Is The Lack Of A Front Facing Camera On The Vibrant A Deal-Breaker?

Like it or not, the Samsung Vibrant is the T-Mobile phone of the moment.  It’s handily one of the most powerful phones in the T-Mobile lineup and yet one feature has a great deal of you up in arms, the lack of a front-facing camera.  Video chat via cell phone is nothing new as those in Japan, Europe and numerous other parts of the world have been using the service for years.  However, the sudden resurgence in interest is in no doubt partially due to a certain Apple device and its Facetime feature.  Love Apple or not, it’s hard to argue with their Facetime commercials showing off the power of mobile video chat.  With that in mind, not more than a few minutes ago I finished a conversation with a friend who was analyzing the pictures of the device with the hope that perhaps the Proximity sensor was really hiding a front-facing camera.  While none of us are holding out hope at this point, is it going to be a decision in your purchase? The feature is handy and cool, but is it really a necessity?  We’ve all certainly lived thus far without it but now that Apple has suddenly brought it right back to the front page, will you make a buying decision because of it?  So the question of the day is…is the lack of a front facing camera going to stop you from purchasing the Samsung Vibrant?

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  • Josh

    As a soon to be college student, I would like the ability to see my parents from long distances, without shelling out large sums of money for the plane ticket. In the long run the FFC would save me tons of money, and would be an all around cool feature. The issue is that it was on the original, and for no forseeable reason T-Mobile decided not to carry it over.

    • Nick

      It’s called skype.

      • erivera989

        I know the feeling, I have had a European HTC Diamond Touch, it came with the FFC. Works absolutely fantastic. Video anywhere with a WiFi connection. And the device is two years old. I used to brag to everyone about T-Mobile phones, they always were a step ahead, now once a killer phone comes out, 30 days later, the other carriers have the exact one with better, and more features. I want it all, a digital compass like the HD2, 8Mp camera, HDMI out, FFC like the EVO, a 5″screen like the Dell Streak, HSPA+ EVERYTHING. Okay the 5″ screen is a bit big, but it’s the works.

    • jdean

      Do you not have a laptop? Nearly all of them come with webcams now. Desktop usb webcams are in the bargain bin now. I think video chat on mobile phones is a bit extreme and uneeded. You’re not James Bond.

      I’d rather that feature not be made standard. If everyone is video chatting…it’s using bandwidth(or will be when people bitch about wifi only not being convienient enough) and I don’t want the network strain. Let the itards have it I say.

      • SEFan

        Who wants to carry the laptop? Remember just a few years ago, when built-in webcams were unusual and a lot of people (me included) said why would anyone want a camera built in? Turns out it’s a pretty useful feature. That’s where smartphones are now. If my phone can surf the web, get my mail, serve as my GPS, bring my music and video entertainment, why NOT be equipped so I can video chat with my family and friends?

        Like a number of people here I don’t see the Vibrant’s lack of a FFC as a deal-killer – though being a Samsung might turn out to be. Still, the cam was on the Galaxy S, and I think it’s a shame that T-Mo didn’t get it for the Vibrant. Just like the HSPA+. Not a deal-killer, but why NOT have the capability on a flagship device? It’s like the network side and the device side don’t actually talk to each other…

    • 007

      It’s called iphone

    • drivethruboy168 Check out the specs here… mentions a secondary VGA camera!

    • JAG

      The problem is not the front facin camera, the big problem is the lack of flash in the camera.

      I decent phone would have it.

  • Really?

    I’m actually REALLY, REALLY glad that it doesn’t have one. After my mistake of purchasing a BH2, I’ve set my sights on getting a “high-end” android with an FFC so I can hopefully use google talk video chat/skype with the family while I’m traveling. If the Vibrant had an FFC, I’d probably reluctantly take the plunge back into a Samsung device. Now, I don’t have to worry about it.

    Honestly, after the BH2 fiasco, and with the huge launch of all of the SGS’ across all carriers, I can’t imagine another BH2 scenario happening with this phone. I’m sure it will be a good product, FFC or not.

    • pimpstrong

      If I hear a comparison between this and the “BH2 fiasco” again….

  • joey

    This is just one thing I can’t stand about mobile companies they change so much crap on cell phones by the time the actual mobile company comes out with it its a completley different phone, tmobile needs to step it up with their technology!! For real!! Is it a deal breaker?? Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spunk2357

    sorry but apple didn’t bring this new feature out into the united states it was actually htc with the Evo over on sprint who did it first

    • Joeb Debe

      thank you every much,I really hate when people think apple is the first to do things, when they only steal it and act like they are the first to do it.

    • nope

      Nope. Nokia had this ffc crap a year ago. Look at the e73.

  • Ted C.

    In reply to Josh:

    I think a more accurate telling probably goes more like this:
    Samsung created multiple versions of the Galaxy S series in order to differentiate them. They then let the various vendors jockey for which version the got based upon the incentives provided to help sell the phone, promotional budgets and marketshare. It isn’t much of a stretch to see that TMobile wouldn’t get first dibs.

    • oh!

      see that makes a ton of sense

  • Steve

    I’ll bet that the front-facing camera was left off of the Vibrant because T-Mobile is worried about use of mobile wireless (3G or better) bandwidth for FaceTime-type apps. Doesn’t seem likely that the hardware is not fast enough.

    The only way to run FaceTime on an iPhone 4 over AT&T’s wireless network is to use a MiFi-type mobile hotspot, and we all know how much bandwidth AT&T really has (not enough), so I think that T-Mobile is being foolish not to provide the front-facing camera for use over WiFI only. Surely the cost per handset is insiginficant.

    • vinny

      Disagree, Look at AT&T, they have the most sluggish network but have a few phones with FFC. Do not understand the logic behind removing a great feature that would sell phones, it had been advertised as the Galaxy S with a FFC before TMO put their brand on it. Why throw away customers b y removing the FFC that it allready had on it. As far as I’m concerned TMO needs to change the brains behind many of their phone buying decisions. Just very dumb moves, they just threw away many, many customers.

  • funkmaskter c

    Yeah – not really sure why they did not include that. I am sure the part is really cheap. Quite disappointing. The real deal-breaker for me is the lack of a qwerty keyboard. Still using my G1 with it’s 5 rows of keys until another model with a dedicated row for numbers comes out. I just don’t understand how T-mo gets so close to a great phone and then fails. Hopefully HTC will provide a better solution through T-Mo late summer/fall of this year.

    Until then, I urge folks to buy Cyanogen a beer.

  • Joeb Debe

    but not having flash is a deal breaker for me .

    • seriously!

      yes!!! i’d much rather have a flash than the FFC

      • vinny

        I agree would much rather have flash. Another dumb ass move. Purposely remove the FFC but don’t bother adding flash for the camera. The people behind the decisions need to be removed. They obviously do not know what today’s smart customer is looking for. Dumb.

    • Eddie Android

      Not having some kind of flash for the camera IS a deal breaker. FFC is not needed

      • Miguel

        Agreed. No flash is crazy. I’m amazed how useful the flash on my phone is in lower light situations.

  • Loco Froyo

    They didnt include it because TMO is the red-headed stepchild of carriers and gets a lump of coal and a reject phone lineup in their stockings

  • da9th_one

    i’ll bet the people in the uk are laffing their asses off at us here in the states…

  • niididy

    Not bothered by a no ffc. I can so live without it; and I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t even use it if I had it. This phone is perfect for me right now. Maybe sometime in the future if Tmobile offered a ffc on another cool device, I’ll get it not because I’ll use it a lot but because I can say I have one. Samsung Vibrant, here I come… :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Look into the coin on the string…
      “You want a ffc. You want a ffc. You want a ffc. You want a ffc. Is it working? are you hypnotized yet?”

  • covert

    As long as it has the iPhone 4’s magic “drop call” button on the side… oh wait…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Been wanting ffc since Nokia N95. Vibrant doesn’t have one so I’m not getting it.

  • zapote21

    Hilarious… Evo and Iphone come out with front facing cameras and now all you sheep say its a “must”? LOLOL

  • I’ll deal. Cause think about the economy for one. Everyone can’t afford phones like this, & think even if I have a phone with a FFC, my friends would have to have one too, & the data plan to be able to support it. So, it’s kind of a fail in itself. I’ll deal I have a laptop w/ a webcam, skype & all. & it’d probably wear down my battery life.

  • The deal breaker for me was TouchWiz.

    • rolo

      Thank u. Yet another slight our way.

    • ObsceneJesster

      Funny you say that. Every review I’ve reas says the new TouchWiz polishes the Android UI and is not in the least bit intrusive. GSM Arena even went as far as saying once you use the new TouchWiz you will never want to go back to vanilla Android. They also said even if you don’t like it you can disable it but still keep all of Samsung’s widgets.

      So tell me why your not getting this device.

    • ObsceneJesster

      Funny you say that. Every review I’ve read says the new TouchWiz polishes the Android UI and is not in the least bit intrusive. GSM Arena even went as far as saying once you use the new TouchWiz you will never want to go back to vanilla Android. They also said even if you don’t like it you can disable it but still keep all of Samsung’s widgets.

      So tell me why your not getting this device.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        just to point out this rather interesting contradiction with what you stated that reviewers said, I am also an avid visitor to gsmarena as I’m sure alot of people here are. Now the contradiction starts with your stating that gsmarena said “once you try the new touchwiz, you will never want to go back”. If that statement is true then why would you also state that they said “if you don’t like it, you can disable it”? If they are sooo sure on people liking the new touchwiz, why would they allow it to be disabled?

        Also, the same can be said as far as the ffc and flash. It should’ve had them and people that don’t like or want them just don’t use them. Simple as that.

        As I stated before, I’ve been wanting a ffc since the Nokia N95 days so the evo and iphone having it had no influence on me wanting it at all. In fact, them two having it will boost competition thus resulting in better quality hardware for it so bring on the ffc competition. I wanted the X10 over this HD2 because it had one but Tmo US being the great company they are, skipped right over that great device so now I’m stuck with my 3rd very faulty HD2 that I’m going to sell or upgrade off of once Tmo gets a phone worth replacing this one with and I just don’t think the vibrant is worth it. Hopefully some real HTC Vision and Twist info come out soon so I can know when to get rid of this HD2.

    • ObsceneJesster

      @Wilma Flintstone….LOL, that is not an example of a contradiction. Let me put this in Laymen terms for you. GSM Arena said you will most likely think the new TouchWiz is a good UI.

      But if for some reason you don’t like it, you have a option to disable it.

      Now WTF is so wrong with that. GSM Arena gave there review on TouchWiz and just simply stated it was a good UI. There are still going to be some people who want plain old Android no mater how good TouchWiz is. All GSM Arena did was inform us it could be turned off.

      Damn, I can’t believe your dumb-ass made me waste time explaining this.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        contradictory statement is basically changing what you originally stated which is what gsmarena apparently did. First you said they said it was good and that everyone would like it (which is obviously wrong) but then they said if you don’t like it”.
        Don’t get so hostile. It’s just a phone forum. Haaa!
        I couldv’e easily retaliated on your name-calling but arguing with you isn’t worth my time. Have a good day. :)

  • Jay

    It’s not going to stop me from buying the phone, but it is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE disappointment for me, especially after I had already gotten used to the idea that it would have one like the Euro Galaxy S.

  • tmofan

    The T-Mobile Nokia N73 has a FFC, but does anyone care? no.

    • Perry

      I was just thinking the same thing.

    • Getreal

      Is Nokia still in business?

      • 007

        lol dumb…

  • expected more from the vibrant…will hold out for HTC

  • brad

    Looks like the poll says it all, only a few folks will really miss a ffc. Galaxy here i come!

  • Mike

    No deal breaker here!!!!!!! Is it the 21st yet?????

  • Tomtom

    Actually the n900 brought the Ffc if u wanna be technical. Is it a deal breaker? Not in the least maybe if it was a better camera like at least 2.5 mp then maybe but come on VGA? The quality of the picture/video would suck so no I’m still getting the vibrant

    • Wilma Flintstone

      wrong, ffc existed on the Nokia N95 waaayyy before the N900 came out. Might want to research a little more next time.

  • rolo

    I’m more up in arms with the absence of F(flash) than the absence of a FFC. T-Mobile catches more of my wrath than any1 else. Y is our version of the SGS half full? I understand that Magenta still has the best plans for the money but if the carrier isn’t going 2 give u something u’ll want 2 carry that won’t matter. & while there may not b a ton of handsets available now with FFC’s that is where mobile technology seems 2b leaning. T-Mobile needs step up or get off.

    • John doe

      Should be the other way around. You should get off

  • niididy

    …again, if it bothered me, it’ll be from the perspective of competition. But when has Tmobile really gone after the competition via device superiority? Never…they concentrate more on good customer service it seems, while that really doesn’t bring them the edge in market share anyway. If you ask me, that’s a wrong move on their part. People don’t really care about great plans and customer service; if you give customers the devices that can compete neck to neck with the competition via specs, ffc included, you got customers for life. Heck I have friends with AT&T who tell me how bad network and customer service is…but I don’t see them leaving – they are enjoying their iphone 4 either way. Same with Verizon: I have friends over there who are so not tech savvy and a silly feature phone would suffice BUT they are all sporting devices from the Droid series and using hardly any of the features. Why is that? Simple!!! Everyone wants the “it” phone that in their minds cannot be touched by the competition. Tmobile needs to start thinking like that because obviously that’s what everyone wants in this day and age. NONE of the current line up will do that – always seem the leave something out of their devices only for the competition to pick up on it and add to their devices.

    While it doesn’t stop me from getting the Vibrant, I hope real change comes soon to Tmobile so the can compete on the device front!!!!!!

  • pjcamp

    No, but ask me about the lack of HSPA+.

    • dcb

      What about it….the phone is HSPA+ Capable

      • croikee

        No, it isn’t. It is HSPA 7.2 capable. No HSPA+ phones have been officially announced yet. This phone was NEVER going to be HSPA +

        And for everyone complaining about flash…does the verizon have a flash? Or a ffc for that matter? This just isn’t Tmobile.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        croikee you’re right. The Vibrant is not HSPA+ capable and was never designes to be.

        As far as the Verizon version not having the features though, it doesn’t matter because this is a subpar phone in Verizon’s lineup. They have much better phones to look choose between and to look forward to so the vibrant (or whatever their version is called) is second rate there. Tmo on the other hand… Hopefully that’ll change soon though.

  • nerd lust

    not important at all! I’m more interested in it’s ability to sync with exchange. My BB 8900 has a great camera with flash, but i have used the flash only twice.

    • Joe

      Some of us actually go outside at night, or to bars, or other indoor places that aren’t brightly lit and need to use flash with the camera. I use flash extremely often for my 8900.

  • Mike

    It actually is a deal breaker for me. My contract is about to be up with T-Mobile and I will likely switch to Sprint. I still like T-Mobile as a company, I just prefer better phones.

  • jmts80

    Don’t care about a ffc. The lack of a led flash on the camera is what makes me think twice about getting this phone….

  • teesquared

    Dealbreaker for me! I have a N1 and was looking to upgrade but with no ffc I’ll pass. Guess I’ll wait to see what’s up the HTC vision

  • I would have preferred a phone with HSPA+, the FFC would have been a bonus. TMo is always behind the times. Their good rate plans save them. And NO TOUCHWIZ!!

    • John doe

      um your clueless. Phone does have hspa+

      • Wilma Flintstone

        um, no, you’re clueless john doe. The vibrant is HSPA capable meaning 7.2. It is not HSPA+ capable.

  • joseph

    Well in my case I coukd care less if it had a FFC, reason being that in order for it to actually be useful to me my contacts would also need FFCs on there phones… but on another not I also vowed to never again buy a samsung or motorola phone and the recent fiascos with the BH2 and the Cliq 2.1 update push backs just added more fuel to my boycot flames

  • Stillwaiting

    The FFC is not a deal breaker for me. I currently have the Mytough slide that I picked up for free on Father’s day weekend. I think it is a great phone, but wonder if I’d be happier with something like the Vibrant that has more under the hood, and a larger screen. I can return my slide up until July 24th, so I don’t have much time to make a decision. Perhaps people can help me decide what to do.

    Here’s two things that are keeping me from jumping at the Vibrant.

    The slide has a camera flash the Vibrant doesn’t.
    The Sense UI seems really nice, I wonder if the TouchWiz UI will even compare

    Then of course, there’s the fact that the Slide was Free the Vibrant will be 200 plus tax.

    Part of me says, keep the free phone, and see what’s better in 11-21 months when I again qualify for an upgrade.

    Thoughts? Apologies if this isn’t the place for such posts

    • Perry

      I am planning to get the vibrant myself. Although, I would say that you should keep the mytouch. Not only did you get it for free, but if you like sense then why give up the phone. The real reason I am getting it is because I like the screen for videos and games.

    • ObsceneJesster

      I think the MyTouch Slide is a great phone. I actually bought it for my wife a couple weeks ago. She hasn’t put it down since. If your someone who loves the tech world than I think you would be happier with the Vibrant due to it’s specs under the hood. In regards to Sense vs. TouchWiz, that is personal preference. I like Sense and I hated the old TouchWiz. I havnt used the new TouchWiz yet but every review I read says it’s the least intrusive Android UI they’ve seen yet. GSM Arena even said, “Once you use the new TouchWiz, you will never want to use another Android UI”. If your worried about not having flash on the camera, the camera on the Vibrant actually has the best aperture seen on a phone yet. If you do some research you can see some low light shots compared to shots taken with another phone that has a camera. The Galaxy S photos look great and very natural while the LED flash on the other phone are all washed out.

    • z6

      I think Android really came to life when I switched from my Mytouch to the nexus one phone. Using navigation, among many other things is just smooth, where as my mytouch was really laggy. Even typing is much better, although still generations behind the iPhone. A 1ghz + processor will definitely give you a much better user experience.

      While having said that, it’s probably better to keep the slide for now and wait for the fourth quarter, where a dual core snapdragon phone is rumored to come out on TMO. Then sell your slide and buy the new phone.

      I think the lack of a flash on the vibrant is a real deal breaker, and the lack of a FFC just makes it a last gen device, and not worth the $200 bucks.

  • Skeemo

    FFC is bs, it sucks, its worthless, no flash on a camera….what good is a camera w/o flash? it sucked on the mytouch w/o a flash, and the cliq, and the iphone, why the hell would you NOT include a flash?!?!?!

  • jeff

    Not having a front facing camera is a bummer. Not including a flash is just stupid. But considering magenta won’t be coming out with something comparable for some time, and after watching the galaxy s destroy a snapdragon processor on quake 2, I’m getting pretty excited about this phone. I’m just going to sell my cliq and use the money to help buy it outright. Then use my upgrade on something better this christmas. BTW.. The htc vision that was “leaked” is almost certainly a fake. I still hold out hope for magenta to bring us something amazing before the year is out.

  • tecjunkie

    Like a lot of others have said I too would rather have a flash. A ffc is a nice candy but a camera with a flash is a must have.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I am actually very very happy it doesn’t have a front facing camera. I have no use for one and it would have likely increased the retail price a little bit. But the reason I am really happy it doesn’t is because the last thing I need is my data speeds to decrease because of every teeny bopper and there mother video calling each other.

  • I just don’t understand why they would remove the camera if it’s already on the phone?

  • Myg1

    absolutely would get this mt slide is running 4mbps n it’s faster than my 2nd tier cable internet..hell I can watch videos on the browser no lags at all so no need for the hsp a + yet its still much faster than sprints claimed 4g network nd att needs to change their their americas fastest 3g network..I jest got pawned ffc or flash no prob…16gig mem built in is the superior feature

  • evil

    I really don’t care about a front facing cam. What I do care about is having a flash on the regular cam. why would they not put a flash on a highend fone? Wtf were they thinking?

  • Barry

    I’ll be getting one until we get something better…not that this is a trash phone like some would say.

  • Shay

    My dealbreaker is no camera flash.

  • corey

    Who cares….apple is having problems with theirs anyway..Come out with a super phone first than worry about a ffc

  • Belcher

    When I got my Net book the built in web cam I thought was the coolest feature EVER… 2 years later I forget the damn thing exists! I ordered my Vibrant today the FFC or lack of one is a total non issue… If my mom was able to see my face on the phone in college she would have known I was HIGH most of the time and my room was messy :D

    • NiiDiddy

      Where did you order it from? T-mobile or Radio Shak? Trying to figure out my best outlet for pre-order. Thx.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I don’t know why some people are upset this phone doesn’t have a flash. All LED flashes do is wash out the photo. Do some research on aperture. I have seen pictures taken with the Galaxy S in night mode and they actually look better than the pictures taken with another phone with LED flash.

  • Eddie Android

    Why does Tmonews always have ads/banners offering crap for the damn iPhone! Screw u Invisible Shield!

  • soklean

    Who cares u can really only use front facing camera on wifi anyways if i am on wifi at time where the other person also happens to be on wifi we would both be home and if were both home then why dont you just use you webcam??

    Radioshack is better for pre-orders because you get a $50 giftcard out of it.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      WRONGO!!! You can only use iPhone 4’s ffc over wifi only and that’s only to other iPhone 4’s (pathetic jobs lockage). N95 used it over the regular data. N96, N97, and a bunch of others can use it over any data signal to ANY phone thats got the feature.

  • rizo

    Yes! Especially with that crappy ui that samssung ships with…

    • ObsceneJesster

      Crappy UI? The old version of TouchWiz was crappy. Every review Iv’e read says the new version of TouchWiz is great. Everyone says it’s the least intrusive Android UI yet. GSM Arena even said, once you use TouchWiz 3.0 you won’t want to go back to vanilla Android. Engadget said it really polishes the Android UI.

      In the end, if you don’t want it then turn it off. There’s a setting right in the menu. You will be losing the ability to have 7 home screens. In the end, the new TouchWiz is more like a launcher than a UI. The only thing it’s really changing is the application tray.

  • iBustcherries

    video chat on a cell phone is a dumb idea to me
    1) because it is just another way to drain out the battery on a smartphone that already dies in WAY to quickly and
    2) If you think texting and driving is a bad idea just wait until the video chat and driving starts…. FAIL!!
    The idea of video chat on a cell phone sounds cool but it is just one of those features that just seems cool now but will be obnoxious in a few years like speaker phone… I don’t know about you guys but there are few things that bother me more than walking through Wal-Mart and being forced to listen to someone elses conversation on speaker phone.

  • al

    The lack of FFC and flash is only a disappointment in the sense that the phone *could* have had them and for some reason we may never be privy to, doesn’t. In other words, just checklist items that I’d probably never use. To me, it’s not ALL about the phone; the carrier matters a lot. I’m happy with Tmo and it would take more than a phone to make me switch.

  • pseudonymous

    I still rather have this phone than dealing with my buggish HD2

  • Getreal

    I tend to agree with both sides on this, but ultimately come down to the fact that the FFC and flash should have been incorporated. I can see that most people will never use this feature, but if you want to really compete today you need all the weapons necessary. Having a pieced together smaller network with 3G lacking in many areas where AT&T and others have it, along with slower less appealing phones is not a way to become a better mobile phone operator or win new business.

    AT&T’s iPhone, the Droid X, and even the EVO have all these great powers, where we are just stuck at TMo with phones like the Nokia Nuron and some crappy Motorola phone that looks like someone drove over a Blackberry 9700.

    I have one iPhone now in the family and I am awaiting some further evaluation before I go over to the dark side. I like what I see though and have not had the dropped phone problems other have seen.

    In any case, I really hope TMo gets something soon that makes me want to stay. Doubtful but maybe?

  • Killer

    I have an iPhone and a mytouch slide no issues with the iPhone and no issues with the slide they both have great features of their own the iPhone I got just because of the way it looks no signal issues here. Samnsung though = fail!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori

    Friend who is a Tmo employee says it is coming out early on the 15th??!

  • drivethruboy168 Check out the specs on here. Mentions a secondary VGA camera

  • laphoneuser

    I could really care less about a front facing camera. I’m more upset about the lack of a camera flash, but even that probably won’t prevent me from buying this phone.

    • adalberto

      you are absolutely right. the big lack here is the camera flash, this is some inexplicable a this point that a phone like this doesn’t have camera flash.

      • flfny

        Yeah but the problem is that all the carriers get a “special feature” to differentiate themselves. Thing is Tmo’s version is basic compared to others because tmo got dibs on being the first to release a Galaxy S (atleast that’s my theory).

        No front facing camera? oh well, aslong as my (possibly ex/future/imaginary) girlfriend has one I don’t care. You know for the times you can’t be with her. I see this being a new trend. Better then sexting that’s for sure lol Sorry for going there.

        It’s not really fare but I for one am happy it’s coming out sooner than later cause I’m ready to throw my G1 out the window. Just waiting for the right phone. The MT 3g slide was NOT it, but with 1ghz processor and 16gb of on board storage (according to it sounds like this will be the phone for me. Flash, no flash. Front facing camera or not.

    • SugarMouth

      Exactly! No flash? WTF?

  • Big Fail T-mobile!

  • Me

    no, but the lack of a flash on the camera is. try taking a picture when out with your friends at night with that.

  • T-almost

    How about a camera flash? Why can’t we just get a phone that has Everything? Nothing else is worth doing

  • T-Mo Mike

    No second camera listed in the specs put out by T-Mo…

  • jazzmanmonty

    i just analysed the pic and it appears that the proximity sensor and ffc are right next to one another? with the ffc being to the left of the sensor? regardless, lack of flash, and such a low megapixel camera really kill it. come on, the samsung behold had a 5 mp camera and its almost two years old! whats the deal samsung?! you build a phone that looks very similar to the iphone 3gs, you give it a touch wiz app that makes menus look like the iphone..cant you be more original, and at least if your gonna copy another phone, give the phone better features than what you are copying to make the consumer choose it over the competitor? sorry, but ur flashy screen doesn’t cut it nor set it apart.

  • blacksilva

    whoever said they cant live without it is lying because they have never had it. almost no phones have it unless your in the uk. even still they are scarce. yes its a nice feature but its not a deal breaker people. get over it.

    • 2FR35H

      Actually that is false seeing as even America had ffc phones in the past.

      • SwizzleStix

        He said ‘scarce’, not ‘never available before in America’. Regardless.. the point is that US networks are catching up to coverage and speeds (but barely) that Asian and Euro countries have… you couldn’t do FFC effectively until now, so between that and the SCARCITY of FFC phones, its pretty safe to say most Americans have never had a FFC phone and pretty ridiculous that people are bitching about something they wouldn’t use.

        The new iPhone can only video chat with other iPhones… etc. Its pretty useless now. If I got a FFC phone right now, who could I chat with? NO ONE I KNOW. So its whatever.

        Missing a camera flash… dealbreaker. What kills me is my old ass HTC Wizard had a flash… then my next 2 HTC phones didn’t (including the G1 which had an abysmal camera in addition to no flash)… now I have a phone w/ LED flash again and whaddaya know, I actually take a TON of pictures now. Amazing.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i can live w/o FFC.. its a nice addition tho.. and thx for putting up the poll David so we can see what we think.

  • Matt Hatter

    Personally, I have lived my entire life without the FFC, can and will continue to do so till it becomes a standard on all cell phones like the camera itself has. Honestly I don’t have any desire to jump through all the hoops to be able to use it as it was meant to be used. Said hoops being having the right phone, having the right app, being connected to wifi, having the person that I’m trying to have a video call with having the right phone, having the right app, being connected to wifi. It’s ridiculous. Don’t put the feature on a phone if it’s worthless. The FFC is currently worthless. Sorry.

    And also, all y’all screaming and crying for T-Mo to have an Android Superphone have finally gotten your wish, but now it isn’t good enough so therefore T-Mo sucks. It goes to show that you can’t please the entitled.

    *stepping off of soapbox*

    • jazzmanmonty

      this phone is not much better than a motorola cliq aside from processor and their “fancy screen.” your misconception is that people are bitching just to bitch. Well people are bitching because they want to use their upgrade for a phone that is up to par with what the competition offers, a phone that is going to last them two years feature wise that isn’t already obsolete a week after we buy them. Granted technology is gonna be superior to todays even a year from now, but at least give us a device that makes us feel satisfied for at least that one year out of the two in our contract, where we can feel our phone is just as good as whats out there from the competitors and won’t be outdated before we blink.

      • Matt Hatter

        Honestly, it’s a much better phone than the Cliq is. Despite the fancy screen and the processor. I’ve no misconceptions. I don’t think that people complain merely to just complain… well not true, I do. But politics is another topic completely. This device will stack up well against the other devices out there on other carriers, as does the HD2, the Slide, and yes even the Cliq. The problem is when you have other carriers shoving their wares down your throat it’s kinda hard to have that seen. That is why Google didn’t sell many N1s. The only people who bought them were technonuts like us. Not your average run of the mill consumer who watches too much prime time TV and has every Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint commercial memorized. As the adage states: “People don’t know what they want, they want what they know”. I say BAAAHH (that’s the sound of bleating sheep)

      • RockTripod

        this phone is not much better than a motorola cliq aside from processor and their “fancy screen.”

        Honestly, there is literally nothing you could say after that that would make you look like less of an idiot.

    • Cupcake


  • Bimmerz

    GS – 2? Anyone see this? Not sure how accurate this is – take it for what it’s worth.

    About the current GS and lack of FFC, it’s not a deal breaker for me – but I am holding out for something better (or so I hope) come holidays. :)

  • soon2TMO

    i dont care about the flash! but honestly im a lil disappointed that the FFC was taken off, but still it is not a deal breaker for me.. next year is probably the best time to get a superphone with a FFC but not this time yet as this year is just the introduction of the said feature.. so im definitely getting the vibrant..


    so why would i get something else when i can have this..? haha :)

    • soon2TMO

      * introduction of the said feature here in the states..*

  • CynDavMin

    A FFC is not really a necessity but dam it would be nice to have one. I have family in every part of the country and who knows maybe one day we can video chat and see our relatives on our phones, live! At the very least it would future proof the phone if it doesnt take off right away. Tmobile has a great network and customer service but their phone selection is the worst of all the major carriers. I keep hearing that there is a superphone coming this holiday season. I’m thinking about waiting for that. if that one disappoints as well, i may indeeed to to the Apple Dark Side! Btw this phone cannot be called a superphone without a FFC and flash!

    • soon2TMO

      there is a reason why it doesn’t have a flash.. keyword here is aperture!!

      and if that is how you determine a superphone, by the flash and FFC… then the droid X should also not be considered a “superphone” as that one does not have FFC as well.. so you think the nokia E73 is a superohne because it has a flash and FFC? hehe lol.. or because it has a power that makes it a superphone..

      as far as i know those supercars like some ferrari ones are missing some puny features that can be found on a corolla.. LOL.. now that is good analogy!

    • Getreal

      AT&T is looking better everyday. I have one iPhone already and another one is probably nearing in my future.

      The superphone I wouldn’t mind seeing is the N8 from nearly defunct Nokia. As Android, iPhone, and even Blackberry (yes, I know Blackberry, can you believe these things are selling overseas?) are decimating their international sales, it will be interesting to see if they can gain any support with this phone. I think Nokia will eventually have a hard time selling phones in Finland if they don’t release that N8 soon.

      In any case, I have patiently waited but the temptation is getting high!

      As for your comment on superphone this holiday season, don’t hold your breath.

  • Matt Hatter

    *climbing back on soapbox*

    One other thing. It has a camera. Yeah, I know no flash sucks; I use a Cliq currently. It’s not a 900 megapixel camera – gar! FYI, the Behold, the only selling point was the camera. If the Vibrant doesn’t sell because it has a standard camera, then I would consider it a fail. I can’t imagine that when someone is buying this device – someone who wants the work horse that this phone is – that a 3 MP camera would be a dealbreaker. That’s just me.

    *stepping down again*

    Sorry, I take things too personally sometimes. I’m excited for the launch.

  • CynDavMin

    BTW the Droid X looks awesome!

    • soon2TMO

      but no FFC! LOL

  • I know yall don’t want to seem like you’re crying about the front facing camera but lets keep in mind that the nexus one *in which I have* is T-Mobile’s only real powerhouse device *the hd 2 needs to be recalled* which includes a 1ghz processor with a cam/flash.. it’s 2010 and the other phone service devices are killing tmobile’s and we have to drool over a phone that take away a flash on the camera and still be stuck BEHIND the iphone and evo 4g? The Galaxy S has it all… why take away features and still keep that high prices for the phone? I want it but I’m going to come to grips and NOT purchase this phone. I’m going to wait until I’m satisfied with up to date specs. yeah tmobile… it’s about time for better devices like around yesteryear. thanks for the customer service though.

    • Getreal

      Let’s not forget that they forgot to also put HSPA+ reception, so when that network is nicely upgraded the people who bought this Android garbage won’t even be able to use the full speed of their network.

      Pathetic really. Love the customer service, and less than impressed with the phone offerings.

    • timdawg919

      I tend to agree with Eric as I have a nexus one as well and while I would like to upgrade to another super phone, they took away the features that make this a superior phone. And then not making it hspa+ device is ridiculous. Why is it tmobile elects to gets these subpar devices

  • sage chicken

    Will probably still buy the Vibrant, but would feel much better about it if it had FFC and flash. Can’t hold out any longer for a smartphone!

  • Matt Hatter

    Hey, David and other mods, can we have a poll about what features and specs everyone would like to see on a new phone or will that end up like this do you think?

  • mrbill

    No, but the lack of an LED flash for the camera is.

  • adam

    No FFc is a big fail for me.

  • JoeH

    The FFC and flash are no big deal to me. I don’t need to see people when I talk to them on the phone…pointless. Furthermore, the lack of these 2 devices probably means that T-Mobile will be able to offer the phone at a lower unsubsidized price. For example, if the camera had an FFC and flash, then we’d probably be paying around the same price as the Nexus One or more…~$600. As it turns out, we may find the phone to be $100-$150 cheaper off-contract ($450-$500), and so once again T-Mobile is smart in terms of offering the best value.

  • OnTheGround

    I’m fine with the lack of an FFC. I can even live without the Camera Flash. I won’t buy this without a physical keyboard. T-MOBILE, THERE IS A VERSION OF THE GALAXY S WHICH INCLUDES A KEYBOARD, PLEASE SELL IT ALONGSIDE THE CANDYBAR VERSION, THANK YOU!

    • Macknifetx

      Have you tried Swype? I have it on my MT3G and when you combine it with Handcent SMS it works great. When I got my phone I was a little concerned about the lack of a keyboard but find it is really not a requirement for me anymore. So, with a 4″ screen and swype, I’ll continue to type to my hearts content.

  • Jason Bonham

    The handsets match the customer base. You need only look at yourselves and the “comments” on this posting to understand T-Mobile’s handset lineup. Makes perfect sense to me.

  • Hey guys,
    I know there a bunch of people pissed about the lack of FFC and cam flash. I heard the night vision on the galaxy is supposed to be so good that it can pick up subtle color changes in the dark, and re-saturates colors to their ‘daylight tones.’ Anyone know or hear more about this tech? In terms of a FFC, I think only a real deuche-bag would need to video chat on a cell phone. We can stream vids to eachother as is, webcams and web chats are for when you really need to see someone elses face talking at the exact same time they see yours. I saw a guy who was webchatting and ordering a mocha at starbucks HOLDING HIS LAPTOP while he ordered and waited at the pickup counter. I will NOT support that kind of mobile behavior!!! I actually wrote an article/rant about this very topic @ my blog below:

    • Jason Bonham

      Here’s a bit of advice to you. If you want a viable career as a “blogger”, you might want to refrain from ending your posting with “Douche-bag”, and “I’m just saying”. It makes you sound like a moron. Why do people without the slightest ability to write with any eloquence or proper grammar assume the world wants to listen to their drivel?

      • Thanks for the advice. I’ll take it ’cause it was deserved.

    • adam

      I’d like to see my wife face to face while I’m 1700 miles away from her. FFC would be fantastic for both of us. If there is no FFC by November when our contract is up, we will be switching carriers. T-mo has been good to us in the past, but has ceased to keep us connected in a way that keeps up with other carriers.

      • SwizzleStix

        that’s stupid… until 2009/2010, what other US carriers have had FFC phones and a network with the ability to use it effectively? Besides, you never heard of a laptop/netbook + Webcam? Don’t be melodramatic cause it makes you sound like a douchebag.

  • sdfas

    even my old behold has a flash ;)

  • Malcolm

    My only beef about the Vibrant is that we all know the international Galaxy S has the front-facing cam. So it led me to assume that one would be included in the T-Mobile version of the phone. It only made sense to me that if you have a phone one way in one part of the world, it would be the same on the other side but clearly this is not the case. I don’t care about flash or other features, it just felt like a rip to take it away.

    But regardless of all this I still intend to buy the phone. I feel I am in DESPERATE need of an upgrade and since Motorola’s [and T-Mobile’s] thoughtfulness with the Cliq has been nonexistent, I want to try out this new monster.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Go for it Malcolm, you will love the SGS. And if you don’t like it, return it to T-Mobile under buyer’s remorse.

      I can assure you, you won’t be missing the FFC.

      And it’s somewhat humorous to watch all the dissing of T-Mobile about the lack of an FFC. People don’t seem to notice that:

      1) AT&T’s Captivate (an SGS) does not have a FFC. Are people’s criticism of T-Mobile also the same for AT&T?

      2) While Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S Pro has it, that’s an entirely different phone than the Vibrant and Captivate since it has a physical keyboard. So that’s not a valid comparison between the Pro and Vibrant.

      3) T-Mobile is the first to come out with the SGS, in a couple weeks. AT&T has NOT announced a debut date for the Captivate. And Sprint’s SGS Pro is a rumor. It has not been acknowledged by anyone in an official capacity.

      So what do people prefer, the Vibrant in a couple weeks, or to not know when the phone will be coming out.

      4) While the Vibrant is “missing” an FFC and LED flash, it comes with 16GB of internal memory while other phones come with ONLY 1GB to 2GB. If I had the choice between 16GB of on-board memory versus an FFC and LED flash, I’d take the 16GB of memory every time.

  • I get tired of TMO USA getting short-changed on the full platform of phones. Even the highly talked about Touch Pro 2 which was suppose to have front face cam, TMO USA waited til the release day just to launch a watered-down version that wasn’t even made of the same material as the original device which was such a turn off I refused to buy it! These are factors that loyal and tech savy buyers (like myself)have to put up with and now with the AWS in place, we cant even buy unlocked devices to use on the 1700 band USA. The Galaxy S is a beast and Samsung should keep it in is raw form and if its about money…well TMO UK needs to be the big brother a help with the marketing and selling strategies of the TMO USA sibling. If it launches without front face…trust that it will be missing more than just 1 feature to water it down. Sad Sad Sad shame on TMO USA

  • jazzmanmonty
    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As I keep saying, don’t buy the SGS unless you plan on selling it in Nov-Dec 2010. That’s because this holiday season you are going to see some outrageous phones debut.

      Remember, there’s a carrier war going on. The carriers have determined that the way to get customers and hold on to current ones is to come out with fantastic new phones every few months. (Plan pricing used to be the attraction, not its superphones that are the catnip, so to speak.)

      By November and March 2011 the Vibrant is going to look and feel so outdated that on seeing a commercial on TV (for some fantastic new superphone) you will run to the toilet and vomit on having counted on your fingers that you have 17 months remaining before you can upgrade your phone.

      For me the elixir is not an FFC or LED flash, it’s 1) 1080p HD recording and playback; 2) 3.0 mini USB port; 3) Bluetooth 4.0; 4) mini HDMI port; 5) Qualcomm dual-core; 6) 2GB ROM; 8) 2GB RAM; 9) 64GB microSD slot; and 7) dedicated graphics (instead of shared). All these things are slated for debut between November 2010 to March 2011, aka all the things my SGS will not have.

      Sidenote: Anyone want to buy my SGS in November? Send me a PM. ;)

      • TMOprophet

        I agree with you on this, but would add one tidbit to your wish list and that being at least a 4.3in high rez screen, and I also am waiting for this combo, and I think TMO will be the first to bring it..I hope

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Pardon my grammar and spelling errors. The above is typical of my late night posts after taking sleep medication. (Hey, that’s my excuse, accept it, or not.)

        In any event, I meant: “Plan pricing used to be the attraction, ‘now it’s’ superphones that are the catnip…”

  • ShortySk8n

    No FFC isn’t a deal breaker. No physical keyboard & the length of time it took for the Behold II to get 1.6 is. I wish Google would do another phone with a bigger screen & keyboard. I would be there. Until then I’m still looking for a replacement for my G1.

    • stillonmyg1

      i feel you!
      i still have my g1 literally from day one i was there on the fist day excited to have the “google phone” and now because i’ve seen so many android handsets come out, i can’t decide when to just jump on another, knowing in a couple of months something else will come out =(

  • dee

    i know i will probably get cursed out for writing these but i been with t-mobile for about 5 years while my mom has been for 10 years.But i decided that i’m going to Verizon there i said it here comes the abused :(.Sorry but 10 dollars extra a month is worth it..

  • Reece

    FFC would be a nice bonus @ this point, but Flash?

    For anyone that says “oo what’s the big deal” name one HIGH-END Android phone that lacks Flash… JUST ONE!

    I’m waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting..

    ..that said it -MIGHT NOT- be a deal breaker only because this phone is ridiculously fast, but us & at&t sharing the most stripped down versions of this phone is too painful for words . I seriously hope T-Mobile didn’t think that Avatar and Sims would make up for us not having at least ONE of the HARDWARE EXTRAS that Sprint or Verizon have… especially FLASH which is A NORMALITY FOR EVERY OTHER HIGH-END ANDROID PHONE!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike





    (Note to self: copy and paste the above post on TMoNews and YouTube so that I don’t have to fight in line to get an SGS on debut date. And make sure to remove this note to self.)

    • Thomas

      very funny…. no FFC? who cares. But now if you have a social life, AND are self absorbed…. I guess you need one…. Its just a “bells and whistles” items that a few people think they need.
      As far as the iphone newest feature of video calling, I personally dont think its going to be good thing, unless the FCC monitors it with a delayed timer on what you really get (sorry, but there are to many pervs out there that will use it for the wrong reason). Not to mention, the rest of the big 4 will prob go the way of AT&T and charge more for the data plans to rip us off for actually WANTING to use a standard feature on the phone.

  • Longinus

    You all are aware that there is a “Nightshot” mode that performs as good as or better than a P.O.S. LED flash?

    As to the lack of FFC? I hear chat roulette has lots of like-minded naughty people. don’t need it on a phone.

  • Henry

    okay bye ItsMichaelNotMike! go ahead n go to AT&T and get nasty costumer service n get no where with ppl that wont work with you.. TMO has been good to me for 6 years n i don’t plan on leaving just b/c this phone doesn’t have FFC and i would like a flash but hey if u really look at it how often do u take pics at night?! not all dat often…

    • TMOprophet

      I dont think Michael was being serious, he was being a smartass

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh Henry… you didn’t get the joke.

      Bonus Sidenote: “Oh Henry” isn’t that a candy bar? Bet you get that a lot.

  • TMOprophet

    Actually I didn’t really care about the lack of FFC, but given more time to dwell on it, I think it would be nice to have. It would definately make taking profile pics for facebook at such much easier. I remember I had the Samsung Blade, which rivaled the Razor at the time, and the Blade had a rotating camera that could face forward or backwards, it was pretty cool, so yeah I think its a good feature.

    • J-Hop2o6

      FFC aint for takin pics.. its for video calls.. HAHAAHAHA! wtf

  • ctk

    for me to even use a ffc on my phone, the person on the other end has to have a ffc. current number of people: 0

    for me to use a flash on my phone i would need a reason to take pictures with my phone. number of pictures i take on my phone that require a flash: 0.

    if the call quality is very good and it can rip through data at a pretty good clip, yes i’ll consider getting one if it fits in the budget.

    now for those who think that not having a ffc and flash are dealbreakers because the iphone has them, what would make you happy? me, i’m happy if the phone makes clear calls and picks up 3g so i can tether if necessary or stream the internet stations i like. (and just fyi, i am not receiving a t-mobile signal on either one of my phones, granted both unlocked from the at&t network. i’m in louisville, ky and i don’t know if its me or the network in the region)

    flash on phones is debatable. ffc on a phone is a luxury. the feature is not that common and the methods of using the feature require a robust wifi network. it will be a while before every carrier has enough customers to be practical.

    • 2FR35H

      Ah not necessarily true about zero. Its called video skype and fring. If you know people with web cams and such that are on computers then it would be great. hell mobile web cam dude

  • JAG

    The front facin camera is not the problem, the problem is the camera flash, where is it?

  • 30014

    Personally I don’t care about a ffc or flash. For me the deal breaker is the touchwiz skin. Even if you can turn it off its still in the phone its just not active. All I want is a nice spec’d phone with the vanilla version of android. I would get the n1 if it didn’t require jumping through hoops. I’ll never buy a phone with a skinned version of android.

    • Macknifetx

      So, based on that logic, you would not buy Windows 7 either. There are a lot of features that really have no use for me, so i turn them off, but they are still there.

      • 30014

        Actually I’m doing just fine with windows xp. My point about skinned versions of android is that they take twice as long to update. Just look at HTC, they’re talking about Christmas before their skinned phones are updated while the n1 has been rocking froyo for a few weeks.

  • an actual photographer

    seriously as a photographer i could really care less about the lack of a flash, as for the ffc (a pointless feature with the current network) if you want one so bad just go with the iphone or the evo. now for the rest of the phones features

    – 4 inch Super amoled screen
    -16 gigs of INTERNAL memory
    – 720p video recording
    -1 ghz processor
    -it’s a super thin device


    – Preloaded with sims 3 and Avatar

    just stop thinking about hardware for a second and think of what the hell you’d actually use a phone for, every day, and realize that no other phone comes close to offering so much on TMOBILE as for the rest of you that wont stop complaining, either wait for something better or go to another network simple as that!

    Good day, I SAID GOOD DAY!

    • pimpstrong

      your right. But I gotta say on THIS network which is rapidly(maybe not rapidly) expanding to theoretical speeds of 21Mbps, I think THIS T-mobile network can handle it.

    • Animate

      Exactly! The FFC and a flash are nice “just because” features but no one will regularly use them. The specs for this phone are great without those. I’ll be getting one on lunch on release day.

      If its so important just go to another carrier. I’ve been with TMO for almost 10 years now and they always have a phone that fits my needs for a decent price.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Excellent post!

      And as a photographer you know what others don’t.

      “Flash Whiners” (my new name for them) are apparently oblivious to the fact that the camera on a cell phone is extremely low grade (aka borderline “junk” in comparison to real cameras); I suspect the sensor is probably the size of a gnat.

      Flash Whiners apparently don’t want to talk about the raison d’être for an LED flash, the friggin camera. Seems to me that instead of whining about the lack of an LED flash, the discussion should instead “focus” on camera specs and the camera’s ability to take acceptable pics. (I say “acceptable” because my experience with cell phone cameras is that they take OK pics, but nothing even close to what my dedicated digital cameras can do.)

      Diss all you want Flash Whiners, an LED flash is not going to result in an el cheapo cell phone camera suddenly taking decent to great pics in low-light situations, nor will an LED flash make an el cheapo cell phone camera into a respectable one.

  • MrMeNaCe

    I got a n900 and i been doing video chat since april on tmobile 3.5g Lol so im good screw a iphone and its wifi facetime,

  • flgirll_99

    A FFC is not a deal breaker for me. Although it would have been cool to have, I doubt I would ever use it. None of the people I talk to on a regular basis would have phones with one and don’t use skype or other video chat applications that often.

  • pimpstrong

    FFC was a deal killer for me but I just can’t wait until christmas to finally get away from my TP2 and into a Super Android. Too long for me.

    MY QUESTION IS: Was tethering left on???

    And judging by the Desire vs SGS Quake 2 test, this phone is a POWERHOUSE!

    • pimpstrong

      Also I only used just over 100 minutes last month anyway so its not like a FFC would make me use 200

  • mailman13877

    OMFG can people stop talking bout data with ffc use cuzz the only company that charges for limited data is Art n if u pay for unlimited data then u have a right to it. The day will not be harmed as my friend has the 2GB data package and used Facetime for 10 min right infront of me and it didn’t take up his 2GB. Because of apps like Fring. Your data will be used regularly as if u were on the web. TMO fails and that’s why they didn’t incorporate it in the vibrant. They will always be last to release hot items and that’s their issue.By the time they release a FFC the basic FFC on phones will be 2MP and up as theirs will still be VGA I promise u guys that.People say FFC is a non issue cuzz only the EVO an iphone has it but guess what.the Iphone sells the most phones be far and now the EVO is doing the same as the Android representer.That’s prob half of phone holders when combining the small % of EVO and large % of iphone customers.Like I’ve been saying u guys SETTLE and that’s why u can say it ain’t needed but ask a winner from overseas whose had it as a basic feature for years an see if they would buy a crappy vibrant over the original SGS.Funny how people say “That’s so cool” when they see FFC use in movies but now they are in denial from sucking TMO an so they don’t care FFC.That’s one sad story..smfh

  • DefD

    The FFC is more of a gimmick than anything. Firstly, the image quality of FFC’s is usually garbage. Secondly, if you want the person with whom you are speaking to see an image of you right at that moment, you can simply snap a pic and e-mail or MMS it to them.

    The other complaint I hear about is lack of a flash for the camera. In my experience, most LED flashes blow out whites and present very unnatural looking lighting in the image–much worse than using a flash on a point and shoot. I much prefer taking pictures in natural light, but that of course is my personal preference. I value the aesthetic quality of the pictures I take which of course means that I don’t really take pictures with a cell phone anyway for the most part. So a decent camera for reference shots or quick snapshots is more than enough.

    I find it intriguing that so many people have such strong feelings about cameras and flashes on cell phones. Compared to REAL photographic equipment, even the coveted iPhone camera is god-awful. Infinite depth of field, flat color, mediocre contrast, and noise are not things I want to deal with when taking photos I value. Point blank, you simply cannot incorporate a REAL photographic device into a cell phone. It’s not about megapixels, it’s about lenses, sensors (for digital cameras), and the ability to control aperture and shutter speed. It’s simply impossible to put a great camera into a cell phone (go use a Nikon D3X and you’ll quickly learn this), so I’d rather the manufacturer not drive up costs trying for the impossible and instead put the money elsewhere (like screen technology). For a real photo that I planned on having as a keepsake, I’d never think of using a phone. Again, just personal preference there.

    For me, the big hitters on an Android device are going to be speed, software functionality, display, and ability to integrate everything I do easily and seamlessly into one device. Cameras and flashes are irrelevant and don’t even make the list of “important features.”

  • mailman13877

    See the how your settlers. You’d brag and buy a phone cuzz it plays quake which an old a** game but not be pissed cuzz of no ffc? I’m sorry but a phone isn’t a powerhouse cuzz it plays quake n comes with avatar n 3D rotational Sims game. This is why TMO will disappoint you for Xmas. They see you guys settle n say “haha lets leave out a key feature n tell em they get it in the spring so they can stay with us” an u fall for it everytime.

    • pimpstrong

      your like the heckling bible nazi from “The Mist”. That aside, I would be on an EVO right now but Sprint has piss poor reception at my house and basically no signal in my basement. TMO on the other hand gives me full reception even in my basement. Yes we are settleers. As are you for whatever reasons you chose to buy what you have and carry what you do. I settle for an 18% discount off an already cheap plan with data, perfect reception where I spend about 2/3 of my time any day. The phone game can never be won. Who was the first carrier to have THE FIRST TWO 1GHZ phones in the US used on their lines??? TMO!! now they are behind but will probably jump right back ahead and then fall RIGHT BACK BEHIND! It doesnt stop. We will always settle for a phone that will be trumped and outdated. Always.

  • cj

    Before buying the Vibrant, I accept the fact that new phones will come out in the future with more features, be faster and cost less. Also, it is not the last phone I will ever buy.

    That said, I am ready to replace my Shadow.

  • Farger

    IF you want the FFC just get the unlocked International version…problem solved!

  • J

    I don’t see an FFC as a necessity yet. Right now, the only networks capable of really using an FFC is Sprint’s WiMax and T-Mobile’s HSPA+. You would never have the needed bandwidth on Verizon or AT&T’s networks. WiMax and HSPA+ is still limited, so most of the time it would only be usuable while on wifi. I really don’t see FFCs as being a common feature until sometime next year. By then, you will see LTE networks and more widely deployed HSPA+ and WiMax networks.

    The camera flash being left out sucks, but the battery life on the phone is less than spectacular. Thats likely why it was left off.

    • mailman13877

      Dude almost everyone has wifi so all companies can use ffc cuzz wifi is not the phone companies responsibility. Also the ffc can handle 3G and it will be proven as Verizon is coming out with their first ffc phone at the end of the year or by Q1 of 2011 at latest n they are on 3G without any mention of 4G coming.

      • J

        Verizon’s FFC will likely only use Wifi. Their network speeds will not be able to provide a good video calling experience. I work on cell networks and have a very strong understanding of what kind of toll video calling will have on them. Sprint’s Wimax and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ are the only 2 cell networks capable of handling this kind of data load. Verizon’s “3G”(which isn’t even as good as true 3G) cannot handle that kind of bandwidth especially with a large customer base like they have.

        There is a very good reason why there are not many FFCs out there right now. The data networks aren’t quite ready. There is a good reason why Verizon hasn’t released a FFC phone yet. T-Mobile is a bit ahead of them in that respect since they released the E73 with FFC in June.

  • mailman13877

    that’s why your a let TMO take ur money n then u say get n international phone but that’s B’s cuzz why pay $300 more after shipping for the device when another company right here in the USA will give u the phone for the same TMO money? Smfh.

    dude ffc isn’t a gimmick.u can’t start off with a 5MP ffc. This is new technology even for the countries who had it for years to the point there is no 3 n 4MP ffc. Its how web cams started. Also u say its image is poor bit u haven’t seen it in person probably. I have seen both the Iphone n Evo n they both show good enuff for video calls. It may not be a web cam but thw point is to give people the options to see a clear enuff image of eachother n not in HD lol. Its the new speaker phone era except with video. U guys will let TMO rape you anytime for ur hard earned money.

    • DefD

      More megapixels in a crappy imaging device simply means a crappy image that’s larger in size. Period.

      I have used devices with FFC’s. HTC Evo 4g to name one. The iPhone 4 to name another. They have crap image quality. Period. I witnessed it firsthand. I don’t care if they make a 12MP FFC, it will still be crap image quality because you’re dealing with a lens that’s the size of a grain of salt and a sensor that’s even smaller. Great image quality is constrained by the physical size of the lens and sensor. Period. No two ways around it.

      So it’s not about settling. It’s about realizing what a cell phone camera is. Once you realize that cameras on cell phones are merely toys–and always will be merely toys–you’ll gain the perspective. You’ll then realize that it’s pointless to obsess over the imaging hardware as it’s physically too small to ever be anything better than mediocre. And you’ll then realize that megapixels only equate to file size and not image quality–and any touting of megapixels by a manufacturer is purely a marketing tactic aimed at those who don’t know any better.

      I wouldn’t walk into Target and expect their $60 electric guitar to have the tone, intonation, and playability of a pro level instrument. The same way I don’t expect a cell phone camera to ever produce pro quality images. It’s not about “settling” here, it’s about understanding what we’re dealing with. The camera on the Vibrant, just like the camera on the iPhone or any other high end device, is merely a toy. Take it for what it is.

      • Andy G

        It’s a camera that records in 720p though!

      • DefD

        Yes, it does record in 720p. But again, just because something is capable of 1280×720 size doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is going to be great or even good. There are many point and shoot cameras that can record 720p video that looks mediocre.

        Image quality is about lenses and sensors predominantly.

      • pimpstrong

        yeah i have one of those off brand $150 HD camcorders and while it does in fact do 720p, its not fluid at all. Excellent picture but the studdering during regular recording is enough to make you want to spend twice as much next time. I agree with the whole XXmegapixel is marketing because the 1mp pictures look just as good/bad as the 3.2mp pictures on my TP2. One would expect a 3 times as good looking picture but thats not the case. The VIBRANT will shoot 720p but will probly be as choppy as my camcorder.

      • 3G rules

        Defd is correct. The Nokia Nuron has a 2mp camera and no flash and yet it has a really good lense. It takes really great pictures even in very low light and it takes amazing stable video! I was really impressed with the quality and it is due to the lense not the mp.

    • Animate

      Would you just go ahead and leave already…

    • croikee

      Maybe when you learn how to type coherent sentences instead of saying ‘enuff’ and loads of crap unintelligent slang like that, people will take you seriously.

  • SwizzleStix

    Overall, on paper, this is still an awesome phone.

    FFC, its stupid to think of this as a dealbreaker. Go get an f’n iphone then and make sure everyone you want to chat with have an iPhone too.

    Lack of camera flash… only sucks if you’re used to have a flash. If you’re coming off the G1 or such, this is an awesome upgrade.

  • RockTripod

    It would be cool to use video chat, for 5 minutes. Then I would start playing with every other app I could get my hands on. And make normal phone calls. Really, while a very cool feature, it isn’t something I see a lot of people using frequently.

  • pimpstrong

    mailman needs a nap

  • Andy G

    The article mentions it being “one of” the most powerful… Wouldn’t it be THE most powerful phone on T-Mobile… I can’t think of anything better for TMO now… From what I hear the Hummingbird processor is better than snapdragon(HD2) and I think most would agree Android is superior to WM(HD20)….Plus the Vibrant can record in 720p which the HD2 cant… I think the only phone comparable on TMO USA is the HD2 and the Vibrant is just a better device IMO!

  • mailman13877

    Lol u no I’m right.lets face it TMO fails n people wouldn’t complain with ffc n flash if they had it but if they don’t they complain n that’s not what a business wants. When Verizon or sprint n ATT brings out a phone there’s not real any missing feature complaints. TMO on the other hand…

    • pimpstrong

      so my friend what do u settle with?

      • mailman13877

        Idk yet who I will settle with. Been with TMO since 2001 so its hard lol. Like Lebron my free agent day is the 28th

    • croikee

      what feature does att and verizon’s version have that Tmobile’s does not? FFC? Nope, not on either. Flash? Nope, not on either. So please, enlighten us as to the features those carriers have that we do not?

      Sprint has a flash AND a FFC I believe. There is also a legit reason why I left Sprint. They suck.

  • 138

    FFC is not a deal breaker. Like RockTripod said it would be used for about 5 minutes and then never touched again unless, your just one of those people that has to show everyone else how cool you are.

    • Maverick128

      I agree. It’s a gimmick. When I lived in Greece, everyone had a ffc on their phones and not once did I see anyone use it in the 2 years I was there. You’ll try it out for a little bit, and then get bored of having to fix your hair to make a phone call. I thought it had been established that video calling is a terrible idea. You have to pay complete attention to the person your talking to (looking at) and it’s harder to lie. Imagine trying to call in sick or let your girlfriend know that you are working late and can’t take her to that stupid Chick flick she’s been wanting to see. You know she will tell you to pan around the room to see.

      I also don’t see the lack of a flash as being a deal breaker seeing as built in flashes typically suck unless you like red eye and poorly lit subjects. Go outside or get a real camera for pictures.

      The only thing that could be bad would be a lack of updates. Samsung has already said that it will get 2.2 but what happens after that? Do we get Gingerbread? Anything else? It’s a powerful phone to only have one update.

  • Vision77

    Okay a FFC is definitely not a deal-breaker….No LED Flash, and inability to take full advantage of HSPA+ network ARE DEFINITELY DEAL-BREAKERS. Could somebody let me know who picks the phones at T-Mo US….This person is not doing a good job IMO. With each new phone release T-Mo has the opportunity to gain new customers which equal revenue which equal network expansion etc….But it all starts with a truly KICK-ASS device….Back in the day it was the Sidekick. Now things have changed…T-Mo needs a truly KICK-ASS signature device. Verizon has the Droid-X, Sprint has the EVO, At&t has you know what and yet T-Mo continues to champion devices that border on greatness(HD2,Vibrant), but ultimately dwell in mediocrity. T-Mo the demand for a GREAT (fully capable)DEVICE is there….You just have to supply it. And yes I own a G1, iphone 3G, MT3GS, and use a Rooted NEXUS ONE. I’ve been with T-mo since they were voice-stream. I don’t think many can disagree with me and those that do usually get their arguments shot down quick.

    /soap-box off :)

  • Chad

    The FFC isn’t a deal breaker, but no LED flash is. 2 of the 4 US versions have a flash, ours does not for no reason what so ever.

  • mailman13877

    The hummingbird is not an official success n its with Samsung so that’s a red flag. The HD2 if porting android to it is just as good n can probably record at 720p jailbroken.The Nexus One is also just as good when rooted. Vibrant is only the best based on factory settings.

    • NiiDiddy

      ….so it has a potential to be better than the rest when rooted?? that’s what i got from your comment. you are onto something – that still makes the SV better than the rest u mentioned above based on what you wrote.

      • mailman13877

        No it wont be better when rooted cuzz all you can do is Max the speed n anything else the N1 n HD2 will be able to do since the software is the same.

      • NiiDiddy

        Got it.

  • pimpstrong

    mailman what have you settled with?

  • DeoreDX

    I can live without a FFC as it is a novelty and not a necessity. But no flash? That’s a deal breaker for me.

  • bbc

    Those that really want a FFC need to read reviews of the EVO and iPhone4 video calls.
    1. It doesn’t work well.
    2. It’s actually not nearly as useful as it looks.

    I could back those points up with a number of reasons and links, but I’m in a meeting :). Putting a FFC on the Vibrant is selling the sizzle and not the steak. Tmobile could use some sizzle right now, but if you’re serious about a phone and not useless gimmicks then the Vibrant looks like a great choice.

    Here’s a review of Sprint’s EVO video calling – sounds wonderful :(
    “All right, what about video calling? Surely this is the killer app. Imagine: your friends and family can not just hear you, as with normal phones, but see you as well (assuming they also bought Sprint Evos, of course).

    Well, let’s hope they’re NASA engineers, because this feature is head-bangingly unstable. After two days of fiddling, downloading and uninstalling apps, manually force-quitting programs and waiting for servers to be upgraded, I finally got video calling to work — sort of. Sometimes there was only audio and a black screen, sometimes only a freeze-frame; at best, the video was blocky and the audio delay absurd.”

    • mailman13877

      I care less bout reviews since I seen the Evo video call in action n it works just as good as facetime.

  • 3G rules

    Hey mailman, you have no clue at all what you are talking about. Don’t you have some real mail to go deliver? And your “gangsta” grammer is not at all amusing or “cool”, in fact it only shows your ignorance. I take it you are not a t-mobile customer by the tone of your post. a ffc is not all that yet and i think the network engineer probaly knows a little more than you when it comes to this. Ugh, i’m just wasting my time with you.

    • mailman13877

      What gangsta language are you talking bout.stfu..the network engineer u talking bout is an idiot cuzz the 3G can’t handle video conference but then how come if u have an N1 u can see the person on Fring in a video call? If the N1 had ffc it would be able to let others see u. Video calling on Fring works on 3G you settler.TMO can lie to u idiots but when Verizon comes out with there ffc phone later this year watch ur settling self look stupid since Verizon is also 3G. Also if u read my post it says ive been with TMO since 2001. Just tired of their failures. Stop tryna bash me cuzz I have a point. Last thing..people was swearing up n down that adding a flash would make the phone thicker well why is Verizon still the same size n also flashing wasn’t even in the original phone so that shows TMO has no clue on pleaswing their customers.

  • mingkee

    The problem is the network. The neteork simply doesn’t have video conference supported.
    Perhaps someday T-Mobile has enough 3g coverage and has it enabled.

  • Everyone who disses the FFC is one ugly mofo and over the age of 35. Its new tech and was on the original version? And since this is the United States I bet your obese too! Come on Tmo quit hating.

    • babajoo

      new tech???? you do realize that a ffc has been around since AT LEAST 2004 right?

  • dudewheresmyflash

    I can careless about a front facing camera.I wanna know why they decided to not put a dual LED on this phone that would have been a deal breaker for me since my upgrade is around the corner. So i guess its HD2 for me.

    • WAIT!!!

      you should really just wait for another android phone, i had the HD2 and it was amazing for the first week, after that it all went downhill.
      -the Marketplace (app store) is a joke
      -completely buggy
      -have to stay on top of the task manager all the time

      after my experience with it i went running back to my G1 with no regrets considering even the G1 is a more reliable phone.

  • wade2miami

    The real disappointment in my part is that other carriers are getting a front facing camera in the same line of the phone. I would not mind a front facing camera, probably it would be pretty useful and somewhat fun. However, a bigger setback (in my opinion) is the lack of a camera flash. I enjoy having the ability of having and using the camera flash as a flash light and I find it to be very handy in some situations. Therefore, my real problem here is that other carriers are receiving both, front facing camera and camera flash and it is disappointing that T-Mobile failed to receive the same for its customers.

  • remixfa

    the HD2 is a horrible phone. most of those that are sold are returned. It has exellent specs, but it runs like every other windows phones.. chop, lag, freeze, death. even a snapdragon and lots of memory couldnt save it.

    im getting the vibrant. I dont care about FFC. There isnt enough phones and peeps with it for it to be useful more than once in a blue moon. The lack of flash bugs me, but otherwise this phone is it.

  • DefD

    So the phone has hands down the best display currently available–as demonstrated in side by side comparisons with other high end devices including iPhone 4. It has better processing and graphics rendering than Snapdragon powered phones–as demonstrated in side by side comparisons. It has superior touch responsiveness, including phenomenal multi-touch tracking capabilities–as demonstrated in side by side comparisons. It runs on the Android OS, arguably the best mobile OS available.

    Yet no flash for the toy camera and no FFC are deal-breakers here?

    • mailman13877

      Yes its deal breaking cuzz the G1 is visually good enuff so why is super amoled important now. Alsop comparing the Iphone cuzz there are many better android phones to compared it with. The Iphone will always be the best phone as far as everything in one without jailbreaking. Android is the vest as far as when u root or customize it n the fact that android is bout the OS. With android you can switch phones but with Iphone u can’t so they are both as good n as different. Flash n ffc should have been added or atleast one of the two. The flash definitely helps within 10 feet as opposed to night vision on the vibrant. See you settlers n TMO think alike n that’s why TMO is always in 4th place. Smh..btw all the reviews on the vibrant is getting worse as far as appearance cuzz it’s a 3G rip n they are saying the plastic is extremely cheap.

      • DefD

        The irony here is that several folks are decidedly “settling” for inferior displays, inferior operating systems, inferior processors, and inferior performance over an LED flash and FFC. I simply can’t grasp that.

        Regarding your G1 remark. As I mentioned before, I’d rather a manufacturer put money into technologies that have the possibility of being improved by leaps and bounds. Displays fall into this category. I’m an original G1 owner. The screen was nice in 2008, but it’s a dinosaur now. It’s difficult to see in daylight, touch responsiveness is piss-poor by today’s standards and it struggles with today’s standard of multimedia. The MT3GS (which I also own) has a display so far superior to the G1 in every category, that it quite frankly astonishes me that the G1 is still sold. Moving away from the display, the G1’s processor and memory specs are terrible by today’s standards, not to mention it will never be officially upgraded beyond Android 1.6. So who cares if the display’s picture quality is “good enough” if the phone is an outdated slug performance-wise to where it can barely keep up with today’s software standards? Display, processor, and OS are the most important “parts” of a smart phone. Far more important than the ability to take a crappy picture of someone in the dark.

        At any rate, display, processor, and software can all be realistically improved by huge measure. Cell phone cameras cannot. Like I said, the physical size constraints simply won’t allow for it.

      • croikee

        The fact you are still posting here simply proves YOU are ‘settling’ as well, since you are still here. The day you stop posting proves you have moved to a different carrier and are no longer settling on Tmo. That is a day that we, here, will rejoice.

        Please, mailman, stop settling and MOVE to another carrier. I’d hate for you to be a hypocrite much longer….

  • Garet

    Yes its a draw back for me I have a nexus one so for me to buy my next phone it has to give me something my phone doesnt.So taking away my flash is also a negative. The plus it will run better on 3d games and to be honest it just isnt enough for me to hand out the money and lose the flash and not gain a FFC.

    I most likely will not use the FFC but it would be nice to have the chance to use it.

  • techvudu

    The hell with FFC. Why on Earth would you not include a flash? Who decides which carriers gets hosed and which one’s dont. Looks like Samsung has it in for the GSM carriers in this case. Notice Sprint and Verizon have all the features.

    • Agreed, lack of a FFC is no big deal to me, can’t see myself ever using it, but the LED flash would be handy to have.

  • j1

    no fcc or flash, was the deal breaker for me, as i currently have a cliq(paid full price so i could save my upgrade btw) from tmo, but recently purchased a commitment free ip4 from satan smh lol as opposed to buying the vibrant..

    Im not bashing tmo or their decision to go with the vibrant as a successor to the g1(which admit it or not it is).. i just couldnt bring myself to buy something that looks so much like a iphone(hardware and ui wise), but lacks a ffc and flash..

    But i see a tmo usa “Flagship phone” sailing really soon.. espicially considering the death of the sidekick(tear), and Gingerbread due out of the oven around octoberish lol.. I think good ol Magenta will unleash a beast late 4th qtr that will devour the competition this holiday season.. beit a sk twist or htc vision(with the original specs that had us all salivating of course lol)..

    Either way i cant see myself divorcing tmo, their plans and cust service rock(I mean they even offer tech support for iphones lol) .. so guess i’ll jus rock my ip4 on tmo until they release the monster from its cage.. jus my h/o is all.. rate it, hate it, or appreciate it.. ltr ppl

  • Andy G

    I can live without the ffc for many of the reasons people have already stated… I do however agree that since other versions of this exact same phone come with a ffc it would be nice to have one in ours as well… I would also have preferred the pro version with the pk… I know people will jump up and say oh the pk is overrated and i prefer the touchscreen anyway, but the fact that sprint customers can choose their preference irks me… I would like the option as well!

  • remister

    It isn’t the lack of a front facing camera, more of a lack of flash for camera taking :(
    I gonna get an unlocked european for of the galaxy s

  • Shiboukshi

    : Please refrain from belittling the FFC and its users. Because you don’t have a use for it, it doesn’t mean that no one else should either. I use Skype frequently to communicate with family and friends in Europe, Middle East and Australia. We use the service’s video chatting capability extensively because it keeps us close. They all own phones with FFC because it’s almost the norm overseas. That said, I was looking forward to having the FFC on T-Mobile USA’s version of the Samsun Galaxy S, but I got extremely disappointed. I have been on T-Mobile for 7 years, but I have a choice to use the provider and device of my choice. So, I am switching to Sprint this Thursday for the EVO. I read reviews, saw videos and tested the device and I know for sure that Fring works flawlessly on it. Please Google Fring if you aren’t familiar with it. I seriously hoped that T-Mobile USA would have offered the device’s international version. This made me realize that T-Mobile USA’s network can’t handle super-smartphones. It’s great for featurephones and smartphones. i.e. its lineup isn’t geared towards businesses and power users. I would have preferred to stay put to avoid the hassle of transferring to another carrier, but it seems that T-Mobile USA is adamant about staying put in fourth place.

  • Amy

    i could care less about the front facing camera, i also am more upset about the lack of flash

  • Dashdroid

    I’d probably NEVER use the FFC so it isnt NEEDED. But who absolutely NEEDS every feature of their phone? Every phone i’ve ever had has had voice dialing and I’ve NEVER used that. But when we’re holding our ever-so-frequent my-phone-is-better-than-yours” debates, FFC would be good to have.

    But No Flash? C’mon! Havent we passed this technological obstacle yet? The Galaxy S is also a universal remote for your TV, why is it so hard to add a tiny light that flashes before a picture is taken?

  • Anthony in Utah

    Front Facing Camera on cell phones? I would never use it except for the simple bit of saying I got to use it…. just once. for fun of course haha

    As for the Vibrant in line next as T-Mobile’s great power house phone… I don’t know if I want to have no physical keyboard… I enjoy the ease of having a keyboard as well…. seems like I am a faster typer and can type emails better. :-)

    • DefD

      Hey Anthony, I felt the same way about the physical keyboard deal. I do so much e-mailing from my phone that not too long ago I wouldn’t even consider a phone without a physical qwerty. Because I can’t stand the on-screen keyboard on the G1 and I couldn’t even stand the iPhone 3G keyboard. But when I had the chance to put an Evo 4G through the paces, I realized that tons of improvements have been made in on-screen keyboard tech. I was actually able to type quickly with minimal errors without feeling awkward. Then when I used Swype for the first time on the MT3GS, I was convinced I didn’t need to hang on to the physical qwerty anymore.

      If you haven’t already, check out a current high end Android device in-store and see how you like the standard keyboard as well as Swype.

  • Lori

    All of these comments bitching about the lack of flash are mind boggling considering how many times the photographic proof of the larger aperture have proven that the flash IS NOT NECESSARY!!!

    Oh well. :)

  • Jed T

    The lack of the front-facing camera is not currently a deal-breaker. But, what gives me pause is that I want my phone to last for the next 2 years. If, in 6 months, *every* high-end phone carries the front-facing camera (a good possibility, IMO), then the useful lifetime of the Vibrant is greatly reduced. I think the front-facing camera is a must.

    • M.

      I agree 100% with Jed T

    • swehes

      I’m buying the phone off-contract. It will cost around $450 plus taxes. Instead of paying $199 straight up and then add another $480 over a two year period for having to have a $20/month more expensive contract. Then when the new phones comes out at christmas, I take my $50-100 loss (by selling on ebay) and get myself a nice new phone. :)

  • BeverageNinja

    FFC and LED flash are not a necessity on this or any phone, for me. FOR ME. Would it be nice if they had them? Sure. Are these features that I would use on a daily basis? No. Sure, you can come up with all sorts of scenarios where a FFC would be the greatest thing in the world for you to have, but for me it isn’t a must have item. Hell, in a day and age when most people communicate using text messages, rather than using the MAIN feature of a phone to talk to you, why on earth would they want to use a camera to see you as well? As for the lack of an LED flash, it appears that the camera has a high aperture setting and takes good photos in low light situations, so the LED isn’t really necessary, for me. Personally, I’m getting this phone day one.

  • Just to test out Tmo coverage in my area and to get a sense of what Android can offer I bought a used G1. I had planned on getting the Nexus one but when heard Tmo maybe getting the Galaxy S, I delayed the purchase of the Nexus one. Finaly last week the spec was out for the Vibrant and WTF no flash?? Don’t really care much for FCC but no Flash huh? I don’t use my camera much that’s because most of the time I want to use it is in low lit area. And usually those moments don’t come often (dinner with old friends and family or my son just being silly and cute :) ) Based on the Spec and many videos I’ve seen it’s a killer phone, but with the lack of Flash it’s a no go for me so I ordered the Nexus and it will arrive today. Yes the Vibrant is better as a media centric, and social networking, and at 3D gaming, but don’t do much of those and would rather get the faster Android FW updates, wifi hot spot/tethering and yes a flash :) LOL! So will have to do Ebay for an international galaxy S version in the near Future.

    • Longinus

      nobody seems to get this into their skulls. nightshot mode makes LED flash look like junk tech. you DONT NEED IT.

  • Scott

    FFC would be a “hey look what I can do with my phone” but not a deal breaker. My question however is why did they remove the Track Pad? Having used a G1 and MyT3G with track balls it makes it easy to move around.

  • swehes

    FFC is something I like to have. Reason? When I travel, it would be nice to just have to have the phone to talk to my wife and children instead of having to pull up my computer.

  • DjECast

    While I’m not one of those that is really up in arms about this the fact of the matter is that TMo, nay, all the US Carriers are late on this feature. The last phone that i purchased through TMobile was the Behold I and when I had to replace it due to a pressure crack on the screen I bought an unlocked LG Viewty. The Viewty is a UK Virgin Mobile phone that works on the US Magenta network (not 3g) and I was surprised to find an FFC on the phone. Why was I surprised? The phone was released in 2008. that’s about 2.5 years ago and they already had the FFC. And yes it’s not only a camera for pictures but also for video calls. So although the lack of the FFC on the Vibrant is not a deal breaker for me (I’m not purchasing the vibrant since I’m praying the TMo will pull its head out of its… and deliver a substantially better phone by august) it is a feature that should have been a long time coming for all of the US carriers…

    • DjECast

      Also wanted to mention that the Viewty, again a 2008 UK phone, has an electronic flashtube… and we’re complaining about an LED flash…

  • DJECAST, Yes FCC is been a feature on alot of phone overseas for the past 3 years or so. Just another perspective about importance of Camera and flash in general. In the past 2 years I have had the priviledge to travel a bit and have always seen phones in Asia and Europe have better/advance features then phones here in the US. Nokia and Sony so far has had the biggest market shares as far as # of phones sold and believe it’s due to their camera features. We in the US don’t emphasize much on the quality of photos on our mobile phones becuzz as many mention “if you want quality photo use a real camera” well for us having a couple of digital cam/video is no problem. But for a good number of people in other places their mobile is an all in 1 device (camera/video/internet connection/tethering and wifi hot spot)where they can’t afford individual devices or services mobile phone is a big deal. Anyways an unlocked international version keeps looking better by the minuete LOL. Tmo I think u get the message FCC and Flash seems to be a feature most desire so hope you have plans to offer another Version if you want to make your customers happy =)).

  • CJ

    The lack of an LED flash will keep me from buying this phone… can they leave off something so very basic. It’s BS that T-mo screws the pooch on every device; can they not release a “complete” package. The HD2 was the closest thing yet, but WM6.5 sucks so bad….Sprint Evo here I come….through with the big T.

    • Longinus


  • Cat

    but hey people that you don’t know it. It’s deaf million people had video chat new future phone than text typing in message. and deaf million people want add FFC in super phone use wifi than txt msg in phone. that’s simple! because T-Mobile’s popular Sidekick brand has officially been temporarily discontinued. Then deaf million people will switch to sprint HTC evo 4G FFC. and Tmobile lost to deaf million people. i know that t-mobile doesn’t care about deaf peoples. T-mobile fail now…. t-mobile unbalance and unfair and unequalizes. I am deaf person costumer t-mobile had (htc) old wing tmobile waiting for get new upgrade buy new super phone with ffc. its important to me. either people dislike ffc or like ffc. it’s up to peoples. got it?

  • @Vision77, you said it all brother. Nothing else needs to be said. AT&T, Verizon & Sprint are all major league and T-Mobile is Triple A waiting to be called up to the bigs. Always a day late a dollar short. GET SOME REAL PHONES WITH SOME REAL FEATURES! This is the equivalent of coming out with a flat screen LCD 480p television. People want cameras with flashes, HSPA+ and FFC. Get it with or get left further behind.

  • @Vision77, you said it all brother. Nothing else needs to be said. AT&T, Verizon & Sprint are all major league and T-Mobile is Triple A waiting to be called up to the bigs. Always a day late a dollar short. GET SOME REAL PHONES WITH SOME REAL FEATURES! This is the equivalent of coming out with a flat screen LCD 480p television. People want cameras with flashes, HSPA+ and FFC. Get with it or get left further behind.

  • Will

    The lack of the FFC isn’t a full on deal breaker, but it is frustrating to see it removed.

    Yes, I can see where many people would never use it. But it is hardly a gimmick as some of us do use video chat regularly for personal and business use. Even if it was only really usable on WiFi it would still be nice to have when wanted/needed.

    For me, I use video chat on Skype regularly for business so it would have been very useful to have had it on a phone I would use overseas as well as here in the US.

    The frustrating part with T-Mobile is that they didn’t simply remove the camera and change the casing, but decided that it was vitally important to give us The Sims and Avatar. Two useless things that most people will either never use or delete instead of keeping a feature that may be simply for show for some or a useful tool for others.

  • Rich

    I don’t care what people say. Lack of flash for the camera is unacceptable. I’ll stick to my Nexus One

    • rtracescheme


    • Longinus


  • iFloss™

    Well then again a 1GHZ processor isn’t necessary either and here we are in experiencing a battle for the fastest 1GHZ proccessor.

    Supply and demand. HTC did it first with their EVO (in the US atleast because the Touch Pro2 had it (Euro version) and hundreds of phones even before that).

    T-Mo is never going to reach the second or first spot as wireless carrier giant if they don’t do something innovative that doesn’t have to do with software. They need better promo and more aggressive campaigning as well as a more competitive line-up

    Just look at verizon we were beating them for a minute until they adopted the Droid name.

    • rtracescheme

      actually the hd2 had it first in America and another point of the 1ghz processor is the ability to provide enough speed for multitasking and keep up with the demand of new apps and many more reasons alone other than to just plain be the fastest. also as far as the vibrant goes for me at least the deal breaker was no flash for the camera i didn’t care when we got a 5mp vs an 8 mp but no night shoots or light for night video was a definite no thanks. For a phone that is to be marketed as a multimedia and entertainment device it isn’t holding up to all of the claims when think multimedia i don’t just think news i think being able to capture the moment no matter what time of the day.

  • woody

    Absolutely it’s a deal-breaker when you sign a 2 year contract for a device. I contemplated getting this device, but decided against it. My contract is up in September. I will be switching to AT&T if something better doesn’t come along before then. I got a G1 when they came out and was thrilled with it in the beginning, but have been thoroughly disappointed with HTC/Google in their support of upgrades etc. With an iPhone I know I will be getting the best of the best. Hardware wise there may be a better camera or more memory or this or that, but Apple has been making the best personal computers and OS since the beginning, and they brought their expertise to the cell phone world. Samsung + T-Mobile or iPhone + AT&T = unhappy customer. iPhone + T-Mobile = iVeryHappyCustomer. C’mon T-Mobile, bring it already, or something better than Samsung Vibrant!

    • Longinus

      No, with an iPhone, you get what Steve Jobs says is the best, and screw the rest. Apple is quickly becoming the AOL of this decade. “The greatest trick AOL ever pulled on the populace is convincing everyone they WERE the internet.”

      Check this video out about the iPhone4
      you will laugh hysterically.

  • jack

    i like how a few months ago there were no phones that had a ffc and now new smartphones that dont have one people sey it sucks.

  • Longinus

    Look, I realize this thread is long and people don’t want to read the whole thing. But, come on. Read up on the product you’re pooping on. Nightshot mode takes care of the whole “no LED flash” thing. Seriously. Before you start (or continue) crapping on this phone, please get it in your hand and try it before you spout off. You all really don’t know what you’re talking about, with all due respect. Nightshot is pretty darn good.

  • PC

    Seriously, people, get over this. You won’t have the bandwidth for video chat; half the time it barely works on my Mac anyhow over broadband. Oh, and either a low-res front facing camera or an LED flash (heck, most any flash – I only photograph using available light) would just make you look even uglier than you people already are!

  • CJ

    We are indeed so behind Asia and Europe, in terms of rolling out new tech… In 2006 and 2007 I already had Sony Ericsson 3G phones with FFC (P990 and P1i). My two P990i phones are on a recycle row :) but I am still using my P1i with T-Mobile USA (2G only mode), though my primary phone is HD2.
    I guess the vast amount of territory to cover in US plays a role here, or maybe the rules are more stringent… but it just SUCKS, when we wait, and wait, and at the end we get a hardware/software circumcised edition of otherwise a great phone…
    They (mostly Sammy) should have left us an option to buy an unlocked/unsubsidized fully featured version of the phone, with AWS band for T-Mobile use :) …
    Btw, I also wonder, why manufacturers are even making these deals with carriers, they should just release an all-bands-in-one phone and let everybody have fun…
    Oh, I think I know why, manufacturers do not want to spend millions on marketing, they would rather make a deal with a carrier and carriers would market a new phone exclusively to their own customers and try to attract new ones too… All this sucks even more… As sad as it would sound, nobody cares about our enthusiasm, it is all about money.

  • jack

    No FFC is no biggie, but no flash too?! c’monnnnnn

    • namo

      YUP!!! NTY

    • jose

      from the beginning i said i could live without the FFC but not with out a flash. especially a phone that the camera is one of its highlight features. but i think every high end phone should have a FFC nowadays.

  • William

    I have to say, I’m fairly disappointed. In fact, none of the Galaxy-S variants that I’ve seen have the FFC (not the verizon version, nor the QWERTY-carrying sprint version either). I find this to be pretty disconcerting.

    This means if you want vid-chat capabilities on your phone, you have to either have an iPhone (and be limited to FaceTime with other iPhone 4 users only) or switch to Sprint and get the Evo… neither of those options is very appealing to me.

    Even if T-Mobile limited it’s use to over WiFi like the iPhone4 (until the end of 2010 anyway) it would be a competitive factor. As it stands, it’s a complete and utter loss.

    • Alejandro

      The Sprint one is the only one who DOES have the FFC. It has a Camera Flash too. That’s what I’m getting. Sorry T-Mobile…But you fail at superphones…

      • Ann

        I totally agree with you Alejandro I could have lived with out the ffc but what really got me was no flash camera. So I am sorry tmobile I am not going to stick around to see what other phones you may come out with I am taking my money back to Sprint because it seems like know they have their act together when it comes to smartphones

    • chris

      Apple just approved fring for the iphone.It’ll work over wifi AND 3G.

    • john

      Why do you need a FFC?? Do you actually need it or just want it to have it??

  • Mike

    The higher end Nokia smartphones have FFC and can take advantage of video conferencing over the network, wireless just makes it better.

    The thing I find more disconcerting is each of the Galaxy-S phones are different.

    @jack really you need flash? We’ve been without flash for years, why the sudden itch to get it? I think the internet would be better (and more ADA compliant) without flash.

    • jose

      im pretty sure he meant a CAMERA flash.

  • TheLight

    The better questions are,: Who is getting the Vibrant, who is waiting for a superphone(HTC Twist),who wants a niche device like the charm and garmifone ?”

    I check the superphone bubble as long as it has the Project Emerald “like” specs

  • vrsixx

    I’ve said this on another forum, It wouldn’t be so bad if Every U.S carrier receiving this phone got it without the FFC & Flash. But It seems T-mo has, yet again opted for the the watered down version. The reason I stayed with T-mobile rather than switching out was for this phone to replace my G1, but the thing gets here and bam, were hit with this chintzy version, we’ll call it Samsungs Beta version of the phone, and all other carriers (att Vzw and alike) get the actual release. I feel let down, and if Sprint had the Evo In stock, I would have bought it last week. I’m tired of this tm’s phone trickery. Stop waisting money on phones such as the garmin & Moto xt n Charm and invest in some up to par high end phones!

    • DefD

      Like someone already mentioned, night shot mode eliminates the need for an LED flash and produces a much better image than one taken with a flash.

      Also, you do realize that Verizon’s version tossed out Google search and instead sports Bing, right? Now THAT is certainly a deal breaker.

      • Longinus

        That was me. Thank you for paying attention. I feel like I’m screaming into a hurricane, nobody islistening.nightshot mode seriously is the answer. But it seems people would rather hear themselves talk.

      • Empress Leo

        No LED flash was a big concern or mine as I weighted between TMo Vibrant or Vz Droid X. TMo’s plans are much cheaper and since I’m already with TMo, I decided to put them in the race toward my next phone (I currently have a Sidkick LX 09, kill me already). Are there any pics taken on the web that show the night mode pic quality? Seeing is believing most of the time…

      • DefD

        Hi Empress, to answer your question, yes. There are actually several example photos people have taken on the net. Do a Google search for “galaxy s night shot mode” and sift through the results. Some folks are better photogs than others obviously, so consider that as well. :)

      • Bon_gabs

        @defd,,I agree,I tried taking picture last night under night mode and I was surprised of the result,better quality than my nokia N95 flash shot,,I’ll stick to vibrant,,awesome phone,,

    • CJ

      Ppl, LED is used not just as a camera flash, it is very handy as a flashlight too…
      And good luck with NOISY and out of focus nightshot pictures… With camera flash you could at least take some fair pictures of nearby objects. LED flash works well and it is better to have one if you are Phone_Camera enthusiast. All would have been even better if they had Xenon flash (for pics), but LED is of course better in terms of multi-functionality:
      LED: 1. Works as camera flash. 2. Works as a flashlight. 3. Work as flashlight in video mode!!! 4. You still keep your NIGHTSHOT :)
      NO LED: You loose three points…

  • ramc

    Another dealbreaker is the flash camera! Other including the European Galaxy S models have a flash camera! Is T-Mobile responsible for excluding huge parts of the hardware? Front Facing Camera and No Flash on Camera?

    • DefD

      The Euro model doesn’t have a camera flash. The only thing it has over the Vibrant is FFC.

  • DannOfThurs

    Flash is not an issue, read what everyone is saying “nightshot mode” :D

    That being said, I actually did want FFC as my whole family is wanting to get into it :) I’m still waiting for EOY so I can see what comes out – and if I don’t like it I can always go back and get the Vibrant for what will more than likely be a much cheaper price than it is now :D :D :D

  • Lauren

    would much rather have a flash than a camera in the front! why can’t tmobile offer a phone with all the bells n whistles! oh well, plannin on getting the vibrant anyways

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So 72% don’t care, need, or desire a FFC. That pretty much should tell T-Mobile that not having a FFC was an OK move (and that the FFC Whiners complaints will be falling on deaf ears).

  • croikee

    You want this phone with FCC and flash? You have one option: SPRINT. To the bogus post above that is saying Tmobile gets the BETA version of this phone, do research. ONLY SPRINT’s VERSION HAS A FFC AND FLASH.

    Verizon: No Flash, No FCC
    Tmobile: No Flash, No FCC
    ATT: No FLash, No FCC

    My gosh you people are rediculous if you are complaining about Tmobile getting watered down versions of this phone. DO RESEARCH. By all means go to sprint for those things. But realize that 3 of the 4 main US carriers ALL lack FCC and flash.

  • aksnoopy

    What I can’t live without is a camera flash, (and FLASH too ;) )

  • mailman13877

    For all those TMO lovers saying that TMO 3G can’t handle video calling..Fring has released an update allowing the iphone 4 to use video calling over 3G..TMO is a failure

  • Rubinz

    Apple who? Face what? The HTC EVO brought it to the limelight. When I decided to move on from my Nexus One on T-Mobile, it’ll be to an Android device with a front facing camera. If T-Mobile doesn’t have one in their lineup with greater specs than my Nexus One, I’ll look to a different carrier that does.

  • croikee

    MAILMAN then LEAVE! You don’t like Tmobile then LEAVE. Holy crap dude. Are you really so egocentrically focused that you actually think what YOU say will sway others to hate tmobile like you doing?

    Like I said before, as long as you are still here you are being both a hypocrite and a ‘settler’ yourself. Get over yourself and either leave or change the attitude.


  • Ronnie

    FFC? Nah, no biggie for me…but it would have been nice for some since it’s standars on other phones. But no freakin LED flash for a decent camera and video recorder? That’s a big missing feature…..then again, unless you take a lot of pics in dark areas, who cares. The phone is fine without a FFC but a camera without a flash makes it seem incomplete.

  • cybah

    I really could careless about a front facing camera. Unless your calling party can support this feature it does you no good. The only GOOD thing I seen coming out of a FFC is this is going to make internet “self pictures” better because it’ll eliminate the need to take pictures in front of a mirror!

    Flash, meh. Every phone I’ve owned since 2003 has had a camera. I’ve rarely used it. Between the phone being stuck in my pocket and getting lint on it, and my greasy hands that go all over the lense, it never takes good pictures (without a good cleaning). I always carry my Canon Digital Elph with me anyways, so if I want to take pictures, I’ll use that. Its easier, quicker, and faster, AND It takes pictures far better than any camera phone I’ve ever used.

    The funny thing about this hoolpa about front facing cameras and this new video conferencing thing is that… its not a new idea folks. In the 80s my Dad ordered one of those AT&T Picture Phones for us and his folks. Honestly after the novelty wore off, we never used it again. (and its still sitting my dad’s basement today). I think once the novelty wears off of a FFC, it’s just going to be yet another fad that wore off.

  • Andy

    I have to say, do the writer of this blog do any research before they post something that is incorrect.

    Please see this video:

    Skip to 6:12 ( Minute 6 12th second )


    • David

      I have to ask, “DOES” the writer of this comment pay attention to the posts it all to recognize what appears in that video IS NOT what is appearing on T-Mobile…good work slick.

      • Andy

        Please David tell me how the device shown in that video is not the same device that T-Mobile will be selling? Please, Tell Me!

        • David

          Look at the AT&T Samsung Captivate, thats the Galaxy S but the device looks different than whats in the video…seriously, are you not doing any research at all…carriers can add and remove features at will.

        • Andy

          I know that AT&T’s Captivate is a different phone. Under the hood it’s the same hardware though. But seriously, you have to be blind to not be able to see that T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy is the exact same one as in the video.

        • David

          And you have to be lacking an understanding that the front facing camera isn’t there…NOBODY has seen it.

        • David

          Andy, you’re wrong and clearly not considering the idea that the video shows a generic device, not a carrier branded…if you don’t know or recognize that carriers add and remove features at will, then you don’t know enough to make the comment in the first place.

  • Andy

    I withdraw my previous comments. Looks like I’m going to have to spend a lot more money than I planned.

  • Empress, if you got the money and FCC is not that big of a deal, I suggest u get a nexus one. Just received mine 2 days ago and it’s rockin LOL. Plans are cheaper with the even more plus plans, tethering, wifi hotspot, and camera Flash LOL and the option to have adobe flash.

  • Brian

    no flash. no ffc. no thanks.

  • Tarzanman

    All you people who are talking about ‘night shot mode’ being a replacement for a flash are idiots.

    I’m do photography as a hobby. I have a camera (canon 7D) that goes up to ISO 12,800 with two f/1.8 prime lenses and a 18MP CMOS sensor that is way WAY better at low light than any cell phone will ever be. I’ve taken a low light shot or two with it.

    There is no substitute for proper lighting when you take a photo (even when that light source is an LED flash).

    Let me say that again for the dummies who think that a camera not having a flash isn’t a big idea….

    – There is NO substitute for proper lighting for photography. – Not even some gimmicky night shot mode which will just increase the brightness and contrast on crap, noisy cell phone exposures

    • AZ

      I think they are talking about a cellphone here. I think the idiot is the one who is confused as to what the topic is.

      Slowed down for Trazanman …..DO YOU REALLY NEED A FLASH ON A CELLPHONE?

      No. Most people today are carrying around small digital cameras that are way better than any cellphone.

      Is it a deal breaker? No. It just gives me one less thing to worry about when the wife wants a picture with her friends…..”Sorry honey, my phone doesn’t have a flash”…

      If you buy a smartphone for the camera/flash/front facing camera, then you have no business owning a cellphone….that is for high school kids.

  • Dawg

    What really burns me is that the EU versions have hard buttons (especially a home button). The American phones only have soft buttons on the front…. so the only way to wake the phone is to fumble for the power button on the side. My personal pet peeve.

  • When renewing my contract just about a week ago a T-mo rep told me that the Vibrant is one of 26 smartphones to come out from T-mo between now and the end of the year. I’m not sure but it’s likely one of them will have a front facing camera. Could be T-mo is trotting this one out to see what other features people will clamor or hold out for. Kinda like the HD2 was proof that there was a T-mo audience for a large touchscreen phone… I’m guessing.

  • TC

    No, but the fact it is made by Samsung is.

  • Bon_gabs

    Guys,,heres the proof how great is the night mode,,check this link discussion,,

  • I don’t see any point in upgrading my Nexus One to a Vibrant. What does it buy me? If it had the FFC and the flash, I’d consider it. Without it, pfft. But the thing is, the Galaxy S has both. T-Mobile could have just sold that. I don’t see the point to the cut down version.

  • mike

    If your gonna talk about really needing FCC do we REALLY need a smartphone of course you dont its just a want and its crazy they dummy down the phone that was designed with a fcc

  • Kabel

    My family lives in Europe, so every weekend i am dedicating some time to talk to them over Skype using High Def webcam. I know that the quality of the front facing camera would be lightning years behind what i currently use to talk to my family, but i would trade the flash, the rear camera and halve the storage amount just to have that convenience of the front facing camera on-the-go. Sometimes is difficult to find a time for video calls. Front facing camera would mitigate this problem in some degree.

  • It is a big deal for me and I guess for all others who have kids and travel a lot. Them having an ability to see dad and me seeing them running around the house is big deal and the only reason why I did not buy this phone.

  • Crystal

    I still bought it. I know I wouldn’t use the phone for video chat, because I wouldn’t really be able to video chat with any of my friends anyway. As for the flash on the camera, I like to use my regular camera for pictures. This is my first touch screen phone and I love it.

  • NipplesRunder8ted

    Obviously no one needs a ffc or a camera at all on a phone…but why cant tmobile just make a phone that competes??…they’re always one or two steps behind…this reminds me of the days all phones didn’t have Bluetooth….if it’s available for any phone it should be available for all phones!

  • avg

    for does who will like to get the front camera there a way if you down load fring and turn around you phone you will be able to do video call. the only problem you need to turn around the phone again to see the person but the quality is better the iphone 4 you will be using the lens in HD and is something cool for now

  • Dan

    Hey gang, I’d live the ffc, but oh well, however, I shot some video and pics at night and the results were incredible! So I still love my vibrant, hoping in a year that T mobile will have a ffc on a newer version. What I’d really like to see is the galaxy Tab with voice, stand alone feature, not just video conference,

  • Angelmo143

    I just sold my new Vibrant because I want a phone with a front facing camera. I would have kept it otherwise, great phone! But in this day and age we want all the new technology. MyTouch 4G here we come.

  • Firestone

    u dont need frontbfacing camera because you have no friends. However the rest of us are baffled ny this backwards approach!