Samsung Confirms Android 2.2 Update For The Vibrant

Good news soon-to-be Samsung Vibrant owners! At today’s big Galaxy S event in New York City, Samsung confirmed that all U.S Galaxy S variants, including our very own Samsung Vibrant, will be receiving an update to Android 2.2 ( a.k.a. Froyo) later this year and will also have compatibility with Flash 10.1. The Vibrant will launch with Android 2.1. Sound off in the comments!

Samsung Twitter

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  • MyNamesNot Rick

    At least they are making it hard for me to ignore them.

    … about this, if there is nothing out for T-Mobile in the way of a “superphone” by the time Samsung gives the update (sorry Nexus, sell through the t-mobile store and then I’ll include you in the conversation) I’ll get the Vibrant.

    And knowing T-Mobile that will most likely be the case.

    *sigh*….that Droid X is looking better and better as the days go by.

    • Nick

      I dunno man, I’ve heard horrible things about the Droid X battery life. I think the Vibrant really is THE superphone. Wasn’t convinced until I read:

      I had no idea the graphics processor was so much better than the others. If this is true, then the SGS/vibrant will be the most powerful phone on the market by far.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I’ve heard good things about the Droid X battery life. 2 hours longer talk time than the Evo and HD2 and thats good to me.

      • HowdyDoody

        Look at the HTC Sabor, now thats a phone.

        Samsung upgrades have a history of resembling T Mobile cell phone choir… HORRIBLE.

        Previous Samsung Android updates:

        Samsung Behold (Android 1.5 TMob) — a year later (last month) upgraded to Android 1.6

        Samsung Moment (Android 1.5 Sprint) — a year later (two months ago) upgraded to Android 2.1 — No live wall papers, and many nice features from 2.1

        This is Samsung record, If I go on what they promise all I have to say is


    • ButnakedAvenger

      The HTC Vision with dual core processors will be T-Mobile’s superphone later this year.

      You may want to get to know T-Mobile a little better.

      With the big brain coming in from Euro and taking over the company and, um, well the big D headed out, expect some cool things to happen, including a very competitive handset lineup.

    • dub

      This will probably be another misleading statement that Samsung will not stand behind. Lets not forget the behold II people. That’s why I enjoy my nexus :-)

  • Jonathan

    WTF! Wow! later this yr? like when Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) is already released. Just like every manufacture, they want to put their crappy UI on top on Android and make everyone wait. All those UI features are sooooo lame. They better have the option of allowing us to turn off TouchWiz and making Android the default launcher. Seriously!

    • Alex

      Keep dreaming…

    • J-Hop2o6

      u can turn off TouchWiz.. search for the solution on Google, or search here:

    • Matlock

      Ok, I thought I read that Google was going to a once a year update schedule after Froyo!?!?!?

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea… after Gingerbread at the end of the year.. not sure what the number will be (2.5 or 3.0).

      • Nick

        Gingerbread is 3.0 and will be the last rapid-update for Android. Then it’ll be something like yearly updates. Damn shame since google labs whips things out so fast. We should still see google app updates, though.

    • ISaid

      From what I understand, Gingerbread does away with all of the manufacturer’s UIs. Froyo will continue to be developed as a separate build for lower end phones, but phones with 1G processors and 512Ram will be able to run 3.0 (Gingerbread.)

  • underdog378

    *Grabs a bag of popcorn and waits for the whiners who wouldn’t even be happy if they promised it would get Android Zebra Cakes*

    • soon2TMO

      sooo , where are those people who were saying it wont get updated to FROYO?? hmm?


      it’s still an update you know..

      • soon2TMO

        android zebra cakes… that one’s funny! lol

      • Chad D

        Updated, just like the Behold 2 update they promised?

        The update will never come. You’ll have to buy another phone to get to 2.2+.

      • underdog378

        This phone is being released around the world in over 100 countries. You seriously think they’re going to leave everyone high and dry? Lets be honest, the Behold 2 was a complete failure from the get go, and a promise from Samsung in person at their launch event holds a lot more water than a comment in passing on a sales video…

    • Stricklyjumpin

      LMMAO @ zebra cakes.. its true tho..

    • Cassie

      lmaoooooo ooh the comedy I love u in an odd way underdog378

  • 30014

    I prefer the vanilla version of android, no custom ui to slow down the update process. Hurry up and get the n1 in stores tmo.

    • 3g rules

      Sorry my friend but t-mobile and at&t will not be getting the N1 in their stores. Google has discontinued it and will not be making anymore. This is fact and was confirmed by google.

      • Animate


  • lee

    People don’t call care about phones anytime you call care it better be a billing dispute because tmo news gives all the reps the info about phones

  • miss1


  • AK47

    Que whining in T minus 1….2….3

    • Dale Murphy

      u should be counting backwards…not forwards.

      • McDaygo


  • emobile86

    So Samsung will give the Vibrant 2.2, what happens after that? No more upgrades just like the Behold II… Think about it this phone will likely be out of date by X-mas!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Quit with the drama. Since when does buying a phone give you the right to OS version upgrades?

      When I buy a computer I know I am buying it with the OS it comes with. If “Windows 8” is coming out in December, I don’t expect to get it free when it comes out.

      The best I can hope for is that the computer seller might say “Free update to Windows 8 when it becomes available.” But retailers don’t do that unless I am buying the computer close to when a new OS will be coming out.

      So tell me, how are handsets any different?

      It does not matter anyway since carriers and handset manufacturers are not going to give you a free OS six months into a phone launch, all your fist pounding on your high chair table notwithstanding.

      Sidenote: You are right about the SGS being outdated by Christmas, but it won’t be because of the OS, it will be because of the hot holiday phones debuting. For example, in November we are going to see phones with 1080p HD recording capability. The phones will have dual core processors with “dedicated graphics.”

      Why not simply buy the SGS, use it for four-five months, sell it on eBay and buy one of the new hot phones coming out in November-December.

      • keele8

        I totally agree. But I do have one thing to add. Even though we buy computers and the OS becomes outdated, many times we have the choice to go and buy the new OS and install in on the computer. That is if the computer has the guts to run the new OS. So although I agree with your statement of buying a computer and not getting an upgrade, I do think phone manufacturers should be giving us some option of getting the new OS, even if we had to pay a small fee for it.

      • Daedalus

        Yes but that is if your computer can run the NEW OS. If say HP does not want to write drivers for the mobo and Microsoft says Nope not going to do it then you are screwed just like you are with the phone.

  • raymond

    Que users trying to make witty remarks in T minus 1….2….3

    • Chase

      Cue not que. If you are going to be sarcastic at least be grammatically correct.

      • Joe

        Give him a break. He’s obviously a Tmo employee sensitive to critical comments. They sell phones, they didn’t go to college.

      • Dale Murphy

        aside from counting in the wrong direction..que is correct, AK47 only spelled it incorrectly. it is not ‘cue’. chase, do some simple research before leaving negative comments on someone else’s post. see “queue”.

  • himynameisAO

    Ok…so how much is pricing if I want to upgrade? off contract? when are they going to tell us?

    • Dale Murphy

      someone posted a screenshot on engadget yesterday showing a tmobile screen capture that shows a listed price of $329 off contract. tmobile has since removed it from their website. check out engadget to find the post for yourselves.

      • Tweak222

        That sounds super cheap off contract! :o I think I will save a few pennies and replace my Cliq XT since it will prolly get 2.2 before Motorola gives us 2.1 :/

  • Frank


    • Marcelo L

      Yeah ? Tell that to the thousands of us who bought the BH2, being told we’d get 2.x, and well…you know …the REST of the story….please. It’s not about whining, it’s about the damn companies knowing that this software is forward updatable and going OUT of their WAY to keep people from getting the best value for their money.

      That..has got to stop.

  • jscarano


  • JL

    I’d just wait and see. But wait! Aren’t behold II owners waiting for a promised update? Ha one and done. Meanwhile Verizon to get the iPhone. I hate the iPhone.

    • J-Hop2o6

      the Verizon iPhone is still a rumor/speculation.. and Samsung isn’t wasting time on a bearly sold phone that was even gave away for FREE… for a WHOLE MONTH.. plus i think they dont want to give it TouchWiz 3.0 (only Android 2.X+).

      • Cassie

        And btw iphone just signed a new contract with att….so where is ur research again?

  • Jak Crow

    Already have a n1. This wouldn’t be big enough jump to justify the upgrade.

  • Jonathan

    Does anyone know if you’ll have the option of turning off TouchWiz so you can only load Android? Htc gives you that option if you dont want Sense UI.

  • J-Hop2o6
  • Marcelo L

    And another thing…..US Cellular….US CELLULAR for pete’s sake…get’s the UNMODIFIED Galaxy S with the Forward facing camera….and we..subscribers of an immensely larger customer base have to settle for a pared down version of the same device ? GMAB.

  • Bbswany

    Yeah, like the Behold was supposed to have a 2.0 update. Riiiggghhht. Fool me once…

  • Joe

    Still no flash = fail.

    Verizon got the flash and it has the same dimensions, so give me a break with the saving size.

    • jmts80

      I agree, FAIL!

      • James

        As a very skeptical apple fanboy who is composing this comment using the phone in question,
        I can safely day 2 things: one, I am now an android convert. Two: this phone is a roaring, total
        Success. Its fantastic. Consider this my official round of applause and tip of the hat to
        Samsung. Can’t wait for froyo in early august.

  • Belcher

    Android Zebra Cakes.. lol

  • Belcher

    Well i’m excited.. hell I had to root my phone cause I got tired of waiting for upgrades! remeber how long it took for cupcake.. the only (ONLY) thing I don’t like is the radio shack deal I totally don’t understand the method of madness there.. kinda like the google N1 online deal… I called Tmo today and the rep I talked to had no idea what phone I was talking about. WEIRD!

  • Stricklyjumpin

    Soo My Delay for the EVO 4G/ Droid X Equivalent will have to wait till August?? or X-mas??? Wait no maybe Next Years Fathers Day?

    Im not saying the Vibrant isnt a good phone.
    I just want a Great Cutting Edge Engineered Phone.
    This will suffice:
    1 Ghz processor or >
    Flash w/ ffc an good freakin focus 5MP or >
    1500maH battery or >
    between 3.7-4.5 in screen
    Gingerbread w/ Sense UI
    4G speed or that HSPA+ network #WatevaUcallit

    Tmobile knows what we want.. and has the ability to make it happen.. They shocked the world w/ the G1.. Y fall in place behind the competitors now..

    Deadline for me is when College classes start again.. if not *Jumps off the Titanic and gets saved by Sprint*

  • dr

    would rather wait for htc hd2 android 2.2 froyo rom working with haret they almost have completed bigger screen and pretty much the same features

  • does anyone know when the cliqxt update is coming ?

    • Tweak222

      Nobody knows right now Motorola officially said its not happening in June and they haven’t given anything related to a new time frame so your guess is as good as mine it will probably be a minute.

  • i like Samsung phone,but Vibrant But I did not buy Vibrant.

  • jmts80

    So why does Verizon get the version with the camera flash? Damn you T-mobile

    • Googs


  • Googs

    Sucks that Verizon added flash to their version. Oh well!

  • t-mobile hypes this phone up…and ends up with the worst version of it….lol

  • JD4

    On T-Mobile’s twitter account they say that there is still a lot we do not know about the Vibrant that has not leaked.

    @TMobile_USA We already know everything about the Vibrant, I want the HTC Vision!

    @NateKimmey There is still plenty that is not known/leaked, again, I’d recommend waiting for more informat

    • JD4

      post sent before I was finished. please ignore

  • JD4

    On T-Mobile’s twitter account they say that there is still a lot we do not know about the Vibrant that has not leaked.

    @TMobile_USA We already know everything about the Vibrant, I want the HTC Vision!

    @NateKimmey There is still plenty that is not known/leaked, again, I’d recommend waiting for more information. ;-) ^JC


    @TMobile_USA Vibrant is great and all, but when are we going to hear news on the dual core phone?

    @NateKimmey Hey Nate, we will be announcing more on the Vibrant closer to launch date, I would recommend staying tuned. :) ^JC

    • MikeTheProf

      Next week:

      @TMobile_USM: We told you we had more to uncover with the Samsung Vibrant, TMO-ers. Here it is! The Vibrant also comes pre-loaded with the Kindle edition of Twilight: Eclipse!!!!! Join Team Edward or Team Jacob along with Team T-Mobile! YEa!!!

      • underdog378

        That would almost make me second guess purchasing this phone. LOL

  • JermaineJacksonhair

    tmobile got jokes

  • soon2TMO

    is this the night mode???

    looks like it! :)
    ya im ok with that.. LOL

  • Dia

    Samsung promises update. Hmmm. . . . I’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh yeah, right before I plucked down almost $400 for the Behold 2, and then 2 months later. . .Samsung bailed. Do I trust them again? Jury is still out on that.

  • MichMan

    Um… I’m still glad I bought a Cliq instead of a Behold ii. I’ll never trust Samsung on their upgrade promises. Motorola appears to have already handed off the Cliq update to TMo. Hoping to get that update soon. I’m definately going to be loyal to those who keep their promises.

  • NiiDiddy

    STILL getting this phone…:)

  • Adrienne

    I’m actually excited about this phone! Seems pretty awesome!

  • Myg1

    The promised update with the damn behold two was off a sales video for gods sake this is a launch event which is huge thats where you get all you’re questions answered…don’t put the behold two fiasco along with this phone…n again no ffc…and flash I understand most of you wan’t everything that other phones have and will not stay quiet n find everything to bash about..even tho well have apps2sd soon but 16gb built in internal memory whens the let time you see a phone with tmobile have that so its a big win i just need s phone to browse fb n entertainment n games

  • pimpstrong

    and still no F!@#$ng price!?

    • mr. nice guy

      its $330 according to phandroid

      • pimpstrong

        My GOD I will buy one for me AND my woman if that picture holds true… can’t be true…

      • 2FR35H

        Its not any more its $500 now

  • pimpstrong

    and what about Gingerbread? It’s VERY important that someone finds out if they plan beyond FroYo. BUT I guess it really doesnt matter cuz I’ll be changing from this by that time anyway, gotta keep up with the Tech

  • pimpstrong

    $199 after $130 mail in rebate


    Garminfone is $450 minus $200 instant minus $50 mail in rebate which takes it down to $200

    4 payments of $62.50 = $250… minus $50 mail in rebate gives you a $199.99 phone… Expect to pay no less than $499.99 for the Galaxy S US phones.

  • pyrofuriosus

    If Samsung can’t give a date for Froyo that it won’t happen.

  • CLaudio

    all i ll say is that we were promised 2.x on the behold and nothing happened.. update on this most likely will not happen either

  • HaVoKTEK

    Well I’ll sit back content with my whack a$$ Slide, but I’ll be laughing either way it goes, but from a business perspective….Samsung can’t be trusted.

    “When it’s comin’ from the left
    I ain’t trippin’ just watch ya step
    Can’t truss it…….

    That is all from me about it……….

  • JoshL

    Yeah, I won’t be buying a Samsung phone regardless of what they promise for the future. Behold II users unite!!!

  • BRODI1724

    I have held a vibrant today and ran a speed test on it side by side with my nexus one. Nexus hit 540 kps and vibrant hit 1700 kps. The Vibrant is very nice in hand. Super light and the screen is every bit as good as talked about.

  • Great info, I’m a guy coming from Detroit that is about to get his very first real dive in to the Google android, figuring it really is best taken by getting the Samsung Fascinate. It’s already been a long wait, including purchasing a HTC Desire and cancelling that due to receiving news about this phone, as well as in my personal small search for details to move the time I ultimately found this wonderful site.

  • SkOrPn

    Ive had this phone since the 15th. My Vibrant has been a pure joy. But lately I noticed some stalling and lagging and well a few issues with the software. Nothing Froyo wont fix of course. But all that aside, my brother came over finally with his HTC Incredible to take a look and well he was nothing short of floored. He installed Linpack and Quake2 on my phone and his score on linpack has never gotten over 7.0, My Vibrant with stock 2.1 got 8.588 on first try, lol. Then we launched Quake2 and well we were just both utterly amazed, my Vibrant never dropped below 56 FPS and seemed to stay around 58 FPS during the entire sequence. Im thoroughly convinced this is THE superphone at this time. I cant wait for Froyo, hoping to get a linpack score of 50 or better, lol…

  • ifroogie

    I got my Vibrant from Tmobile as an upgrade for $165.00. One of the best phones I have ever used. I really think the Iphone has a run for there money with this phone. It is pretty awesome.

  • JediAngell

    My 2 day told Samsung Vibrant went “FLASH” tonight….!!!
    Flash Glorious Flash in all its beauty…!!!
    Looks like one bad “apple can spoil the whole i-bunch” LOL!
    And so it came to pass the the flood gates were opened up wide and rich multimedia video and animation was released unto the masses and all was right with the world.
    Blessed be the bandwidth, the internet will provide. Let there be flash forever and always even until the ends of time…

  • My comments coming from an ex-Behold 2 owner. I was leery about getting another Samsung. What people are forgetting and what I am realizing after having my Vibrant now, is that this phone is spread across the major carriers. There won’t be the small outcry of owners that there was with the Behold 2. I can but not hold my breathe on, expect that it may even get 3.0. Laugh it up but I have high optimism for this phone and think they may have gotten it wrong but this phone isn’t just isolated to the featured phone for T-Mobile.

  • Doogle

    i Just bought the vibrant 4 days ago and i am absolutely amazed by its capability it seriously head and shoulders above any super smartphone i have ever used….i will be very impatiantly waiting for the 2.2 update.

  • Dusty

    Had the vibrant for a month now. 2.1 is outstanding but a typical Andriod power hog. Wished that Samsung would get ahead of the power curve, and no third parties make a hotter battery yet. Ready for 2.2, it will have to be some hot stuff to top the 2.1 in the vibrant. Other than the typical power issues the Vibrant is an outstanding tool and a great toy!!!!

    • bret

      Compared to the Nexus One the Vibrant is no power hog.

  • Matt

    Have had the Vibrant for a week or so now. Love it. It’s great. But just saw the Voice Actions for Android (requires 2.2+) – crazy cool. It’s going to be frustrating getting jerked along waiting for the Vibrant 2.2 update. Argh!!

  • Ary

    Ive had this phone for a week and its amazingly fast
    And they say ittll improve up to 5x more faster with Froyo
    Cant wait! im also mad i have to wait for 2.2 to access a fm radio app… for those who didnt know, it has a fm radio reciever, one thing that pesky iphonedoesnt have
    Mwuahahaa. but i need 2.2 darn!

    • Justin

      Try tunein radio.. i’m on eclair and it works pretty good

  • Are we sure that this has an fm tuner? I know that the wireless radio sports 802.11n support, but won’t be enabled until 2.2.

  • Mike

    For those who want the Voice Search that google recently released for 2.2, go to market and search Vlingo. It is FREE (formerly $10) It works awesome and serves most of the purposes that the VS does. I did hear that the google app is more accurate. But thus far, Vlingo works awesome! :D

  • Mike

    I was up for my upgrade and got the vibrant 2 days ago coming from a Mytouch3g (first gen) and let me tell you the difference is night and day. Its Fast, sexy… 1ghz processor and the ~120mb of Free ram at all times make this phone a snap to use. Cant wait for 2.2 to come out.

  • alexzander

    Always we have to wait. But at&t not!

  • alexzander

    Always we have to wait. But at&t and sprint. not! I am tire.!!!!! Tmobiles suck!

  • Michael Petrillo

    When will the Android 2.2 OS be available for the Samsung Vibrant? I am tired of all these forums because no one seems to actually have an answer.

  • Steve Kelem

    I’ve had the Vibrant for almost a month now, and can’t wait for the bug fixes in 2.2! Pairing with my bluetooth headset is iffy. Trying to answer a call handsfree (it’s the law here) involves navigating about 6 screens, waiting for the two to pair up, and hoping the caller won’t hang up! (My previous Moto Droid paired up in less than a second!)

  • Babyarm

    Just bought the Samsung Vib yesterday. Can’t beleive it doesn’t have 2.2. Went to down load voice actions and it’s a no go. Very disappointing. Pissed

  • DC

    So far so good .with my vibrant. I had to replace my Nexus One, with 2.2, and really – w.e deserve to have it now. I mean, they dropped price a day after I boughtitand no the glitches are sta.

  • DC

    Needs a trackball!

    • go back to blackberry if you need a trackball.
      i have used the BB for years and is sick of it!!! BB does not move forward fast enough as technology changes.

  • navyguy1982

    You know people that complain that the vibrant does not have 2.2 knew that when you got the phone. I have had my vibrant for about a week and did my research when I got it so I knew what it came with. You could be stuck like I was with my moto cliq 1.5 and nothing works with it. So if you don’t like the great phone you have feel free to give it to me I have a few more lines I wouldn’t mind upgradeing

  • I’ve had the Vibrant for about a week now, and I had the Blackberry 9700, The BBerry was the best phone I had ever purchased.. it was fast , had a great user interface, and easy to navigate… and the only reason I upgraded was to put my brother on my account with me… I got the Vibrant out of the box and powered it up, and messed around with it, and looked up at the clock on the wall, and next thing I know it had been an hour!… Hands down, this phone beats anything out there right now… even the Iphone… (which I’m a huge Apple geek) the 1ghz processor speed is absolutely insaine… and when I popped my little 4 gig mini sd in he slot I now Have a total of 18 gig of HDD space… 2.2 I can wait for, but I know its gonna make this sexy sleek phone even better and easier to use!

  • kendall

    I love my vibrant, had the tmobile wing a couple of years ago, great palm pilot, crappy phone, got so mad at it I smashed it on the floor. Nice to have a smart phone that I can actually make and receive phone calls on. My only complaint about the vibrant is battery power, had to cut off 3G (not real good in this area anyway) so I could make it through the day on 1 charge. Can’t wait for the 2.2 upgrade, supposed to use less battery power and hoping to be able to play evony on it.

    • Juan

      Hey go to settings.and click on accounts and disable backrou

      • Juan

        Hey go to settings.and click on accounts and disable backround data and it will save u some battery o and email notifications aswell go to email and choose your email if u have multiple and go to settings and go to notifications an choose never those two will save alot of battery. Now u will have to.check your email manualy but its worth it my vibrant went from at night having 80% annd me waking up and the fone was off to disabeling those things and having 96% and waking up to 93% big difference hope that helps

  • kycxie my vibrant the next day it was released..& all i can say is WHOA!! has a lot more than what iphone can offer (formerly iphone 3gs owner)..& i used to think iphone has everything..but i was obviously cant wait for the 2.2 sure its worth the wait..

    • loverboy

      Welcome to the family. Where glad to have you

  • Fred Coulter

    When 2.2 is installed, I will be shelling out $70 for a Jawbone Icon. I’m not sure I want to spend that kind of money right now. So I’m having mixed feelings about it.

  • I have had my Samsung vibrant for about a month now & it is great, but really looking forward to the Froyo Android 2.2 Update because the battery life is terrible & yes I use to use an iphone & still do sometimes by taking out my tmobile sim card & putting it in my unlocked iphone & back into my Samsung vibrant & the iphone can run for a week with no problem & using it but the Samsung Vibrant just inhales power,not saying that I like the iphone more,just wanting Samsunf to do more in the power saving area because this phone is perfect in all other areas, but the power drain is crazy.Just looking forward to Froyo .

    • Jason

      The phone isn’t at fault for battery drain, you clearly just need to learn a little more about the device. I can call, text, and email all day without using even half its life. I even u using a live wallpaper…

      Get yourself Task kIller

    • jayzon

      Ghostaliaz You need to take a little time and learn more about the phone. I run constant calls, texts, and email all day and never drain past 60%. Get yourself Advanced Task Manager, set it up on screen off auto kill. Then turn off gps, bluetooth, and wifi unless you are actually using them…

  • datjuliusboi

    Im glad im not the only one who thinks the VIBRANT is better than the Iphone(used to have unlocked 3gs for tmobile).Ive had mine for about a month and cant put it down(commenting from VIBRANT right now).just recently bought blu-ray ripper and now have any bluray movie on my Vibrant as I want( PERFECT QUALITY) Thank U SAMSUNG

    • Bamadudeintexas

      I’m waiting for my contract to end in order to get the Vibrant… can’t wait… I have a blackberry now… killing me!

      Can you explain your Blueray ripper and how you get the movies onto the vibrant? Yes, I am functionally retarded when it comes to stuff like that. Appreciate it!

  • oyorf2_2

    So uhhh… 2.2 or straight to 2.3/3.0 Gibgerbread… by the time we get 2.2 gingerbread will be coming out. I really hope they don’t allow custom gui’s on the Gingerbread OS so they can streamline the updates. Thanks Samsung for those crappy custom junk gui’s (touchwiz) you put on the phone… almost as bad as buying a 600$ hp desktop with 9000 marketing add’s and app’s on the pc, so annoying…

  • so vibrant

    This phone is amazing, except for a few reception issues every know & then. Cant wait for 3.0

  • jusrite

    Had vibrant for a month now. Better then iPhone and better then nexus. I had 2.2 on my nexus and it was great. I hope it will be great for the vibrant.

  • rayn1328

    had my vibrant for almost a week an amazing phone. keep hearing everyone say how much it will improve with 2.2,wow how much better can it get!!!!!

  • tommy

    I am also commenting from my vibrant right now. And i also think the vibrant is way better than iphone its more vibrant more stable you can add widgets and alot more stuff i am also waiting for 2.2 hope it comes out before gingerbread and if gingerbread comes out before hope they make gingerbread instead of froyo 2.2 on vibrant. what yall think?

  • reddragon72

    Hate to tell you all this but I just got out of a chat with Samsung and was told that the 2.2 update is delayed till early November. As of right now a minor 2.1 update should roll out to all 5 versions of the phone mid October. Also the person stated “At this time we have no road plan for Gingerbread for the Galaxy S phone line.” So there you go, right from a Samsung employee’s mouth….

    Anyone have a grain of salt that they just don’t know what they are talking about, or hoping they don’t…..

  • RaymondP

    I’ve had my darling Vibrant for about 2 months. I am still finding out what it can do. Night mode is incredible! Who needs a flash? And when watching flash video, I love that option to watch it in high quality! Too bad you can’t do that with the standard definition TV applications. It can take pictures on the dark, it can play flash video, it has an incredibly nice music player, it comes with Swype (people can’t believe that one), and of course that beautiful screen. I’m annoyed that Froyo is taking so long but I’ll be really happy when it gets here!

  • Jason

    I just got my Vibrant a few days ago, and so far, I see it as an awesomely fast and easy to use phone with incredible potential. It just has awful battery life and missing a few little things (such as variable screen lock vs password lock timers, etc) but when 2.2 comes out, this thing will truly shine. I’m coming from a BB Curve 8520, which is great (long battery life and security) but still so far behind on so many things…

  • Mastas

    ANY word on when 2.2 will arrive for Vibrant?

    or is it going to be one those Samsung’s forgotten promises?

  • Afronicus

    Got a feeling that 2.2 is already available for Vibrant, they’re just camping on it until the Netflix app for Android is complete.
    Apple better have an Ace up their sleeve.

  • GalaxyS_NYC

    I am surprised but the amount of complain about the battery of the galaxy s… i got one the same day T-mobile released the cellphone and i have never had a problem with the battery… maybe you guys should download AppKiller from the Android AppStore it helps a lot to survive 24 hours with enough battery to surf the web, chat, txt and take pics. I know because it’s my case. CANT WAIT FOR FROYO… come on Samsung hurry up

  • GalaxyVibrant11

    Can’t wait for the Dam MotherFroyo 2.2 ! Seriously Samsung , Can’t you guys do anything better other than delaying.

  • photoguy225

    still waiting for that update to 2.2……… oh yeah and that damn fix for the gps that was |”coming in early September”, what the hell samsung!!!

  • Platinumjoker

    can’t wait for the froyo update as well, and for those of you complaining about battery life I had the same problem until I downloaded appkiller from the android market (it’s free). In settings leave it on medium, and close the applications right after using them, I usually leave 5 open and running in the background and close the rest, saves battery like crazy. A+ app

  • dj vern

    hurry up already.. there already comming out for other updates for the other phones and we dont even have the 2.2 yet

  • Real977

    For people complaining about the vibrant’s battery life, I have a little suggestion… When exiting your apps, don’t use the home button, use the back button till it gets you to the home screen.. The reason for this is some apps run in the background resulting in draining the battery faster than usual. Specially the ones that uses gps or network location.

  • The fundrazer

    Ive had the vibrant for about a month and a half now and i must say it is everything i thought it would be. Unlike most others, i actually did the research behind the phone a month prior to buying to make sure it was the right phone for me, and it definitely is. 4 inch capacitive touchscreen is really responsive, much like the iphone series, and has a super amoled touchscreen display, which you can clearly see even in the sunlight. 1Ghz hummingbird processor proven to be faster than the snapdragon chip, currently used by the moto droids, and is very sleek, kinda slippery so you might wanna invest in a rubber case. Android 2.1 is especially useful, but i cant wait for the upgrade to 2.2 because i really want flash! And although i currently have no GPS issues atm, i would really like that j16 update just for improvement=) Proud galaxy s owner! And phone g33k!

  • Robert

    I’ve had my Vibrant since July and I love this phone. My OTA JI6 update came through but not my parnter’s Vibrant. I downloaded the update for him and it’s now working just like mine! woot!

    You can do the manual update with this link:

    Also heard that they’re rolling out the Froyo 2.2 update from this morning. I’m in heavens now!! :-)

  • Erica–Sigh

    Received my J update yesterday but now I can’y update of download from the market. Anyone Having this problem?

  • brian

    Amazing phone. I’ve had it for 2 months now and couldn’t be happier. I waited and waited for the iphone to be sold on other carrier but got fed up. I own a ipod touch and ipad so i’ve seen the other side completely. I plan to keep my mobile interests with android. After working with both platforms there is zero reason to switch. The vibrant is fast, light and powerful. i would recommend this phone 100%!! Go get it!!

  • I have been using the vibrant now for 3 months now. The OS is very buggy (Android). I had a iphone before this and still think it is the best phone ever, but had to get red of at&t the crappy phone service. iphone is almost completely with out bugs one word soooooth. If any other providers would offer it I would switch back in a second.

    • Nope

      you dont know what you are talking about. iPhone will always be second best to any modern android phone!

    • Applesucks

      u are a mark for icrap. i worked for att and we new the iphone is only doing what basic phones do. its a shell system that people that buy in to the steve jobs homo experience.

  • that guy

    I dont know what you guys are doign i use my phone to surf the net play a few game and listen to pandora radio and at the end of my 12 hour days i have 1/4 battery left with out charging. leaps and bound over my g1, as far as buggy os….wth are you talking about i have had no issues ever oh well noobs will be noobs

  • Vibrants

    when will the OS 2.2 be available? does anybody know?

  • John

    I was just in a T-mobile store this evening and a couple of the reps confirmed to me that the 2.2 upgrade should be coming in the next couple of weeks hopefully. this is awesome! because this is the one and only thing that will solidify my decision on buying a practically new vibrant for just half the cost of brand new. It’s only been used for 1 month by the previous owner. As long as everything works great and no damage, I’m taking it! can’t beat 1/2 off cost without going into a contract for this phone!

    • Loserur


  • Vibrants

    Great.. good luck

  • Vibrants

    I heard that by the 15th of DEC 2.2 will be available to all Vibrant users, is that TRUE???

    • Truth

      yes it is true

  • cody

    i’m so effing sick of waiting for 2.2 for my vibrant i have had it since the first week it came out and its retarded everyone else has 2.2 and a flash player the vibrant is a great phone but the whole not having 2.2 is getting rediculous im thinkin bout gettin rid of it just because of the 2.1

  • himynameisAO

    John, good that your hopes are up, but I bought the phone two weeks after it came out. When I asked the rep about froyo, he said, “oh, in a few weeks.” It’s now November 14th. So have fun waiting with the rest of us.

  • RedDragon22

    I found this – able to download Android 2.2. Enjoy.

  • Chris

    How soon is later in the year cause we are at the end?

  • Otokon07

    I know this is ridiculous how they play games with us knowing were what keep them afloat we are the money. Be it samsung or tmobile theyre disapointing and unprofesional

  • Otokon07

    They lack common communcation skills the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing its unethical poor management and false advertisers

    • Uramoron

      you are an idiot. false advertising? do you know you wave the right to state that when u purchase a product. you uneducated fool

  • Your name

    I’ve been running the leaked 2.2 for a week or so now and it’s been pretty solid for me. It’s gonna be worth it when the official one is released.

  • SamsungSuxx

    Samsung Oh Samsung…how unhappy i am with you. Since you promise 2.2 for the past couple months but was unable to keep your words, here is my promise (you started this) for you (Samsung) – if i don’t get my upgrade for the Vibrant by December, I promise not to buy any of your products AGAIN and will advise all my friends too! :-) I can not believe Samsung spent all the time and effort to sent out a “fake” 2.2 called “2.1 UPDATE” I will be totally happy if you came out straight forward with us saying that 2.2 won’t be out until 1 years but instead you made small promises month after month. Hope someone got fired for these promises!

    • Shmelven

      Dont Be Stupid!!! It Wasnt Samsung,, It Was T-Mibile That Lunch 4G,,, They Wanted To Promote It With The New HTC And My Touch!!! Its Called Marketing… They Wahted To Have Costomer By The New Phones First..

      • SamsungSuxx

        Wow what sup with the harsh words “Don’t be Stupid!!!” there Shmelevn? don’t worry I won’t be harsh back at you… but here is what i have to reply back.. First, you need to check your resources before posting about who to blame! T-Mobile or Samsung. Very simple prove is to read the comment from above user “Ioweyou” he/she stated that it not up to T-Mobile…it come directly from Samsung Kies Program. Also let say you think he/she is stupid too well here is more resource for you the first couple articles has Samsung apologized the phone user for being late. Secondly, you should learn to spell check before posting. Thirdly, “It Was T-Mibile (T-Mobile) That Lunch (Launch) 4G” – why did you bring up 4G into Samsung Vibrant 2.2 discussion board?

      • SamsungSuxx

        Wow what sup with the harsh words “Don’t be Stupid!!!” there Shmelevn? don’t worry I won’t be harsh back at you… but here is what i have to reply back.. First, you need to check your resources before posting about who to blame! T-Mobile or Samsung. Very simple prove is to read the comment from above user “Ioweyou” he/she stated that it not up to T-Mobile…it come directly from Samsung Kies Program. Also let say you think he/she is stupid too well here is more resource for you the first couple articles has Samsung apologized the phone user for being late. Secondly, you should learn to spell check before posting. Thirdly, “It Was T-Mibile (T-Mobile) That Lunch (Launch) 4G” – why did you bring up 4G into Samsung Vibrant 2.2 discussion board?


    lmao I’ve been going through the same crap ever since I bought the worthless behold 2 in may. and as far as I know this phone will never get another update. wasted money and so much wasted time with samsung

  • NoLAN

    uggh, I’ll believe it when I see it!

  • NoLAN

    uggh, I’ll believe it when I see it!


    Can’t wait too but I did download and apply the “one click lag fix” app and it works flawlessly. It didn’t diable my purchased apps either.

  • Bolorine

    Im so tired of Samsung bull shitting us with their 2.2 update lies

  • KosherPork

    Everyone b@tching about the 2.2 update not be out right this second because you want, what you want, when you want it..need to have some f#ckin patients and sit back and just wait for it. Weather it be a week from now or 2 years, froyo will be out when samsung sees fit to release it and no one promised anything. They said it would be upgradeable to 2.2 and it would definately come out at somepoint. But no specific time frame was ever given. People are just going on rumors and what some d#mb shit store salesman or saleswoman told you. Dont be so f#cking entilted and keep sounding like as#holes by demanding froyo for a sorts of b.s. reasons. Sit back, shut the f$ck up, and have some dam$ patients. I am so sick of people b@tching and whining about froyo like little 2 year olds

  • howie69

    Did someone say vaporware? I hate to think I was duped into buying a phone under the guise that a flash-supporting update would be released later on. I should have thought twice about that anyway, I suppose, considering T-mobile’s history of not releasing important device updates.

  • Iownyou

    we are getting the update for the vibrant, so relax. quit crying. any moron that would believe a sales person as to when the update will come, should die. it is not up to t-mobile when the update comes. it is directly through samsung kies program you put on your pc or crappy ass mac. that is what samsung stated. the update is through them. you will receive a text message when the time is near.

    do more research next time, lazy american pussys.

    • Orbnauticus

      Wow. That’s a bit harsh.

    • Gktii

      did this moron just say, “crappy ass mac”? obviously, this idiot doesnt have a clue about computers or how they run….let me guess, windows 7 was your idea? LOL! this isn’t even an article about computers you dolt! Go back to your cave of dungeons and dragon games, and leave the sophisticated conversations to the adults….ever seen the movie hangover? well this guy is a RE-Tard. Crappy ass macs….hilarious….only crappy cause you can’t afford one!

    • Jer

      you’re an idiot

    • KosherPork

      Bravo! I am american, lazy 73% of the time, but not a pussy. Yeah people in america can be VERY impatient and uneducated when buying things. But us “lazy american pussies” might be to distracted by f*cking your mom in the a*s every night till she bleeds to do the research before buying various consumer products. As for being impatient, well all I can say is that when Americans are you used to your mom sucking our d*cks on command you can see how some of us might be impatient on all good things. Hey…Iownyou, go f#ck your mom because everyone else has. That b@tch didnt call me a lazy american pussiy when I f@cked her brains out.

  • Wingedlightcarrier

    Listen Kosher you are an idiot for talking like this…to say an update will be out when its out is the same as saying a cure will be available when it will be available even though the cure is out there. T-mobile’s newest phone the Lg optimums has 2.2 already so why the hell can’t Samsung make this available on a much more expensive phone? It is ridiculous that we have to wait. Samsung Kies is not even avail in the us so we cant get it there. So keep your stupid and insensitive comments to yourself. If you don’t mind waiting then fine…I do.

  • Otokon07

    its not about crying but we have the right to complain when a buisness advertises as such but doesnt deliver but if you dont mind waiting a year then why read through the posts then go do something you consider to be more productive, hypocrite. Your searching becuase you know its wrong and thats why people complain this is a site for opinons on froyo 2.2 supposed release or dont you read?duh!

  • Qiksylvr13

    Wow 2.2 has only been out for 6 months and they finally get around to sending us an update. Last time I buy an android from Samsung. Since 2.2 is already becoming out dated, anyone have any real information on whether or not the Vibrant will be getting the 3.0 update? If it is getting the update I’m sure that Samsung won’t get around to releasing it for another year. HTC all the way!

  • Otokon07

    And im proud to be an american soldier hooah

  • MW

    Anyone that is complaining about software upgrades for their smart phone evidently doesn’t have enough to do and has too much time on their hands to worry about this. Honestly, the Vibrant works fine with 2.1 and although I’m sure 2.2 will be great too I don’t spend time worrying about it. Honestly folks, it’s a phone. Get a life.

    • howie69

      People who buy smartphones usually buy them for a reason. It’s not just a phone. It’s a business tool. It should function as such. I’m glad yours works fine for your neato little video games and your “Avatar” watching, but I require Flash support for much of what I do. When a salesman tells me that 2.2 will be out in a couple weeks, I expect the guy to know what he’s talking about. However, it’s not all Samsung not offering the update. T-mobile drags their feet, then drops the update completely, moving on to their next cash cow… like the HD7 and myTouch 4G. Go enjoy your Sims 3 and Avatar…

    • Kranitz

      yeah, who needs wifi tethering? The device is just fine without it.

      • pearsonman

        you all do realize that android is open source, if you do not like it, fix it – don’t complain

    • Josh

      Like it or not our lives include our phones.

    • Anonymous

      Actually the voice commands in 2.2 are really nice. I was showing them to a bunch of friends at work that have Captivates, and I figured they had 2.2 by now, because there were announcements back in September that the Galaxies were finally going to get froyo. Sadly, they didn’t work on their phones, it just searched instead. I love being able to just say “Navigate to restaurant name”, and poof! like magic, the phone goes into full-on GPS mode and maps the route, etc. No typing in an address, or having to search for it first and then try to find the address and click on it, etc. I even use it for texting, like “Text wife I love you”. All I have to do then is hit send. Tip: you can even say punctuation, like “question mark” during the message and it will add the punctuation. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Dingo

    What kind of patients would you like for us to have? Dental patients? Given my druthers, I’d really prefer to have the kind of patients that don’t have any serious illness.

  • Guest

    False sales are typical as wifi hot spot is not available on this phone. T-Moble stores sell the product as if this feature was available.

  • Andeen92

    Im suprised google has yet to upgrade vibrant to the 2.2
    My old MyTouch 3g has already recieved the update.
    does anyone know if it is going to be OTA update?

  • Baum Brett

    I have a vibrant and i still have yet to get the 2.2. Update… When will i get it?

  • Jar

    I cannot wait for froyo to reach my vibrant. Please send the OTA for 2.2!

  • Mmmmmmmmm

    They have been saying this for 4 months,,,chuckleheads!

  • Ron

    If you want 2.2 so bad go to XDA developers website and download a Froyo Rom for your phone. There are quite a few Froyo Roms there specifically for the Vibrant, especially since the code was leaked… :) I’m running a Axura, a 2.2 Rom from Desv4android. There is also Macnut from Eugene and Bionix from Whiskey. I have used all of them and have found Axura to be faster and extremely stable. Wifi tethering and Flash 10.1 are great to have… :)

    • Garry

      Do you have to unlock the phone first before you flash a 2.2 rom?

      • Anonymous

        Not unlock, just root. has step-by-step video tutorials on rooting and installing the roms as well as links to the roms. It helped me get my MyTouch3G to Froyo a few months before the official Froyo release for the MyTouch.

      • N Miller


  • Gooncityfl

    This is great!

  • Dozzer0319

    dose anyone know when this up date will come out????

  • Rensack

    and vibrant owners are still waiting. The new mytouch4G is already running on 2.2.1.

  • Chrisvw82


  • George

    hahaha, dust in the face to other android phone owners, after 2.2 update vibrant will be the best!

  • Chrisvw82

    and after hell freezes over Satan is gonna be my new roommate but it will still be a minute

  • Whydideyebuythisphone

    we are never going to get this update.. we got screwed

  • Jcallen754

    Im so pissed over this froyo shit.. The gps fix i got o.t.a didnt do shit either. F**k samsung!!!!!!

  • daves vibrant

    where is 2.2??????????????????????????????????
    come on t-mobile and samsung….
    we pay good money for service and and the phone you should take care of your customers….

  • will

    Its never coming out just like they lied about the behold 2… gps fix was a joke it still dontbwork rite… god wish i just went with htc instead of going for the hype

    • anonymous

      Nice grammar and spelling

      • Sadsamsung

        Nice to pick on something so insignificant. I could still understand the person’s post.

        I agree with Will, I wish I had went to another company instead of supporting Samsung.

  • opiapr

    Calling it BS and why can they ever be up to date and only release the update when a newer version is out that sucks.

  • Unclerigormortis

    i have fryo on mine :D

  • Vashun_c

    I am tried of this, I want 2.2…

  • Vashun_c

    I am tried of this, I want 2.2…

  • Vashun_c

    I am tried of this, I want 2.2…

    • Erisrivera

      for realz im just gona root it and flash froyo on to mine this is bullshit

  • Vashun_c

    I am tried of this, I want 2.2…

  • Vashun_c

    I am tried of this, I want 2.2…

  • Nickp824

    Whats horrible is my original mytouch got the 2.2 update and my vibrant is stol running 2.1…?

    • N Miller

      Mine too. but is a different build because the hardware in our my touch is a lot different than the galaxy phone. even with the 2.2 on the my touch, it is still not as good as 2.1 on the galaxy s phones. you got a point though. I want Froyo

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Gingerbread is out and still no official Froyo for the Galaxies.

  • Jayjay88

    Android 2.3 is out On Google Nexus S.
    T mobile is still stuck with 2.1
    everyone ebay your vibrants and get NexusS :)

  • Staceygoss817

    This is ridiculous I would not have bought this phone if I knew Samsung would screw their customers like this, BOO

  • Lopiacha

    Can samsung give us 2.3?? This is ridiculous, 2.2 is obsolete. Come on samsung !!!

  • Jkcollins007

    My Vibrant OS says 2.1.1, Is there a difference between 2.1.1 and 2.2?

    • yes 2.2 is called “Froyo” and it is a nice big update to the operating system.

  • sadsamsung

    Wow. we were seriously screwed over here.

    This statement was from 6 months ago and we still haven’t received the update while other phones of lesser specs have the update.

  • Vibrant

    We got screwed….Honeycomb is almost out, and we, Vibrant owners, are still craving for froyo. Samsung really needs to work on this update thing if it really wants its phones to be called “high end” phones….

  • Thomas

    when is the update for 2.2 coming out, this is getting ridiculous

  • Vocico

    Still waiting on the update and this post from T-Mobile was 5 months ago!! I got this phone because I was told the mytouch would not be getting the update and now my friends that have the mytouch also have the 2.2 upgrade and still do not!!

  • Amangual625

    I already got it, you have to hack ya phone to get it though.

    • You got the android 2.2 update? How???

      • Dfw2k7

        I have 2.2.1 on my vibrant.. hes right there are a few things you must do. If you dont know about it by now.. then you should just wait for tmobile/samsung. you dont want to turn your vibrant into a paper weight

        • Bluuvibrant

          It’s called rooting into your device, risky but worth it.

  • Mortgageman714

    We shouldn’t have to hack our phones to get 2.2. I like the phone but come on.

  • Ufaalaegue

    no doubt about samsung vibrant is an amazing phone but we need the option to update to android 2.2 or even better 2.3 but if it doesnt work out for us we should have the option to go back to 2.1.1

  • Kevinphan45

    Vibrant fans…its not Samsung, its T-Mobile that is not doing there job. Vibrant in other countries already have their Froyo 2.2 updates. We in US are screw because T-Mobile is lagging on this updates. They make promises but NOTHING is deliver..or ever…? :(

    • Dfw2k7

      You dont know what you are talking about. It is samsung. The galaxy s recieved the update a while ago.. but the VIBRANT just received it about a week or two ago. Youve waited this long already and you dont even know the true benefits of the upgrade u corny guy.

    • mmmmkq

      yuo could blame Google too…..

  • Dusty

    well this year is all but gone and we still dont see the mythical 2.2 upgrade

  • Dusty

    Oh, and by the way, If Samsung was so commited to getting the update to the t-mobile customers, they wouldnt keep hideing it and makeing the kies software “Not work” with the vibrant. the fact is the the service provider is trying to get a bug free release out and Samsung has been less than helpful in this effort.

  • Nognog76

    What the hell is up with samsung and t-mobile. just get rid of all the bloatware that you are trying to attach to froyo and give us the update already. Gingerbread is out already, while we’re still waiting on froyo!!!

  • Robert

    Ridiculous. Where is the Froyo update? Imagine having a supped up computer running Windows 95 when the rest is on Win7.

  • dave

    later this year is here whats up !

  • N Miller

    nobody knows what they are talking about. It is neither Samsung or T-Mobile. It is Google who sends out the updates over the air. If I wasnt so concerned about loosing the warranty I would have already done a rom update. and had a build to suit my needs. Bring on 2.2 google

    • @N Miller ACTUALLY! you are partly right… Google sends out the OTA on their servers because they have the resources and money to do so, BUT its up to samsung to dev n tweak the update AND tmobile to approve it.

  • Rksii

    It’s later this year. Where is froyo?

  • pedrorml

    Well … like other.. I’m still waiting for the 2.2 froyo… my phone works great aside from the GPS which some times stops working…. where is the froyo ?????? when ????

  • doh

    No froyo, I expect either they will scrape it all together or maybe give us gingerbread… which is even more doubtful. ahhh well

  • Jayfl23

    Ok so you can see on Youtube that the Samsung Kies program will give you the 2.2 update

  • G V

    Today is 12/25/2010, marry Xmas, but the Android 2.2 still didn’t release for update my Vibrant. You said: “will be receiving an update to Android 2.2 ( a.k.a. Froyo) later this yea”. However, I have seen nothing so far. Any comments!?

    • Laz

      They’r just playing with us like we where toys! telling us that it will be soon and stuff bunch of lies….. besides that i love my Vibrant…Hate tmobile network but love the vibrant lol

  • Mike

    T-mobile and samsung are complete bsERS. on my 4th crappy vibrant. btw when I asked t-mobile where was the update since they openly used it as a tool when you were looking at the phone in the store, they openly said its not in the contract.

  • Mike

    T-mobile and samsung are complete bsERS. on my 4th crappy vibrant. btw when I asked t-mobile where was the update since they openly used it as a tool when you were looking at the phone in the store, they openly said its not in the contract.

  • Laz

    They’r just playing with us like we where toys! telling us that it will be soon and stuff bunch of lie..

  • Laz

    They’r just playing with us like we where toys! telling us that it will be soon and stuff bunch of lie..

  • Liars.

  • chinauser

    I haven’t seen any announcements, but a Froyo update now appears to be available on Samsung’s website. See

    • doh

      nice find, been looking for info this morning. Not sure if this will in fact work on the US version though.

  • Spade793

    Im really pissed 2.2 isnt out yet on android forums it said either in november or late december it never happened like what the hell… where is it at ?? i paid 520$ for my phone YES i had top pay full price because my contract was renewed and yet i have not gotten 2.2 yet if i knew this was going to happen i wouldnt have bought a vibrant at this point im bout to just root my phone

  • Sergioolivar18

    I want my update already. Hurry up. I dont want n switch companies.

  • guest0413

    whats fishy is that a co worker of mine damaged her vibrant used her warranty and they sent her a new vibrant with 2.2 already on there…so if there are already phones with the update available why not roll it out to everybody?
    pretty jealous man, her phone has no lag problems.way quicker processor so it seems and definately no gps problems

    • Nun

      Its been released for like 6mo or some crap u have to update your self do a 5 sec google search on vibrant 2.2 and u should be able to figure it out from there

  • Unhappy Camper

    … And 6-1/2 months later, with rumors of Android 2.4 on the horizon, neither Samsung nor T-Mobile have any information on IF (let alone when) a 2.2 update may be forthcoming for the Vibrant! It’s a sweet phone to be sure; too bad they’re both f-ing over their customers! :(

  • Frojas213

    If they keep going like this, i might just swith to an iphone… at least they get their updates when they announce them…

  • Longtvo8503

    really they gonna do that release the upgrade on froyo 2.2 to samsung vibrant t959 i will love to see that coming

  • Wm1978imcv

    was at the ces show last week in las vegas and samsung rep replyed to me about update soon

  • Wm1978imcv

    was at the ces show last week in las vegas and samsung rep replyed to me about update soon

  • Linhket

    Android 2.2 upgrade already available in Kies Mini. I just got it ;)

  • Loki

    I just upgraded in kies mini! finally!! been waiting so long since I was forced to get this phone after my n1broke. Just had it do a screen capture anyone figured out how to recreate this?

  • Longtvo8503

    when are we gonna get 2.3 gingerbread i wonder since is came out why dont we just get it now lol

  • Wsawyer63
    Follow the instructions to upgrade to 2.2.1 froyo

  • Guillermo Avalos1995

    How do u update it???

  • Laashley22

    Does the phone have a password lock like an iphone plz reply soon ?

  • Laashley22

    Does the phone have a password lock like an iphone plz reply soon ?

  • Laashley22

    Does the phone have a password lock like an iphone plz reply soon ?

  • Laashley22

    Does the phone have a password lock like an iphone plz reply soon ?