T-Mobile Milking HSPA+ For All Its Worth?

After a short absence I’m back dearest TmoNews readers and ready to deliver the goods. Lets first start off with the above image, rumored to have been taken last week at a T-Mobile managers meeting held in Seattle. Now let me just say that we don’t know the context under which it was taken but our belief is that T-Mobile is planning on milking HSPA+ for all that its worth and concentrating on the speed of the data rather than the number of the generation. Obviously the title of the slide “Staying Ahead of Competitors” could easily be interpreted as T-Mobile showcasing future plans for their HSPA+ network. And as we don’t yet know what T-Mobile’s future plans are, we further wonder if this image is perhaps a little bit of insight into what the next 18 months will hold. T-Mobile has not been very forthcoming about plans after HSPA+ and perhaps it is because they feel HSPA+ offers enough speed and capability to focus on for the foreseeable future.

Time will tell us answers to next generation plans but if the above image really is part of the T-Mobile HSPA+ future, things might get very interesting.

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