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T-Mobile And 7-Eleven Partner Up, No Slurpee Included

T-mobile is taking steps to make access to America’s largest 4G network even easier.  How, you may ask.  Easy, parter with 7-Eleven, a chain with over 7,000 locations in the United States.  Starting today, customers can pick up a pre-paid LG GS170 for $29.99 all around the country.  It can even get better.  With the purchase of a 50 minute airtime card you can get the LG GS170 for half off, as long … [read full article]

LG Phones Launching Late July?

Back on June 15th, we got word via a leaked T-Mobile training calendar courtesy of our friends at Phonedog managed to get their hands on that not one, but two devices would launch on July 21st. We’re working on our own tips that July 21st would include a Samsung Galaxy S launch, aka Samsung Vibrant. So what is the other phone scheduled to launch that day? Unfortunately, it’s not going to induce anything … [read full article]

LG Comes To T-Mobile USA, For The First Time

For the first time in you know, forever T-Mobile has formally introduced LG into their lineup. The LG Sentio, dLite and GS170 (which obviously isn’t special enough for a name) are all coming to T-Mobile this summer, which should be any day now considering we just entered June. Where has the year gone by the way? The LG Sentio (pictured above), offering a 3-inch touch screen with a virtual QWERTY keyboard will be the “smartest” … [read full article]