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Motorola Charm In The Wild, Material Arriving In Stores?

Well, look what we have here.  It’s the very first image of the Motorola Basil/Charm in the wild!  Sent via pony express, our source was able to get a small hands-on last week with the device and came away with one interesting worthy note, the inclusion of a similar touchpad-like feature on the back of the device ala the Backflip on AT&T.  Not much else was gained from this hands-on, specifically the version of Android it’s running.  However, they did state the screen was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 inches.

Also of note judging by the picture below is that a number of T-Mobile retail stores have started receiving Motorola “Basil” material called the “Motorola Basil Project.”  T-Mobile has a love affair with calling its upcoming launches “Project.”  Oh well, it’s still pegged for a late July release and we’re hoping to hear more news of this device being included in T-Mobile’s back to school sale.

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