LG Phones Launching Late July?

Back on June 15th, we got word via a leaked T-Mobile training calendar courtesy of our friends at Phonedog managed to get their hands on that not one, but two devices would launch on July 21st. We’re working on our own tips that July 21st would include a Samsung Galaxy S launch, aka Samsung Vibrant. So what is the other phone scheduled to launch that day? Unfortunately, it’s not going to induce anything near the level of excitement as the Galaxy S. The LG dLite is a phone that just induces a yawn to the tech savvy first adopter who needs all the bells and whistles. However, to someone who just want a  simple phone and I know there are those of you still out there, the dLite may be just what the doctor ordered.

Regardless of your phone preference, the mystery of the 21st has likely been solved and while most of you will be waiting ever so patiently for news of the Galaxy S aka Vibrant, we’ll hopefully have our answers if our tipster proves true tomorrow as the next T-Mobile twitter clue should bring us one step closer to a name.

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