• Leachpunk


    If this has validity, then I’d say it is pretty safe that this is what the clues refer to… Galaxy S…

    Now everyone can stop thinking it is something else.

    • David

      Dude, did you not see the link WE POSTED yesterday breaking the story on the Samsung Vibrant.

      • Leachpunk

        Yes David, I read it this morning, but like all blogs on the internet, it’s good to see a few different people posting speculation. I used that article as an example, it in turn, also references your article, so I didn’t feel the need for a dual reference.

    • ThisGuyJohn

      So I’m guessing from the pics, we’re probably not getting the one with the front facing cam? Boo.

      • 2FR35H

        I hope thats not the right pics.

        I personally thought the front facing camera was a great replacement for the missing LED flash.

        If it doesn’t have a front facing camera I will be through with T-mobile.

      • ThisGuyJohn

        Yea exactly, I was cool with the lack of dual or single LED flash for the back cam with the expectations of getting the front facing cam for Skype, or whatever programs Android has for video calls.

        Those kiddies with the iPhone4’s need to use wifi, but at least they have the damn thing.

        I’ll keep the hope alive..

      • Ryan

        Yes, we are getting the one with the front facing camera.

      • She She

        well those pics have the name galaxy on it… isnt it changing to vibrant…

    • AnotherJohn

      Since T-Mobile is going to release this new Android next month, what is the speculation that it will have UMA capabilities since there was talk about that for the 3rd quarter?

    • dough

      The Supprise tomorrow is three new Samsungs launching tomorrow, the Gravity3, T, and :)

      • Woofdah

        I will be very disappointed if the news is the 3 new lower end Sammy phones. They are already available to see in stores. They will bring them out if you ask. While they are all nice for the messaging crowd they won’t do a thing for the rest of us. Once again Tmo screwed up. My guess is that if they would have had those three new Sammy’s available for the Father’s day promotion they would have signed up 10% more. Those phones will most likely kill with the teenage girl demographic.

  • wack mode

    ummmm u dont know that just cuz sum comment that ppl put up so STFU

    • Ryan McKay

      Your inability to use the English language has made your comment null and void.

      • wack mode


    • Leachpunk

      You’re right, hence the term “validity”, being English, I would have thought you could read it.

  • droiddoes

    well its a given its the samsung vibrant(galaxy s) and since it has been rooted jus this morn8ing i definitely will be getting this phone

  • wack mode


    • Leachpunk

      And clever childhood name calling will only make me blush.

      • wack mode


  • Ansel

    YES!!!! We’re finally gonna get a super smart phone for T-Mobile!!! Thank you soooo much T-Mobile, it’s about time yall finally stepped your game up!!

  • pimpstrong

    Samsung Vibrant. Without a doubt now. But why will they announce it tomorrow if it will get its official US announcement next tuesday?? This was just lame

    • Stillwaiting

      If it was me, the “Surprise” would be that starting tomorrow, you will be able to pre-order the phone for a July 21st delivery, but that’s just me.

      Logically it would make sense, it’s a day before the Iphone 4 is out, and might keep people from jumping ship to ATT.

      Clearly, it’s not going to be a surprise to people reading this board that the phone they have been talking about is the Galaxy.

      • pimpstrong

        Yeah the the pre-order should have been today at the absolute latest cuz people will start getting their iPhones tomorrow if I’m not wrong. GJ Tmo GJ

  • Randy

    whatever it is, bring it on already. and i think it is pretty funny that they still have some people saying that it is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S when they announced it to be the Vibrant already. So with that being said, it could be just that or something else and a really big SURPRISE!!

  • Randy

    oh yeah i am referring to they announced the SGS already and it is being dubbed the Vibrant!

    • pimpstrong

      they who announced the SGS? Tmo didn’t.

  • Randy

    oh yeah i am referring to they announced the SGS already and it is being dubbed the Vibrant! coming July 21st

  • mikeeeee

    could this be the UMA/ANDROID they’re going to be rolling out 3Q?

    my samsung katalyst rocked.

    • AnotherJohn

      Boy I hope so. I can not wait for a uma enabled android!

  • Randy

    katalyst was a beast phone for being a first of its kind and was my first UMA phone. miss those days.

  • G-Money

    Doesn’t the Samsung Gravity launch tomorrow? LOL, I bet that’s it! j/k

  • badbob001

    I hope it has the front-facing camera, unlike this supposed leaked press render:

    As for today’s clue… is amazon or bn’s android reader going to debut with the device? I have seen videos of the samsung s with an iBook-like book app, but that would be a library that comes with zero books.

  • JustMike

    Nice pictures of the T-Mobile version appear to be available here..


    It looks like Samsung got rid of the big iPhone-style button in favor of the four buttons like on the announced Captivate, so at least it looks a little less like the original iPhone design from 3 years ago.

    But I don’t really care that much how it looks – I just can’t wait to replace my G1!

    • Chris

      Nice but why does it still say Galaxy S if it’s going to be called Vibrant? Photoshop?

      • Ryan68

        My guess is that all variants of the Galaxy S will say that on the back because they are part of the Galaxy S line. If you go to the link at the bottom AT&T has OFFICIALLY stated that their version of the Galaxy S will be called the “Captivate” but it also says Galaxy S on the back.


  • Dale Murphy

    anyone knows or has an educated guess whether this will ship with 2.1 or 2.2?

    • JustMike

      Word on the street is 2.1 now, with a 2.2 update by the end of the year.

      Gingerbread? Who knows!

  • badbob001

    Sims 3. TV app. Ebook app. Avatar movie. Clearly the hardware alone is not enough to compete. Maybe it’ll come in a very pretty box too.

  • vinny

    Great Job T-Mobile, the best cell network in the world, yes the world. T-Mobile will have their super fast 3+G network up and purring very soon. I am syched. Yes sir, sign me up for one of those super slick Vibrant’s. This phone will be a big seller for T-Mobile and I bet the hold up was just making sure all the bugs were worked out before letting it out. That sounds right to me. I’m hoping this phone comes with a desk top dock like the Nexus One has.

  • hammer

    Great. Another droid device. People don’t really care about Android. In the corporate world there are two alternatives RIMM and AAPL. The BB and eyephone are the dominant players and RIMM is lagging severely. The new iPhone looks better day by day. I just wish TMo would get it, but I am afraid not.

    • G-Money

      SGS > iPhone 4

    • Davidohio

      What? Nobody cases about android? You must have missed the story on all the news networks, blogs, and the magazine articles that android had taken over the i phone and windows mobile in the smartphone market and popularity. Google it.

    • Reece

      Too bad for you ya putting down Android before even really giving it a chance in 2nd post I read from you.

      High end Android is pretty much toe-to-toe with iPhone 4 in terms of features thus many of us lusting for a highend Android device that’ll give us many of the latest & freatest features found in a “superphone”. Between Froyo rolling out eventually to all the devices and software like “Touchdown” and “Docs2Go” enterprise support is a reality for Android with it standing to get better.

      IMO Apple not getting the iPhone on more carriers is their loss due to Android gaining foot quarter by quarter. The iPhone 4 is a lovely device though, so much so if you want it so much why not go after an unlocked version or go to AT&T altogether?

    • mad dog

      If you want a iphone take your punk-ass to at&t and get one. It’s just a matter of time until android is outselling apple.

    • beastly

      Business users may not be too into Android. (I didn’t go ‘droid because I don’t entirely trust the operating system and its apps yet, and I don’t want a lot of my clients’ contact information being compromised.) That’s (part of the reason) why I went BlackBerry. But most cell phone users are not running their own business from their phone, and just want something fun and customizable that can do a little of everything. As a high-powered electronic toy, you can’t really beat an Android phone.

  • ricr

    I think you’re all wrong. I’m guessing some kind of Android based tablet. :-)

    • Woofdah

      I am also leaning toward an Android tablet. that new Samsung 7″ is ready to go. It is supposed to have a 1.2 ghz chip, lots of memory, great display. Sounds like lots of muscle to me. it is also supposed to have an Ebook application on board. Samsung said it would be available in 3rd quarter and it will ship with 2.2. it really is just a Galaxy on steroids. It is supposed to also be available in larger sizes in the 4th quarter.

  • Nik

    itunes integration into T-Mobile phones. . . aka. . . the iPhone. . . fat chance.

  • Wunako

    It looks WAY to much like a rip off the iphone (the design) the specs look good. im not sure if i would get it. i think ill wait to see if Tmo does get the motorai or that htc side kick

  • Robbie

    i dont know why ppl keep complaining about the UI, that it looks like the iphone, when all the pix are just showing the app drawer, the actual home u can place your widgets and shortcuts like regular android.

    • JustMike

      It’s not just the icon arrangement, though you have to admit they’re obviously trying to make those screen shots look as much like the iPhone as possible. It’s sad really, considering the many great widgets that set Android apart from iOS.

      Design features like the rounded edges and chrome bezel scream iPhone. On the European version of SGS, there’s even a big “home” button.

      The fact that there’s no flash for the camera and possibly no front facing camera on this one makes me think they’re trying competing against the iPhone 3GS. Alas, proving you’re better than last year’s model doesn’t do much for you. They need to focus on where the puck is going to be – not where it was.

      I’ll still get one though as long as there’s a decent carrier subsidy for my family plan – my G1 is really starting to show it’s age.

  • Dominick

    Ughh, This is good and badd, I will be getting this cell when it comes out but the bad thing is that there isnt a front facing cam anymore. this is not good at all.!!

  • G-Money

    Hopefully the Pro version will come as well…

  • photoguy225

    so from the pictures of the vibrant aka galaxy s, it looks like there isnt any front facing camera. i really really hope that t mobiles version of this awesome phone had this feature. can anyone confirm whether or not its going to be there?

  • Xoxl

    SGS <- Or not =! iPhone 4

  • vpuik

    Disappointed. The first 3 hints could have applied to N8. 4th one, not as much.

  • MikeyLikey

    yeah looks too much like the iPhone interface…boo

  • J.L.

    I am not as enthused with this phone as I first was a month ago. At first it seemed like it would be a I-Phone killer. But the I-Phone 4 came out and became an I-Phone killer. Plus it’s not exclusive to T-Mobile. We have to get a phone that we are going to compare the version we have with that of Sprint. And they have a Keypad on theirs. The only thing that would be great is, and I told this to the T-Mobile rep this morning that If we got the I-Phone. She did say to me that I was pretty sharp and knew what I was talking about. She also said we shall see. And that we SHALL.

    • Daedalus

      Ok you are not wanting a android super phone that is basically identical across Multiple Carriers?!?!?! All I can say is accessories accessories accessories. Also Samsung will have greater access to customer base with multiple carriers which in turn also calms my nerves about issues of upgrades.

  • cwalker30

    look, just hurry the hell up t-mobile!! i’m sick of my g1 phone. and it better have a front facing camera and flash added. anything less would be taking steps backwards.

  • bakaruru

    so this phone will have an amazon kindle app on it??

  • Longsh0t

    Hopefully these designs are just mockups and not the final design since it appears the front facing camera is missing. It’s a step in the right direction for Tmobile at least. All 5 lines on my account are eligible for upgrades but I may just hold off for a device w/ a FFC (HTC Sidekick Twist)?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    It’s the Barnes & Noble EReader Program. All of this stuff is available on the HD2. I really hope the answer does not reveal the Samsung Galaxy S has the same stuff as the HD2 but a 0.3inch smaller screen. I know it’s not much but coming from a Nokia 3220 to a HD2 has spoiled me as far as screen size. I’ll have to see the Galaxy S in person before truly making my final decision on it.

    Here’s to the HTC Twist!!! Please let this be the HTC Twist and NOT the Galaxy S. I need Flash on my Camera.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I just thought about this, all of the clues are available on the “HTC” HD2 and not Samsung so hopefully they are telling us that the device is made by “HTC” and should shock us with a Twist.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I do know however, if this device doesn’t have a secondary camera, I will not be getting it.

  • alanispocketsprinkles

    While I’m excited to see the “Galaxy S” come to T-Mobile, I’m not too sure the big announcement can be about this phone.

    I mean, come on, everyone knows this phone is hitting the US on all carriers. Why do we keep thinking this is anything special. Yes, it’s about time we get an awesome SUPER AMOLED smart phone to quench our thirsts, and I’m super excited, but there is no need for Tmo to make such a big deal with these clues and all.

    Yes, it’s kinda fun trying to guess what it could be, and I hope its something completely different. That will satisfy me anyways.

    If this secret phone IS the “Galaxy S”, I will be a little upset over this hoopla.

    On the other hand, I’ll be very excited to know I will be getting my dream phone!!! :)

  • Stillwaiting

    This site has specs listed for the device, and it shows that it has a flash. No comment on whether the front facing camera is gone. I don’t know how accurate this information is.


    • alanispocketsprinkles

      very interesting, but no front facing camera? uh-oh

  • Davidohio

    Project emerald this thursday. HTC sidekick twist android 2.1, front facing camera, 4.3 inch amazing screen, 16gb internal memory, and 1ghz processor. It is going to be a high end android device that is going to be fast and cool for those sidekick fans and those that like a physical keyboard. Not sure of the price but I guess we will find out in 2 days when it launches.

    • G-Money

      Dude…you’re gonna have to cite a source if you’re going to keep saying this!

      • Davidohio

        A source will not make a difference at all. You will see for yourself in 48 hours. Still, if you MUST know, a friend within t-mobile who knows there timis told me. Whether or not anyone believes me or not makes no difference at all to me. I know and I thought others would like to also.

      • Davidohio

        I owe you guys an apology. I just spoke to my source and I misunderstood him last night. He mixed up dates and I did not hear it right. This thursday t-mobile is announcing the Samsung Vibrant galaxy s and the htc sidekick twist is coming soon and the specs are correct but not this month. I am sorry. I jumped the gun and it was stupid. Don’t be to hard on me :( lol

      • phonegeek

        i get what you were tryin to do no worries but be careful now im interested how soon will it come to tmo ( sidekick twist)

    • JBC

      Doubt it. Usually info on this stuff gets leaked months in advance, with accompanying grainy photographs. If the iPhone 4 was leaked, I find it highly improbable that this thursday T-Mobile will drop the new Sidekick bomb on us without NO ONE knowing what this thing looks like before hand.

      • Longsh0t

        I was thinking the exact same thing. The odds of a HTC Sidekick Twist staying under wraps until the actual announcement day would be pretty slim…but I wouldn’t mind being wrong. >.<

      • Davidohio


      • Leachpunk

        Yeah I too find this hard to believe. Especially considering that we have seen leaks of the Sony Ericsson 5.5″ phone and that’s not speculated to come out till November. So I find it very hard to believe that there is a magical HTC phone out there that hasn’t been photographed by anyone yet.

    • TheLight

      I hope your right and it’ll be the 2nd phone to get the OTA for FROYO after the N1 (Both T-Mobile)… it does make sense that T-Mobile would finally get it right and bring out their superphone now so that the next one will use the full new network…samsung vibrant and vibrant pro should be the two phones coming out in July with everyother carrier probably…

      Im still holding my breathe Magenta…..Dont make me kill myself..lol


    off subject- my data seems to be super fast today. engadget loaded in like 5-6 secs!! im in kansas city mo, on a HD2, ruining elighancia rom with 2-11 radio. anybody else in kc notice the difference???

    • Davidohio

      Hspa+ baby! Same thing happened to me here in Cleveland yesterday. It’s really great isn’t it?


        yes it is. this speed is amazing. im going to use the WiFi router when i get home and speed test this baby

  • TheBlueMonkey

    I’ll be getting this for sure if its the Samsung Galaxy S. Even if it doesn’t have a face facing camera or flash. Cause flash always sucks on a camera phone anyway and video chat seems like a gimmick to me.

    • Chris

      I agree. I’m only going to get to video chat with the one other dorky friend of mine that has a front facing camera.

      Who really wants to watch me watch TV or play on the web while talking on the phone anyway?

  • TheLight

    Im not going act like I know I just like reading all of your comments…lol :)

    I just want my superphone when my G1 contract expires..LETS GO MAGENTA!

  • funky

    I am going to be really ticked off if this is just an announcement for supporting data for the kindle. That would be the worst fail possible.

    • alanispocketsprinkles

      @funky yes, lol, FAIL definitely.

  • So Project Emerald was for the Galaxy S? sigh…

  • Why are people saying it will be a Barnes and Noble reader app, when the T-Mobile Twitter avatar for this clue is very clearly the Amazon logo?

  • tchez27

    hate to break it to all of you but this won’t be about a phone. t mobile is re-introducing the newly designed 25 character capacity htc pager with multi alert tones. I hope they include the all in one case and belt clip accessory.

    • pimpstrong


    • Tony

      Will the HTC pager have multi-colored display lights? If so, I’m so down for this! iPhone, eat your heart out!

  • Perry

    Yes it is the Galaxy S aka The Vibrant. Comes loaded with the Sims which was the first clue. Pics and story can be found here:


  • keele8

    Wouldn’t it be great if the big suprise and clue for tomorrow would simply be “It’s not the Galaxy S” That would be great. I know it won’t happen but that would be great.

  • Corey

    Samsung = FAIL

    Do I need to mention the Behold II?

    • pimpstrong

      You sir, are one in a dying breed of Behold II people who keep bringing it up.

  • Jose Medina

    yeah android has amazon mp3 store and now book store i bet

  • Miguel

    What modern smartphone doesn’t have a flash? My first phone with a flash was the Nexus One, and I can tell you that I will never purchase a phone with out a flash. It makes a tremendous difference in image quality.

    • Daedalus

      Yes when in a dark room and you want to take a pict of you spanking your monkey Ya flash is important!!!! Personally I could give a rats A$$ about the camera on any phone the Sensors on these phones CAN NOT handle the resolutions in a native mode they Blow and the pictures blow. This is why my 7MP Camera takes better pictures then my GF’s 10MP camera the lens diameter sensor are larger and better equipped to handle the higher res.

      • Chris

        wait….you mean a flash won’t make it as good as my digital SLR?

      • Daedalus

        Just for you YES it will! Now what I want you to do since you do not need that Digital SLR is pack it up nice and safe take it to a Fedex Office and ship it to me priority overnight my Address will follow shortly :P

        For the rest of you Goobers out there get a real camera and quit worrying about a flash!!!!

      • Chris

        It’s in the mail!!!

    • Tony

      Flash on phone cameras don’t make a big difference to me. The only reason I want a light on a phone is to use it as a torch at night.

      • Miguel

        Camera makes a big difference for me. I don’t use my Nexus One cam as professional camera, but I do use it to shoot 90% of my photos. Why? Because it’s handy and accessible. It stores the location where the photo was taken, and it’s easy to share with anyone.

        So the next time your at a a party, get-together, BBQ at night, or anywhere where you didn’t expect to need a camera but it’s dark, have fun with your Flashless Samsung while someone with a 5 year old Blackberry will save the day haha.

  • raymond

    i hope they kept the front facing cam -_-

  • SnakeEyez

    so lemme get this straight, Tmobile took the GS and changed it up a little (if these pictures are to be believed). Instead of 2 touch sensitive and a physical home key, its now 4 touch sensitive buttons. They took the front facing camera and scrapped it (like the TP2). It seems to me that Tmobile “corrected” the wrong things. People loved the front facing camera and hated that there was not flash, yet they take off what we liked. Damn, if they was gonna mess with this phone, they could have atleast changed the way it looks (hate the chrome). Oh well, probably getting this anyway.

  • tony2979

    Interesting. Just chatted with T-Mobile asking if they still had the iPhone trade in program going. I was told that the promotion had ended, but there would be “new information on that promotion in two days”. Whatever this new phone is, maybe they are going to throw out some pretty good promotions to get people interested. I was going to sell my unlocked iphone on craigslist and upgrade to a mytouch slider, but I think I will wait a few days and see whats going on.

    • Air One

      I think its the Dell mini 5

      • FILA

        I would cream my panties if that was it

      • Zach F

        Sims have Emeralds above there heads. Project EmeralD?

    • TMO REP

      The Iphone trade in program goes through the end of july….soooo….you talked to a moron…lol

  • JG

    Could it be the new Apple iPab? Which, if it is….then we’ll be getting the iPhone!! Or maybe , something similar to the iPad…Dell?

    • Air One

      Dell mini 5 is thin, it has a 5″ screen and packs the muscle. Seriously,a ll the hype of an iphone needs to be thrown out of the window for now.

  • Reece


    Either the Galaxy S or the Dell Streak 5! :O

    I’d be satisfied if it was a device up there with those two. But if.. IF… IF it was the mythical “Project Emerald”/”Sidekick Twist” device that’s heavily rumored, I’d seriously would s**t my pants nonstop for a week.

    • NiiDiddy

      GOSH!!! Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Dell Streak with the 5.0 screen, AND the SGS at t-mobile at the same time?!? i’d be like a kid in the candy store…

  • Solid_Fox

    Maybe they will throw something out we didn’t see coming. When was the last time anyone heard about Project Emerald? ;)

  • My biggest obstacle with this Samsung is the lack of the friking Flash? Please Tmobile please let this phone have a flash and if you do you have me for another two years totaling 11. If you guys fail with the camera flash point. I’m jumping ship to At&t.

    • NiiDiddy

      sheesh…who cares about flash? well, bye…hope you are happy at at&t when you get a phone with FLASH on it!! stupid to jump ship because you cannot get FLASH on an upcoming phone…brat lol!!!!

      • bill

        I think you’re confused as to what kind of flash he’s referring too. There’s no flash on the camera. You know….the thing everyone bitched about on the iPhone for 3 generations.

    • Anthony


      The fact is that I use my phone as a camera quite often. Sorry, but I’m a guy and I don’t carry a digital camera around with me in my purse like some of you guys must do. Am I suppose to forgo using that function of my phone in poor light or at night?

      What a joke.

  • Really, T-Mobile? Really?? Because I can’t already buy a device ANYwhere that allows me to read digital books?

    I mean, I like T-Mobile as a service provider and all — their coverage suits my needs, the price is right, and my experience with customer service has always been excellent.

    But I can’t shake the feeling this guessing game is just leading up to yet another announcement that will amount to a collective shrug.

    They don’t NEED the iPhone, Galaxy S, or any other over-hyped “superphone”, T-Mobile just needs to carry a phone that isn’t… embarrassing.

  • Scaulen

    If it is the Galaxy S it looks loaded and then some.


  • heywhoa

    It’s obviously pointing to the Kindle software that comes pre-loaded on the Galaxy S

  • Barry

    @David IMO I feel the galaxy is not “project emerald” since the first clue had nothing to do with the Sims emerald logo which everyone thought cause it was green blah blah blah…so do you feel confidant in saying the vibrant is not project emerald?

  • trees247

    I still say Nexus One in stores

    • trees247

      Its too early for the Galaxy S

  • Dale Murphy

    you also have to think about cost. in a lot of ways the specs are better than the nexus one minus led flash (which i could not care less about). you guys want a lot od add-ons and would complain about the cost. already, i can see this phone costing roughly $600 off contract. I would still purchase at this price but i foresee people balking at this price point which is a little more than the nexus one.

    • Robbie

      What makes it better is that we will be able to get the vibrant at stores, try it out before we buy and if we dont qualify for an upgrade we can just get it in payments.

    • Dale Murphy

      i can see this phone ‘already’ costing roughly $600 off contract.

      • keele8

        Wasn’t there an article way back when the Galaxy S was first being talked about that said there was an estimated price of $1000 retail?

  • E double e

    Yo.. such a vivrant thing
    Vivrant thing, a vivrant thing
    Uh, yo, you such a vivrant thing
    Vivrant thing, a vivrant thing yo
    Uh, such a vivrant thing
    Vivrant thing a vivrant thing uh
    Vivrant thing a vivrant thing uh
    Vivrant thing ah out yo uh uh

    Close enough!!!!!

    • NiiDiddy

      lmao…i agree!

    • Longsh0t

      You’ve already predicted the theme song for first T-Mo commercial for SGS. LOL

  • raymond

    well if davidohio is right the htc twist is coming the 24th lmao

  • phonegeek

    t-mobile would drop the front facing camera wouldnt they… cmon now ALL the bells and whistles …. not just a couple bells an two whistles….smh still love tmo but cmon sidekick twist ftw

  • G-Money

    wouldn’t the htc twist have to have passed through the FCC if it’s coming that soon?

    • phonegeek

      what IF tmo decided (story beyond this point)

      TMO PRESIDENT: “hey i’ve decided we’re going to keep the sidekick twist under wraps”

      TMO YES MAN: ” ok boss got it,but what about letting them know it passed through the fcc?”

      TMO PRESIDENT: ” no no no COMPLETELY under wraps we’ll use the galaxy s hype to make them concentrate on that and if anyone leaks the picture ill make sure YOU DONT WORK IN THIS TOWN AGAIN…..now all in favor say yay?”

      TMO YESMEN: “YAY!!”

      TMO PRESIDENT: “good good, all not in favor of my genius reasoning and thought process”
      one smart yesman turned noman: “nay”

      TMO PRESIDENT: ” what? okay and why is this?”

      THE NO MAN: ” because sir what if tmo customers want to leave due to not hearing about phones they want, sure the galaxy will be good advertisement with our computer goers, but what about the faithful who wait for their sidekick with everything they ever wanted i mean just think about it!”

      TMO PRESIDENT: ……hmm i see……your fired….because im a genius …and your not”

      lol just saying

  • NiiDiddy

    Oh come on…it’s the Samsung Galaxy S!!

  • iFloss™

    This is actually pretty fun.

  • rushmore

    Nope, Tmo is going retro- Then new device is the G1 in a chrome case :)

  • Mr. T

    T-Mobile, whatever you pay your marketing department, I will do a job a million times better and all I request is that I get at least the 25,000 dollar salary I currently make now, which is probably a lot less than what you currently pay your overpriced monkies.

  • Mr. T

    Just realized I typed monkies…I don’t care

    • Jason

      the fact you called them monkeys earned you 30K

  • soon2TMO

    Yaa it is the samsung galaxyS..(Vibrant)
    They got rid of the front facing camera hence the altered design. I think they took the fromt cam off because video calling will cost a lot of bandwidth especially on 3G.. I’m not sure, but that’s what I think.. They didn’t really have to get rid of it since tmo has HSPA+.. I don’t know, that sucks though, I’n a lil disappointed .. Ughh

    I’ll see the milestone.. Then decide..

  • alex32

    it has been confirmed its the samsung galaxy S


  • JL

    Did you all notice the pictures from the phone? Instead of magenta I see a lot of green. Emerald. http://yfrog.com/f/75j0tp/

    • JL

      One more thing I don’t really care about the Sims game or amazon or avatar being on my phone. WTF

      • alex32

        yeah i noticed it, and for real what a waste of space. I really dont care about samsung in general. Looks like I’ll still be waiting for TMO to bring a high end HTC android device.

      • Bobomo

        It’s good in-store fodder. Like I never would have bought the HD2 for Transformers, but it made a really nice in-store demo. Every carrier is getting some version of this phone and T-Mobile is trying to distinguish their version with services and add-ins. Fine by me.

    • Dale Murphy

      interesting observation.

  • raymond

    wait i know they wldnt tke off the front facing cam thats like hindering the device ;\ that wld be a big mistake

    they really need to bring a htc twist if they are weakening the galaxy s

  • alex32

    yeah i noticed it, and for real what a waste of space. I really dont care about samsung in general. Looks like I’ll still be waiting for TMO to bring a high end HTC android device.

  • Bobomo

    Someone on twitter complained about not having a high-end Android available on T-Mo (specifically saying the Slide and Garminphone were not enough for him) and T-Mo responded with this:

    “I’m sure you will be happy once we announce the final clue :) JR”

  • phone geek

    i know what it is the new iphone 4…… it haves the ne ibook app

  • There is Fring that does not use as much bandwidth. I spoke with a rep at the shack and he said the HSPA + is plenty for the application of video conferencing. I for one hope it is a Nexus phone updated. Keep in mind that all the demo’s on the I/O Google conference used the nexus phone. I think the teases will continue until the first week of July. Just a hope for the new mystery device.

  • Robbie

    @Phromik We are working on launching new high end devices very soon. :) JR

    from a tmo “rep” or whatever on tmobile_usa twitter, notice it says “devices”

  • Mike

    Here’s a question. Why would T-Mobile come out tomorrow and anounce the SGS when Samsung already has a release event scedualed for the 29th? Look at the link here http://www.intomobile.com/2010/06/08/samsung-launching-galaxy-s-on-june-29th.html . It is possiable they wanna get the word out early but if Samsung hasn’t announced it, how can T-Mo announce it. My guess is it’s something totally different from the SGS. What it could be, I don’t know. My hope is that it’s a HTC Android device on par with the EVO, but I’m not getting my hopes up only to have them crushed yet again. That’s just my two cents.

  • Antwain

    Maybe its the announcement of the galaxy s/vibrant and they might have two retail versions one with front facing camera and flash while the other without but it’ll have a keyboard (galaxy pro/ vibrant pro).

    • keele8

      That’s what I have been saying all along. I think they are going to release two versions of the Galaxy S, one with keyboard one without.

  • Mike


    And TMo’s response to that tweet:


    That would appear to be a direct confirmation! But it’s Twitter, so who knows. I’m sure this is approaching World’s Worst Kept Secret status at this point.

  • Christopher

    check out cellphonesignal.com tmobile will be annoucing the Vibrant Galaxy S….IT COMES WITH THE SIMS, gogo flight, and amazon kindle app preloaded. i probably forgot some other details so check the site out

    • Bobomo

      LOL. That information was released on this blog yesterday. The only thing that site added was some pictures – which may or may not be photoshopped…

  • Hoff

    What if it’s the Desire with updated hardware to accommodate HSPA+? That would be THE Android device that would ultimately put Magenta back into the running. I’m just spit-balling here, but if it isn’t another high-end Android device, what’s the point? I know we’re all smartphone geeks here, and the average Joe isn’t the least bit concerned about it, but whoever is posting this info for us to follow on Twitter is bound to think it not only appeals to “us”, but to the general public as well. Otherwise, why even bother to mention it? Last weekend’s promo for family plans seemed to fit too nicely into Magenta’s scheme of things. If it is a better device than the MT3GS or Garminfone, wouldn’t it be safe to say that whatever potential Android device it may be, it starts TMO back on the right track to being the leader of the most Android devices in its lineup? Now if they could only get the higher end Android devices into their lineup it would be vastly more appealing to the general consumer and an additional selling point for TMO to use toward their customer base. Or not…………

    • keele8

      Hoff, I am not going against your post in anyway. There are a lot of people that keep talking about how the smartphone geeks are the only ones complaining about Tmobile phones and we are a small percetage. But, and I am not an iPhone fan at all, but the iPhone has become a mainstream phone. It was orginally looked at a phone for the tech geeks. But not just phone geeks, but vitually anyone uses and can use that phone. Yes, we tech savy geeks if you will, want the smartphone we think we deserve, but once Tmobile gets one it won’t just be the geeks that will get it. Just like the iPhone it will get great reviews and more and more people will buy it and pretty soon it will be mainstream. Or look at the droid for Verizon. I know people that have one of those that don’t even know how to use it. But it is the cool phone to have and they like enough about it to make it their phone. They don’t know how to take full advantage of everything it has to offer, but they like what little they know so it has become a mainstream phone for Verizon. I think most of us want a smartphone so that there will be more and more of them in the future so we can have more choices in what phones we get with Tmobile, just like Verizon (how many new smartphones are they getting in the next few months?) But right now our hands are tied with no superphones and even if we are a minority Tmobile still needs to get on the ball and get a half way descent phone to stay in the cell phone game. If they don’t, they will not only loose the geeks, but the more mainstream superphones become the more the general public will leave Tmobile too.

      • Jay Antwan

        :Slow Clap::

  • JL

    I GOT IT………………or at least i think I do
    I was looking at the HTC site and the HTC colors are GREEN. Some above just mentioned,”Why would T-mobile ANNOUNCE the Galaxy before Samsungs Official Launch” Great question WHY? Then I saw that they have a phone that is full of superpowers blah blah blah. I think this is going to be an HTC phone BUT WHAT KIND?

  • Beto

    Its the Amazon Kindle so yo can read books anywhere. Just Maybe. ha ha ha …….!

  • jmts80

    I like this little guessing game! Hope it is the SGS. One thing i dont like is the lack of flash for the camera. I understand it is not a big deal for some but I really like to have it. Deal breaker fro me =/

  • gb

    I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the “leaked” images from cellphonesignal.com for information on the Galaxy S.
    They are obviously photoshopped, and not that well.
    If you look at the back of the phone, towards the bottom, you can see the bubble that they left when they just removed the “Samsung” from the 360 degree view of the Galaxy S from Samsung’s website for the Galaxy.
    Until T-mobile or Samsung releases images of the phone, I’m not going to rely on the “leaked” images for information regarding if the phone does or does not have a flash or front-facing camera.

    • Stillwaiting


    • soon2TMO

      I hope you are right!!

      I want the front facing cam… Or at least add an LED flash!! Come on TMO!!


    • Stillwaiting

      If you look at images for the Samsung Behold on the samsung mobile website, you’ll notice how the same image could have very easily been use to create the mock-up of the design. You’ll also notice a number of samsung devices that have a camera with a flash and a front facing camera. So I’m holding out hope these will be on the device.

  • menchi

    well the samsung galaxy s has an e-book app with 3 free books so I bet it is the samsung. plus its supposed to be released this month

  • Rilesman

    What if it is the SGS and ALSO Samsung’s Tablet (trying to flame the fires of intrigue)

  • was the big button in the middle just a button? or was it a button/trackpad because if it was a trackpad i would be pissed that they removed it.

    • JustMike

      It was just a big ugly button – no trackpad.

  • taaars

    Well..no longer have to worry about updates…Galaxy has been rooted. This means Im staying with TMO…

    BTW…Galaxy S can play Video for 7.5 hours, confirmed.

    • Homer

      What’s the link for the site you found the root?

      • keele8

        Not sure if this is the one taaars saw it, but this is one.


      • Homer

        Yeah I was Reading that! But by the time the galaxy actually comes out there will be a much easier way to do it. I mean look at one week can do, now imagine a month! But seriously why can’t all jailbreaks or roots be as easy as the spirit jailbreak? Five seconds your done! Since they have root I will now buy this phone……It will be amazing!! Just seriously hope that tmobile doesn’t get rid of the front facing camera because the root could open up a whole new world for video chat. Bring on the star trek gadgets. Would be nice to be able to get in our works video conferencing on the go.

  • Reeze

    It’S the SAMSUNG GALAXY S ( Aka Vibrant) with and ebook app, sim 3, and mobi tv.

  • Jacob

    What ever happened to our choice of not to have Data service not up to T-Mo!!!

    • pjs

      you can always get the phone without data services (craigslist, ebay, or full retail price)

  • Brian

    meh, whatever. tmo will reveal whatever whenever they feel like it. besides, it cant be that revolutionary or exciting. Ive been a tmo customer long enough to expect small things from tmo

  • Alex

    I am still going with the N8. This way, I won’t get angry if TMO drops something not worthy of the intrigue and curiousity…

    • Nokia N900USER

      I feel your pain lol. I for one is waiting for the next nokia N9 with meego. Its slated to come out in november

  • Logan

    I asked them on Twitter where our high-end Android devices are and where the Sidekick Twist is, this is what they said: “We definitely are working on some awesome phones right now! No word on the Sidekick Twist, though. Sorry! ^AT”

  • Getreal

    Like I said before, other operators are rolling out far too many great new phones and things. Sprint has TV/video calling, Verizon has Skype, ATT has iPhone, and TMo has… I am sorry TMobile. I feel like you are the really nice girl that always hangs around and would be great to marry but is just lacking in certain areas.

    I think I may be gone real soon. Unfortunately, I love TMobile. I have been with them since 2003. I wish they would roll out some great phones. I would even be glad to pay more for the service. When I called the other day to see what it would take to cancel, they asked if I would like to talk to someone in their cancellation department to see if I could get a reduction in rate plan. I told them no. It would not be fair. TMobile does a great job providing great service. It is just that they lack in terms of offerings (phones, etc.).

    I have an iPhone on order for Thursday. It would be great if TMobile would release a great device tomorrow to challenge the Apple device, but I am afraid not. Like it or not, iPhone has video calling, skype, more apps than android, and a friendlier interface than other phones. It also works with Exchange. Apple is killing it and they are with only one provider. Android is beating them right now in terms of units sold, but it is because people hate ATT. If iPhone released their phone on all networks than it would be game over for so many. iPhone would kill Blackberry, Android, and Nokia.

    Like it or not, that is the deal and most likely come Thursday I will be standing in line to register my new phone…with AT&T.

    • Joe Buck

      same here. later tmobile

    • YourDaddy

      @getreal… The fact of the matter is apple does come out with innovative ideas, nice looking devices, & easy to use. But they really are following their own suit- they have way to much of a “here’s what you’re gonna get and you better like it”. They stick with one carrier so………..”this is the carrier you’re gonna get and you better like it.” Which iphone released this year would you like? (how many choices do you have?) and which android phone released this year would you like (many more choices!)

      apple = their choice
      android = your choice

      No further questions your honor.

      I hate itunes. But hey… you do have a snazzy looking iphone 4 can’t deny that.

      • getreal


        The real fact of the matter is that Apple only needs one device to crush android, BB, and Nokia. They may tell you what carrier to use and only produce one phone but they offer amazing support. Who you gonna call when your nexus one breaks? You will be emailing google. I don’t think people really give two craps whether android phones come in different flavors. The game is being played by android too. I don’t see the HTC EVO available on any other network than Sprint. What about the incredible? Like I said before Apple would crush android if they would release it on all carriers. Look at the app store. Skype isn’t on android or bb (unless you have verizon), but it is on iphone (even if you jailbreak it and use it on tmo). The app store for apple is larger than android and bb combined.

        I hope android keeps developing and competing because it will push apple to stay ahead of the game. However, right now Apple has the best phone out there and it is unfortunate it is with one network.

  • going_home

    I might have to consider buying a Nexus One off contract if it comes with Froyo.


  • Thanh

    Tmobile will anounce the Samsung Galaxy will be released on July XX… surprise.. ok next!!! *yawn* I was on about a 3 month waiting list for the G1 and was genuinely excited about the G1…. its sad Tmobile got us all excited w/ the G1 and then let HTC just whore out android to everyone else except Tmobile… I feel used in some way…. I almost switched to Verizon this past weekend but my gf was still on Tmobile contract for another 2 months so we decided to wait and switch together if we do decide on it. I refuse to go to Sprint or AT&T… their network sucks!

  • dvd03

    samsung galaxy confrimed tonight via district confrence call, training next week, july 6 release

    • dvd03

      lol jk, but it is the galaxy i wish it was july 6 release

      • Stillwaiting

        Well my heart stopped, restarting now.

      • YourDaddy

        I hate you dvd03.
        Just cruel. =)

  • mikey_

    any word on release date?

  • Stillwaiting

    Anyone else notice that the Samsung Galaxy site is now a blank page, or is it just me?


    • soon2TMO

      yaa it’s just you!.. LOL

      the site is fine..

  • mahogany1

    are you sure its not the iphone? there is some date associated with it that coincides sort of

  • king_pepsi

    man..just returned my EVO.. back onto the mt3g 1st gen.. all for the galaxy s.. sigh

  • al3x

    I think it could be the Iphone or samsung galaxy s because they both have a virtual book store

  • soon2TMO

    i just read from some poster at another blog that tmobile didn’t have the cash to carry the iphone.. so it’s going to verizon.. ughh but what do we know, it was just some blogger .. LOL

    • watbetch

      That piece of trash was BEYOND garbage… it was a tar ball that’s floated all over the internet and landed on that craptastic ass website.

      Yeah, T-Mobile doesn’t have the “Money” for an iPhone. Do you know how much money it’s made AT&T? T-Mobile would be FOOOOLISH to pass it up. They could easily raise the money for an iPhone – IF it we’re true. The iPhone coming to T-Mobile would mean nothing but dollar signs for everyone involved.

  • DEE-XT

    can some one tell me from what we know of the SGS, will it be better then the nexus one? n any nexus one owners, how much do you love it? thnx

  • Perry

    What’s with this stupid game of clues? What are we 16yrs old? I don’t see the other “major” carriers playing this game. Come on Tmo, not all your customers are 16yr old girls who live on twitter and facebook.

    It’s already been leaked that this “big” surprise is the Samsung Galaxy S which tmo will call the samsung Vibrant. The model # is SGH-T959 This phone is slated to be available on July 21st.

    The Vibrant has been confirmed to ship with the following pre-installed: The Sims, Avatar the movie,Amazon Kindle and GoGo in flight internet support. all the stupid clues from the even more stupid game Tmo is playing with us.

    • MnDave


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  • z

    better than nothin but i ll just wait for the vision