T-Mobile To Partner With OnStar?

So we can chalk this one up firmly originating from Rumor City at the intersection of Grain Street and Salt lane. One of our ninjas provided us with a piece of information that’s both surprising and hopeful. In case you didn’t know and likely most of you weren’t aware OnStar will re-launch itself tomorrow with 21-st century services designed to compete with Ford’s Sync platform. Among the possible features set for launch tomorrow is the integration of Facebook services with the ability to update your status through your vehicle and read text messages aloud. While I absolutely question a need to update your Facebook status from the vehicle, OnStar must believe there is a market for such a feature.

So what does this have to do with T-Mobile you ask? Well our ninja pegs T-Mobile as the new launch partner for OnStar’s services tomorrow. We’re not able to say anything for sure regarding this story and I can’t emphasize enough that we don’t have much to support this but our ninja’s say it’s going down tomorrow so we’ll wait and hope that T-Mobile indeed is landing this deal and highlighting the strength of their network that often goes unnoticed.

USA Today

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  • Will

    Spread those wings Tmobile. I’m rooting for you!!!

    • sorandkairi

      yep mytouchhd im rooting it too…. oh oh wait u meant oh,… nm :)

      • volcanic515


      • AndroidRRR

        AHAHAHAHA EPIC THIS Deserves a

      • lol.. stupid.

  • Joshuakprice1

    Sounds cool, but I don’t know if I want to be associated with thousands of facebook related crashes. This is right up there with tweeting and driving. However, a deal with onstar would certainly help t-mobile profits.

    • ndhr3d

      Yea… this sounds like a marketing ploy by OnStar to CAUSE more crashes so their services will be needed more often, thus, increasing their ‘job security’!! Brilliant!!!

  • la_resistance28

    Would this have anything to do with the “smarter” Genius button mentioned in the MyTouch HD slide? Would be neat if OnStar let you sync up with your MyTouch and read you emails, texts, tweets, and voice mails.

  • mikeeeee

    if i can adda free line with t-mo maybe fire it up in my saturn again, verizon sucked.

  • Brian


    • john

      Not even gonna bash the lack of spell checking, but your post is as useless as this info is to you. There are some, however that see big picture potential for partnerships leading to big time profits. The profits lead to network expansion, and handset improvement.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I wholeheartedly agree. This has #win written all over it, if true.

  • phonegeek

    hmm well i dont know, maybe they want to keep up with the facebook craze but this could be a good thing for tmo with publicity.

  • J-Hop2o6

    “… integration of Facebook services with the ability to update your status through your vehicle…”

    HAHAHAHah wtf? and what does On-Star have to do with Tmo again?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Re-read the last part of the article.

  • yes

    I have a car with onstar and you could use your phone line or buy a line with verizon only to basically call with out using your phone which is nice now with laws about using hands free devices I’m sure this gives t mo customers now the ability to use your onstar phone in your vehicle

  • Eddie Android

    update your Facebook status from you car!? damn, people need to get real lives instead of being buried in all these social networking crap.

  • Razzmatazz

    Onstar: “Hello this is Onstar, your vehicle is reporting that it’s been in an accident…”
    Driver: “Yes can you get an ambulance and also update my status as such “Just got in an accident and my arms are pinned, guess how I’m doing this! FTW!!”

    • Foxeh


      Don’t forget to order Jimmy Johns while your at it.

    • lmao

  • Shawn

    LAME, really who cares, lame.

    I think we should all stop posting, after all, it is all of us, including the trolls like myself who make this website exist, lets no longer post when stupid news like “onstar” is a headline.

    Whats a website without visitors.

    • G1 user waitin for G2

      It would be a better website without people like you, whats with the “Lame, really who cares, lame”? if its stupid and lame, why bother reading it in the first place? moron, please do us all a favor and keep your word by not posting anything anymore.

      • john

        If this were facebook, I would “like” this comment.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Honestly Shawn, stop visiting the site. Please. All you do is complain about whats posted, when its posted, how its posted, what color its posted in. It’s readers like you who make other readers validate the use of the word “troll.” Which in every sense is what you are with this post. Why is it a headline? Because it might be T-Mobile related, which in case you missed during your wanton rants about everything else we do, is a T-Mobile related site. Therefore, T-Mobile related news will get posted. Whats a website without visitors? You want this website to disappear do you. That’s your choice and I’ll respect your choice while wholeheartedly disagreeing with it. Nobody forces you to visit, for someone who spends an awful lot of time complaining, you spend an awful lot of time visiting. Kthxbye

      • JM77

        David comes down like Moses from the mountain top:
        “Thou shalt not troll nor post in vain!”

      • Sapphire

        David FTW

      • kershon

        Drop the hammer David. This troll crap gets old. Back on subject, I think this is great for T-Mo. This will make the public more aware of the network and all the good things that go with it.

      • Bart the Truth

        I love David, He’s the sh#t!


  • nmw407

    as long as you don’t get into an accident around Walt Disney World, because T-mobile coverage here sucks.

    I was at Pop Century last week and my room was a dead zone. I had one spot near the AC to get an EDGE connection and even then it was spotty. The entire area of the resort was all Edge except for the main pool area where I was able to get 3G. It made tethering my laptop a fun challenge of find the signal!

    • FunkmasterC

      I live in a very small town north of Orlando and I have great coverage. In fact, I get d/l speeds of 3-4MBps. Maybe it was something in the hotel that was blocking the signal? Tethering on EDGE is painfully slow…

      I know many would disagree with me, but everywhere I go I get much better coverage than a family member with Verizon..

    • FunkmasterC

      That sucks.

  • Shush! Don’t tell Oprah. She be adding this to to the no phone zone pledge next. LoL. ;)

    Stay Thirsty my friends….

    • Shawn

      You act like Oprahs pledge is sooo bad. Gee lets blame the woman for trying to save lives.

      I hope someone doesn’t decapitate you any time soon, because they were busy tweeting.

  • Mohammad
  • Mohammad
    • JM77

      Is this still an important feature with the rise of google voice and skype? Is UMA more valuable than these services? Or maybe for traveling internationally?

      • Mohammad

        Yes it is still an important feature. Yes UMA is more valuable than these services. Yes for traveling internationally and when I travel into my basement.

  • ogopogo


  • Qbert

    wtf am I gonna do with on-start on my phone phone bill

    • David, Managing Editor

      Who said it would be on your phone bill, if you don’t have a GM car, don’t worry about it. Read the article carefully.

    • tcky

      wow this guy is so stupid (QBERT)

  • mtnman

    This is OnStar what’s your emergency? “Yeah I was diving up Ute pass and I loss my cell phone connection, also I was downloading a movie from Netflix and it cut off half way thourgh” Sir this is not considered an emergency. “Well you tell that to my wife who was downloading Eat, love, Pray, and to the kids in the back who wanted to watch a Disney movie for the 12th millionth time!” lol

    • Shawn

      Was this suppose to be funny?

      • mtnman

        Well it was supposed to be, but then what are you sayn’? Don’t quit my day job?

      • alex32

        i think its funny mtnman, i liked the comment (:

        shawn, jump off and get a life, does that sound too hard? kaythanksbaii (:

  • mtnman

    Thanks alex32 I appericate it.

    As far as Tmo also having the ties with OnStar I think it’s a good thing because it’s more revenue in Tmo’s pocket. They’ve already did it with Wally World and now branching out with OnStar. I think that the new CEO know’s what he’s doing. It was time for some new blood and the new CEO is bringing it.

  • Mike C

    T-Mobile would be pretty far down on the list of carriers I’d want for OnStar, mostly because of the lack of coverage in many areas. They should go with Verizon, who, whether you love or hate them does have the best coverage, especially in rural and smaller towns.

    • DarthTod

      Amen to that. The Onstar emergency response system in those cars relies on the cell signal to operate. If the system was reliant on TMO service where I live, I’d lose that feature whenever I left the metro areas or the interstates.

  • Foxeh

    I do wonder what T-Mo had to go through to win that bid. You probably don’t need 4G speeds for OnStar services to work unless they intend to let you upload videos from your car’s Reverse Camera up on Facebook or something. In my experience, T-Mo’s 3G is spotty as hell, but I was never without a signal since I was on prepaied… except for that time where my SIM suddenly got rejected, but that’s another story.

  • CallawayBomber

    From my driver seat, when I hit two deer while leaving from Mt.Hood, OR…It wasn’t SPRINT/T-Mobile/AT&T that worked that day in the car…

    Thankfully, I was in a Hummer and On-Star was golden that day..

    Coverage is the key

  • alex32

    This isnt related to this news, if you guys want an idea of how the G2 is..go to engadgetmobile.com
    htc press even is going on today, they have video of the same exact phone as the g2 but with sense

  • volcanic515

    great now if someone kidnaps me, OnStar can find them before they perform unholy perversions on me unless they throw away my phone than I’m screwed. lol Even more realistic, maybe they’ll start putting out apps that allow a lil control over your car through ya cellphone like locking the doors. which is pretty much the only one i’ll need. lol