• Brian

    now this clue throws me off..so im go out on left field and say its not a phone..but Google TV?? I know its crazy!

  • t-swaggr

    Sounds to me like the T-Mobile HTC HD2…

    • pimpstrong

      yea it does

  • Miguel

    Let me guess… The Sims will be preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy?

  • Naveed Cheraghi

    Wow, these clues are SOO vague. They could just be ranting of different “clues” that in fact are just features of the phone. This wouldn’t give us a chance at “guessing their BIG news.” It could mean ANY smart phone pretty much. COME ON T-MOBILE just cough it up! We don’t want this to be ANOTHER one of those hype build up stages and the result being a phone not on par, Lets see what you got!

  • Blair S

    Could T-Mobile be launching FloTV compatible device?

    • pimpstrong

      FloTV is garbage I hope not.

      • Blair

        Looks like I was close. MobiTV.

  • ran

    they have a new logo for their twitter account. like when they changed it for the first time to the sims logo. now it’s an orange colored “m” inside a cube looking design…. i don’t recognize it. anyone…? anyone….?

    • Black Kristos

      That is what I was trying to figure out, too. M-cube, M3, something close to that… Not a clue ;)

    • Ryan68


  • Geniuz

    Is it some sort of “T-mobile entertainment content” that’s like Vcast? … With games, videos, movies, music, tv shows.

  • Really?

    iPHONE!!!! (lol)

  • gruv2ths

    You know what pi$$es me off about this. It is that there are 1000’s of us with G1s that are about to go off contract. There is no phone anyone of us would be proud to carry available on Tmobile.
    And these hacks want to make riddles. Cut the shiz T-mobile, how about a little less ha-ha and a little more 1Ghz snap-dragon!!!

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Ummm, isn’t the HD2 using a 1ghz SnapDragon? Oh, wait. Yeah, it is.

      • redman12

        But it’s not an Android :(

    • davidohio

      you might like the mytouch slide. Seriously all the tech bloggers say it is really fast and that a 1ghz processor is not needed because the screen is not at least 4 inches. There is no lag at all or any buffering. Check it out at the store. Or you can wait till july 21st which is only a month from today and get the Galaxy S which has a 4.3 inch screen screen and the 1ghz processor.

      • Bobomo

        Galaxy S is a 4″ screen. Also, we still need an OFFICIAL announcement ;)

    • kevin

      your on the money…its like your reading my mind…G1 owner..lol

  • ckrucks

    Could be GS still. DLNA to phone.

  • ran

    it’s MobiTV!

    • Stillwaiting

      Yes, and if you take a look at the phone pictured on the site, it’s clearly a Samsung phone, and at the top, it looks like it could say T-mobile.

      • So basically its Hulu for mobile but requires its own subscription. And yes it shows a Samsung phone, but it says AT&T and looks like the AT&T Captivate, which is their version of the Galaxy S. This might be a preloaded app for the phone.

      • Mgoggles

        I agree… it looks like it says T-Mobile..not AT&T

  • The Logo on the Twitter Account is the “Mobi-TV” logo

  • Mr. T

    Because it’s T-Mobile, which despite their great service has a LAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE marketing/sales department, all these “clues” are going to lead up to a “SUPRISE” announcement of the Galaxy S…good one T-Mobile *rolls eyes*

  • RoscoeP

    Looking at the html source for the logo, it’s for MobiTV.

  • ran

    their new twitter logo is the logo for MobiTV. don’t know how that relates to The Sims though….

    • Black Kristos

      Hmm, don’t know about the SIMS, but an Android app for the World Cup 16?

  • Tim

    tmobile tv

  • John

    MobiTV is on the HD2, and it sucks. Bad. Some people have encountered the problem of being charged the $10/mo. subscription everytime the app is opened. And nothing is live, or full length. Clips of re-runs! Rejoice!

  • TranquilNight

    Could be Samsung Galaxy S with MobiTV and Sims 3?

    • joebloe


  • Homer

    Isn’t mobi already on the hd2?

  • stevie rio

    it’s the galaxy S

  • Coco

    The new logo matches the mobi tv… Logo http://www.mobitv.com/

  • Junno

    Judging by the icon on t-mobile’s twitter page, looks like maybe MobiTV is gonna be extended to other smartphones on Tmo’s lineup

  • Brian

    sorry but i hope its NOT the samsung galaxy S..its a great phone i just hate custom interfaces for android..its always laggy and slow to update..i like a plain android look..

  • Mark

    T-Mobile buying MobiTV?

  • mike a

    I still say its the galaxy preloaded with sims and mobitv. The second clue almost gives that away.

  • Rilesman

    Original thought for the 19th question….”Rilesman says:June 5, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    or could it be a Sling tie-in? For example….now T-Mobile gives you TV on your MyTouch phone….ok…now I am grasping:”

    Well, maybe it is making more sense now….instead of Sling, MobiTV? But would it be a just a service or hardware too?

    With the “no phone left behind comment” I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2.2 upgrade followed with a TV Subscription service for those in the HSPA+ markets.

  • well lets hope its not mobitv cause it sucks. even on wifi the streams look like poo.

  • wtfci

    It would be fitting for T-Mobile to launch a Mobi-TV device as the World Cup is ending.

    • Bobomo


  • phonegeek

    phone on the mobi tv site looks like a samsung from AT&t i mean it just does … hopefully tmo isnt jerkin our chains … looks like im going to have to tuck mine in…cuz project dark was a major let down …..major major let down to me atleast..all i want is a good superphone with all the stuff that is coming out now i hope tmo doesnt drop the ball..and this be a combo of apps sims 3 an mobi tv etc apps….

  • Dnied

    #1 – The clue asked what the best selling PC game and T-Mobile had in common. The answer to that clue isn’t The Sims, it’s what do The Sims & T-Mobile have in common? This could just even be Sim Cards, giving you a clue that it’s talking about a phone in general.

    #2 Slim and full of muscle? Right now the only thing they can boast is the HD2. And note. this doesn’t have to be about future phones, it could actually just be A GAME to have you guess their riddles about current T-Mobile related products and services.

    #3 MobiTV (http://www.mobitv.com/products/carriers/t-mobile/) again, HD2.

    • TranquilNight

      But they said, “big news.” So it has to be something new.

      P.S. why does my avatar look so evil :( lol does everyone have a unique icon because that is cool.

    • Leachpunk

      Oh… and you suppose that when they did clue #1 they picked The Sims 3 logo as their twitter picture for the hell of it?

    • JL

      @ Dnied: The Sims have an Emerald. T-Mobile talks about project Emerald. Emerald is the color green. Sim Cards I don’t thinks so because they already have Sim Cards. Unless the y are coming out with little green Sim cards. LOL

      #2 Slim and full of muscle still has me baffled. I can only suggest that this means its a phone. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE GALAXY S IS NOTHING NEW TO US. We already no they are getting it.

      #3 The HD2 is already available so whats new and big about that. Unless they are coming out with an Android version of the HD2 with little green Sim cards and live television on it.

      At this time we really don’t know what they are up to.

      • Cybersedan

        I wonder whether these clues are directed at “us”, tech geeks / blog readers… reason is that the “masses” out there don’t know about the Galaxy S, we do but think about the millions of potential buyers that have no clue.

        My point is maybe we should just keep in mind that could be it so we don’t build up unreasonable hype and get disappointed.

  • zapote21

    People… Its the Galaxy S with MobiTV… Geez…

    • Nokia N900USER

      You’re right. Its the SGS. Someone in one of the comments above entered mobitv link and I checked it out. And it clearly has a phone at the bottom of the page as an icon for applications. The phone has samsung written on it and it looks like there’s T-Mobile name at the top.

      • Jim

        hmm… I looked at the phone it looks like it says Alltel.

  • alanispocketsprinkles

    interesting… I have no clue. I wonder what the heck this is!!

    I definitely know it’s NOT the GALAXY S. Inside source confirmed for me. Also, the GALAXY S is definitely coming to Tmobile, for those still wondering. ALL IS VERIFIED FROM A RELIABLE INSIDE SOURCE :)

    • Leachpunk

      Awesome, is this the same reliable source that told you Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny are real?

      • alanispocketsprinkles

        lol. How is this so hard to believe? Its a legit source, and thats all I’m saying. You’ll see :)

      • Leachpunk


        Probably because you didn’t provide us with a source or an official statement, so we’re just supposed to take your word for it? This is the internet…

      • alanispocketsprinkles

        inside source is all I will and CAN say. Sorry. Everything will be released officially soon. Just thought I would jump the gun :) :p

    • Nathan

      I think it’s going to be the HTC Sidekick Twist. I was informed that a new Android-based Sidekick, built by HTC will be released within one to two months. This was several weeks ago. I was also told this was going to be a full-featured, powerful phone built to establish the Sidekick as the brand for the future. (Like Droid for Verizon) It sounds like a pretty strong match to me. The Galaxy S isn’t going to be anything for any one carrier to hang it’s hat on. Good phone, but not a carrier brand.

      • Bobomo

        Well a Sidekick phone would have to have a keyboard, and that would probably make it un-thin.

  • reddmann

    @Dnied I agree…I think they are talking about the HD2, but the thing that’s throwing me off is this “Big News” message….HD2 isn’t big news anymore….IDK, if that big news message wasn’t in there I would have said HD2…but who knows…LOL

  • vinny

    I would be very happy with the HTC Desire. Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson X10, There are a few others but maybe the Samsung Galaxy S PRO edition, the one that Sprint beat us to. Very nice phone but I would still rather have the HTC DESIRE or even the HTC NEXUS ONE, the two best Android phones in the world.
    Please T-Mobile, Im ready to cut my throat with all these freaken clues. I just dont want to jump carrier, tell us and keep us with T-Mobile, best network in the world. Soon to be the fastest.

  • yungjecal

    what if Project Emerald refers to making an Android version of the HD2….for example Sims 3 deals with full customizing of a person…(some)T-mobile Android phones are fully customizable especially the MyTouch line hmmm (MyTouch HD2), Slim and full of muscle refers to the HD2 (enough muscle to run Android)….MobiTv is already on the HD2 so it easily converges to be on Android most likely…these are just my theories

    • yungjecal

      and i forgot to add that the Android man is green (emerald)

    • Rilesman

      Now that isn’t nice…now I am thinking of the Touch Pro 2 with Android (yes I have seen a rooted one….but still missing some components)…time to wipe up my drool.

  • Adrienne

    I hope it’s something really good!

  • alex32

    they are just straight up playing games, i have a feeling that there are no BIG news.
    these twitter updates are just talking about their products..the HD2 has mobi tv (clue 3) and is slim and powerful (clue 2). (clue 1) with the sims could maybe be playing the game “the Sims” on the HD2 soon

    any way..i have a curve 8900.. i have a message when i put my media card saying ” a media card has been inserted that contains errors,to correct errors please use a disk error checking utility on a computer.” what do i need to do?

    • yungjecal

      you can already play the Sims 3 and Sims 3 World Edition can already be played on the HD2

      • alex32

        my bad didnt know that, more reasons it is the htc HD2

    • Mark

      All of this for an existing device? That would be soooooo T-Mobile!

  • raymond

    i believe t mobile is about to announce a samsung phone but its better then the galaxy s is what i hope -_-

    • Leachpunk

      Yeah, hopefully the Galaxy S Pro

  • JL

    The Sims have an Emerald. T-Mobile talks about project Emerald. Emerald is the color green. Sim Cards I don’t thinks so because they already have Sim Cards. Unless the y are coming out with little green Sim cards. LOL

    #2 Slim and full of muscle still has me baffled. I can only suggest that this means its a phone. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE GALAXY S IS NOTHING NEW TO US. We already no they are getting it.

    #3 The HD2 is already available so whats new and big about that. Unless they are coming out with an Android version of the HD2 with little green Sim cards and live television on it.

    At this time we really don’t know what they are up to.

    • Leachpunk

      Why is everyone so hell bent on that because we know what the Galaxy S is, that the rest of the world must know what the Galaxy S is. This is T-Mobile marketing we are talking about, not Extreme Phone Nerd Knowledge marketing.

      • Cybersedan

        @Leachpunk I agree with you 100%, people here forget that we are a fraction of users that track down this much info and know things like this in advance, I’d bet upwards of 90% of mobile phone users have NEVER heard of the Galaxy S.

      • JL

        I have to agree. unless tomorrow the come out of left field with something. This all has to do with the Galaxy S. But to me its no big news because AT&T and Sprint are getting it. And theirs may be even a little better. We can hope but JUST LIKE PROJECT DARK, I think we will be very disappointed.

  • Jonathan

    i’m guessing a new phone with some pre-installed apps. and introducing tmobile tv. idk?

  • Cory

    When will Tmo pull their heads out and come out with a phone we all want? I’m so tired of my G1 and all the issues I’ve had (I’m on my 4th and still having issues). Whatever this new phone is, it better impress or I’m out. See you later Tmo!

  • yungjecal

    what if t-mobile is changing their colors to green

    • Wilma Flintstone

      NOOOO!!!! I love Magenta!!! It’s my favorite color!!! Please NOOO!!!!

  • davidohio

    um. . . Mobile tv?

  • shawna

    If I could do a poll, I’d like to know how many people really want preloaded stuff on new devices. Did people find the Blockbuster, MobiTV, and Transformers a compelling reason to buy the HD2? Will people see Sims 3 and MobiTV a compelling reason to buy the Samsung Galaxy S?

  • Steven G

    Alright, so answer to riddle one was, “They both have SIMS.” The answer to riddle two was, “Clams.” The answer to riddle three is “MobiTV.” What does this all have in common? I think that T-Mo will release new Sims, but they will be in the form of clams and watch internet TV. Waiting patiently for clue 4.

    Also, you say it’s a stupid marketing technique, but they’ve got us all sitting here, every day, watching their twitter and discussing what it could be. Basically, they’re generating buzz about a new service or device or whatever. Even if it turns out to be a disappointment, you’ll tell your friends, “Yeah, T-Mobile did this stupid guessing game thing and it turned out to just be the (insert product).” And, viola, you just advertised for them. This has to be the CHEAPEST advertising campaign ever.

  • Luis

    Is a MOBILE-TV…

  • raymond

    leach they ad posting updates on twitter :| you have to be somewhat a tech person to be on the computer so its for people like us ;)

    • Leachpunk

      Um? Then that makes everyone who uses an iPhone a tech person…. heh, Anyhow just because you follow people on twitter or follow TMobile_USA on twitter, doesn’t make you anymore knowledgeable. The people from Jersey Shore have twitter, and I’d feign human life by calling them technical.

  • raymond

    anyways the specs for the samsung galaxy pro where leaked

    Can’t confirm these ourselves, but if Android Central’s sources are to be believed, these Samsung Galaxy S Pro specs are mighty impressive. Here’s what we’re looking at: a Sammy-borne 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, a Super AMOLED screen that may or may not be the same 4-inch, 800 x 480 window on the Galaxy S, a strong QWERTY slider with raised keys, front-facing VGA camera, 5 megapixel back camera with 720p video recording capabilities, WiMAX support, and Android 2.1 with some TouchWiz 3.0 customizations. As for qualms, the source does drop “plastic-y” a couple times in a none-too-flattering light. Still, for those who find a lack of physical keys a dealbreaker for the EVO 4G, this might end up being a proper alternate. We’ll have to wait and see — not too long, right Sammy?

  • Nokia N900USER

    I will throw a curve ball out there. I never even mentioned the nokia N8 (it has all the 3G bands you can think of). I am waiting on the N9 which is the next Maemo 6/Meego phone at which point my N900 will be put on sale.
    The only clue left now is month of the launch. If the launch is in July, It is going to be a Samsung phone aka Galaxy S. If the launch is in August, It is going to be a motorola phone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Project Emerald will have MobiTV on it.

    1. Sims and Tmo
    Obviously the Green Emerald (Meaning either Android or Project Emerald which runs Android)

    2. Slim Full of Muscle
    Proj. Emerald is rumored to have 4.3inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Processor (Not Necessarily Snapdragon), Android 2.1, 16GB onboard storage, Front Cam for Video Call, With Tmobile Preloaded Apps which include MobiTV as Tmonews stated in this article:

    3. The Obvious MobiTV icon
    MobiTV will be on the device. Great, a paid monthly subscription when I could just buy SlingBox and pay a one time fee and get better quality of the same product.

    Now come on Tmobile, Spill the Beans, it’s Project Emerald!!! We all know it, now what’s the release date and Price?

  • raymond

    it needs to be something to rival the evo/droid x -_- samsung galaxy s is not it -_-

    • soon2TMO

      are you sure… rumor has it that the droid duo might get snapdragons.. umm this processor is not better thn hummingbird. galaxy s’ graphics gpu still reigns at the top with its powerVR SGX540.

      except for the lack of LED flash on the galaxy S.. but whatever.

  • Digitalthug

    There are a few comments with ppl saying that just because we geeks know the Galaxy S is coming to Tmobile that the rest of America doesnt.

    But think about where these clues are coming from – Twitter. You have to willingly add a Twitter name, and you have to obviously know the name, to follow them. What avg person is gonna follow a fckin phone company? Exactly, NO ONE. Thus the only ppl who follow tech sites/phone companies are gonna be those WHO FOLLOW THE INDUSTRY.

    Conclusion, these tweets are being read only by ppl who already know the Galaxy S is coming to Tmo. So either the TMO ppl responsible for this child’s game are fckin morons, or its NOT the Galaxy S and will be a big surprise…

    • Tmob

      I completely agree with. tmobile needs to take a good look at verizons marketing strategy. Verizons “leaks” all their upcoming superphone and look how well they do. I really hope they announce something amazing our it will be an epic fail.

    • pimpstrong

      well said homie

    • wack mode

      dumbass all 3 of u

    • buzz


      Have you checked T-Mo’s twitter page? They have over 50,000 followers which is a whole lot more than the other mobile carriers.

      They’re doing a pretty damn good job of reaching out to their customers on Twitter. Not everybody following them is some phone geek.

      • soon2TMO


        an average tmobile customer would follow tmobile tweets to learn news about services, coverage, or just news in general about tmobile..

  • pimpstrong

    It’s the HD2 in White to “compete” with the EVO haha hahaha haa

    • iFloss™

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one bro. That’s it you have the best comment on the page xD

  • Has MobiTv always bee available on the HD2?

    • gangsta

      and it sorta sucks

  • Doctorpooepr

    bringing back pagers/beepers?

    • david


  • PdxDavid

    I think the reason the guessing game is not fun is because t-mobile has a terrible track record with “big” surprises. Even Charlie Brown eventually stopped falling for Luci’s football trick after awhile.

    • Jeff

      You a are right

    • ehudokai

      SO true! I’m not holding out hope. I’m holding out for my contract to end and I can get on a carrier that gives me good equipment…

  • pimpstrong

    Project Emerald—Powerful Thin Device(Smartphone)—Watch shows on the go…

    • Firehead

      Okay, seriously. Every other phone company in the US orders phones and gets them in line with seasonal selling and other releases. It seriously makes me lmao if TMO is so pathetic that they have to call getting a new smartphone device a secretive name like Project Emerald. IF it ends up being the Galaxy S I will have to take a few days off of work to stop laughing at how pathetic TMO looks. I mean come on! ATT already announced their version without any fanfare and TMO has to have a super secret project name….wowowow

      • pimpstrong

        that’s what’s wack. Sure we/I want TMO to carry the SGS but I do NOT want this fiasco to be the SGS. Like you said ATT just came out and announced it so TMO would just look dumb hyping it up like its theirs or some kind of kept secret phone. That would be like ATT playing the guessing game having us guess what phone they will start selling on June 24th LOL

  • trees247

    Its gonna be…A Huge Disappointment!

    • analog spirit

      Sadly, you’re probably right about that.

  • Nathan

    T-Mobile has been friendly with Windows Mobile devices too. It could be a Windows Phone 7 based device.

    • pimpstrong

      its too soon for that

    • david

      Ya they said it would be late fall before the W-7 phone would be out. Also if I remember right , they said that they would be sending pphones out to devlepers in late july.

    • just some dude

      Oh god no, please no more WM deices, EVER!

      • A_O

        i wouldn’t be so quick to judge, check out what Microsoft is doin with their windows mobile software, its a completely new OS.

        and im pretty sure the first phone released with that OS will be superior to any phone Tmobile has in their lineup right now.

    • z

      hell na they know better than that

  • Homer

    Have you seen the specs on those wp7 devices? There insane, but to be honest it will just be a big disappointment.

  • T

    Honestly, I could care less what it is running, and what it looks like, if it has a forward facing camera… im getting it! Video calling=huge win for people who travel!

    • Aaron

      I hear that! That’s the main reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on the N1.

  • DannOfThurs

    MobiTV is a Samsung-related item as well (http://www.fiercemobilecontent.com/story/samsung-mobitv-launch-new-mobile-tv-standard/2008-01-08)…

    To those who think the CPU’s or the device as a whole is underpowered, check the TMO forums for some great discussions on the Samsung CPU architecture (many started by my own stupid questions ;). It’ll bring some schooling to you :D

  • Comicaze

    knowing t-mobile and how well they know their costumers and give us what we want, my guess is project emerald, which will consist of a mytouch slide that is green in color : P

  • jshin

    Hope its something good,by the time I bought my last 3 phones I already knew what I was waiting/ following for my next, shadow -G1-TP2-HD2-? ? EQUALS NO FUN

  • wondercoolguy

    When you go to a site like this one where news is “leaked” out all the time. When TMO is trying to be sneaky with the general population all we have is to be let down. To the general population Samsung S will be a pleasant surprise to us will just another day in the TMO news office. My prediction they will announce the dell streak!!!! Samsung has their event next week TMO is going to announce the same thing, I doubt it.

    • Phil

      Dell Streak/Dell Mini 5….I believe will be sold through Dell, no? So no TMO subsidy on that bad boy? Just wondering…

  • They are announcing the HD3, the successor to the HD2, which feature 4 gigs additional storage. That’s why the HD2 was part of the giveaway this past Saturday. They needed to clear out the inventory.

  • JBC

    iPhone 4.

  • notananalyst

    I think the video hint is about Samsung Media Hub:

    • Scott

      I think you got it exactly right and if you watch the video and tie it in with the clues it has to be the Samsung Galaxy S. Why no flash for the camera though?

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    Well, since the HD2 already has MobiTV i’m hoping it’s an EVO-like phone with MobiTV.

  • ObsceneJesster

    If T-Mobile is isn’t doing these clues for us hardcore phone fans then who are they doing them for. I would say, while 90% of T-Mobile customers don’t know what the Galaxy S is, that 90% probably wouldn’t be fallowing T-Mobile on Twitter.

    By the way, T-Mobile will be announcing there new Android powered Side Kick this Thursday. They will be marketing it as a multimedia powerhouse. I don’t know that it’s super slim but what I do know is that it has plenty of muscle powering it’s 4.3in display.

    • LongTimeLurker

      you have a source there jesster?

    • Comicaze

      if thats true, that is MUCH more than “by the way” worthy! How do you know this?

    • MB

      Jesster….we are not releasing any new sidekicks this week…stop spreading lies.

    • alex32

      this thursday tmobile will also be announcing a 4.5 inch display with android 2.2, 2ghz snapdragon, with a slide out keyboard.

      yeah right…

      • That’s funny, but we will see an Android w/ uma coming in August

    • soon2TMO

      this game is for all tmobile tweeter follower in general.. most of them would not know about the galaxy S, but they do follow the tweets for other tmobile related news, it’s not always about a phone.. so this clues will be a complete riddle for average tmo tweet followers but at the same time they may be interested about it with clues being about SIMS (popular) and TV/entertainment..

      2 cents.

      • soon2TMO

        and they follow the tweet to ask questions about their phones , plans, coverage, upgrades ,etc.. so why should we assume that those who follow tmo tweet are all about itching to learn news about upcoming deveices per se? there is more to the tweets than just upcoming devices.. IMO

    • beastly

      That would be awesome if it were true. But how would they have kept it secret for so long?

      Whoah… I’m starting to get some Sidekick nostalgia…

  • JR

    The problem with guessing games is that it is usually always a failure because it’s never as good as you hope. That makes for some PO’ed people in the end. If it’s not spectacular, which based on TMOs track record, it isn’t, then stop with the games. We all know the Galaxy S is coming so just say it. This is kind of infantile. Not to mention that while I love Tmo, what they “think” is something good is usually a major disappointment to people like us.

  • Sam96

    I believe the first email from t-mobile regarding the guessing game was addressed to Analysts. So with that in mind I would tend to think that t-mobile should know that anyone on tech blog knows about Samsung Galaxy S, Pro etc. Other carriers made it public. So there is no surprise their. T-mobile will me pretty stupid if all of this is about samsung galaxy S (which I don’t think they are). So it is definately something else. Something that is similar to SIMS (probably project emarald). slim and yet full of muscle (probably a phone ) and is going to have mobitv available.

  • JBC

    If the answer isnt something thats already been leaked, there’s going to be ALOT of unhappy people.

    • JBC

      Oops meant IS something that’s already been leaked…

      • Bobomo

        I don’t know… just getting actual confirmation on any of those leaked devices will be a relief.

    • pimpstrong

      your right. who wants to be told something that they already know?

  • E double e

    Hmmmmm. ……slim and powerful…..samsung……mobitv……samsung and tmobile affliated……the sims 3 and the green emerald 2gb flash drive……tmobiles project emerald…..Hmmmmmmmmmm????????

    • soon2TMO

      much likely.. plus the BIG samsung and tmobile announcement in july. so this should be a “project” for tmobile.

  • Randy

    its the Nokia N8 in 4 different colors… pre installed Sims 3 is on it. thank you have a nice day

    • vpuik

      you beat me to it. EA already demod full 3d Sims as one of the launch titles. MobileTV is also one of the features being promoted. even though the processor ‘lacks’ a little it has the best GPU out there. It makes me happy in the pants just thinking about it.

    • beastly

      That would be awesome. I’m not normally impressed by Symbian OS phones (20th century graphics-style interface) but the N8 looks *nice*.

  • Old G1er

    But then why are they giving us clues… the 90 percent of the people that are tmo fans don’t even know about the clues. who is going to add tmo on twitter? the tmo fans. they are giving us the tmo fans clues. now i am not sure what the device or service is so you maybe right but i think it is directed towards us.

    • soon2TMO

      maybe because tmobile is just playing this game for the heck of it.. tmo doesn’t care if this will be surprising to us or not.. but i think it’s fun though.. hehe
      we’re gonna find out sooner or later anyway.

  • G-Money

    HTC Vision.

  • Chris

    So with clue #1 and #3 having additional clues in the avatars, what can we make of clue #2?

  • Logan


  • Bill P

    Interesting article on the new SideKick. Could go along with the Tweets with SideKick being more on the entertaining/gaming side of android with mobitv and video gaming, geared towards the younger crowd.


    • Bobomo

      “It is also believed that the Twist will be a 4g device … ”

      This person doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      • beastly

        Hahaha. No kidding. Plus, can you imagine a 4″ screen on a sidekick-style device? Talk about a huge flippin’ phone!

  • JBC

    If it was an HTC version of the Sidekick, we’d definitely have heard about it by now. I’m just gonna say Galaxy S… and if it is then I’m not let down. If its not, then awesome.

  • Getreal

    They have 4 days until I pull the trigger with Apple and AT&T. Better let me know soon. I would love to stay with T-Mo but they are giving me no reason at this point in time.

  • Homer

    I think Randy is right unfortunately, the nokia n8 comes with tv, the sims and it is made from a skinny all aluminum shell making it slim but full of muscle. Need for speed shift, the sims and angry birds are the spotlight games.

    The Nokia N8 with on-demand Web TV. Access your favourite TV channels like CNN and National Geographic and get them piped to your phone from the comfort of your bus seat. Visit Ovi Store to find even more Web TV channels.  

    Operating Frequency
    WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
    Automatic switching between WCDMA & GSM bands

    • beastly

      Love the WCDMA bands! It’s about time we started getting phones with T-Mobile’s *and* AT&T’s 3G bands built into them. Are those actual specs for the N8?

  • John

    These clue games are stupid, just leak info like the big boys.

    Play like the big boys if you want to compete with them, don’t sit around building sand castles in the sand box while everyone watches and makes fun of you.

    oh and tmobile, listen to your comment threads of your customers, could help your advertising!

  • E double, very smart my friend, the 2gb processor andriod powered 4inch 720P samsung will be the fastest phone on the market, and you will enjoy your hsdpa+ highspeed internet on that phone, fyi the EVO is a really nice phone that doesnt have the 4G network Sprint claims to have, go in there store shut off the wifi and do a speed test .38mbps download on there 3g its pretty funny.

  • Jose Medina

    Its going to be galaxy s and the 4g network they been talking about or maybe they will get the nexus one

  • and the Galaxy S is also coming out, a part 5 really sick devices that are going to hit the market in the next couple of months, fops has said enough, enjoy

  • lala

    hmm ok so we know it has to do with mobitv we want to know if its on a device i think it has to do with project emarald thats my guess

  • deathsector

    if tmobile is not releasing a new htc monster into their line up , im goin to verizon to get the htc incredible , cuz isnt fair anymore , sprint with a the evo ,verizon with the incredible and tmobile with a samsung galaxy s i will not buy anyphone that doenst come from htc , so tmobile you betta hurry up cuz if not , you will be losing another customer..

  • 2FR35H

    Hey where are all those idiots that were saying it was a Micro SIM card now? haha

  • 2FR35H

    Mobitv costs $10 a month that is crap

  • bluberry

    Possibly an in-store N1?

  • Matt p

    Clue 1 agree it means project emerald
    Clue 2 slim and full of muscle could be Ltd
    Clue 3 mobitv

    Maybe an LTE device and initial system upgrade

  • BallHawk3

    It can’t be the Galaxy S. Like someone else said, AT&T announced the Aria with no fuss. If this is about the Galaxy S, that’s pathetic. What is the Galaxy S? For real. Unless your a tech geek, that would make sense, but this is TWITTER, for the masses.

    What does everyone know.

    Honestly, I think it’s the iPhone. Sorry to bring it up, as much as I don’t care for the iPhone, its the only thing that is worth this “hype” and “clues.” The Sim’s sold 6.3 Million copies (it’s also the best selling game in history). iPhone sold about 6.1 million (original one). The thin and powerful can be arguable. But the watch TV anywhere, that just so reminds me of the iPOD touch.

    If it’s about an app or program, hell no. Once again T-Mobile fails.

    I will say this now, it’s either some iPhone (or some Apple product) or a new RAZR. Think about it for a sec. If you want to go off the best selling game in history, look at the best selling phones in history. The top two were Nokia’s (really old school black and white beginning of age cell phones) and 3rd, is the more “modern” Motorola RAZR.

    That is my guess.

  • youngmantiburon

    its the iphone cause the galaxy s is going to att.

    • David

      Its not the iPhone and the Galaxy S doesn’t have to ONLY to go to ATT.

  • Alex

    Never thought it could be the N8, but I am sticking with the htc VISION. We shall see when this is finally over with.

  • Sounds like the Sims Clue refers to the EMERALD logo (Clue1) so I am guessing this is Project Emerald/Sidekick Twist that is super slim (Clue2)(WITH a keyboard??) and with Android 2.1 and MobiTV(Clue3) & HSPA+. I just hope the keyboard is a full 5-liner with enough Sidekick-like features to make us old ‘kickers happy.

  • Kurtis

    i know all of you are gonna reply back to this with “how do you know” and “stop spreading lies unless you can prove it” etc., etc…

    but i do have a friend who works for tmobile and after digging around found that project emerald is a phone that is releasing in october. it is the 3rd generation (and completely revamped) mytouch. the specs that were leaked (4.3″ screen. Android 2.1, 1Ghz processor) are all right on point. he did say there is no keyboard, it is full touchscreen. and i believe he said front-facing camera too.

    all of you can reply with whatever you wanna reply with. but honestly, he’s never steered my wrong with any information yet, so i’m gonna believe him on this one for now..

    • alex32

      my blackberry has been dying on me lately..my contract is up so i really hope this twitter news is of a really good phone (i hate samsung). if anything ill wait till december, so i hope this is true man. i just wish there would be any kind of leak for that like other carriers have

      • Kurtis

        yeah it would just help us all out if T-mobile would actually stop the games and just announce whatever it is they want to announce. i hate samsung too and hate what they do to android with their touchwiz interface. it’s awful!! the galaxy s may be a powerhouse android phone because of the specs, but it is still a piece of crap because of samsung. IMO!!!

    • SiXiam

      If that’s true then T-Mobile has a problem. If that’s all they got then there is no reason to stay with them and I should switch to Verizon when my (G1) contract is up in late October.

  • going_home

    The social media is so pathetically mindless and lame (Twitter Facebook Myspace etc).


    • soon2TMO

      hahahah i dont get it either! LOL

  • aksnoopy

    *sigh* just about any decent smartphone today can do these things to some extent.. this isn’t much of a clue!

  • Barry

    @Bill P I guarantee after reading the link you posted ppl will find something to bitch about and I’m sure it’ll be espresso ui.

  • socalfrank

    T-Mobile’s marketing is horrible. The Free phones for Father’s day was lame. What father wants a gift that keeps on costing…for 2 years?
    I grew bored of this stupid Twitter guessing game on clue #2.
    If there was a great cool phone coming out, BoyGenius or Engadget would have already uncovered it, so just like others have said…get ready for a Big disappointment.

    • 2FR35H

      Umm they DID uncover the Samsung Galaxy S

    • Frank

      They didn’t force anyone to buy them, so go bitch somewhere else

  • g

    why cant tmobile get a flagship device with their new network? They should start with the 10mbps motorola xt720 with hd 8mp camera. What father wants some fisher price android offering? REALLY?

  • soon2TMO

    i still think it’s the galaxy s… HD2 is not slim! LOL..
    the galaxy s is slim..

    it will have sims3 preloaded on it.. with avatar movie (16gb internal storage).. moviTV..

    that’s my bet..

    • 2FR35H

      I searched MoviTV and it costs $10 a month.

  • ziggy

    …obviously plenty since t-mobile posted record sales for its one day Father’s Day sale with over 100,000 new subscribers

  • HowdyDoody

    While T Mob plays a guessing game, lallygagging and pondering on the mortality or a fly, Verizon is DELIVERING a GREAT PHONE this week. NO GUESSING, every one knows.

    And T Mob will offer the Galaxy S, which every carrier will also have. Then why choose T Mob when Verizon offers the same and a better line up of phones. Cause their network is the fastest. Maybe if you live your life in a metropolitan area. But if you live in the outskirts (where most people do) rrr.. Verizon / Sprint is a better choice.

    Download speeds with T mob are great 4.4 steady on my G1, but surfing the NET, the Samsung Moment with Sprint is easier to use, even easier than the MyTouch Slide cause of the great screen (and Spring barely maintians 1Mbps download). The difference.. the phone.

    TMob, stop the lallygagging and get some one with some vision in your marketing department.

    • erik

      bahahaha… Most people DO NOT live in the country son… 85% of this country lives in urban development… no offense, I could add up every single person in the entire middle of this country and it would not come close to Boston, NYC, Miami, Houston, LA, San Diego etc etc etc…

      And Sprints coverage isn’t nearly that of T-mobile, Verizon has them both beat but doesn’t matter… you ever see the ATT commericals, we cover 97% of Americans, but they cover barely any of the map, gee golly, bet that means more people live in the city than in the country…. light bulb…

  • John

    The tmobile fathers day sale was a good idea to bring in customers but a screw job for existing customers. But hey i took advantage of Radio Shacks father day sale and got the slide for 100 bux. thats 100 less then what tmo was asking or offering.

    Anyway, ive seen people knocking the mytouch slide essentially from day 1.. And my response is well get over it. Stat wise it might not compete with the droids. But performance wise its close. The 600 processors doesn’t operate like one its better. I am happy to have the slide.. Now i am working on getting it rooted..

    • pimpstrong

      Get over deez n@#ts. The slide is the 16 year old sibling of a 21 year old.

  • Alex

    Nokia 8 or htc Vision. Tmobile would know that they would be the laughing stock for the next decade of this turns out to be the Samsung galaxy S or something less. I know I would die from laughter. The N8 might not be as powerful as a htc vision, but its still a great spec-wise phone. Another note, what lends more weight to this being an android phone, the name itself-project emerald, the same color as the droid robot.

  • G-Money

    Seems the SGS has been named for T-Mo…hopefully this is Project Emerald and it is NOT the SGS.


  • pimpstrong

    T-Mobile is getting Vcast

  • stickywicket

    via Twitter… “@TMobile_USA We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips. #TMobileClue”

    SGS (aka Vibrant?) has Amazon’s Kindle, soooo…

  • G-Money

    yup, def. the SGS

  • pimpstrong

    We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips.

  • Rilesman

    Shouldn’t the new Sidekick be called “MyTouch Sidekick” to keep with the mytouch branding? With a month out from launch it would it still be possible to get through FCC? There is also the Streak out there. I think this is a fun little tool to keep up communication within the community. Obviously T-Mobile has to have the rights to use the logos for SIMS and MobiTV….so they will be involved with this “next” promo.

    I wish I could trust Samsung with updates….my personal taste has settled on a 3.8 to 4 inch screen which Galaxy Vibrant fits the bill….4.3 is just to big for me until I jump to a tablet 7 inches or more. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be some super-lame tablet that sucks.

  • TheBrandon

    Seriously, the big Announcement is a phone that has already been announced for another large US carrier (although one that super sucks!). That is a colossal fail imo.