HTC Explains Reasoning For Slow Updates

I think its safe to say that the delayed Android updates from Motorola have upset more than just a few of you, right?  The lack of updates combined with the lack of information regarding them has certainly soured many T-Mobile customers and Motorola customers on purchasing from the company in the future. Much like Samsung went through with the Behold II, it seems as though Android users are at the mercy of the carrier and the manufacturer. Well HTC has perhaps taken a little bit of a proactive approach with Eric Lin, one of their PR gurus speaking to Pocket-Link at a recent mobile convention.

“It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices. That’s not like a one-week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it’s running on our hardware as well as we expect”

I think we can expect a little bit of a delay from the time Google releases code and the time manufacturers make it fit on their devices. However, what’s really upsetting and what Motorola Cliq and Samsung Behold II users have learned the hard way is not the delay it takes to release the update, but rather the lack of communication regarding it. Carriers and manufacturers themselves would do themselves some good to take on a more proactive approach in discussing future updates. We’re not asking for time frames that might not able to me bet or features that might not work in the end but a little public relations love can go a long way. Something to think about anyway.

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  • geo

    amen! Are u reading Moto?

  • God

    Nothing really new here. Just confirmed something most Android users already knew. Nice to see HTC on the record about it.

  • Cisco Nabisco

    the funny thing is, about time froyo gets to my phone, ill probably have the windows phone 7

    • Alex

      Dude, google will have GINGERBREAD by then…

  • eYe

    I think that there should be an option of getting every device with stock firmware for those who want it. Or, do it the N1 style: let users unlock their bootloader at the expense of voiding the warranty. Problem solved.

    • FILA

      there should be a option in the settings if you want stock or sense, why should we be forced to have it for a nice phone like the EVO, i hate UI’s overtop Android.

      • eYe

        You don’t have to use Sense, just clear the defaults in your apps and chose stock launcher as a default home. However, it’s not about UI, it’s about the fact that Sense using a modified framework which is closed source and takes forever to update. jTC Just give us a stock android .nbh file with every phone purchase and we’ll take it from there

  • whyhellomichael

    will be quite surprised if the cliq and cliqxt get updated to 2.xx. As heard from a reliable source.

    • Bart Jones

      your source is an idiot, or you are the idiot quoting yourself claiming to have a source when it is your imagination. As of last week TMOUS WILL be launching 16 new phones and 7 maintenance releases (Software updates). This is from internal sources.

  • NiiDiddy

    yea well, the said the same thing about the original MyTouch3G getting updates. The only update it got is the Android 1.6 [donut, i think]…after which it was forgotten about.

    Sad – Google needs to find a more efficient way in their code to make things easier for the manufacturers and for the phone companies to port their applications and test them on newer builds so that updating these phones become a piece of cake.

    I guess it makes sense now why Google will go to an annual release of Android. It gives manufacturers and cell phone companies a whole lotta time to port their applications/ui/etc to the new Android version, so they can release updates more efficiently on current and new/upcoming devices.

    • God

      You’re blaming Google because the operators sometimes gut Android and they don’t keep on top of the code additions to the Android project?

      HTC’s phone apk is pretty horrible, and looks multiples worse than Android 1.6+, yet HTC for some reason keeps trying to add their crap in rather than just using the AOSP phone.apk

      That’s HTC and Moto’s fault – NOT GOOGLE’S.

      • NiiDiddy

        i think it could go either way; it could also be everyone’s fault. we wouldn’t know unless we are right in the midst of it all and working directly doing updates and involved in releasing them. maybe you do, i wouldn’t know. either way, i think Google, HTC, Moto, Tmobile…etc should come together and figure out how best to do this efficiently and effectively. Afterall these companies also have the option not to use Android on any of their phones if they think it’s too cumbersome to update [I would think] IMHO.

    • 30014

      If these delays had anything to do with google the n1 wouldn’t already be on froyo. The carriers and manufacturers are to blame for the current delays.

  • Loco Froyo

    The Behold 2 would have been a success if it had just shipped with stock Android, and it would be running froyo or at least eclair right now. If you note the reviews – everyone loves the hardware and hates the software. Touchwiz is a joke.

    If moving your stupid custom user interface takes so long, why bother making one at all? It does not add anything of value and in fact it just makes things worse.

  • Cassie

    I TOTALLY agree, well said well said. I can say nothing more.

    • Cassie

      and why do i always get that stinky face!!!!!

  • MobileTruth

    Well have to agree on this one fellas, its not all about google making things esier, or htc, or motorola. The company has to sort out the kinks before they release it…in do so the applications work right as well as the hardware. You DON’T want to upgrade your phone qand lose all your apps and not be able to downlaod them. OR not be able to use your phone at full capability. Thanks HTC for clarifying everything. Motorola at least gave us a time frame.

    Motorola Cliq (MB200) Owner

  • dans

    And now Moto’s releasing the Charm with 2.1 and Blur. It can obviously be done, but it’s looking more and more like they’re holding the update for the Cliq and XT until after the Charm drops. Hopefully that will be sooner than later, Moto just sent out the press release for the Charm:

    Getting a lot of negative feedback for how they handled this on Facebook.

  • going_home

    I want Froyo 2.2 for my MyTough 3G as promised people.
    Lets go !


  • If the manufacturers would ditch their stupid custom UI’s they could come out with updates much faster.

    One nice thing about Android though is that you really aren’t beholden to your phone manufacturer or carrier for updates.

    • hineschr

      Why does everyone say this? Did people forget how long Droid users waited for 2.1 to come; how it was delayed multiples times, or the MT3G for 2.2. These updates take time. Period.

      • I thought the droid got 2.1 pretty quickly, in fact it was one of the first devices to get 2.1, I think most of the delays were due to VZW having to figure out how to do OTA updates for Android, something that T-Mobile figured out in early 2009 as they were rolling out 1.x updates for the G1.

  • DannOfThurs

    HTC has taken big steps that other providers have not. Good show!

  • Slinky1914

    Root, root, root. If you dont know how ask or pay someone. I rooted my mytouch slide and got rid of sense and I am on a stock android rom. It was fast with sense but faster with stock 2.1 and the memory management is better. If you hate your custom UI root and pray some developer has your phone and is working on Roms that optimize or remove the UI. Instead of waiting till Christmas Im sure someone will port 2.2 to the slide faster than HTC will. Rooting=happiness.

  • What’s the problem, I’m running the fast 2.2 on my N1 right. Who needs all that manufacturer crap ware.

  • batman26

    Waiting waiting when will it come. However good for HTC on giving us a heads up.

  • What’s the problem, I’m running the fast 2.2 on my N1 right now. Who needs all that manufacturer crap ware.

  • JaylanPHNX

    With the custom UI’s, I understand that the manufacturers want a way to distinguish their product from another’s. In fact, HTC has been rather successful with their Sense UI, which I like and wish I had over the Motoblur I’ve got (Cliq XT). I think, however, they might be better served to separate these additions from the OS and instead make them a pre-installed app that runs like the replacement launchers in the Market. That way, when an updated OS comes out, all they have to do is optimize the OS for the hardware of each phone, then later release an upgraded UI app. If you want to wait for the full experience, wait for the UI update. If you want the new Android get the OTA update sooner and run stock for awhile. Or maybe I’m showing my ignorance of coding and developing. Is this doable? Is it a good idea?

  • spaghetti2k

    I wish there was a root for the Cliq.

  • geez

    Dam..I want 2.2 on my slide !!!

  • Randy

    A lot of people keep saying just to root your device but what a lot of you are either forgetting or just don’t know is that as of right now ( to my knowledge) the moto cliq and possibly the xt are booth un-rootable…so that’s not an option for a lot of us me and my fience are litterally about to leave t-mobile after 5 years and go to sprint for that evo 4g…unless tmobile dose something soon to impress me aside from the amazing customer service then I’m gunna have to say bye cuase I’m sick of always being at the bottum of there stupid totum pole

  • INeedASmartPhone

    Exactly!!! Lack of communication makes customers upset. Manufacturers should learn from T-Mobile and they should communicate their releases with riddles and clues to make customers guess what is being release and when. prolonging the announcements until customers lose interest.

  • Spac3Invad3r

    HTC is only saying something we all already know…it takes time to make sure new updates are tested and verified not to brick your phone…HTC will never give a specific date of when they will roll out an update…no manufacturer will.

  • Mr. MN

    I don’t have patience for all these slow updates. That’s why I root my phones and update them manually.

  • Tim

    I don’t understand why we should even have to ‘root’ a phone in the first place. We should already have root when we buy it! I mean, when I buy a PC, I get admin (root) access – I bought it, it’s mine, so I have root. Why not with the phone? Yes, the N1 gives the option easily – as ALL phones should.

    As for custom UI’s, manufacturers can provided them if they want, but do it as an add-on only. That way, you can load the new Android as soon as it’s available if you want, or you can wait til they finish fiddling with their software if you’d rather do that. Just give us the choice, dangit! This trend of manufacturers layering their crap on top of Android is starting to suck, and will probably be the death of Android in the end (fragmentation is rarely a good thing).

    And before the flamers start, I’m not anti-Android. I have it and love it – I’m just really displeased with the direction manufacturers are taking making it proprietary when it needs to be open.

  • ObsceneJesster

    What do you have to say about Samsung now. All of you who keep telling people not to buy Samsung phones due to upgrades better start telling people not to by HTC because by the time HTC gets you Froyo, Gingerbread will be out.

    • eYe

      Better late then never… sounds very appropriate in this case

  • Aaron

    Motorola has failed us all. I will not be purchasing any of their products in the future if I can help it.

  • Given that the customization of the Android UI is the entire reason that Android updates are slow-in-coming, join me in signing the petition to let HTC, Motorola, and Samsung that we want Android devices without UI customization. The petition is here: