T-Mobile Posts Best Sales Day Ever!

Well folks, the results are finally in and it looks like this Father’s Day Sale promotion was a tremendous success for Magenta. We aren’t the only ones hearing this either. According to one of our tipsters, T-Mobile set a new sales record yesterday. T-Mobile’s Retail Channel added more than 110,000 total customers, of which almost 99,000 were postpaid customers. The Western region was the big winner with more customers added than any other Region (28,000). We gotta hand to to ya T-Mobile, great great job! We definitely definitely definitely would like to see another one of these promotions in the future.

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  • SublimeDavid

    Not surprising at all for me seeing how busy we were =)

  • Jabombardier

    I guess it shut up the nay sayers?

    • Logic

      Sure… so long as the naysayers are only interested in tmo’s new contract adds instead of phone selection and coverage

      • Jabombardier

        Partly yes and partly no. this proves its still not about the super phone but the service and value, otherwise this free for all wouldn’t work.Coverage may be small but of course but works very well and is strong.

      • Jabombardier

        And the naysayers are those who only care about snapdragons.

  • cheato

    My store alone activated 153 total acts. It was crazy buzy all day

  • SCOTTinPittsburgh

    I do consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I have no clue what a “postpaid customer” is and how that’s good for Tmo.

    Thanks :p

    • infamousbird

      A customer with good credit that pays after the minutes have been used its goods for T-Mobile because they are less likely to cancel services

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Congrats T-mo! Im glad people are finally gonna realize what they have been missing at Magenta.

  • kershon

    This should make Dan Hesse and co. quiver in their boots. lol Maybe do it again and include the SGS at substantial discount? I am on em+ and could not take advantage but that’s ok. Go Magenta!

  • Stillwaiting

    There was a hint on the Tmo usa twitter account that they might do something similiar in Aug for Moms. No details given though.

  • TonyJohns

    This will shut down and lock up all the naysayers. The ones complaining about how T-Mo will fail because there is no “superphones” to their liking. The proves that not everyone is looking for a superphone.

    • Bobomo

      What? The only thing this proves is that people like free stuff, and that point didn’t need proving.

      They didn’t get a thin dime from me yesterday – or more importantly, a 2-year agreement and data plan – because they still don’t have an Android superphone. So using your logic, that proves that T-Mobile is going out of business next week.

      • Tito

        Aha, you’re Hilarious! “They didn’t get dime from me yesterday!”
        Silly, Silly Bobomo. The world doesn’t revolve around you. I’m sure T-Mobile wasn’t thinking “Oh, this promotion, is to get “Bobomo” to sign” XD
        Aha! Get your head outta your ass! :D
        This is T-Mobile, T-Mobile’s here to stay, & this is T-Mobile doing buisness.
        They may not have gotten a dime from you, but they sure did from 110,000+ new customers, which btw will be given back in rebates, so it’s not like they were even aiming for money. They were aiming for sales, which in between lines: how many customers they could get under contract. :)

        Get stuck in traffic.

        TEAM T-MOBILE.

      • mel

        why are you on TMOnews if you are just here to bash the company?

        ahhh yes…..you have NOTHING else to do with your time…..logically speaking

      • Bobomo

        Hey Tito – Do you work for T-Mobile? If so, I don’t think your boss would like you dissing paying customers on the internet. If not, what the hell are you talking about? Why are you cheerleading a corporation? Are you that much of a tool that you think of your phone provider like a sports team? Do you really think they care about you that much? Your life must suck bad if you are that emotionally invested in a cell phone company. And since you missed the point the first time, I’ll repeat it: Giving away 100k phones doesn’t prove anything. If T-Mobile has such great phones, great coverage and great customer service, why did they have to make all the phone free to get these people to sign up?

        Mel – Where did I bash the company? By pointing out that they don’t have any Android superphone offerings in their stores? I didn’t know telling the truth was “bashing”, but OK.

      • RockTripod

        Well I for one will be losing a lot of sleep that my company didn’t get Bobomo as a customer.

    • zapote21

      Not everyone needs a superphone, but some do. There is a market for everything and right now TMO has ZERO superphones to choose from.

      • Bobomo

        And what’s sad is that the tech-savvy crowd that is being left out here can be some of the most loyal customers out there. This is evidenced by all the G1 users still limping their phones along in the hopes that T-Mo gets with the program.

      • Jabombardier

        Well I am a tech savvy person and I played with an evo mytouch slide and an incredible and they all performed similarly. So from my understanding, there is nothing really super about a superphone. 8mp on a camera vs. A 5mp has no difference, and the snapdragon didn’t really have any performance advantage over the 600 mhz processor. Only thing that differed is AMOLED and frquency bands. Nothing to write home about. So in the end I took a mytouch slide and stayed with T-mobile and enjoy a similar rate plan at a lower price. Further more, this ranking business has to do with coverage. If T-Mobile had the equal coverage of Verizon withe same comparitively low cost plans, then it would be #1. But because T-Mobile is NOT IN EVERY MARKET, it cannot rise above #4. Best thing they can do is compete well in the markets they exist in. And they still hole their own, while not having an android phone with a snapdragon.

      • Bobomo

        So you are tech-savvy but you aren’t aware that the EVO and the Incredible have over double the screen resolution as the Slide? And that maybe that’s why the Slide’s processor didn’t need to be a Snapdragon?

        Slide is a nice phone, but it’s not a superphone in the class with the other two. If you like it, cool, but don’t dismiss people who want something better.

      • RockTripod

        For God’s sake, July 21st. More than likely, T-Mo is getting the Galaxy S. There’s your superphone, stop the bitching.

  • raymond

    tonyjohns how does having a “superphone” relate to a promotion is this the land of oz :\ we are happy for t mobile but at the end of the day they still lack the phones they need to rival the other companies -_- did this put them in 3 place? 2nd? 1st?

    • TonyJohns


      Take a look at previous comments regarding this sale. The complainers (the ones who want a “super android phone” on T-Mobile), said this sale will be a complete flop because T-Mobile doesn’t have any phones that anyone is interested in. This pretty much proved them wrong. This has nothing to do with putting T-Mobile in a place.

      This shows that not everyone wants a EVO/Droid like devices as some people put it.

      • mikeeeee

        @tonyjohns, all i want is a UMA/ANDROID.

        right now there are a half a dozen blackberrrys and one nokia with UMA.

        i don’t think that’s asking for too much.

        i’ve had blackberrys and UMA phones.

        just want it mashed into one.

      • zapote21

        Not everyone does, but for those of who who want one, TMO has absolutely ZERO superphones to choose from… (Android).
        So if you are happy with the craooy mid range phones, Im happy for you, but some us DO want superphones…

    • Bobert

      Did that TMO guy really just compare the Slide with the same performance as the Evo and incredible?
      WOW that is some strong koolaide he is drinking!
      I winder how many new customers ATT will add with The new iphone?
      Probably well beyond TMO’s 100k.

  • raymond

    I did not plan on posting any negative comments towards t mobile because its a good day for them -_- but comments like this -_-

    but yeah hands down t mobile has the best service ;)

  • raymond

    i get what your saying tony -_- but i don’t think anybody who is with t mob really wants it to flop lmao just tired of not having a new phone after years and years of waiting -_-

  • pimpstrong

    funny thing is that the systems didnt crash like some other providers’ did.

    • going_home

      Excellent point sir !

      I am one of those waiting for TMO to release a real phone too.

      I am not going anywhere (not even considering leaving TMO) but I expect
      TMO to release a geeks dream phone by years end.

      We dont care about stupid custom social networking interfaces we want
      supreme raw power in our next phone TMO !


    • Bobert

      read the comments from the other thread because some people did sperience crashes


    how can they say most sales in one day,when it was free phones they were giving away? they aight plans but crappy android phones.they need a evo 4g because the mytouch 3gs is just a g1 with a couple upgrades. you tmobile fan boys know it and shut up.we want a snapdragon with android sold by tmobile .tmobile has 1 more month and im canceling and going to sprint.ive been with tmobile for goin on 8 years

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      Be real….most people don’t use all of the features and functions of their phones, they don’t want all of that technology.

      AT&T with 600,000 pre orders for iPhone 4, yes….I will call 3/4s of those upgrades from 2g users and 1/4 upgrades from 3g users. 3gs users will keep their iphones until next years, NEXT and Great big thing from apple. Evo with Wimax, be serious….it’s an android phone with a 8 megapixel camera, which feel exactly like the Hd2.

      real numbers are real numbers. T mobile, by far, and I know I will get flamed for this, has truly the best lineup of phones, when you compare smartphone availability from all carriers…think about it….

      • SheShe

        whether they use all the functions or not people want to spend money on the best, why spend $200 on a mid range phone when other carriers are selling highend phones for about the same price?? i dont want to buy a new phone thats already outdated the first day of its sales.

      • mad dog

        “They don’t want all that technology”, is one of the dummer things I’ve read. Just because you’re not smart enough to fully utilize all of the features on a smartphone don’t assume everyone else is like you.

      • Bobert

        I feel too sorry for you too flame you Timmy.

  • Homer

    There is some bickering back and forth over they will fail because of no superphone etc etc. Tmobile did it smart this way, they were losing 77,000 customers a quarter. They needed this to stay alive, most of the buyers out there are not like us. They are mom and dads with kids, that is what tmobile is geared towards. I myself am not happy because of there phone lineup, I have not left yet because my family plan is unmatched by any other carrier. I can bitch till my lips turn blue about there lineup, but they have good plans. Now what they need to do is find a way to make both new customers and existing customers happy. Now that they being smart with there sales, they need to step up there lineup. You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him be happy with the crappy water he’s drinking. Fix there lineup and tmobile will be unstoppable!!!

  • trblteeroy

    Wow cooman going to sprint good luck with that was with sprint before tmo you will be back

  • raymond

    yes omg homer u said it thats perfect tmob has nice plans if they add one superphone we will be unstoppable -_-

  • Bill

    1 day doesnt make the month much less the quarter much less the year. Tmo needs to figure out how to retain their customers even more than figuring how to gain new ones. How many tmo are going to be leaving for that iphone 4 on thursday? How much revenue you think was lost yesterday? How long will it take for them to recuperate that loss? Does the consumer get the short end because of this?

  • vinny

    Been a very long and loyal customer. I also am looking for a great Android device. T-Mobile sells these phones in the UK, why not in the USA? The customers who are looking for a great Android device are many. The forums are loaded with loyal customers who do NOT want to jump ship but if T-Mobile doesn’t pull the trigger and bring in a great Android device to keep the customers who are looking for this kind of phone happy they along with me will probably leave. Don’t understand their problem with bringing in a solid Android device. All these riddles and games on Twitter are driving me crazy, crazy enough to go back to Verizon and maybe grab the Droid X. Do NOT want to leave, come on T-Mobile make us happy.

  • Geeky


    • Reece

      My impatience will probably have me break towards a Galaxy S by July if available by then so if this is true I’ll probably rob a few stores for this

  • Lamar

    Going to try to stay wiht tmo by getting a N900 to hold me over till i make up my mind of a SGS or that HTC Twist. I really want to stay with Tmo, there current phones just arent for me. which is why i am going with the N900 till they get a good one.

    • ali

      Beware of the n900, excellent hardware but poor software. Maemo doesn’t have a large community and the number of dev are low. BTW, it doesn’t support MMS [ not a big deal for some people].

  • NiiDiddy

    i called t-mobile before hitting the store – took my an unlikely 30minutes for someone to come to the phone. then when i went to the store, while the rep was taking care of my account, he was on hold with t-mobile for another 45minutes before getting a live person. not only that; you should see the line at the store in our local mall here. ridiculously busy!! i was there was a little over an hour and i realized they sold more Garminfone’s at the store where i was than any other phone. it was between that and MT3G-Slide – that’s what I got, but I got it for my wife. I am waiting for Galaxy S or some other larger screened HTC Android phone.

    i could tell then while at the store that this was going to be a huge success for t-mobile. great job!!

  • reddmann

    Man, there were so many people in our store all day. so many people, I almost fainted. we did very well in activations(over 100).

  • Ioan Trayanov


    look what it says in the article, “110,000 total customers, of which almost 99,000 were postpaid customers” so that shows that they only got 11,000 new customers. Also you are saying people are bagging on this sale because T-Mobile doesn’t have an awesome android phone (which I would like to see arrive) The thing is people are bagging on it and posting comments on here is because those of us that visit this website are advanced in the fields of technology and know what we are talking about! We aren’t a simple family or a person who just want a phone to talk and take pics and text. That is why everyone HERE is bagging on the sale.

    • Smylax

      How do you get 11000 is all tmobile added? It says clear as day 110,000… And of those 99k were post paid, which are the customers who are the most profitable and will actually pay their bills. You say you’re tech savvy but you can’t even read…

      • HappyFD

        BUAHAHA, sorry couldn’t help myself, but that was funny. Anyways, some people also fail to see that the real money is made on the plan, not the phone price itself. Also, for those crying about a super-duper-fantastic-smartphone, why are you complaining? Aren’t you with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint? Because all I hear is “We who want a superphone will pay the money!”. So give your money to the other companies if that’s the case. I’m happy with my Slide and N1.

  • “We definitely definitely definitely would like to see another one of these promotions in the future.”

    Er. Why? I’ve used T-Mobile since they were VoiceStream. This promotion, while successful for the company, had absolutely no impact on me as a T-Mobile user. In fact, I feel rather left out in the cold; all those people got brand new phones free. What about us long-time customers?

    • no time for love


    • Smylax

      Apparently you need to pay attention… customer loyalty was giving eligible existing customers all phones for free yesterday took. keep up the QQing it makes me laugh

      • I don’t know what “QQ” means.

        The other sad thing about the promotion is that T-Mobile doesn’t actually have a handset I want to upgrade to, away from a jailbroken iPhone, even for free.

        I might’ve gone for a Nexus One. I have my eye on the Galaxy S.

      • john

        So you weren’t really left in the cold as too picky to walk inside and get warm

      • Smylax

        Well if the SGS is what you’re waiting for, looks like you’re in luck since rumor has it that a variation of it will be coming to each carrier. I just don’t understand the whole iphone love anyways. I have 3 friends with them, and I hate talking to them because there is so much background noise on them. They are awful phones. So yeah, keep your eyes peeled for the SGS and you know HTC will come with an Android superphone at some point this year anyways. Just look at the sales numbers on the HD2… HTC sees them and is now 100% sure it will sell, so they will bring one, I have no doubt.
        And “QQ” means cry.
        BTW, the SGS is catching my eye too. Only things I don’t like are no flash for the camera and I have lost faith in Samsung’s support after launch, like what is happening with the Behold 2….

  • Luis

    I am a returning customer since 2006 never had problem with T-mo. The people that are talking about T-mo don’t have any good smartphones think twice cuz we have Mytouch Slide an Android phone running 2.1 customized a.k.a Expresso and HD2 Win Mobile phone both by HTC. Plus I am in a unlimited family everything plan. Sprint only give up unlimited but T-mo give u landlind (house and company phones)that’s what I mean by everything unlimited family plan. So can u beat that plan and good smartphones like another phone Nexus One and Android with a 1Ghz snapdragon processor. That’s all I have to say…

  • Ioan Trayanov

    @Luis, I started reading your post then as I further progressed I got more and more confused and by the last sentences I had no idea what you were talking about. Let me tell you something though, I am pretty sure about only 5% of smartphone owners like using Windows Mobile. Thats the only reason why some people will not get the HD2. I got an AT&T Tilt from a friend, it has WinMo 6.5, I took it off right away and put Android. Its either Symbian or Android my friend,iOS and Blackberry OS are also good,.

  • raymond

    the hd2 is good but there r better options out there i get the hd2 if it wasnt on old winomo

  • YeaMon

    My store did about 900% of our regular saturday postpaid traffic

  • not4sakn

    Its funny to me these “long time” customers feel they should receive some type of special deal for their longevity with a particular carrier even when they haven’t fulfilled their current contracts.

    When’s the last time you went into your local walmart or grocery store and asked what they were going to do for you because you’ve shopped with them for ten years?

    • Logic

      If walmart’s offerings sucked, they’d need to pull gimicky promotions to retain their customers

    • She She

      lots of stores give loyal customers deals that regular customers do not get…

  • Nick

    Not4sakn I agree with you… Im about to go hit up mcdonalds and demand a free big mac cause I been going there since the happy meal came out!!! Anyway, I work for tmo call center and love the job security.

    • johnny

      Not4saken & Nick, I completeley agree with u guys. I actually posted a very similar comment before. Not4saken….did u steal that walmart comment from me…..haha. GO T-MOBILE!! Been with u since 1999. I’m here to stay for another 11 years.

    • Bobert


  • Hmmm

    110k adds… how many canceled and activated new service?… these numbers are so misleading

    • Malcolm

      great point!

      • HappyFD

        Not really a good point. Most were post-paid and who really wants to cancel and lose a number….

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile needs to bring in more Android devices in different levels
    The highest level: a combo of HD2 and nexus one (AMOLED 4.3″ screen, Froyo with tethering/mifi, UMA), 7-8mpx cam with xenox, 1.33GHz snapdragon CPU, 3.75G
    Mid-level: MyTouch Slide with UMA and Froyo, 5mpx cam with light, 3.75G
    Basic level: CLIQ XT, 3mpx with light, 3.5G

    • Brian

      could not agree with you more. diversity is a great thing for tmo

  • mr Sassafrass joe

    I would first of all love to know who these tipsters are because as a tmobile employee I am still uncertain. I dont trust this number until its official.

    • MB

      I agree. Also I would love to see the “net” number of activations since I know at my store we have 50 percent of our activations from smart phone Tmobile customers doing cancelations AND reactivations since it was cheaper then upgrading……lose your phone number who cares everyone uses speed dial anyways!

  • djdarkknight96

    Ok, all I have to say is…1.2 ghz android device…uma calling….8mp dual flash..froyo 2.2….tmo, tmo tmo tmo……SOON! I work closely with tmo….my boss told me to wait till the new flagship phone us released……so leave if you want to….sign a new contact, so I can laugh at you!

    • MB

      Sure you do……sure you do…

    • Brian

      that phone would be a dream device…but, i would not suspect anything like that soon. ill keep waiting here with my 8100 until something finally hits tmo

    • Bobert

      Sounds like a moto phone.
      Be good to see, hopefully SOON!

  • Acaciastrain

    Signed up a family of three yesterday. They got a HD2, Mytouch slide and Mytouch 3G with a internet plan on all 3, unlimited texts and 1500 minutes. Cost them $0 for 3 smartphones while their monthly bill is only $143 a month.

    You tell me another national carrier that can do that…

    You have no idea how many sprint/ATT numbers that were ported over yesterday. I’m sure 9/10 people would prefer a $79 unlimited erything plan with a MTSlide than a $140 2GB data plan… That’s the real cellphone market.

    • MB

      Don’t mislead…the 79 dollar pllan is no contract that can not be compared to another carriers contract plan when they offer a phone in the cost of the monthly service.

      3 line plan for $1500 min with unl text and data is $159.99 then $5 to add a line to make 3 lines, plus another 30 to add the web on the 3rd phone. So the total is 194.00 per month for a even more contract plan that would get the customers the free phones.

      • Acaciastrain

        Not making a comparison just a general statement. I’m sure would rather have a cheap non-contracted plan than an expensive contracted.

        And the family was actually on an even more plus plan. They had a 9 year tenure and had bargained with customer care if they would add a line and uswitch to a more expensive rate plan, they were on a grandfathered NW 1K plan, that they could get the phones on the promotion. Sure this is a rare case but I believe most companies would flat out say no. Also they had a discount program on their account.

        Even with those circumstances I doubt that youll find the same flexibility that CC offered them, a promotion like yesterday, and the general rate plans.

  • Hopefully next up will be T-Mobile posting the best phone ever!

  • Sheppydog

    I really can’t believe you bunch of whiners. If you don’t like tmo then go somewhere else. If you get the latest and greatest phone now it wii be good till christmas at best. No matter which carrier you are with. By the best service and deal with the equipment they offer till another device comes along you like then by that one. Jumping back and forth from carrier to carrier is the most foolish thing someone can do. It’s obvious to everyone if you do this kind of thing, it tells us the type of person you really are. Not loyal, can’t compromise no ability to keep your word or your marriage/relationship your job or your beliefs. I feel sorry for you being as shallow as this. There is always something better somewhere else. You will never be happy as you do not understand how to bring happiness. A plain case of whoa is me and everyone else has something better that i cannot have. Grow up get a life and realize how immature, self-centered and pathetic you sound. If you wish to complain do it on your own carriers blog so others can join in for the bashing with you, but then you wouldn’t have your captive audience that makes you feel important and justified (or sound more silly and childish because you can’t process your own happiness so lets make others fell like me). I only whis that all of the people that like tmo on this site would just ignore any and all negative comments form these people so they would be speaking to an audience that has no response or doesn’t even acknowledge them. Eventually they would go away. I have been in the industry for 18 years and have worked for every company ( the 4 major) and only 1 was customer friendly and has broken more ground for new technology then any other. OMG it is TMO. I love this company and all it stands for and the strives it makes seem to be utilized by many others, including handsets. If you do not like them, to bad. Get a life and have fun with the carrier you choose, if you really had the service and phone from another provider that had you excited and happy then you would not have the time to be here complaining so obviously you are not happy and never will be. Or your a moron. Once again, if you don’t want tmo thankyou drive thru.

    • Homer

      That’s the attitude chevrolet dealerships had, look how they are doing, if you are a t-mobile employee you should be a little more respectful for your customers needs. Not one person on here is complaining about the price of there plan. They are complaining that the company who took a shot at giving android the opportunity to take on apple is now in last place with the handsets. Would you rather have a person come in here and complain or go to your store or call your representatives and go off? That makes for a great work day!!!! I love blogs like this, i think this is a great place to talk about what you would like to see and find out what’s next for the carrier you have. If your foolish enough to say go ahead and leave as a employee from t-mobile you deserve to be fired. I really hope that you do not treat your customers that way in person or on the phone………..I have posted my rants on here, but its about the phone selection which is sad and about 65% of the people out there agree. A good company will listen and make improvements on areas they are lacking in, a falling company will come out with an outdated and underpowered product and throw a hail Mary when it doesn’t pan out. I am sorry but to be a powerhouse in the tech industry you have to keep up with the times and reinvent yourself or your products if you want to stay above the water. T-mobile is a lot like palm, you have the resources to do great things, but make a few wrong decisions and you go down and get bought out. Take it for what it’s worth but I don’t deserve free this or that or you owe me this or that, just improve your phone lineup and I will be happy……..

    • Logic


      Did you really just link “loyalty” to a friggin cellphone company with the ability to have a successful marriage? I don’t know what they’re putting in the koolaid at Tmo to make the employees so rabid and delusional but it’s gotta be pretty good!

    • Bobert

      Here’s your crown drama queen

    • Reece

      You know what, I was slowly laying off of my bitching @ T-Mobile since they -might- have something in the near future but screw it.. I was one of those whiners and was in line for a G1, even after the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid, I was still content.

      The Motorola Droid is now “old” yet is still ahead of anything T-Mobile have out STILL with the middle/end of July being when that’s supposed to change (at best case scenario). Being a loyal T-Mobile customer I have every damn right to cry & moan about this. Personally I don’t even need the “latest and the greatest” but something that is pretty much “up there” with the latest & greatest without looking dated and old. Yet you suggest to “go somewhere else”? What kind of lazy ass backwards thinking is that? You lost faith in the company who you work for, trust in, groupie rally for to make something that’ll make the tech savvy happy? Some of us isn’t even asking for much since asking for a nexus or desire that’ll play happy with current plans would be enough, yet “go someplace else” is the best you can do even though someone plans to be loyal?

      If there’s any employees that discourages T-Mobile customers to consider going to other carriers, it’s you and the few of your kind. Fortunately for you there’s customers like me who understands that there’ll be an occassional idiot like you who don’t speak for an entire company – so shut the entire f**k up while I pay my phone bill which keeps you from hitting the unemployment line.

      • Reece

        “If there’s any employees that discourages T-Mobile customers to consider going to other carriers, it’s you..”

        of course i meant to say “If there’s any employees that ENCOURAGES T-Mobile customers to consider going to other carriers, it’s you..” since he’s the Bizarro character that plays opposite doppelganger the usually nice customer service that T-Mobile is known for.

  • En2Mente

    T-mobile did pretty good even without a high end device imagine how many more would’ve tooken advantage if they did.

  • raymond

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes im trying to read thru this wall

    im not going to read all of that non sense i have had the same phone 5 years its time to upgrade things change, people change -_- a new phone is needed in tmobiles ranks

  • New Tmo Cust

    I took advantage of the offer and I am trying out tmobile for the 14 days. I picked up a my touch slide and a nurion for free. The promotion worked cause I am thinking of eating an etf with att to switch to tmo. For my needs, the my touch is perfect. I dont need an 8 mp camera when the lens is garbage. I have a SLR for that. Good job tmo and hopefully the service works for me.

    In all fairness, I do travel a lot and att does have more coverage. Let’s see.

    To all the store personnel, you guys were the most helpful and polite reps I have ever dealt with. ATT people just care about sell, sell, sell… Verizon thinks that their poop doesnt stink, and that they are gods, Sprint didnt even care or want to answer questions. Tmo reps at 2 stores answered all my questions, showed me the phones patiently. They even filled out the rebate form for me..


  • Wilma Flintstone

    great. now on to the next hint about project emerald please and thank you tmobile. :)

  • lamaravilla

    y u ppl always complaining about new phones dont u guys get it every time a new phone comes out the companies are workin on a better phone i think that the companies should sell the same phones every were so everybody coul be happy i own an hd2 to be honest i think is better than evo in all ways yeah its a windows phone but u get used to it with all the free games and apps u can download from the web so companies please just sell the same phones to all the companies if htc make the hd2 windows y the evo android if they are almost the same thing and for the ppl with the super phone what is it that u suckers want all of the smartphones are already superphones what else you guys what to work just by voice command come on ppl and if u dont like tmo just go to another company but please stop bitchin about itl

  • 7nixon7

    tremendous day all around…dont know of this was talked about in this topic…but we are all about the Big2…”get them and keep them”

    well we focused on the “get em” on saturday and blew the roof off the activation numbers…but maybe upper management should do a promotion for exisiting customers who want a new phone, possible focus on the “keep em”

  • Sheppydog

    The my touch slide is more phone then 90 percent of the people need. And it surfs faster then 2 of my friends EVO’s. They both have complained that they never should have gotten the evo’s after using a slide for 2 days.

  • 7nixon7

    i agree…the mytouch slide is a nice device, sucks that the EVO is on Sprint, which the supposed 4g network is not even up and running in the northeast….

    we all have our flagship phones
    at&t – iphone
    verizon – droid and incredible
    sprint – evo
    t mobile – hd2 mytouch slide…

    so what is wrong with t-mobile’s lineup?

    • TMOprophet

      the slide and the HD2..flagship phones, I wouldnt go that far, the slide is cool and all, and the HD2 was almost awesome, but IMO the HD2 is a fail, had it been packing android it probably would have killed, TMO could have been the first to bring a 4.3in droid to the customer and failed, windows 6.5 was a huge mistake, although not entirely TMO’s fault, partly HTC’s. And yes I realize the HD2 was a good selling phone, but I believe that it would have sold way more had it rolled out with android instead of Win-Mo. I know there is a market for winmo devices, but there is a bigger demand for android, so launching android first then a winmo device later would have been smarter,, business wise.

  • TMOprophet

    TMO made a smart decision to do this promo, probably to clear out some of the aging phone lineup, with new phones on the horizon, we will see some high end phones soon, however waiting till verzion and sprint have already launched high end androids may be a big mistake for TMO, to be the best one of things you have to do is consistently stay out in front byh bringing new innovative and attractive devices to the customer before your competition does. Sprint is def not the leader in the industry, but getting the EVO and launching it first was strategically one of the best things they have ever done. Verzion is arguably the leader in this game, they have brought an impressive lineup out very quickly, they dont piss around too much, I predict that the Droid X will be huge for them, although they should have held back the Incredible, to maximize hype for the Droid X. Anyway TMO is usually late to the party, so despite record sales yesterday and good sales when they finally get a high end phone, they may have screwed themselves by waiting too long, although I do think a solid superphone will give TMO some good momentum, and although a lot of people dont care about a superphone, this is an industry that is exploding and lots of people want the very best and latest in phone tech. Tmo needs to hurry up and get in on this action. They have killer plans and rates already, now with a solid attractive phone lineup they will be a major contendor.

  • Ricardo

    You know what sales like this make me realize. Individuals get no love. America has a thing against singles.(that was just a rant) I am on an EM+ plan. I eventually pay full price for my phone and save about 120 dollars a year, 240 in two years. That alone does not justify paying full price for a phone. I have not seen one promotion, and don’t expect one down the line for EM+ plans. I pay my bill on time and sometimes a month in advance. I’m feeling no love Magenta, no love.

    • TMOprophet

      dont they have pretty good unlimited plans for individuals, I thought they did, as far as promos for individuals, I agree, but I think they were trying to bring in total volume of people, so naturally plans with mutiple lines would be the way to go.

  • Phil

    Yes, we know currently TMO’s smartphones don’t quite match their competitors. But we also know TMO has much more wallet friendly plans than the competitors. If you want the latest and greatest smartphone running Android 8.8, a 3.0 ghz snapcracklepop processor, 32 gb on board memory, 5.7 inch amoled screen, etc., etc., you’re probably not going to find it at TMobile. But if you can deal with a decent smartphone (with maybe bigger and better things down the road) with user friendly-priced plans, and you’re in an area with good TMO coverage, then TMO should be an option worth considering. And for those that got a sweet free phone this weekend in the pro, good for you, and good for TMO for signing up a bunch of new customers…now, about my 2.2 Android upgrade fir my MTG…. :-)

    • TMOprophet

      LOL, that would be cool, but maybe a tad too big, I agree the plans and rates are the best, I dont mind waiting for a high end phone, just saying TMO could have made more money going a different route, and being first to deliver one. Although on the flipside they will kill unlimited data plans soon after they finally roll out some evo and droid competetors, its just the way it goes once the phone and network is capable of huge data consumption, AT&T, now Verzion, next Sprint (probably), then eventually TMO :( So in a way I could stand waiting a while for my superphone in favor of holding on to my unlimited data plan. I guess its a double edged sword.

    • She She

      all they have to do is give us one phone that stands up to the competition… just one and not wait so long.. is it really that hard??

  • Justathought

    Really loved reps trying to get people off flexpay, telling them lets rerun credit and get u off flexpay and then swap your numbers. The Bst one was no your not elegible for free phone but what you can do is add a line and get the free phone and cancel your line later and we can get your number back. Love bait and switch mobile worse than flyby night stands in the mall becasue no one every catches the company doing that. So I went to AT&T paid more but got what I wanted and in the end if I’m Stuck with a 3rd rate phone atleast its something I wanted and didn’t settle for “well we have something that’s bettr than the iPhone coming,” line.

    So More power to them for needing to give everything away and securing bottom of the US carrier heap.

  • croikee

    Some of the arguments and comments on here are pathetic. I am thinking specifically Bobomo. Those of you saying you are leaving because no Android superphone is offered, okay, leave. Bobomo, they didn’t get a dime from you…okay. Sorry? Should we feel bad for Tmobile? Fact is, long run, they gained 110,000 paying customers. They gave away free phones and CREATED 110,000 new lines OR new accounts. Long term, that far outweighs the cost of them subsidizing the expense for giving away those free phones. They don’t care about Bobomo not spending any money today, they are celebrating all the new accounts and lines.

    This is GOOD business. They have a comparable product/service at a cheaper price. That comes with the cost of not having the most up to date/top tier phones. Tmobile feels a cheaper rate is more valuable to most than having the best phones. Know what? They are right.

    How many people on here are complaining Tmobile does not have an Android superphone? A lot. The vast majority. This site is also visited by tech geeks and android geeks (myself included) and WE do NOT make up the target audience for Tmobile. We are not their focus. Their focus is on families and individuals needing a more cost-effective carrier.

    So for everyone complaining, just go to a different carrier that has different values. That simple. Tmobile will not change its marketing strategy to focus on the smallest of groups in its clientel, the android superphone tech geeks.

    If you want a company that caters to you, Verizon or Spring is always available. Enjoy. Me? I’ll enjoy okay phones at great prices and leftover spending money on things that get me out of the house, away from a computer screen.

    • Bobomo

      Not sure if you are aware, but there is this little button under every comment that says “Reply”. You click it when you want to reply to someone. Like me.

      As to your point… do you have a point? Do you speak for T-Mobile in any official capacity? Because I’m sure if I called T-Mobile and canceled, as you suggest I do, they would put me on the phone with someone in the loyalty department who would be very disappointed that I didn’t spend any money Saturday. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t say “Yeah, big whoop, go to Verizon ‘cuz we don’t care!”

      As for you “theory” that their cheaper plan prices make it impossible for them to bring quality phones, I happen to think that is bunk. Unless you have evidence, I don’t buy it. They already price their phones way high to make up for their lower cost plans. The MyTouch Slide would be $99 at any other carrier. Most customers are willing to accept that, and I’ll gladly play close to $275 for the kind of phone I desire, because my plan price is so fair. And furthermore, I don’t buy any of this “budget carrier” nonsense when they’re paying Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey and Jesse James (who I absolutely guarantee you are all using iPhones in their daily lives) to pimp mid-level handsets. That’s just painfully stupid marketing … save the money you spent on B-list celebrities who half your customer base doesn’t recognize and put it towards subsidizing a half-decent phone.

      And all of this comes back to the point of this sale. T-Mobile LOST 77k customers in the last reported quarter. They’ve come out with new mid-level phones and new plans and the only thing they could do to stem the tide is to give everything away for free. I fail to see how this is a cause for celebration. They didn’t get these 110k customers on their own merits. They didn’t do it by having better phones or cheaper plans. It wasn’t their award winning customer service or their business-ethics awards that brought all those people in. It was free stuff. Hell, I could put an old couch on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it, and it would be gone by morning. That doesn’t mean I’m a marketing genius, and it doesn’t mean I’ve accomplished something important.

      I think you’ve picked the wrong target for your ire; you should have read my comments more carefully. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have unrealistic expectations from the 4th place carrier. I don’t need Droid, Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2 (even the oldest of which is better than anything T-Mo offers) to all be available. I don’t need fancy 4G networks, and I don’t need the latest Apple iWhatever. I just need the choice of at least one (preferably two) phones at some subsidized price that can compete with any one of those offerings. I’ve yet to hear a compelling argument as to why that isn’t possible.

  • mikhail

    Well as a sales manager myself I like the traffic the fathers day promo brought, but who ever thought of this promo will prolly get demoted. There was so much fraud going on. Heard a lot of the customers talking about how much would it be to cancel in 30 days. I wanna see tmobile post the %age of those sales that will actually stick after a month
    Just a thought

    • Vinchenzo

      OK… what steps did you take to mitigate the amount of fraud that was going on or were you just patting yourself on the back for the number of gross adds you were doing on the 19th? If you see a problem, deal with it. If you see a problem and decide to bitch about it after it happens, don’t post your passive-aggressive BS on a blog. If you aren’t fixing the problem, you are propagating it. Remember that Mr. “Sales Manager”.

      • Brandon

        Amen, lol. We deny customers all the time who want more than 2 lines, and have no way to prove their SSN belongs to them

      • Mikhail

        no one bitching about anything, I’m just pointing out that a big percentage of the new activations that day was fraud, I turned down a lot of my customers that i suspected doing fraud since I pay for the phones if they cancel the lines next month. so i make sure to try to eliminate fraud. but those same fraud customers bought those phones elsewhere, and i’m happy t-mobile activated so many phones, brought a lot of traffic in. but i’m just wondering how many of those line will stick. mark my words.

      • RockTripod

        Wow man. Chill. He wasn’t passive-aggressive, you were a lot more aggro than him. Yes, it is a concern. Yes, he was right to voice it. And people think I get bent outta shape. Oh, and… you’re a dick.

      • Wagonis

        I have to agree with Mikhail, I myself know of 3 people who were going to get phones (and they all did, two of them got 2 each) simply so they can play with the phones, possibly see how much they can sell them for and see if it makes sense for them to simply break the contract early and make some $$$. How do you determine if a customer is being true when they come if for the phones? They have a valid SSN, they ask for 2 lines so they can get 2 phones and they seem legit. There’s no way of telling what their intentions are. I myself would also like to see how many of those 110,000 new customers actually stick before the 30 days are over. I like T-Mobile, but to me this was not the best sales day ever, this was the best give-away day ever.

    • rushmore

      Ditto. Not to mention these events tend to result in displacement and revenue you would have gained for hardware is lost (most would have bought within a few month, anyway).

      This event seems more one of desperation and a “check in to cash” mentality- short term gain for a long term loss.

  • TMOprophet

    I agree with some points you made, however TMO while not needing to change its strategic plans, could definately adapt and bring in even more money and buisness, a really good buisness is adaptive and listens to its customers, while tech geeks might not be the target audience, that doesnt mean that TMO shouldnt have a product for them. and seeing the explosion in demand for superphones one could argue that TMO should change their target audience, the demand for these high end androids has just been crazy, as well as the demand for latest and greatest from apple. TMO shouldnt ignore this, there is lots of buisness to be made, they just need to adapt to service it, they can still keep their core values.

  • TMOprophet

    Lets for example, Verzion, has the best android lineup, heavily advertises it, has the best 3g network. they are smart in their buisness dealings, if they would just change their rates and plans to match or beat TMO’s, Verzion could probably put some other carriers out of buisness. However I dont think Verzion will change the rates much, TMO and others can survive. I like TMO for its plans and rates and while I am stuck with a abandoned BH2, I do reasonably enjoy having an Android phone, now I do want a high end phone, but I can wait. I am not trying to trash TMO here, just saying when it comes to buisness potential Verzion is currently the leader of the pack, and I think with a good aggressive phone lineup and advertising effort that TMO could give Verzion a run for its money. The next year or two will be exciting and very interesting to see how the carriers respond to the changing demand of customers.

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      TMOprophet…I understand what you say, however, I do believe T mobile still has the overall best lineup of phone availability of all 3 carriers. They are doing some things to exapnd thier phone availability, however, of the footprint of phones, T mobile has ample phones to compete. We consistently use the now standard iPhone as the end all be all of phones, however, nokia and RIM have been pushing out very nice smartphones. T mobile has been missing the opportunities to offer great phones, on it’s network. Exclusives have been the eminent domain with phones these days (ATT is making money hand over foot with iPhone, Verizon with the Droid moniker, Sprint has some nice holdings, now with their Evo and TMO now with the hd2). I encourage TMO to keep the network open and allow me to bring any phone…

      • TMOprophet

        I see your point, I was more talking about android in paticular, but I agree that all around they have a decent lineup of phones representing different operating systems. I focus more on android, mainly cause I prefer it and because I firmly believe its popularity will continue to grow until it is par for par with apple. right now android is the 3rd when it comes to market share, while apple is in 2nd and blackberry in 1st. But in the last year android has just exploded and I predict along with many others that android will be tied with apple for 1st place and overtake blackberry in the marketshare. Apple fans are loyal and will likely stay put, so apple will always be a major force and I think android will match it as its biggest rival. While I am not a huge fan of the IPhone or Apple, I do recognize them for bringing innovative and high tech products out before the competition. Their IPhone 4 has I believe the highest screen resolution on a smartphone yet. So I give props to them. I can only hope that android manufacturers can start to compete more directly, instead of bringing out stuff after the fact. For example, I would like to see HTC or Moto, etc bring out a 720p or 1080 screen on a smartphone before apple is able to do it. Just some thoughts…

    • profitkiller

      Verizon’s network is actually slower than T-mobile from a 3g standpoint, and even when they switch to 4G once TMO goes HSPA + it will be even slower compared to the now.

      • rushmore

        As people are finding out with 4G on Sprint, the practical and functional difference for a phone is insignificant and pointless, due to the poor coverage area and battery rate that 4G uses. Not to mention both Sprint and Tmo will not even have their currently weak 3G coverage maps up to par with 4G for years. This means even when the 4G is finally prolific within both networks, it will stll be a fraction of Verizon.

        Consider that most consumers do not notice a difference from 3G to 4G and that Verizon will have LTE up and running at a far quicker pace and cover ALL of their network in two years. Seems the issue is more a Sprint vs Tmo battle and not Verizon.

        Seems the best option would have been for Sprint and Tmo to join ranks, but the tech they are using will not make this possible. I can see one of these carriers imploding in the next three years.

      • rushmore

        Also, what good is 3G comparisons if one has a small coverage area? Tmo makes a trong case if you live in an areas that has coverage and you mainly stay in that area when you travel.

    • rushmore

      You are correct. If Verizon changed their rate plans downward, their P&L would change too and investors do not like this. Not to mention LTE network upgrade is costing a lot of money.

      Verizon is more than happy to accept the current bleed rate of customers that are coming to them and staying. Still, if Verizon were to get desperate like Tmo and do similar “free” stunts or drop their rates (halfway to Tmo’s), Tmo would be a dead company walking.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You give Verizon too much credit. To imply that T-Mobile survives only as long as Verizon does not have an interest in putting it out of business, that’s a bit much.

      Yes, by customer count Verizon is the largest U. S. wireless company. But it did not get to that position because of making good decisions and being better than T-Mobile or others.

      Verizon is on top because it increased customer count through acquisition of competitors such as Alltel, for example, a move that added 14.7 million subscribers to Verizon’s customer count.

      Becoming the largest wireless company was not because of Verizon’s supposed business acumen, decision making prowess or otherwise making the right calls (pun intended).

      Let’s look at a monumental “bad call” (the iPhone), a fairly recent Verizon event and something that will go into the history books as one of the biggest blunders in wireless since its beginnings in the early 1990s. What happened?

      — Jobs approached Verizon to give it the exclusive on the iPhone. Verizon condescendingly said “no.” On that, Jobs then went to AT&T. (Sidenote: Jobs did not see Sprint surviving in the long term since it was posting billions in lost profits and he did not like Sprint’s reputation. T-Mobile simply had too small a customer base in the U. S.)

      — Was that really a bad decision by Verizon? Should shareholders be upset?

      — Well consider that after spending $150 million to market the Droid launch (a huge sum), after TEN WEEKS Verizon sold a little over 1 million units. Compare that to the AT&T (not Verizon) iPhone. In ONE WEEK AT&T sold 1.6 million 3GS iPhones.

      As far as sales numbers, IMHO that does not say any one carrier has better handsets. It’s a fact of business life that any carrier can advertise the sheet out of a device and generate sales numbers.

      Bottom line: Verizon is not the leader of anything nor an example to be followed.


    trblteeroy .. i was saying that we want a superphone like the evo or the galaxy s. for my hard eardned moeny i deserve to purchase what i want. i dont want to leave tmobile but dan there making it easy to leave with the lack of superphones or high level phones. these mid grade phones like mytouch and 3gs arent worth my money. i have the g1 and the phones i just mentioned are barely more superb.Some of tmobile customers hat lve high level phones would love a eveo type phone eith 8 meg cam,front facing cam,hdmi output,2.1 android,great battery life etc… come on tmobile hd2 was fail only because it was a winmo phone. no one whos been dealing with androind wants that phone point blank. for the people that love the mt3gs dont respond. im talking to the people that lso want an evo tye of device point blank.

    • TMOprophet

      very understandable, tmo needs a product for this audience, simple as that.

    • akil

      for one the evo is not a superphone, my girlfriend has it, its a great phone but nexus one still wins, Evo is huge cause of the screen size and 4g, other than that its on par with the nexus one, cause with froyo you also get mobile hotspot and we got Cyanogenmod which always gets you the win

    • john

      Yeah you want all these things but do really, I mean really, actually need or use these features???? majority of people don’t, cellphones are not for watching videos. camera, music yeah but videos NO! biggest reason battery life is abysmall

  • croikee

    Tmoprophet I agree with your points. Those that make the strategic planning at Tmobile must have felt the cost of pleasing a small minority of cell phone users who want a superphone was not worth the cost of paying for exclusive contracts with manufacturers with the latest and best.

    Yes they can adapt and change and will have to. Perhaps with the Galaxy S that change is starting. It won’t happen overnight. Honestly they would be dumb to abandon their whole business plan and try to battle Verizon. Tmobile has a great market cornered in those that want great plans at great rates.

    Fourth best, in the larger scheme of things, is still a great for a company that brings in close to 20 Billion a year.

    ATT brings in the Apple Geeks, without the iphone they’d probably be in fourth. Verizon and Sprint bring in the ‘other’ tech geeks’ and those that want the BEST product possible. Tmobile brings in the price-concious who value ‘functional’ and value over having the best.

    There is this sense of entitlement and elitism in culture today and its sick. You want the best? Go pay for it.

    • TMOprophet

      yes they will have to adapt… I hope soon, I like my service rates, but do want a better phone. The SGS will be cool for those who get it although Im not sure they will like it in the long run……I am very interested to see what the HTC sidekick emerald thing turns out to be. Like I said I can wait for a nice phone. And I will be perfectly happy if this rumored phone turns out to be what its been said to be. I dont have to have the best, I just have a certain set of specs in mind for myself about what I want in a phone, 4.3in and android with good internal storage are among some of these specs. But so far Tmo doesnt have a product as such yet. I will wait cause I am sure that they will eventually.

    • Bill

      Without the iPhone att was in first until Verizon bought out alltel.

  • Carlos

    man it was CRAZY! we already had a line when we got there @7.we started calling ticket numbers at 325 by the time i left we were at 573.we locked the doors at 8 but still had over 30 customers n the store.our goal was 53 acts but we did 161!

  • Brandon

    Here is the main problem you have when releasing a super phone….. Noob customers who want it. Prime example, HTC HD2. “Excuse me, but do you have the HTD 2D C phone?” …. If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t buy it. The return rate on “super phones” is VERY high. Not just the HD2, but the G1, the mytouch, all of them had high return rates because customers who shouldn’t buy the “latest and greatest” were buying it. Google was smart by keeping the Nexus One price high, and exclusive to their website, because doing this allowed only smart people and tech nerds to purchase the device, and tmobile thankfully didn’t support the troubleshooting either. If grandma or a 11 yr old kid could have bought the N1 at a store….. don’t even get me started.

    • Tom

      Had to reply to this one –

      The problem with your theory is that it is the sales reps (mine) to discuss with the customer what they actually want to do with the phone. I’ve had many, many customers come in asking for that new HTC phone (the HD2) and after talking with them about the advantages/disadvantages between a WinMo phone and Android, 99% of the time they go Android. They weren’t ready to get into WinMo. Consequentially my return rate on the HD2 was quite low even though I sold a crapload of them. Also lowered my deact percentage as well.

      Too many sales reps – in all companies – revert to “order taker” rather than sales person.

      • DANIEL

        Couldnt of said it better myself!

  • photoguy225

    just a random thought here but did any one else notice that the picture of the people in line at the top of this article is the same place just from a different angle as the one from the article posted earlier. sorry i know that was a super random thought

  • DH

    congrats Big Magenta! but could u plz release an android smartphone w an amazing set of spec’s ASAP?!? thank u!!!

  • croikee

    I think its great to want a super duper fastest out there android smartphone. But recognize Tmobile for what they are: the value option in the cell phone carrier market. You want elite? Pay for it. You want value? Tmobile is your place. Maybe we get lucky and get a smart phone, that would be great. You want the gaurentee of one? Other options exist.

  • TMOprophet

    off topic ? Has anyone heard of anyone porting android to the HD2, last I checked they were still working on it, but I went to the Shack today and a rep told me that one of the guys there already had android running on his HD2.

    • pimpstrong

      he was full of $#!&. They are working on it but there not even a hint of Android running on the HD2 yet.

    • RockTripod

      Last I checked, the team working on it predicts 6 months to a year before its viable. The EVO ROM might help considering how close the specs are, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      • BigDro

        I work at a Tmo Call Center and I have a rep that has the HTC HD2 with android. Ive seen it with my own eyes. Now the only thing keeping me from getting one, is the fact that for employees the HD2 is on backorder.

  • dvd03

    tmobile has a big fraud problem already, adding free smart phones is gonna increase there problem. sams club pretty much dropped them cause of all the fraud. i believe 75% of the activations came back deactivated. I really like tmobile and i want them to succeed cause i really enjoyed working for them, and ive always been taking care of as a customer, but they need to get a handle on all the fraud that goes on with there activations system. i know for a fact 110,000 wont stick they will be lucky if 40,000 stick.

  • soon2TMO

    congratz tmobile…!!

  • pimpstrong

    These are shot in the dark numbers right here but I say it cost TMO about $38M in possible phone sales that they gave away for free and it will take about 17mos with the 110K new subscribers to make that up. Like I said real rough estimate here and I’m basing it on $350/phone and $20/mo worth of service on average for both. give or take a few million but that still means that TMO wont see profit from this for well over a year to a year and a half. I have NO clue what their actual loss is (cost) of lets say an HD2. I would love to see a more acurate calculation of this.

    • I_Hate_Rebates_2

      I’m not a Mobile Phone marketing person and have no idea what a good number is for a new “line” acquisition cost would be. But based upon the $38M [which will be considered a marketing cost or “investement”] estimate here’s my rough breakdown…

      Marketing Cost based upon promo: $38M
      New Line adds [est]: 110K
      Marketing Cost per line [approx]: $345
      Months to recover Marketing Cost [approx]: 7 months @ $50/Line
      Months required for Promo: 24
      Estimated New Line revenue from promo: $132M/total – $5.5M/month

      Since I have no idea of TMo’s cost structure or what they believed was going to be their break even for this promo – I would imagine that it did meet expectations and will be considered one of their best promotions internally. Also, they got to flush a bunch of phones out of their inventory – just in time to get them refreshed with new phones this summer.

      • Knotts

        whoever the guy is who got me all signed up on saturday said yesterday(sunday) that the goal for the west coast was around 7k i think and he said they hit that at 11am so id guess if 7k was there goal they would breakeven or make a bit of cash onn the promo…also told me the same number as far as new custumors so either he reads this site too or he knew the estimate

    • RockTripod

      Well, if my no discount employee purchase is any indication of actual cost, then it is roughly $380 at full value. The full price in-store then doesn’t have a huge markup. So let’s run some simple math. Phone is free, so immediate hit of $380. Costs $26/month just to keep a subscriber on the network. minimum rate plan of $140/month. Only 6-7 months to make it back. I am sure I’m missing quite a few costs here, but again, its rough math. It gets ugly when someone just does an Add-A-Line. $5 plan revenue, $30 data revenue. That won’t become profitable within the contract terms.

  • pimpstrong

    I put my $$/month per line at $20 because some people just got a basic phone and paid the $5/mo for voice. Not everybody bought a smartphone with text and data and minutes which would come out to around $50/mo. TMO would recoup real fast if that was the case. But I do love the sound of dumping the stock and making way for new (Android)phones!

  • Another New TMO Customer

    I was already unhappy with AT&T due to their BS, so when I heard T-Mo were having the Father’s Day sale I was excited & was thinking about making the switch…Here comes Sat & I was still indecisive…That is until I called AT&T to ask about my ETF for both lines and they were quite high due to the fact that I was half way done with my contract. Come to find out, they renewed both contracts after I bought 2 phones at non-commitment pricing..I was pissed, I had to go through 4 cust. service rep for 2 hours just to get this taken care of.

    Once I did…I went right to the T-Mo store & I got the My-touch slide and I love it! I have reception in places I never had with AT&T, double minutes & the internet speed is faster…I’m really liking T-Mobile so far & I hope the don’t disappoint like AT&T did!

    • Tony

      Welcome to the T-Mo family! I’m a long-time customer, and just ordered a Slide this weekend as well. I’ll admit T-Mo’s recent phone line-up hasn’t had as many super-phones as I’d like (I want a 1Ghz Android phone with a keyboard!), but one thing you’ll never have to worry about is their customer service. They’ll always take good care of you, and they’re really big on long-time loyalty. Cheers!

  • beastly

    OK, hopefully a breakdown of different carriers’ smartphones will put an end to this ceaseless argument about how lousy the phone selection is at T-Mobile.

    When it comes to Android, T-Mobile has a wider selection than any other carrier. AT&T only has one Android phone right now, and it’s about on a par with T-Mobile’s Cliq. Verizon and Sprint still don’t have as many offerings as T-Mobile, but since it seems like processor speed is important to many of you, it’s worth noting that two of their phones have larger processor than anything T-Mobile has yet: the EVO, which has been out for a couple of weeks, and the Incredible, which has been out for a little over a month. Give T-Mobile another month or two, and no doubt you will see something on T-Mobile to compare (processor-wise) with either of these other phones. If a 1GHz processor + Android is that important to you, the Nexus One has been available for T-Mobile since January, and no other carrier has had one until about a month ago, when Verizon released the Incredible. I doubt you’ll have to wait much longer for T-Mobile to release one as well, and by the end of the year, I suspect we’ll have several. This impatience and phone envy is a little overblown, in my opinion.

    T-Mobile does not have the iPhone, and neither does anyone else, except AT&T. People who *need* an iPhone must either jailbreak it and deal with EDGE speeds, or switch to AT&T, at least until the exclusivity contract is up. It sucks, but there’s not a lot that anyone can do about it, as far as I know.

    T-Mobile only sells two BlackBerrys right now (compared to the seven sold by AT&T) but really, when it comes to BlackBerry, you only really need two models: a budget phone and a powerhouse. I don’t think anyone’s really interested in touchscreen BlackBerrys, considering the problems the Storm series had, but I’d at least like to see the new Pearl launch on T-Mobile, especially if it comes in a variety of colors.

    Verizon has been the only carrier to get the KINs (and I’m still not sure I care) but other than that, T-Mobile has the best Windows Mobile phone available (the HD2.) T-Mobile has the smallest selection of Windows Mobile phones for sale (three models, compared to Verizon’s nine) but do you really need a larger selection than the Dash 3G and the Touch Pro 2?

    It’s disappointing that T-Mobile is the only carrier not to get the Palm Pre or the Palm Pixi. WTF?

    The lineup of Symbian OS phones compares to AT&T’s, and no other US carrier has any at all.

    T-Mobile has the Sidekick. Probably not many people care anymore since the outage, but the LX 09 is still a pretty decent smartphone, in its way.

    Did I miss anything?

    • vinny

      Ya it’s obvious you must work for T-Mobile or do not like Android. You are wrong about what carriers have new powerfull Androids. AT&T has two very good Androids both better then anything TMO has now and getting another. Sprint has 3 and getting another, Verizon has 3 and getting a 4th. T-Mobile’s best Android is the slide, not my idea of a power Android phone. As far as the Nexus goes, Great phone with many T-Mobile related problems, I had one, sent it back.

      • tortionist

        THe slide is much better than the Backflip which only sports Android 1.6. How is an Android 1.6 phone better than the Slide which sports Android 2.1 with no issues or problems? I have no problems with my slide and it is awesome. The slide is still much better than the i-Phone, Backflip, and anything else ATT has. If Att has a 2nd Android phone, what is it? I’ve only heard of the one.

      • beastly

        Well, I’m a BlackBerry user, so yes, I was never really all that big on Android. Personally, I don’t think it’s much better than WinMo, as an operating system. Better app market, and love the open-source idea, but when it comes down to it, my phone is a communication device more than a toy, so I settled on BlackBerry, and have zero complaints.

        But I did do my research on Android, especially since everyone seemed to think that Android is the hot new OS. When I was shopping for a new phone, I actually tried to get sold on an Android device at the time, and even looked at the Droid on Verizon. (The Droid was the only other Android device available at the time, and I was too put off by the external hardware to go for it, even though the internal workings seemed fine.) AT&T has exactly one Android phone: the Backflip, and it’s the Cliq in a different shell. Sprint has three: Hero, Moment, and EVO. Verizon has five: Droid, Eris, Ally, Devour, and Incredible. T-Mobile has seven: G1, MT3G, Cliq, Behold2, XT, Garmin, and Slide. If the Slide or the Garmin had been available back in December, we probably would have snagged one or both of them, but I’m actually glad I went for the 9700; I haven’t missed a single business call or email, and had no significant glitches or complaints. RIM makes some solid stuff.

        And no, before you ask, I don’t work for RIM’s marketing department either.

    • rushmore

      You respectfully sound like a Tmo marketing person trying to spin. Tmo has a bunch of Android device with THREE year old technology.

      Galaxy S (If Tmo really gets it) will make things better. How in your right mind could you spin that Tmo has the best options? Perhaps for mid to low end customers, but not where the real margins are made.

      BTW, I agree about KIN phones. MS must have gave VZW some bucks to try and push those things. Bleh.

      • beastly

        I never said anything about the best options. Just trying to point out that what everyone is complaining about is one specific set of specs. It’s not about who has more Android phones, and it’s not even about who has a superphone. It’s basically envy over the Incredible and the EVO. If you need a 1GHz Android phone, either get the Nexus One, or wait for the Galaxy. If you need a discounted superphone right now, get over the Android fetish, and grab the HD2. T-Mobile’s phone lineup stacks up pretty well against all the others, depending on what you’re looking for.

        And no, I’m not working for T-Mobile’s marketing. But I did do my research when I got my family’s phones these past few months, and after the interminable complaints on this board, I decided to do a little more research on the newer phones on other carriers. Came up with a list of the different phones available on the different carriers (based on what’s for sale right now) and realized that every company’s lineup has holes. Verizon’s is probably the most impressive, but still weak in some areas. (No powerful standard-form BlackBerry; no high-powered Windows Mobile; no real quirky alternative smartphone offerings.) My big complaints about T-Mobile’s lineup would be no WebOS phones, no iPhone, no BlackBerry Pearl, and no high-powered Android phone (unless you count the Nexus One.) The WebOS hole was probably the biggest deal for my family. My wife wanted the Pixi bad, and what we saw of the Pre and the Pixi was very impressive. (Her sister and brother-in-law have the Pixi and the Pre, and she got bad phone envy when she played with them.) She’s sucking it up right now, but she’s probably the least happy with T-Mobile out of any of us.

        (Anyone who has not had a chance to see WebOS in action, check it out sometime; beautifully minimalist, high-functioning, with a very short learning curve.)

  • JP

    Its too bad most of these new sales will result in churn. What a waste of article space.

  • MDCO

    The T-Mobile owned store that is in my neighborhood didn’t promote it at all. There wasn’t even a sign!

  • NiiDiddy

    all i need is this phone: http://galaxys.samsungmobile.com/

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I see your point, actually I don’t, I just felt like saying that because it was alot of it here.

    Anyway, fact is, Tmobile needs to bring on that Project Emerald Device so it can please all of us tech heads.

  • timmyjoe42

    I find it interesting that they pull off this promo just as Q2 comes to an end. They get to boost their numbers right before the big report.

  • Steve

    Why does every topic turn into a discussion about phone selection and high-end smart phones? You people need to give your $hit a rest! Seriously…it doesn’t matter what the topic is…the comments always end up in the high-end smart phone debate.

    • rushmore

      Because based on analysts and customers, this subject is root-cause of Tmo’s current bleeding out of high margin customers. That and the weak 3G coverage map, but Tmo can at least reduce the rate of bleeding with better Android high-end options.

      Folks keep pushing how great the MTS is, but if it sold well, why has Tmo not touted sales figures? Answer: It has NOT sold well and Tmo’s own customers are getting wise to Tmo’s schtick.

  • Alvaromiami

    More android phone!!!!!!! Free phones are for cheap and poor people. MORE ANDROID PHONES!!!! COOL ANDROID PHONES!!!!!

    • Josh M.

      Free Phones are not for cheap and poor people. If that was the case then all the carriers cater to poor people according to wirefly, amazon, letstalk, bestbuy mobile, walmart, etc. Free Phones are to attract potential contract customers, and even those on non-contract for their money. Money is Money and all businesses will do what they must to get every last dime, wether is $50 or $500.
      I know I’m right, you don’t have to thank me :)

  • HappyFD

    There are several reasons why people don’t like T-mo, but here’s four reasons why I stay as a customer: 1. Excellent customer service 2. Great prices 3. MyTouch Slide (Not sure why people complain, but this is a SOLID android phone) 4. Good coverage in my area. Anyways, as for the fraud comments I was reading about, I’d like to ask everyone a question…. How many people out of 100 do you think walked into a T-Mobile store to do something shady for father’s day? Now take your guess and apply it to 100k customers… I sure hope it isn’t a bad percentage or else I’m just going to stay indoors.

    • Josh M.

      4 great reasons, and I cannot disagree with you. Except for the MTS because I never bought it. But either way, agreed. People don’t like T-Mo (or anything else thats tangible for that matter) because As americans we will complain about anything, even free things. I think its time for some conservatism.

  • Josh M.

    Here’s the big problem, if T-mo Responds to a small group of users in the market that they are strong in, then a superphone will be on the way. Once this happens, it will be just a matter of time when this small groups gets a few missed calls (which is normal, on any carrier). They will complain because its not the fastest 3g they expect. Then what happens? Either they jump ship, or revert to using another type of phone. This comes back and hurts T-Mo, who was only trying to please someone outside of their target range. Then it hurts customers because they will think twice about releasing a “superphone” again.
    Of course, im only describing a “what if” situation. Let’s wait and see what happens shall we?

  • RRRR

    Back to the post about fraud on these free phones. I do not foresee T-mobile loosing anything if someone decides they want to cancel and keep the phone. EX. If someone go 2 free hd2, they would have to pay $100 each(mail in rebate would not be sent if account is canceled) + 35 act fees + If decides to cancel after 30 days is $200 per line. Totals up to $670 in fees/ not including the monthly fee of Rate plan + internet. A bunch of phones had mail in rebate requirements that would evade T-mobile from loosing any money. So great work on this promo, 110,000 customers in one day!

  • Perry

    I’ve been a tmo customer for over 10 yrs now going back to the voicestream days and I don’t want to sound negative BUT….do you really consider 110,000 new customers a huge success? I sure don’t. Not for a nationwide promotion and not when you’re giving away $400 phones for FREE!! That breaks down to about 2000 customers per state. And of those new customers how many went for the high(?) end phones like the slide or MT3G? Maybe 25% or less? Naturally I expect the execs at tmo to spin this and say what a huge success it was but the reality is quite different.

    How many droids did Verizon sell its first day? How many Ipads were sold day one? And these were sold at a premium price. Sprint sold out of it’s Evo it’s first day too. None of these promotions gave away anything for free and yet they sold many more units than tmo did and we were giving away free stuff!!!

    A huge success? I think not.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Fair enough Perry, but you have to remember that this was a one-day promotion. And considering it was not a product launch that is a very respectable number.

      And T-Mobile locked in those people to two year contracts.

      Any carrier would love that result from a one day sale.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh, and you can’t compare this with product launches like the iPad and Droid. Come on.

      And you are aware that Verizon spent a record $150 million advertising the heck out of the Droid INITIAL launch. And despite that expenditure the Droid did not do all that well when it first came out (look it up, forecasters were predicting the Droid a failure based on its poor showing.)

      You should know the numbers before posting assumptions about comparisons.

      Verizon sold ONLY 250,000 Droids for the entire week of its launch. That’s only 35,000 in one day if you want to answer your question.

      And the iPad and iPhone? Good Lord, those are talked about for the entire year. You can’t compare those sales numbers with a promo for free phones.