Samsung Galaxy S, Possibly The T-Mobile Twitter Mystery Device?

As many of you have already guessed, it is our belief that this mysterious T-Mobile Twitter game will ultimately reveal the Samsung Galaxy S. Are we 100% positive? No. Are we positive enough to write this story? I think that answers itself.

So why do we think it’s the Galaxy S? Just like the HTC HD2 T-Mobile is using this device as a way to shore up content deals with partners in order to differentiate the device from other carriers. We believe the Galaxy S is slated for a July 21st launch, though of course that’s subject to change. However, we know that the 21st is indeed slated for a two device launch. We believe the Galaxy S will come with the Sims 3 game pre-loaded as per one of the Twitter clues. We’re also hearing that Avatar the movie will also come pre-loaded and the Galaxy S will go by the name Samsung “Vibrant.” With an HD camcorder onboard, Amazon Kindle, GoGo in flight Internet, a 5 mp camera, 1 GHz processor and only 10mm thick this just might be the “power” phone T-Mobile users have been longing for. Who knows, we could be wrong and maybe its totally another phone, but either way the Galaxy S is coming and it can’t get hear soon enough.

We’ve also gotten word for one of our super-ninjas that Wednesday will bring about yet another clue, however this clue is actually geared toward figuring out the name of the device.

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  • Bobomo

    Let me ask you something: Did the name “Vibrant” come from one of your sources or did you read that in this article:

    Just trying to see if it’s a new source…

    • J-Hop2o6

      i see why they would call it Vibrant.. the SAMOLED screen is very Vibrate! i wish the kept the original name like they did with the Touch Pro2.. but oh well.. if u guys don’t like the Home Screen UI and the App Laucher, DL (for free from the marketplace) and install Launcher Pro.. check it out on the SGS in action here:

      And there will be (atleast confirmed) 3rd party development for the Samsung Galaxy S (SGS)/Vibrant.. XDA started up an Android Samsung devices section.. the only phone in there is the SGS so far.. they already system dumped it, and they are figuring out other things so far.. check it out here:

      So this phone is shaping up to be a really great phone.. for those wondering about the missing Android search button.. u just long press the menu key..

      Hopefully Tmo will pick up the SGS Pro also.. same specs, but with a GREAT looking Keyboard (and adds the search button).

  • zapote21

    Possibly????? I think you are being too conservative Dave… ;-)

  • gruv2ths

    I just saw that Sprint is getting the Galaxy S Pro. So now were in second place for this phone too.

    • Smylax

      The only difference is a physical keyboard. With a screen this big, I wouldn’t want a keyboard anyways. Think before you speak!!

      • manus

        those pics look more like the moment 2 and dont even look like the galaxy s

  • Jsteuer

    Whatever it is…I just hope it’s a quality phone. I have a G1…and Ive had it since its came out. So far…no other phone release from Tmobile has really peaked by interest and now that I’m looking into upgrading…I really want something that is going to replace my G1 as a good quality phone.

    • Newmexican

      Same here, I got my G1 from the first shipments in Oct 2008 and have not been tempted since to replace it by any other TMO Android phone (neither by most of the Android phones with other carriers). The Galaxy S is the first time I consider moving on.

  • bjfam83

    Man! What ever happened to the sidekick twist?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      seriously, thats what I want. not the galaxy s.

      • phonegeek

        a double release who knows what thats gonna bring.. maybe even Twist things up a bit.. oooo i made a pun lol jk

    • Kent

      this is what im waiting for, not a phone every carrier is getting.

  • MnDave

    I just don’t trust Samsung to keep the OS updated. Will the phone ever officially see Gingerbread? Or will it suffer the same fate as the Behold II?

    • Robbie

      i think whether they update it or not will be up to the public, if they sell enough of the galaxy s in whatever variant they will be forced to update, like its been mentioned before they cannot afford another behold 2 fiasco, especially if they sell alot of this phone.

    • Dale Murphy

      i’ve wondered the same. let’s assume it gets froyo and all of us think it will. gingerbread, now that is the mega million dollar question. maybe i should just bite the bullet and get the unlocked nexus one.

    • 2FR35H

      FROYO isn’t eve officially out yet why are you complaining about something that isn’t even released for maybe another 6 or 7 months?

    • Davidohio

      I don’t see why they would not update it because there will be plenty of memory.

  • Tyler

    Would you consider this an upgrade from the nexus one? The shafty 3G is killing me as is the unresponsive screen at times. I am really thinking about going to VZW when Droid 2 comes out… but I’ve been with magenta since it was voicestream in my area..

    • Cybersedan

      I’m planning to upgrade from my N1 to this phone, I think it’s a viable candidate. Unlike some I don’t have any 3G problems with my N1, I’ve also noticed that a quick lock/unlock fixes the unresponsive screen.

      My biggest gripe with my N1 is the glare when outside, I’m outside all the time and it’s quite a pain to have to contort myself at funny angles so I can see the screen. If the Super AMOLED makes as much of a difference as they are claiming it is, I’ll pick one of these up without a second thought.

      • You def make a valid point with the N1 screen that’s one of the main issues I have as well with my N1 but with Tethering and mobile wifi hotspot that washes everything away…

      • Matlock

        just get an anti-glare screen protector, and glare issue is solved! I have one on mine, and no problems viewing screen in sunlight!!!

    • soon2TMO

      htc *ahem* *ahem*

      lol.. lol

  • Dan

    Samsung has released much of their source code for the i9000 (Galaxy S). Touchwiz 3.0 is much more subtle/less interfering with the standard Android UI (esp. compared to HTC Sense). They are building a brand around “Galaxy” (multiple phones/tablet running base sw/hw). It seems much more likely they treat this phone better than the Behold II.

  • bstr

    @MnDave Don’t worry about Samsung upgrades. This phone will be very popular with plenty of cutting edge ROMs available.

  • HOW Can All Of You People Be Happy Over A Crippled Device, Like This.?!?! Watch The Same Thing Happen To This As It Did To The BII (No Update’s Over 1.6). Like, Even The UI Is So Horrible, It’s Unbelievable People Are Excited Over This. This Is Not Project Emerald, So Can You All Stop Saying It Is.?! (Not On Here, All Over Twitter)

    • Cybersedan

      If you don’t like the UI on this phone, then it’s not for you, you are entitled to that opinion. But who are you to predict that this phone will have the same fate as the Behold 2, and why should we care what you think?

      Things can change, companies can change direction after making mistakes and turn around nicely… 18 month ago Motorola’s handset devision was almost dead because of their crappy / lack-luster devices, look where they are today.

      • Then I Guess It’s Not. Who Am I To Predict.?! Not A Psychic. That’s For Sure.
        I’m Not Asking You To Care. Simply Stating MY OPINIONS. Just Like IDGAF What You Think, Either.

    • Longsh0t


      How is this crippled? Because of TouchWiz? Simple fix is ADW Launcher.

      With the big push that Samsung is doing to get the Galaxy brand across carriers I would be very surprised if they DIDN’T keep the OS updated.

    • redman12

      reading your comment hurts my eyes!

    • 2FR35H


      Crippled? Its not crippled Touchwiz 3.0 ADDS to the functionality of the phone.

      Its faster than Nexus One holds more storage than the nexus one.

      Has a bigger and better screen than the nexus one.

      Takes 720p videos right out the box unlike nexus one.

      You haven’t even seen Touchwiz 3.0 so shut up and sit down. People who have it in europe seem to be quite happy with it.

      They say its better than their htc desire of which is basically a Nexus One.

      Just because you don’t want it to be project emerald doesn’t mean it isn’t.

      Galaxy S IS project emerald and you shall see in the coming days.

    • myg1

      whys it crippled? have u even used the device urself? and dont put this in the same level as the Behold II

    • tpavey

      Not sure why you would not like the new TouchWiz. The videos out look like basic android homescreens with an app launcher that is more like the iOS. The other way to look at it is that it is just like iOS with other screens for widgets. Seems like an awesome idea to me.

    • Matlock

      STFU you ingorant n00b!! The reason why the Behold II didnt get any updates is because it didnt sell! In my store the phone pretty much sat there, and we refused to sell it. The only time we sold them was when people came in and were dead set on getting it, other than that we completely ignored the phone when we were/are showing the Android phones to customers! If a product does not sell well, usually most support for that product goes away.

  • Dale Murphy

    project emerald could turn into another project dark fiasco. i am tired of hearing about emerald because it has been months since we’ve even heard even viable rumors. maybe i’ll just bury my head in the sand.

  • NeXus

    I have read that the Galaxy S has no Flash. how would you release a phone that can record video in HD without a flash? I don’t about the phone. I have a BH2 and I am not happy with what was done with that phone. I so want see a super phone on tmobile but we will see what happens.

  • phonegeek

    aii so sprint gets the samsung galaxy s and pro hopefully a double launch for us means samsung galaxy s and pro for us as well or ATLEAST another super phone with qwerty keyboard…hmmm give me a smile magenta i will love you forever as long as you make me smile……please .. if you read this……ill give you candy

    • Logan

      lol :-)

  • You Forgot To Include It’ll Have MobiTV Pre Installed, Too. That Was Clue #3

  • deathsector


    • Longsh0t


      A rooted G1? How 2008 of you.

      • Davidohio


    • 1st of all “Deathsector”?? *giggle* Samsung builds serious phones overseas and FINALLY, we are going to get a taste with the Galaxy S. If you want a more solid phone pony up and buy an N1! A rooted G1 barely has enough memory to run Sense. It may look good but you are missing out.

    • 2FR35H


      Wow Fanboy much?

      HTC makes crappy hardware btw. Samsung makes the BEST hardware out of them all on several occasions. The software is Samsungs only problem.

    • It won’t be any need to get the Desire because T-Mo from what a rep told me on Saturday during the Fathers Day Sale told me the Nexus One will finally be in stores within 2 months so take that for what it’s worth.

    • TranquilNight

      Enjoy your crappy 65k color screens. haha

  • Jose Medina

    Sorry to all who want this device. But it looks horrible it looks like every other touch screen phone made by samsung even the behold 2 looks better. Having no flash it kinda ruins the camera for video and photos in the night. I know alot of people are going to say thats why you have a camera for or who uses their camera in the night. I would rather pick up a nexus one over this in a instant. A brighter display means needs more battery power.

    • Robbie

      i don’t think you have read up on the SUPER amoled screen, its brighter but uses LESS power.

      • Jose Medina

        yeah I have read it uses less power I also read samsung giving updates for the behold has that happen yet not even to 2.0. words fly away and papers get thrown out at the end its all about if it can perform and execute and so far samsung has not done any.

      • Robbie

        you also gotta remember that the behold 2 was technically a POS, now if samsung is not letting thier phones to be hackable like HTC well thats a diffrent story

      • taaars

        source code is out, I think some people over at XDA may take a crack at this, hopefully CM will to.

        As far as flash goes..and led flash (which Iphone has) does almost nothing to help night pics…distance is about 4 feet. Don’t get me wrong..flash would have been nice, but in no way does make it a deal breaker.

      • quikzilver

        He probably doesn’t know that the phone has been out in Europe and has been review countless of times. Which everyone has raved about the screen and battery management.

  • Logan

    “Who knows, we could be wrong and maybe its totally another phone, but either way the Galaxy S is coming and it can’t get hear soon enough.”

    Shouldn’t it be here? :P

    • Logan

      rather than hear?

    • TranquilNight

      Nobody wants to here you complain. :D

  • ali

    Samsung doesn’t release all its stuff open source. It uses a special encryption for its partitions that it will not release. Thats why the modders basically gave up on all samsung phones (galaxy i7500 behold 2 etc) because they ran into a dead end. The reason there are tons of roms for nexus/mytouch/hd2 is that they are all HTC phones and they release everything to the public (via leaks or otherwise). Samsung makes great hardware, but support is a different story.

    As far as the secret device for launch, i’m betting its a new Motorola razr – the 10th iteration

    • J-Hop2o6

      hmm.. what do we have here.. XDA opening up it first Samsung Android phone section.. and LOOK! its the SGS/i9000 (the only phone in that section).. check here:

      • J-Hop2o6

        so it looks like there WILL be 3rd party development for the SGS.

      • ali

        That’s great start. But that doesn’t mean anything just yet. I would wait to see if anyone is able to customize roms first. BTW, they have 2 versions of the phone [ on gsm], one with european/global 3g bands[900/1900/2100] and one with north american only bands[voice and data]. That will makes things a bit more complicated.

      • J-Hop2o6

        well i know that.. but its a step closer.. did u look at some of the topics in the ROM section? and are u sure about the different version (other than radio)? cuhz i have a TP2 and all ROMS work.. the thing u have to watch for is if your device is GSM or CDMA.. thats the only difference in ROMS.

      • ali

        The dev section looks good so far. I hope they are able to get root on the global model so it would speed the modding up for the north american one whenever its released. The reason I know that we have a different model is because of this article which i was able to trace to fcc
        . Having the different radios screws everything up and makes the job twice as hard to port. Having only one model makes life easier for everyone.

        I do like the hardware on this beast, especially the hd vid.

        I’m not very family with the TP2 but thats an htc unit and htc releases all their stuff to the xda teams .

  • DREW

    If T-mobile wants to battle with AT&T they need to quit playing around and get the HTC DESIRE, now that phone has face and power…..

    • vinny

      IMO the HTC Desire is the best Android device made. No phone looks or can compare to that. The Desire is one step up on the Nexus One and that says everything. If the Desire came to T-Mobile the Geeks would line up for miles for that phone. I would be at the front of the line.

    • 2FR35H

      European HTC Desire users would to have a word with you both!

      This Galaxy S is more Powerful than both of those phones you are naming.

  • vinny

    Damn, I’m so freaken happy. I was just online looking at the verizon incredible. I almost pulled the trigger but I didn’t want to leave T-Mo. Am I nuts, No I’m just very loyal and like their customer service and I clicked back to this page and spotted the latest article by Dave, nothing I haven’t seen before but I’m waiting, I want a power phone and I want it on T-Mobile network. Come on T-Mobile bring it home. I can hardly wait to get my new phone.

  • Cybersedan

    I’m hoping these twitter hints are about something else that we know less about.

    Why – Well more options to choose from, we already know about the Galaxy S, I like the phone, but would also love to have a 4.3″ screen beast to choose from.

    • soon2TMO

      well if you werent on here all the time or looking at android blogs alot you wouldn’t know about this phone right?

      if you weren’t a smartphone enthusiast, what would you know about the galaxy s.. LOL

  • johnny C

    That’s the phone Noah from phonedog confirmed it on twitter

  • alex32

    well the clue for wednesday should hopefully give it out, i hope its an htc android device..but with the looks of it..i think it may be the samsung galaxy s

    • NeXus

      I concur alex32. I want them to build a phone that is stronger, faster, smarter… I want it to go nah nah nah nah nah when it runs… I want the bionic phone, or the million dollar phone… NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH….
      I am disappointed with sammy. I want to see something amazing for emerald.

      • alex32

        i want one of those verizon DROIDS lol, its be good if tmobile would get one of them

  • Antwain

    The only thing keeping me from using my upgrade is the fact that samsung makes it. I know people are saying that the galaxy s is what samsung wants to bee seen as their flagship phone but I just don’t trust them to get os updates in a timely manner. With the way phone manufacturers are cranking out hardware its a gamble to pay full price or sign a two year deal for a phone that maybe somewhat limited because of os issues. Throw in that fact that android 3.0 might be coming this year or certainly early next year do you honestly expect samsung to keep up with the timely updates with this phone spread across all the major carriers. I could a situation were the other three get the update well before tmobile. If both the galaxy s and nexus one were in stores I would have to go with the nexus one because I know the chances are it will get more updates in the future.

  • snugglebandit

    My G1 power button stopped working this morning and T-mobile has nothing I want now and unless the Sidekick twist is real and announced soon, I’m outta heah! T-Mobile has only themselves to blame. I like the company, I’ve been with them for 10 years (voicestream) but I cant wait any longer.

  • Jason

    I hope it’s not a Samsung phone. I’ve had non-android Samsung phones in the past and every single one of them ended up having to be replaced due to issues (mostly poor audio quality). There’s also the whole issue with the Behold II.

  • Stillwaiting

    So I’m guessing we’ll have perhaps two more clues, one related to Avatar and another related to Amazon kindle??? That will seal the deal and allow us to get back to wondering when the device will land on T-mobile and not “if.”

    Also means I will be happily sending back my MTS soon after it arrives.

  • DREW

    T-Mobile foreal hook a brother up and get the desire, now that phone is the iphone killer….

  • HavokTEK

    I used to knock having a keyboard, but know I have my slide and it rocks! I’ve been waitin’ and waitn’…..The HD2 was and is a disappointment, and I don’t trust Samsung as far as my laptop can hit the floor falling off of a TV tray!
    You know HTC is truly the only game in town for Tmo when it comes to handset creations. Anyone else besides Motorola is just practicing on the public. PLUS touch Wiz seriously sucks, I’m come on now really? A freakin’ cube????!!! What is this a 1989 interface???

    • 2FR35H


      You haven’t seen this version of touchwiz so how can you say it sucks? This is NOT the same touchwiz as BH2’s

  • Tito

    When you said “power” all T-Mobile users are longing for, I barred. SGS is no flagship phone. Super AMOLED means nothing to me as I don’t know the full advantages of it, in experience.
    Only “power” phone I’m waiting for is HTC Sidekick Twist.
    & I’d be very disappointed if this game of riddles, lead to SGS.
    I thought the clues were fun, but SGS, that’s no phone.
    Either SK Twist, or more and more iPhone 4 looks nice, back to blackberry:) and bye bye android.

    • TranquilNight

      And, why exactly don’t you like the SGS?
      Good battery: check
      Best indoor screen (on any DEVICE, not just phone): check
      Good visibility outdoors: check
      Most powerful phone besides Droid X/Droid 2: check
      Records video 720p in 30fps: check
      Best codec support: check
      Very light: check
      Second thinnest smartphone: check
      Custom UI that actually benefits the phone: check
      On all carriers, so Samsung HAS to support it: check

      The cons:
      Plasticky (really, as long as its light, and the screen takes up almost the whole device, it doesn’t really matter)
      No flash on camera and 5mp (Could have been better, but its a phone, not a camera. Plus the video recording quality is great)

  • Tito

    When you said “power” all T-Mobile users are longing for, I barfed. SGS is no flagship phone. Super AMOLED means nothing to me as I don’t know the full advantages of it, in experience.
    Only “power” phone I’m waiting for is HTC Sidekick Twist.
    & I’d be very disappointed if this game of riddles, lead to SGS.
    I thought the clues were fun, but SGS, that’s no phone.
    Either SK Twist, or more and more iPhone 4 looks nice, back to blackberry:) and bye bye android.

  • droiddoes

    im so tired of every one with oh Samsung didn’t upgrade my crappy phone did not the moment get updated face the facts the original galaxy… crap behold 2… crap Samsung has no choice but to support their best phone ever you all are just pissed u got suckered into buying a crappy phone as for me i’m getting the sgs and the unlocked dell streak hey i like it big i know thats what she said no pun intended but seriously all your complaining bout Samsung will look real funny we the sgs and the new galaxy line gets updated to froyo gingerbread and beyond except for the captive cause we all know at&t is going to totally screw that phone up

    • 2FR35H


      Finally someone here with some sense.

    • Jose Medina

      samsung has a history of not dealing with their high end phones including Samsung i8910 and it was a beast of a phone in early 09 until today. which it was their flagship phone with minimal support i rather put my money on htc,motorola or dell.

  • DREW

    All I have to say is DESIRE!DESIRE!DESIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on TMobile get the the phone of 2010 and let me finally keep a phone that has all I desire…..

    • taaars

      Desire is a nexus one with an optical trackball..thats it.

      • 2FR35H


        exactly what I said.

  • droiddoes

    sorry dude desire is coming on a regional carrier not national goggle it

  • DannOfThurs

    I’m going to give it a month or two & let the first round of bugs shimmy out. Maybe PRO comes out during that time….but yes, EXTREMELY HAPPY.

    Now that TMO is getting some real ammo, they need to push the awesome hspa+ network and CS. :)

  • Ned Flanders

    I hope this version of the Samsung Galaxy will have the front camera.

  • DREW

    Would it work if I bought unlocked

  • rol

    deathsector isint completely far fetched. im a tmo sales rep. every android phone on our line up is pretty crappy except the htc ones. the cliq xt turned out to be just OKAY.

  • ov1

    I to have a great history with HTC Phones and I too am a little gunshy of buying a Samsung phone. My true hesitation is no flash I mean all the new great phones give u that option so why WONT Not can’t they

  • David M

    It is a Samsung! I would not buy this phone!

    • 2FR35H

      It is a Samsung! I would buy this phone because its better than the N1 spec wise and their hardware isn’t crap.

  • Ruben

    Well…i just got back from staples…..a guy that worked there asked me about my g1 and how i liked it…i told him for now im fine with cyanogenmods 5.0.8 n he asked if i was going to get the new HD2 running android….i thought it was a port or something n just looked at him weird…i told him i hadnt heard of that one yet

    anyone else think it could be an HD2 running Android? That could be pretty easy to keep on the Hush hush since they already released it…..its slim and has muscle

    i thought the guy was crazy….or maybe he was just confused and it is a galaxy s

    • alex32

      if its an hd2 running android id be the first in line, but most likely hes confused

    • That is a good question people seemingly out ruled this being a possibility if that were the case it would be a successful phone because peoples main gripe about the HD2 was the OS being WMO instead of Android. I personally would have probably bought it if it ran Android.

      • alex32

        true, hd2 is amazing hardware but wm is horrible. i would have bought it as well if it ran android..even if it had android 1.6 lol

  • DannOfThurs

    I imagine the August rumors are about PRO. :)

  • keele8

    So I mentioned this in another post but I don’t think anyone is actually giving credit to the fact that they could be releasing both the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Pro on the same day. Samsung is obviously trying to get these devices on as many carriers as possible, so it isn’t good business to only allow Sprint dibs on the Pro. It would make sense that on the leaked calandar is says headseats to release on the 21st. How easy would it be for Tmobile to have training for both the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S Pro at the same time, and release them the same day. Then when they are selling the devices they could find out if the consumer prefers a keyboard or not. Simple sale from that point. Now I agree, if their big annoucement is just the Galaxy S then that would be typical Tmobile – disappointment. But what if the big news was two devices from Samsung. Now that would be a lot easier to keep a secret and would be big news. If you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. I for one hope I am right because I really want the Pro. But as with all the other posts this is just an idea, or maybe I should call it a wish?

    • keele8

      One more thing I wanted to say. I am just as excited about the idea of the sidekick twist, but no one has ever seen it, or knows what it will look like. Yes the specs look amazing, but what if it is the ugliest phone ever? Or what if there is something not so functional about it, or doesn’t have the precious flash everyone wants? Or the specs aren’t true? I am sure if HTC is making it, it will be great. But what if? Eveyone is talking so much about this twist yet no one knows that it is. For me I am more excited about a phone I have seen pictures of, have seen video of it working, and know the real specs. If the Galaxy S is project Emerald I still think it is a great phone, and a project well worth it.

    • J-Hop2o6

      umm… the SGS has already been released in Europe (NO SGS Pro yet).. the SGS Pro has only been annouced for Sprint.. NO WHERE ELSE.. and has the SGS been rumored/announced to drop on Sprint and Verizon? did Samsung even make a CDMA version of the SGS?

      • keele8

        So basically you are saying since no one has said anything about any of this it isn’t true? Curious, how many people or sites like this said the free phones were for new customers only for the Father’s Day promotion? Oh, all of them. And how many stories were there that said existing customers would also qualify? Oh ya, there were none. Yet on the morning of the promotion there was tons of buzz about existing customers getting in on the deal. Just because you haven’t heard anything, or all you hear is no doesn’t mean Tmobile doesn’t have something up their sleeve. Besides, I said it was an idea, not that is was happening for sure. Thanks for being a douche though; it made my day. Or should I put in capitals to make my point like you did? THANKS FOR BEING A DOUCHE

      • J-Hop2o6

        I was replying your post speculating the SGS and SGS Pro being launched on the SAME DAY together for Tmobile.. ARE U SERIOUS? there has been NO FCC doc (yet).. but there was a FCC doc for the SGS for Tmobile awhile ago, along with a Bluetooth doc (the first SGS for Tmo leak), and i think a Wifi doc.. so come out of your little fantasy world speculating that Tmobile is gonna release the SGS Pro the same day as SGS, HAHAHAHA!

  • Nik

    Couldn’t this be project emerald? think about it.

    Sims 3 (they all have a green emerald thing above their head)
    Power under the hood?
    connecting with a social life? I’m thinking it could be the Samsung Galaxy S. . . but it could also be a big reveal of project emerald.

  • Nik

    Couldn’t this be project emerald? think about it.

    Sims 3 (they all have a green emerald thing above their head)
    Power under the hood?
    connecting with a social life? I’m thinking it could be the Samsung Galaxy S. . . but it could also be a big reveal of project emerald.

  • adam
  • At this point, I’d be happy even if they said it was the iPhone. Gettin tired of every other carrier releasing 450 new Android phones per quarter, and I’m stuck with debating whether or not I want to go back to my G1 or stay with my Cliq. Blah.

    • Reece

      Is it just me or is everyone forgetting about the Motorola Milestone XT720 and other obvious candidates which isn’t a far stretch of the imagination?

      lol, it’s a very capable phone in its own right and would help make for a nice addition to the T-Mobile lineup that I would actually favor over the Galaxy S. Plus it’s compatible with T-Mo’s network. More far off but also likely would be the Dell Streak 5 which passed the FCC awhile ago for T-Mo’s network.

      The HTC Sidekick Twist sounds like a wet dream come true, but IMO that seems more like closer to fall if it was a reality. Even so a Dell Streak 5, Milestone XT720 and Galaxy S would be a great lineup to get T-Mobile back into the game of all around great Android phones (not to mention if the Nexus One was to actually be added to the lineup as a proper in store, plan friendly T-Mobile device and not a Google Store “sell your first born to get a discount” deal)

      • Reece

        crap, i hate it when i accidently hit reply and get nested under someone’s reply instead of my own reply that sits alone

  • @ 2fresh

    • 2FR35H


      Yes Galaxy S is faster than Nexus One and it was a android 2.1 comparison and at the same speed done from europe Galaxy S had 55.7fps while Nexus One and HTC Desire had 26.5fps

      So what if Nexus One gets beta’s? Nexus One’s hardware is still nothing compared to this phone.

      Screen – Nexus One can’t top Galaxy S in

      Internal Storage – Nexus One won’t top it

      The Camera – firmware wise Samsung just owns the only thing missing is LED Flash.

      720P Recording like I said Galaxy S stock vs Nexus rooted. Not to mention viewing 720p videos will be a lot better on the Super Amoled screen.

      Once this phone gets android 2.2 it still will be faster than Nexus One with 2.2

      Touchwiz 3.0 looks better than stock android imo

      Only truth has been spoken here

  • raindrain

    Possibly an OTA update for mytouch?..Maybe the 2.2 update will come with mobi tv. And all that.. For my mytouch slide?hmm..

  • raindrain

    They should come out With any phones with apples os besides the one and only iphone…apple should make something besides the iphone maybe an iphone with keyboard ..

    • Reece

      Doubt that’d be high on Apple’s agenda, especially seeing how iPhone 4 is actually compatible with a bluetooth keyboard

  • mingkee

    The branding components (visual voicemail, my account, help) can be downloaded from Android Market and I have them installed on my Nexus One.

    • Bobomo

      Can they be downloaded in Canada without a T-Mobile SIM card. Howard Chui lives in Toronto.

      Also, the media server name was “SGH-T959” which just passed FCC with T-Mo compatible AWS bands.

    • 2FR35h

      Nexus One is a t-mobile device and what sense does it make to install tmobile branded apps like my account, help and visual voicemail if you aren’t on tmobile? come on now common sense dude. Its not useful to anyone that is on any other carrier nevertheless even visual voicemail app for tmobile doesn’t work unless you have enabled it through tmobile and my account wouldn’t be of use to anyone who DOESN’T have a tmobile account.

      • Austin

        I think he asked about the T-Mobile branding components being able to be downloaded in Canada because the video is from Howard Chui which is Canadian…he wasn’t asking because he wanted to download the T-Mobile applications.

  • DannOfThurs

    I will be very surprised if pro came out on the same day as well…

  • mratx512

    Do y’all seriously believe that’s enough proof?

    Have you people not been with TMO long enough to know of its flopping/epic failing syndrome?

    • David

      Are you speaking about the site or about T-Mobile in general?

      • TranquilNight

        He’s definitely talking about the carrier. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the site.

      • watbetch

        why even respond to this nonsense, he’s talking about T-Mobile

      • mratx512

        Referring to the carrier.

  • Homer

    I will not buy this phone until I have seen proof of a root from the devs. I do not trust samsung with upgrades.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Go into the Android Development for the SGS/i9000 and check out some of the threads.. so far they did a system dump, and Adam will try to root it (since its his main phone).. some are even tryin to get the hard buttons to become LED Notifications.

      • Homer

        I have been following it since the FCC pics for t-mobile. They come with a root, I am game for buying it.

    • DUB

      I totally agree with @homer Samsung has proved itself to sell false hopes.. And not make good of it. There were a lot of customers that bought that Behold II ( I mean not me) I’m a Nexus One owner.. but for the ones that did.. I feel cheated for them.

    • Frank

      This will be a competitive super-phone, so if samsung wants to keep up, theey will have to make updates or upgrades.

  • ThisGuyJohn

    Facepalms all around if it doesn’t come with that front facing camera..

    • Comicaze

      it does have a front facing camera. the specs of the camera have already been established. the only part that is up in the air is whether or not it will be coming to tmobile.

  • Barry

    manus I think you’re spot on with those pics going around of the “galaxy s pro” is the moment 2. And I don’t think the pro is exclusive to sprint anyway so we may snag that too. I’m scooping up this phone ASAP. and ppl T-Mobile’s version of the galaxy s may have a flash. oh and I think we. can throw the Sims clue out the window in relation to project emerald since this will come preloaded with the game XD I’m tryna share my optimism with you guys I hope I’m right lol.

    • Reece

      You have me very curious as to what makes you believe that this phone’ll have a flash since everything I read about it is hinting @ the opposite.

  • t-maybe

    What does anyone know about a Sony phone coming out? An employee in store said to look for that soon. Any ideas?

  • going_home

    It will be this and the Nexus One released the same day maybe ?


  • SublimeDavid

    Well one thing I was told today was that we will be getting an evo type device later this year by one of the htc reps with some future version of android.

    • RockTripod

      I want to believe that. I truly do. I hope the rumors of an EVO-like device with a QWERTY keyboard come true. For now though, I’m going to purchase the Galaxy S. Awesome device, and being come more and more of a reality every day it seems.

    • NexusTwo

      You know. I heard the same rumor from another T-mobile Rep. It is supposed to the next Nexus phone. And the specs sounds sweet.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        It’s not going to be HTC who makes the next Nexus phone, so anyone putting two and two together and coming up with four are wrong.

        HTC announced that it would no longer make phones for anyone except established carriers. In answer to a question “Does that mean you will not be making a Nexus Two?” HTC said “Correct.”

        And see my prediction that there will not be a Nexus anything because IMHO Google will be getting out of the hardware business, at least as related to anything that makes phone calls.

  • SnakeEyez

    Samsung Vibrant? Is this gonna be how AT&T changed it to Samsung Captivate and change the looks?

    • Ryan

      According to a Samsung rep I know, the looks of the phone will be the original look that has been going around that is similar to the iPhone. And it also has a front facing camera.

      • SnakeEyez

        Damn, I’m disappointed. The GS always looked OK to me, never been a fan of chrome and the fact that it looks so much like an iPhone just bugs me. After seeing the Samsung Captivate and how it’s so black and looks really nice, I kinda wished that tmo’s version would have a facelift as well.

      • soon2TMO


        me too, i’d prefer if tmo will get a redesigned version of the SGS..

      • soon2TMO

        with a front facing camera!

        if tmo gets the original version… that’s fine too :)

  • JP

    Just don’t know what’s wrong with TMO. They always seem to lag and always get outdated looking devices.

    WTF TMO? It’s like telling kids…Do you want to be a leader or a follower? TMO seems to be the short bus kid that always wants to be a follower.

    • RockTripod

      That’s the At&t version you linked to. T-Mo is getting it first, and it will look different. I’m not sure what your point is.

  • phillip

    plz let this device be the sidekick twist

  • ag

    While Verizon is gearing up to announce Droid 2 and Droid X with Adobe and Google, T-Mobile is playing riddle me this games. I want to get rid of my G1 so bad, but where is my alternative? I also don’t want the Nexus One at this point, that phone is like 5 months old!!! ppsssssssshhhhhhh

    • TranquilNight

      Droid X is HUGE and it has part of it sticking out in the back, making it not even thin. They could have done a much better job streamlining the bezels too. Droid 2 is almost exactly like Droid 1, only it has a better processor. It looks like SGS is the best Android phone, since it has amazing battery, screen, size, power, and front facing camera.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You are correct. The T-Mobile version of the SGS will be the hottest Android handset on the planet.

        While people complain about form factor, design or other little things, they have to remember that there’s no phone that will be all things to all people. It’s a design/manufacturing impossibility to make a phone that pleases everyone. So I disregard people criticizing the little things.

        And as to look, I still say that this is T-Mobile’s SGS and it looks fantastic:

        Sidenote: People are interested. I have 11,000 views of that video since I reposted it on May 27. In just a little over three weeks that’s a lot of views for an SGS video since there’s others on YouTube.

    • Tom

      The nexus is 5 month old, but I still consider it one of the best Android phones. Every phone since then has come with it’s own carrier/manufacturer modified version of Android, which are just terrible. Yes, there is root and custom roms, but those just never seem to be perfect. There is always a little bug here and there that turns me off a bit.

      Secondly, the hardware specs haven’t really improved a lot. You still have the 1ghz snapdragon processors. Some of the newer phones have a bit more memory, which they need to run all the default bloatware. The camera of the N1 has been shown to be better than the Incredible and I haven’t really found a need at all for a front-facing cam. I think the physical attributes of the N1 are almost perfect, the screen size is just right, and I seem to be one of the few people who likes having a color trackball. The only real negative about the N1 is the touchpad tech, which is inferior to newer devices, and it doesn’t have a Super AMOLED. But other than that, tbe N1 remains one of the top phones, and gives you access to the newest software the day it gets released.

    • Reece

      The Nexus One is far from a slouch though, Snapdragon is still the bees knees as far as CPU speeds goes, is the only Android phone running Froyo unhacked, and will probably be the first phone to run Gingerbread when that’s released (unless a Nexus Two is announced around that time).

    • Matlock

      Wow, thats an ignorant statement coming from the guy who own a 2 year old phone!! The Nexus is an absolutely great phone, even if it is 5 months old. How long after the G1 came out did you actually buy yours? Cuz if you werent a day adopter, then I dont want to hear you complain about how old the Nexus is! Besides, all the other phones that are coming out now, have pretty much the same specs as the Nexus, so give me a break!!

  • Antwain

    I love the hardware just saw the video of it on youtube but I just can’t trust samsung with timely updates. Should I get this or the n1 or just wait and use my upgrade later?

  • Bimmerz

    Well here’s a thought (not necessarily a pleasant one, but a possibility)…

    What if the Galaxy S actually “IS” the Project Emerald, and the Sidekick Twist is actually a different project?

    Is it possible that maybe the original person that leaked the Sidekick Twist rumor, got the project name wrong? Maybe it’s called (for example) Project Tornado, or something totally different.

    I do believe (hope) that there is a Sidekick Twist coming with the specs it’s rumored to have, but I don’t think we’ll see this bad-boy until the earliest mid to late 4Q – a good holiday phone lineup.

    With T-mo’s plans to have it’s HSPA+ completed by the end of the year – I cannot imagine them investing millions into doing this, and not roll out some serious high end phones from now on.

    Of course I could be way off base here, as this is just a possibility and a guess on my part. But I would be shocked to see the Sidekick Twist come before 4Q – or maybe as late as 1Q of 2011…?

    As with most phone releases, we tend to see more info on it, specs, photos etc., within about 2 months before it’s launched. We haven’t heard diddly about the SKT since it’s 1st rumor back in mid May.

    Hope I am wrong, as I don’t want to wait for the SKT, I want it NOW! lol ;)

    • The Southland Hustla

      I was under the impression that the SideKick Twist was being branded “PROJECT DARK” or am I mistaken.

      • Bimmerz

        Southland; I gathered from various posting throughout this site, that Project Dark has already happened, and it turned out to be a plan – not a phone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I swear if this isn’t the Sidekick Twist, I’m gonna be highly pissed.

    • 2FR35h

      Who cares?

    • YourDaddy

      I know that I’ll probably get a lot of crap for saying this… and I could be wrong. I have a G1 and shez-a-runnin android 1.6 at this point. Haven’t rooted it, should be able to run 2.2 in theory. But I think that the G1 and Behold 2 were more or less the “first child” of each company (and we know how those experimental children turn out hehe… j/k) They weren’t really built well enough to run newer versions of android as well. My G1 isn’t as snappy as it once was. If the behold 2 was running 2.1 I’m not overly convinced it would be that fast either. I think Samsung’s biggest problem wasn’t that they didn’t update the device, but mislead people into thinking that they would, and update it to a version they may have not realized wouldn’t run very well. All I guess that I’m trying to say is that I really can’t imagine them not updating SGS because the marketing into this device is WAY MORE than was put into Behold2. If they didn’t keep up with this device, it would in every way be suicide for Samsung smartphones… ESPECIALLY to follow up with what they did with the behold 2. If I don’t make sense it’s because I’m really tired. I like the phone and will be getting it! Great specs-I really don’t care about flash most pictures I take are outside in light anyway, if I wan’t a good picture I have a real camera for those. Just my 2 cents.

      SGS —-> Will get updates.

      • TMOprophet

        keep telling yourself that….samsung has gone through this cycle of abandoning phones long before the Behold 2, so your wrong. They might give it one update, but once they have a better phone coming, kiss any more updates goodbye, its all about the money for them, and they make it by selling more phones, not updating. It wont be suicide for them, they have done this before and survived cause everyone is to ignorant to realize anything before its to late. Good luck with the phone, hopefully samsung changes their buisness plan and starts supporting their phones..time will tell…

      • soon2TMO


        i agree! 100%

        .. and not every single manufacturers updates all their phones.. and that’s a fact! but, it’s still wrong for samsung to mislead the people though, and i dont think they’d like to do the same with the SGS..

      • RockTripod

        I have little to no doubt that the Galaxy S will receive updates for some time. I didn’t bother to purchase the Behold II, as I have a fully-functional brain, and I do understand Samsung burned people pretty good on that phone. That being said, we can be reasonably sure that Sammy will support this phone for some time to come. After all, they are betting on this phone as their flagship device. If they drop the ball on this one, they’ll lose a significant portion of their user base.

  • Mr. T

    T-Mobile is pretty bad at keeping secrets..but at least they aren’t as bad as they are at actually advertising and marketing a device properly *cough* Watch a Verizon Droid commercial, T-Mobile *cough*

    • TMOprophet


  • AM

    No flash=no go for me. How can they pack this thing with everything and yo mama yet not add flash!?! …We’ll see soon enough.

  • wojax

    tmob is always a dollar short, and a day late with these “super phoooooonesss!!”. wake me when this fail project is over…just sayin, prove me wrong tmob

  • If it is, i’m still gonna get it, so… lol. It’s just about obvious that it is the Samsung Galaxy S thou. It’s really not that hard to guess, their clues just aren’t really clues, more like throwing you off the obvious, if you really don’t think about the simpleness the clues could actually be, like the content on the phone.

  • TMOprophet

    FAIL, the SGS is not a suprise, most of us knew it was coming soon, facepalm……, I want the sidekick twist, but I really hope it doesnt twist open or anything like that. Well I guess on the bright side TMO will have a higher end phone finally, just not the one I want. On other news you all hear that Verzion might start having GSM phones, Their CTO joined the GSMA board, and engadet was saying they can be officially called a GSM carrier. Droid X time for my sim card…hopefully

    • Negtne

      No more like verizon iPhone here I come!

      • TMOprophet

        Ahh an Apple fanboy, well to each his own, enjoy your iphone, but why not just get one from att have it unlocked at stick your tmo sim in it?

      • 2FR35H


        iPhone is NEVER going to Verizon at least anytime as long as android is here well at least not any newer iPhone anyways.

    • TMOprophet

      now we wait to see how long it takes verzion to actually put out some GSM phones….???

      • Negtne

        Actually not an apple boy, I am a gadget freak lol. I got rid of my iPhone to buy the hd2 (mistake) I am using a cliq and mytouch. And the reason I am not using an iphone is because I freaking hate edge on the iPhone on tmobile, and I use my phone a lot for tethering and my laptop on edge is just not fun when your trying to email a 40 page document. I like the touch input on the iphone and all the games that’s it though. If apple did go to verizon I probably would leave tmobile. I have been thinking about leaving them for a while now. Sad since I have been a customer since voicestream.

      • Negtne

        Htc Mozart wp7 coming to tmobile USA in oct.

      • just some dude

        Unlike the real Mozart, the GUI is going to kill this HTC phone. I mean look at that fugly UI of WP7, it does not stand a chance against Android.

      • J-Hop2o6

        OMG did u even read under the picture? its a photoshop of WP7 GUI on top of the HTC Desire.. smh

  • soon2TMO

    sims3? and moviTV? and avatar?

    how nice!

    can’t wait.. i wonder what the other phone would be, maybe the nexus one?

  • Kebanyo

    This device launch will make or break T-Mobile. And looking back to previous “launches” I hope it isn’t a flop… I rootin’ for ya T-MO! Don’t fail me now!!

    • RockTripod

      Even if the phone is a flop, it won’t “break” t-mobile. Pretty sure they’ll live through this one, one way or the other.

  • HowdyDoody

    Isn’t TMob lallygagging just nice, their main even for a new phone will be easily outdone by Verizon/Motorola/Google early this weekend, making their extremely tardy release of a new phone worthless. When will T Mobile get their butt moving. They keep or wasting time on useless products like:

    HD2, Garmin Phone, My Touch Slide, LG, Doodle Berries and things of that nature, they may even waste time on iPhone 4G and keep on loosing clients because they LACK a DESCENT ANDROID phone and DRAG their feet with it.

    TMobile, you need to come up with 3 or 4 GREAT ANDROID phones if you want customers at your door. You will only loose customers if you keep offering underpowered crappy phones like your current lineup. The G1 is ANCIENT technology, I KNOW I HAVE one, overclocked rooted and everything, it does NOT DO THE JOB ANYMORE and you still sell it.

    Hear the plea of your customers, provide us with something worth having, NO MORE WORTHLESS PHONES (this includes Apple 4G).

  • Nokia N900USER

    I am going to wait for awhile to get the phone I want. I am personally not an android fan. I’ve played with a couuple of their phones and it’s not quite my taste. However, there is absolutely nothing subpar about the SGS.
    For those complaining they wont buy it if it doesn’t have flash for camera, BUY a real camera. The only questionable concern about the phone is the SAMSUNG UODATE thing.
    For those Mghz hungry looking at spec sheets and asking for more powerful phones, it will be a continous cycle. There will always be another phone that comes out weeks after yours with a faster processor. Phones are approaching the same crazy Mghz frenzy computers go through

  • Hammer

    I don’t know about Android. Seems very odd to me. Us old business professionals want something that works like a BB (mine is 9700) or iPhone. T-Mo has a couple days to show their cards. Can’t bluff forever. I have my iPhone preordered and have been patiently waiting for years for TMo to release a kick-butt phone (that is not Windows based) and that works on Exchange. Nothing but BB. The new iPhone 4 looks great.

    As far as using it oin Tmo network, I don’t want to fuss around with unlocking, no warranty, and chopping sim cards. A phone should just work.

    • Reece

      Download Touchdown from Android market = nice Exchange functionality for even phones as old as the G1

      Improved native Exchange support for Android phones is built into the Froyo update which will be eventually pushed down to most of the new Android phones coming out this year (among them every HTC phone made this year is pretty much guaranteed Froyo upgrade @ some point)

  • Flgirll99

    I’m pretty sure this is the phone that the Tmo clues are about. That would be really cool if Sims 3 was pre-loaded onto the phone. I’ve always loved that game.

    I would buy this phone based on all the specs I’ve seen thus far. I really need a new phone and I’ve been waiting for a sleek, powerful Android phone. I think this just might be the one for me. :-)

  • Robbie

    Samsung Galaxy S ROOTED!!!!!

    will this change peoples minds???

  • Davis
  • droiddoes

    the root is not yet stable but its getting there i’m definitely getting this AND the dell streak. both already rooted too!!! come on froyo!!!!!!!

  • G-Money
  • Davidohio

    I can’t wait until this thursday the 24th to see the new sidekick twist from HTC. yes it is being launched this thursday and will have android 2.1 and a 1ghz processor and 4.3 inch screen and 16gb internal storage as well as a front facing camera. It is said to be high end and really amazing. Project Emerald will have arrived.

    • lev

      how do you know this?

      • Robbie

        Sarcasm is strong with this one

  • Randizzel
  • Aggiegal

    The new TMobile clue looks like this is indeed the phone that is coming out.

    • Robbie

      book collection= kindle app

  • timmyjoe42

    Any phone that looks like the iPhone is going to do well.

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  • Web

    The Samsung Galaxy S looks real promising. I need to see it first hand just to make sure it’s not too big for my tastes, plus I’ll wait until it gets 2.2. Hopefully that will be this Fall, and the $ should drop a bit by then.

    But I tell ya, I’m dying to upgrade to a smartphone. I’m just waiting for T-Mobile to offer one with decent technology. I tried the myTouch and it was just a bit too slow for me.

  • mike

    any idea when android 2.2 is supposed to come out for the n1?

  • not sure, but there should be some rdp options for it

  • DEE-XT


  • Keenan

    But there is NO FLASH!!!! What’s the point in having such a high end phone, shot HD videos and it doesn’t have a darn flash?

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