HTC Mozart Headed To Magenta?

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the next iteration of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS, Windows Phone 7 and its plans to land on Magenta’s shores. That’s all about to change, starting right now. According to one of our highly trusted sources, the HTC Mozart is headed to our very own, T-Mobile USA. If you may recall, recently the HTC Mozart’s existence was confirmed via XML files on the manufacturer’s own site. The XML files also revealed that the Mozart is indeed a Windows Phone 7 handset and will include an 800 x 480 display, a keyboard-less form factor, and A2DP Bluetooth support. As far as a release date goes, I’ve been hearing October, but as always that’s subject to change.

Many of you might be thinking to yourselves, is this the HTC Schubert from the recently leaked T-Mobile roadmap? We’re wondering the same, but if we didn’t know better, we’d think “Schubert” might be a codename for the HTC Mozart. We’re diggin’ for more details, so stay tuned!

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  • karlc

    if this “rodamap” is indeed true, from here on out TMO, is going to be releasing some cool phones. phones that we, TMO customers have been waiting for!!
    i mean WP7…HD3….Mozart….Motorola has a couple that appear interesting. maybe that was the plan from the get go? let the “other” players release thier big news and finish the 2nd half of the year with a huge splash!!
    hows this for scenario: if they (TMO)are to be sold, then it makes sense to bust out the goods to perhaps increase appeal to potential buyers… just saying, hmmm…or maybe they decided to want to be players in the market with new management? IDK, but im feeling excited about the next several months! how ’bout you?
    sign..7-year customer

    • B

      Yea exactly what I was saying, just with more words haha. 7 years here too.

      • HowdyDoody

        windows? You have to be kidding.. BLOAT that’s windows. T Mob is still lallygagging with phones, they haven’t a clue that MS has no future in Mobile (no matter how much Balmer and Windows fan boys wish they did). Its useless to spend money on Windows… wasn’t the HD2 enough??? Geez.

        Application wise, yes Visual Studio is Nice.. I am fluent in it, but Eclipse is just as good for Android.

        Anyway, Windows will have to fight the following war:

        And there is no chance that they will be a contender in 2011 when Android overtakes iPhone as the app leader!

      • Hawk


        Wp7 != Wm6.5, so your experiences with HD2 shouldn’t carry over to HTC Mozart. Except for the “windows” name, they are nothing similar. With PPC2002 to WM6.5, MS was trying to fit a computer in phone form. You use a stylus instead of mouse. With WP7, they are trying to design a bona fide mobile OS from the ground up. Finger friendly, revolutionary UI, integrated music player (like iPhone /w iPod). See this demo and see how responsive the phone is:

        Not sure how MS will execute, but so far I like what I see in WP7. They are trying to pull a “windows 7” experience – keeping it real simple but create a stable. It definitely is not going to be BLOAT.

        As for apps – WP7 will not have as many apps as android ever. Why? Because wp7 is following iPhone model for app development. A developer needs to pay to publish apps and the apps will be regulated by MS. IMO, it’ll lead to better like the iPhone app store instead of the crapola that is the android market. IMO you’ll find any app you “need” as a user in wp7 market place. Unless you want to install 250k apps in your phone.

      • HowdyDoody


        ROFL… iCrapola for a model seems a bad business move. Lets just wait and see.

        FYI I develop a lot with VS2003/VS2008/VS2010, with Eclipse as well. Mac dropped it cause it was not worth my time.

        MS has no clue about the future specially if it decided to follow the iPhone model which has been outdone in everyway by Android.

      • HowdyDoody


        Then you have to consider shortsightedness. If you read the replies to this article, very few people are on your side of the fence. Most agree with me.

        Windows = Bloat = Yuck = Stay away

        I may buy a Windows desktop but Windows phone, not even if they gave it to me for free would I consider one.

        Overcoming that perception on MS’s part, will be like trying to convince people MS is cool and Apple is not.

      • Hawk


        “Overcoming that perception on MS’s part, will be like trying to convince people MS is cool and Apple is not.”

        Overcoming bad “perceived” reputation is the hardest thing to do for a brand. Ask Sprint.

        I’ll give it to you, WP7’s success is not guaranteed. But you are confusing fact with perception. Perceived bloatedness != Factual bloaatedness.

      • SpanD

        last I saw it was 19% of smart phones on the market. About twice the size of android as of the current day.
        Oh and RIM too, they have like 40%, they are gone….it’ll be like a poof and RIM will just go out of business.

    • Getreal

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. The damage is and has been done. As verizon has been releasing drone, AT&T with iPhone, and sprint with evo, most of the customers that want these have jumped tmobile ship. They are now locked in two year contracts.

      ALSO, windows mobile sucks. I think they may as well throw in the towel. Talking about late to the game!

      • Hawk

        Late in the game? Yes. So late in the game that they cannot enter? Don’t think so. The smartphone penetration is not very high in the US, much less so in other markets. Smartphone market can support few other players other than iPhone & Android.

        You know the leader in smartphone market? Blackberry with a whopping 41% market share. You know their primary market? Business users. WP7 is going to be perfect for business users bored with BB – best in class exchange integration, share point, mobile office. WM already has 13% market share. If they take some users from BB, some user from apple due to iPhone4 debacle, some users upgrading from palm pre/feature phones, they can increase their market share. They are NOT going to kill android or iPhone. But they need not die either in the battle.

      • HowdyDoody


        Again you assume too much Hank. Look here:

        it states:

        …credit unions in the United States had 89 million members comprising 43.7% of the economically active population…

        This implies there are 203.25 million economically active Americans.

        Now when you consider the facts where you got your 41% (comscore report):

        They state:

        …For the 3 month average period ending in May, 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices…

        Out of which amounts to 49.1 million Americans with

        Thats roughly between 21% of all Americans with cellphones or 24% of all economically active Americans.

        Though this many not be a high score of 40% penetration, 20% is a high mark, specially considering the recession we have just gone through. If you expect a 40% market penetration with smartphones, you must be living in another country, cause the US with its current economic situation will probably not reach 30% penetration in the next couple of year. The money just isn’t there.

    • tande04

      Just FYI there is no HD3.

      I guess that HTC could eventually make one but all of the “rumors” flying around the net now about the HD3 are just fan made.

    • HowdyDoody


      ROFL Hank, go ahead an try and convince everyone else of that. Wont happen. You haven’t convinced me, and I like MS products for a desktop!

      But MS is = Bloat it is, just look at Windows any version, even Win 7 which finally got some optimization.

      IL is nice and small, but .NET 2.0 or greater == BLOAT. Now if we are talking about Win 7 on a Mobile device, we are talking about .NET 4.0 == MAJOR OPTIMIZED BLOAT.

  • B

    Not interested in going back to WM at this point, but every day it seems more and more like this fall we’re finally getting the devices we’ve been asking for. The only thing I’d replace my nexus with is a better android phone, so I’ll wait and see what emerald turns out to be.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I am a symbian fan and always will be but I wanted to give Windows Mobile a shot which is one reason I have the HD2 now. It’s ok but after all the trouble I’ve been through with windows mobile, I can see why people don’t like it. I am not trying to go back to WM though. After I sell this, I’m either going to Android or I’m going back to Symbian.

      • Eddie Android

        Well if you really like Symbian maybe you should try the Nokia N8 with its killer hardware. Its gonna cost you pretty penny unlocked but you’re gonna end up with a bad@ss phone.

      • Getreal

        @ Eddie. The n8 is one awesome phone. I might be returning this iPhone for one. The problem is nokia looks to be dying and his might be their last stab at life. I don’t like going down with a ship. The future is android or iphone now.

      • Eddie Android

        @Getreal yeah I learned my lesson with Nokia after getting “lured” and then burned with N900 (wich btw awesome phone but killed off MAEMO quickly) if only the N8 had Android or even MEEGO. sigh.

  • jmts80

    I agree with the above comments; I am not sure about going back to Windows but if the rumors are true the fall will be a great time to be a Tmo customer!

    • David

      And I am disagree with all those comments above. You can say all those comments above if you are simply a fanboy and trying to trash competition or you have no knowledge about new WP7.

      This is a new OS which Microsoft worked on it for long time. It looks great and it has so many new great features that no other OS can offer and it is also very slick and fast. Windows Phone 7 doesn’t do anything with old version (Windows Mobile)!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Well now, somebody’s cookies got burnt now didn’t they? :)

    • 2FR35H

      Windows 7 is gonna be the shiit.

      • 2FR35H

        Windows 7 is going to be a more professional version of Android basically and with all the money microsoft has the possibilities are endless.

      • just some dude

        just remove the “gonna be the” and there it is. The KIN is dead, WP7 wont make it into the next year. And the UI is the ugliest thing i have ever seen on any device mobile or not, it looks like a kid designed it.
        MS stop trying to compete in something you cant do anymore, and please concentrate on your core business OS’s. And that is not doing well either.

        Looks like we have a new war brewing Apple vs Google. Google will win.

  • tranquilnight

    Why do phones have the most retarded names?

    • Eddie Android

      At least they are not calling every phone a Droid something lol

  • alex32

    Any news on the htc vision and htc emerald/twist?
    no way i am going back to wm..and im currently suffering blackberry’s OS now.
    should have never sold my g1..

    • TMOprophet

      I just read that the HTC Vanguard is more and more being speculated as being the Vision being a successor to the G1, the Emerald is almost certainly a different phone and most likely going to have superphone specs, however both phones should roll out with HSPA+ ready, the Vision for sure, and the emerald almost would then have to at that point. SO get ready for late september early august for the Vanguard/Vision and November for the Emerald…me I’m waiting till November for the Emerald.

      On a side note I’m gonna try to get one of the Droid X’s that they are giving away via the twitter game, I live kinda close to one of the areas, so I will give it try, even though Im not with Verzion, I would love to get my hands on this phone just to mess with, or sell ;)

      • alex32

        good luck with the droid x, just by the looks of that phone it is amazing.
        yeah i am going to wait for the htc emerald in november because of its rumored specs. i just want leaked photos of the htc emerald already (; . im so curious to see how it looks like. The vision is tempting though, but im waiting till november to view my options. especially when my contract is already done and i can get a full discount.

      • TMOprophet

        I hear ya on the pics, I really want to see this thing before I commit to waiting for it

        As for the Droid X hunt.
        If you see that the winner for Droid #18 has the initials J.H., then you will know I was successful. However I am around 2 hours away from Minneapolis, so I may or may not be able to get to this one first, but I am sure gonna try, its just hard to justify taking off work to go hunt for a

        I guess if I fail, I will at least go to a Version store and play with one for about an hour ;)

      • B

        “Before I Commit to waiting for it” haha i love this stuff

      • TMOprophet

        Hey Nov. is bit far off still, so yeah I kinda want to see what this thing looks like, cause I could simply switch carriers to get a better phone, but I really like TMO, so I want to stay put, I just want to know that the wait will be worth it…cause if this thing turns out to be super fugly, I am gonna be pissed.

        Some leaked pics would do just fine

    • alex32

      same, i wen to the sprint store to mess with the hd2 for an was nice.

      hope u win that droid x, im sure its awesome

      i dont care if its fugly as hell, as long as its android 3.0, 4.3 inch screen, with qwerty keyboard im sold

  • karlc

    perhaps im just ignit.. but whats the issue with WM? ok so android is an open source, which makes it custimizable right? i think, I like most is just looking for cool phone, easy UI, cool and responsive features. i dont want to jailbreak or hack, blah,blah… just a bitchin phone. im just a loyal tmo guy and not an apple fanboy. so i am excited about some of these upcoming phones. i currently use a samsung memoir and love it. cant beat the pix!! i was very interseted in the vibrant until i found out no flash, i got the memoir beacuse of its pix capabilities so will not upgrade until TMO gives me a great all in one device. so i wait…..and it looks like not for long!!!

    • John

      Nothing wrong with WM and specially new WP7. It is just there are so many Android fanboys here in this blog which sadly they love to trash competitions.

      Thats All!

      • just some dude

        competition? LOL what competition. This just in “MS abandons WP7 development”. Going out on a limb and im saying that I predicted this headline.

  • TMOprophet

    At this point with WinMO 6.5 being such a fail, I think that this WinMo 7 will either make or break Microsoft’s existence in the mobile smartphone market..and yes I know there will always be a market for WinMo, but I’m talking about whether or not they will be a substantial force in the market

    Windows phone 7 represents a very important attempt for microsoft to get back in the game and at this point WinMo 7 needs to be a huge success for them if they are to solidify a portion of the market.

    I am an Android user and fan, however I do understand the importance of competition, without it Android might not evolve as quickly. So for us WinMO 7 is important to succeed. Because it will as a result force Android to get better and better. Which is great for those of us who use it.

    • 2FR35H

      Windows Phone 7 will be the new android except cleaner and smoother.

      Android hype will die down by next year. Windows 7 will be all the rage.

      • TMOprophet

        Dont know about that.., but hopefully it does well

      • just some dude

        keep telling your self that 2fr35h. let me ask you this with the news of WP7 comming out why is it that market share has dropped for MS from sept 09 to now from 9% to 7%. one would think it would go up in anticipation of WP7, Android has more than doubled from 6 to 21.

  • vinny

    Live in Waltham Mass. The new HSPA+ is right at my door. Just waiting for another couple of days and I should be all set. Picked up the Nexus One and can not wait for the new high speeds from T-Mobile, best network in the country. Love the 3.7 size screen and the quality of build in this device. IMO there is not a better built device made today. The battery could be better. Just ordered the 1600, comes with a 1400, should make a difference, also ordered the dock, I am like a kid at Christmas. Thanks T-Mobile, helped me get the device at a descent price. They truly have the best customer service, this is coming from a 12 year veteran of big red.

  • Whoo hoo wp7 for the win….i cant wait.

  • mr.atx512

    why is everything “headed” to Magenta and then nothing is?

    • B


      • mr.atx512

        everything on this forum is titled “something something headed to Magenta” and then we get nothing. except all the crappy/kiddie phones out there.

        the vibrant is the only exception

    • TMOprophet

      I am thinking this fall will change things for TMO, and we will start getting better phones more consistently.

  • molten

    Wow just f**king unbelievable,why do android users always do this and I mean go to a wm thread and just write all kinds of crap about it.If you use android just wait for an android phone and stop this,you guys actually remind me of apple fanboys.I use both android and wm and they both have their ups and down.I dont like blackberry but that do not mean I should talk all kinda crap about it.Just stop this my phone is better than your nonsense,everybody actually have sometime called CHOICE.

    • TMOprophet

      Relax..If you didnt notice my above post, I am a huge android fan, but have positive hopes for WP7 to be a big success, competition is healthy and great for phone development. Its just some of these people dont think that far ahead.

      WP7 being good is a win win for everyone, windows fans get good phones, android fans get good phones too, the competition keeps the phones on both sides evolving, thusly satisfying both crowds.

    • 3g rules

      Well molten i would say that it is because wm fans go to android threads and bash android in any way they can.

  • coolMANDINGO


    • Powpow

      Calm down, it’s Windows Phone 7 not Windows Mobile 6.5!

    • mr.atx512


  • going_home

    I hope to never own another Windows based phone.
    Android is by far the best OS.
    Guess I better watch Craigslist and Ebay so I can get
    a nice Nexus One so I can get Android updates in a timely manner.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You “hope” to never have another Windows based phone?

      Hoping for something to not happen is for pussies. That means you have no control. It means you are a man in name only.

      Take control of your life… be tough… be strong… and stop hoping. (Unless your screen name means you are still living under your parents’ roof and they are paying for your phones. In which case, I hope you don’t have to get another Windows based phone.)

      • TMOprophet

        You could actually offer some insight into the rumor mill of TMO’s phone world, instead of putting people down..

        You have had some good insight before, don’t waste your talent. Your comment don’t mean crap to that guy. Be constructive, you’ve been before…

      • going_home

        Love you to son.
        My last WinMo phone was the Dash.
        I hope I never have another Windows phone again.
        He Mikee ! He likes it !



      I’m selling mine 465.

  • Shadestrades
    • HowdyDoody

      While T Mob can keep earning money it will not disappear. Take overs are a possibility though.

      Question is, how much does Deutsche Telekom wants to keep its US business and how much is it willing to invest to do so.

      The rest is speculation of Analyst that don’t know much at all.

    • TMOprophet

      I highly doubt it, come this fall when they put out some good phones, I think they will survive just fine, I think the Vanguard and Emerald and Vibrant, as well as those 2 Motos will satisfy a big number of TMO customers and potentially bring in some new ones, and if the Emerald is indeed the first android phone with dual cores, then I would imagine that many a new customer will show up, its all about being the first to offer something, combined with great rates and customer service and TMO will be a winner.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That speculation (article) sounds like someone did not have enough to talk about so they just threw in T-Mobile on the list.

      It’s inaccurate so I would not give its speculation the time of day:

      1. It said T-Mobile made a net profit of $306 million in 2009. Huh? Actually, T-Mobile USA financials were: 1st quarter 2010 – $362 million, up slightly from the $306 million it notched in the fourth quarter 2009; and $322 million in the first quarter of 2009.

      So I don’t know where they got the $306 million for 2009, unless some moron mistakenly thought the $306 million for the 4th quarter was for the entire year. The idiots.

      2. It mentioned a merger with Virgin Mobile. Another idiotic statement. Why? Uh… how about that Sprint just bought Virgin Mobile USA for about $430 million. So there’s no “Virgin Mobile” for T-Mobile to merge with, even though Sprint said it will keep the Virgin Mobile name for the service.

      3. It talks about T-Mobile being incapable of competing with the other U.S. carriers’ roll out of “4G” speeds. But in fact T-Mobile is rolling out HSPA+ and is also considering a partnership with spectrum providers (E.g. Clearwire.) Regardless of what T-Mobile does in terms of “4G” advancements, the article is wrong in implying there’s nothing T-Mobile can do expect sit on the sidelines while its competitors pass it by.

      4. It talks about number of customers as if that’s a major factor in determining how financially well a carrier is doing.

      The writer, however, does not mention that Sprint, who has more U.S. subscribers than TMOUS, is showing a loss each quarter (as opposed to T-Mobile showing over $1.2 billion in net profit for 2009).

      And Sprint Nextel has been trading at a low of $2.78. That’s not good. And in terms of wealth, Sprint’s market cap is $12 billion. Compare that to DT’s $55 billion market cap. And don’t forget, Sprint (that now includes Virgin Mobile U.S.A) could well file for bankruptcy protection.

      5. It mentions that maybe DT will simply change the T-Mobile US name. That’s a stupid remark since T-Mobile has huge name recognition.

      6. Perhaps the most moronic statement was “As it now stands, T-Mobile has no future in the U.S.”

      The person who wrote that article for 24/7 Wall Street either plans to manipulate the market or he was on crack when writing the article.

      • Deaconclgi

        An idiotic article like that was written about E*trade Financial (Symbol:ETFC)and I watched our stock drop from near $20 a share to mere pennies a share. They yelled that we were going bankrupt/merging/closing up shop for no reason and caused a rush on the bank like never before. Idiots. E*trade was NOT in financial trouble!

        Also, I don’t support Android because of the required data plan. I have 5 lines to pay for and I rather keep my $5.99 unlimited met on all lines. That would be over $125 in data alone, if we all used Android. You all are either rich, single adults, Married adults without phone usinf children or youth who either pay your own bill or your parents pay it.

        For that amount of money for internet, it better be the real web and an open operating system, nah, that is still too much. I have that now, for $5.99….

  • Barry

    So is this supposed to be a HD2 form factor type phone? And lets give wm a chance before we even see what changes they’ve made.

    • TMOprophet

      While I am not getting WP7 phone, I agree, let see it before we trash it, it could turn out to be pretty decent.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Fat chance Barry. Many people in here trash T-Mobile without knowing anything about the Company or its products.

      — They trash a handset without ever owning or trying it out.

      — They trash T-Mobile technology (meaning the stuff T-Mobile sells) without know squat about the tech they are dissing, meaning they don’t know what something does or why it does it, they simply diss, diss and diss.

      — They trash anything to do with T-Mobile whether its upcoming, speculation, concept, rumor or fantasy.

      — If T-Mobile changed the iPhone 4’s name to T-Mobile “HTC Slide II” these people would diss the phone, even though it was really the iPhone 4.

      And vice versa: Steve Jobs could rename the HTC Slide to the “iPhone 5” and these people would sing its praises from now until next year.

      • TMOprophet

        Your wrong, that is a statement of your opinionated perception, it sound very biased.

        Fact is people are frustrated with TMO for not launching phones that are on par with what the other carriers are offering to their customers.

        It has nothing to do with TMO’s name being attached to it. If the Emerald turns out to be what many have been wanting…then…success!!! And the same could be said about any highly anticipated device headed to TMO.

        You obviously work for TMO, or are connected in some kind of way, either employed or emotionally. Perhaps you’re fed up with the complaining. In any case, stop whining about people whining.

      • 2FR35H


        How is he wrong? What he described are fanboys and haters are you denying that either of the two exist? even at a high level? especially at this site?

        People Bash the Galaxy S just because it is made by Samsung. People praise the Nexus One and put it above everything just because its “google’s child.”

        Are you really going to sit there and say many of us on here aren’t fanboys or haters?

        People hear one rumour then repeat it everywhere without knowing fact or fiction.

        His words are not biased.

      • TMOprophet

        I think he’s implying that people are bashing phones only because TMO’s name is attached to them. I say generally speaking this is false, There are many frustrated customers who generally love TMO, but wish there was a phone that was on par with the competition.

        And yes there will always be fanboys that just bash everything, but thats not what I’m talking about.

        I think once TMO rolls out some better devices, that people will quiet down a bit, maybe not everyone, but a good portion of those who are mad will finally be satisfied.

  • Adam

    To all of the above saying “not another windows mobile phone”… this is windows phone 7. It is EXTREMELY different from Windows Mobile. I really wish Microsoft would’ve gone with different branding as the connection to the past is minimal. Check it out at

    • Getreal

      If this was developed by microslop then I think we all know how it will behave. The thing that makes their devices so hard to use is that they are missing ctrl alt del buttons.

    • just some dude

      “EXTREMELY different” its WM6.5 with a skin on top of it. there is nothing new with the core of WP7. It is MS doing what they do best , making an old product look like its a new thing. Its pure garbage. there only attempt at something new has the KIN, but they screwed that up, and now its gone. And soon WP7 will be dead too.


    .whats the screen size?????

    • TMOprophet

      Unknown at this point???

  • Barry

    @Micheal Yea some people here can get a little hysterical at times lol Sometimes I understand but sometimes its really unnecessary. but what you said is very true. personally if I see something I don’t like coming I’m usually quiet about it. The thing I don’t understand is how can you say it sucks and you’ve never seen it, and hope you never have to buy a winmo phone. why wouldn’t you want it to be hot, its another option. I know android is the “it” os right now and I’m guilty of being a huge fan, but who knows android may get stale after awhile and something else may come. Hell windows 7 phones could be open source who knows. I fell outta love with wm which is why I don’t have the HD2 but I’ve never trashed it cause I’ve never really messed around with it. idk ppl just need to relax be patient (I know we’ve been hearing that for too long) our time is coming, and if you cant go where you’re happy. Me I’m chillin and if I get discouraged I’ll take a peek at that leaked road map lol But I think the vibrant will hold me over just fine.

  • jjjjj

    Well schubert was a musician and mozart is a musician. Yup. Its the htc schubert.

    • karlc

      great point!!
      food for thought,
      TMO lately seems to package thier new phones with some sort of gemick. so you can only guess with the names like schubert and mozart…..some kind of music package???? something to think about!!!!

  • Barry

    Lol^ Good observation

  • 3g rules

    Windows mobile 7 may be “completely different” than windows mobile 6.5 and that is all well but i am digging android and will stay with android. I wish the new winmo7 the best of luck.

  • Nerd lust

    Some people have no clue what they are talking about. We live in a regular phone or dumb phone market. There’s plenty of room for Microsoft and the other smartphone makers in the us. Most businesses use Microsoft and most people use Microsoft at home at as well. Plus with zune and xbox users I don’t think it will be very hard to grab some converts and new smart phone users .

  • Stephen Quirk

    First generation Microsoft products tend to be buggy.

    In this case, we know that Windows Phone 7 will be very buggy on release. It’s still in the alpha stage, and will have a very rushed beta stage to make the October deadline.

    Also, there is lots of functionality still not working on Windows Phone 7 that can’t be fixed before release. We know that copy/paste, network sockets, VoIP and the compass will be inoperable. 3rd party apps can’t take advantage of the compass or video camera, because the APIs are still not finished.

    Microsoft is rushing WP7 because WM6.5 is haemorrhaging market share. However, releasing an unfinished product full of shortcomings will doom Windows Phone 7.

    Android is the juggernaut. Even the venerable iPhone is having difficulty against Android. An unfinished Windows Phone 7 stands zero chance. You’d be buying into a doomed platform.

    • Spike

      You’re right, after being a G1 early adopter, I’m not impressed w/ Android and see no reason to be loyal to them. Same could happen w/ WinPho7

  • Wayne

    Contract up for renewal in November, sounds like perfect timing. I’ve seen a demo of the Win 7 phone and like developing in .Net so looks like a winner to me.

  • TheLight

    I know this is off topic from this article, but you know I still wish Google would have came out with a N1 with a full qwerty keyboard and that would have kept me riding the gravy train until the phones on the most current “leaked” road map came out. Reason I’m saying this is because we had to moan, wine, btch and complain to T-Mobile about a superphone when the whole time Google had the best thing smoking but wanted to sale it independently instead of through Magenta as well because they didnt want to what …share?win?dominate?profit largely? grow another 1,000 employees? I dont get it Google..but ahhh, its becoming clear to me that since there is no successor to N1… Google dropped the ball big time when they jumped into the cell phone market anus first. Not even enough income to redeem profitable and continue to grow the N series…lol… So in saying that, if all holds up with the roadmap….THANK YOU T-MOBILE for coming through, we’ll be seeing alot of new faces popping up in the next few months from other carriers! The big G lost a little in the stocks as a result of the N1, Buzz, and foreign relations(China). But Im sure they are due for a big gain since Chrome OS is coming soon and something about buying airline ticket placing company and making an application. Last, I see myself and a million others with a T-Mobile, HTC, Google Android phone by the end of the year. Thats a bandwagon to follow….

    sorry for the rant…

    • TheLight

      and I know Eric Schmidt (however you spell it)said the N1 was device to push the cell phone specs for android forward..BUT.. if all you wanted to do was push the specs foward wouldnt you just tell the companies to make hardware specific devices like your doing now….either way…N1 Greatest phone never sold througha carrier with specific also to never be succeeded. :(

  • john doe

    Dont understand you ppl. Before there was android or apple wm ruled the world. First pdas had wm and everyone used them. Wm 6.5 there is nothing wrong with it. Plenty of apps. I currently own the nexus one and cant wait to give wm7 a shot. After all i like to explore new platforms. Before i get flammed ive had every platform and i like them individually. Every platform has something the other doen not. Competition is good and will make companies be more inovative so thumbs up to ms for creating something new.
    Hope sling mobile makes an app for wm7 as that is the only app i really use.

    • Spike

      I’m with you. You realize what makes us different is that we’ve actually TRIED several different phones. You notice that people who give them all a fair chance don’t flame as bad as the idiots who can only regurgitate something they read somewhere else. What I’ve learned is that hardware is more important. Its like eating out… I don’t give a crap where anyone wants to meet to eat cause I’ll ALWAYS find something I like on the menu. Ditto for my smartphones. Android was cool ( the G1 wasn’t), but I’m not missing anything at all by getting an HD2.

      Plus, people lock themselves into these crap contracts and feel the need to be ‘loyal’… well no duh, you have NO CHOICE cause you signed your name to it. I love the freedom of being able to sell off this HD2 whenever I want and get a different phone. Screw being loyal to one company, its all about the individual devices.

  • Barry

    @TheLight Have you seen the leaked images of the HTC Vision prototype…? N1 with full qwerty keyboard lol

    • TheLight

      thats not “full” qwerty keyboard…. The G1 5 rows dedicated number style on the N1..that looks like N9 style keyboard

  • Cybersedan

    I also wish windows phone 7 all the best, its good competition to keep Android and others improving, but I’ll pass for now, and leave my options open.

  • karlc

    i dont care what any of you say, the HD2 was/is a nice phone (app store sucks, i’ll give you that). you all are fanboys of what you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that! every brand has its loyal following: ford vs chevy vs dodge vs toyota for best trucks; it all depends what you wnat in your choice. not everyone wants a 4×4, some think a 4×2 is what they need. i like white p/up trucks, doesnt mean your black looks cooler than mine!
    as i said earlier, i dont need an open source, i dont want to jailbreak my phone, when the time comes for me to choose my phone, i’ll buy it for what it is and not how i can modify it!! frankly, if something goes wrong with it, i want to be able to return it. once you start messing with it, your on your own….
    so, again…i cant wait until later this year, i think this site will be buzzing with some excitement, then again….there will always be “the haters” wanting something more! just a personal note; these phones have to appeal to the masses, not just you geek!!!

  • karlc

    food for thought,
    TMO lately seems to package thier new phones with some sort of gemick. so you can only guess with the names like schubert and mozart…..some kind of music package???? something to think about!!!!

  • DjEcast

    Why can TMo get an HTC Win mo phone but not the high end HTC android phones? IT’s just a question that I’d like answered…

    • TMOprophet

      I would answer this, but then someone would surely come in a rant about how all of our completely normal exectations of TMO are outrageous and unrealistic, and that we will complain and continue to trash TMO just because they are TMO.

      However to answer that question…I simply dont know why, however I am confident that this will change later this fall when some rumored high end devices are supposed to launch.

      And to all the big tough TMO public defenders…..dont even bother, you would all defend action TMO did, even if the only phone they were offering was the Moto Razor , you would still find some reason to say that everyone whining for better phones is stupid and out of touch with normal expectations of a carrier.

      Or perhaps it is you guys who are truly out of touch with reality.

  • TMOprophet

    Hey everyone just wanted to let you know, I started a T-Mobile Android bog, I wanted to be able to offer much of the same news and rumors along with my personal take on things. I have links to some of the major Android news sites, including this one.. as this is my favorite site. But if anyone wants to come by and check it out feel free, and no I am not trying to make any money or anything, this is just something I am passionate about. I cant always be the first to get news stories up as I work full time, but they should be up pretty fast. Heres the site
    I just did a big article on the Project emerald, kinda an all in one info dump for this thing, so check it out if interested.

    And before anyone accuses me of just copying and pasting stories, I do to some degree, but then again that what all the major news sites do, so dont get all mad, I dont take credit for any of the news, I just put it out there with my own take on them, offering personal insights or insights from some of my sources.

    • David

      You know its one thing to hype your own blog on another site, but when you make a big deal about a story you post and then falsify your info, that’s another thing. You claim “your” source stated the device was called the “Sidekick Twist?” Funny, because I’m pretty sure we broke that name, that story and a host of other matters regarding this. Hype your blog elsewhere.

      • TMOprophet

        Actually I dont claim that it was my source, I was merely merging existing stories into one. The text for the stories are in their original format, so if I post something from say andriodheadlines then it will mirror what they wrote, I have no intention of falsifying information, and I give full credit to this site in covering much of the development of this story, if I need to be more verbal about citing my sources of news I will work on that, I am new to this, so I apologize to you, I love your site here and mean no disrespect. I only want to blog about the news and rumors and be able to throw my thoughts in here and there. So once again sorry about the misunderstanding.

      • TMOprophet

        I made some changes, again sorry, I got you guys clearly credited as the ones breaking much of that story. And I am not really trying to hype it all up, just wanted to let some people know they can see what I think about what happening, without having to troll the blogs. Maybe no one cares, I dont have time to manage or pay for a “.com” blog site, so this is all I can do to put my thoughts out there. I still credit this site as one of the best resources for news. I dont claim to challenge this site in any way. If you really dont want me to say anything about my blog on here..then I wont. I can respect that.

      • TMOprophet

        @DAVID, Also in case you didn’t read my original comment, I clearly stated that “I don’t take credit for any of the news” reported. I think you’re jumping to conclusions man..relax no one’s pissing on your tree

        No need to get all defensive about it

  • Barry

    well that seems to be full QWERTY with four rows I have yet to see a device with 5 rows since the G1

  • Barry

    well that seems to be “full” QWERTY to me with four rows pretty sure 4 row keyboards get labeled as full qwerty I have yet to see a device with 5 rows since the G1.

    • NinjaBlur

      5 rows is nice

    • TheDude

      Touch Pro 2 in August 2009 – 5 row keyboard.

  • Barry

    yea imo the G1 had the best keyboard ever the sidekick could be up there but the buttons were a little too small.

  • TMOprophet

    Well just finished watching a video on YouTube about windows phone seven. Ididn’t think i would say but its kind if nice. the xbox love concept is quite nice. if u guys get a chance check it out. search for it.

    • TMOprophet

      Dude, your using the same screen name as me?

      • TMOprophet

        No, both of you guys are using the same name as me!

      • TMOprophet

        No, you are all wrong I’m the true TMOprophet!

  • Barry

    cdhu ^ that’s funny…

  • TMOprophet

    look imposters stop using my screen name. Wp7 for the win.

  • raymond

    all i know is the people who are with t mobile deserve a nice phone they have been waiting hopefully this phone is it :)

  • Michael Lococo

    What is MAGENTA?

    • Kickstar13

      T-Mobile USA.

      • Michael Lococo

        OOOOOKKKKKK…. is this a common term? I’ve been with them for 6 years… and I’ve only seen it here? Is there a reason to call them Magenta?