

  • HavoK

    No that’s a phone worth having!!
    Unless it’s vapor-ware……Like The girl told BIG Johnson…….

    “I’ll believe it when I see it”

  • Matt

    I feel like there have been too many substantiated rumors about this for it not to be true. I just can’t decide if I want to return the HD2 that I got over the weekend as an upgrade to get the Vibrant, or if I want to wait even longer to get this…6 months is a long time, but I really think this will be worth it.

    • Tony

      I haven’t heard anything good about the HD2… If you’re willing to wait a couple weeks, I’d definitely swap it for the Vibrant. It’s equal to, if not better than, the HD2 in every aspect, and its Super AMOLED screen is supposedly kick-ass. Besides, HD2 is running Windows 6.5, which is a dead-end platform and Microsoft won’t really support it once Windows Phone 7 launches this fall. Android is growing rapidly and has a bright future. As for the Vision/Project Emerald this holiday, wow, if I were up for an upgrade now, I’m not sure I could wait either, haha. Plus, that phone is just rumor and speculation at this point, nothing concrete yet. I say get the best phone you can get right now, and if something nicer comes along that you REALLY want, don’t be afraid to sell your old phone to upgrade. Cheers!

    • Tony

      This is interesting, looks like the dev community is close to porting Android to the HD2!


      • TMOprophet

        hope they get it running good soon, I would def be interested in the HD2 with droid running :)

    • Matt_TX

      Return that POS and get the Vibrant. The HD2 is the most returned phone in TMO history!

      • Ed

        Only because idiots like you buy it.

  • G Money

    Yeah, not hanging my hat on this rumor. I mean, hell, Froyo isn’t even fully launched yet, and some devices won’t even see it until August. How will Gingerbread be ready in December???

  • bob

    sombody PLEASE ANSWER ME on this question? what is the difference with the 800 dual core processor, is that better then the snapdragon or worse?

    • david

      If I understand right it will have 2 800 processors. But I could be wrong.

    • Reece


      To answer your question, just read the benchmarks of how a Pentium 4 CPU being 3.2 Ghz stacks against a Core 2 cpu only clocked @ 2.2Ghz.

      There’s a reason why multiple cores became more of a priority over the clock speed itself the past few years.

  • Mockerfab4

    You had me until you said Android. x-/ Sounds like a sweet device, but I need a super device that runs something else.

    • 2FR35H

      Thats the most retarded thing I have ever heard

    • erick

      then get an iphone.
      more htc visions for us

  • SiXiam

    Yeah, let’s stay with T-Mobile, because of rumors, when every other major carrier has better Android phones.

    • PhysicalKeyboardPls

      Every other major carrier has better rumors too.. so why are you here? Move on.

  • Check this link, sounds pretty solid if the media are already buzzing about it.

  • Sean
  • manus


  • There is a side by side comparison of EVO vs Iphone 4 on endgadget. There is one thing that they forget. You can tweak the EVO. It is an Android device so if you don’t like something you can change it to what you like. There has been a video of the processor overclocked. As for Magenta. I believe there will be a awesome device by HTC coming. I also belive that N1 will have an next gen phone at the retail partners. Radio Shack sells more cell phones then anybody because you don’t have to worry about rebates and Sprint, Tmobile are there to compare. Now you can also do the same at Best Buy Mobil. How long will the wait be? The only true answer is time….

  • badaphooko01

    just confirmed specs for Samsung Vibrant from T-mo’s website, I dont see a FFC. http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/Samsung-Vibrant/Samsung-Vibrant-An-Early-FAQ/td-p/402865

  • bigc17

    I really hope this rumor is true because this sounds like the ultimate phone, not just for tmo, but for any phone company, i’m just glad that no other companies are gettin it. If this rumor is false i’m gonna protest against t-mobile lol! I just can’t wait till the phone comes out so i can test this gadget out.

    • Manny

      lol if its not…im leaving

  • Nokia N900USER

    Oh and Lets not forget HTC Touch Pro 3 with WinMo 7 and with similar rumored specs!!!!!!!!!

  • K B ear

    If the Vision has ever 75% of the spects listed along with a full QWERTY keyboard, then bye bye 9700 and hello HTC Vision!

  • Joe

    I think I just Finished in my pants…

  • bryce

    Just wondering, are we predicting Sense will be on this device? I think most HTC devices do run sense nowadays, I’m just curious.

    • 2FR35H

      I hope not htc’s sense is senseless to me lol I would rather have touchwiz 3.0 and yes I said Touchwiz 3.0 and no I am not high drunk or blind not even near stupid this is just my preference. on htc I rather have stock android as a matter of fact and who knows maybe this will be Nexus 2.

  • Bobert

    LOL everything with TMO is always just around the corner!
    I am glad TMO focuses on the future while the other carriers kick TMO ASS in the present! “HERE AT TMO WE EXCEL AT BEING A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT “

    • TmoBully

      A dollar less on plans too. That’s why you’re still with Tmo right?

      • Bobert

        Price isn’t a factor for me being with TMO. Yes they are cheaper…cheaper for a reason.
        I simply started with TMO back in the day because I liked the DASH.
        I will probably end up with Verizon or Sprint within the next 6months.
        I will gladly pay the ETF to get out of my TMO contract.
        That is not a problem.

  • TMOprophet

    Man did I call this one or what….I said a while back that I thought the Vision would be Project emeralds sidekick. Although this is just a rumor. Hope Im right…but I hope they keep it thin, keyboard phones tend to get thick sometimes. And please no twisting goofy screen opening mechanism. Keep it clean and simple. Now lets hope that some day they will make a 4.3in HTC “Legend like” device, you know the all metal body, now thats a nice looking phone.

  • sean c.h..

    i don’t think everyone should be so quick to knock down the Slide. it has the same RAM as the Nexus, people, and if you’ve ever worked with computers, RAM boosts can make bigger differences than pure processor jumps. sure, a 1 Ghz processor would have been nice, but with the memory has, it’s quite peppy. i got one for my wife and she loves it. every time i use it, it’s plenty quick and quite dependable. it does indeed have Sense, which i’m not a fan of, but pure performance is fantastic, and the keyboard has a great feel to it.

    now, on super phones, there’s always something bigger and better. the Droid came out and was all the rage. then the Nexus came out mere months later. then the Incredible, then the Evo. . . you can’t get the perfect phone, and you can’t keep waiting and waiting and waiting. like i said, the Slide really is a pretty damn good phone, and the Vibrant, at least on the hardware end, has several parts in it that are like nothing else out there from anyone, though time will tell how Samsung treats the owners with it.

    T-Mobile has been great for me, and i will stick with them. between great service, great coverage where i live, and fast, dependable 3G, i’ll stick with them, and i’ve actually been very impressed with their phone push over the last year or 2. things used to be bleak, but now we’ve got some cool phones, and i’m happy.

  • yuup

    I love my mt3gs haven’t had any complaints …there’s a phone for everybody I’m not bias on a carrier go to who fits your needs

    • TmoBully

      Best (non-funky-looking) physical keyboard plus touch screen and it’s thin! I went from SK2 to SK3 to G1 to Gslide. People seem to forget that Sidekick was the flagship. G1 was a natural fit that happened to be the first Android powered phone. I think Tmo is still ahead of the game. They may not be the best in the touch screen only business, but in the physical keyboard arena, Tmo has always been king. Plus nice plans and excellent customer service to boot.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Can’t wait for pics to release of this phone!

  • TMOprophet

    I just remembered something, a while back Endgaget reported that Qualacomm was shipping 1.2Ghz and 1.5Ghz dual core snapdragon processors for both HSPA and EV-DO versions.(1.2 for TMO and 1.5 for sprint) Interesting to see that the rumored specs are 800Mhz dual core..which isnt bad..just interesting.. and there was also the HTC scorpion that was coming with 1.5Ghz, and Motorola has stated that they intend to put out a 2Ghz processor by the end of the year. Anyone have thoughts on the 800 vs 1.2 thing? I realize that both would be blisteringly fast. I also know that 1Ghz snapdragons do a pretty nice job on most phones, so would there be a noticeable difference between phones with say a 1 vs a 2Ghz processor..I dunno, I actually confirmed those above specs on Qualcomms official new site, the 1.2 and 1.5 dual cores are coming, no mention of 800Mhz dual cores though…hmmm I wonder if that wasnt a mistake by the HTC rep, or perhaps they will source the 800 dual cores from a different manufacturer, but HTC usually uses Qualcomm processors. Maybe this phone wont be the flagship..maybe its just a tease of the real 1.2 dual core beast that will come sometime in the future. Anyone want to try to dig up info on this? I think this is a good path to investigate as it may give more accurate speculation for some of the phones coming down the pipeline…..anyone ….DAVID?? Come on I cant be the only one who has noticed this…?

  • Corey

    I most like alot of other people have been loyal to tmobile, i mean they are a great carrier they cant be this dumb to let everyone pass them. I have had my g1 since day 1 basically and phone after phone i watched pass by because honestly they weren’t that attractive until the htc hd2 came out but once i saw it had windows that was like a slap in the face for disaster. Highest return rate for a phone of that calibur soo sad….but now i finally have options between the samsung galaxy s and the htc vision. If the Vision is what it should be and “tmobile for crying out loud do not screw this up!!!!!!!!!” then when my upgrade comes in december I know what my present to me is….Vision aka IPHONE can eat a…..well you get it

    • TMOprophet

      Nough said

  • did anyone stop to think maybe just maybe this htc rep is putting this our there so less people will buy that samsung phoneand focus toward an “UPCOMING HTC SUPER PHONE” just my thoughts on this after all samsung its one of htc’s competitors

    • TMOprophet

      I agree…very possible indeed, while not being allowed to officially disclose information about the phone, if info talked about in a private conversation leaked..thats different, and would definately hurt samsung’s sales on the Galaxy S

  • fort

    What holiday? July 4? or what. Where are the high end Motorola’s.

    • TMOprophet

      Between thanksgiving and christmas.

  • Barry

    I knew the galaxy wasn’t project emerald. *still patiently waiting*

    • Dale Murphy

      i am impatiently waiting. can not wait to see what is coming down the pipeline.

  • Anthony

    When….. I’m not waiting six months! or I’m…. going to the V

  • TMOprophet

    knowing TMO they will probably screw this one up too, just imagine, it comes out and instead of the sliding keyboard opening normally(MTslide), it opens vertically into a huge candybar phone…That would be just about our luck…lol

    • beholder

      dat has nothin to do wit tmobile blame all that on the manufacturer

  • ZEE

    I just heard a rumor this htc dual core phone is suppose to be running some new windows phone 7 os. I didnt even know windows made pHoneS!!!!!! So i guess it wont be running android then? Well Im going to do some research on this window phone and dual core. seems like a cool idea eh. dual core!!! g1 getting old now….and running slow too neeeeeed new awsome phone come on tmobile. hurry it up.

    • jazzmanmonty

      you make it too easy to rip on you, which i’d love to do, but i’ll hold back and just consider you a newb…windows phone 7 is the new mobile operating system coming out…just software, not hardware.

      • jazzmanmonty

        which i also forgot to add, from all the previews i’ve seen of W7, it looks like crap, and due to the very strict rules windows is applying to developers for software for their marketplace, there won’t be that many apps like we see on android market.

    • TMOprophet

      Well that would be yet another great way for TMO to screw this phone up too. everyone will get excited thinking its an android phone and then bam…WINMO…FAIL

  • shawn1224

    Off topic – How do you change your avatar (picture) on TMOnews blog? I see some people have their own pictures and this little sad faced guy looking up is just not doing it for me.

    • keele8

      I would also like to know how to do that.

  • Flgirll99

    On the androidguys website it says that the rumor came from a high-up T-mobile rep, not an HTC rep.


    Not sure if that was a typo in this post or not?

  • Barry

    @Dale Murphy I feel you but the vibrant will be a nice median until then :-)

  • ov1

    I actually went into a sprint store today to ask them about their version of the Samsung galaxy pro the the front and rear camera with the 5 row key board and with the flash. I don’t want to leave Tmo but I feel that I deserve the a high end phone as well. Currently I working a grandfather 1 g1. We have been together since day one but now its time for me to move on either by a great Tmo upgrade or new carrier. If I can’t get a confirmation about the HTC vision before their galaxy pro is out I gonna have to do right by me and get the galaxy pro. Oh yeah I left my charger in my other car so I had to go to a Tmo store and leave my phone their for 30 min to charge it. Sad huh

  • Barry

    I must admit the sgs pro would’ve been a perfect upgrade for g1 users I had a g1 then the mytouch (still rocking it) but I used to have a keyboard preference doesn’t bother me anymore but like I said before nowhere have I read that the pro is exclusive to sprint

  • Nice prospect.
    What kind of battery life should we expect from those devices?
    A superfast phone would be great, but if you have to reload every few hours… :-)

    • TMOprophet

      Most likely a normal 1500, and I hope they can make this phone really thin,,, SOmething like the evo, I know its unlikely to make a keyboard fit into a super slim phone, but I dont want to try jamming a package of pop tarts down my pocket when Im done using my phone…keyboards are cool and all, but do you really need them when you got a 4.3in screen, Its harder to mess up typing on the bigger screen cause the buttons are bigger. TIme will tell..but Im still going to plan on getting this phone..

  • Smith

    T-Mobile… If you are reading this, PLEASE release a SUPERPHONE in time for XMAS.

    Dual Cores, slider QWERTY, and dual camera is a MUST! Also, running the LATEST android (Gingerbread) and you’ve got a winner on your hands!

    • julio

      this phone is the game changer …. its funny how tech keeps moving faster and faster and faster ….. the iphone then android then super phone 600MHz then 1GHz and now duel core 1.6GHz what next

  • Wow, good discussion going on over here!

  • AgDon

    That’s right we need it out for Black Friday sales. Hopefully it will have the same type of looks as the HTC Desire or HD2 and accessories to match.

  • TMOprophet

    Now we gotta pay for it up front yo, at least I think

  • stressed

    This phone is no game changer, its another tmobile fail. They need to put this hardware into the vibrant, add flash ffc, and ship it with gingerbread 3.0. That’s a game changer.

  • Barry

    a phone everyone has is not a game changer neither is a ffc which only sprint’s version has. never had a flash on my phone but from what I hear it’s not that great. But only exclusive phones are game changers imo and I hope this phone becomes a reality and like someone said with perfect timing.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just In: Don’t want the SGS? Love the iPhone?

    Said on the news that Verizon will be getting the iPhone in January 2011, ending AT&T’s exclusive. Verizon estimated that it will sell 3 million iPhones in the first quarter.

    So those of you wanting the iPhone at T-Mobile may want to wait since I suspect T-Mobile too will be getting the iPhone.

    It’s a POS compared to other phones, but if that’s what you like, go for it. (And now you have the option of switching to Verizon.)

    • Care to source exactly where you read that Verizon made an official statement regarding selling ANY set numbers of iPhones?

      Because we all heard this rumor last year too.

  • Jay

    Lol, watch by the time this comes out the other companies are going to have something better up their sleeves and all of you are going to complain again. I for one will buy the Vibrant unsubsidized (as I always do), and if those phone is worth it, I will sell the Vibrant to buy this. :)

  • Butzacooky

    Lol this will be great. I bet the 800mhz processor is going to be upgraded to something better, but time will tell.

    Also, look at the diamond 2 and touch pro 2. They both followed phones that had no keyboard before; in this case, it’ll be like the hd2 pro :) maybe even called that!

    Google hd2 pro and you’ll get what I mean.

  • En2Mente

    New rumors about Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)surface.


    Making this rumor more believable

    • TMOprophet

      with one exception and that was that gingerbread requires a 1Ghz processor at least, now this thing is said to have 800Mhz dual core, So I dunno if it will qualify, they might have to bump this thing up to a 1.2Ghz dual core..which is what it should be packing anyway according to quallcoms main web site. The only dual cores being made and shipped are 1.2 and 1.5Ghz ones, so where the hell are they getting 800Mhz from????????????

  • newjaruz

    I hope this is true my girl will be stoked


  • kast107

    Dual core for T-mo? Really? What will everyone else get? Quad cores?

    • En2Mente

      Newest rumor that sprint is getting a 2ghz gingerbread phone around the same time.
      Maybe this phone will get one too. I’ll be happy with a phone that can compete with the other major phones.all the other major carriers will haver to offer.

      • TMOprophet

        The HTC “Sabor” sounds like a Super EVO from its descrition. I hate to say it but I think Sprint turned its whole game around by landing the EVO and now that they can roam of Verizion’s towers. TMO has its work cut out for them. And once At&T lose the IPhone they will bite the dust, SO tmo has some work to do to secure its place as a major carrier. Now this stuff with Dual core phones will help, all they need is to build up their 3G and HSPA network coverage, But I know one thing for sure and that is AT&T is going to 4th place soon. I hate Sprint but if their going to always be dealing TMO a one up around every corner, then Sprint will be looking better and better. I really hope TMO can find a way to get in front of them.

  • Barry
  • FrightenlyInteresting

    I talked to an HTC rep the other week and he talked about a super phone with dual core processor as well, something with android 2.5 8mp camera etc. So I would say this is more than just a rumor.

  • dman0629

    I just dont understand t-mobile with all of these phones comin out seems like we are way behind the race im just so dissapointed and i just cant wait any longer for that phone that will crush all of them or at least playing at the same level, several times im tempted to ditch tmobile and move on to these phone company that actually focusing on the quality of their phones….

  • dman0629

    and also tmobile was the very first one that came out with an android device and they completely went out of focus, they should be the one leading the way on these android phones…

  • dman0629

    that is why HTC stocks are in the rise because other phone companies are willing to fork out all of the money to be the best and and it works because people like to buy the best phone out there seems like tmobile cant play on that same level, if you want to be the best you have to give all you got and get what is the best out there…

  • moboking

    HTC Vision.. errrrr…. NO. another tactic to eat up my money and you get to extend another 2 year contract… errrrrrrrrrr thanks, but no thanks.