T-Mobile Launches Samsung Vibrant Dedicated Website

As expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero and as promised, Magenta has released additional details on the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung Vibrant dubbed a “Galaxy S phone”, just like we told you weeks in advance, will be available beginning July 21st for $199.99 with a 2-year agreement. In addition to the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a stunning 4-inch Super AMOLED display, the Vibrant will come (again, as expected) preloaded with T-Mobile Sims 3 Collector’s Edition from EA, preloaded with James Cameron’s Avatar, Access to GOGO Inflight & Slacker Radio, and compatibility with Amazon’s Kindle for Android and MobiTV. Full press release below! Sound off in the comments!

Via T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Latest Android-Powered Device Offers Exclusive Entertainment Experience, Including James Cameron’s Avatar In a Slim Smartphone Package

BELLEVUE, Wash. and DALLAS — June 28, 2010 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.1, today announced the Samsung Vibrant, a Samsung Galaxy S device available from T-Mobile.
Through pre-installed applications and pre-loaded content, the Samsung Vibrant’s comprehensive multimedia capabilities combine all your entertainment and communication needs into one device — it’s a television, bookshelf, radio, movie library, gaming system, and of course, a smartphone. The Vibrant comes fully loaded with exclusive entertainment features including “James Cameron’s Avatar” on an included 2GB external memory card and an exclusive collector’s edition of a popular game. The Vibrant also brings the Amazon Kindle for Android application with access to more than 600,000 books, MobiTV with live and on-demand TV, and much more.
The Vibrant’s 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display gives customers a vivid, sharp color HD-like viewing experience, whether consumers choose to play a game, watch a movie or read an e-book while on the go. Featuring a slim and sleek design, the Vibrant is one of the most portable and accessible mobile entertainment devices available to U.S. consumers. The speedy Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor and six-axis sensor are optimized for media and gaming, which gives consumers a seamless, immersive experience while reading, watching and playing. The Vibrant is also the latest smartphone in T-Mobile’s lineup that can benefit from enhanced speeds in locations with T-Mobile’s super-fast HSPA+ network.2
“By combining best-selling, award-winning content and amazing hardware that brings that content to life, T-Mobile continues to deliver on its commitment to bring innovative mobile entertainment experiences to consumers’ fingertips,” said Paul Cole, vice president, devices and accessories, T-Mobile USA. “We are proud to introduce the Samsung Vibrant as the latest addition to our growing lineup of Android-powered devices.”
The Samsung Vibrant contains all of the premium core features that the Galaxy S portfolio offers to consumers, including an industry leading display and powerful processor. The Galaxy S devices make the smartphone brilliant,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile. “When you combine the Vibrant’s incredible hardware with preloaded content like ”Avatar,” along with thousands of applications available on the Android Market, the entertainment and customization possibilities are endless.”
‘“James Cameron’s Avatar” is in many ways the most innovative film ever produced, and in working with Samsung and T-Mobile we are now able to offer this eye-catching experience to viewers in a new and dynamic environment on the Samsung Vibrant,’ said Peter Levinsohn, president of new media and digital distribution for 20th Century FOX Film Company.
The multimedia experience that makes the Samsung Vibrant a great option for entertainment enthusiasts includes the following:
– 20th Century Fox’s “James Cameron’s Avatar,” full-screen movie pre-loaded on the Samsung Vibrant, takes consumers back to Pandora, the fictional world created by James Cameron, in the highest-grossing film in history.
– Amazon Kindle for Android application provides direct access to more than 600,000 books, including a vast majority of The New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases. Before consumers purchase a book, they can read the first chapter for free. They also can read  reviews and recommendations from Amazon.com and its customers. With Kindle for Android, customers can sync their reading with their other Kindle devices so they never lose their place or are without their reading.
– MobiTV mobile phone application offers consumers access to live and on-demand TV available in English and Spanish — including more than 35 channels of news, sports and entertainment. Favorite channels such as Bravo, Disney Channel, ESPN, NBC and more are available for Samsung Vibrant consumers to watch at home or away. Plus, when Vibrant consumers subscribe to MobiTV, their first 30 days of service are free.3
– Slacker Radio mobile application comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Vibrant, allowing anyone to listen to free personalized radio. Slacker offers more than 120 genre stations and the ability to create your own. With millions of songs from thousands of artists, Slacker is the best way to discover new artists and hear your favorite music.
– Gogo® Inflight Internet service offers a bonus to consumers who purchase the Samsung Vibrant: up to a month of free in-flight Wi-Fi access on their device, with Internet access on more than 3,000 daily flights and growing every day in the continental U.S.4
– Samsung Media Hub, expected to be available in the near future,is a full library of video and literary content powered by some of the biggest names in entertainment.
The Samsung Vibrant’s assets go beyond its impressive entertainment features. Running Android 2.1, the Samsung Vibrant offers a seven-paned home screen and access to Android Market to personalize the device with 65,000 applications, including applications for social networking, gaming, travel and more. Samsung’s Social Hub service helps consumers to easily keep in touch with family and friends through integrated contacts, calendars, social networking sites and group messaging, including the ability to “reply all” for up to 10 contacts. The Vibrant also supports six languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and Korean.
The Vibrant delivers advanced phone features such as GPS functionality with access to turn-by-turn navigation and Swype® text input for fast, accurate communication. It also features a 5-megapixel camera with digital zoom and autofocus, and a video camera for recording crystal-clear, high-definition (720p) videos and photos for playback on an HD television. With support for up to 32 GB of external memory, the Vibrant provides ample space for consumers’ entertainment favorites. Consumers can customize their Vibrant with two battery cover options in dark blue and lavender that will come packaged exclusively with the T-Mobile device.
The Samsung Vibrant and its exclusive pre-loaded entertainment content is expected to be available to T-Mobile customers beginning July 21. Customers can visit http://galaxy-s.t-mobile.com for more information.
In addition, it is expected that beginning on July 1, customers may pre-order the Samsung Vibrant at any one of more than 4,000 RadioShack® stores. To pre-order, customers must purchase a $50 gift card, which will be applied toward the retail price of the device. Customers can schedule an appointment to pick up and activate their devices at RadioShack stores with anticipated availability starting July 21. Customers who pre-order at RadioShack will receive a $50 gift card by mail after purchasing their phone with qualifying voice and data plan on a two-year contract. The ability to pre-order is also expected to be available online at http://www.radioshack.com/vibrant beginning July 1.
# # #
1 Based upon reported shipment data for Q1 2010, 2009, and 2008, Strategy Analytics’ U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.
2 HSPA+ available in specific markets.
3 After the first 30 days, monthly subscription charges will apply.
4 Free month requires purchase of device by 12/31/10; expires earlier of 30 days from registration or 1/30/11.

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  • Nick

    I’m glad T-Mo finally found out what we’ve known for weeks – months (for some details)

  • Thomb

    My level of excitement for this phone decreases a little bit almost every day, but I will still end up getting it because of the lack of better options :/. Vibrant please be worth it.

    • Jay Antwan

      wow.. this is my thoughts exactly.

      It’s either this or stick with my failing G1 (desperately in need of an upgrade) until my contract is over an move to sprint.. or even Verizon… smh.. this is getting ridiculous

  • JAKE

    def getting it

  • chris

    anyone else notice it doesnt say 16gb as people thought? just mentions avatar coming on a 2gb microsd, the 16gb onboard was a deal breaker for me as i could replace my mp3 player.

  • Dark knight

    this is a nice phone not saying that its not but the sprint version apart from having a keyboard it also has flash t mobile needs stop getting the low end ones and has to start stepping it up hopefully that one phone/ project emerald is top of the line.

    • Brandon

      …t-mobile will start getting high end devices when you learn puncuation.

    • Bigs12

      samsung didn’t put a flash on it….look at the UK one same thing

    • female_fone-geek

      I agree with you Dark Knight. @ bigs12 the sprint version does have camera flash. @ Brandon punctuation your the only type of moron who checks for punctuation!!!!!

    • BeverageNinja

      The night mode for the camera is supposed to be very good, and if these photos are any proof, then you won’t need a flash.


  • whodat

    Sprint just raped this announcement.
    They announced their Samsung Galaxy S phone
    Its called the Sprint Epic 4G!!
    It is the Galaxy S, keeping the front camera and having a slide keyboard as well!

    • TeXan

      sprint just pissed all over our announcement.

      • Mike

        I have to agree with TeXan…..But I’m still getting this phone!

      • Bobomo

        And as soon as Sprint can match my rate plan or T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds, I’ll care. But they can’t, so I won’t.

      • Bobert

        Does one really need to do all that much to piss on TMO?

    • Rosario

      Your forgetting the LED flash. It doesnt make sense why Tmobile couldn’t have gotten the same thing.

      *Sigh* Guess Im gonna be waiting awhile for my dream phone, at least on Tmobile.

    • rolo

      & the flash…

  • ag

    Hmmm stay on T-mobile with the wifey and her mytouch slide, abandon ship for Verizon and the Droid X? This is going to be a difficult choice :(

  • Anthony

    Don’t forget that Verizon, AT&T, AND EVEN US CELLULAR is getting the Galaxy S. It’s no longer a big deal for Tmo and it makes it even funnier that they tried to make it a big surprise announcement.

    Oh, and Spring is getting the Pro.

    Tmo FTW…….

  • whodat


    Samsung Fascinate and US Cellular gets the device TOO!
    If T-mobile was to treat this phone with some much secret. This is sad because all the other carriers raped the t-mobile version, but at&t.
    So the big special from t-mobile ended up being a dug out.
    So they only have 1 thing to do if they want some attention.

    • whodat


      • soonTMO

        is it confirmed that the vibrant won’t have LED flash??

        verizon’s facinate might get an LED flash, at least that’s what i read, or maybe it was a mistake..

        im still hoping for flash to be included, who knows..

        if not, then whatever im getting it anyway. hehe

  • Ryan

    A fourth-place phone for a fourth-place carrier. Why is TMo, again, whacking the kneecaps of an otherwise great phone. No HSPA+? FFC? Flash? F***ing “Avatar,” seriously!?!? I can deal without the physical QWERTY. But these features quickly are become standards and Tmo is falling behind.

    • drivethruboy168

      Dude if you read it right, you would read that it IS HSPA+ Compatible! Damn! Who gives a f*** about a front facing camera! Get the Nokia E73 Mode if you want it soo bad! Damn… All this complaining because of the front facing camera and a flash that even the original euro version didn’t even have! Stop all yall bitching!!

    • drivethruboy168

      If you’re bitching soo much about a front facing camera, buy the Unlocked version! It works with T-Mobile 3G and it has the front facing camera! Hope that stops all your crying!

    • drivethruboy168

      “The Vibrant is also the latest smartphone in T-Mobile’s lineup that can benefit from enhanced speeds in locations with T-Mobile’s super-fast HSPA+ network.2” all you complainers read thoroughly! IT HAS HSPA+!!!!!!! STOP BITCHING!

      • mad dog

        STFU, the phone is not hspa+ compatible dumb ass. It benefits from the speed increase but tmo doesn’t have any true hspa+ phones available yet. Know what you’re talking about before you speak.

  • JustMike

    Looking forward to the phone, but why only pre-orders through Radio Shack??

    Not likely that they’ll allow us original G1 owners pre-order since we’re not in month 22 of the two-year contract yet.

  • pimpstrong

    Just spoke with a rep but they do not have the Full price of the phone. She did say that due to the economy that it will be priced like the HD2 though.

  • JD4

    eh…. I would have to agree, although it is a nice phone, I am losing excitement for this phone. I am not certain if I should just get this or if I should wait till Christmas time to get the rumored HTC Vision, or another phone that may come out later on this year. Hmmm. Decisions Decisions.

  • Shannon

    No FFC?? No LED flash?? This is the worst phone in the history of the world!

    Juuuuust kidding, geez.

    Can’t wait to get it!

    Thought about waiting for the rumored HTC Vision but the fact that it has a keyboard turns me off. I love how thin this Galaxy S is and a keyboard would be too much.

    • TrollBUTtrue

      If you were even thinking about getting the HTC Vision and its 4.3 inch screen, I’d hate to see how big of a girl you are……

      Maybe you should go for the MyTouch.

      • TMOprophet

        NOt so fast dude, Shes got a point, and since when did having an awesome 4.3in screen have anything to do with how big she is?…your a douche. The Vision will be damn nice, and while having a keyboard will appeal to many, I tend to agree with shannon, the keyboard might make the phone too thick. so in the end stuff it.

      • Shannon

        Wait, what? Since I thought about getting the Vision, that makes me a fat female? And what does the myTouch have to do with anything?

        Just trying to make sense of your post cause it’s seriously got me confused…

      • pimpstrong

        Man Troll you suck big time. A female with a phone fetish is as cool as a female riding her own motorcycle. +1 for Shannon

      • TrollBUTtrue

        You must have never been phone shopping with a petite girl. It TOTALLY has something to do with how big she is. I’ve seen the HD2 in my girlfriend’s hand and it was like she was holding a tablet computer.

        Notice how there was no denying that she was big, only attacking me.

  • mailman13877

    How Lame they really took out the FFC..Im out to the EVO or Droid X

    • Ace

      wow droid x doesn’t have a ffc and since the international had one u believe if this doesn’t have one u had to go to one of those well gl idk when u would truly use it. I know I don’t want to video chat on a 3g connection and no reason to do on wifi like iphone when u can just skype or oovoo

      • mailman13877

        Actually the Droid X doesn’t have it but the have flash atleast and everything else so i’d rather that than this lame Vibrant.I’ve used the Evo video chat with Fring and it’s amazing so i would use the FFc

      • Dashi

        Mail Man I Found You!!! LOL

    • Ace

      well ok i know i may use it for the 1st couple of days then after that its just a novelty and i know the flash im mad about that but I’m just going to accept since t-mobile only have to wait a year for a full upgrade on smart phones

      • underdog378

        I’m pretty sure that it’s only a partial upgrade after 1 year. I can’t find any information otherwise.

      • Ace

        I’m trying to find it myself cause I know I upgraded from the cliq to the mytouch slide but i returned the slide to get this and it was a full upgrade hmm….

      • pimpstrong

        1 year in Aug. would get me $140 off of an HD2. So that would get me the Vibrant for $310 if it is priced the same. BUT for a mere $450 or so I can keep my upgrade for the first HSPA+ superphone!

  • DannofThurs

    Nice but I am not going to get another phone that has been crippled by the carrier. Been there, done that. Gonna wait for sure on motorola or dual cpu phone.

  • gb

    It does look like although all the carriers will get the phone, and Verizon has a FFC, T-mobile seems to be the only one that has more than 2GB of on-board memory. (except for maybe AT&T, they haven’t said yet.)
    Personally, I’d rather have 16GB of onboard memory (and possibly a total of 48GB with 32GB card) than a FFC. I’d definitely use it more.

    This is what I got from reading the various press releases. If I’m wrong, then that just sucks for T-mobile.

  • dominique

    does anybody know if you are able to turn samsung os off in get stock android

  • TMOprophet

    What a piece of crap, I already have samsung’s plan figured out, get a bunch of idiots to buy the Vibrant and then within 6 months to a year later, bring out a version with flash and FFC, and all the stuff everyone wanted, thus getting eveyone to buy yet another high dollar phone. Its like the oldest trick in the book.

  • wow didnt know all of them were going to be announced tonight. if we really do get the shaft end of the deal i will not be a happy camper. i love t-mo i have had them as long as i have had a cell phone but this BS about our best phone still being offered on every other carrier but better is BS if you ask me. sprint keeps looking better and better….. esp once the fix all the little bugs with the evo

  • mailman13877

    How is it that Sprint is leaving it as it is and just changing the name.Verizon is leaving it as it is to but TMO has to take out the FFC and HDMI..smfh..i’d rather get it from another carrier if i wanted it now that it’s better on the real companies

    • underdog378

      LOL Sprint is not leaving it as is, they added a slide-out keyboard. No word of a FFC on the Verizon model either. And none of them, not even the international version have HDMI out. The ONLY thing tmobile removed from the international version is the FFC.

      • Ace

        sprint did leave it as it was thats just how the galaxy pro was designed o.O we are just getting a no ffc version of the international regular S

      • underdog378

        There is no international version Galaxy S Pro. That was a rumored name for the Epic. All the phones are based off of the standard Galaxy S.

      • mailman13877

        You are so stupid.There is a SGS PRO you fool..Why don’t you go look or better yet read the article on engadget where it specifically says the epic is the SGS PRO

      • underdog378

        Once again your reading comprehension fails you, here, let me help you.

        “….very official for Sprint this evening, ‘cept it’s not actually called the Galaxy S Pro — instead, it’ll be known as the Epic 4G”

        Quoted from the engadget site. And no, there is no such thing as an international version Galaxy S Pro.

  • mailman13877

    See how much TMO really sucks..The Verizon SGS is reported to have LED Flash also and it seems they are also keeping the FFC so im going to Verizon if thats true.


    • underdog378

      Learn to read “The Fascinate doesn’t look to be coming with a front-facing camera like Sprint’s version, unfortunately.”

      • mailman13877

        yes i didn’t read it i skim thru and took a guess on the FFC cuzz Verizon an the other Top companies excluding TMO do it the right way so i assumed but hey i can live with that version as opposed to TMOs although it’s prob now between the EVO,Sprint’s SGS Pro and the Droid X for me.You TMO lovers should compare thos phones to your so perfect Vibrant and MOTO Charm

      • underdog378

        Can’t believe you would settle for the verizon version. Don’t forget that you can’t talk and surf at the same time, I remember that was a big deal for you in an earlier post.

        No one said the Vibrant is perfect. Check the benchmark results on the Galaxy S though, it schools the Evo, especially in the graphics processing department. It also is running a faster GPU than the Droid X and Evo.

    • Technogen

      I am betting that the mention of the LED flash was a mistake on their marketing department as NONE of the other versions of the phone have a flash. Verizon’s doesn’t have the FFC either.

      “The Fascinate doesn’t look to be coming with a front-facing camera like Sprint’s version, unfortunately.”

      From your link.

      • mailman13877

        The verizon doesn’t have talk n surf but if you read my comments i told you that in NYC every1 i no an myself included rarely get talk n surf..once the phone goes into idle mode the 3g usually data usually cuts off.Yes this is in a 3G zone

      • mailman13877

        The Verizon has can have Flash cause the original didn’t have it but at the same time once they pay for the phone it’s theirs so they can have it manufactured with whatever features they want.That’s why TMO can take out the FFC.TMO wanted to save money long term with their cheap a** so they had it taken out.

      • Dashi

        hay mailman this forum of argument is to slow for me lol hit me up on aim this amuses me my sn is dammamii

    • stephan brubaker

      yea, Mr “learn to do some research” . take your ass else where already, we are sick of you

    • BeverageNinja

      While we’re on the subject of how much things suck, what’s with the Verizon version of the Galaxy S having only 2gigs of internal memory? Sure you can expand it with a microSD, but why gimp the internal memory like that? Wonder what features are going to be taken out of the other carriers versions of this phone?

      • mailman13877

        See why your a SETTLER..Why should it matter if Verizon gimps the memory when it cost nothing to get the same amount back externally.32GB is 32GB no matter what but when you remove the FFC,HDMI n DLNA you can’t get thos features back and that’s the difference.That’s why TMO has you guys looking like fools.If it can be replaced for cheap then it doesn’t matter but if you can’t replace it then the features were priceless

      • BeverageNinja

        I don’t see why that makes me a settler? I was merely pointing out that each carrier is changing, or Samsung is changing, (not sure who makes the decision to cut/add features on a carriers phone) features on their version of the Galaxy S. One is losing memory, the other is losing FFC, another is gaining a QWERTY keyboard, and I was wondering what features would be nixed, if any, from the other phones.

  • spyderwebb

    Woot i wont want to blow my brains out at my inlaws anymore with this phone i dont care what anyone says theres no such thing as a perfect phone no one said you have to like this phone there are a lot worst things out there to hate or get mad at and and worse companies than TMO good thing BP doesnt have a Cell phone service

  • Toby

    Verizon version of the phone has LED flash according to the press release.

  • FreydNot

    @TMOprophet, they are copying everything else from Apple, why not copy the business model too.

    If it gets rooted and/or FroYo then I’ll probably pick one up.

  • mr. nice guy

    the only reason tmo didn’t get the flash because it was trying to stay to the form factor of the international sgs ala thin whereas the epic has a keyboard so its already going to be thick surprised us cellular got a version so now there is a version on the top 5 major us carriers someone earlier said this but it also looks like the vibrant can utilize more memory maxing out at 48 gigs versus 33-34 gigs because of that, fast network and plan price+gsm(what i travel a lot lol)=buy(at least till the htc vision)

    • mailman13877

      @ MR
      1st…The thickness of the phone isn’t effected by a camera if you put the right camera on it like the iphone per say.2..i would rather less internal memory an buy my own memory to equal 32GB for less than $50 on EBay an take the LED Flash or FFC.The Verizon is coming with 2GB but also with a 16GB sdcard so 18GB is enuff if your waiting to get something so soon as the Vision

      • soon2TMO

        but wont an LED flash add weight and thickness to the phone somehow?
        have you seen a 9.9mm phone with flash? fyi the iphone is not 9.9 mm in thickness. it’s thicker!

      • mailman13877

        Yes it would add weight and thickness but the phone itself is so slim that even when adding that it would still be the slimmest and lightest phone and at worst the next size competitor would only do as slim unless they took out those features but that woudlnt sell like this Vibrant WON’T SELL more than the G1 i bet.

  • soon2TMO

    can’t wait to get it.. !!

  • I’ve been defending T-mobile since Voicestream. This blows, the fact that T-mobile spent money on marketing the phone and it was announced by the other two carriers. Aside from that, no front facing camera; no flash? Seriously T-mobile; you better be hiding these specs. I’m jumping ship to Apple; on that rapist carrier. Your great prices are not making up for the crappy handsets? Even Verzion is the dominate Android player now!

    Impress Me T-mobile!!!!

  • dvd03

    phone looks good, t-mobile got 1up’d by Verizon’s model. Its still probably the best choice for a smart phone on t-mobile, I’m thinking of getting it. I think ill take a wait and see approach with this phone, I don’t have much faith in samsung, when i sold phones, samsung phones were truly awful when it came to durability, and had awful issues with screens going out. Also Does anyone know if this phone supports hspa+ cause i’m getting mixed info on that, some sites say it supports it and some say it doesn’t

    • soon2TMO

      umm how did they 1up’d their version?? coz of the led flash? are we sure that it is not a mistake or something?

      • dvd03

        it says the Verizon model also offers wireless tethering up to 5 devices, i didnt read anywhere were the vibrant does that, the led flash is a big deal for me cause i take alot of pics in doors and at night. thats really my only gripe of the phone, i hate not having a flash. other than that on paper the phone is a beast specs wise, id rather be on tmobile than Verizon though, not a fan of cdma tech

      • soon2TMO

        ya you are right..

        i want that wifi tethering too, i hope the vibrant will keep that..

  • it doesn’t support HSPA+ ( sigh )

  • croikee

    Wow, who would have thought a tiny LED strip that doesn’t even help pictures much would be the difference between us experiencing the end of the world, or living in utter bliss. Get real people.

    • TrollBUTtrue

      O RLY?

      So a flash doesn’t help in poor lighting indoor situations, or you know, night time? Why even include a camera on the phone? Or just say, “great camera…..for only part of the day”.

      I think you have some Tmo cum left on your chin.

  • Frankie

    What the hell did tmobile do this for….this makes no f**king sense….Is it me that see this or what….what did tmo actually accomplish with this phone, to me, nothing but heartbreak to their loyalest customers like me….who has being with them all this years….but come on enough is enough….when are they going to learn….i knew this was coming but i was hoping that tmo will prove the rumors wrong..and they have forced me to leave cos this is sad…would the world have ended if tmo have left the galaxy s the way Samsung made it….Hell no! All what tmo were suppose to do was to add flash to the phone and this phone would have been a really vibrant phone….but tmo been the way they are, made a good phone into just a phone….why..why tmo? Sprint on the other hand turned the galaxy s into an epic phone….great job sprint. i dont know what to say or do now…cos tmo keeps on disappointing me. i’ll just switch to an even more plus plan and pay $200 ETF and just move to sprint…thanks tmo, you just lost a loyal customer.

  • mailman13877

    People said the Vibrant would be thicker if they added flash but guess you were to busy sucking of TMO cuzz Verizon did it and it’s not a thicker phone and even if it was gonna be as thick as the EVO whats wrong with that?Now you guys see TMO is wrong and you wanna say they would add a FFC cause it would make it thicker..BS

  • Jay

    I want this phone now!!!! I don’t want to wait 24 days! =[

  • z

    you know whats funny i ll give Samsung a try, first off ppl think Motorola and HTc are the best android manufactures.. which is true but i know that if this phone was branded HTc or Motorola. people will be going crazy for it… with the attention this phone is getting i know Samsung will not disappoint wen it comes to updating software i hope.. so ill use my upgrade for it.. am a humble G1 user. Running android 2.1 as fast as 1.0.. been with android since 21 September 08

  • Jay Antwan

    Anyone notice the fine print?

    “†On approved credit. $82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.”

    That about 350 for the phone unsubsidized.. I think thats why we have such a stripped down version.

    • Jay Antwan

      Never mind… thats WITH the 2 year Contract…

  • Negtne

    I guess this is as best were gonna get! C’mon now!

    Verizon has the fascinate, palm pre, the droid, droid incredible, the droid x, and the coming droid 2

    Sprint has the galaxy pro, palm pre, and the evo

    AT&T has the captivate, the palm pre, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

    Tmobile has the vibrant aka butchered galaxy, HD2, garminphone, and mytouch slide.

    Need I say more?

    • Negtne

      I meant epic 4g for sprint

    • spyderwebb

      you cant count the iphone 3gs and the iPhone 4
      and VZW is rumord to faze out the incredible and the original droid so you cant realy count those and the palm pre is not even a high end phone anymore

      • Negtne

        There all still part of the lineup. And I like webOS, I would take it over my cliq or mytouch slide. I am saying a good strong lineup is what we need. We need a good t-mobile exclusive flagship phone not a stripped down version of something. We need the iphone, we need palm, we need android, we need symbian, we need meebo we need it all. And to be honest t-mobile needs android and apple on there side more than android or apple needs tmobile. We need this company to start going places and getting bigger cause the last thing I want is another buyout. It was a bitch when my voice stream went over to t-mobile.

      • Marc

        Well, they (verizon) are suppose to get a newer version of the droid too.

      • mailman13877

        You can count any phone that beats TMO top phone cuzz if TMO gets that phone then it becomes their top phone so iphone 3Gs counts.

  • soon2TMO

    i highly doubt that the verizon version will get an LED flash!

    i think that was a mistake.. we’ll see this tuesday, coz if verizon’s fascinate (ugly name LOL) i’d be a lil jealous!..


  • soon2TMO

    im soo dumb, i stand corrected, the iphone 4 is only 9.4 mm!!

    ya it is thinner than the galaxy S..


  • soon2TMO

    i meant 9.3.. grr

  • crazydog

    Does anyone knows if the vibrant supports WIFI tethering(hotspot)?
    It doesn’t says.

  • spyderwebb

    i dont care how nice the VZW version might be do you realize how much money you will pay to use all the features

  • dvd03

    i just noticed on tmobiles site it says it has Alternative battery cover included, and you can Change up your style by swapping the battery cover out

  • JoshL

    Ehh… I’ll pass on this one, and wait for the HTC Vision!!!! (or Sidekick Twist…. we’ll see).

  • underdog378

    Food for thought for the flash fanboys:


    • dvd03

      not bad, interesting pics looked okay in the dark

    • soon2TMO

      thanks for this!!!!!!! :)

  • spyderwebb

    why do ppl hate this phone c’mon its only missing the ffc from the original
    every hands on reviewer loves it only thing they say is it feels a little plasticy
    its the grass is always greener i guess if it had a physical keyboard like the pro ppl would say ( why would tmo add that ugly keyboard )

    • Marc

      It seems like people are more annoyed with the fact that they took some features away from the phone, that another carrier kept on the phone. That’s been a complaint High End phone users of TMO have had with the company for a while.

    • mailman13877

      No we wouldn’t complain if it had a physical keyboard cause then it would be the SGS Pro and it’s the original feature but if it had the keyboard on this Vibrant then hell yeah its stupid cuzz that’s not the original version.

  • teesquared

    Ugh!!! I think I may be going over to Sprint…..now to put my Nexus up for sale…

  • Frankie

    if the international version of the galaxy s will work on tmobile USA 3g network…i think its best to get that one…..instead of this insult…!

  • Tony

    Why do they waste the whole glossy press release talking about crapware that no one on this site would install, even for free? All they talk about is Avatar, Books on the Go, etc…wasting prime real estate that could be discussing the processor, RAM specs, and so forth. These are not feature phones.

    Verizon markets the Droid for what it is (a fast can-do phone), not for all the crapware it has.

  • HaVoKtek

    Not even gonna fault Tmobile, business is business and if that’s how
    There image is by playing it safe in 4th place then have at it. When they
    Fold I’ll move on. But for now they got sucker punched and its sad and funny!
    Tmo obviously believe that we can’t or won’t pay for a high end phone.
    So let this stick together crap play on like an old record. Cause I see now
    It’s pointless to upgrade to anything on tmo cause there not agressive enough
    To take the lead so its doomed from the get go. Want to sell me the scaled
    Down half a$$ed model tmo, like I’m an ignorant consumer tmo?
    KMA! Two times with magenta lipstick cause i’ts 2010 byaaachess and
    I am well informed get your sh*t together!

  • 2FR35H

    Ummmm cut the price down about $70 and you have a deal.

    This phone honestly is not worth $200 on a contract

    Maybe $129-$150 even $179 at the most but $200 even is absolutely nuts seeing as it has no flash, no ffc, no HSPA+ why is this $200? Because it has a 4inch screen and 16gb’s and a hummingbird processor? What the piss?

    • MobileTruth

      dude you are freaking retarded, what phone do you have or what used phone do you buy of people? pathetic, and if your a tech person, your even more retarted then anyone in this world. haha

      • 2FR35H


        No miss you are retarded for that comment you previously just made. How are techies retarded? thats a contradiction within itself. Haha and you can’t even spell retarded lol that is an epic fail how are you going to misspell it “retarted” you need to check yourself before you click that send button because you just made yourself look like a fool haha

  • Sam

    SO…How Much without a contract???

    • andrew

      $400 or $450 tops

      • I think _at least_ $450, they charge $429 for the MyTouch 3G slide and that’s a significantly lower end phone than this. Would not be surprised to see this one have a “retail” price of $499 or more.

  • ZEE

    I had hopes for this phone god damit. I have been out of contract for 3 months and have been waiting and now am disapointed. I Need flash. There is a rumor with some htc with windows phone 7 comming in october with dual core….. but what if it will stay a rumor????? ill play with it in stores and i guess ill decide on the vibrant

    • GregP

      it WILL get froyo, ya know

      • rushmore

        Has Samsung confirmed this? I do not think Galaxy S is one of the devices Adobe mentioned that would be getting it, but that does not mean it will not. Samsung are poor for updates. Will this device ship with Flash Lite 4?

        I think it will get 2.2, but it may be a lot later than other devices.

        Why no camera flash?

    • Flash will come with Android 2.2, though being that this has Samsungs UI bastardizations you may be waiting a while for that.

  • Fujitsujeff

    now that i know what DLNA is, does anyone know if T-MO’s version includes DLNA support? I know Sprint’s version does, but no mention of T-MO’s.

  • ZEE

    its 450 with out contract. just spoke with a rep. said it will be priced exactly as hd2

    • Wow so only $20 more than the MyTouch 3G Slide, that think (the Slide) keeps getting more and more overpriced.

  • Cat

    I am deaf person. yup I am very disappointed in tmobile. cause no front video camera. so bring HTC Vision front video camera now immediate get super phone!. well samsung sucks. and if tmobile doesn’t want use no front camera. nice try tmo, I am not buy that I find this weakest link non-super phone. I am seriously then shame on you tmo! don’t mess to the people.

    • Technogen

      I am hard of hearing as well and that’s such a load of BS. You can text way way faster than you could ever use a FFC to sign. Also why isn’t anyone that is complaining that there’s no FFC complaining that the phones dont levitate in front of them so that they can use both hands with a FFC!

      FFC is such an over hyped POS because of the iOS 4’s and Evo’s crappy video chat that offers very little for people overall.

      • V


      • Davidohio

        Yes i agree. Ffc is way over rated and if it had one they would just complain about the quality or speed or something. The complainers are out in full force, AGAIN!

  • ZEE

    Yes it does support dlna. but check your tv if it supports dlna. I thought mine did and but was wrong. lol. my new one does though

    • Fujitsujeff

      Thanks, looks like if i get this phone I will have 2/3 DLNA devices. Just checked my Samsung HDTV, don’t see it on the list. Found my PS3

  • ZEE

    oh by the way tmonews you rock!

  • Does

    The fact of the matter is people T Mobile really dont care what the true smartphone addicts think. The percent of us to them is like 25% They know the other percent will scoop it up in a heartbeat. Face it people we’re out numbered. The only way T Mobile would worry about bringing the best is if the 75% were the the smartphone junkiez and the rest was the dumbphone dummiez. Also you noticed the more high priced carriers come out on top with the better phones its all about money, If Tmo had their pricing we would have Droids and Evos too. jus my opion.

    • Marc

      Sprint is on par as far as pricing goes with tmobile. So you can take the Evo out of the equation.

  • HaVoKtek

    Yeah tmonews does give us the space to whine! Only site that I get a chance to really use
    My keyboard other than XDA.

  • raymond

    lmao t mobile has loyal people they will defend it even if it sucks -_- the original galaxy s was a monster phone that could compare to the evo the t mobile vibrant is a watered down phone it should be 99.99

    • 2FR35H


      exactly what I am saying

      • taaars

        Err….but yet, the slide was worth 179.00?..this phone is prices well, the ONLY thing it has missing is the FFC, thats not a 100.00 item.

        BTW I am pleasantly surprised that Tmobile got the 16gb version, and at 199.00, They could have gone with the 8gb version. As I said it before the FFC was something tmobile (and att) saw as more as a novelty than and actual useful item, and to negotiate the price down to were it will be price competitive they removed the camera.

        Now, I know some of you are just real big in video calling..and everyone has it (sarcasm) but don’t worry, I am positive tmobile will have another phone this year that will have it, so if this phone doesn’t suit your needs you can:

        A.- Wait for the next model

        B.- go to another carrier

        And you all forget one major point of video calling.. BATTERY USAGE…I know that the ffc + video calling will drain the batter big time, and then everyone will be like..this sucks!. The other thing is…how many of you actually plan to hold a phone in your hand with a camera pointed at your mug, I for one use a bluetooth 98% of the time, I hate having to hold the phone in my hand when talking.

      • Ben

        1st logical comment/argument I have seen on this entry. What, and you didn’t call someone a name AND your grammer was mostly good. What are you doing here? =)

      • TrollBUTtrue

        @ Ben

        How about you re-read his post and THEN comment on the grammar? That would have received an F back in 3rd grade.

    • Bobomo

      So your idea of a “monster phone” means one tiny crappy little camera on the front of the phone? You officially don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      • 2FR35H

        Will all the Non techies STFU plz because you guys don’t seem to understand why ppl are pissed off its not only the fact that this is NOT the original galaxy S its the fact that t-mobile fuccing suxx ass in regards to having top of the line devices. There is not one device that is a perfect competitor for t-mobile currently.

        Not one.

        HD2 nope no android its running bs win6.5 of which is a fail considering its not upgradeable win7

        Nexus One sold only online.

        Mytouch androids? haha you are kidding me right?

        Nokia E73 not an android device and is reminiscent of a crackberry not even high end either.

        This is an issue with tmobile. they don’t meet the needs to everyone.

        Don’t even get me started on the iPhone 4 and all that bullshiit that is great for the name apple and not the specs.

        This phone doesn’t even have LED Flash of which if it had it then it would at least be okay but no. Took out the front facing camera. Didn’t even make it an HSPA+ device.

        You lame asses can settle for less but STFU about people who actually give a damn about high end devices and tmobile. I want to see T-mobile pull out of 4th place and ahead of sprint at least and if t-mobile had the original galaxy S or Verizon’s version of which will have the LED flash people could be content with this but thats not the case. Flash is practically a standard today why is it left out?

        /end rant

      • Davidohio

        Maybe you should read the specs again.

      • ha-ha, so true!!! the only draw back for me…..LED flash. i mean perhaps i can do with out (just saying that means im settling). but i dont get it….samsung makes camera’s so……hello…where’s the flash samsung. im on the fence about this phone, many great features but to sign up and be “stuck” for two years….. on the fence, im on the fence……

    • drivethruboy168

      Dude all you guys complaining, STFU! The phone is exactly how the original Galaxy S is when all you guys were begging for it! Just with out the front facing camera! We’ve been with out it this long, why does it make a difference!?!? The Nokia E73 mode has a front facing camera, get that phone since all of you are bitching soo much about it! And if you’re complaining about the $199.99 price tag on it, it’s well priced for the monster of a device it is! So since it doesn’t have a front facing camera, it should $99.99 instead of $199.99 even though it had Android 2.1, 1 GhZ sanpdragon processor (which a bunch of you guys have been bitching about having a super android smartphone), Supe AMOLED display and a 4 inch screen!and oh, if you read correctly it is HSPA+ capable! All you guys complaining are STUPID IDIOTS and should go shove an iPhone S and Evo 4G up you’re ASSES! Damn little kids! GO T-MOBILE!!!! This is one BAD ASS ANDROID PHONE!!!

      • spyderwebb

        agreed!!!! LMFAO you are so right ppl just like to b.tch if all these ppl want the EFING ffc get the damn global version

      • soon2TMO


      • Davidohio

        @drivethruboy agreed! You hit it spot on. Complain complain complain! These kids are NEVER satisfied, ever! Wait till you see the camera. It is really amazing and is really good in low light. This really is a great device and i will be getting one. I played with one last week when i was in Munich Germany and it was really nice. It was really fast and the camera was top notch.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for your post. I like it when the mental slobs ID who they are.

    • James

      How is it watered down aside from the lack of a front facing camera? It appears to be exactly the same phone other than that.

      • Scott

        Have you not looked at the front of the Vibrant compared to the Galaxy S… where is the TRACKPAD that is also missing. Why did TMO DUMB DOWN this phone?

      • Woofdah

        Ah, that was never a track pad.

  • rickMIA

    i love how everyone is bashing this saying “oh this phone sucks! t-mo sucks for not getting the original with the FF camera” well guess what kids.. verizons version = no FFC, sprints version = no FFC. blame samsung, not t-mo.

    • TheWanderer
    • TheWanderer
    • Scott

      The SPRINT version does have a FFC and Flash… and radio to take advantage of it’s 4G speed. Yet TMO dumbed down it’s version… why?

      Sprint: Dual camera: 5 MP camera/camcorder with autofocus, Power LED flash and 3x digital zoom for HD video3 (720p) video recording and front facing VGA camera for video chat and more

      • Every component you take out lowers the cost, LED flash and FFC are still relatively new features in phones, now that the JesusPhone has both I’m guessing both are fairly expensive (relatively speaking).

        If T-Mobile has Samsung take out the FFC, Flash and trackpad they are probably only paying Samsung ~$200 for each phone, would cost them at least $250 if you include all that.

  • P.K

    why make all these meaningless comments…. the phone is not all that bad and i don’t think you all realize that your downing the phone over one feature that was left out.. sure it would have been nice to have the original samsung galaxy s but look at it this way they could have made the screen smaller, took the 1ghz processer out or even dropped the OS to 1.6..it is in my opinion the best phone since the g1 even without a FFC… and as for the flash the original didnt even have one and oh well take pictures in the day time or wherever you can find light…. stop making a big out of little things

  • Geniuz

    Why would T-Mobile take away features but keeps the 16gb of internal storage … while Verizion and Sprint add features but takes away the 16gb of internal storage???????

  • Jay

    “The Vibrant is also the latest smartphone in T-Mobile’s lineup that can benefit from enhanced speeds in locations with T-Mobile’s super-fast HSPA+ network.”

    So is this an HSPA+ capable phone or not?

  • alboogie

    what the hell is wrong with you people. Did you not just read the specs and featurs of this phone.water down version my ass! 1Ghz processor 4inch super amoled display with 720p video recording,android 2.1 with 2.2 coming,freakin AVATAR! ready to watch, mobi tv kindle, etc, etc etc,…i mean HELLO! stop comparing and realize this phone is freakin awesome! the iphone didnt have a flash and it is supposidley the best phone ever right! who the hell uses front face cameras. i am thrilled and so excited for this device. this phone will get better 3g speeds with hspa+, yes the script says it is not a HSPA+ device because no phone realy is, only the webconnect rocket stick is. I love this site and t-mobile but cant stand some of the whiney b*+#%es on this site. dont get this phone that way im shore theres enough for me,

  • crazydog


    • andrew

      no wifi tethering it tmobile ok the best way that u can get is by rooting the phone

      • crazydog


  • MyDixieWrecked

    Most of you guys make me laugh here. Bunch of cry babies! I’m sure that most of you that are bitching about this phone will be first in line to pick it on release day. I’ve also noticed that a bunch of you have been saying that you’ll be leaving to a new carrier after a new phone is announced on TMO, but yet you’re all still here. Just suck it up, and leave already! A lot of us here are fed up with your baby acts, and would love to see you go.

    As for the phone goes… I’ll be picking this bad boy up on day one even though I just picked up a new Nexus One on Friday, and a new Slide a few weeks before that. I’m a phone freak, and I must have the Vibrant added to my collection of kick ass phones!

    • wtfci

      You really really had to type this post out didn’t you?








  • Joshua

    Not everyone is bitching about the FFC. I could care less. My question is, why on earth would i replace this with my Nexus One? I don’t think a super amoled screen is gonna be the thing that sways me and it is the only different. The fact that I will have Froyo on my Nexus way before this beeutch gets it far outweighs the screen quality. Calling this phone a monster is a little absurd. There is no reliable proof that makes the hummingbird processor that much better than the snapdragon, so those are even. 4 inch screen to 3.7 in, who cares but fine, give that one to the vibrant. Both have 5 megapixel cameras but Nexus has a flash, so score 1 for Nexus. Quality of screen 1 for vibrant. Froyo, big 1 for Nexus. Point is these are the same so no reason for me to switch phones at all. Nothing at all exciting about this. I would have considered it if it had an 8 mp camera, but the way it is, no dice. More generic phones for Tmobile.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      What is the recording quality of the Nexus 1? Is it 720p HD like the Vibrant?

      • jscarano

        Nope N1 is just normal 480p no HD recording like Vibrant.

      • Ruben

        actually there is at a hack at xda that allows 720p hd recording now.

    • wtfci

      Maybe I’m asking for too much, but to turn my smartphone into some social networking gadget I really need flash for the camera. I can’t control the light so shouldn’t my smartphone have a solution?

      I’ll keep writing and keep waiting, but I refuse to buy a device that isn’t including a basic flash function for the camera.

    • I completely agree with you @Joshua I said the same thing like a week ago comparing my N1 to this device to me its really no BIG differences from the two that’s big enough for me to jump over to the Vibrant although it comes with 16GB OF INTERNAL MEMORY and that’s not even including the 2GB sd card it comes with equaling to a total of 18GB STOCK! That is pretty impressive.

      @ItsMichaelNotMike @jscarano The N1 doesn’t come stock with 720p HD recording but their has been a hack created for it to do it because it has always had the capabilities to do so.

  • Rick

    for those who don’t think you need a flash… i was at a show last night. i couldn’t snap any pics with my g1 because it was too dark. (yes, i enjoy taking pics with a phone sometimes…it’s an option, and i’ll use it.) so my buddy whipped out his droid and snapped a shot. i thought it was going to be horrible. i was wrong. it lit us up nicely and we’ll always have that memory of good times.
    i could live without the ffc (wouldn’t care to, but i could…)
    why on earth would this phone NOT have a flash. it makes absolutely no sense at all!

    • taaars

      This was not tmobiles choice, it was samsungs..they never had a flash on the phone. They said to avoid bulk, not sure if that was the only reason, bu tthats what they gave. The flash would have been nice, but it was never in the specs, so nothing I will miss because I never expected it. Regardless, an LED flash has maybe a 3 foot range..get a phone with a flash and try it out, you will see it dosen’t do very much, and when it does the pics are fairly grainy.

  • Mike

    The front facing camera does matter. People will start making video calls much more and it will be a glaring weakness that this phone is missing this capability. Sigh. This is mediocrity, this is T-Mobile.

    • Matlock

      If you want the FFC then you can purchase the International version whcih supports Tmo 3G, and that you way you can have your FFC, and be the only one of your friends that have it, so it wont be of any use to you.

  • Jack Makokov

    It’s great to see T-mo stepping up their game. While this is a nice phone, I feel like we get the JV version of the latest and greatest in the wake of Sprint’s momentum-killing announcement. What do I mean by getting the JV version of phones? The original mytouch was an underpowered HTC Hero, the Behold 2 was an aberration of the Galaxy, and the HD2 is a great phone only to be superseded by the Incredible. They should have focused on a real ad campaign instead of the cryptic message game of Blue’s Clues on the internets. A freakin’ rebus?! This is what you come up with? Anyway, I hope the Vibrant is a major seller for them. Samsung’s track record of updates and support will probably keep me away, though.

  • MedicBMC

    So the other carriers are getting a slightly better phone. OH WELL! I am a happy TMO customer and really appreciate paying a lot less $$$ than my friends. I think it’s sad everyones crying over a FFC and flash. I have no desire to use a FFC and flash would be nice it’s not the end of the world. Lets look on the bright side though….AVATAR, SIMS 3, HD recording, 16 gigs, ANDROID!, Super AMOLED screen, HSPA+….I have an iphone 3gs which was the worst mistake ever I HATE this phone. I have just been waiting for something great like this to come out and I’m happy to be coming back to android!

    • TrollBUTtrue

      The bright side is Avatar? Really?

      So, FFC and flash? Eh. But, Avatar on a 4 inch screen? Awesome.

      You really have your priority straight. Oh, and it’s already been mentioned that this is NOT an HSPA+ phone.

    • Not to mention T-Mo is still including a 2GB SD card to go with the 16GB of internal memory– that’s much more important than a FFC and flash (although it pains me it doesn’t have the flash).

  • Patrick

    No flash is the ONLY reason I’d consider not getting this phone….lets compare it to the EVO real quick:

    Vibrant 4″ screen/EVO 4.3″ screen
    Vibrant 16gb storage +Micro SD/EVO 1g storage +Micro SD
    Vibrant Super AMOLED screen/EVO regular TFT
    Vibrant 5mp no flash/EVO 8mp+ Flash
    HD recording/playback on both
    Vibrant =4.16oz/EVO=6oz
    Vibrant=no HDMI out/EVO=HDMI out
    Vibrant=DLNA=EVO=no DLNA
    Vibrant=Hummingbird/EVO=Snapdragon(hummingbird is supposedly more power efficent than the snapdragon which = less battery consumption)

    way i figure is you essentially have PRETTY much the same phone. The difference in .3″ of screen, though noticeable when you compare them, isn’t much. Yea, no HDMI but DLNA is freakin sweet if you ask me. Sure you can’t tether which this device and you can tether with the EVO…but does anyone remember that tethering with sprint is an additional $30/month? Apparently all that matters is that you CAN tether without rooting the phone. It’s an Android super phone….admit it. Stop complaining and be happy. Yes, I would have liked the Galaxy Pro instead of the Galaxy S but seriously…..it’s nit-picking.

    People kill me saying that T-Mobile is always “behind the times”. For a while they were, I admit. But come on, EVERYONE complained about T-Mobile not getting a superphone…and so they get the HD2. Ppl complain once they hear about the EVO. “T-Mobile should have went for the EVO instead of the HD2!”, “We want an Android SuperPhone, not crappy WM!”, “The HD2 is absolutely crippled! BOO T-Mobile.” So T-mobile says ok….and they get the Vibrant. Now IT’S not “superphone” enough for ppl. No flash and no FFC makes ALL the difference. It’s like getting a luxury car and complaining because the rear seats aren’t heated and there’s not back-up sensor. In the whole scheme of things…it doesn’t matter much.

    Again, I admit it’d be nice to have a flash…thatw as my BIGGEST G1 complaint, but I live with it. It’s not deciding factor for me. But then again…no one knows if Verizon’s version OR Sprint’s version will have a flash…soooooooo. Let it go…please…seriously.

    • Negtne

      They should of just gotten the hd2 with android! Problem solved, and everyone would be happy!

      • kinoy

        @Negtne not really, there will be something that ppl will not be happy about. Even when Apple decides to bring iphone to T-mobile (some day), I don’t think that will be enough to make these ppl happy. The only way to do it is to introduce BYOP system (Build Your Own Phone).

  • soon2TMO

    umm but this phone’s night mode will do just fine.. oh it does have HD playback, it can even play 1080p, well that is on the unbranded version, i can safely assume that this phone will do HD playback as well as it can record 720p..

  • soon2TMO

    there is comparison video of both the iphone and the galaxy s on engadget, the movie monster was being played on both at 1080p hd..

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I made a little video using T-Mobile’s SGS page. Dubbed in some motivational music so you will buy the SGS.

    Note: It’s a three minute job so don’t make the flame thrower too hot. LOL.


  • taaars

    I just saw on phonearena.com that verizon is getting their fascinate..now they say it will have an led flash on theirs (but another website said the tmobile also had a flash..so don’t know) but verzion’s version will only have 2gb ram + micro sd card. If these specs are true then you all who want a flash, there ya go..but you have to live with less memory. Oh…they didn’t mention FFC is either..so I am wondering if all us carriers just x’ed that feature out.

  • Phace

    Some of you guys REALLY need to take a look at the night vision mode on this thing! In some cases it actually takes better pictures in low light, check the Galaxy thread here on this forum! I would trade extra bulk for the night mode this has…just my opinion though!

  • Phace

    On another note here is what Endgadget claims the specs of Sprints version of the Galaxy S are:

    “That rumored Galaxy S Pro is very real and very official for Sprint this evening, ‘cept it’s not actually called the Galaxy S Pro — instead, it’ll be known as the Epic 4G when it comes to market “in the coming months.” Like the EVO 4G before it, the Epic 4G sort of blows everything out of the water on paper: 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5 megapixel primary camera with LED flash and 720p video recording paired with a VGA front-facing cam for video calls, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, six-axis accelerometer, and a 1GHz Hummingbird core. Oh, and of course let’s not forget those EV-DO Rev. A and WiMAX radios, the latter of which will earn you theoretical downlink speeds in excess of 10Mbps — speeds that will work nicely with the phone’s five-device mobile hotspot support (three devices fewer than the EVO 4G, interestingly).”

    So much for NA versions not having flash and ffc! This thing seems like a REAL beast to me…but im not complaining…only posting what i saw. Im still getting the Vibrant.

  • Logic

    What percentage of the posters on here are Tmo employees? Tmo gets a watered down version of the Galaxy as their *best* smartphone (offered at the same price as the superior EVO and Iphone etc) and the employees/posters on here think it’s awesome? WTF? Are y’all just hyping this kind of stuff to prolong job security or something? Unreal…

    FYI – I come to the site to check news while I’m still locked into a Tmo contract… the site is good, the carrier not so much. I’ll be leaving ASAP unless the suits at Tmo bumble their way into releasing a competitive phone

    • MyDixieWrecked

      So just leave already!Why don’t you compare T-Mo version with the others. You’ll find that they all have ups, and downs.

      • Marc

        When you compare Tmo’s version with the other ones, it’s clear that tmo got the watered down version. They all have what tmo’s version has, plus more.

    • Matlock

      For your info VZW’s version doesnt come with a the 16GB nuilt-in memory, but it adds a flash. The sprint Version has a keyboard, ffc, and a flash, but no mention of built-in memory, While the AT&T version looks completely different, doesnt have the FFC, nor flash, but yet we got the watered down version of the SGS!? Seriously dude, how did we get the watered down version? Each version has something the other one doesnt have, so as far as your comment bout T-Mo’s version being watered down goes, it holds no truth!

      I swear people are seriously bitching and whining about the stupidest things! No FCC, big deal not going to affect me in anyway shape or form. No flash, not an issue, I have a N1 and an HD2, and even with the flash the pics arent that great and they all have a green tint to them, thats why I have a digital camera. when they start putting Xenon flashes on smartphones then I’ll be excited about having a camera on my phone, til then could care less.

      None of my friends or family members have phones with FFCs, oops sorry except for my dad who has a Nokia E73 Mode, and 5 acquaintances who have Iphone 4s. So out of all my friends and family, I have barely a handful who have FFCs, and only one can use it universally to communicate with other phones, Iphone 4 users can only use the FFC with other Iphone 4 users while using Wifi only. So please give me a break with all the bitching and complaining about this phone. If you want the original version (which doesnt have a flash for the camera) then order the international variant that works on T-mo’s 3G, its that simple!!

  • watbetch

    T-Mobile probably has a 90 day exclusive on the first Galaxy S series phone (“in the coming months” for all other carriers) which is why they’re pushing it so much

  • Brando

    Im so PISSED! Verizon get the fasicnate, sprint the Epic and Att the Capivate and all the phones wither look better the the vibrant or have more features for the same price. WTF Tmobile. I dont care about the Sims OR Advatar. Get me the flash the ffc or a qwerty. I suggest everyone boycott the Vibrant. I know most of oyu need a new phone coming from the G1 but this is not our ship. We must hold out and let our voice be heard. We want featurer and content. Im so pissed i want to call 611 and complain. In fackt i will. I suggest you all do the say. F’ these entry and mid level phones. We want Steak and Froyo. (Fully loaded Galaxy S Pro) Please make a stand and demand more please. I dont even care id the fcc only works on the wifi if the other have it I want it too. Especailly if its the same price. I know you all can agree lets raise hell. We are not sheep we are thrifty techies. Delay the launch and dont come back until you get a Xeon Flash, a QWERTY and a FCC.
    Can I get an uprising.

    • Davidohio

      Lmao @ Brando!! Boycott? An uprise? Lmao! Yeah, call 611 to complain, i’m sure that will work. I am sure they will scrap this version and make a new one for you or maybe give you a credit? They won’t care at all and there is nothing they can do if you waste your time (and theirs) by calling to complain that you don’t like the phone. If anything they will say they are sorry you don’t like it. Seriously, grow up dude. Stop whining and getting all worked up over this. You are thinking about it way to much! Lmao!! An uprise! Ha ha ha!

      • Longsh0t

        Power to the people!

    • Davidohio

      Really Brando, knock it off and just take a deep breath and just let it go. Actually you should just leave t-mobile. I am sure they can do without crazed customers like you.

  • Brando

    Oh and HSDPA+

    • Matlock

      hey Genius, its HSPA+, not freaking HSDPA+!! get it right!!!

  • Chris

    How does this work at Radio Shack?
    Buy a $50 gift card and pre-order the SGS.
    Phone comes in and you go to pick it up. Price $199.
    Use the $50 gift card toward the purchase so you only pay $149.
    Then Radio Shack sends you $50 gift card in the mail?

    “RadioShack® stores. To pre-order, customers must purchase a $50 gift card, which will be applied toward the retail price of the device. Customers can schedule an appointment to pick up and activate their devices at RadioShack stores with anticipated availability starting July 21. Customers who pre-order at RadioShack will receive a $50 gift card by mail after purchasing their phone with qualifying voice and data plan on a two-year contract. The ability to pre-order is also expected to be available online at http://www.radioshack.com/vibrant beginning July 1.”

  • ned flanders

    This is a great device. I cant wait to pre order this thing. I not sure why people are upset about a FFC,well sprints version has a ffc,cancel with tmobile and go to sprint if a ffc is that important. I hope T mobile keeps the momentum going and keeps getting more high end devices. I have a N900 with a ffc, it is a nice feature however dont use that often.

  • Brando

    If you are unhappy as I am Complain
    Home Office:
    12920 SE 38th Street.
    Bellevue, WA 98006
    1-800-318-9270 or
    1-425-641-1140 or
    1-425-378-4000. Raise hell People

    • MyDixieWrecked

      Raise hell, and get what out of it? Nothing will happen, and they’re just take what you’ve got to say with a grain of salt. You’re an idiot!

    • Matlock

      Genius where have you been, Robert Dotson has stepped down, thankfully, as T-mo’s CEO!!!

  • Barry

    I don’t get it only sprint has the ffc and you can say its a totally different phone smh none of them have as much onboard storage and the at&t version will probably be locked down like their other android devices…don’t see where the real advantage is over the vibrant other than sprints which is a variation of a variation. I seriously think we’re nitpicking. Lets reverse the rolls if this didn’t have flash,ffc,and 2gb onboard storage not to mention locked down this forum would be flaming literally lol I think we’re to uptight the grass is always greener to us comparing to the other 3 and I get it T-Mobile has grossly failed their high-end customers they made a big deal about a phone everyone else was getting. we have no flagship high-end device I get it. but don’t front on this phone its really nice. The evo has been falling apart literally and its still praised dead pixels, bad graphics…still praised idk I’ll take efficiency and functionality over bells and whistles. And like many other ppl posted prior to me. bitch at Samsung the galaxy s never…ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever…had a flash. I love this forum reminds me of my Philly fans especially our eagles everything is jump off a bridge bad I love it lol.

  • Nokia N900USER

    I hope people can stop whinning about this phone.
    If you don’t want it because of NO FLASH; Reality check here- GET A CAMERA. And plus the original SGS has no camera, how do you expect T-Mobile’s version to have a camera????? The FLASH was kept off from the start to keep the phone skinny. Dont say things like LED flash is tiny enough to squeeze in (I know) But the point is SAMSUNG, not T-MOBILE didnt put flash on the phone. As for the SGS Pro, Flash is included but look at the thickness!!! PLUS it has a slightly different board inside.

    As for those complaining about the phone price, Can you be any cheaper???? PLUS why would T-mobile price this phone as the My Touch slide??? It wont be a good business. I personally wont get this phone but would I recommend it?? Hell YEAH. I am only looking forward to one phone—- THE NOKIA N9. And I am paying full price for it even if it is not carried by T-Mobile.

    • TrollBUTtrue

      Really? Take your camera with you EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME? Get real. You’re a bigger troll than me.

      Sorry, but the whole point of the phone is to be a social networking tool (from Tmo and Samsung). The whole reason for including a camera and HD video on the phone IS FOR PEOPLE TO USE IT. So why would they basically say that you can only use it during daylight?

      • Nokia N900USER

        Don’t use the word “Troll” if you don’t know the meaning. I am not trolling, just stating my opinion with some facts. I admit flash is essential but not all the time. I have a dual LED flash on my N900 that works well with the 5 Meg cam. I just cant understand why people like you are demanding FLASH on the phone when it was NEVER included in the original SGS.

  • J.L.

    No FFC. NO HSPA+ They FAIL. Sorry TMO

  • Seth

    This looks like a great phone for T-Mobile, BUT I hope we didn’t just get Sims 3 and Avatar instead of LED flash. I don’t take pictures often, but when I’m out with the kids I don’t always have a camera on me and having a flash (even a weak LED) would make capturing that out of nowhere moment that the kids have a little easier. I would be far less disappointed by the announcement if the Verizon Fascinate didn’t list LED flash on Samsung’s official specs.

    Did Verizon just ask for a flash or is Samsung playing games with everyone?

    T-mobile’s thunder was stolen here with the announcements for every other provider (mainly Verizon’s), unless the added “bulk” of the flash on the Fascinate makes it 2 inches thick.

  • G Money

    Honestly, Sprint is the only carrier that got it right with the Galaxy S. I don’t care about a FFC, but it has one. It also has a flash, and most importantly…it has a QWERTY. Why couldn’t T-Mo get this version? This is a worthy upgrade for us G1 owners. I can’t speak for everyone, but I bought my G1 for the keyboard, and I’m not ready to give it up. The Pro version is perfect.

    • rushmore

      Not coming out until late fall, apparently.

  • Ronthegentleman

    My thing is If t-mobile were to come out with this almighty device with everything their customers want, I’m surer we would buy it no matter how much it cost, us customers like to pay for what we want, and if it is a quality phone then we would be happy to get it

  • Ninja

    I have seen both versions of the phone. Both seem to have a front facing camera. There are 3 small circles near the top left corner. The first appears to be a camera. The next is clearly a photocell for adjusting screen brightness. The last appears to be a proximity sensor to lock the screen when its up to your face.

    • pimpstrong

      FFC’s are very noticable and not small when compared to a notification light or prox sensor. Just look at the 3 phones in the states that do have one.

  • Chris

    On the countdown for the 21st. Staying without contract on this one as well. Glad I skipped over the HD2 for this. Which I did have one of the unlocked versions of the HD2, didn’t care much for it since it only had EDGE here in the states. So definitely glad I held out. Hope whoever said it was going to be 400-450 without contract is right.

  • Aaron

    I understand that we cant have everything, but this is the Super phone that T-Mobile customers have been waiting for. It is an amazing phone, with great specs. Front facing camera is a gimick, I’m not really pressed. Keyboard would have been nice, but every phone is going to be different on every carrier. Sprint gets the keyboard, we get the storage (I like storage better). Speed? How many people that are complaining live in a HSPA+ area? I’m in a top tier market, and still don’t have HSPA, HSPA+ will be a good time coming why waist it in a device that 90% of customers will not use. Last the flash is a sore spot, I would have liked that and it would have been an easy add, but I have a real camera. Sorry you guys cant update your facebook photo (which is the silly kind of thing people only use their phone cameras for) with a flash. Some people will never be satisfied. T-mo could release a phone that was a portable ps3 or XBox 360 and wiped their bum, and people would complain that it only had 14 USB ports instead of 15, and doesn’t use Charmin toilet paper.

  • BrianH

    The FFC is one thing that I would really like to have in a phone. I travel a lot. It would be a great way for me to keep in touch with my wife and kids while I am on the road without having to have my notebook with me.

  • J.L.

    I never really gave a rats ass about phones until I got on TMONEWS. But one thing I can say is that this has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Now that being said, I AM DISAPPOINTED with this phone. Especially if I cant use wireless tethering. Honestly not having ffc is no big deal. But being able to have wireless tethering is. To me that is. I don’t care about Avatar unless its on a LED television playing blue ray. The Sims game, I’m a grown ass man and I don’t play games. So that was really stupid to add it IMHO. I don’t know what else is available though now.

    • G Money

      Agreed. How useful is Avatar on your phone? Or playing the Sims? Seems like a high end device is being driven towards the younger crowd.

    • MyDixieWrecked

      Just root the phone when you get it. Easy fix!

  • mikeeeee


    you’re dealing with hardware that was spec’ed by a marketing guru that resigned.

    how much lead time do you think the foundries need to get a phone to us?

    behold-2 to galaxy-s took 8 months.

    don’t forget our friends @google are developing stuff at the same time.

    then they have to coordinate, install and test the devices.

    then make them and ship them.

    my cliqXT does everything i want except wifi call.

    i have 2 full upgrades pending.

    the first UMA android wins.

    that’s what you complainers should do, figure out what you want and get it and quit whining.

    t-mobile has been 10 seconds away from me going somewhere else since 2001.

    i’m still here.

    • Marc

      Seems like you want to scold people who are complaining, but you seem to agree with their complaints.

  • does anyone know when and/if the nexus one is coming to tmobile stores?? i’ve read blogs that say yes, sometime in july maybe august…..BTW, i just wanted to say WTF to google for fu@%ing up the whole nexus one sales BS. im sure im not the only who would have bought this phone as soon as it was released…if through tmobile! i mean how do they just segregate most of tmo’s customers ( im on a famimly plan). i even went as far as to try an open an idividual plan, but no glory… and NO, NOT everyone has or wants to blow $529+tax on a phone!!!
    so any news on the nexus one being sold through tmo???

    • ANYONE???

      • Well, on the Fathers Day sell I was told within 2 months so take that with a grain salt I guess…

      • right-on, sounds like august…if true.

      • Eddie Android

        Trust me you don’t want the Nexus One with the screen (touch screen freaks out and dust creeping under the glass) and reception issues (tends to stay on EDGE alot). I want to get rid of it. But Tmos offerings are not that great.

    • Snake

      I believe it is on the 21st

    • Animate

      I’m with you. I want the N1 but not paying 500+ on google’s site. The Vibrant looks REALLY good to me right now though.

  • Brad

    Well at least the complainers re this phone can’t spell their way out of a wet paper bag, so their drivel is at least read in context.

    Personally I’ll be picking up two of these phones – my wife and I have been waiting for a larger, more powerful phone to replace our MT3Gs with and this is it.

    Thanks TMO.

    • Eric

      Always funny when someone writes a post complaining about typos and has one in their complaint. You’d think that you’d go over it with a fine-tooth comb.

      Personally, I recognize that a lack of eloquence and spelling proficiency doesn’t mean someones ideas should be thrown out with the bathwater. People who think that are usually elitists or assholes. Most of the time they’re both.

      • Brad

        Are you two crying over the jargon in that comment (re)? Now that’s funny! Even the spelling bee champion complainers are beyond hope.

    • TrollBUTtrue

      Hopefully you can spell “ad hominem” and realize how worthless your post actually was….

  • khaltz

    Sad to say even the samsung behold 2 had a digital camera with flash. But even the first three iphones had no flashes. Even if itg doesn’t have hspa it will still run quicker if you’re in the area so said tmobile rep I talked to. I can care less about front facing camera has no real use unless you record yourself and sending it to your friends in a mms or web cam type sex.

  • wasup

    bye bye bb8900, welcome vibrant, niceeeee

    • Animate

      hehe. Same boat.

  • JoeKavalier

    Based on this unabashed love for Tmobile, I get the feeling sometimes these boards are filled with Tmo employees on a lunch break (or on their phones while I’m waiting to be helped in store), or complete psychopaths. Anyone who’s responds to a negative post with telling them to leave as a subscriber, doesn’t understand basic economics. In this climate, Tmobile needs every subscriber it can get to try and compete with the other carriers. More customers equals more backing from major phone manufacturers, capital for infrastructure improvement, and expansion. The more the merrier. So chasing people away because you don’t want to read a post on the internet, manages to hurt you and rest of us on Tmobile. How about you just don’t read the post? Then you get those hours back instead of clicking the refresh button on your browser to see if you roped someone into a flame war.

    On to the phone. This phone is disappointing. No front facing camera and a lack of an LED Flash are not the problem with this phone. The problem with it is, it’s nothing special. Is it possibly the best phone out on Tmobile when it hits? Sure. But it doesn’t offer anything special when 4 other carriers are launching a version of this. This makes me worry that the stream of subscribers leaving the company (mostly disgruntled G1 users) is going to continue, because Tmobile doesn’t have a flagship phone to keep them, much less attract new customers. Say what you will about the Iphone4 and Evo, but they attract subscribers, which is good for all (see above). At the moment, Tmobile is forced to try and make an “Event” out of a phone that every other major carrier is releasing as an afterthought. Perhaps the HTC Vision isn’t just a rumor and will set the world ablaze and as a loyal Tmo customer, I truly hope that it does. But five months is a long time in the current mobile market, and one has to wonder whether it may be too little, too late.

    • going_home

      The bar was set high with Googles release of the Nexus One for TMO customers.
      That was over 6 months ago and unfortunately its still the best phone available for TMO customers.
      What does that say for TMO about their phones ?
      Its not good at all.
      Is TMO the new Metro PCS ?
      I hope not.
      I am one of the many disgruntled G1 users wanting an upgrade but have yet to see one released by TMO.


      • Yuri

        The Nexus One is still one of the better phones hardware wise though.


        Yet they all have the SAME internals as the Nexus One.

        They all carry the same Snapdragon processor.

        They all hold relatively the same amount of RAM.

        The Nexus One has a 5MP Camera and an AMOLED screen that every other phone, minus the iPhone and the Galaxy S, has.

        The Nexus One is still at the top and people keep bitching. The bitching is mostly due to the fact that the phone isn’t brand new, not because of the one whole new feature that came out since the Nexus One’s release.

        This is just shows how much people are buying into the gimmick. Really, it’s the SAME DAMN PHONE.

        At this point it is really coming down to brand loyalty, minus the fact the Galaxy S has a processor and GPU that blows anything else out of the water at this point, and the iPhone’s different internals and retina display.

      • underdog378

        Side note. The Droid X does not use a snapdragon processor.

    • Omeer


      • APlayerfromtheHimalya

        Preach on!!! Been screaming that for a long time. I want something “different” in the android build. the iPhone feel good, but I’m not switching carriers for a phone…Imma stick with my n900 until the NOKIA wears off…

    • JoeKavalier

      The note about the Nexus One being the answer is true, but the problem with it is how royally Tmobile and Google have combined to make the acquisition of this phone a 500 dollar investment. There’s no way to get the phone subsidized by Tmobile unless you are 2 months away from your contract being up, and even then, Google lists the upgrade fee as $279, which is much more than any other smartphone out there. I Tmobile came out tomorrow and said, All customers can upgrade to the Nexus One for $150 on a 2 year contract, I’m sure they’d blow through all the phones I assume are collecting dust in a Google warehouse somewhere.

  • Borg

    Preloaded with Avatar? No deal! No blue kitteahs on my phone!

  • Brando

    WOW most of you are misinformed. Secondly MyDixieWrecked your moms and idiot for pushing you or for keeping you. I live in LA so i want an hsdpa+ device. and i want the features because others have it for th same price. maybe the QWERTY is 50 bucks more but still. I”m getting the phone. I love tmobile service and customer care (just talked to them) but damn where is the device love. Also you you piad your hard earned money on a New high end car and find out other people got the same car with more extres for the same price you would be pissed to. Am I right? And all the trolls and mis informed idiots got do some homework before you talk. Your just proving me right. Also all the people that say Leave Tmobile if you dont like the phone. Shut the F’ Up. because if we did you wouldn’t have a network to stay on too idiot. Damn you idiots probably votes for bush too. Twice. Now thats stupid.

  • Brando

    WOW most of you are misinformed. Secondly MyDixieWrecked your moms and idiot for pushing you or for keeping you. I live in LA so i want an HSDPA+ device. and i want the features because others have it for th same price. maybe the QWERTY is 50 bucks more but still. I”m getting the phone. I love tmobile service and customer care (just talked to them) but damn where is the device love. Also if you paid your hard earned money on a New high end car and find out other people got the same car with more extras for the same price you would be pissed too(run-on) Am I right? And all the trolls and mis informed idiots got do some homework before you talk. Your just proving me right. Also all the people that say Leave Tmobile if you don’t like the phone. Shut the F’ Up. because if we did you wouldn’t have a network to stay on too idiot. Damn you idiots probably votes for bush too. Twice. Now thats stupid.

    • Reece


      • phonegeek


  • Broke

    You people say you’d pay top dollar for high end devices, but isn’t that what the Nexus qualified for several months ago? No, you will not pay up. You all are cheap. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, please just admit it. You want great specs for a reasonable price.

    And, hasn’t the night mode been mentioned more than once in this thread? I looked at the test pics, and they’re pretty good.

    Now, there’s only one last reason to dis this phone, the ffc. And, maybe in 1-2 years, that’ll be a big deal. Right now, its kinda weak tech. The way you all go through phones on here, you’ll be caught up soon enough.

    That said, I think its a great feature phone. I just can’t stomach the Gprs/Edge speeds anymore. Other than that, keep up the good work, T-Mobile!

    • $529+tax is very expensive for a one time payment, why do you think the majority of us buy phones under contract??

      • I think what @Broke meant was the Nexus One was and still is going for $179 with a new 2 year contract he makes a valid point people just complain too much or are just REALLY CHEAP. I bought my N1 a few weeks ago used for $400 so I obviously don’t fall in the percentage of ppl he’s talking about, lol but I have no complaints.

      • bill

        @The Trendaholic

        Except that if you’re a current customer the cost is $279.

        * Nexus One without service: $529
        * Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for new customers: $179
        * Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers: $279

        Why are existing customers being charged $100 more?

      • SEFan

        @The Trendaholic

        I’m glad you like the N1. I’m hoping to see it in T-Mobile stores soon, so I can actually look at a

        As for being cheap, I refer you to this text from Google’s N1 site:

        “Due to costs associated with processing a return and refurbishing the returned Device, you will be charged a one-time restocking/refurbishing fee of $45 USD (which will be deducted from your refund) if you decide to cancel these Terms and return your Device within the return period.”

        That’s the buy-in for getting the phone sight-unseen and realizing that for you it doesn’t work. If I’m spending serious money on a device I want to handle it first, or I want a “no questions asked” return. T-Mo should have brought from the beginning. Even with the reported problems the Nexus One was better than anything that could access T-Mo’s 3G network. Still is actually. Which shows just how tone-deaf T-Mobile USA has been. If Deutche Telekom had any brains they’d invite the entire top management to a “strategy session” and shoot the lot.

      • Longsh0t

        @ The Trendaholic

        You’re not completely cheap. Just a little cheap since you bought it used. :p

      • On T-Mobile the only people who buy phones under contract are those who are bad at math, the same kind of people who use the lottery as their retirement plan.

        Personally I’d rather spend $529 once than an extra >$650 over two years in the form of a more expensive cell phone plan.

        Of course it’s a different story on other carriers where there isn’t a cheaper contract-free plan option similar to Even More Plus but this is a T-Mobile centric site after all.

      • the only difference between purchasing out right is that you are not under contract with tmo….wooh. so you have to pay for the minimum plan anyway , so you pay your 529+tax and i’ll pay my $179 and sign up for the same plan, i mean after you pay full price… where are you going to go with your unlocked phone….AT&T, yeah good luck with that!!

      • Karl let’s break this down:

        Cost of a Nexus One without contract: $529
        Cost of a Nexus One with new customer pricing (cheapest up front cost) $179
        “Savings” buying a nexus one under contract: $350

        Even More (contract) unlimited Talk, Text & Web = $99/mo
        Even More Plus (no contract) unlimited Talk, Text & Web = $79/mo

        Even More cost over 2 years: $2376
        Even More Plus cost over 2 years: $1896
        Savings with Even More Plus: $480
        Subtract the higher cost of the phone and you come out paying $130 less over 2 years by paying full price for the phone up front.

        Even if you get the minimum plan (500 minutes) you still pay $20 per month less on Even More Plus.

        Now if you aren’t a new T-Mobile customer and don’t qualify for the $179 price the savings over 2 years are even better.

        Another way to look at it is if you go with a contract price and Even More you end up financing the $350 price difference and paying roughly 33% interest on that money, that’s a pretty high interest rate.

      • fujitsujeff

        if you’re on a grandfathered plan however, it does not make sense to pay full price for phone just to remain out of contract, when you can get a subsidized phone for and remain on your same plan.

      • Some grandfathered plans may be an exception, but not most. For example I’m on a pretty good grandfathered plan which results in me paying $105/mo for 4 lines including 1 with a G1 data plan, but when my contract expires (renewed when I got the G1 – before Even More Plus came out) in October I’m going off of it to pay $110/mo for four lines including 2 smart phone data plans, so I can pick up an Android device for my wife.

        I know there are some crazy good grandfathered plans out there, and people on those could very likely be better off staying on contract and getting subsidized phones, but that doesn’t apply to most people and not to any new customers.

      • One other thing that applies to my grandfathered plan that may apply to others, our base plan is so low that I’ve never actually qualified for an equipment discount even if I were willing to renew my contract, the only reason I got a discount on the G1 in 2008 was because we were adding a line at the same time.

  • Brando

    Forgive my typos i haven’t slept I got to work and I partied all weekend.

  • Perry

    Ok, stupid question: If I pre-order, is there any chance that radioshack would let me buy it outright? You know, for the even more plus plan? Does anyone know if they would let me do that?

  • TheAnalyst

    Woo! I love that there is preorder!

  • Jack

    Partially agree with the last comment. Just the part about T-Mobile leaving Twitter hints and clues about their big secret project and then having it be a phone that is released on five networks in America being a little embarrassing. It’s a nice phone, but it is a bit of downer to not have that front facing camera that the Verizon and Sprint versions will have.

  • I don’t know but maybe it’s just me but I would take the INTERNAL 16GB over a FFC any day I’m just saying…

    • MyDixieWrecked

      I agree with you on this 100%

    • Brad

      Thank you!

  • JD

    Bah, I’ve been waiting for this phone only to see the version I truly want is going to Sprint. And there’s no way in hell I’m going back with them, so I’ll stick with my N1. I’ve had the g1 since launch, and have been patiently waiting for a high end phone with a big screen and qwerty keyboard and it looks like I’ll still be waiting.

    I’ve had the N1 for about a month (tired of waiting for a high end device to come to t mob), and I see no reason to use my upgrade on the Vibrant. I’ll hold off for holiday season.

    • I completely agree, I got my N1 a few weeks ago as well and I love the phone I have really no complaints especially running on Froyo 2.2. The second reason not to upgrade is theirs really no BIG differences from the two that’s big enough for me to jump over to the Vibrant (although it comes with 16GB OF INTERNAL MEMORY and that’s not even including the 2GB sd card it comes with equaling to a total of 18GB STOCK!)

      • dee-xt

        so if you didn’t have the n1, would you get the n1 over the vibrant? ive been waiting for the n1 to come to tmo, cuz im 1 of those that can’t dish out $400 so now dont know if to keep waiting or get the vibrant!

  • Alex

    Was going to pick up the slide, but will be getting this. That screen, and all the other perks are way too much for the slide. Finally Tmobile!!! Now let’s get the dell streak….

  • Motivated

    Sprint’s Galaxy S is called the Samsung Epic. It sports a 4 inch SAMOLED display,front and rear facing camera, LED Flash and records 720P video. The Samsung Epic also has a 5 row qwerty keyboard. The true predecessor of the T-mobile G1.

    I just don’t understand why T-mobile couldn’t have fought for a front facing camera or LED flash. Even though this isn’t T-mobile’s flagship, they still shouldn’t give there loyal customers a half ass phone. They give us watered down versions of phones with every release. There hasn’t been one awesome release that T-mobile has come out with in the past 2 years.

    • Motivated

      The only thing I really like about this phone is that it will have thousands of supporters. It will be on the top 4 US carriers and US cellular. So this phone will definitely get rooted and upgraded fast because so many people will have it.

  • Pryme

    No Front Facing Camera!
    NO HSPA!!

    • Brad

      No HSPA? Where did you read that? Even the Slide is HSPA compatible – this phone will be as well.

    • swehes

      It has HSPA, not just the upgraded version which is HSPA+. However this phone will take advantage of the HSPA+ upgrade as it is making T-mobiles 3G network overall better.

  • dj brand N blaze

    While I’m not happy, here is what I’m going to do. Buy the phone. Why? Because I’m sick of my G1. I was never really into phones until I got a G1, and I got hooked. So now I want the best. This isn’t it but it will do and I will continue doing what I always do. Be honest. So when my friends ask me about Tmobile all I will be saying is “Tmobile sucks, phones are bleh, 3G is spotty and weak, and fawk customer service I never call them”

  • Snake

    i want this phone I am trying to step away from my berrys…

    • NiiDiddy

      you can do it…It was hard when I finally went COLD TURKEY August 2009 and got my first Android phone (MT3G). I was hooked to Android since. Yes you can. lol. :)

  • Barry

    speaking of the N1 is the reason we haven’t seen this in Tmo stores yet is because Samsung has basically locked away their amoled screens from everyone mainly HTC?

    • im sure HTC has a contract with samsung to supply phones they already have in prouction with AMOLED screens.

      • McDaygo

        I’ve read that HTC has been using Sony Super LCD’s as a replacement for their phones because of the AMOLED shortage. Samsung will have the sole Super AMOLED handsets for 18 months.

  • Where’s the WiFi tethering that is in the full Samsung information? Has it been omitted from this T-Mobile press release by mistake, or has T-Mobile disabled this feature?

  • Tdaddy

    I like the vibrant, but am hesitant to buy since I have to pay full price. For those of you who have been complaining about a super smartphone…. Maybe this will interest you.


    • Motivated

      thats Tmobile UK

      • Tdaddy

        I know. It’s just that everyone keeps wishing the Iphone would come to t-mob usa. This could be the beginning…

  • Barry

    Oh and nowhere does it say that the pro version is exclusive to sprint so we can get this version also…it was definitely rumored at one point they were dropping at the same time we know that’s not true but we may still get it.

  • TMoFan

    Some of these comments are hilarious! This is such a fantastic phone to add to T-Mobile’s lineup. If I was in a better position financially I would jump at it in no time! I bet if this was the latest HTC people would be salivating at the mere thought of it …. come on, you have to give it to Samsung and T-Mobile.

    • its what they decide to leave out that pisses everyone off!!

      • McDaygo

        Which is a shame. But Still, Mytouch or Galaxy S?

      • my girlfriend just got the MTS, and i have to say really nice!! i will have to reserve opinion until i can play with the vibrant, based on video…seems really nice too!

  • McDaygo

    Well, this certainly isn’t the ideal version of the Galaxy S peeps had in mind but I’m still glad to see it come our way. If Samsung had a heart they would release the Sprint Pro version for Tmo as well, seeing as how they screwed the pooch on their “other” phone.

    • totally agree….tmo’s too busy marketing to kids with their entertainment package deals, instead of supply the “parents” with something too. and yes, i like the phone, for the most part, compared to other phones in tmo’s line up. perhaps tmo is just trying to one up themselves, perhaps knowing that they cannot compete with the big 3’s versions……..

  • MxPxFan

    The only things i don’t like is this stupid pre-order at radio shack with a $50 gift card crap. Radio shack blows and i don’t want them to mail me another $50 card, that makes no sense unless its free money. But it just sounds like their giving you back your 1st initial 50 dollars you spent in form of another Radio shack gift card. Which is stupid, but highly possible. Therefore you have to waste $50 bucks on over prices accessories for you phone cause everything else in the store sucks.

    Also, i hate it when they put all this subscription based apps on your phone. They better not have them active when i get it (now thinking IF i get it) cause then i’ll have to waste a few hours of my day canceling all of them.

    I didn’t care about the FFC or Flash but now i’m noticing that they took away the Trackpad. I am having 2nd thoughts about this phone now, wish my wife didn’t get the MT3G slide last week and renew her 2 year contract.

    Add another whining G1 owner. Tmo bring me something good or at least the original Galaxy S.

    • underdog378

      The international version does not have a track pad either. The center piece that looks like a track pad is just a button.

  • Davw

    I’ll get it. The ffc & led flash would’ve been nice, but i been waiting a year for a good smartphone. I, nor my friends can wait any longer. And actually a Zenon flash is way better & besides I have my Samsung Tl220 camera for night time pics :). I really wanted a Nokia N8 or a Motorola XT720, but with T-Mobile you never know. It’ll be speculated for months, than it’ll be scrapped, disappear or it’ll be just a ‘rumor’ like it was stated. The N1 would be nice. But 4′ super Amoled screen for m big a** hands is a perfect fit :). Yes, i’m settling. I’ll deal though.

  • Vadim

    Does anyone have credible info on non-contract price for Vibrant?

    • Lori

      This is what I need to know as well… Even More Plus plan! sigh.

      • If I had to guess, I’d say probably $500+ The HD2 is 199 on contract but 500 without.

  • Jeremy

    Attention all Behold 2 owners!
    I wrote an email to the president of t-mobile’s office and got a free upgrade!
    Get yours while you still can because everyone knows samsung doesn’t give a crap about us.

    • McDaygo

      That is bad-ass.

    • Nathan

      What kind of free upgrade? How did exactly did you go about this?

  • Barry

    another solution to ppl who want the phone as is would be to simply buy the unlocked version…but another thing I was wondering if this supports live wallpapers it should right? cause I could easily get launcher pro or adw home if I don’t like the touchwiz or it doesn’t support cause I have yet to see it run a live wallpaper in the demo vids

  • Rilesman

    Too bad T-Mobile doesn’t have a higher tier Galaxy S (give it a different name) with the LED Flash and FFC (and keep the memory). They could charge more for it and have a common platform for troubleshooting and customer relations (reduced costs).

    In addition, the Epic minus 4G would be a great higher tier phone for the G1/Slide..once again costs reduced due to common hardware.

    Now there would be a Samsung Galaxy phone family.
    1) Great phone – Vibrant,
    2) Awesome phone to include FFC and Flash (insert name here like Vibrant Pro)
    3) Awesome slider (insert name here like Vibrant Slide).

    I guess it IS rocket science.

    As for HSPA+, besides the upcoming MSM8260 and MSM8660 are there any radio chips out there? If not, guess we will be waiting for the first HSPA+ phone from the rumored HTC project.

    • pimpstrong

      Yeah the SGS Pro would have made a lot of G1 fans happy. Aside from the hackers and the “I hate Samsung” people. That said, what in the world is Tmo gonna offer those old foegie G1 people? I hope it wasn’t suposed to be the Slide.

      • Rilesman

        I think it was the slide. Not a good price (too high) but same screen size. My wife likes the 5 rows and has decided to keep her G1 that misses half of the calls. Isn’t that a sad statement.

  • PlowRox

    Oh Happy Day! Finally a phone worth having!
    Sign me up!

  • RWWackoStu

    Nothing to see here but Samcrap’s version of the I-douche.

  • Chris

    So this is funny. I was trying to order a MyTouch slide for a customer today. (TMO said we should be able to order, as dealers, today)… and as always it was not on the ordering website.. but… the “Samsung Vibrant” was. That is very odd.

  • Wow I know I complain about things (for example mid-level phones being sold at premium prices) but I swear you guys are a hard to please bunch.

    You guys want every phone feature ever and want to pay next to nothing for it?

    In any case I’m not personally interested in this one but it looks reasonable IMO.

    • Pdouble

      Well Said, these whiners on here are in a different league. I guess once they switch to sprint and Verizon all phones and plans will be free.

  • Andrew Martel

    ok, im not too familiar with cell phones. would i be able to delete applications that come preloaded onto it? seens like it come preloaded with a bunch of crap.

    • You will probably need to root your phone to get rid of all the pre-loaded apps.

      • Andrew Martel

        if thats the case, then i wont be getting it. maybe ill just have to go to att and use my union discount on the plans.

  • Vit

    T-Mobile corporate idiots! Instead of wasting phone memory on a crapware like games and movies. (I hated “Avatar”) leave in the device what belongs there, like front facing camera!

  • mailman13877

    You TMO loving SETTLERS will rather settle for Avatar,Sim 3 and an iphone 3G rip while TMO takes away the true manhood of the phone in it’s FFC,HDMI,DLNA,HSPA+ and not just a capable,and no flash.smh..I would trade what you guys are happy about an even the memory since i would just buy it back externally for like $50 to get the features they took out.

    • underdog378

      NONE of the Galaxy S phones have HDMI output and T-Mobile has never stated that it removed DLNA. If you’re going to try to bash people, at least know what the hell you are talking about or you have no credibility.

      • mailman13877

        Ok your right there on the HDMI..sorry if i skim thru many things.The DLNA is not on the TMO Vibrant spec page so im assuming they took it out seeing Verizon specifically mentioned they kept the DLNA.Go to TMO an see for yourself.

  • J

    Why are people saying it doesn’t have a front facing camera? Is it just because the specs do not mention it? That may just be because T-Mobile does not have video calling yet. The E73 has a front facing camera and it isn’t in the specs either. T-Mobile generally leaves off features you cannot currently use. Since there is no ability to make video calls on the network, it would be reasonable for them to not mention the front facing camera. They did the same thing when 3G phones were being released. Until the 3G network was up, none of the 3G phones had 3G bands listed in their specs.

    • mailman13877

      @ J
      dude keep up..go to TMO website where there’s a pix of the phone and they took it out.Beside’s that’s not a feature that can be missed no even if TMO left it out.Someone would’ve noticed and corrected TMO mistake.Also you don’t need any video calling plan to use it cause there’s skype and Fring.All you need is your data plan and 3G.

      • J

        i have held a vibrant in my hands, so I don’t think I am behind at all. It visually appears to have a ffc. It was not operational but out appeared to be there. This was separate from the proximity sensor and light sensor. It was exactly the same as what I saw on the unbranded galaxy s.

    • pimpstrong

      I had no idea the E73 had a FFC. However from the pictures show no evidence of one and coming from my TP2 to this phone, I have a bit of history with my divice having a FFC overseas while my US version was stripped.

      As far as I know there are programs like Skype which would utilize the FFC even over Wifi and therefore to say that the Vibrant would not be able to utilize the camera right now is not true. Am I wrong?

      • mailman13877

        @ J
        Dude you haven’t held and Samsung Vibrant in your hands unless you were dreaming cause i can assure you it does not have a FFC so your lying.Why do TMO pay people to lie an promote their products lol.

        You are correct and thats what i’ve been tryna explain to them but their so slow.FFC would be a hit here no matter who denies it.

  • LSxChevelle

    I could care less about a ffc but I’m very surprised that they skipped led flash… At first I was thinking Samsung would have gone with an 8mp… Oh well

    • mailman13877

      Your right..All the top phones now have 8MP. Evo,Droid x and the iphone4 has 5 but their quality and features are so good it makes up for the 3MP.TMO leaves out flash and 3MP..smfh

  • She She

    No pre order??

  • Hey good people, so if you go to the T-Mobile forum posting about the Vibrant, I think they changed the picture….and it now has a FFC. I don’t recall it being in the pic the last time I visited the site. You guys take a look and let me know if you see what I see.


    • NiiDiddy

      i see something at the top left…a bit above the ear piece. but i dont think thats the ffc [i cant tell what that is except for maybe the area for notification light indicator]. it you look at the original galaxy s, the ffc is on the top right above the ear piece.

      http://galaxys.samsungmobile.com/ click on the “gallery” link below and compare with the vibrant.

  • TheLight

    Lord, please wake T-Mobile up and tell them to release a true G1 successor so I have a phone to upgrade to soon… thank you ahead of time, amen.

    this is my hope and prayer T-Mobile…

    and no this is not a true G1 successor for those who are bashing the people complaining that this is still not the phone we want. People fail to realize that since the G1 started the android game, and in doing that the owners usually know waaaaaaay more about these phone and what these specs mean for usability and customization(flashing roms, jailbreaking, etc). I wouldnt mind the 4 inch super amoled screen…but wheres my keyboard, dedicated numbers, front facing camera(at least a flash):(…I wouldnt mind the hummingbird processor, but will it stand the test of time and keep me breezing through my screen when multi-tasking…can you even multi task on this phone?

    sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his successor meaning:
    4-5inch Super Amoled screen
    5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
    Qwerty Keyboard,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
    1GHZ+ processor
    2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
    720p Recording and HDMI out
    I have a personal preference that doesnt like Samsung so Id rather them let HTC make it.. Just what I want (i have the right to voice my opinion trolls!)

    Even Sprint got the better Samsung phone…I guess thats why marketing was so cheaply done…but effective

    • Also an original G1 owner here and the MyTouch 3G Slide is absolutely a “True Successor” to the G1. The G1 was not a “high end” phone at the time it was launched the only thing cutting edge about it was the Android software (rocking Android OS 0.8 in my case)

      I’d love to see a phone with the features you are talking about but I’m not willing to pay for it.

      As soon as the MyTouch 3G Slide comes down to a price that’s more in line with it’s specification (less than $350) and I can load a good custom ROM on it I’ll probably buy one.

      • TheLight

        I see where your coming from Rob, and I agree as far as is want a high end device…but wait…what could do what the G1 could do besides the iphone………..exactly, NOTHING! Then T-Mobile made the mytouch which was with the same hardware with a custom skin on it… and I agree that mytouch slide is a great phone but it is not a true successor for a few reasons.

        The G1 was a innovator and technological spring board for open source. Taking the boundaries off the phones so that we can manipulate them and get what we want(ota updates as well) without buying another device as long as the hardware and software could support it. The mts doesnt push any boundaries, in fact is lacking as far as clocked processor speed, screen resolution, NO DEDICATED NUMBERS(A G1 SUCCESSOR MUST!), and design, there’s nothing that says oooh I want that phone to replace the G1 I have that does probably more than mts stock!

        You may not want to pay for a high end device, but I bet the more people see how cheap T-Mobile’s plans are the more they will be willing to buy a more expensive phone that does more than the mts (current G1 users included).

        Now again say with me,sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his successor meaning:
        4-5inch Super Amoled screen
        5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
        Qwerty Keyboard,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
        1GHZ+ processor
        2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
        720p Recording and HDMI out
        I have a personal preference that doesnt like Samsung so Id rather them let HTC make it.. Just what I want (i have the right to voice my opinion trolls!)

        Even Sprint got the better Samsung phone…I guess thats why marketing was so cheaply done…but effective

  • jimbo

    The only reason tmo doesn’t get amazing phones is we are willing to work with are customers on things such as overage on a average week as a rep we prob credit anything from 699 to 1500 of peoples overage that alone hurts your choices for phones if you want the best phones go to verizon who would say pay or get cancelled

    • TrollBUTtrue

      I don’t speak hick.

      Can anyone translate?

  • Web

    How much memory does the Vibrant come with? I heard it includes a 2GB micro card, but is their any on-board flash memory? I can’t see spending $200 bucks for 2GB of memory.

    • She She

      16gb of internal memory

    • PDouble

      16GB, Stop listening to others and check for yourself dude.

      • underdog378

        16gb internal AND a 2gb micro sd card.

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice. I am not going to be an early adopter, but I am certainly getting this phone probably a week or two after July 21st. I am excited about it.


    @mailman.. damn so they did remove the dlna? wow! i guess i will be using my g1 for a while. its like tmobile only cares about teens.Their whole marketing and phone selections are weak.its sad that US Cellular version has the dlna but not the Vibrant. wow

    • NiiDiddy

      i dont know if they removed the dlna. i have to read @mailman’s post. that will suck – that’s the one thing i was looking forward to. ip4 has a similar technology…played with a friend’s, and i thought soon i’ll have my own on the Vibrant. shucks!! what to do, what to do…

      • underdog378

        Wow I can’t believe you guys believe anything that mailman regurgitates out of his mouth. T-Mobile has not stated that it does not have DLNA.

      • NiiDiddy

        @underdog378 – I am not believing mailman. You are right, I am just going to wait as TMobile adds information details and additional specs to their website.

    • mailman13877

      Im assuming they did cuzz on TMO.com on the Vibrant specs it’s not mentioned as they now have the full specs up.

  • Brando

    A lot of you people are whats wrong with America. Not all of you but you all are sheep. You are the consumer, Tmobile wants to keep you and get you friend too. You have the power to Tell T mobile give me what i want. They can not afford not too. I posted the phone numbers to Tmobile Corporate in Washington. Call them! Only good can come from speaking out. like the guy who got a free upgrade. Don’t be sheep or Ifans be the smart android users that you are or want to be. Let them know we want Xeon or Zeon flash, 5 or 8mp cam, Front Facing camera, qwerty, and Froyo and a promise to be upgraded to at least gingerbread. Also HSDPA+ radio. Id pay 279, for all of that.

    • MikeTheProf

      Yea, I’m sure T-Mo will get right on it after hearing what a few tech nerds from a website want in a phone…lol…

    • NiiDiddy

      post # again


    @Brando post the number again so that we the g1’ers and other pissed off customers can complain.im pissed off at the lack of Man friendly phones ie EVO,ip4,incredible. We get teeny bopper phones like the clik,mt3gs ect. Wheres are flagship have everything phone? where the phone we as men and maybe some women can brag a about. were getting a vibrant that every other carrier is getting.smh we dont have our own “come to tmobile phone”. tmobile please listen to our concerns and make some changes please.

  • Lamar

    damn this has me leaning more towards toe Streak now. I really wanted this phone, but not this version, the Sprint version would have been perfect for tmo. Its a shame though really. US Celluar is getting this phone and there version is better smfh..

    • maverick777

      How is US Cellular’s version better? I have not seen any specs to suggest it’s any different.

      I’m glad T-mobile didn’t get the Pro version (I’m using a touch pro 2). As nice as a hardware keyboard may be, SWYPE eliminates the need for one. The only time I use my keyboard is when I need the arrow keys to make more precise selections in the browers.

      Being slim and light makes this phone great if you decide to put a case on it. It’ll still be very pocketable and add enough weight to appease the people that feel it’s too light and negate the need for a tougher battery cover.

      As for the Streak, 5 inch is WAY too big for a phone. 4.3″ is already too big IMO.

  • Andy G

    Can anybody confirm or deny the amount of memory that comes on this phone? I saw a 2gb card comes it the movie but is that it? If so this phone is a no go for me.

  • sidekicker

    Why isn’t my internet on my blackberry working?? Apparently T-Mobile Web2Go is down??

  • raymond

    lol is it just me or are the t-mobile customers a little edgy this time around >.>

    no longer are we in the days of nice people everybody’s so filled with anger

    all the bad mouthing. . . that just proves t mobile is still lacking somewhat and we

    all know it deep inside -_-

  • croikee

    To everyone complaining, there seems to be 3 issues. No FFC, no flash, not HSPA+.

    Okay, no ffc, if that is a huge deal to you go somewhere else. If you would really SWITCH carriers over a ffc, well…thats kind of sad.

    No flash. There are pictures over at xda of the night mode which is quite stunning. This thing takes fine pictures at night. Anyone that is seriously into the quality of their pics is NOT going to use a cell phone camera anyways.

    No HSPA+. Guess what, there are NO tmobile phones that are + enabled right now. Not until the holiday’s. How can you be upset about this when you knew it? The HSPA 7.2 is still faster than Sprints 4g, not to mention far more available as well.

    Maybe all the complainers are just young teens that don’t know value versus having to have the best of everything, but Tmobile has great value. Go ahead and go to sprint, att or verizon and pay 30-50 bucks more for the same service. Its your parents money anyways.

    • Ruben

      isnt the mytouch slide HSPA enabled?

      • Kickstar13

        Nope. It can only handle HSPA 7.2 Mbps.

      • Toro

        And 7.2 is plenty fast!

      • Cybersedan

        WOW, that night mode is amazing, that’s about as good as any flash photo you’d get, so this is now a mute point.

    • bill

      Here’s the pics that were mentioned:


    • Bobomo

      Preach on.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well said croikee. You covered the important reasons why those two features are irrelevant.

      Sidenote: I question the thinking processes of some people in here.

      It may be quite simple, actually.

      1. Look over articles on the Net about the SGS. Make a list of what the phone, in his opinion, “shockingly” does not have.

      2. Don’t question why, just note it does not have whatever (FFC, LED flash).

      3. Negatively declare that because a phone does not have (insert feature here) that it is “missing” as opposed to the SGS being designed without it.

      4. Post all over the Net that such feature missing is the reason one is not buying the phone.

      5. Answer phone on his Sidekick. It’s T-Mobile collections asking about payment.

      6. Head over to post office to see if unemployment check has arrived.

      7. In a bitter mood because the check did not arrive, post on TMoNews that the SGS not having a FFC is a joke and deal breaker.

    • jimmyboi

      well if you really think about it croikee, ffc, and flash does make a big difference and with this super smartphone, you got to make this one, one of the best cell phones out there for tmobile. got to think business. you know tmobile has been behind on its product and they do need a major upgrade. so if you were to put the hspa+ on this device and also a ffc, with an led flash, just think how many ppl would probably switch over to your carrier. come on the more ppl they get the more money they can make more connection for us tmobile customers.if you checked out the very first samsung galaxy which went to verizon, it had an led flash. for some reason samsung just thought taking pictures looks great at night without an led flash. its not comlaining, its what you can do with your device all in one. and samsung did a smart thing by customizing the phone and made it even better, plus their rate plan is cheaper than tmobiles. $69.99 unlimited everything even any mobile to mobile, but you get 450 minutes availble if you use it to call landline phones and business lines. which is reasonable enough. plus them keeping the ffc looks sweet, but look at them they’re doing way better now, now that the evo 4 is out and soon the samsung epic.

  • YellowNigro

    DAMN i wish the HTC desire didnt just stay at T-Mobile UK

  • cnote

    I just don’t understand how sprint and probably verizon will have ffc and t-mobile version may not. c’mon t-mo step your game up!!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am not sure, but AT&T’s Captivate (SGS) does not have a FFC. Of course that is probably due to its contract with Apple, that AT&T cannot come out with devices that feature for feature compete with the iPhone 4. (Total speculation on my part.)

      When the Touch Pro2 debuted, T-Mobile’s version did not have an FFC while the European version did. My understanding back then was that it was a bandwidth issue. I suspect the same applies now.

      Simply put, streaming video puts a huge strain on carriers’ bandwidth. Can you imaging even a few million of T-Mobile subscribers all of a sudden making video phone calls. The system would lag and probably eventually crash.

      So there’s two ways to deal with it, and a third way later. Carriers can: 1) simply not have a FFC; 2) limit use to WiFi, meaning not a carrier’s line; and 3) later simply impose significant charges for making video calls, to where it discourages use, or makes the calls short, sweet and to the point.

      As a temp solution on AT&T’s already poor service, Apple “crippled” its Face to Face video call feature to where it works with WiFi only. (For those who are unaware, that means that to make an AT&T iPhone 4 video call you have to use a connection other than AT&T’s phone line. You have to use your home network connection or a public WiFi connection, such as at airports or Starbucks.)

      While some people may think that using WiFi is fine, if at home why bother. It’s better to use one’s home PC to make video calls. And if in public, how long do you think WiFi will be free (in those places that offer free WiFi) if all of a sudden hundreds of patrons start using WiFi to make video calls. End result, the Starbucks WiFi will crash, causing customers to ask “Where’s the free WiFi you advertise?” But more significant, Starbucks will ban video calling or charge to use the service.

      Sidenote: Another workaround was to make the FFC cam with a low resolution. Lower quality video (low rez) results in less bandwidth being sucked out of the system while you dial up your GF to say hello.

      I suspect that any carrier that orders phones with front facing cameras will impose limitations much the same as Apple/AT&T did with the iPhone 4. True, to some people those limitations may be fine for some people, but I suspect to most having to be “tethered” to a public WiFi signal rather than the carrier’s will be a hassle and too expensive, to where people will simply stop using it.

      • Perry

        Check this out:
        “The Galaxy S units all sport the same basic features… 5.0-megapixel camera, along with a front facing camera for video calling.”
        Therefore, the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic, and Fascinate, will all have the FFC.

      • keele8

        If it had a FFC it would be listed in the specs on the Tmobile website, especially since it is such a hot button topic for a lot of people. The post of Phonedog is wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • DGS

    Question.. Can HSPA on a t-mo network handle a FFC?
    Anyone know?
    I would guess this is why we aren’t getting the FFC right now.
    Perhaps the HSPA+ phones will support/have it?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yes, it can handle it fine. I say this because I have 3G on my HD2 and I can watch MobiTV, which is an even better resolution stream than calls made with a low rez camera.

  • nate

    what does FFC mean?

    • bill

      Front Facing Camera

  • Myg1

    Peoples complain too much I bet your gfs left your ass thats why your on this website always complaining….lmao…i really wonder how long it takes for you guys to buy a car probably a year? O that car had that feature i want that too and etc…its going to keep going..tmobile never promises hspa+..its compatible and runs at 7.2mbps thats plenty fast enough once they launch on your cities check the coverage maps on coming soon cities…

  • Deke218

    No FFC? What a joke. Please, by all means vacate T-Mo and head on over to Sprint.

    • Darien

      well i hope you dont pick up the evo for the ffc…the phone itself is amazing, the battery is what destroys it

  • Darien

    Stop hating on this phone cause its missing a few bells and whistles. Its better then anything else Tmobile has to offer, not to mention I bet after all this fuss they will finally secure a device no other carrier has that actually impresses everyone else.

    Just think they have been pushing this whole my touch crap from htc for a while now, after this fiasco Im sure they have heard everyone say they want a phone from HTC that only TMO can boast about. Im sure we will finally get it at some point.

    • swehes

      I will just get it. Root it and put and get rid of bloatware and home that XDA will come out with a new ROM for it. Be gone TouchWiz, welcome Android Stock!

  • Rocky

    Here’s the deal as I see it. This is the same as the Galaxy S released in Europe except there’s no Front Facing Camera. I gotta say I was pretty excited by this spec, and while I’m sad to se it go, T-Mobile does seem to be trying to make up for the lack of the FFC with extra added software (some of which is actually pretty cool) and a movie to boot. Bottom line, the 8Gb international Galaxy S is running for $650, with the 16Gb going for about $750-$800. If T-Mobile can drastically reduce the price for the phone without a contract ($500 would work for me) then I’ll get it. If not, well, I guess I’ll get the international one.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Euro/International is not compatible with T-Mobile 3G.. you’ll be stuck on 2G (GSM/EDGE)

  • alex32

    sorry for the dumb question, but what does it mean when a phone has FFC and no FFC? whats the difference? everyone mentions it here and i have no idea what it means.

    • J

      A FFC is for video calling. Its generally a very crappy quality camera similar to a cheap webcam. There really are not a lot of video calling networks available. You will see them as more carriers go 4G/HSPA+/WiMax. Normal “3G” networks do not provide enough bandwidth for this feature.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ah yes… the mystery of anagrams and talking the talk.

      FFC = “Front Facing Camera.”

      It’s an additional LOW RESOLUTION camera on the front of your cell phone. If the carrier provides the service or allows it via Skype, for example, one can use the FFC to make video calls.

      • TrollBUTtrue

        It’s funny because you have no clue what an anagram actually is. Cute. However, that seems typical for the garbage you usually spew on here.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Hmm… I sense a bit of envy and rage in there. Having trouble getting your GED are you now.

        Obviously an anagram is a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase.

        It’s clear I meant acronym, but my “Breevy” program inserted the incorrect word. In my haste I did not check my post.

        Is that the best you got, to knock my mistaken insertion of the word “anagram?”

      • TrollBUTtrue

        Yeah, because the assumption one would make in that situation 100 out of 100 times is that it was an “insertion issue”. Sorry, nearly every time that would be a comprehension issue. So yes, it was VERY clear to me that you meant acronym, but as for it being clear to YOU…..not so much. But it’s OK, this argument could go round and round and you will still hide behind the insertion argument.

        I think the most telling thing was how you started straight off with the ad hominem attack to cover up for your mistake. Classic internet retort at its finest.

        Keep up the good work.

    • simply put FFC = Front Facing Camera. very low quality!!! kind of a gadget at this point and should not be a deal beaker, as the current technology pretty much allows for only people on same network to view one another, aka; iphone to iphone, only so its pretty much stupid at the moment

    • Rocky

      FFC means frton facing camera, which would allow video chat like the new iphone or the evo

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Anyone making a decision to not buy this hot phone or to rate it a “joke” because it does not have a “video chat camera” (“VCC” – I’ll give it a new anagram), what can I say except you are a confirmed moron.

    You are probably the type of person who:

    — Buys a $100 digital camera because it has an adhesive sticker on the front that says “16 megapixel*” Of course, you don’t bother to read, nor would you understand, what the asterisk clause says, “digitally enhanced.”

    — In the old camcorder days snapped up the camcorder that said “700x Zoom,” not knowing the difference between optical and digital zoom. Back then you probably told your now ex-wife “That Sony is a joke because it has 12X zoom, this Totalcrapola has 700x zoom.”

    • Bobomo

      Michael (not Mike!) – You are on a roll today.

    • underdog378

      Michael, thanks for the laugh, it was refreshing to read in this thread full of complaints!

    • superman

      dude you cant call your readers morons. Everyone has their own choice and have the right to speak it you tmobile fanboy.

  • Reder

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that this phone is made by Samsung? What in their history makes anyone think this phone will be even passable? Flash/FFC really don’t matter. If this was an HTC or Motorola I’d be first in line to buy it, but being produced by the most “don’t give a crap” manufacturer – I wouldn’t use this phone if it was free.

    • Darien

      im assuming your saying this because you were one of the morons that actually thought the Behold 2 was anything but a chic phone and bought it? Seriously my wife loves her behold 1 to death.

      I love samsung products personally. Yeah they are far behind what HTC has been doing for years but who wouldnt be when they also offer HOW many more products not just phones?

      Seriously this phone is just a phone, stop building it up thinking its going to be better then everything else, simply put it will be a very nice phone, shut up, have a nice day.

      • Reder

        I’m actually a G1 owner. I, like all of the other G1ers, am still waiting patiently for an actually GOOD phone to come out of T-mo. I’m getting impatient, and I’m starting to think the $10 more per month Verizon would cost me is well worth getting a cutting edge phone. I’ve been with T-mo for 6 years, and I’ve been nothing but happy with them for the duration. Sadly there’s no motivation for the company to license a true super phone, and I’m left out in the cold.


        So basically you, Reder, are saying that this high speced phone is a BAD phone simply because you don’t like the manufacturer. All I can say is WOW.

      • Reder

        Would you buy a KIA sports car when you could get a Ferrari for the same price?

        Of course the manufacturer is VERY important. If you’re willing to ignore things like construction quality and support (non-existant to Samsung), then go crazy and buy this phone right away. If you’re smart, you’ll stay far away from this junk.

    • Bobomo

      It’s funny… just a year ago, Motorola couldn’t build a decent smartphone. Then they came out with the Droid and everyone thinks they are the greatest thing since Blackberry.

      Meanwhile, HTC just pushed an EVO update that is bricking phones.

      No manufacturer is perfect. But the fact that this phone is hitting the 5 biggest US carriers plus international means it won’t end up being another Behold 2. Also, Samsung is manufacturing at least the screen, the chipset, and the solid-state memory. Most other manufacturers have to get that stuff from 3rd parties … like Samsung.

      • Reder

        You bring up really good points Bobomo. I suppose time will tell if Samsung will deliver or disappoint. Just looking at everything they’ve made to date they’ve failed to deliver a competitive smartphone. The fact that they make a LOT of different products is what makes me uneasy. My buddy works in the appliance repair business and they despise everything that Samsung makes because they’re made cheaply, and parts are notoriously hard to get in stock.

        The thing with the EVO update has been a one-off so far.

        I’m not jumping off any cliffs here, but I’m looking down thinking about it. Maybe this will be the device that establishes Samsung as a real player in the super phone game, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • kathrin

      If you can live with HTC quality, Samsung quality is not problem for you :)

      I personally like HTC handsets, it’s quality gadgets. However, overall HTC’s PHONE qualities are bad. Always weak reception, bad build quality…

      Samsung has problem also. But not so bad.

    • dominique

      i have to agree

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Samsung did screw up on the Behold II, but other than that they do what all carriers do, sell a phone with the existing OS WITHOUT a promise of updates.

      I love HTC phones and IMHO they are the hottest handset maker on the planet, at this time. (I just got my GF a red Slide. The build quality of this mid-range device is outstanding and nothing less than what I expect from HTC.)

      In fact, HTC has been praised in here, repeatedly. Many have said the Samsung should be like HTC. But let me burst the HTC bubble, even though I have three of its handsets and I love em all (G1, Slide, HD2). Specifically:

      I recall when the Touch Pro2 was coming up for a debut in July-August 2009. Back then there’s was lots of talk about the Touch Pro2 should be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows Phone 7 when it came out. (No one knew when it would debut, some speculated in December 2009).

      Lots of people said that if the Touch Pro2 did not get a free upgrade to WP7 they would switch carriers. Lots of people communicated with T-Mobile asking about the upgrade to WP7.

      End result, T-Mobile and HTC said the phone would get an upgrade to WinMo 6.5 but that’s it. People were livid, feeling they were entitled to OS upgrades, especially since the Touch Pro2 debuted for $550 (or thereabouts). But HTC and T-Mobile said there is no upgrade, don’t buy the phone if that upsets you.

      (Sidenote: And while European Touch Pro2s had front facing cameras, no U.S. carrier Touch Pro2 had it. Back then no one complained since a carrier had yet to offer the ability to make video calls.

      Fast forward to February-March 2010, the “we demand an OS update” repeated itself, except this time it was the HD2. Again, everyone considered the HD2 a premium phone so of course it should get WP 7 when it debuts. But once again HTC and T-Mobile said “NO, the HD2 comes with WinMo 6.5 and it will never get WP7 as an upgrade.

      So people accepted that and many bought the HD2 anyway. (Since it is a great phone).

      Bottom line, I don’t know how this all developed, that people think they have a right to OS updates and upgrades. To be sure, if an OS is coming out soon, a carrier will address if “first adopters” will get an update, but that’s a unique circumstance not the same as people speculating when an OS will be debuting and expecting it when it actually shows up on the retail market.

      AFAIK cell phones are the same as personal computers. I never buy a computer assuming I will get for free a new OS that’s coming to market. The OS that’s on the computer is what I am buying, not future versions of it. Yes, when Windows 7 was close to launch computer sellers said “Will get free upgrade to Win 7 when it launches.” But that’s a unique situation that retailers need to address.

      So other than Samsung reneging on its promise to update the Behold II, I don’t see the where its behavior is all that much different than other manufacturers and carriers. And as illustrated above, HTC arguably is not so innocent either.

      On the Behold II, since there is evidence that Samsung clearly promised an update to Android 2.2 I expect they will make good on the promise. They should do that anyway since the bad press they got over the flap has done more harm than the money they saved by telling people to take a hike, that is, the people who want 2.2 for their Behold II handsets.

      • Reder

        Your examples of HTC not providing updates are all WinMo. That’s not HTC’s decision as much as it is T-mo and Microsoft. Android is an entirely different thing.

  • Vadim

    Still no info on non-contract price?


      It will most likely be about 400-500

  • ok people lets stay on track here. i just looked at some of those pix that the camera took in low light conditions, not bad at all, assuming that it will come with an anti-shake mode, cuase when the apture is open that long it will pick up any type of movement. still no excuse for not including one.

    • Bob

      Try taking a picture of a moving object in night mode. You’ll see a lot of motion blur.
      The night mode will only be useful for taking pictures of objects, not people, unless your friend/nephew/grandma stop breathing for 2 secs.

      I can imagine someone in a bar telling his girlfriend to sit still for a sec cause he has to take a pic.

      Whatever you fans of this phone say, I say:
      No FFC = I can manage without it.
      No Flash = FAIL!

      • taaars


        Why are people still arguing about this…ever since the galaxy was introduced..it NEVER had it..why is every in shock that it still doesn’t have it?

        Yes I know other site have mentioned the Pro (and I think the verizons model having it) but these same sights still think that the vibrant has it.

        I can see the pro getting it for one reason, the phone will be larger, so they wouldn’t mind adding it.

        I dont think the verizon version will have it in the end..but then it again, who knows..but the same site said it will also only have 2gb of ram..

  • Aaron

    This might be a dumb question, but does anyone know it it has voice navigation?


      Being an Android device, it will have voice navigation. Google has allowed all Android devices to use free voice navigation on google maps.

  • theCYNIC

    What? No FFC? That can’t be! Drats! Wait…
    you don’t want FFC. Sure, I am all about having all the latest tech out there. THROW IT AT MY BABY. BUT…can you imagine EVERYONE having FFC. This will sting to all you texters out there who happen to DRIVE while they do it. Keep in mind, when you use video calling you will have to look COMPLETELY at you phone. This is what will happen: Teen driver, bored dumb jock, 30 something year-old mom(Driving a LARGE SUV)..buzzbuzzbuzz…hey, I have a video call from Brittany! (answers) Hey Brittany!!! Did you see that new Twilight movie!? I know rriiight!!?? (car swerves into oncoming traffic) SMMMAACK!!!! end of story….
    If everyone buys a phone with FFC, fatal accidents will more than quadruple. Will are talking about a culling of the population here. Probably about a third of the total population. Trsut me. you dont want a phone with FFC. or do we?

    DISCLAIMER: To all you bleeding hearts out there, this is a cynical opinion and in now ways meant to trivialize car accidents (been in one myself, no fault) but the fact is, there is way too many people out there with these geewhiz phones that are downright inconsiderate and causing potentional harm to themselves and others simply because they exist in a bubble world. Please people, statistics don’t lie. Don’t use your freaking phone hazardously while driving.

    • GREAT

      hahahaaha that is great, and so true. I hate it when i see people txting on there phone and the swerve into my lane, and are oblivious to what happen, or why I gave them the finger. Now dont get me wrong i have dont it my fair share but after a near encounter I feel all the wiser.

  • Perry

    Who cares about a stupid front facing camera? Honestly people how many of you actually do any video chatting?

    The Tmo version of the galaxy has 16GB of on board memory. The verizon & sprint versions will come with 1Gb & 2GB as per phandroid’s blog posting:


    Myself I’d rather have the larger memory than some stupid front facing camera. Bear in mind that the next version of android will support SD card app installation. So this means the tmo version of the galaxy will have a maximum of 48GB of space to install apps. Thats a mighty large number of apps you can install.

    • Perry

      Although I agree with you that I like the t-mobile version best, let me set one thing straight. The 1gb and 2gb are rom. The 16gb is internal memory. Most likely, 2gb of the 16gb will be rom, just like the international 16gb version.

  • sami

    wait, on the website that is linked on this page, it shows “galaxy s” in small letters on the back, and its on the bottom. but on t-mobile’s website, it shows “galaxy s” in large letters on the middle of the back of the phone. so which one is it?

    • karlc

      you’d have to assume the one on t-mo site is the REAL vibrant

  • JL

    AH I have a question……Did T-Mo remove the ability to allow wireless tethering that comes with froyo? I have come to the realization the ffc is no biggity( that’s no Big Deal) but being able to have a wireless hotspot is. Just my two cents

    • Perry

      This is on eclair, not froyo. If you are referring to the nexus1, that has all the features of froyo.

    • J-Hop2o6

      u can root it and put on Wireless (WiFi) Tethering app.. i use XDAndroid Tether

  • Jbird

    To the guy that says there are know phones that are hspda+ on tmobile does not know what he is talking about most of the phones that are out now on tmo can take advantage of the upgraded network that will hit towards the end of the year the network can download arourd 21mbs 4g is around 14.1

  • Flgirll99

    I’m really annoyed that I would have to pre-order through RadioShack (why in the world did they decide to do that?!) so I’ll just wait until it’s available through T-mobile’s site directly.

  • Shiboukshi

    It’s absolutely fine if you have no use for the Front Facing Camera. However, please refrain from belittling anyone who has need for it. I can understand that most of you don’t have relatives and/or friends who live abroad, or even across State-lines, but a significant number of T-Mobile’s customers do. I am one, and I travel overseas a lot as well. One of the main reasons those customers, myself included, signed up with T-Mobile is because it’s a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) carrier. I certainly hope T-Mobile realizes that. I have always used a PC to video chat with my loved ones, which is still an option, but why the inconvenience of staying put while I can do that on the go. I tried Sprint’s EVO 4G device for 10 days, which has a functional FFC. However, I returned the device because of its extremely short battery life and the fact that it’s a CDMA-only device. Now I am extremely disappointed at T-Mobile’s decision to remove the FFC, which I suspect, if true, was based on the fact that the company’s network can’t handle the service, which is truly unfortunate.

    • I’m a little sick of people belittling those looking for FFC. Don’t you get it? People who like android realize that FFC means you can skype for free. There is also Fring that will allow Android to Android video conferencing for free. People absolutely have the right to bitch. Those who want Android chose an alternative to Apple and want open source and the option to have choice on the android market place. TMO had all this hype and we do not have a device with the options that most people want. If all you want to do is put people down for expressing themselves on here SHUT THE F^$) UP when grown people are talking. This is a forum wich means that people express their opinion. Remeber opinions are like elbows and a$$h@#!$ everybody has one…

  • Lamar

    umm true photographers dont need flash… just saying

    • TrollBUTtrue

      Yes, because the reason people want flash in their camera is to be a true photographer. The fact is that sometimes people are out past sundown and have situations that call for pictures that aren’t capable without a flash.

      Now, if the pictures are true that were shown of the phone taking a picture in pitch black then the flash may not be that big of a deal. However, if they are selling this as a social networking type phone, but it can’t even take pictures unless it is daytime. Then this phone = Fail.

  • croikee

    Reder actually posted the most intelligent negative post about this phone. He didn’t attack the no FFC or HSPA+. He brought up that Samsung makes this phone. Their track record with updates is suspect at best. This can’t be argued. Good point Reder.

    As for the shock that other carriers get other features…story time. Was watching Top Gear a car show in England. They were spouting off about the Ford Focus and how its SUCH an amazing car. I’m thinking, huh? Focuses aren’t great at all. Then they reviewed it and I realized THEIR focus in Europe kicks a s s! Tons of features/upgrades we don’t get here. The reason? The market their supports such a car. The market here does not.

    Thats what it comes down to. Sorry, but Tmobile is not run by morons. They run the company based off the revenue they make from us, the customers. They use that revenue to create an infrastructure they feel their target audience desires most. Tmobile focuses on families and those seeking value vs. most cutting edge equipment.

    I agree this is probably why no FFC was available, it may very well crash the HSPA+ network. Why? This network is available to everyone, right now, no extra charge. Tmobile felt it was better business to give us this fast network for free vs charging. THey charge, they limit who uses it, they can then make video conferencing availalbe with no fear like Sprint, or ATT. Instead, they kept the network free to us.

    As a customer seeking value, I appreciate this model. Tmobile gives us phones that its market, its target audience, will support and that will be profitable. You want a kick a s s ford focus? Move to london. You want the most cutting edge phones that will also clean your apartment and feed the dog? Swith markets (i.e. switch carriers).


      Nicely put. +1

    • HaVoKtek

      Awesome post dude…that’s the truth in the matter that’s why I said “its a moot point to
      Aurgue” cause business is business and according to tmos model this is what works. Now
      If they got it right then it is what it is move on. If their blinded by numbers and data sheets
      Just to fold. Then the jokes on us cause there wasn’t enough people that justifies having huge
      Smartphone hightend market share. You don’t like don’t buy cause that’s the only power we have.

  • people stop telling the audience that you can take better pics on a regular camera. That is not the point. FFC is for video conferencing. I have a digital camera that takes great pics. That is not why I want a video camera. I have family across the US. and overseas. This would allow me to communicate without being at my computer. So lets stop repeating that foolishness. I’m not preordering squat. If I like the phone I want to touch it play with it then buy it.This is the reason I have not bought the N1. It was a consideration until the EVO came out. TMO refuses to take care of business I will have to buy a Ipone from Canada and unlock it.

    • taaars

      great!…see, you have found your own solution..roll with it!

  • Why in the wild world of sports would I buy a phone on contract that is not on the much hyped HSPA network? Please TMO Please explain that to me?

    • taaars

      You don’t have to..your buying an Iphone, and yet..another dilemma solved!

    • J-Hop2o6

      it is HSPA.. 7.2.. which is still fast.. T-Mobile network maxes out @ 21HSPA+ (which u will never be close to anyways).. so quit your whining a be happy u can get up to 7.2mbps.. smh.

  • karlc

    who knows or might have a clue when the nexus one will be selling in T-mo stores. i want to have options, galaxy sounds nice, but……

    • taaars

      No idea, but dont expect soon, the vibrant is a superior device to the nexus all around (not that the nexus is bad, its a real nice phone, but a little dated now), so I think tmobile would be hesitant to place the nexus next to the vibrant at the same (or higher) price point to the vibrant, they would sit on stock and have to take a hit on cost to move it.

      • Dale Murphy

        precisely why the nexus is an attractive phone. you get a great phone that will receive all of the updates and is a little bit dated but at wonderful price point.

      • taaars

        its the same price…it would have to be cheaper to compete. Although you may buy it at the same price as the vibrant, most people may not, so they will sit on a ton of nexus and have to take a cost hit to lower the price to get rid of them. Like I said, the nexus is a nice phone, but no longer a two hundred dollar unit..but I also said the slide was never a 180.00 unit as well, but I suspect they will drop the price here shortly before the vibrants release.

  • Croikee

    K.ray the vibrant IS on the Hspa + network. Its not an hspa+ phone, but a 7.2 device. THERE ARE NO HSPA+ CAPABLE PHONES OUT ON MARKET CURRENTLY. this should be a non issue. No phone sold by tmo is hspa+

  • NiiDiddy

    Okay I am sure someone already caught this, but I am not going through 400+ threads to find some info that might not be there.

    One T-Mobile’s website, the have the Bandwidth Frequency information as-

    Band (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (AWS);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)

    Looks like some of the Bands have max speeds of 2100. So why isn’t it HSPA+ compatible or is it HSPA+ compatible…just not an HSPA+ phone? I dont know how to read these things, maybe someone can help.


    • kathrin

      That 2100 means a frequency, not a speed.

      Samsung Galaxy S is supporting HSPA 7.2, not HSPA+. And there are no HSPA+ phone released yet, because chipset is not ready yet. (I think Q3 or Q4).

      • NiiDiddy

        Thank You, Kathrin.

  • NS

    Non contract pricing???????

  • Barry

    Ok I’ve said my peace on this phone. But is anyone 100% site whether it has a ffc or not and if not who cares does the original Droid have a ffc cause if not the commercial definitely says it uses Skype so can you use the standard camera or am I missing something not being sarcastic about the Droid thing.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Vibrant= no FCC
      Droid 1= no FCC
      Droid X= no FCC
      Droid 2= no FCC

      • mailman13877

        2 of those phones are way better than the Vibrant though with duall flash DLNA and HDMI oh and 8MP so why try to compare dude

      • J-Hop2o6

        yes HDMI out would be nice.. LED flash would be a nice addition.. but higher MP means NOTHING.. it was proven that the iPhone 4 (5MP) takes better pics than Droid X (8MP).. so you lost there.. and DLNA is still in the Vibrant.. that would NOT be taken out.

  • Barry

    ok with that being said is it that important and would we honestly be bitching if these phones were on this network…? Probably lol which means we need to stop nitpicking

  • mailman13877

    Lets say i gave TMO 1 last chance and decided to pick between each companies top Android phone what’s the best phone?

    EVO,Droid X (Don’t want Droid 2 cause of Keyboard),Captivate or Nexus One which is still TMO best phone seeing SAMMY is still not trust worthy and their almost the same except the N1 has LED flash (dont care bout memory cuzz i will buy it).

    You guys decide and be honest..Don’t defend TMO on this one.Do i give em 1 more shot or go?Be honest.

    • underdog378

      Honestly, I would probably go with the Droid X. Mainly due to the proven track record of Verizon getting high quality android phones. The Evo I believe falters in some key areas such as graphics performance and battery life. The Captivate is samsung and if you don’t want samsung, then that will not be an option.

      However, for myself, there is more to which phone I choose than just picking the best performing phone. To switch to verizon, I would be paying $15-$20 per month more just to be on verizon over my grandfathered t-mobile plan. Its a matter of what you can afford per month, spending the extra $360 every two years just to be on verizon is not worth it to me, and in this case I’ll likely be going with the best phone that I believe TMobile offers, which is the Vibrant.

      I would already own a nexus one if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t afford to pay full price on one. The huge plus of the nexus one is that you will always be the very first to get any Android updates.

      • mailman13877

        ok so if you could afford it you would leave TMO?? and in your opinion was the Droid then the EVO then the N1 and leave out the other 2?How come you can get the Vibrant but not the N1 if they are both in the same price range with contract?

      • underdog378

        If I could afford it, I would seriously give it some thought. I have read many reviews of the Galaxy S and compared benchmark results, and I would put the Galaxy above the EVO and close to the Droid base on what I’ve read alone. However, I am not going to make up my mind until I actually go to a store and use one in hand.

        Problem with the nexus one, is that I can’t upgrade without dropping my grandfathered family plan (an old (cheaper) myfaves plan with unlimited nights and weekends also) and switching to an individual even more plan where I will end up paying more money and also then have to switch my girlfriend to an individual even more plan.

      • underdog378

        I should say, I’d put the Galaxy above the Evo purely performance wise. I much prefer Sense UI to Touchwiz 3.0 however.

  • Mister Fister

    I just find it funny that for the longest time all I read was “I won’t buy it because it doesn’t have a 1 Ghz processor.” Then Apple, for the most part, brings the FFC into the mainstream. Intro this Samsung device, an Android with 1 Ghz processor that everyone’s been asking for, and now it’s “I can’t believe it doesn’t have a FFC. I won’t buy it.” It’s like a rotten spoiled rich kid who doesn’t get the exact color of the Beamer for Christmas that he wanted. Seriously, it’s pathetic and getting old. If you have something constructive to say, then say it, but if you want to complain just to complain, people go to school for years to be a professional listener of all the issues that you have.

    On that note, let the debate continue…

    • mailman13877

      Yes your right but right or wrong thats how humans are and we are all like kids when it comes to new techs so once 1 new thing is out we all want the rest to have it as if its been out for a while.

    • Brando

      No the SGS came out with the FCC first then it was dropped by tmobile.

  • Mister Fister

    And oh yeah, for those of you that are stating about HSPA+ devices aren’t launched yet, that’s not true. Visit NYC, Philly, or DC and watch your myTouch rule the airwaves. You’ll all find out once it’s launched in your neck of the woods.

  • Barry

    Its obviously evo which has it’s own problems no one wants to talk about. Droid X isn’t even out yet and how bout this. Tell me ppl wouldn’t be drooling if this was the HTC Vibrant?

    • cooMANDINGO

      with the removal of the dlna and lets not forget to mention the ffc. i dont think so.

      • underdog378

        WHY do people keep saying that DLNA was removed? Nowhere has T-Mobile stated that DLNA was removed.

    • mailman13877

      The evo does have issue but all phones do.The thing is Sprint didn’t create issue other than what they had but by taking out features thats key to a large number of customers is creating issues.Also of course we would drool if it was the HTC Vibrant cause HTC has proven themselves for years and they also don’t let other companies buy their phones and screw it up.I’ve been with HTC since the MDA an then Wing and now my G1.

  • Shawn

    Ok this whole HSPA+ thing is confusing me. I have had two people from t-mobile tell me, that the MyTouch Slide, and the HTC HD2 are both HSPA+ phones.

    Another user on here said HSPA+ is free, what is he talking about. You pay 30 bucks a month for data, how is that free?

  • sdfas


  • Ned Flanders

    Man, all this crying over this or that, plain and simple. If you dont like the features the Vibrant does not have, get something else, go to Sprint or something and get the Epic. STFU other wise. The samsung vibrant is a great device.

    • cooMANDINGO

      For me to poop on!

  • mailman13877

    Another thing TMO seemed to leave out or at least from their specs page is the Damn bluetooth 3.0 which was definitely on the original SGS.

    So im gonna think about giving TMO one last chance to prove themselves to me.
    Which do i get?

    Vibrant or N1?
    Also Engadget has proof and the link now that Google has officially started rolling out the Froyo update to the N1 on ATT and 1 TMO N1

  • raymond

    lol the people saying a few tech geeks want a high tech phone yeah sure thats why sprint and vz wireless are selling phones like hot cakes when t mobile is out of 4th place then u guys can talk till then it makes no sense -_-

  • Barry

    that’s my point HTC could’ve removed the ffc and no bitching but T-Mobile removed it and its like blasphemy but like I asked earlier if the Droid 1 can use Skype why can’t the vibrant?

  • mailman13877

    @ Barry
    if it was HTC doing it we are positive the rest of the phone would be hot cuzz they don’t screw up phones.
    The vibrant can use skype and also Fring if it had a FFC and that’s why i don’t understand TMOs move.Skype and Fring uses the reg Data plan you have but i guess they are worried the more data the more money they lose cause $30 for unlimited data plus lots of data thru Video calls is to lil of a charge.They wanna charge double that i can guarantee.

    • cooMANDINGO

      Exactly! thats why im getting me a euro phone. i got my gov’t job today and the money will be rolling so its time to UPGRADE.Im just sad that tmobile dopped the ball yet again.just like you i had the htc mda(i know you had the wing)and i now have the g1. im still debating on the Vibrant. I will prolly just get it for one day and then return just to test it out.I did the same with the HalfDead2 aka HD2!

  • Barry


    Evo 4G update pulled over problems http://www.androidcentral.com/evo-4g-update-pulled-over-problems

    Someone mentioned this will outperform the evo and as he said I’ll take performance over bells and whistles its that simple for me.

  • mailman13877

    This is what Flash does for you..Those XDA photos of the Vibrant night shots are the same as the iphone 3GS in the dark which is ok but with flash it helps so stop saying it isnt a positive.The N1 only has 1 flash as opposed to most new phones now with 2 flash so use your imagination.


  • Antwain

    Not having a ffc is far from a deal breaker because its not considered an industry standard. I think it will be in about a year or two when the ffc are more powerful and provide better video.

    • cooMANDINGO

      you’re right. tmobile is the cheapest of the phone companies so we as tech consumers have to understand that tmobile caters to the teen crowd. its sad but true. their whole gimmick is family and teeny bopper phones.the have the worst marketing.but whatever. the only way to be happy with tmobile is to purchase a unlocked phone from expansys instead of waiting for tmobile to give you a great phone. its not going to happen. trust me back in 2004 when everyone i worked with at tmobile where playing with their sidekicks i had a sony-ericsson p900. this phone was the best. i was able to put the movie”Belly” and whatever movie i wanted on the 2gb(i think thats what it was , i had to shrink the movie). i had u to whatever minutes of video. touchscreen blah blah bah. the point im making lets stop watiting for tmobile and go out and get our thing like i did back in 2004.
      check it out.

  • cooMANDINGO You have hit the nail on the head. It is clear that TMO is catering to the tweenies. If they wanted adults to buy their phones, they would put an improved N1 in the stores. I’m tired of people saying that those who want FFC and dual flash are complaining. TMO is dropping the ball. Plain and simple. If they don’t turn this thing around they will see a mass exodus or loose money to people buying phones from overseas. Get it right TMO or continue to loose money and customers……

    • lev

      Good Point, they pretty much lost me to the Evo, and i been with them since 2007. Its true, just look at their commercials, they are geared towards families, and teens, plus tmo does not have the money the other carriers have, which is why they are the 4th carrier. If tmo was really competitive, they would have had something similiar to go against the evo, and when I told them that when I called, they said they did, I said really?, what, she said “HD 2”, not even close

      • Technogen

        The HD2 is just like the Evo, only it’s got Winmo 6.5 not Android.

        As for the Vibrant its a faster phone than the Evo is, both in data speed and processor speed. The Evo has a 30 fps lockout on it’s screen, it makes videos stutter horribly when watching on it.

        The whole “flash” thing is pointless on the Vibrant as long as you have any light as the camera on it is one of Samsung’s sensors and does unbelievably well in low light.


        The FFC wasnt T-mo’s choice Samsung seems to have removed it from all of the US launch devices, maybe a patten dispute that they cant get over.

        T-mobile has 2 fast good phones now, one running Android and the other running Windows Mobile.

      • Perry

        @Technogen I agree with you on your points. However, I was wondering what happened to the FFC on the U.S. models and discovered that Sprint’s Epic 4G has one. What happened there?

    • phonegeek

      it seems i’ve been studying this now but verzion is business sprint is ” all grown up” tmo is “for the kiddies” and at&t is basically “iphonefanatics gone crazy” but they each have an issue
      so we have verzion beautiful display of coverage yet plans are over priced

      sprint: wonderful phones and then the epic is coming out soon (qwerty and ffc with all the evo’s delight in a 4″ shell) problem is for the EVO and Epic you have to pay that extra $10 for 4g service all because ” your going to use more data”

      at&t: almost on par with verzion BUT they are cutting their data…..=fail but hey whatever floats their boat

      sprint: i explained this above its that $10 fee thats slapping EVO owners and future EPIC owner in the face their customer service has gotten better an their coverage map is growing

      then its TMO the issue: we “grown ups” (however you want to swing it) want our smartphones .. no real the smart phones all the bells and whistles the EVO has and the IPHONE has and what any DROID has but we get cut short ( this new VIBRANT is primary example) yea some dont care but plenty do and want to remain loyal to tmo will they listen.. probably not… will they care…they will when the ones moaning and groaning over ffc with qwewrty keyboards turn the other cheek laugh an leave ( paying the cancellation fees or not)

      all cell phone companies have the issues we all hate in one way or another question is which one can you live with… the choice is yours

      • Getreal

        All I can say is that your post is epic. Agreed on all points. Been with them since 2003. Am in a contract now and am seriously considering paying the cancellation fee. If they had an iPhone I would pay some good money to stay with them, but TMo is not bringing and they haven’t brought in the past, devices that are the most cutting edge.

    • Davidohio

      Google has discontinued the Nexus one.

      • ????where did you get that info???

  • According to the rep I spoke with at the shack the HD2 will be discontinued when the HTC device is released. He told me could not confirm specs but should be = EVO

  • Shawn

    This still will be the best android phone T-Mobile has released so why all the hating?

    • Nick

      I don’t think anyone hates this phone, they just hate that this is their only high end android option. They really need to get on their game as far as marketing goes. Low sales due to lame marketing is why they’re hesitant to try more high end phones.

      • agreed nick. i dont think people hate this phone. its just we dont always understand why the version of the phones we get are always lacking something that we were really looking forward too. its always just fall a little short of what is being offered elsewhere. and a lot of tmo customers are getting feed up of playing bridemaids to “B” spec. phones…….

    • Davidohio

      T-mobile has always been behind the big 3 in releasing phones. We all know this. That being said, i think this is the begining of t-mobile catching up (i hope) with the other carriers. I have read about some real high end android devices that are headed to t-mobile including a couple exclusive htc devices. I think by the end of this year we will all be very happy t-mobile customers. We will have the devices we really want and the best price plans out there as well as a very fast 3g network. Finally, all the cry babies that left for the sprint evo and verizon droid x or incredible will be really mad at themselves for not hanging in there and waiting. They will be paying through the nose for their rate and capped data plan on a slower network and complaining on those verizon and sprint blogs.

  • rob

    Technogen, sprints version still has a FFC and tmobile does have a choice every carrier does they can change whatever they wont about the phone and i guess they want it to be out dated from the get go

    • Technogen

      Sprint isn’t getting the Galaxy S, they are getting the Galaxy S Pro/Epic it’s a completely different phone. The body, and internals on the Pro/Epic is different than the Galaxy S/Vibrant. None of the Baseline Galaxy S phones will have a FFC in the US, there are 4 carriers that will have it which are AT&T, US Cellular, T-mobile, and Verizon.

      So far Sprint is the only one getting the Pro, which is a completely new phone with a slide out keyboard and a new set of parts.

      Yes, I agree that the fact that Samsung put the FFC on the Galaxy S and then the Galaxy S pro states that it may not be a patten issue, but that doesn’t change the fact that none of the US phones will have a FFC for the Galaxy S.

      • phonegeek

        no no no the samsung Epic codename: samsung galaxy pro is indeed a galaxy line phone, that is launching with others in July. Now if im correct, you said, “Samsung seems to have removed it from all of the US launch devices.” From Europe all the way to here with the 4 carriers, it is a samsung Line called “galaxy” same phone maybe slightly different molds meeting to different carriers “suggestions” as you may say (and the pro has a keyboard) but its not same phone. so for you to say their not putting an ffc on the “galaxy s” it would mean that we all had recieved the galaxy s, but what we actually received was the galaxy line NO ONE received the S only Europe and unlocked gsm users did so i think Rob was right…Sprints VERSION still has a FFC

  • catsigh

    Right now the smartphone market is exploding. Sort of reminds me of laptop computers and the rapid evolution of technology. At this point I was hoping the Vibrant would be the phone I want, but with the advances coming as quickly as they are, I may just hold out with my G1. I like it but I don’t have 3G all that often and a lot of the time I have Edge which is discouraging. I can’t afford to buy every new phone that comes along. I gotta think I will have it for the two years and if that’s so I want the best one I can afford.

    • phonegeek

      Couldnt of said it better

  • souggie

    sigh…..anony mouse was right, you people are insatiable, now everyones bitching about a front facing camera….blah blah, first it was the processor, now this….how many of us HAVE to have a ffc? VERY FEW. you guys should at least appreciate tmo a little for what they’re tryin to accomplish….they’re listening….after all the bitching, tmo got an android fone with a 1ghz processor, AND YOU STILL BITCH….now its a ffc, next its gonna be a dual core processor, all because another carrier has it, waaahh waaahhh! if sprint or apple didnt have an ffc on their fones, i guarantee none of you would be bitching about a damn ffc……and its not like you guys NEEED it, you just WANT it just to have it….jesus b patient….yall act like yall freakin own TMO, and dont give me that crap about how we as consumers have a right to bitch, no you dont because TMO is trying hard as it can, maybe not to you guys but they’re trying, progress is slow, but its coming…man up or shut up, you chose the phone u bought, either live with it, upgrade it or take your butt to another carrier with an android fone u really want…but stop bitching. or i have an even better idea: call or eail the ceos of both tmobile, and samsung, htc whatever, and tell them what you want in a fone….or stop the bitching

    • cooMANDINGO

      youre absolutely right. we want what makes those other phones great. is that to much to ask? actually we sort of own tmobile like constituents to a politician.If we leave then what does tmobile have? nothing,nada,zilch,caca ect.Tmobile knew about the ffc camera before we did as consumers.The reason most if not all of us are bitching because the galaxy s not the ip4 had the ffc first(besides many euro phones that been out for years).So for the ones that dont care about the ffc. dont badger the ones that wont the ffc. were all paying customers too.We want what we want point blank.mobile needs dan hess from sprint. he brought that company from the brink of disaster to the forefront. tmobile should feel bad. at 1 point no on was talking about sprint. The came out with that wack ass palm pre.so technicall thwy gad the pal pre and the hero and they still managed to still be afloat and above tmobile! smh. tmobile needs some lessons from him.

      • jonathan

        Like I said….if you want what the other guys have, then leave TMO and get the phone with the features you want with the other guys.

      • taaars

        Yes, your paying customers, no one here has a gun to your head saying..BUY THIS PHONE YOU WILL LIKE IT!, you have the option to take it or leave it, you have the option to stay with tmobile or leave it. The problem here is that all you FFC lovers are so wound up about the issue and are saying that because this phone doesn’t have a FFC camera now it sucks rocks. You dont take into consideration that the hummingbird processor is 1/3 the power of a PS3 (superior to the snapdragon), that they brought the 16gb version to tmobile, that the super amoled screen is the best screen out there (still a debate against retina).

        You love your precious EVO?. I just watched a video comparison that shows that the iphone 4 5 mega pixel camera shots better pics and better video (night time especially) than the EVO. Megapixel means squat if they did not put good hardware behind it.

        and as much as you all moan and groan, the FFC will not be put back on, maybe the HTC will have it…maybe it wont. If the Vision has a dual core, 4.3 super amoled, keyboard..flash (xeon) 64GB ram and expansion slot, but no ffc would you still think its a bad phone?

      • taaars

        Oh..I also forgot this phone has, according to the press release, the six-axis sensor. Now DLNA would be nice, and according to a few post they believe it will remain untouched..I would be a little bummed if they took it out. But Tmobile will be boosting this as their prime multimedia device, so I would think they would keep it, we will see.

    • jonathan

      Wow! Really people? U guys are pathetic and will never be satisfied no matter what phones come out. If you’re so unhappy, then cancel and go somewhere else. Simple as that. Don’t wanna pay more? Don’t wanna pay your cancellation fee? Then stop ur bitching!

      • Brian

        People are leaving. In droves. And this is why.

  • Technogen

    I’m not sure if this was just a quick Twitter reply screw up or not, but if it’s not it would be nice for the current G1 owners.

    @TMobile_USA It would be great if Tmo could support current subscribers by providing G1 early adapters w/2yo Contract price for the Vibrant

    @Technoseen Sure we will as long as you sign a new 2yr contract. ^CG

    That end word though should most likely come down though something more official than Twitter, but it would be really nice if they got rid of the 22mo deal for G1 preorder people so we could preorder the vibrant without having to pay halfcost with a 2yr contract.

    • JustMike

      Sure, you can get full 2 year contract pricing for the Vibrant, just like they said. Will that be available for pre-orders or even in-store on July 21st? Probably not.

  • Negtne

    Dell streak is getting shipped off to AT&T should be tmobile soon hopefully tough call vibrant or streak?


  • wasup

    wow, check out the tv out with just a plain regular tv out cable, I am impressed


    • Jay

      I am even more excited for this phone now!

    • Negtne

      Ok now I am impressed!!!!

  • TMOprophet

    And Sprints version craps all over this one..too funny. I remember I left sprint cause they sucked so bad, but now everything has flip flopped on me, I bet sprints reception is still crap in my area, otherwise I would switch, but TMO’s reception is way better, so come on TMO bring on the Vision

  • tmocust04

    Just checked out Tmo’s website, has the Vibrant listed as $329.99 suggested retail:


    Probably a pricing mistake because the price is the same for the Even More and Even More Plus plan but it would be nice if it’s true.

  • soon2TMO

    because the sprint’s galaxy S version the Epic is a 4G phone.. of course it will have all these nice features on this Epic! that’s common sense.. it’s like a special phone because it’s 4G.. LOL.. how about you guys all wait until tmo releases it’s HSPA+ phone this fall and if the phone is still not what you expect it to be.. then i dont know .. lol.. but can you imagine an HSPA device with no FFC, flash, and not high-spec’d?? no right?

    i know im happy for this vibrant for so many reasons;

    it’s a high-end android (finally) and it’s on TMO, better rate plans or switch to verizon or att for practically similar galaxyS but higher monthly plans..
    super amoled
    tv video out/dlna
    fast GPU/CPU, need i say more?
    you can root it
    HD recording /playback
    not limited to 30fps
    games wont lag!
    16gb internal memory, while others’ version only get 1-2gb.. meeh! lol
    night mode is an alternative to flash, better than nothing!

    i know it doesn’t have FFC, but i can live with that.. even the droid X that is comparable to this device power-wise does not have a FFC. the evo’s specs is like almost outdated already, it’s not up to par with galaxyS,droidX.. have you seen the benchmarks?? LOL.. at least it has a kickstand oh and its FFC is mirrored (backwards)LOL haha..

    i can’t wait to get this phone..

    • taaars

      You forgot the six-axis sensor!

      Did you see confirmation of the DLNA?..I also think it will have it, but no where it confirms it 100%

      • soon2TMO

        i believe so, based from the twitter i’ve just read posted by another poster somewhere on this site, that there are still feautures that they have not announced yet.. so i guess the dlna feature is to be announced?? hope so

    • abs

      5 megapixel? With flash? With android? PerFect!

  • TmoBully

    No FFC makes people sad. That’s how I see it when I read the comments. I don’t know the business end of all these phones but I’m gonna take a wild guess that Tmo doesn’t get the best smart phones because they have the best pricing plans. I could be totally wrong but hey, I’m happy with my family price plan. I have a Gslide and it’s working out fantastic. Former SK/G1 owner. I’m sticking with Tmo.

  • Jay

    OMFG, UNSUBSIDIZED PRICE OF ONLY $329.99!!!!!!!!!!! I am not mad about the lack of FCC anymore!!!!!!!


    • taaars

      Wait..dont get to excited, although this does look good, it shows the same price for both contract and non contract price…I think they goofed on something…

      • taaars

        yes, I saw the “retail” price…..but still…need to wait

      • Jay

        I don’t know I hope that since they already announced that the contract price is $199, then this will the the actual unsubsidized price!

      • taaars

        I hope this is actual to, but until they get both prices up Ill reserve my enthusiasm.

        The nice thing is if this is true I get 2 of these for free :)

      • Jay

        Lets cross our fingers that it is true. If it is, then T-Mobile just made up for everything they left out on this phone!

      • taaars

        now now…they only left out the ffc, lets not start that over…

  • KB

    Seriously, you people are something else. I remember this phone being RUMORED and everyone was like “Yea, Go T-Mobile!” and now that it’s announced, you’re back to bitchmode again. TBH, I’ve cone to terms with accepting that T-Mo is slow on the uptake when it comes to getting higher end device and because of that, it’s not something that makes or breaks my decision to stay with them. I have a phone that works as does my wife – our bills are at a price that we love and because of that would not change no matter despite the “next big thing in smartphones” being released by the other three…they’re just phones at the end of the day – NOT lifelines. Granted, I could be saying all this because I work for for a carrier and deal with these releases and the idiots that buy them on a daily basis that act like they’re God’s gift to said carrier (you can guess who I work for at thi spoint..)

    Bottom Line: It’s not that serious. Stop actin’ like bishes.

    • cooMANDINGO

      it because some of the features we liked in the galaxy s was removed on the vbrant.

  • Dave S

    I’ve been with TMo for 10 years. I’m an adult who buys the phone and pays the bills. I have a sweet plan that doesn’t even exist anymore so it would be very expensive to switch carriers, and then there’s the ETF. I also have said to people who ask how TMo is that” they have good customer service, good phone service and good rate plans but their phones leave something to be desired.” Thats some background on where I’m coming from.
    I have been reading through these posts because I want the latest and greatest. I had the Wing(Windows Mobile Sucks), the G1, liked it but I wanted the features the iphone had and it didn’t, got the Blackberry Curve(good for typing, apps are nonexistent and then went to the MT3G. The MT3G is an ok phone, does what I need it to do but it could do more. I think the Vibrant might be that phone. I wish people would read all the posts on here before commenting because so many are asking the same thing or they are not seeing a good answer posted.

  • ned flanders

    Very good prices, this phone is fast. I cant wait til launch day.

  • straightballer

    Does anyone know when this will be available for preorder with tmobile_usa directly and not an outside vender such as radio shack¿ I currently have a Nexus one that I love, but the Vibrant is awesome and cant wait to get one. I am not concerned about the ffc, I have a N900 that can make video calls and dont use it that often It is overated
    The 16gig internal memory is a good feature along with support to where u can sync with newer samsung tv sets via wifi. Out of all the devices coming out ,droid 2, droid x, ect., this is the best imo. I like the pro version, but not enough to make me switch back tp Sprint. The resolution on this blows my Nexus away. The new touchwiz 3.0 looks usable, Samsung has done some nice work to touchwiz. It looks alot better than previous versions, I actually like it. Everyone complaning it doesnt have this feature or tmobile_usa took away this feature, or the other carrier has it and tmobile_usa does not.Remember all4 carriers have the samsung galaxy, if tmobile_usa version is not for u, stop complaining and act, go to the carrier that has the version u like, that simple, u have 4 choices. Pick the one u like and move on,that is all.

  • lev

    July 1st for pre order

  • Dave

    I LOVE THE ORIGINAL GALAXY S!!! but this one is kinda disappointing because no front facing camera… i was really hoping this phone to have the front facing camera so u can do the video calls but guess not….. but i’m still going to get it since T-Mobile doesn’t have any good phones out…. i just wish this one had front facing camera and flash for the camera…. physical keyboard?? i cant live w/o

  • Lamar

    After learning that the streak is actually coming to the US this year. I think i am going with that over the Vibrant. I cant wait for 2.2

    • Googs

      Streak ships with 1.6. Have fun with that

      • Negtne

        Dell has already confirmed it will get 2.2 pretty quickly, I trust Dell over samsung.

      • Googs

        You trust Dell when they knowingly shipped 1.8 million defective laptops. You must have a lot of trust.

  • J

    For those of you saying it has no FFC, what are you thinking the larger dot in the upper left hand corner of the picture is? There are clearly (well somewhat clearly), 3 dots in the picture. The first is larger. The other two are close together and smaller. The two close together is likely the light sensor and proximity sensor. So, what is the first, larger dot if its not the camera?

    • Giga

      I really doubt its a camera. I was just looking at a pic of the regular Galaxy S and the shapes and sizes of the dots on the upper left look the same as the Vibrant, the FFC on the S is in the upper right corner and dot for it looks bigger than the ones that the Vibrant has.

      Either way I still think it is going to be a good phone, with or without a FFC or flash.

    • keele8

      I don’t know how many times I have said this, or how many times I and others will have to say it. If it really had a FFC it would be on the official spec sheet on Tmobile.com Why would they not list it as a feature? This is such a hot button topic for so many people. Trust me, if it had it they would have listed it. They didn’t, so there is no FFC. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • J

        Then why isn’t the front facing camera in the spec sheet of the Nokia E73? That one definitely has one because I’ve used it.

      • keele8

        Good point. The only thing I can reply with is a qoute from the Tmonews post about the E73 “Nokia isn’t really playing up the E73’s front-facing camera, and it turns out there’s a good reason for that.” If the manufacuturer isn’t playing up that feature it would make sense that Tmobile wouldn’t either. I don’t see a reason why Samsung would not want to play this feature up if the phone had a FFC, and therefore Tmobile would play it up as well. Just a thought, I still stand by that if it had it they would have it stated on the Tmobile site.

  • Angelo

    I was really mad when I saw the website and I couldn’t see a front facing camera. I’m sure this picture will make a lot of people happy.


    • Giga

      If the screen is really that vibrant then I am def in to get the phone :)

      • J

        Its as good as advertised. Its the blackest, black I’ve seen on a screen. The colors really pop.

  • Fine sentiments, well expressed!

  • Giga

    There is no FFC.

    As keele8 stated:

    “I don’t know how many times I have said this, or how many times I and others will have to say it. If it really had a FFC it would be on the official spec sheet on Tmobile.com Why would they not list it as a feature? This is such a hot button topic for so many people. Trust me, if it had it they would have listed it. They didn’t, so there is no FFC. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

    And if you compare the different models with FFC you can see the difference. I.E. ther is no FFC visible on the front at all.

    • J

      Actually thats not true. Both models show the same three dots in the upper lefthand corner. There are some pictures where they are less clear, but some of the pictures clearly show the same three dots. The picture on the Vibrant webpage shows this as well as the pictures from CNET. Beyond that, I’ve held both units in my hand and seen them up close. I didn’t see any software to activate the camera, but the dots are there. Whether or not there is a working camera in on of those dots, I cannot say but the screens are exactly the same.

      • Giga

        That is what I was trying to say…just spat it out wrong :P

  • How many times do I have to say it. FFC = other options that Android is capable of. If people don’t want to waste their upgrade or hard earn cash for a middle of the road phone they can. You that want to put people down for when they criticize a device. Does it make you feel better to belittle people? If you are happy with your choice fine. If you can not contribute to the group and play nice maybe you should not come to the playground.

    • Giga

      Just trying to clarify is all :)

    • keele8

      If you are refering to my comment or to Giga I am a little lost on where the belittling is? Wasn’t rude, wasn’t saying anyone was dumb or anything, just saying that myself and others have said many times we feel it would be on the specs. Are we not entitled to an opinion? If I am wrong and it has a FFC I will be the first to say I was wrong, but I don’t believe it will. Maybe you should think about how things are being said before you get too over sensitive. That is the problem with typing comments, people take them so many differnt ways because they can’t hear the tone of voice or see the facial expressions of the one posting. I will finish my rant by saying you should practice what you preach because your comment about coming to the playground implys that we are immature or like children. I take offense! (I hope everyone caught my sarcasim on that so I don’t get a bunch of grow up comments)

  • tface

    omg will you guys please do your research??? what you see on the left side of the vibrant phone is the proximity sensor!!!! the ffc on the original samsung galaxy s is on the right side!!

    • J

      But there are 3 items in the upperhand left corner….proximity sensor, light sensor, and???? Maybe its not a camera, but then what is it?

      • keele8

        Notification light? Like the G1 and other phones so you know when you have a VM or Text?

      • J

        Possibly a notification light. It was lit up when I saw it, but maybe.

      • J

        I meant wasnt’ lit up

  • menchi

    either way it doesnt matter cause you can’t video chat without wifi with that stupid iphone4 and the evo is the only only on sprint that has a camera so who all do you know with ffc.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s some pics that T-Mobile issued with its press release. I blew up the detail around the earpiece where the camera would be, on the right.



  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And here’s the entire phone.

    Note: These are detailed artwork/graphics, not photographs.




    • keele8

      Okay so when you blow these pictures up of the top of the phone it really looks like the circle on the very left a sensor (light or proximity?) and the one right of that is a littel oval shaped looks like an LED sensor light and a bluetooth symbol. Could be like on other phones a notification light and then a seperate light for Bluetooth so you can know when bluetooth is on. I am just guessing, that is what it looks like to me.

  • jae

    After 8 years with tmobile I finally called it quits. Not because of the phone selection as I would have gladly waited for this one, but due to their lack of compassion after I had to replace 3 moto cliqs in a 100 day period. I am glad to see they are finally getting a nice phone. I am very happy with my EVO and sprint.

  • tface

    great point menchi

  • what evryone is not reading into is the fact that the tmobile press release states right out in the opening, is that this is an entertainment device first and also a smartphone. note the use of “nterainment” device first!!! and phone second.. just something that i’m reading into, perhaps some of you should also…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Excellent points Karl… As I have written in articles, Android is more an entertainment, multi-media, consumer device, not a business oriented handset.

      (Sidenote: The last business phone T-Mobile released was the Touch Pro2 with WinMo 6.5)

      It’s not an insult, but Android is for play, Windows Mobile is for business (and so too is RIM).

      Perhaps the best way to illustrate this: Show up to a meeting with your Android phone and Facebook and Twitter constantly updated on your home page, get caught, you are gonna get fired, passed over for promotion or demoted.

      Because of this, many executives have two phones, one supplied by the company, that stays clean of “fun stuff” and a second phone that’s for play and personal use.

      The Samsung Galaxy S is an entertainment device, as said by T-Mobile. Look no further than the fact that it comes with a movie and The Sims 3 game. LOL.

  • thats why it comes pre-loaded with this and that and this and that…..entertainment……like some have already mentioned TMO= family phone.. and not so much geared towards techies and their wants…not needs, their desires…this phone it soing to do want it sets out to doplay and take great HD videos/pix, play TV, play music and just be a fun phone for all, thats it! not state of the art everything! just think about what phone service/provder would include it all in one device??? you wouldnt buy or need a new phone for at least….fill in the blank. one sales motto: always leave your customers wanting more!!!!
    i’m out!! boom!

  • Darien

    so are we able to preorder at a tmobile store or only at radio shack?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    JUST IN: The Samsung Galaxy S in a shootout with the Evo, iPhone, Droid X in regards to pics and video capability.


  • TMOK

    So do you guys anticipate this being another device that gets sold out on day 1 and backordered for weeks like the HD2? I just got off the phone with tmobile customer care to check my upgrade status and they said this phone release “will not be huge” like the MTS or the HD2. Just wondering if I should get there when the store opens or can it wait?

  • Darien

    well its too bad the iphone is crippled with its carrier, not to mention the whole antenna issue. I always loved my iphone though I never used it with At&t only tmobile so i never experienced 3g.

    still the samsung held its own against 3 “higher” end phones, I just want to get my hands on this thing already.

  • Lamar

    to the comment about the streak running 1.6, they(O2) are already testin out 2.x on the streak. even if you cant get it officially, it will be rootable. But you know its coming, 2.2 will be on that device probably in Q3

  • Darien

    you realize the streak looks ridiculous held against your face right? i thought it would be cool having a 5″ screen but unless your gonna use blue tooth all the time its too big as a phone and not as powerful as a full tablet

    • keele8

      I’ve got a pretty fat face so this may be a plus for someone like me! :o)

    • Lamar

      yeah i have seen videos and pics. I have a big head lol i have no problem holding it up to my face, plus i have BT.

      • 5″ screen waaayy too big for a phone. looks ridiculous, dont care what anyone says about pixtures and video capitabilies. there is nowhere you can carry that phone except in your backpack or in some cases.. your m-urse.
        better yet, why dont’cha just carry your laptop fastened around your neck and skype all day…. get a grip freaks!

      • TMOprophet

        They said it still fits in your pocket…So I dunno if its too big I think there is less bezel on the sides of the screen, as for the top and bottm..thats a diff story, to much going on there for my personal tastes. I want less bezel all around the phone. But thats just me. As for the Vibrant..if TMO will let me exchange my BH2 for credit towards it, I could live with this phone, until a better HTC comes out…although I really dislike samsung right now. As for FFC..I dont need one, They tend to just drive up data plan costs, just look at sprint and verzion, they jacked up rates on their plans that go with the FFC phones, because they eat up like a MB per minute when in use., FFC is cool, but how often would the average person use it,, do you need it when your in the bathroom, or just waking up, or at work..I dunno

      • wasup

        Karl, lol, I agree 100 %, I mean for me, even the hd2 and worse the, evo( which is thicker) are already too big, the 4″ screen on the vibrant is perfect imo

  • halo16

    Well Samsung said this evening it will update all Galaxy S (Vibrant included) to Droid 2.2 by end of year..

    So I may get this phone. Not sure how much it will be with my upgrade not at 22 months until november though.

  • Nerd lust

    Is everybody crazy ! This is a superphone faster processor then iphone4! Everybody should be dancing in the streets. I love my bb8900 but this phone has got me excited .

  • Lamar

    umm the streak fits in your pocket with no problem. Go watch the engadget review, and phonedog one.

  • Googs

    VERIZON PHONE HAS FLASH. but on T-Mobile’s twitter account they say that there is still a lot we do not know about the Vibrant that has not leaked.

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  • Barry

    not to start trouble again and idk if anyone posted this yet but ummmm…

    Say Hello To The Verizon Fascinate By Samsung http://androidreviewer.com/say-hello-to-the-verizon-fascinate-by-samsung/

    no ffc for the fascinate : P

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just In: Don’t want the SGS? Love the iPhone?

    Said on the news that Verizon will be getting the iPhone in January 2011, ending AT&T’s exclusive. Verizon estimated that it will sell 3 million iPhones in the first quarter.

    So those of you wanting the iPhone at T-Mobile may want to wait since I suspect T-Mobile too will be getting the iPhone.

    It’s a POS compared to other phones, but if that’s what you like, go for it. (And now you have the option of switching to Verizon.)

    • dominique

      that good i been wanting the iphone for the longest but i feel in love with android.

  • Brando

    Thanks Gingerbread you saved me from picking up this phone. HTC vision ftw!!! America F*** Yea!

  • Jason

    I recently returned a Bold 9700 as it won’t be upgradeable to BB 6.0, had an N1 also. Prefer Android and was curious about the Vibrant, but HATE Samsung phones. Rep on Tmos customer service line said there will be 26!!! new phone launches before the end of Q4. 26. If there’s not a phone in there for you, don’t know what to tell you. Liking the N8, but Symbian is a dying animal. Had an N900 with Maemo, but then Nokia announced Meego. (the N1 got crushed by a truck.)

    loyalty department allowed me to return the Bold a week outside the Buyers Remorse period and their rep said there are ALOT of high end smartphones coming before the holiday. Impression I got from both reps was Tmo knows they’re lacking, and are trying to improve offerings ASAP. I’ll wait them out and hope we get an Evo fighter.

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  • kyle

    does ANYONE know if the vibrant has a LED notification????

  • Mac

    Why TMobile , are you asleep at the wheel ? Why did you not get the desire from Tmobile UK , look at the evo ! Sell the phone like that please ! fire who is in charge and get someone who has some sort of intelligence Thanks very much for reading …

  • RyN

    as you all may know Tmobile customers joined Tmobile because of their great family plan and is affordable…so in my opinion Tmobile customers are not that rich…lol.just my thought. If Tmobile decide to add ffc and LED flash which everyone is bitching about, it’ll probably cost another $100 or so…plus i think that super amoled is very expensive… so in the end it’ll probably bring out a great total of $300-$400 with 2 yrs contract. Some of you might can afford it but not all… the main goal of Tmobile is that they wants the majority of their customers or new customers can afford it…so those that said they’re gonna leave tmobile, unless they’re will to pay extra monthly otherwise they’ll be back..just for a stupid phone people will to spend more money monthly?…i don’t think it’s worth it…better phones comes out every year, you can’t keep up with them…now that being said, i think another reason why Tmo decided not to add flash or ffc is because they want to keep the phone as thin as possible and not many people are using or need to use ffc since it require wifi. ffc is still new so they don’t want to gamble with it cuz they don’t know how well it’ll work…maybe another 2 years or so every phone will have ffc…as for right now, this phone has everything that average cell phone users would wants. I can’t wait to get this phone and use it for 2 yrs, and hopefully in two years Tmobile will have a phone that will satisfy everyone…but let face it you can’t satisfy everybody…even iphone4 have complains…you can’t keep up with technology, so just get what you can afford and stop complaining

  • Daniel

    Damn, this phone looks killer!!

  • Aquarnetta

    Got this phone and love it

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    As expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero and as
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  • dance star mickey

    As expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero and as
    promised, Magenta has released additional details

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    As expected, the countdown on T-mobi leclue.com has finally reached zero and as
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    Mobile is currently working on a site which is dedicated .

  • furreal friends

    Galaxy S will be available with T-Mobile as Samsung Vibrant and is … with them
    and has launched a dedicated site.

  • kung zhu pets

    As expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero and as promised, Magenta has released additional details on the T- Mobile Samsung.

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    T-Mobile Launches Samsung Vibrant Dedicated Website. June 28th, 2010 admin. As
    expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero .

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    As expected, the countdown on T-MobileClue.com has finally reached zero and as promised, Magenta has released additional details on the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung Vibrant dubbed a “Galaxy S phone”,

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    Just like we told you weeks in advance, will be available beginning July 21st for 9.99 with a 2-year agreement. Additionally.

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    Lucky for us, a few of the attendees managed to shoot some hands-on videos of the upcoming T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant.

  • skullcandy gi

    You all may know Tmobile customers joined Tmobile because of their great family plan and is affordable…so in my opinion Tmobile customers are not that rich.

  • skullcandy ink

    i thought it would be cool having a 5″ screen but unless your gonna use blue tooth all the time its too big as a phone and not as powerful as a full tablet.

  • skullcandy ti

    They tend to just drive up data plan costs, just look at sprint and verzion, they jacked up rates on their plans that go with the FFC phones, because they eat up like a MB per minute when in use.

  • used ipods

    I am glad to see they are finally getting a nice phone. I am very happy with my EVO and sprint. hopefully in two years Tmobile will have a phone that will satisfy everyone…but let face it you can’t satisfy everybody…even iphone4 have complains…you can’t keep up with technology.

  • zoobles

    This is a superphone faster processor then iphone4! If Tmobile decide to add ffc and LED flash which everyone is bitching about, it’ll probably cost another $100 or so…plus i think that super amoled is very expensive…

  • skullcandy earphones

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    This is a nice phone not saying that its not but the sprint version apart from having a keyboard it also has flash t mobile needs stop getting the low end ones and has to start stepping it up hopefully that one phone/ project emerald is top of the line.

  • furreal friends

    Sprint just raped this announcement.
    They announced their Samsung Galaxy S phone
    Its called the Sprint Epic 4G!!
    It is the Galaxy S, keeping the front camera and having a slide keyboard as well!

  • furreal friends

    Don’t forget that Verizon, AT&T, AND EVEN US CELLULAR is getting the Galaxy S. It’s no longer a big deal for Tmo and it makes it even funnier that they tried to make it a big surprise announcement.

  • fender super reverb

    I think that super amoled is very expensive… so in the end it’ll probably bring out a great total of $300-$400 with 2 yrs contract. Some of you might can afford it but not all… the main goal of Tmobile is that they wants the majority of their customers or new customers can afford it…so those that said they’re gonna leave tmobile,

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