Motorola Charm Unveils Itself For Back To School

As Independence Day looms,  you may be realizing that the summer is almost over.  Some may be dreading it, others won’t care, but we can all agree on one thing, back to school promotions are great.  What does T-Mobile have to offer for those school going folk?  Well, a nice free messaging phone for those text-savvy (see what I did there?) back to schoolers.  More to the point though.  From the picture, you can see the Samsung :), Gravity 3 and the Gravity T.  Then, way in the back, you can see the upcoming Motorola Charm.  Everyone’s favorite Android powered, portrait qwerty phone is coming, there is no denying it now.  Also, free for back to school?  Sounds like a good deal to me.  The Motorola Charm, and these Samsungs, will surely make some people happy.  I’m sure we will hear more soon, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • pimpstrong

    oooh i want a :) phone!

  • Mohammad

    Damn it. I shouldn’t have upgraded for free phones back on june 19. Now what do I do?

    • ede

      return the phone within the 30 days if you’re in california and then upgrade again.

      • Mohammad

        Too late. We only get 14 day return period here in ny.

  • NiiDiddy

    its all good deals no matter how one looks at it. i am sure there are a lot who’ll benefit. on a different note, personally i am looking forward to the Vibrant. i also hope the Vibrant will be part of T-Mobile’s BOGO since my T-Mobile account does qualify for it; i can get two for one :)

  • Smylax

    Hate to burst your bubble but the bogo ends july 20th one day before the vibrant launches. Unless of course they decide to extend it…

    • NiiDiddy

      Oh….shucks. Thanks for the info. Hope it’s extended…else oh well; I’ll just upgrade one line.

    • 2FR35H

      Couldn’t you technically do a switch? like get the bogo offer on July 20 and then return it the next day saying you don’t want that phone that you want the Samsung Vibrant? Because it would still be within the 14 days.

      • Dave

        But, I think the point is getting the 2nd phone for free. BOGO is buy 1 phone, get another free. So, regardless if Bogo ends on the 20th, & u return the previous phone on the 21st to get the Samsung Vibrant, you still wouldn’t be getting a 2nd Samsung Vibrant for free.

      • rickMIA

        You wouldn’t be able to as judging from previous phones like the HD2, Garminfone, and MT Slide, when they come out they are not eligible to be the free phone for at least 2-3 weeks.

      • Matt Hatter

        You will, however need to return both phones and I don’t believe you would be able to do it again.

      • 2FR35H


        True but I am not trying to get 2 Samsung Vibrants I just want one for myself and the other phone free for my sister of which would more than likely be the MT3GS.

        I wouldn’t mind exchanging it and just paying the difference.

        Or maybe I get the 2 MT3GS sell mine and just buy the samsung vibrant with the difference.

  • after the sh*t motorola pulled by not updating my cliq xt….wouldn’t touch another moto phone ever!!!

    • tato22

      same thing Samsung did so that means u wont get one from them? why keep updating old phones its pointless just buy a new phone

      • Stiiiwaiting

        I”m in agreement, phones are changing so quickly, and you are better off just getting a better phone in 12-24 months than wanting to update an old phone.

      • 2FR35H


        Because we aren’t rich enough to keep buying new phones for a new operating system.

    • ALPACA

      You’re going to run out of phone companies to buy from soon.

  • I’m gonna hold out for that bad ass htc coming in november

    • corey

      Yea me too….these phones now arent attracting me

  • WTF…summer is over?!?

    • djdanska

      That is what i was thinking! Doesn’t summer technically go through the middle of sept?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s what I was thinking, saying summer is over is bizarre, especially since the summer vacation for schools started just two two weeks ago. (Most schools take summer vacation from mid June to Labor Day in September.)

      And to be sure there’s all those in the travel and tourist industries who would take issue with the author’s statement. LOL.

  • TMOprophet

    Ok so decent phones for kids…and what about the rest of us?

    • going_home

      You techies are all alike !
      What you are already tired of your G1 after only two years ?


  • Bob

    Plain messaging phones are dead. Messaging phones should run with android. Big hit guaranteed.

  • MBH8280

    you didn’t spell “hear” right. you put “here” instead. I know, honest mistake, just thought i’d mention it. And I like how you used a “W” instead of 2 “V’s”. Nice…

    • Andrew

      Thanks for that. That is one of those mistakes that doesn’t easily get caught with a second look. As for the savvy spelling, it was, and is, still two “v”s and not a “w.” Thanks for looking out though. If you comment about editing mistakes, though, please be sure to edit your comment. It just makes you look foolish.

      • Davidohio


  • MBH8280

    I’m waiting for a motoblur phone with a solid keyboard and a 1ghz processor. Or the first motoblur super smart phone. How long do you think that wait is?

  • Matt

    I was tired of my G1 a year ago…I just got my HD2 a couple weeks ago and I’m already tired of it…although that’s more due to the fact that WM is a lot worse than I remembered. If I hadn’t gotten the HD2 for $50 and a 1 year extension, I’d have returned it. Instead I plan on selling it and buying the Vibrant outright…and then when I’m tired of that next summer I’ll have another contract extension. Tech bliss.

  • mr.atx512

    I thought I had seen ugly before, but then TMO released the Motorola Basil

  • JAG

    i like blackberries desings, and i like ANDROID, I LIKE THIS PHONE!! :P

  • mikeeeee

    @andrew, do you think the charm might be a landscape screen phone as opposed to portrait screen one?

    • Andrew

      Well, the design is a portrait qwerty phone. The screen, though, looks to be wider than it is tall. So technically, the screen is in landscape. It will be interesting to see how they handle Android on that screen.

      • ellothere

        Do you think it the data plan will be $25? because we all know how the kin ended up having that. I doubt it will be a $10 plan either. Maybe an introduction of $15 data?

  • Sami

    doesn’t matter, im still getting the vibrant. hey, do you guys think i should pre-order the vibrant from radioshack? they say that if i do, then they will send me a $50 radioshack gift card through mail, but i read the fine print and it said that it would take 8-12 weeks for delivery. is it still worth it, or should i wait and see if another site, like amazon, has a better deal?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You know, my ex GF has an 11 year old son about whom we were discussing cell phones for him.

    Now I am of the mindset you get a kid a feature phone (that means a non-smartphone that makes calls, takes pics, does texting, and that’s about it).

    But hell no, he wants a friggin iPhone and because all the other kids have their iPhones, that’s what she is going to get him.

    I keep telling her the kid is spoiled and she insists he’s not. He’s lucky he’s not my kid, he would be getting a Charm.

    • Shawn

      Horrible parenting at it’s finest. An 11 year old should not even have a cell phone. If your gf is worried that her son will get kid napped, and needs a phone for emergencies, she can get him a free phone that only makes 911 calls. Or you can get a locked free phone that makes 911 calls and only has like 100 mins on it for emergency use only.

      It baffles my mind that an eleven year old should even have a cell phone, let alone a smartphone.

      And parents wonder why their children are brats. It’s all in the parenting. Goodness.

  • daffy

    he needs to be getting a charm. and be happy with that. An 11 year old with an iphone is kinda crazy

    • phonegeek

      When I was 12 I had a motorola voicestream no pics no texting just straight up calling and it was prepaid…..the charm is more than fitting lol why does he need an iphone lol get a used 3gs the new ones are definitely a bit too much for an 11 yr old

  • TmoAsian

    Um, why is everyone recommending the charm as a “12 year old phone?” If this phone needs a friggin data plan of any kind, its a smartphone. Buying a kid a charm is like buying them a blackberry. Unless, of course, that data plan is only $5 :).

    • Shawn

      An 11/12 yr old should have NO cell phone. Only one with no calling plan that makes 911 calls.

      Why is the child dictating what he/she should get. Is the child paying the bill? Parents are damn retarded these days.

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