New Upgrade Policy Coming July 1st

Beginning July 1st, customers that upgrade through T-Mobile Customer Care will be required to pay for their handset upgrades at the time of purchase by credit or debit card instead of billing the charges to their T-Mobile account. EIP customers will be required to pay the first installment only in addition to the Upgrade fee and shipping costs. As for non-EIP customers, T-Mobile will require you to pay the full payment. Customers who want to pay by check or cash will be required to visit their local T-Mobile store to complete their transaction. Government and Business accounts are exempt from this policy change.

Why is T-Mobile going to enforce this new policy? According to Magenta, changing this policy will also create consistency by aligning all of Customer Care with the “pay up front” policy currently used by FlexPay and Retail. How does it effect Magenta? In the long run, these changes will increase revenue, which would go towards improvements with Customer Loyalty offers and network expansion.

What do you think about this new policy change? Good, bad, don’t care? Let us know in the comments!

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  • alex32

    i guess its alright…not quite sure

  • tmoemp

    When I first heard this I thought it was a horrible idea because people would never want to upgrade but it really is a smart business move. First of all, it ensures representatives are fitting customers with the right phone. Second, it reduced fraud and risk for the business. It’s not logical for a company to be expected to send out a $500 phone without some sort of payment required up front! Good faith isn’t good enough. And although some customers are awesome at paying their bill on time and in full, most aren’t. The fact remains that T-Mobile is trying to be able to offer better service, plans, and phones, which requires revenue. Thousands of dollars are lost each month due to handsets being sent out and never paid for!

    • bill

      This is for people upgrading. How much fraud can there really be?

      • You have no idea how much fraud there is in wireless…

      • wtfci


        Any data on that wireless fraud?

      • SwizzleStix

        Look, anyone that’s ever worked in a business that deals w/ billng and collections knows that money in hand is 1,000X better than chasing the customer to pay.

        You add the phone to your account, you get it… then decide you don’t wanna pay. Yeah, of course they send you to a collection agency anyway, but in the business world, that’s still a loss, and the more days that go by without them recouping that money, the bigger of a loss it becomes. A customer who “owes” you $200 still means you’re missing that $200.

    • phonegeek

      now that you explained it like that yea i think they should have it like this

    • HEMI 922

      I agree your post.. thats true

  • A.R.E.

    This change sucks. This will will drop there 1 adopters numbers significantly. With the the old policy, I could upgrade get the phone play with it for up to 14 days and it I didn’t like I could send it back with no charge. If I liked it then I could pay for it in 3-4 monthly installments. Which it perfect. To me the only change they could have added to make it batter was but back certain phone like Sprint does……

    • El Guapo

      I think YOU are exactly the reason why they had to implement policy like this.

      • 3g rules

        Exactly. Lmao!

    • KB

      There’s a saying that goes, “One bad cook will spoil the whole pot.” Well, everyone, say hello to Chef Boyardee.

      • wtfci

        What is the problem with paying for a product, it fails to meet expectations, and then returning said product?

        That is good business 101. Business is about relationships. Creating them, growing them, strengthening them. A huge component of that is reliable, satisfactory products.

        A trial period is absolutely necessary in my opinion. Each device is different. It is imperative that a device that costs hundreds of dollars actually satisfies my demands.

      • john

        @wtfci, exactly, there is still a trial period, and you do pay for the product, how is this ruining any relationship?

  • tony89

    w.e thats what the stores do…might as well do it the same way…this is prob to cut down on shipping coasts….think about it…if u goin to get the same price might as well just go into the store…this will also prob increase acc. sales as well so i guess its smart in a way

  • jmts80

    Not really sure…

  • TMOprophet

    Does this mean that Even more plus family will be affected,? as in no more paying for the phone through installment plans?

    • thoughtSausage

      dude, did you even read the article? look at the first sentence.

    • shawn1224

      Even More Plus plans will still be able to pay installments. This pertains to people under contract upgrading their phones. They pay for their upgrades up front instead of being billed.

  • J-Hop2o6

    your still payin for it.. just ASAP now instead of putting it on your next bill.

  • I think it sux azz

  • stephan brubaker

    i think it’s smart. too many people out there are willing to charge an upgrade to their bill, then not pay for it and go and get an even more plus plan with a great phone they didn’t even pay for.

    • Mike D

      I think in that case it is more important to the to have you on contract, not so much what you paid for the phone. You would have to pay a fee to switch to a even more plus plan, and continue to honor the contract. I doubt they are taking a lost, and the beauty of the even more plus is that there is no contract.

      • Dashi

        No He’s Saying I Upgrade My Phone Don’t Pay For It Or The Bill And Get A NEW No Contract Prepaid That Way U Have Kickass Phone And No Contract

  • Luke

    makes no difference to me you have to pay for it anyways. I think its a smart move personally.

  • Hmm

    It’s to stop the “Hey my kid ordered this phone! And now he lost it”….(Yet it’s still being used on your account)…or it’s being used on the other account in your name…

  • quikzilver

    In other word no more flex pay for Even more plus people. There goes my Samsung Galaxy S.

    • Did you not read the article? Only purchases in full will require a payment in full. If you wish to do installments, then you only need to pay the first installment plus upgrade fees. But you do need to pay now and not be billed later. Overall this is a good move, as it will stop losses when customers order a device but end up not paying their bill.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Huh? Read the article. It says that Even More Plus (aka EIP or Equipment Installment Plan) will have to pay the down payment when ordering the phone, that is, instead of paying the down payment on the next months bill.

      Sheesh… don’t start nasty rumors. Next thing you know it will spread over the Net that T-Mobile is doing away with the EIP program.

      If you stop to think about it that would be pretty stupid since paying full price for phones is tolerable as long as one could pay over 20 months. Take away the EIP what would be the benefit of being on EMP? ;)

  • watbetch

    It means that less deadbeats will be ordering 9700’s when they know they aren’t paying the bill.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are probably correct, partially.

      But I also think that it’s to benefit from the one to two month float on T-Mobile not getting its money.

      I am sure in this sour economy many people are saying “put that on my bill” then paying whatever about two months later.

      If millions of people are doing that, that results in T-Mobile losing out in two months interest on maybe $20 million or so.

      So it’s probably because of what you call deadbeats who are really slow payers.

      Interestingly, I wonder how many people won’t be ordering phones on launch days, etc. because they don’t have the money to spare, even for a down payment.

      I am sure T-Mobile considered this downside and figured it’s better to get that lost interest money instead.

  • pimpstrong

    I’m not broke so this don’t effect me.

    • TMOprophet

      you must be pimp’n lol

  • Jordan

    Good job tmobile. Plus we still get the spread out our payments. This should have started last year. This will save tmobile millions.

    • hmmm

      it should have been this way from the beginning

  • jimbo

    Agreed I had a accout order 5 hd2s did they pay tbe bill no went to collections and they calling in to see if can get new service definitly a good thing to help with revenue and upgrade the network :) this is only a rumor but I hear tmo’s going to double there cell site installations in the next quarter

  • NiiDiddy

    I think this is a good move on T-Mobile’s part. But I thought this was hoe it’s always been? No? Well the last time I upgraded was at a store, and I paid my first installment plus taxes [no upgrade fees I don’t think] and the rest of the installments [3] was on my bill. Isn’t that the same thing they are saying…or am I reading it wrong??

    Either way paying something upfront is the way to go..

    • john

      Yeah, this is only if you called in the phone orders. They used to just put it on the bill.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s right. When I used to order phones via 611 they said “That will be $xxx.xx due on your next bill.”

        Now it will be: “And what card will you be putting that on?”

        Sidenote: I probably won’t be using EIP any longer. I just bought a new Slide on eBay for $344, shipping included and no tax. Via T-Mobile I would have had to pay $480 California sales tax and shipping included. (On my HD2 that I just paid off today it cost me $500 after taxes :( That’s just too much money for a friggin cell phone (albeit I will be getting money back when I sell it on eBay).

        So when the Samsung Galaxy S debuts I’ll look for one on eBay, even if I have to wait a few weeks for all the excitement to die down. I’d rather do that and save $140.

        Based on the Slide purchase I doubt I’ll buy any more phones from T-Mobile. So like others in here, this new policy may be moot for me.

      • wtfci


        You’re just following a basic rule of building wealth. Never, ever pay retail pricing.

        People that do not want to keep more of their money pay retail.

  • wokamanbizness

    Wtf,i’ve always paid up front,that sucks I havent even gotten to use it.

  • tato22

    this is bull crap

    • john

      I thought you commented that you left to get the evo, wtf are you doing commenting on this bull crap?

      • badaphooko01

        lol, true, i saw that post as well!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Maybe Tato22 meant that his comment was bull crap, a double entendre of sorts — posting that “THIS [comment] is bull crap” –; meh, that’s giving him too much credit.

        I think it kind of comical that people remember what he said about switching to Sprint. Until the Comment Police mentioned it, I forgot. Now I vaguely recall.

        Bottom line: maybe his statement that he switched to Sprint was him just being a drama queen… and… well… bull pooper (excuse me, “bull crapper”).

  • DannOfThurs

    I have always paid mine up front so this is pretty nice. TBH it’ll be better for people with special financial issues – like not wanting to pay :P




    • did you get your point across?

    • bored2nite

      You sir are an idiot. All you worry about is yourself. Governement and business people spend $1000 a month mininum 85% of the time… what do yo spend $200 (and i’m being nice assuming u have 4-5 lines… u probably are the guy that spends 60 bucks and expects the world)… they can afford to bill the phone to the customer from the last 6 months they have been paying a crap-load.

    • Stoney Jonez

      Once again, did you READ the article? I mean seriously, you have got to be the stupidest person who has or will ever visit this page.

    • Leachpunk

      Man… You guys flamed about the Galaxy S contest… about Why T-Mobile was doing the contest for a phone “EVERYONE” knew about… THIS GUY IS THE REASON…

      Sir, how can you be so ignorant as to not read this post. IF YOU have a cell phone, you should pay for it. I’m sure phones that are free to upgrade are still going to be free to upgrade, or 50$. You know, the cheap ass Nokia phones. Is it too much to ask a customer that is going to upgrade their cell phone over the phone to a customer service rep, not be treated differently than any store front customer?

      Read these comments, a lot of these people know what they are talking about. Maybe learn a little something about economics and smart business maneuvers.

      And lastly, to even consider that T-Mobile is a suffering company. You must be ridiculous. T-Mobile is a world cellular corporation, with 37% market share world wide. The only company bigger than them is China Mobile. They may be small in the U.S. but they dominate in the world market.

      T-Mobile is doing this in the true loyal customer’s interest. The only way to enhance our service, keep our monthly payments at the one of the nation’s lowest, and still try to survive in a rapidly changing market. Well, I think it is obvious… NOT TO LOSE MONEY.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As soon as I saw the all caps I was going to pass on reading your comment.

      I was nevertheless going to read it, but when I saw your use of the word “threw” instead of “through” and “debut” instead of “debt” I said no way.

      So I dunno what you said except that in your opinion T-Mobile has problems making payments to the “loan company.” LOL.

  • Themetatron

    Retail has been upfront first payment, this protects against fraud, and lets face it, tmobile needs to start covering their ass, DT is breathing down their neck to start bringing some cash

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Huh? Some cash? Last quarter TMOUS brought in $425 million. Maybe you mean some more cash. LOL.

      Actually, I think it’s because it makes no business sense for the carrier to pay for the two month float that I am sure people are taking advantage of.

      As Watbetch alludes to, the “deadbeats” (meaning 99.99% of the working population living paycheck to paycheck) order phones, say to put the down payment on the bill, then pay the bill 30 to 45 days later. And I suspect many people drag it out to over two months.

      This is a good thing only because it will control people’s spending. Many people should be paying bills not buying phones they can’t afford.

      And considering some of the comments on these boards, there’s lots of people who should not be buying even $200 smartphones. (Recall people commenting and complaining about a $25 to $50 difference in phone price.)

      • wtfci

        A lot of people aren’t interested in intelligence. They just want it. And they want it now. Logic and reason need not apply.

      • Longsh0t

        @ ItsMichaelNotMike

        So are you saying you belong to the other .01%? LOL

        Way to sound like an elitist ass. :)

  • or you could just buy the phone outright and save in the long run, gotta pay to play..good job T-MO! you should have done this earlier!!

  • tfbad


    • Leachpunk

      It’s Deutsche…(Telekom)

  • adri

    I’m happy about the change since so many people happen to put things on the next bill knowing they can’t afford it, then wonder why their service is suspended for non-payment now they have to pay even more by getting those restore fees. I have a follow up comment to the gentleman that said business/government customers should be considered the same as individual/family plan customers…I beg to differ…with all due respect, business and government accounts seldom have less than 5-10 lines per account, guaranteed revenue as most of these accounts require PDA phones with smartphone/blackberry/android web packages to keep connected as well as international roaming especially if they do business abroad…so yes I agree with the exception of those two particluar segmentations of customers being excluded from it, I mean after all…they do spend more than the average customer.

  • Henry

    okay so most everyone on here keeps on saying T-MOBILE needs to start getting there act together and bring better phones, better service blah blah blah well now that they r enforcing their Upgrade Policy to get the money that they need to b able to provided BETTER SERVICE and to b able to get the better phones b4 ATT or VZW gets them ppl start to cry well good job t-mobile im happy that your doing this!!

  • Adrienne

    I think it is a great idea, and I hope that it will save T-Mobile a lot of money!

  • Allen

    Oh yeah, but there’s no flash or FFC! Oh wait, wrong thread.

  • Brandon

    Here’s my opinion.. if you want a phone and you don’t have the money for it today, you won’t have the money for it next month either. Good move by TMO.

  • huh?

    So, I’m still confused. when some asshole talked me into switching plans and forgot to tell me that the even more plus plan meant any phone I bought forced me to pay full price, I was pissed and they wouldn’t switch me back to the plan that made sense and would allow me to use upgraded pricing. Anyways I paid 400 bucks for my cliq when I could have paid 200 because I got dicked over. Anyways I considered the fact that adding it to my bill over time was something I could put up with until my contract ran out and I could switch to sprint. My point is, with tmobile doing away with the installment plans, and forcing even more plus customers to stay on the only plan that forces full price upgrades, people are going to give up on tmobile and switch to sprint or vzw. Sprints got the right idea: they base your upgrade on the type of acct. You have, not your plan. I can’t wait till my contract ends.

    • Leachpunk

      Do people read these articles? Or do they read the headers and come in and comment. I’m pretty sure if you use your eyes and read the 100 or so words in that article up there, you’ll see that it says nothing about diminishing the flex pay customers. It clearly says that you must pay your down payment up front.

      PEOPLE, this is nothing different than how their store fronts operate. Perhaps we can amend the article for all the “techies” that read this blog, so maybe it’s a little more clear to them.

  • Shawn

    Wait a minute, you mean tmobile sent people free phones, without the person paying for it, until later? WTF, why are people complaining, how can you expect them to send you a free phone, and bill you later.

    I always get my phones from the actual tmobile store, I always pay upfront, I didn’t even know tmobile gave out phones and billed you later, thats crazy.

    If you can’t afford an expensive phone up front, then you shouldn’t have one. Also if you are 14 yrs old, and you have an expensive phone, your parents are practicing bad parenting. No child should have a cell phone. If you insist on having cell phones for emergencies, then get one that makes only 911 calls.


  • Jordan

    I think it’s funny how everyone’s on the side of a multi-million dollar corporation. They’re so hurt by not getting paid a huge markup on a cheap piece of plastic?

    • wtfci

      Cost of the HD2 parts is just under $180. That is just parts. Add labor, transport, and marketing costs.

      Still think their markup is “huge”?

  • Robo

    Im confused, it says “Beginning July 1st, customers that upgrade through T-Mobile Customer Care”

    Does that mean SOLELY CUSTOMER CARE UPGRADES? or My T-Mobile upgrades? Because upgrading through the internet you are able to charge the phone to the next bill, which I thought was great because I have done it that way for my Sidekick LX, Sidekick 2008, G1, Sidekick LX 09, Motorola Cliq, and I paid for each one when they were due.. It gave me time to play and see if I liked them.. I suppose it’s the same thing as paying up front, was just wondering if this new policy was just through “Customer Care” or through the Internet as well..

  • Ms. Matrix

    I think it’s better because most of the time if they add it to your bill your paying for the phone and your regular bill and that’s a huge spike in a bill most people can’t afford in one shot. I rather keep everything separate and keep it moving.

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact that they charge you $18 to upgrade your phone. Tmobile quietly slipped that in. I don’t think any other phone company charge you to upgrade.

    • Maverick128

      AT&T charged $18 when I worked at Wally World a few months ago. Interestingly, there was no upgrade fee for T-Mo customers when we did an upgrade.

  • huh?

    Actually, its a standard fee. All companies do it. Mines waived as per an employee discount, but most compamies charge 18 to 36 bucks for upgrade. Yeah, it sucks but its a one time thing. Btw I think its so funny how some refer to children having a phone as a bad thing. I’m 21 and I work 50 hours a week at my job, and I pay for all 3 lines on my account, including my brother who is 13. Realistically, adding the phone to the bill is the logical thing to do. The new policy is…alright because it would prevent, say, my 13 yr old brother from having some chick call in and pretend she was me and order a phone on my account, but I get the new policy now. Still can’t wait to switch…unless tmobile can pull something else out of their hat and upgrade my cliq to 2.2.

    • wtfci

      “but most compamies charge 18 to 36 bucks for upgrade. Yeah, it sucks but its a one time thing”

      Do they? I doubt that. What changes for T-Mobile? I remove my sim card from my current device. I insert my sim card in my new device. What did T-Mobile do in this transaction? They did nothing.

      T-mobile, of all the providers, should charge absolutely nothing to a customer that is paying out of their own pocket for a device.

  • Thargic

    is this a “materially adverse change” to my contract. If so, cya later tmo!

    • Leachpunk

      Why don’t you just pay your ETF and GTFO?

  • Longsh0t

    If you can’t afford to pay for the phone you probably won’t be able to afford to pay for it later.

    Just sayin’.

  • rickb928

    Injustice is continuing to pay your full plan price after the contract is fulfilled. Since the full cost of the phone is subsidized by your monthly fees, when you’ve gone the 24 months you are paying for a phone that is paid for :(

    I’ve done this twice, oncxe with Cingular (now AT&T) and once with TMO.

    I’ll be up for contract in September, and I may upgrade my G1 then. But my wife actually still loves her Curve, and I could use the G1 even longer if I root it. And I may snag a cheap used G1 to mess with, like a black one I can see the keyaoard on (insert rant here), but then I’m essentially giving TMO an extra $20/month. Give me a discount for a year, and we’ll see.

    But this is not the prevailing model. The current subsidy plan (including EIP) is actually an installment plan, where you pay for your phone over the term of the contract. It enforces lock-in and reduces churn, usually.

    It would be more interesting if I started getting upgrade offers at 22 months. But no, I get offers for stupid WAP phones from AT&T in the mail. Something to do with my age…

    • Leachpunk

      What are you talking about? You do not pay for the subsidized discount. If you do EIP, then when your EIP ends, that is it, that fee is no longer applied to your bill. If you get the phone on a 2 year contract upgrade, you pay the upgrade price and that’s that. T-Mobile just states that you fulfill your contract.

  • I don’t have a problem with the policy. Could this mean they are preparing for a real phone to come in July that has FFC and don’t want the drama. If this paves the way for a EVO type of device bring it on…

  • Maverick128

    Ok. Wait a sec. Does this mean that I won’t be able to get my Vibrant and split up the payments or is this something different? I won’t be able to afford it outright. And my contract isn’t up till March so it won’t be a full discount so I REALLY need to split it up. My G1 seems to be crapping out more and more often so I need a new phone soon.

    • wtfci

      Buy the Vibrant on Ebay. It will cost less than $450. The MyTouch Slide is already selling new for $365 on Ebay.

      You only have to pay retail if you want to.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Good advice. I bought a new Slide on eBay for $344 shipped.

        If I had gone through T-Mobile it would have cost me about $480, shipping and California sales tax included.

        Bonus Tip: If you go the eBay route make sure you buy from an established, high feedback (at least 99.5%) seller who has a return privilege (with full refund except shipping).

        If you buy from someone with great feedbacks and an EBAY return privilege, eBay enforces on the seller the return right. In other words, if you choose to return the phone and the seller tells you to take a hike, eBay will enforce the return privilege.

        IMHO a return privilege is a good thing to look for when buying something like a cell phone.

        Having been on eBay since 1997 I advise that under no circumstances should you buy a phone from a seller with low or poor feedback.

  • chicago081

    Makes good sense to me. When I upgraded I did not want the handset charge on my bill which would have made my bill HUGE. I paid on a empty credit card and paid it out.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… I feel your pain. I recall one time we ordered two $250 phones (I think it was the Curve). It was so easy to put it on the bill. Our monthly bill for talk and data was about $250 at the time, so about 40 days later we got the bill for those phones and the plan. The total was about $800 with taxes and fees included.

      That happened a few times when I ordered two phones for both lines (e.g., when we bought two Pearls in 2006).

      Yeah, it was painless and a great feeling to order handsets over the phone without paying any money up front. But man, those $800 bills, due within the next 30 days totally sucked. By then the initial excitement of the phone was subsiding, so when the bill came in I was saying to myself “Oh man… what have I done.” Then in six months I’d do it all over again on the next must-have phone.

  • HaVoKTEK

    Dudes this is not the beginning of the end but the start of T mobile going mainstream to compete. We as Americans need to get off that buy now pay l8ter Sh*T anyways. Hell I’m guilty of it too, I just ripped off three phone for my “fam” cause it was in “season” Hell, WTF was I thinking???? Got the phones at my house and pay next couple moths later and spread that Sh8t out!

    What happens if I get hurt or lose my Job today? WTF if UncleSam activates my unit for that damn afgan mess???

    Point is we gotta move on and manage our finances better, it’s just that TM0 is doing it for us. However as previously stated they will loose some early adopters and you best believe that TMO is going to run these phone prices up to compensate.
    I love my TMO cause I like being different screw the other carriers. We don’t have the best and brightest yet, however I’ve been in the Tech field long enough to notice when a company is making moves…..and it starts from the top down!

    In most cases, managers will say that the first reason that they just don’t get their message over to the customer is the main cause why they cannot close the perception gap. So in their belief they spent more money on communication and sales and try to persuade potential customers that they offer the best value.

    This is the typical behavior of the past where big marketing spending was having a huge impact on customer’s adaption of a new product or services.

    Tmobile is on the road to fixing that mismatch, and this is the firs salvo.

    Peace out true believers….It’s been a long time coming,But I know a change is gonna come…………….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      An excellent post. That is what this is all about, isn’t it. We all need to manage our finances better.

      I think Americans are finally waking up (and many are scared to death during these hard economic times. I suspect people would be surprised just how many people are living pay check to pay check, yet on the surface they look successful).

      For far too long I have been guilty just as much as the other guy. I have not paid attention to these “small things” to where I have been wasting money. To be sure, when we can buy now and pay later that often results in wasteful impulse buying. To our defense, it’s near impossible to resist the siren song of “buy now, pay later.”

      So this is a good thing. It will force me to look at the true cost of my spending on non-essential stuff. (To be sure, I don’t need a new handset every four to six months. But for the fact that I sell my “old” handsets on eBay, as opposed to tossing them on to a shelf or into a drawer, I’d be labeled a financial fool, especially since I can’t write off personal-use phones as a business expense.)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You typed that while on an elevator? Wow!!! I’m impressed. You are a typing bad ass.

      If I typed while walking, on seeing my posts the authorities would have me locked up in a padded room.

      • HaVoKTEK

        Made the elevator stop on all 12 floors!!

    • wtfci

      “you best believe that TMO is going to run these phone prices up to compensate.”

      Why? If they sell fewer phones because of the new upgrade cost up front they will need to make up for it with more new subscribers. Any supplier still needs to move their product. If they do not move it the supply will increase. They’ll carry inventory costs. That will cost them money.

      If they can’t sell their supply they will lower the price, not raise it.

      • HaVoKTEK

        Tru that, good point, however with the rising sacrifice that TMO will make to get these phone exclusives, fluctuations in pricing need to be expunged somewhere!

  • HaVoKTEK

    Forgive the typos peeps, on the elevator making a cubicle run!

  • Thanh

    Well I’m definitely waiting for the HTC Vision, hopefully they’ll release it by October.

  • The Observer

    what they should do is decrease the time for your next upgrade from 22 months to 20 months. Why upgrading your phone have to be longer on tmobile than other carriers, sprint you can upgrade within 18 months.

  • I understand the issue about losing money on the float but what I don’t understand is that you will do 20 installment payments?! WTH?! Thats more time you will be out of money and who the heck keep their phones that long anymore? Good business move but now people are going to switch to the Even more plans (if they havent done so already) to take advantage of the installment plan.

  • Full Frontal

    This is really just smart business. I would rather have people “Save then spend” than “Spend then owe”. This also gives people a chance to save money considering that on average wal mart’s price for t-mobiles upgrades is $50 dollars less. Not to mention if it really does improve their services, that would be great also.

  • rh

    I think that asking customers to pay for their phones before they get them is just reasonable. I was surprised to learn that I did not have to pay up front for my new phone 2 weeks ago. If you cannot pay for it. Wait until you can and then buy it.

  • melagan

    I don’t care about paying upfront but I think that they need to do away with the upgrade fee. I pay my bill, I pay for a new phone and I pay shipping.. I shouldn’t have to pay an upgrade fee too

    • Shawn

      I agree with you there. I don’t understand upgrade fee’s, nor do I understand activation fee’s.

      You know, it is just a way for them to make more money. I’m sure if all consumers got together and tried to fight excessive fees in court, we would probably win.

      If you are a cell phone company, and you need a damn activation department, that should be a part of your costs to run the business, don’t charge me the customer, an activation fee so I can join your company. Also, really, everything is automated with computers, no person sits there activating each line, it’s done in the store.

      Kinda like my gym membership. 150 bucks one time joining fee, plus 50 dollars document filing fee. What the hell, I have to pay 50 bucks for you to file my paper work away? I said screw off and walked up to leave, they waived both.

      The only reason these companies continue to charge stupid fees left and right, is because customers sit there like a dummy and say “oh okay, you wanna charge me 50 bucks to staple my documents together, well gee umm okay.”

      Anytime I get a stupid fee like this, I just so NO, or walk up to leave. They usually waive it, if not, I continue to leave, and take my business else where. Someone is always willing to waive stupid fees.

  • Shawn

    I just don’t understand why any of you are complaining. If you can’t afford a phone, and you have to pay it off in installments, then you shouldn’t have an expensive phone to begin with.

    You people are probably the same people who complain about not having health insurance, but then you insist on having a cell phone, and a cell phone plan with data that costs you 200 bucks a month. However, health insurance that also runs a few hundred a month, but can save your life is too expensive? I bet you guys have a big screen LCD tv also don’t you, and you pay 120 a month for your cable bill so you can get all the channels.

    Your priorities should be
    1) food on the table
    2) roof over your head
    3) mortgage/rent paid
    4) health insurance
    5) Keeping your fico above 750

    I know so many idiots who buy the latest and greatest, drive BMW’s, but then complain about credit card debt and having no health insurance.

    UGH, if you need lay away, then maybe you should just use a free flip phone.

  • dubya504

    Android 2.2 is coming to MT3G but you gonna have to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RICO

    That’s crazy! You’re lying dude…

    • dubya504

      Do you have it yet? Everything else is getting upgraded like the nexus 1 has it and many others. Did you read Tmonews statement in the article?

  • derrickps3

    bad, now we won’t be able to get the phone we want until we get all the money????? CRAP!

  • N 6700

    who needs to upgrade. Screw the stupid T-mo phones!!! Go unlocked instead. My contract is done since Jan’10 and I am not going to renew it.

  • ray

    I should have stayed with Verizon….

  • Tito

    This isn’t that much of a change…

    You’re already required to pay up front if you want it sent somewhere other than the billing address.

    You’re also already required to pay up front if you go to the store for the phone.

    You still have the option of EIP to spread out the charges.

    I don’t see what the big deal is?

    I personally like this change because now I don’t have to choose between having the charges delayed a month but wait a week for the phone or go to the store and get it right away but also pay right away.

    I think this will shift sales more to the store as well as entice more people to take advantage of EIP if they still want the cost spread out.

  • Vision77

    I’ve been paying up front for my phones on T-Mo since they had the Nokia 6600….and that includes the phones unlocked treo 650 and the Htc Tytn…It looks like I will continue to pay up front because I don’t wanna give up my Unlimited Loyalty plan…Plus I don’t wanna get raped on my data plan eitherl


    I work for Tmobile at a call center, I think is better. People Always try to complaint about all the charges, one of the things this will help is to reduce this type of calls.

    • Shawn

      Since you work for t-mobile, can you logically explain what the 18 dollar upgrade fee is for. Other than some random fee to collect money from customers who are commiting 2 more years to t-mobile.

      I also think 36 dollar activation fee per line is crazy.

      • The Man

        TMO charges these fees for one simple reason…because other carriers are doing the same thing. When they started charging upgrade and activation fees, they straight up said it was “to better align our procedures and charges with competitors”.

      • blakburry

        And also tmobile was one of the last carriers to charge this upgrade fee. Many people complain about all the charges we have but really tmobile is always one of the last to charge many of the fees other carriers have already been charging.

    • dubya504

      And still we have yet to see Froyo on the Mytouch original handheld like it was stated we would in your employer magazine promoting the Mytouch slide.

      • thizmobile

        expect froyo to be on the mytouch slide within 30 days. I was told also that it will be on the mytouch 3.5mm but no date was given.

  • Esther

    bad. why not spend more time and effort on the network? I’m waiting for my contract to expire.

  • Kyiske

    How is this different than you walking into a Bestbuy and getting a tv or ordering off some infomercial. No big deal, if you’ve got the money cool get an upgrade, if you dont then whats the harm in waiting.

  • Kirsten

    I like it. Now I can just buy a phone instead of my dad seeing the bill and automatically assuming he has to pay for it.

  • Carlos

    My contract expired a year ago so why would I have to pay $499 for the New Samsung Vibrant phone and new customer can get it for $199. How does this make any sense. I don’t care having to pay for the phone, but I’ve been a loyal customer to the 4th largest carrier for 10 years suffering through the bad selection of phones they had to offered and now they finally have one that I’m willing to upgrade and they want $499. I might has well switch to another provider and get a better phone from either Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. Doesn’t loyally count for anything any more.

  • Lisa

    I’ve also been a loyal customer of Tmobile before they were Tmobile. If anyone can recall their previous names, Voicestream, and I believe Omnipoint. I don’t think they are interested in longevity. I recently upgraded one of my lines on May 11th 2010. At that time, I was told I would receive the same deal to upgrade the other line effective July 2nd 2010. When I attempted to complete my transaction in July, I was then informed of the policy change. I was not aware of it prior to my purchase attempt. However, I do feel considering I was told by a Tmobile rep that I could receive the same deal as of July 2nd, Tmobile should honor the verbal agreement. My phone is old and on its last leg. I have called several times and was told the same thing. My monthly bill is extremely high. I have purchased all of my phones directly from Tmobile. I expect to be treated fairly. This really sucks!!! Not sure if I want to renew my contract!!!

    • Wingedlightcarrier

      Call retention and they will take care of you. They really don’t want to lose your business with all of the up and coming phone companies available now without contracts…just ask for the retention dept and tell them how they broke promises and what a loyal customer you have been.


    i thank you all make hold for you customer who bend with you all for year

  • Bad.  Because not only did they remove the installment plan they raised the prices since less phones are being upgraded at 22 months.  I am due for an upgrade and the prices are crazy.  I am not paying $100+ for a equal or better phone (I have a BB) when my car payment is only $113!