LG dLite & GS170 Get Priced

Earlier last month, LG introduced a trio of new entry-level handsets coming to T-Mobile, one of which is already available now.  The LG dLite, which is expected to become available July 21st, will cost you $49.99 with a 2-year agreement (after a $50 mail-in-rebate), and $179.99 off contract.  On the other hand, the LG GS170, launching July 28th, will run you a total of $0.00 with a 2 year agreement, and $59.99 sans contract.

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  • thedude

    why pay the same price for a dLite as you would a nuron?

    • drmosh

      because Nuron is garbage and so is Nokia lately…

      • “6700 classic” user

        BS!!! Nokia rules, just because it is not popelar in the States, it doesn’t mean it is garbage. Over at Europe people don’t need 5″ displays to play games. We actually use the phone to make calls.

      • thedude

        nuron is great! its not user friendly but its a good entry level phone. lg isn’t whats it cracked out to be either.

      • 2FR35H

        @ “6700classic” user

        I don’t know if you have noticed but this tmonews website is catered to USA T-Mobile. Sure you don’t NEED a 5″ screen to play games but the games you are going to play on that nokia aren’t going to be as fun or desirable as on a 5″ screen. You really don’t need anything in the world if you want to go that route of you don’t need this or that. Fact of the matter is Nokia IS garbage as far as today goes. Because what rules in regards to cell phones is determined by what more a phone can do than another phone, not that it can only make calls. Why oh why would you even bring up that? every mobile phone can make a call. well except for iPhone hahaha xD.

        Android Phones Rule over apple and Nokia and windows mobile 6.5 and especially symbian.



  • going_home

    Ok great, now I will be able to sleep tonight knowing this info.


  • alex32

    project emerald
    jay kay
    I’m bored

  • JP

    Man. Not only does TMO have a crapy lineup of phones, but they’re way overpriced, even on contract.LAMO.

    • thedude

      it will be free online, like the sony and 659, while being overpriced in stores

  • bfhmd68

    Why is the gravity 2 more expensive than the gravity 3 (retail)?

    • thedude

      r an d. just like the g1 took so long to come down in price but is the same as a mytouch

  • Getreal

    Wow! Two more phones I won’t need to look at.

  • She She

    hey 60 bucks for a phone off contract is not bad…

  • Steve

    nuron blows

    • heh

      do you own it?

  • pimpstrong

    “Wow! Two more phones I won’t need to look at.”

  • Oscar

    I’m going to guess that phones in purple are in the proccess of being phased out once stock runs out…. Does that mean that there will be a new bold to replace the 9700 in the next few months?