So What Is The Motorola Charm Packing Inside?

Just a brief update to yesterday’s post showing off the first image of the Motorola Charm in the wild to add in some rumored specs.  The Motorola Charm will be released with Android 2.1 and it packs a 600mhz processor with 512 ROM and 512 RAM.  What we originally thought was a 3” screen turns out to be 2.8” and we hope that the .02” doesn’t make a huge difference in your purchasing decision.  Unfortunately, our source did update us with some unfortunate news on the screen, comparatively low quality QVGA if the information received was accurate.  Sporting Android 2.1 with a modified version of Blur, it will include resizable widgets. We’re also hearing it’ll be touted as a lower end Android device despite having specs similar to more mid ranged Android devices in the T-Mobile lineup.  Our source did want to state that the phone was incredibly pocket friendly and should definitely be coming in at an attractive price point which matches up with our information perfectly.

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