Samsung Supersonic & Motorola Charm Pricing Revealed

One of our trusty ninjas dropped a nice little pricing sheet in our mailbox today for two upcoming handsets. Let’s start off with the Motorola Charm/Basil. This candybar style handset will sport a full portrait QWERTY keyboard, a new and improved version of MotoBLUR and Android 2.1 to top it off. The handset will run you $269.99 retail and $74.99 with a 2-year contract (after a $75 rebate). Not bad, not bad at all.

Now here’s where it gets a little tricky. The pricing sheet above shows a “Samsung Supersonic”, which, if we didn’t know better, is probably an internal codename for the upcoming Samsung Vibrant. Of course it could always be a completely different handset we know nothing about. We’re still diggin’ for details. But whatever this “Supersonic” device is, it’ll cost you $199.99 after a $50 mail in rebate (which is the same exact price the Samsung Vibrant is) and $499.99 retail price.

According to Phandroid, who have apparently been contacted by T-Mobile about pricing after a typographical error, the Samsung Vibrant could run for $449.99 without contract.  Take it for what it’s worth, but maybe we will learn the real price, or what the Samsung Supersonic is, soon.

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  • NiiDiddy


    • JonnyB

      Its funny that even Phandroid has an article about T-Mobile ending the Sidekicks but the “unoffical T-Mobile blog” doesnt have it ahahaha it just makes me laugh that this is the worst tech blog ever.

      • Steve Jobless

        Johnny B. you might want to double check about the Sidekick post. This post has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Sidekick. Except for the fact that “Sidekick” appears on the photo.

        You are the weakest link. Good bye!

    • JonnyB

      Hey loser who says that now and days? What are you a 5th grader?

    • JonnyB

      Hey loser who says that now in days? What are you a 5th grader?

      • Cesar Trevino

        Hey loser, who double posts “now-in-days?”(it’s nowadays FYI)

        What are you, A 5th grader?

  • Nick

    I’m no smarty pants, but didn’t Tmobile release retail would be 449.99? So that should be a different phone?

  • hecg55

    I called the loyalty dept to see what they offered and they are going to get me the vibrant for 99$ :: ) and sme discounts on the plans sweet!

    • Shawn

      Customer loyality usually doesn’t have pricing this far in advance. You are telling me, over a month before release date, customer loyality told you the phone would be 99 bucks? I dunno about that.

    • me

      W T F are you talking about? They would not make a commitment like that to anyone, especially on an unreleased product. Why fabricate BS lies like that?
      (We all wish it was $99). Not cool dude, not cool at all….

      • hecg55

        i called emm and told them i was going to cancel because of deals that a get with other carriers that i get through work. such af phone discounts. they offered me the 3g for free i said no and then they offered the vibrant for 99 im not making this up so STFU and get out of my face

      • hecg55

        an d me making up such info doesnt do me or you any good. its pointless.

    • God

      no you didn’t, and no they didn’t.

      • joel

        Actually, loyalty supposedly has a “new offer for customers who call to cancel due to the new iPhone.” Been news in Streamline for a little over a week, but nobody can see what this “offer” is except for loyalty. Maybe this is what Streamline is talking about … ?

  • hecg55

    just thought i throw that at you fellas jst incase you qualify for loyalty discounts

    • Ryan

      how do you qualify for loyalty discounts? i have been with t-mo for over 7 years and im under my moms account who has been with t-mo for almost 10 years doesnt get more loyal than that lol

      • Tpavey

        I was wondering the same thing myself. I have a 5 line family plan and I have been with Tmobile for 10 years. Only problem is that I’m 13 months out from my last extension. Can I get loyalty stuff even before I’m ready for upgrade?

      • Nick

        All discounts are, are based on who you talk to. I was 6 months out of upgrade and was offered a matching $50.00 discount on the $50.00 i had currently qualified for because I own a POS sidekick. If you have a sound argument or can BS well, and talk to the right person / manager, you’re set.

  • dvd03

    the supersonic is a galaxy s device, im thinking its the sprint epic without the ffc

    • Frank

      whats fcc?

      • sikkboy

        FCC = Front Facing Camera

      • sikkboy

        Haha, I’m doing it wrong too!!!!

        FCC should be FFC

      • andrew

        the system aka the government

    • Still Wing-in It

      @DVD03 – Where the hell have you been? This has been a topic for weeks now and you want to “think” that it’s the epic minus a ffc? GET OUT OF HERE or just stop thinking.

      • dvd03

        It was a joke, since tmobile cut out the ffc out of the galaxy s

      • JL

        Yeah calm down chile. The supersonic is the epic w/o ffc LMAO

  • DannOfThurs

    What is the loyalty department # you called?

    • hecg55

      just call customer care on ur phone and then say cancel itll take you to the cancellation dept. a.k.a loyalty ppl if you qualify.

      • slobraSVT

        how do you qualify for customer loyalty?

    • Davidohio

      Loyalty or retention is not there just to give discounts to people who are to cheap to pay the cost of the phone. They are there for customers who want to cancel for legitimate reasons. To many people call to manipulate them into a “deal” on equipment they want and that is not cool or fair. Sorry but it isn’t. everything must in through and be approved by a supervisor wro researches the notes and why you want to cancel. Loyalty has saved many customers but they have also been taken for a lot of money from people who don’t want to pay the fair cost of phones and that has hurt the bottom line. That is all money that could have been reinvested into the network for more 3g coverage or hspa+ upgrades or more towers. The loyalty dept. gives away millions of dollars every year that they don’t have to. Just saying, this does happen and we complain about 3g coverage, etc.

      • hecg55

        i do have a legit reason if you’re reffering to me…

      • Rilesman

        So….Loyalty only applies to those who are no longer…..”loyal”? Legitimate or not? Hmmmmm……am I missing something here?

        Reward those that say ‘stick’ it.
        Don’t care about those they stay with you.
        This is loyalty. T-Mobile Way

        So why do people switch carriers again? What is the cellphone industry based on?

        Simply put, the industry rather spend money (and it takes more) to get NEW customers than keep the ones they have already. Talk about backwards. The deals for those who already have the service should be better if a company wants to keep customers. I thought T-Mobile figured that out compared to the others carriers. So many people leave their carriers, cable, land line phones, etc….all in the service industry. Yet in the manufacturing side people stay loyal to their soaps, detergents, computers, cars.

        Talk about ass-backwards.

        (Just to be clear I believe T-Mobile has better customer care and services than most…2 other carriers will NEVER get my business again. T-Mobile really misses the boat on the better phones except when they came out with G1)

  • TMOGUY89
  • Quasar

    For all the folks who want to get their hands on the UI updates coming in Gingerbread for Android late this year, make sure you get an Android phone with a 1GHz pocessor, 512MB RAM and a screen no smaller than 3.5 inches. It’s going around that these will be the minimum specs to run Gingerbread. Hopefully Google will continue to add new features to 2.X for phones with lower specs though.

  • underdog378

    Speaking of the loyalty/retention center. Has anyone had any luck getting any deals on a new contract when you had gotten a deal from the retention center the last time you signed a new contract? I almost left last year before talking to retentions and getting a month of free voice on my family plan and 2 year contract price on a 1 year contract on a Mytouch3g last year, and as my contract comes to a close, was wondering if I might get a chance at some sort of deal again.

    • Asparagus

      Tis a business…so…depends on what you have contributed vs what you have cost to the company, but been a good customer and maybe

  • firefox975

    it is the Vibrant.. in May Howard Chui had a video up, and if i remember correctly it was there that it came out it was coming for Tmobile ( it had the tmobile apps and all ) and the model number was
    sec_supersonic . it was speculated then it would be called supersonic.

  • Jay

    The Vibrant better not cost $499. That would suck. $450 I can do, but $499 is pushing it. =/

    • 2FR35H

      Agreed but wait a month or two and surely it will drop in price.

      • edward

        It’s very unlikely it’ll drop in price with in the first year or so, the Touch pro 2 was $500 until two months ago…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I agree with others in here, and you. $499 would be pushing it, especially since T-Mobile knows there are X number of Even More Plus customers who are paying retail for the phones. But this all may be intentional.

      As I said last August when Touch Pro2 came out ($550), maybe T-Mobile sets prices high because;

      1) T-Mobile wants to motivate people to extend contracts, or if a new customer, to opt for a two year deal;

      2) Most people do in fact choose to pay the subsidized price, in other words, this pricing gimmick works;

      3) It creates the impression that one is getting a really good deal (to that extent, the greater the distance between contract and no-contract price, the louder customers will chortle about what a great deal they got);

      4) T-Mobile gets “interest” from the EMP customers who “finance” their phones over 20 months. By adding on an extra $100 to each phone sold on the payment plan (EIP) T-Mobile ends up getting interest on the money loaned (and yet is still able to advertise that “you can pay in 20 months, interest free). Yes, that’s probably a lawsuit waiting to happen, especially if other carriers price their SGS handsets at $100 less than T-Mobile.

      That would beg the question, why are Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and U. S. Cellular charging $100 less than T-Mobile for the handset. The only conclusion would be that the $100 is disguised interest charged on any payment plan. I digress.

      Then again, it could also be something as simple as what people have mentioned. The Samsung Galaxy S will be sold with a $50 rebate.

      Or it could be the obvious, the price will not be $500, it will be $450. :)

      Of course if that’s true

      • Will

        What are you talking about… there is no interest on the financing… hasn’t been from day one and there is no plans to change that

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Will, on the surface, yes, you are correct. I did not say things clearly. Permit me to clarify. (Note: Those of you who hate my long posts and/or consider my comments drivel, just don’t read this.)

        Yes, on the surface T-Mobile says there is no interest charged on phones financed on the EIP (Equipment Installment Plan.) But there is an incentive and motivation for T-Mobile to use surreptitious means to get the supposed lost interest it could be charging customers on EMP (Even More Plus).

        What I was saying is that charging more for the SGS than other carriers could be one way that T-Mobile is getting the lost interest payments that it says it is not charging customers using EIP.

        T-Mobile certainly would have an incentive to build in an interest charge into the price of the phone.

        In California such schemes are illegal (e.g. when fuel companies were charging consumers more to use a credit card than if one paid cash.) Basically, businesses cannot charge customers higher prices to use credit.

        Ironically, the way to get around that law is what the oil companies did. They said if one paid cash, you get a discount. Technically that was not charging more to use credit, it was giving a discount if one uses cash.

        Also, this would possibly violate “Bait and Switch” laws. If T-Mobile tells consumers that the EIP payments are are interest free, but in fact the Company charges interest, disguised in other ways, then that’s illegal also.

        I could see T-Mobile being motivated to engage in this conduct. To be sure, they just changed the way that people pay for phones, by requiring customers to immediately pay down payments, etc. Arguably this was done so T-Mobile would no longer have to financially suffer from the float caused by people not paying for phone purchases for one to two months after they get the phones.

        So if they made that change, why not also address the losses suffered by a supposed interest free phone purchase made by the EMP customer.

        I don’t know the numbers, but assume 1 million customers are on EMP. Assume all EMP customers take advantage of buying two $450 phones on the 20 month payments, that’s $900 retail, but assume the cost to T-Mobile is appx. $450 from the manufacturer.

        After putting $200 down that leaves a $200 balance that T-Mobile is absorbing and floating. That means T-Mobile is paying the freight, so to speak, on $200 million. (Of course, this if offset by people making monthly payments, etc.)

        Even if the number was $5 million or $10 million, my point is that these numbers are a strong incentive and motivation for T-Mobile to get all or part of this money back from those EMP customers paying for phones over 20 months, supposedly interest free.

        Sorry for the long post, just explaining the logic behind my statements. Besides, history has shown that I’m pretty good at smelling a rat.

    • Israel

      Maybe it’s another device? A Vibrant with a keyboard aka an Epic 4g for T-Mobile?

  • RICO

    The “BASIL” does NOT look like a candy bar phone! It’s ugly and looks like a box.

  • Bobomo

    Not sure how it works, but perhaps whatever $50 rebate that drops it from $249 to $199 also applies to the MSRP, dropping the $499 to $449.

  • Straynger

    The “Supersonic” is 100% the Vibrant. Occams razor is my source.

    • going_home

      A dead guy from the 14th century ?


      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Actually Mr. Fancy pants is correct. The Occam’s razor principle says “entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.”

        Screw Latin. In the movie “Contact” Matthew McConaughey explained that the Occam’s razor principle means “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.”

        Looking at ALL the evidence out there, including the rumors, leaks, phone launches, announcements, photographs and common sense, and comparing it with this price chart, yes, the simplest explanation for the word “Supersonic” on that chart is that it is 100% the Vibrant.

    • Rilesman

      I tend to agree. Interesting though originally an rumored HTC Supersonic and pictures that looked like the EVO etc. Is there something in the wings?

      1) Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)
      2) Galaxy S with keyboard
      3) HTC EVO hardware
      4) HTC Twist
      5) Complete randomness to really screw with our heads and make us dream of candy drops.
      6) Malicious to really make us hate life and our phone

  • pimpstrong

    †On approved credit. $125 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $125, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

    • JL

      I’d go that route. But I would never use my contract upgrade on this. Hopefully something better would come out.

      • pimpstrong

        I feel the same way. while the Vibrant is awsome, Christmas phones will be “awsomer”

      • Animate

        I’m in that same boat. This’ll be my first trip into Android land from my BB and I’m about 18 mo into my contract so I’m not wasting whatever small upgrade discount I currently have.

        That and I hate upping my contract.

  • pimpstrong

    The website has the Carrier subsidized phones shamefully pushed to the side but a big beautiful unraped Samsung Galaxy S smack dead in the middle. So I thought, I wonder if I will be able to buy the “International” version here in the states vs. converting DOLLARS to EUROS. I called Samsung directly and they varified that it will in fact be sold here in the states but do not have any information on pricing or date. I made sure that they realized I did not mean the Vibrant or the Epic and she said that the Galaxy S will be sold in the states.

    Man, at $499 through Tmobile, I mineswell just buy it direct instead like you buy a Nokia and get my FFC??

    • SEFan

      You’ll want to check the WCDMA frequencies to make sure your Int Galaxy S will access T-Mobile’s 3G network. Just sayin’…

      • pimpstrong

        no doubt. I’m sure that will be made very clear by Samsung when it comes out.

    • topleft21

      What’s mineswell?

  • I was all ready to get the phone when they had the $82.50 showing yesterday. Now that the price showing is saying $125.00 not so much. I guess Tmo was surfing the blogs yesterday and saw the buzz building and bump the price up.

  • landale

    The $499 price is what 3rd party vendors will charge for it with no contract such as Radio Shack which just put the phone on pre-order today and no contract price is $499. As you already probably know T-Mobile stores always charge less for no contract phones and will be selling the Vibrant for $449.

  • whodat

    It should be 399. if its over the the samsung vibrant is a waste of money.

  • Barry

    @Quasar so you know that means no 3.0 for the mts3g. But I remember a rumor of Tmo dropping the sgs and the sgs pro at the same time maybe this is it. I hope for our g1 users who need a physical keyboard.

  • andyandy

    Soo… with the RadioShack preorder, have you guys gone through them before? Because it seems like a pretty good deal for the Vibrant, $199 +shipping+taxes+activation fee, but no rebates and you get a $50 giftcard back. And it looks like its available for an upgrade with your current plan. I don’t want to jump the gun if there’s going to be anything better out there, but I don’t know..

    • Davidohio

      There is ALWAYS going to be “better” comins out lol.

  • mZimm

    ANybody thinking that this is anything other than the Vibrant is being naive. If T-Mobile was dropping a new “superphone” in addition to the Galazy S they wouldn’t have built up the Vibrant so much. I’m just hoping that the price ends up being $450, even if it involves a MIR.

  • SEFan

    Typographic error, eh? I assume that refers the the mispelled “Behold” in the photo…

  • mZimm

    I don’t see a way to maintain the same plan if I upgrade through radioshack. If I go through the upgrade process, I keep my number but I can’t deselect the actual plan that it adds on, which is $60/month.

    • andyandy

      When I choose renew/upgrade and then see all plans the first option it shows is to Keep My Existing Plan

      • mZimm

        Ah, I was missing the see all plans option…now I just have to decide if I want to return the HD2 I got a week and a half ago and upgrade to this, extending my contract, or just pay $450 outright…

  • pimpstrong

    F!@k the missing flash and its added thickness. Judging by the Night Mode picture over at Engadget, this phone takes VERY good pictures in low light. Samsung FTW!

    • vibrant has great upside, but no flash is a big deal to me. i have samsung memoir, and it takes great pix & video ( yes im a dad ) and i like the idea of having all in one gadget. some moments just cant wait, if my memoir had a 3-4″ screen i’d never part with it!
      just my preference…..

    • kiey

      can you show me the site regarding the night mode article at Engadget

  • zoid

    Could it be a typo and really be the HTC Supersonic?

    • Andrew

      The supersonic is the EVO 4G.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      now the Evo/Supersonic I’d pay $449 for, the vibrant should cost retail $349, $149 off contract or somewhere in that area.

      • soon2TMO


        is that for the FFC? flash? that you’re willing to pay much more for the EVO??
        and is it also because of the EVO’s limited 39 fps, wifi issues, light leaks, weak CPU/GPU, not so good screen display, lagging games, not so fast data speed compared to hspa, etc etc??

        oh ya you already have the EVO no wonder you are too blind and biased towards it.. how funny..

    • Kickstar13

      It’s Samsung, not HTC.

  • mZimm

    The $36 upgrade activation fee kills the deal for me going through Radio Shack. I can almost always get out of that when I upgrade through T-Mobile directly. In addition, the $50 gift card isn’t really that useful to me considering I don’t know the last time I purchased something from radioshack.

    • true, true…TMO has a great customer loyalty too. just got MTS: $179.99 no rebate needed, no activation fee, free shipping and unlimited everything = $79.99, and yes they billed it. maybe you can get better deal, but she only with TMO for 2years.

  • mZimm

    I was just able to upgrade to the HD2 about two weeks ago for $50 and a 1 year contract. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over ten years. Now I can’t decide if I want to return it and wait a month and try to get a deal on the Vibrant or just wait a month and sell the HD2 and buy the Vibrant outright or on ebay.

    • thats a great deal…$50 and only 1 year contract. at least it has 2 flashes on it! vibrant=none. a samsung w/o flash???? i dont use all of the social network stuff, which is what a lot of todays phones seems to be centering on…so i dunno. i have the memoir and it does all that i want. granted i’d like a bigger screen and better internet capabilities (T-WEB), which as decent access to the net, i still get news and sports, which is good for me. but.. I dunno…im getting caught up in all the hype!

      • kiey

        karl can you show me the site on engadget regarding the night mode

  • bluepenny65

    The Samsung Vibrant is $500…….its on Tmobile webpage.

    “†On approved credit. $125 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $125, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details. “

  • kyle

    Does the samsung Vibrant have a LED notification???????

  • bluehef

    On the radio shack site you can renew your 2 yr contract and get it for $200, which seems like a pretty good deal.

    • andyandy

      the $36 activation fee is the only downside… well other than paying for shipping. Since the activation fee says it will be on the T-Mobile bill, think there’s any hope of negotiating that with T-mobile later?

  • Barry

    HTC Vibrant $499 > Samsung Vibrant $350 cmon ppl stop disrespecting this phone. I know HTC makes the best but the galaxy looks to be as good as any phone HTC has released.

  • MisterMegatron

    maybe i should save my money cuz if u mix ….with this …you have sidekick twist or HTC vision right??…lol maybe??

  • Johny
  • Johny

    Look nomo sidekick :( hope for emerald :) after a year I can upgrade right wit full discount?

    • Rilesman

      Don’t think so….they wanted me to pay WAY too much for the slide after 13 months on contract.

  • If the pricing indicates that the EVO type device is coming to TMO i will get this phone with my upgrade. If something better comes out lke the N8 nokia. I will switch to its Michael not mike’s method. I’m just not willing to use my first upgrade that I’ve been saving for 3yrs on a phone that I don’t like. I bought a razor unlocked back in the day. I will not go through that drama again. I hope TMO is not playing and the EVO is coming to US market.

  • Shawn

    To the person with the screename “ItsMichaelNotMike,” I have no idea who told you that it’s illegal to charge the customer more for using a credit card. There is no california law like that. A business in california may charge customers more for using credit cards, they are allowed to pass on the credit card fee that is imposed upon them, down to you the customer, they may also impose a minimum purchase to use a credit card.

    The credit card company basically eats some of the profits from these businesses, so the business tries to make up the loss by charging you. I don’t understand why that should be against the law. If I own a business, and I’m selling candy bars for 1 dollar, but you use your credit card to puchase that candy bar, then the credit card company takes 25 cents and at the end of the month and sends me the business owner only a 75 cent check, you think I’m going to stay in business? I just lost 25 cents, because you wanted to use your credit card. Using a credit card is a privledge, not a right. If you don’t want to pay a credit card usage fee, pay cash.

    You shouldn’t be pissed off at the business owner, you should be pissed off at the credit card company. They charge you a fee if you are late even one day, they charge you insane interest, on top of that, they take a percentage of every credit card transaction that a business encounters. This is why many small businesses do not accept credit cards, they wouldn’t survive. This is also why costco only takes american express, they have an exclusive deal, costco is paying very little in credit card fees. Imagine if they accepted visa, and mastercard, they would basically have to pay the credit card companies millions of dollars a year for all the credit card transactions, then your merchandise prices would increase.

    It’s customers like you who don’t see the full picture behind the scenes and just complain. Also to set the record straight, it is not the Oil companies who charge a credit card usuage fee. It is the franchise owner of that particular station you went to. That franchise owner is not only paying a yearly franchise fee up the ass to the Oil Company, he/she has to eat up extra losses to credit card companies just so you can use your credit card. The franchise owner is already making very little on each gallon of gas sold, he doesn’t need more profits taken away in credit card fees.

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  • souggie

    heres some bad news folks, i went to three tmobile corporate stores today, which have the price tags for the vibrant up already, and its gonna be $499.99. its steep but i’ll still get it cuz i think the phone is worth it. the BASIC UPGRADE price is $439.99, but for customers on the even more plus plan, its 500 bux, 25 a month…