T-Mobile To Partner With OnStar?

So we can chalk this one up firmly originating from Rumor City at the intersection of Grain Street and Salt lane. One of our ninjas provided us with a piece of information that’s both surprising and hopeful. In case you didn’t know and likely most of you weren’t aware OnStar will re-launch itself tomorrow with 21-st century services designed to compete with Ford’s Sync platform. Among the possible features set for launch tomorrow is the integration of Facebook services with the ability to update your status through your vehicle and read text messages aloud. While I absolutely question a need to update your Facebook status from the vehicle, OnStar must believe there is a market for such a feature.

So what does this have to do with T-Mobile you ask? Well our ninja pegs T-Mobile as the new launch partner for OnStar’s services tomorrow. We’re not able to say anything for sure regarding this story and I can’t emphasize enough that we don’t have much to support this but our ninja’s say it’s going down tomorrow so we’ll wait and hope that T-Mobile indeed is landing this deal and highlighting the strength of their network that often goes unnoticed.

USA Today

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