T-Mobile To Increase LG GS170 Pricing Tomorrow

Either the LG GS170 has been really popular lately (insert sarcasm) or Magenta isn’t making much of a profit off the handset, but whatever the reason might be, beginning tomorrow, September 15th, the LG GS170 will cost $9.99 with a new 2-year agreement. The handset is currently free with a 2-year agreement. So if you’ve been dying to get your hands on one of these bad boys, order one now and save $10!

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  • going_home

    I’m on the way down to the mall now so I can be first in line.


  • wojax2

    NOT BEFORE ME MY FRIEND!!!. Oh wait the home gardening channel is on….nevermind.

  • TFJ4

    “With a combination of must-have features and stylish design,”
    Hahaahhahaha nice try T-Mobile

  • FunkmasterC

    Not trying to be negative here, but why is this newsworthy? Is there so little going on out there that you would report on a flip-phone that offers nothing special? Maybe I missed the joke here, but I doubt the people who would buy that even know how to use a computer other than to use the Google to pull up maps…


    • David, Managing Editor

      Sorry that every post can’t be deemed newsworthy by your standards!

    • Andrew Steffy

      Just because its something that doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong on the site. This website is dedicated to bringing anything new that happens with T-Mobile. It doesn’t always have to be about Smartphones, Android or 3G.

      • funkmasterC

        You obviously didn’t read my comment below. The intent of my comment was wrapped in sarcasm. If you really must know – I was surprised to see this article – not because it wasn’t 3g, Android or a Smartphone, but because it really doesn’t fit the demographic of the average visitor that I imagine visits this site.

        I prefaced my comment with “Not trying to be negative here” and I meant that – or I would not have said it. I guess if you find low-end flip phone pricing interesting, more power to you – I am not judging you or anyone else that might find it a ‘good read’. I honestly thought the article was written tongue-in-cheek.

        Enough said. Peace.

  • FunkmasterC

    LOL – I read your ban hammer comments after I posted this. Sorry folks are under your skin tonight – wasn’t trying to be one of them.. I guess my sarcasm wasn’t appreciated :(

  • somebody

    slow news day huh tmo news

    • David, Managing Editor

      Oh another slow news day comment, how I love these!

      • Vibrant Addict

        LOL. Don’t worry about it David. Most of us appreciate anything and everything that is posted on here as we follow our beloved Magenta. All news on here is good news in my book.

    • Kickstar13

      @somebody Ummm not really….

  • $10 is $10 – it helps to defray that activation fee. Additionally, it’s important that we don’t ignore all segments of the market when we report the news – otherwise, we’re FOX. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

  • Serotheo

    Peculiar, why would they raise the price on a flip phone?

  • remixfa

    This phone has been out of stock the moment it comes in. For people wanting a free flip phone, its one of the first ones they grab.. probably because its red. They are “probably” raising the price to stem the demand slightly and of course take advantage of its popularity.
    Most of us are jaded on here when it comes to crap…errr.. basic phones, but there is still a large segment that refuses to get out of the stone age of cell phones and this type of phone is what they want.

    • pimpstrong

      I bet they won’t be producing “basic” flip phones in just a few years max. With the superfast speeds becoming the norm, a phone like the Cliq will be considered Basic and Web2go will finally be free.

      • Mohammad

        No!!! My parent’s can’t use anything else beside a flip phone!

  • alex32

    htc has the h2 on their site now. on the right it says “pre register at tmobile”..damn i was hoping for pre register. The days are closing for this awesome phone to come out. I have a feeling pre registering will start next week instead of today as i have expected.
    also if you go to engadget you can see how the z hinge works on the desire z which is the same exact phone as the g2 with the only difference of android stock/ sense

    • alex32

      g2* sorry for typo
      *i was hoping pre order

  • pimpstrong

    I’d love to know why there is a Euro G2/US G2, and a Euro HD/EVO and then there’s the baby myTouch HD?!?! Whats the motive there?

    • alex32

      the mytouch hd has nothing on the g2 except for a ffc which i could care less. Again, im glad the g2 is releasing before the mytouch hd

    • pimpstrong

      A FFC and a whopping .1″ bigger screen. While I’m sure the HD is gonna be a great phone I just can’t see why they didn’t go for the gusto 4.3″

      • Wilma Flintstone

        same here Pimpstrong. If the MyTouch HD had a 4.3 inch screen, I would be buying it. Now unfortunately, all I have to look forward to is the HD7 and I don’t like how WP7 is looking but there are no other 4.3 inch monsters on Tmo. And I’ll be using my FFC ALOT.

  • JM77

    @david & kickstar

    Do you guys think we’ll be getting a form of the desire hd, either as the mytouch hd or some other name? I’m starting to have doubts. Interested in your opinions.

    For everyone else, there is video out of the slide mechanism used on the G2
    Looks solid.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I think the myTouch HD will be a different piece of equipment than what was shown off today, I didn’t really think we’d see anything for the US today :-(

      • pimpstrong

        I’m sure no one thought of a US announcement and the MTHD is deff a whole diff bread of phone but the idea behind the “HD” phones is the same. Unfortunently TMO’s idea of an HD phone is vastly diluted especially when compared to the HD2!! SMH.

      • JM77

        WOW! There is more video at the same link. The Desire Z has an instant-on bootloader! I hope the G2 has that. I hope that isn’t for Sense only. How the hell does that work? Everyone wil copy this tech!

        XDA should port this to all phones unless its hardware related.

    • Vibrant Addict

      I didn’t want to stray off topic here…BUT

      That start up is AMAZING on the G2. I’ve never seen a phone start up that quick, not even a dumbphone. WOW. G2 is an amazing phone.

  • Jonathan

    OK, I may have missed some bits & pieces of info here but has it been **CONFIRMED** that the USA version of the HTC Desire HD is going to be the MyTouch HD just in a different body or is that uncomfirmed? Or are they both totally different phones? It would be cool if T-Mobile USA would release the HTC Desire HD as the T-Mobile G2 HD. I would totally jump on that if that were the case. My contract is up in mid-November and I would definitely get that phone.

    • David, Managing Editor

      The stuff announced today is for Europe for right now, the G2 is the American version of what was announced today, hence why its not getting the new “sense” platform. This stuff from what we can tell today, had nothing to do with the US, all the more reason why it wasn’t announced in the US.

    • JM77

      Nothing is confirmed about the Mytouch HD. This is a time for speculation and rumors. You know, the fun time!

      If Tmo does bring over a version of the desire hd, which is an evo with a newer SoC, it will sell so fast they won’t be able to keep it in stock!

      • pimpstrong

        You ain’t lyin’!!

  • watbetch

    This phone is actually much better than the T139. T-Mobile needs to seriously consider replacing that horrible Samsung with this model. MUCH MUCH MUCH better reception..

  • Midori

    I saw the Desire HD and WOW I want that above any other phone is all. I want to know, would it be too hard just to scoot that phone a tini tiny 3 or 4 thousand miles toward t-mobile USA. :)

  • TMoFan

    Just wanted to chime in here and say thanks for keeping on the site. I always start my day checking tmonews. As for the phone, for the slack that it receives it still serves its purpose. T-Mobile doesn’t revolve around smartphones and $30 data plans.

  • kickstarislame

    oh yea david your going down….. you think your koool huh?

    hey Kickstar13 was it really that slow today? a flip phone? i mean htc held a event today….. you guys are gettin real lazy!!!!

    pshhshhh……..13 year olds……lame…flip….phone…..lame…..site…..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Enjoy having your IP blacklisted…the banhammer drops!

    • pimpstrong

      So lame that even Engadget posts information generated from here…

      Keep it up guys. We know its TMONEWS and not SuperphoneNEWS