Android 2.2 Update Officially Rolling Out To Nexus One

Apparently, the last time Android 2.2 was rolling out to Nexus One owners it only made its way to a few devices. But not to fear for Google is here. Google is now officially rolling out Android 2.2 (a.k.a Froyo) to Nexus One devices. This update provides some great new features including support for making your Nexus One a portable hotspot and support for Adobe Flash within the browser. Keep an eye on your phone’s notification bar, as you will be receiving a message to download and update soon. Google claims that the update is gradually rolling out to Nexus One owners and that most users will receive the update before the end of the week.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update!


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  • Wilma Flintstone

    WOOHOO!!! Oh wait, I don’t own a Nexus One. O.O

  • The Hammer

    I just did the manual update and Froyo ROCKS

  • vinny

    I do, I do. Working fantastic. Living in suburb of Boston waiting for the HSPA+ to role in. Just around the corner a few miles away. Come on down. PLEASE..

  • Rey

    Hopefully this means the MT3G will get updated soon ! :D

    • Bdogg

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. I have the 1st MT3G – I doubt it will get an update at all. The second version will, but I wouldn’t guess “soon.”

      • MT3G LOVER


  • tato22

    i got mine last night at midnight good stuff

    • briaann

      been had the manual update for like 2-1/2 weeks already , this old but good

  • CactusCat

    I’m not sure if anyone has reported this already, but on my Nexus One (I manually updated it to 2.2 and it does indeed ROCK!), I have found that if I simply go into my Menu and then Location and Security and turn off the Use GPS Satellites option, that my battery life is simply amazing!. I only turn the GPS on when needed, otherwise I leave it off and I get tremendous battery life. Typical day of use includes showing off to others, playing some games, many calls, etc… I get home and check the battery level and its at 60% to 80% still charged. Would easily run for 2 or 3 days w/o charging if needed. Some of you other guys had similar results or tried this? Ironically, when I do show it off to others, I turn the GPS back on and use the Google Maps to get GPS directions with Voice Search. Amazing phone and lovin’ it!!

    • briaann

      simply go into my Menu and then Location and Security and turn off the Use GPS Satellites option, that my battery life is simply amazing. you could turn GPS off with any android phone


    Dusted mine off and turned it on nothing yet. Anybody in kansas city get theirs yet????

    • dar

      u in Kansas City 2? hello fellow kansas cityian! lol i have the mytouch 3G slide and G1. if u want update immediately do a manual update. i did it for my friends and brothers nexus.


        I used to do the maunal thing. Now I just like to get that ota message

  • NiiDiddy

    YES!!! Oh Wait…I don’t own one either.

  • Landon Gonsalves

    I miss the days of waiting for updates on the edge of my seat…first cupcake then donut! Thankfully cm6 should be coming soon! Viva la G1!!!


    • Sapphire

      What are you on now? 2.1 or an unofficial version of 2.2?

      • eddie

        im on unofficial 2.2. how do i officially update it? im wit T-mo.

  • Sapphire

    I must say, going from frf50 to frf83 has improved the touchscreen response and how quick the device switches between applications. Anyone know the build number? Heard there is an frf85.

    • Garet

      I have FRF85B

  • Adrienne

    The Nexus One is looking like an awesome phone! I need to get an individual plan and fork up the money to get one, or should I just wait for the Samsung Vibrant?

    • Sapphire

      I’m loving the Nexus One. Paid for it at full price and love that there is no subsidy lock on it. Has a great camera and with Launcher Pro the device is very snappy. Android without a user interface over it gets updated much quicker then those with a manufacture proprietary user interface like say HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s Blur.

  • B_N1

    i have a few ?’s.

    1) how much internal memory do u need for this update?
    2) does your wifi really have to be on in order for u to get this update?

    • skye

      the phone uses memory thats is stored ..not app memory..

      • Sapphire

        Actually, I read Build FRF83 was about 1.8MB smaller so you will have 1.8MB of more space for your apps since the version that is being pushed via OTA is supposed to be optimized with everything that came with FRF83.

      • briaann

        there was 2 unofficial updates for fro yo for the nexus one manual update

  • FM

    I think u should wait. i think there’ll be more phones coming out with android 2.2. and plus the Vibrant doesnt have flash but ill take the Vibrant if someone gave it to me but HTC makes excellent android phones

  • mailman13877

    TMO has been a complete failure with this vibrant and so this is my options.

    Should i leave for the Evo,Droid X,Verizons Galaxy for the flash or get the Nexus One or Vibrant?

    • jdog

      I don’t if you have 3G+ or not but I would say if you don’t want to pay more per month just get the Nexus One. Being on T-mobile makes it the best Android phone because I get up to 7mbps with free tethering and it has Froyo so that makes it the fastest Android phone with the most features. Also don’t forget to match these features on Sprint you have to wait another month for Froyo and for the Evo its $10 + $30 = $40 a month extra so thats $110 a month. On Verizon its like $160 a month to match T-mobile or Sprint in terms of features and thats at slower 3G speeds. So pretty much the Nexus One is still the King of Android until #1 another phone gets Froyo or something higher # it is faster than the Nexus # free tethering which most of the time is $30 a month #4 gets updates first #5 has faster internet speeds (Go T-mobile). The only phone I have read about the will surpass the Nexus One is the rumored HTC Vision for T-mobile this holiday and don’t forget it won’t have HTC so that pretty much means its the Nexus 2.

      • jdog

        oops meant it won’t have HTC Sense :)

  • mailman13877

    Does the nexus after rooted have FM radio support?

    @All Nexus One owners
    is the vibrant worth getting over the n1 when both are rooted? If I was to get the vibrant without contract restarting for the full fee of ONLY $330 as of now,is it better to get the vibrant n skip the n1 n just wait contract free till a better phone is out? Please no bias answers n honest ones only.

    • Garet

      t-mo pulled down the Vibrant off their site it was an error it will cost 449

    • Ian

      I would do the Nexus One. They’re all unlocked as opposed to the vibrant, which if you bought out of contract would still be locked to T-mobile. Plus you get all the new updates first, which I think is a BIG plus. I just got the 2.2 update yesterday. AmaaaAAAAAaaa-zing!

  • Alex

    I will be pulling the trigger. I am getting the nexus one. I don’t want to sit around waiting for updates to sense, touchwiz or the crappy blur of any kind from Motorola…

  • I noticed that at the google I/O everything was tested on the N1. Does this mean they are testing it b4 it hits the next gen of the phone soon to come?

  • Does the ota update have anything different (extra updates) that the manual version I installed a couple of weeks ago didn’t have?

    • jdog

      Its about 3 more mb worth of data than the original 44mb Froyo file so its more than likely some bug fixes, many people that are on FRF50 say that FRF85B is better and the sensitivity has been turned down and that apps open more quickly. You can also manually update to FRF85B, I’m on FRF50 but I think I’ll just wait for the OTA.

  • KPC21

    I have the very first leaked version of FROYO installed, will I get the new update via OTA or will I have to manually do the update?

    • I’m curious if I will have to do a manual as well. I installed the original from Google

      • Ed

        If you have FRF50 or FRF83 installed, there are OTA patches to bring you up. You can manually do it as well, as there is a full 82MB OTA on XDA developers.

  • Jay

    And the Cliq’s 2.1 update is postponed once again. :(!/motorola?v=wall&story_fbid=139022842777431&cmntid=139024809443901 (the thread they had is down so this is where they broke the news on facebook.)

  • Ed

    Please note the final version is FRF85B. If you are running a 2.2 version before that, you might need to manually update or will get a patch later.

    The Nexus One is an awesome phone and I wish more T-Mobile users got to enjoy it. Hopefully it will go retail sometime soon.

  • Worm

    im not sur if anyone has noticed this or maybe im just the only one.. before froyo u were able to place ur phone on silent by using the volume toggle on the side not how ever the furthest it goes is to vibtrate… can anyone else confirm???

    • Sapphire

      Yes, you now have to go menu>settings>sound>vibrate

  • irogers

    Ha I told u all that it was coming out by the end of the month. And to think you didn’t beleve me

  • sina

    i have a nexus one, and i still have not received the 2.2 . i’m in orlando , florida. has anybody received it here in orlando? thank you.


    Has anybody received this ota yet???

    • Sapphire

      I did not. I did it manually.

  • Ian

    I wonder when they’ll fix the “poor audio when car docked” issue. It’s still hosed in frf85, rendering froyo useless for my commute. AAC streaming is still busted too, yes I know it’s because they changed the media framework, but xiialive is still non functional for aac because of it and that pisses me off.

  • chuck

    FRF91 OTA this morning. I had FRF50 from a manual update.

  • Steven

    I tried to do the FRF85B update manually last night and the download link from Google was dead. I also woke up this morning to a OTA update and I got FRF91


    Where are you guys located???

    • Chuck


  • Kurt N

    Still waiting anxiously! Come on. Please!

  • I live In Las Vegas and I still have not got the update. Maybe tomorrow mourning I hope

  • Steven

    I’m in the Chicago area and I got it this morning.

  • Josh

    I’m in Los Angeles, CA and nothing yet :(


    Finally it just came ay 11:15p central. I’m in Kansas City MO. Anybody else get It tonight?

  • Sapphire

    I got tired of waiting and flashed manually. Does that count? lol

  • Dave

    I updated mine manually a week or so ago, but then just this morning, received the OTA update.

    2.2 is pretty amazing, and worth the wait.

  • Gene

    I got the unofficial version but just got the update for the official version. I don’t want to upgrade cuz im araid Tmobile will turn off the Hotspot. Thoughts???

    • Sapphire

      T-Mobile doesn’t control updates for the Nexus One. This is a device sold by Google, not T-Mobile.

  • Johnny Chambers

    Hey Guys, I live in philly and nothing as of yet, I hhave a few questions for ya. 1… Does my wifi have to be on to recieve the update?
    2… I am not the original owner. I bought the phone off my brother when he went to sprint. I contacted htc and they now recognize me as the owner but will i still recive the update? thanks for your answers.


    • Josh

      I highly doubt that whether your wifi is on or off would make any difference. In regards to not being the original owner it doesn’t matter. As long as you have data (internet) plan you should get the OTA update.

  • Josh

    I got the update (LA, California) Saturday around 10ish…

  • Ian

    I just got the update yesterday here in California. FRF91. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is pretty cool.

  • Diana

    I got my update its better i <3 it!

  • Johnny Chambers

    I live in philly but was visiting parents in maryland nd got it while in the hotel today at around 4:30ish. its awesome. boots up lightning fast now

  • Ca MTS user

    I have MTS. How do I manually get. 2.2

    • Sapphire

      There is no 2.2 for the mytouch slide. It’s only for the Nexus One at the moment in regards to “T-Mobile” phones.

  • Wilma Langdon

    I have a very dysfunctional HTC Hero that I purchased from TELUS in January.Would the update be available for me

  • willie langdon

    I have a very dysfunctional HTC Hero purchased from TELUS in January. Would the update