Motorola Charm In The Wild, Material Arriving In Stores?

Well, look what we have here.  It’s the very first image of the Motorola Basil/Charm in the wild!  Sent via pony express, our source was able to get a small hands-on last week with the device and came away with one interesting worthy note, the inclusion of a similar touchpad-like feature on the back of the device ala the Backflip on AT&T.  Not much else was gained from this hands-on, specifically the version of Android it’s running.  However, they did state the screen was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 inches.

Also of note judging by the picture below is that a number of T-Mobile retail stores have started receiving Motorola “Basil” material called the “Motorola Basil Project.”  T-Mobile has a love affair with calling its upcoming launches “Project.”  Oh well, it’s still pegged for a late July release and we’re hoping to hear more news of this device being included in T-Mobile’s back to school sale.

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  • Snake

    It looks like a wide BB

    • andrew

      motorola those what the people wont in a phone unlike htc apple samsung

      • Dave


      • Logan

        I think he’s saying Motorola either knows what people want in a phone unlike HTC, Apple & Samsung or they don’t know what people want in a phone like HTC, Apple & Samsung do…lol.

      • pimpstrong


  • mj

    my next phone if it uses phone first data

    • thedude

      when would an android device ever do phone first??

      • mj

        if any of them would this one would. it’s cheap with a small screen. most would use it for texting and email.

  • Jason

    I love the “Protect what matters.” in the photo when obviously this pic shouldn’t have ever been taken. ROFL GOOD TIMES!

  • Logan

    Phone is kind-of ugly, no offense to any die-hard fans out there of this phone, if there is any. Just not my kind-of phone!

    • stupidity hater

      Why would you comment that you simply do not like the phone? Just keep your thoughts to yourself and go on your merry way. Others will like it and it definitely fits a category that has been needed for awhile (candybar Android w/hard keyboard).

      • Wilma Flintstone

        um your name describes you perfectly now doesn’t it? It’s called their “opinion”. If you don’t have the gall to read it and deal with it, then forums aren’t the place for you.

      • stupidity hater HATER

        Hey HATER…he’s entitled to like or dislike ANY phone and has just as much right to post it as YOU…MORON!

      • mr.atx512

        your name fits you perfectly

      • Stupidity hater HATER *HATER*

        Hey pal, he has every right to respond just like you did and the other hater did.

      • Logan

        Thanks everyone for standing up for me. I am just saying this phone does not appeal to me, you have your opinion and I have my own. Opinions aren’t stupid – contrary to your name. I know others will like it, and love it – never said they wouldn’t.

        kthnx, bai.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Stupidity hater… as the owner of the domain name “” I can relate to your screen name herein. I too hate stupidity, incompetence, and of course, “mental slobs.”

        That said, your comment is kind of… well… for lack of a more appropriate term… stupid. Now don’t log off hating yourself, read on.

        Fact is that many people post opinions on here. These sites are nothing without opinions, comments and posts. And the Net would be a rather boring place without all of us posting opinions about this and that.

        So don’t hate opinions or comments that you disagree with.

        And of course there’s an ultimate irony (and hypocrisy?) in what you said to Logan: “Why would you comment that you simply do not like the phone? Just keep your thoughts to yourself and go on your merry way.”

        Simply put, your post begs the question: Why would you comment that you simply do not like Logan’s comment? Just keep your thoughts to yourself and go on your merry way. To be sure, such criticism is applicable to you, not Logan, because his comment was on topic, whereas your (flame) was not.

        It’s OK to hate morons and their stupid posts/comments, but hating comments simply because the posts contain opinions you disagree with, well… that’s not appropriate, is it.

        (end – finger wag session)

  • Steve

    This is an interesting looking device! I really like front facing qwerty keyboard devices. Very convenient for quick messaging. Has anyone got an specs or pricing on it?

    It is very interesting that they are advertising it as a messenging phone ( in the poster) when it has android running it!I wonder what kind of data plan TMO would require if that’s the case?

  • Cassie

    99% likely that this phone will come with the same data package as all android phones. Simply because this phone can do everything a Cliq, g1, behold 2 etc can do. Why do people think that this phone would ever come with standard data? Yes, it does look like a “power” phone, but it’s running Android isn’t it? And where are the un-powerful android phones??

    • Cassie

      doesn’t* look like a power phone =)

      • Steve

        good point davidohio. I was hopeful that maybe the charm would pick up where the Kin left off BUT fixed the problems that verizon/microsoft had one of which was the high price data plan when it was geared toward younger people.

    • Steve

      Cassie the reason people are questioning the data plan requirements is because the Basil is pictured with “dumb” messaging phones in the poster promoting messaging phones which don’t require the full data plan. If TMO is billing this as a smartphone then that ad is deceptive and misleading.

      • Cassie

        I gotcha! I used to work Android Tech care though, and the EXISTING phone first data plan/feature(s) for basic phones would not work with this phone because they require different provisioning in the back end systems. I can see why they would promote it as a messaging device however, with the Motoblur working on it, along with the keyboard it would seem natural. But they didn’t market the Cliq that way did they? Still, the keyboard is more exclusive on this phone in it’s own weird way. Love the phone though!

      • Davidohio

        The reason it is shown in the add with “dumb” phones is because it will be one of the FREE phones in the back to school campaign, not because it is a dumb phone. I would say that this is a mid range android device that will require the $25 data plan as there are no android devices that have $10 data.

  • TMOsucks

    Maybe it’s not the powerhouse I’ve been waiting for, but… For those who like BlackBerry designs but want the Android OS, I can see.

    • Logan

      Best of both worlds: BB design, Android OS.

  • bakalao

    this phone blows…

    • Getreal

      I second your opinion. The phone sucks. Too bad Motorola is still in the game.

      • mr.atx512

        I second that

  • J-Hop2o6

    I wonder why the spot right of the earphone is blacken out.. FFC (front facing camera)? and no, i don’t care for FFC.. i just find it odd to blacken out that certain spot on the phone.. hmm.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Photoshopped proof right there. Haaaa!!! just kidding. That is interesting.

    • will

      i would guess a serial number that might give away the recipient of this phone, thus blacked out to protect the leaker. ha… i said leaker.

  • TMOprophet

    Actually after looking at this longer, it wouldnt be bad at all if it were all screen and no keyboard, it would be nice

  • tmopro

    got a chance to see this device. i nice device for your average wireless user. nice keyboard and very user friendly. yes its not a power device that everyone bitches about but not everyone cares about that.

  • tmopro

    a nice….

  • going_home

    Once again TMO lowers the bar instead of raising it.


  • NiiDiddy

    phone actually looks really good from what i imagined it would be. i am sure it’ll look better when it finally hit stores and we see more of it in person. i think it looks better than people give it credit for. having said that, on a different not i wonder what all is under the hood!! ;)

  • kilari

    Hmmm, I dismissed this phone at first as being a design not for me. But then I thought back and remember how I loved having a Pixi for a little while and that the form factor has probably been my favorite to date. The form factor of keyboard with a touchscreen on top is very handy. No sliding, no osk, all quick input especially if the new 2.1 Motoblur incorporates universal search. I’ll have to check this out, with Phandroid saying this phone is $269 without contract that makes this an interesting phone for a early upgrader with partial discount, although I’m pretty sure I get a big fat ZERO discount being I got a Cliq XT in April. :)

  • whodat

    Aye T-mobile 3 words for ya.
    “Expand Your Coverage”

  • bolthead

    Looks a lot like the Q which was a pretty popular WM device, I suspect this should do well.


    i love the keyboard so much im maybe getting this phone so much android 2.1 great keyboard free with back to school deal

  • TMOprophet

    I guess this phone might not be for everyone, but at least it will make a nice addition to TMO’s lineup, I mean I dont really like it, but its better than the Cliq I suppose

  • greensworld

    Hey, ive got 3 better words for ya “Your Comment Sucks”

  • Brandon

    the envelope has the security bracket for the demo phone inside, with instructions how to install it.

  • manus

    guys need help my brother is offering to buy me a mytouch slide or the vibrant i want a keyboard but a 4 inch screen will be nice but i want a vanilla android but would rather have a mytouch ui over samsung touchwiz guys what do i do AAAAAHHHHH pulling my hair out.

    • TMOprophet

      Well since there both gonna get froyo, I’d say go for the Vibrant, better phone specs wise. Also the touchwiz on the Vibrant is said to not be bad at all unlike some previous versions. IF it were me making that choice between those 2 phones, I’d go with the Vibrant….and I dont really even like samsung phones, but in this case, the Vibrant is a superior device by a mile.

      Easy decision man….probably dont need a keyboard with a 4in screen anyway. And all the reviews seem to praise this version of touchwiz as being non intrusive.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Manus… bottom line first, congrats on your brother offering to buy you a great phone! A lot of people in here would love to be in your situation.

      It all depends on what YOU like. No phone will have everything you want so you have to weigh the pluses and minuses on your own.

      Warning: Everyone in here who posts a response to your query will be telling you what THEY like. If stuck with indecision I guess our input might help, but just remember that no one can dictate what’s best for you. (Assuming you are not the type who would get out of a love relationship because you asked your friend what he thought of your love interest and he said “dump the…” ;) )

      Since you mention a phone’s user interface, display, and keyboard I’ll talk about those in regards to the two phones you mention (Slide and Vibrant).

      Both phones will be able to use Android 2.2 and both are supposed to get the update, so that’s not an issue. I have heard that the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) TouchWiz will be a new version and it’s supposed to be better than the old stuff. Also, there’s supposed to be a way to turn off TouchWiz, the same as on my HD2 where I can disable HTC Sense.

      I have the Slide. It’s a fantastic phone and you won’t be displeased with the display. I also have the HD2 and can compare the 4.3″ display against the Slide’s smaller 3.4″ screen.

      After using the Slide for two weeks (and putting the HD2 on a shelf) the Slide’s display is fine. I have never looked at the screen and thought the display is too small. Moreover, remember that the SGS will have a 4″ screen so the size difference between the Slide and SGS is not all that different.

      That said, the reason I am getting the SGS (and giving the Slide to my GF) is because it has a Super AMOLED screen which means it uses less battery power and is brighter than even an AMOLED display. In direct sunlight I will be able to see what is on the screen better than on my other phones.

      As to a physical keyboard, all the newer smart and super touchscreen-only phones come with Swype. Check YouTube to see demo videos of Swype in action.

      I have Swype and can agree with others who say that Swype easily dispenses with the need for a physical keyboard. It has received rave reviews all over the Net for its short learning curve (learning how to use it) and how it increases typing time. (It was just on the news that Swype users have demonstrated being able to “type” at 40 words per minute, whereas the typical computer user types at 25 wpm if one is fast.

      Sidenote: The Slide comes with Swype even though it has a physical keyboard.

      Of course, if one is reluctant to use Swype, all touchscreen phones also come with a user-selectable standard virtual QWERTY keyboard (sheesh that’s a long description). HTC has been confirmed to have lousy QWERTY virtual keyboards and having used them on the HD2 and Slide, I too can confirm such opinion.

      Only you, however, can decide what having a physical keyboard means to you. If you type a lot of e-mails, have used keyboards for most, if not all, of your smartphone life, then to all of a sudden not having one (if you get the SGS) might be too big a change. So consider the Slide where you can learn to use Swype, but have the physical keyboard as a backup should things not go well, at first.

      Lastly, if you want to buy based on features, power, specs and technology, the SGS is by far the better phone to get. Compared to the Slide the SGS is by far the better phone, no argument whatsoever.

      With that in mind, IMHO the ONLY reason you should get the Slide is if you absolutely have to have a physical keyboard.

      Bonus Comment: There are those in here who will say that the company manufacturing the phone makes a difference too, they like HTC and have scorn for Samsung (because of Samsung reneging on a promise to upgrade the Behold II). But IMHO the scorn is misplaced (for reasons I won’t go into here.)

      Let us know what you decide.

      • manus

        After seeing that gingerbread has to have a minimum of a 1ghz processor i went with the vibrant hope its as awesome as it looks thanks for the help guys.

      • TMOprophet

        Wow, you gave him the same advice, it just took you like half a page instead of a couple sentences to do it.

  • TMOBdefector

    why can’t motorola just give the new version of their OS as found on the DROID X to all of it’s misfit toy models (CLIQ, CLIQ XT, Devour, backflip, and this)????

  • Dave

    I think this might find a market among parents who are buying the phone for their children and the 14-17 year old crowd who are still on their parents plans.

  • jmts80

    I think it would make a good back-up phone.

  • raymond

    i love how these guys say the same thing over and over

    “ahh it doesn’t appeal to me but im sure the average phone user will enjoy it”

    1 week later “project basil a flop 1,000 phones sold”

    “well it was a lackluster phone i saw it coming shame on you t mobile”

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Good to see tmobile expanding their lineup. However…this one too, I shall pass. Nokia N8 until Samsung, Motorola, HTC decide to do something different.

    • Logan

      Yep, it’s always good to atleast see a new phone for T-Mobile, it’ll interest SOMEONE out there! Or maybe many…

  • Logan

    Will this phone have a touch-screen? It looks like it would but with the design it’d be interesting if it actually did have a touch-screen.

    • TMOprophet

      condidering theres pinch to zoom, I’d say dont worry about it..theres touch

  • mario

    Does anyone know what’s under the hood of this phone, idk if they’ve posted a post on the specs, I’m just wondering, I know I’m getting the Vibramt

  • HaVoKTEK

    True Believers, don’t sleep on this cause you don’t get
    the whole picture. RIM (blackberry) is catchin’ wreck for its
    outdated OS and lack of updated features on their fleet of no nonsenceon phones.
    Moto may be on to something bigger. By giving it a blackberry form factor and an android OS. Then market it
    to blackberry users ( A LOT of teens have that) and future business users that can’t or won’t let that BB go.

    TMO is working on the means to an end approach and MOTO is helping them attack from bothsides. TMO gets a win
    for the OS and MOTO get a win for form factor. A first salvo against RIM.
    Hell be honest we the only ones that care about Froyo, FFC, Dual CPU etc.etc.
    This targetd user will only care about funtionality in a style that there comfortable with. Trust me after spending time in the corporate grind Blackberries rule despite the cost of BES management. And those BB’s are OLD.

    I usually post when something is worth it or the intelligent posters show up, cause they get the big picture.
    Damn it makes me smile with a smoke in my mouth to realize how many fake tech heads are in here!

  • Patrick

    Buddy of mine saw this phone in person. He said it’s A LOT tinier than it looks in pictures. It also has the new moto blur with resizeable widgets and he said moto blur now runs more in the background than on top of everything. He said the phone is actually pretty sweet.

  • Logic

    Is preorder available? I don’t want to risk all of the stores selling out of this phone!

  • Davidohio

    Either you will like this device or you won’t. There will be a market out there for it and like one poster said, motorola might be on to something here. time will tell i guess. You certainly don’t have to like it, but don’t hate on it because it is another android device for magenta and if it is running 2.1 or higher it can’t be that bad. If it is running 1.6 however, then shame on Motorola and t-mobile.

  • Patrick

    I’ll be honest….if I had a Dash or a BB and wanted something different……..choice number 1 lol. I’m actually considering getting one and I’m rocking an HD2 right now…JUST to see what the device is like. But ultimately…I’m waiting for the next “big thing”. By the time it comes out…I’ll still be able to sell my HD2 for a good 250 if I can keep it in good condition…and then………on to bigger and better things

  • khaltz

    Looks like all the current Moto phones now. Much like back then they had all moto phones look like the Rzr.

  • Matt

    As a Blackberry user in love with the BB format but looking to jump into Android, this phone appeals to me. I can’t seem to find any specs anywhere…does anyone know what this thing is packing?

  • WXman

    Woohoo! It’s Q3 of 2010 and the phone TMo sold me 3 months ago is still on Android 1.5! I love TMo! WEE!!! 2008 software is awesome! Our family is really getting our $200/month worth!

  • block-brick-bar lover

    I want this phone VERY BADLY!
    This is what I have been waiting for since the first appearance of Android devices; simple, candybar, qerty, touchscreen, standard specs, Android OS, and Motorola..

    although some people said this thing’s ugly, so they may call me ugly-devices lover LOL

  • Frank

    still waiting for the Nexus One in stores….

    • Davidohio

      Not going to happen. the nexus one is discontinued and NO stores are going to carry it.

  • Todd

    Sure looks like a Motorola Q9h with a bigger screen and a slightly different keyboard layout. Been using and unlocked Q9 for about a month and am very interested in the Charm w/Android.

  • mikeeeee

    seeing that i have 2 full upgrades, i think i’m going to take one for a 2 week test drive when it drops.

    an ANDROID blackberry 9700 is miles ahead of a blackberry 9700.

  • Jay

    Is this the first non touch screen android phone?? Not really for me, but I can see people who don’t want a Blackberry going for something like this.

    • Patrick

      Actually, it’s touchscreen. BUT…it’s the first non-resistive touchscreen phone in a cardybar form factor with full keyboard that i know of personally(but i don’t know everything)

    • tmo4thewin

      i might pick this up. i rotate between a nokia e71 and a myTouch. I love andriod but the battery life on the mytouch is terrible. i perfer my nokia for basic phone fuctions such as making calls and messaging. it take to long to do this on the mytouch. this phone seems combine what i want in a phone: a great keyboard, touch screen, and android. i hope the smaller touch screen will help provide a longer battery life.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I keep saying, make a commercial with Justin Bieber endorsing this phone and it would not matter if it looked like hammered dog sheet and functioned like an old analog Star Tac, T-Mobile would sell 10 million units in 30 days.

    And T-Mobile would make billions in extra profits if against extra charge the teen (excuse me, the parents) could at the same time buy Bieber wallpapers and ring tones.

  • BigDaddy

    You can have phone 1st web on nexus one!!! sshhhhh
    It is a contract google has so that developers can use the phone dirt cheap!

  • SoonerSaint12

    Finally, a phone that will save T-mobile. NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT>

  • Solidus433

    The more I look at it, the more I kinda like it. Sure its not the top dog phone, but for me, a PHONE that does web browsing faster than my computer is not needed. I could see myself using this as a work phone, and have my MTS as my everyday/weekend phone. I think it will be a big hit, as many have said, with the younger crowd, those looking for thier first “smarter” phone or those who enjoy BB, but want android.

  • BlackHawk

    You know, the more I look at it, and see what its equiped with…this phone will, in my opinion, give RIM a serious run for thier money. Quite possibly the BB killer.

    Think about it, it looks similar to a curve, but its packing android. The best of two worlds? I think maybe. The last pearl T-Mo had was my first BB, then I went to the Curve, and loved them both. I switched to the MT3G for the touchscreen but I have always missed my BB. This could be something I seriously look into.

  • The look only come to motorolo and I think this will be another good feature phone..