HTC Vision is Viewed

First off, Happy Fourth of July!  Now, let’s get this started.  Everything after this point should be placed in the RUMOR folder.  You might remember talks of a new HTC Android phone with a full QWERTY keyboard when we were all going crazy over Project Emerald.  We said then that the rumored device was called the HTC Vision.  Back to present day, a picture of the so called HTC Vision has surfaced.  They say that this phone has a 3.7-inch display powered by a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon?) and Android 2.1 with Sense (but that doesn’t look like the current Sense UI).  Now, those don’t match up with the Superphone specs that we heard about in the past.  We will just need to wait and see what HTC brings to good ol’ Magenta in the future.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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