Right On Cue, T-Mobile Unveils 3000 Minute Family Plan

Right on cue, T-Mobile has unveiled its newest rate plan addition in the form of a 3000 minute Family Plan for both Even More and Even More Plus customers.  As previously mentioned, some of you may ask why T-Mobile unveiled a rate plan at a price point that’s already offering unlimited minutes?  Of course, not everyone needs unlimited minutes but 1500 just isn’t enough.  On top of that, currently both Even More and Even More Plus customers can add a 3rd, 4th or 5th line to this offering for just $5.  Compare that to the $25, $30 or $40 dollar add a line offerings for the unlimited minutes and you can see where the savings begins to add up.  So if you’ve been meaning to up your minutes but haven’t been quite willing to swallow the extra cost of unlimited, your prayers may have just been answered.  Hit the link for the full breakdown with text and data.


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