Be The First To Own The Samsung Vibrant, Thanks To eBay

One of the posts I enjoy doing most around here is the almost clockwork like eBay sale that inevitably comes before the release of a high profile device like the Samsung Vibrant. We’ve seen it with the myTouch Slide, myTouch 3G, and the Motorola Cliq just to name a few. Something to mention here is the failure of the seller to get the proper bands right for the T-Mobile edition only mentioning Bands 850/900/1800/1900, so a little bit of fail right there. We’re not sure how exactly this person got their hands on a Vibrant so early as we haven’t heard anything about people getting their hands on them early. However, someone somehow got a hold of one and it can be yours if the price is right!


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  • TheLight

    Its sad to say but the droid incredible is 529.00..and this is way ebay or tmobile…Ill be waiting for something that is worth 559.00 and then I’ll buy it…

    • Garet

      I would have to disagree I would rather have the Vibrant I would like to know other the the incredible have a flash what is better on it?? the screen is better on the Vibrant…The Processor is better on the Vibrant..etc

      • Kyle

        However, Sense is better than TouchWiz and HTC is better than Samsung, IMO.

      • Jp

        You’ll be quicker in getting updates with the Droid. You’ll probably see 2.2 but will never see 3.0.

      • Garet

        if your worried about updates get the Nexus one and with sense on the incredible updates will be slow as well.

    • Guys, the starting bid price for the phone was .99 cents. This isn’t TMobile selling the device. It’s not the sellers fault that people are crazy enough to bid that much on it! He’s making bank on people not thinking before bidding.

      • Omega_2

        Well, maybe it is, as it’d be stupid to start it off at retail price; and we all know how willing people are to part ways with their money.

  • TheLight

    I mean 530.00…I was making the reference that the Vibrant doesnt even kind of stack up to the incredible but its the same price.. come’on pricing people and marketing…get it right..

    • watbetch

      T-Mobile has already stated that the phone will be $449.
      Get it right!

      • hmmm


      • 3g rules

        Damn you ugly! Anyway, if someone is stupid enough to pay that much then god bless them.

      • watbetch

        “3g rules” is the most thick skulled person I’ve come across on this site.

        Thrice again, It’s from bridezillas idiot

    • TheLight

      I was referring to whomever put this up for 530 not to tmobile…. I agree its a great phone but 449.00 is alot to dish out for a phone without a flash, ffc, 5 Row Qwerty Keyboard, Dual Mic, and not even being exclusive to T-Mobile for a little I love my Magenta but I own a G1 and my contract is almost up, I need a successor like Project Emerald to physical and not just a rumor and on road maps… Im not going to Verizon…they suck…Im T-Mobile for life…just want to be happy with a device that I want to use everyday.. and I’d pay 550 if they added those features and let HTC make it…

      • Ann

        I agree I was going hog wild saying I was going to get that Vibrant and ditch my old and slow g1 but I just bought an external battery for it off of amazon, so hopefully hold me over until some great phone that they say is in the works. i.e. Htc Vision because I do not want to waste my upgrade for a phone that does not have a flash camera. I want HTC and I want sense and I also want a flash camera throwing in a physical keyboard is an added bonus for me. So hop to it Tmobile or I maybe going back to Sprint :(

    • NolaDude

      It’s the same kind of people that are selling Nexus One’s for 650 and 679 when you can go to Google and buy it for 530….makes no sense, these people think they are sitting on gold mines or something. But i’m waiting for the next one too…no flash is a deal breaker, wife uses the camera alot indoors. One of these days they may have something good…been waiting. Tempted to just buy the damn N1 and be done with it.

      • Sapphire

        The Nexus One is well worth the money you will be spending on it. I’m on a rate plan that doesn’t qualify for the subsidized price. Took me a few months to order it, but I’ve been a satisfied consumer since I purchased it. I almost returned it the day it came because I couldn’t come to grips with spending $619 for the phone and the car mount. Needless to say it has been a great decision. No complaints other then the high price. The Nexus One delivers and will for a while.

  • Andy

    I would have to agree with TheLight. This phone doesn’t have some of the feature found in the Evo, Incredible, or the Droid X. So i expect the price to be a lot lower compared to other powerful android phones. If you want to sell the phone for that much then add more features to it.

    • 2FR35H


      SO just because it doesn’t have a front facing camera and flash it should be lower? when it out performs all current devices? what are you high? Not to mention it has more storage than both of them.

  • El Guapo

    Sorry but this phone looks exactly like the iphone… the OLD iphone. If I wanted an OLD iphone, I would get one. But I don’t. The Droid X and Evo are far superior phones and look so much better too.

    • 2FR35H

      Fail The Evo 4G only has .3inches onthe galaxy S and a FFC nothing else wins The Galaxy S beats it in absolutely everything else not to mention no shortage of Super Amoled(yet). Hell The MT3GS even won over the Evo 4G in the category of which android phone is better for the user.

      Droid X is only debatable.

      • Kyle

        What are you talking about? The EVO does SO much more. Front facing camera. Built in hotspot. 4G! And the only thing the MT3GS beats the EVO in is an over simplified user experience. I can say hands down that the EVO is better for me as the user, and most others who like the cutting edge stuff. The MT3GS is better for my grandma.

      • TheLight

        I agree Kyle…plus, HTC made both of the phones but one is a mid-range the other for Superphone Users.. so mid range is more simple to use than the Evo , and the MTS has what every superphone is missing a fckng Qwerty Keyboard…if T-Mobile creates a device with HTC that runs FRoyo and gingerbread with room to grow and adds the 5 row qwerty keyboard ffc and dual mic..then you T-Mobile have a winner! RIM will be shaking in their boots cuz all android need to do is be more secure and integrate with office and your done!(which it kind of does already :))

      • DefD

        Kyle, the Evo doesn’t do wireless N. The Evo doesn’t have Bluetooth 3.0. The Evo doesn’t have a super AMOLED screen. The Evo doesn’t have a lot of the software features found in the Vibrant. The Evo doesn’t render graphics as well. The Evo doesn’t process application code as fast. The Evo doesn’t have a six axis gyro. The Evo doesn’t have as good of battery life. Etc., etc. I could go on and on.

        Overall, the Vibrant is a better phone pound for pound.

        BTW, Sprint will charge you $10 extra per month for 4G WHETHER OR NOT it is available to you in your area. You cannot get out of that fee. Hotspot is also a fee based service. But you can wirelessly tether the Vibrant to a computer free of charge on Tmo.

      • 2FR35H

        @Kyle and TheLight

        The Evo does not much more in fact it does much less. And 4G Hah yeah right they don’t implement 4G speeds nothing currently does as a matter of fact. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ currently generates better speeds than sprint’s proposed 4G.

        4G has to produce 100mbps at least in the download and nothing currently does that.

        Galaxy S screen> Evo’s

        Galaxy S Battery life> Evo’s

        Galaxy S total memory> Evo’s

        Galaxy S Performance> Evo’s

        Evo 4g Camera> Galaxy S’s

        Evo 4g screen size> Galaxy S’s

        FFC is pointless when its still implemented by only a few devices. Yeah have fun calling only other Evo Users and PAYING EXTRA FOR “4G” SERVICE AT SPRINT.

        You definitely wouldn’t be calling the iPhone 4 users they can only use FFC over WiFi.

    • Mike
      • dfpo3t

        The vibrant doesn’t even compare to the the other galaxy x phones on the other networks ATT Sprint and Verizon will have better models than tmobile

      • DefD


        Sorry, but you’re wrong. The bandwagoning about T-mobile having some watered down, inferior version is crap. It’s got no merit or validity.

      • z6

        Now imagine if it had a flash, and a FFC. It’d be by far the best smartphone available.

  • b

    Folks this is a price on a phone that is not on market yet, basic economics, price is derived via supply and demand the seller could have easily asked $2000 its the only one for sale, sure some idiot wants to say FIRST! You can’t compare value retail price when there is only 1 device for sale

  • eddy

    beyond FFC and a camera flash what makes any of these phones better? Vibrant = faster CPU, better screen, slimmer design, and better battery.

    • eddy

      I also forgot to add the Vibrant has 16gb of internal storage with the capability of reading up 32gb’s of micro SD

      • Raul

        Agree 100% with eddy. Sure it doesn’t have those gimmicky features like FFC but look at the ‘motor’ inside and compare it to the other phones.

    • Mobi

      Exactly… I don’t know why people keep bad-mouthing the Vibrant like it was made 10 years ago. The only thing the Evo has on the Vibrant is a larger screen (although LCD) and FFC. And people who keep saying “If I wanted an iPhone I would buy one,” since when did phones matter ONLY about aesthetics? Vibrant = Android, iPhone = iOS. It’s just a matter of preference.

  • Rajiv Shankar
  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh, and it would be nice to know the sellers feedback rating and how many items they’ve sold total. For all we know, this person could be duping everybody.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      spend $530 on a box of rocks. Haaaaa!!!

  • pimpstrong

    eddy these guys are just pure haters plain and simple. especially the one up top acting like Ebay is a normal place to shop for a phone talkin about $530. No phone out is worth a min bid of $530. Thursday cant come soon enough to shut this up.

  • taaars

    look at the retail price for phone like the cliq and slide..they are 400 at the store…Ebay is selling these for RETAIL + a few extra bucks…this price isn’t Tmobiles price.

    Also, if you dont like it..dont buy it, ..oh its not the incredible..oh, its not the iphone…oh its not the evo… I am not a die hard fan of anything, but I do compare REALISTICALLY things I want and need, not every phone is going to have EVERYTHING..Iphone, has a smaller screen, almost the same size as my mt3g, I like to have at list a 4.0 screen. I use my phone all day, so battery life should be decent, EVO battery life is DISMAL, (my wife has 3 coworkers that have the EVO, they barely can make it through one day with average usage). Flash..I wish I could have it, but I always knew the original galaxy S didn’t have it, so never really a “shock” to me like some other people, yes I know the verizon and sprint models have it..but their internal memory was reduced, know what their customers are complaining about..more memory!.

    So in conclusion..stop whining about something that won’t change..every device has its pros and cons..every device is better or worse to others. As consumers we have the right to choose what we will buy…so if this device does not fit you particular needs maybe another will..or build one yourself and everyone will moan and groan to you about what it lacks and should have..

    • pimpstrong

      tell em’

  • pimpstrong

    First is on Ebay…First is spending way more than you should on a phone…First is the idiot who will in fact buy that phone on Ebay…First is the ignorant comments on this page…First is me in line happily buying my Vibrant……thx come again

  • ivan

    Incredible is better? Really now? I have a nexus and i’m thinking of getting this instead. Seriously, do your research. Vibrant has better cpu, better cpu, bigger screen and is thin. And i did have the evo for a month, returned it due to bad sprint coverage here. Evos display doesnf even compare to the goodness of my nexus, vibrant is even better with super amoled. Huge internal storage plus micro sd sounds like a total win to me. Sure, id like sense or stock android more, but there’s always hope with xda! The only true fail of this device to me is the lack of camera flash… i mean, really now??

    • NolaDude

      So why not just keep the Nexus?

  • eYe

    I think this phone is growing on me, especially with all of the positive reviews. The screen is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m definitely going to check it out, even though I”m not going to buy it, at least not right away.
    I am going to wait until holiday season here to see if I can actually pick up a phone that will have everything that I want: 4″+ advanced tech screen (amoled or whatever), 5+MP camera with flash, FFC, hardware KB, at least a Snapdragon/Hummingbird with 512 RAM, at least 1Gb of user space for apps and confirmed way of rooting the thing. I think that it’s very possible. I am not chasing the next big thing, all of the features are available in current phones, I just want them all in one phone :-) And I actually would use them all, including FFC.
    I also hope that T-mobile will improve their network in MN by then so I can stay with them. I’ve been with T-mo for 11 years but it has gone downhill in the last 6 months for me: dropped calls, VERY spotty data coverage, phone selection is getting better ( a lot better) but still not quite there yet, and last couple of times I called CS they were not very helpful neither.
    With that said, I still like T-mo better then other alternatives out there, hopefully they eventually have the phone that I want with the coverage I need by the time I decide to upgrade.

  • Oce

    Where do people get that the outright price for the Vibrant will be $449? On Tmo’s website, Vibrant is listed as $125 down with 3 payments of $125; that’s $500.

  • Barry

    Yea that screen is stunning no other way to describe it. I also read up on its durability and it did really well. I know ppl were knocking it saying it felt plasticy and Samsung didn’t make very durable phones so that was really encouraging to me.

  • BillB

    Not to change the subject, but anyone else noticing the virus attempts seem to be back on this site? My Avast has blocked three of them on here since yesterday.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Interesting. I knew a few came a while ago but Avira (best free antivirus out there right now – I’ve had avast and avg too and they are good but Avira is better. You should try it) caught and denied all of them before they could get on my system.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      This was mentioned about a month ago and I don’t think it’s a virus, it’s some funky java script or other coding particular to this Site.

      It could be code that’s a pop-up ad or other harmless coding that gives all of our security programs a false positive.

      I use Malwarebytes and every time I log on to this Site I get a “malicious… blocked.”

      I know it’s a false positive because I can’t be getting a virus attack EVERY time I visit, plus my two other programs running virus protection do not pick it up.

  • John

    So all the positives have been stated about the Vibrant, screen size, super AMOLED ect.

    What I’d like to add is that 1) this phone will receive support from Samsung on upgrades, it’d be absurdly stupid of them from a business sense to release a phone WORLDWIDE then not support it’s upgrades.

    Also I know many people prefer Sense UI for many reasons. However hardly anyone has had an opportunity to have a hands on experience with TouchWiz 3.0, from the scattered reports I’ve heard it’s a lot smoother than 2.0.

    With it looking like an iphone… Sure, it does. But so what? It runs android! It has some similarities to iphone UI but everyone phone has similarities to every other phone. I don’t see you knocking dumb phones because they have the same menu set up :P

    Stop judging so hard and give it a chance to breathe before you bash it. Or at least walk into a store and play with it for 30-40 minutes.

  • meeee

    Does it work without data? Like just on wifi?

    • taaars

      it can…but you need to have a data plan to purchase it (at least from tmobile)

  • Nick
  • quikzilver

    The Evo has one of the cheapest looking screens I have ever seen on a smartphone.

  • ObsceneJesster

    OK OK OK enough of my EVO or my Incredible is better than this phone. I’m hear to open your god-damn eyes. BUT first lets list the PRO’s of the EVO and Incredible:

    1. They have camera flash

    2. They both feel well built

    3. The EVO has a FFC (though I along with alot of other people would never use one)

    Now lets take a look at why the Vibrant is the better phone:

    1. Super AMOLED display is more “vibrant”, thinner, has better contrast and uses less power.

    2. Internal storage is 16GB and couple that with a 32GB SD card that gives you a total of 48GB of storage. Thats 9.5GB more than the Incredible and a whopping 15.5GB more than the EVO.

    3. The Vibrant uses 802.11n while both the EVO and Incredible use the older standard 802.11g.

    4. Vibrant records 720p video at 30FPS while the EVO and Incredible can only do it at 20FPS.

    5. Vibrant’s battery gives you 13.5 hours of talk time while EVO and Incredible give you up to 5.5 hours.

    6. Last but certainly not least. The Vibrant’s Hummingbird processor coupled with the PowerVR SGX540 makes the Snapdragon look like the outdated, over-hyped chip it is. Every Benchmark out there shows the Hummingbird bending the Snapdragon over it’s knee and beating it like the red-headed step-child it is.

    Oh and the Vibrant isn’t capped at 30 FPS…Sorry EVO!

    • taaars

      nicely done…however someone will still say..”but, its has no ffc or flash! so the phone is crap!”

      • Wilma Flintstone

        But what’s Orange Juice with no Oranges? Apple Juice with no Apples? SCOOBY DOO WITH NO SCOOBY DOO!!!! No relation to anything, just felt like belting that out.

    • TMOprophet

      The EVO is still a damn nice phone, the bigger screen and IMO sharper looks. Internal storage wont matter once they both get froyo, and can store apps to SD.
      EVO has FFC, Flash, HDMI out, and is bigger
      Vibrant has 1Ghz Hummingbird, which handles graphics much better than the Snapdragon.
      Vibrant also uses a prettier super amoled
      However the EVO is still a powerhouse, dont be fooled by people saying that just because the processor cant handle graphics as fast as the hummingbird, that the EVO is crap, cause its not, the snapdragon is still one of the best out there right now.

      If your into mobile gamming then the Vibrant might be better for you, if your more into a powerful one in all device then the EVO wins. I give the Vibrant props for being much better than anything else from samsung, and it is super thin and has some appeal to it.

      Now Im not a big EVO fanboy, just saying. Actually I would rather see some of the EVO’s hardware + Android built into the HD2, cause the HD2 is better looking than the EVO IMO.

      And as for the cap at 30FPS, well sometimes manufactures make mistakes, but I would suspect that the next incarnation of the EVO will fix that issue

      • taaars

        Um…hate to burst your bubble, the hummingbird was tested against the beat it in all tests, not only graphics (the only processor that seems to compete with the hummingbird now is the one in the droid x, forgot the processor name). EVO has he larger screen… but also is subpar now because they are using Epson screens and have been proven to be very frail.

      • TMOprophet

        Yes you are correct, however the EVO launched first, thus it is older, naturally newer phones will evolve, however the point I was making is that the EVO, like it or not is still a really nice phone, I played around with one and loved it, is it, but still really nice, now if the Vibrant would have had the
        HDMI out
        and a 4.3in super amoled
        also kickstand is so cool to leave out

        Then yeah I would say the Vibrant would have owned the EVO, but alas Samsung left out some killer features, I dont know why, cause simply put it would have been a sure kill to include them,

        but the fact is the EVO can do some stuff that the Vibrant wont, that samsung’s fault

        I would have loved to see them put out the Vibrant as an EVO killer, mainly cause I want a superphone…but IMO the Vibrant is close to superphone status but falls short in some areas…thats my take on it..sorry if it offends you

        And for that Droid X..that thing is the baddest ass phone I have seen, I have watched all the videos for it, its just plain sick. Although it does seem really tall, I like the form factor on the EVO, still gotta go mess with the Droid X to know for sure if I like it.

        But anyway I understand your perspective, but some people want other features not given to the Vibrant..

      • taaars

        No worries, wasn’t bashing you, was just pointing out that snapdragon was not as fast as the hummingbird. The EVO screen was a lot better before, but they ran out of the Samsung screens and now are installing epson screens, I think phonedog showed this, and they are not as good. I do wish they had a flash and FFC on the vibrant, that would have made, apparently, a lot more people happy, but coupled with 16gb of rom, that may have added a nice amount of cash to it. Droid X does seem that a great unit. If it was on TMOBILE I think I would jump on it, BUT it still has a TFT screen and to me that is almost a reason for me to go with the vibrant, the super amoled not only is a better screen, but also consumes a lot less power, so I can only imagine it will outlast the droid x in usage. Also the Vibrant has the 16gb internal rom, that to me just is more important..again..each person will have different needs and thus weigh those needs against the phone he/she wants.

      • TMOprophet

        I think I heard that HTC is working on using Pixel Qi screen technology in the future, although some have suggested that they might use super amoled as well, so should be interesting to see where this all goes

      • ObsceneJesster

        While the EVO has HDMI out, the Vibrant is a DLNA device and also has something no other device has ever offered. It is capable of using it’s 3.5mm headphone jack as video out. All you need is the adapter that is 3.5mm to A/V. Unlike the EVO’s HDMI out the 3.5mm out displays everything on your screen where the HDMI out on the EVO only does pictures and video. In more words or less, you can make any TV you want a monitor. Sorry but I would rather have that option. Wouldn’t you?

      • TMOprophet

        That is cool, but I like the idea of High definition out, over standard def via 3.5 Headphone jack, and yeah the all video out over just pictures and video via HDMI is cool, but I think eventually you will be able to output everything through HDMI, just a matter of time

      • TMOprophet

        One more comment on the Pixel Qi screen, it uses less power and has better viewing angles than amoled, just putting that out there. I’m not dissing amoled, cause I am actually a big fan of amoled technology. One of the big deals for me when getting the BH2 and my 46in LED TV, I love amoled, but there might be better stuff coming

      • ObsceneJesster

        I agree with you. I think there will be a better display than AMOLED within the next 2 years. If you want HD output with the Vibrant than just connect it to your 46 in. LED TV through DLNA. Every decent TV bought in the last 2 years is DLNA capable. If you connect through DLNA than that means you don’t need a HDMI cable running from your phone to the TV. You can stream all your HD content wireless.

      • TMOprophet

        Actually you make a valid point, although I wasnt aware that you could transfer High def through DNLA. Thanks for the info…although I am still a big fan of the HDMI out port.

      • soon2TMO

        and yes it is true that the snapdragon can not handle graphics as fast as the hummingbird and that’s a fact!! it is not a “rumor” but it is fact and proven.. lagging 3d games?

        “if your more into a powerful one in all device then the EVO wins”
        i don’t get this part? how is the evo the overall powerful device? in what way?

        the 30 fps is not fixable as HTC has already announced it..

        so.. overall the galaxy S out of the box is much much better than the EVO!
        but evo is still a nice phone nonetheless..

      • TMOprophet

        OK, as I already said, I think the EVO has more features built in, thus being a better all in one device, fine the Vibrant has some wins on the EVO, but there is still alot of people that would choose a EVO over the Vibrant, for lack of hardware features.

        And once again the FPS cap at 30..I know its not fixable on the EVO, what I was saying is that perhaps the next phone HTC launches, that has a HDMI out, will not have that 30FPS cap……understand now?

        WHile the Vibrant might be DLNA capable, the lack of HDMI is a turn off for many, the HDMI out makes the user experience simpler, thus its a hardware feature that should have been built in, as well as a flash, and a bigger screen wouldn’t have hurt anything either, or that It looks like a big IPhone.

        Whatever I’m done going on about this crap…get whatever phone you want

      • ObsceneJesster

        Personally I think 4.3 inches is to big while 4 inches is the sweet spot. I want a phone. Not a tablet. I also have no use for a front facing camera so I see no point in buying a device with one. As for the camera flash, Samsung fixed the lack there of with adding a camera with some pretty slick aperture that was previously only found on dedicated cameras. In-case you don’t know what aperture is, it allows the camera to take pictures in low light situations. There is some camera shots on XDA showing off the Galaxy S night-mode camera option and they actually look better than the pictured taken with a LED flash. It is a known fact that all LED flashes do is wash out the photo making the colors look very unrealistic. If your going to add a flash you misewell go all out and add a Xenon.

        I can go on for-ever. I do have one question though. How does HDMI out make the user experience simpler than DLNA? I really don’t see the point of adding HDMI out when all you can do is view pictures and videos. Sorry but I’d rather have the option of outputting everything turning any TV into a web-browsing monitor.

      • pimpstrong

        “the EVO launched first, thus it is older, naturally newer phones will evolve” That’s a joke right? The EVO and the SGS came out in the same month. And even if its the EVO release date compared to the Vibrant launch date, then thats still gotta be a joke because a month and a half is not enough time for a phone to be more considered outdated compared to another.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Excellent summary! Thanks for taking the time to post it.

      • ObsceneJesster

        Personally I think 4.3 inches is to big while 4 inches is the sweet spot. I want a phone. Not a tablet. I also have no use for a front facing camera so I see no point in buying a device with one. As for the camera flash, Samsung fixed the lack there of with adding a camera with some pretty slick aperture that was previously only found on dedicated cameras. In-case you don’t know what aperture is, it allows the camera to take pictures in low light situations. There is some camera shots on XDA showing off the Galaxy S night-mode camera option and they actually look better than the pictured taken with a LED flash. It is a known fact that all LED flashes do is wash out the photo making the colors look very unrealistic. If your going to add a flash you misewell go all out and add a Xenon.

        I can go on for-ever. I do have one question though. How does HDMI out make the user experience simpler than DLNA? I really don’t see the point of adding HDMI out when all you can do is view pictures and videos. Sorry but I’d rather have the option of outputting everything turning any TV into a web-browsing monitor.

  • Cassie

    OMG I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP WITH THE COMMENTS ABOUT THEIR OLD BULKY BUTT G1’S!!!!!! WAITING FOR A SUCCESSOR????? ANYTHING RUNNING 2.1 AND BEYOND IS ITS SUCCESSOR!!! From a psychological standpoint the reason why you are so “stuck” on your G1 is -more than likely- because it was the first Android phone and no other phone had been made like it when it released……..If I throw a keyboard on a brick with 3.0 will you stop talking? Sooooo not trying to be disrespectful, but seriously people need to get over the G1.

    • TMOprophet

      They should stop whining around August 9th or so. ;)

      • TMOprophet

        Because thats the speculated launch date for the HTC Vanguard. Which is more than likely the HTC Vision, which is also supposed to be the successor to the G1, so everyone who wanted a higher end, QWERTY keyboard Android, should get what they want around that time, give or take a little on the exact date.

        Come on you should have known about this stuff already..

    • 3g rules

      I love how people say “i’m not trying to be disrespectful” and that is exactly what they are doing

      • Cassie

        and why is that tmoprophet? I know people are scheduled to go into “special training” pretty soon here…kind of excited to see what happens with that! You know what I love 3g rules? I love 3g!

      • Cassie

        Scratch that, 3g is outdated, I love HSPA+!!!!!

      • TMOprophet

        Sorry I answered your question a couple comments above this one.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on 3g…

        Yes, people do that all the time and it’s pathetic. It’s like when they say “I do not mean to insult” then they proceed to insult.

        Oh how about the oldest one on the books “With all due respect…” I learned in school (speech class) never to say that because it’s an insult. The speaker is implicitly saying “With all due respect… which none is due you…” or “… which is zero.”

        And actually when people say that they are proving that they are morons.

  • socalfrank

    WARNING!!! – This listing looks to be fraudulent. I would not bid, or if you do win, be prepared to lose your money.
    The seller has NO FEEDBACK as a seller. NOTHING SOLD.
    Low feedback numbers, all as a buyer.
    The seller is likely the victim of a phishing scam.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    There’s the usual contract and retail eBay listings showing up now.

    Here is a legit listing for a two year deal and only $99 for the phone!

    Here is the link if you want to see the eBay listings for all current Vibrants.

    Sidenote: Interesting that no phones are commanding high prices like they did before the economy tanked. A couple years ago to be first to get a phone like this people would have paid two to three hundred over retail.

    E.g. there’s one buy it now that has the Vibrant for only $550 with free shipping.

    • Brad

      You’ve been reported to eBay’s affiliate network for spamming affiliate links. Bye bye commissions, hayseed.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I have been on eBay since 1997. I can accurately say I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Besides, who did you report moron.

        You remind me of those fools who play online games. When they get their butts kicked they accuse others of cheating and BS that they are going to send a virus to their opponents computers as punishment. Yeah right.

  • Broke

    This is like the tired argument of Windows vs Apple vs Linux. Every system/phone has its pluses and caters to certain tastes. I don’t see why it becomes such an argument every time.

    I would get this phone if I were sticking it out with T-mobile, but I’m canceling tomorrow. My new carrier’s data speeds are instantaneous and reliable.

    No, this is not my carrier is better than yours. I put in 6 good years and it was sufficient while it lasted. But eventually, I needed more stability.

    I am proud of T-mobile getting this phone and I do not doubt that its consumers will be happy. I’m really going to miss this company.

    • ObsceneJesster

      I can understand you needing reliable data speeds and if there is a better provider that fits your needs then by all means move on. I would too. This is exactly why I left Verizon because in Washington DC my Fiancée was contently getting over 4 MB/s download speeds with T-Mobile and I was contently getting under 2 MB/s with Verizon. I stopped traveling for my Job and I never leave the Washington DC area so I didn’t really need the great coverage Verizon has to offer. I agree, T-Mobile has the least amount of 3g coverage but if your in a coverage area it is faster than anyone else 9 times out of 10. Especially if you have HSPA+ like we do in D.C. T-Mobiles HSPA+ is even faster than Sprint’s WiMax.

  • ohhellno

    The prize is insane. 5 days left

  • JSY581

    Man I wish I had the money all of you have, buying one phone after the other…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      JSY… you don’t need a lot of money to buy the newest, hottest phone every four months or so.

      Do what I do. I buy the phone. On getting it save EVERYTHING when unboxing the phone. (And unbox carefully).

      Before using the phone put a screen protector over the display area, IMMEDIATELY on taking it out of the box (a screen can get scratched at any time, so be careful).

      Put a plastic case around the phone.

      Enjoy the phone for as long as you want (until the next one you want comes out).

      When a new model comes out that you desire, you can first sell your Vibrant, for example, on eBay, then use that money toward the purchase of the new phone.

      If you have taken care of the “old” phone you should be able to sell it on eBay for about $50 to $100 less than what you paid.

      That would pencil out to your enjoying the latest phones for about $10 to $25 a month.

      Bonus Tips: The reason you need to take care of the phone, meaning no scratches or marks on the phone, is because eBay buyers pay a premium for a phone you can advertise as flawless, perfect or in great condition.

      They pay far less, or don’t buy, if you say anything like “Has small scratch on screen” or “has the usual marks from use.”

      If you have scratched the back, the battery cover, keep in mind you can get a new OEM replacement for $10 shipped. E.g. I was experimenting with my HD2’s cover, that’s metal (drilling holes). I paid $10 shipped for a new one from Hong Kong.

      You can also get more for a phone if you include the original packaging, manuals, cables, accessories, etc.

      Give it a try, it’s a really great way to always have the hottest phones.

      • ObsceneJesster

        LOL, this is what I do almost to the T. But I can teach you one thing. If your phone is scratched to much just call T-Mobile and tell them it’s messing up and they will send you a refurbished one that looks brand new. =)

  • Darien



    • will

      first time you’ve ever been to a public online dialogue? chill out. people say a lot of the same stupid stuff all the time. join a forum and become a mod if you want to control what people say on the internet.

  • Darien

    no its not the first time, but honestly i’ve tracked every vibrant news update on here, and its the same people complaining about how oh it doesnt have a ffc, or it cant be better then the evo so im jumping to sprint. Simple solution is to just leave and have at it. Obviously im not saying a healthy debate is bad, but when you get idiots who think spouting off at the mouth over the same crap thats already been said on 10 other topics it gets pretty annoying.

  • kim

    How much is the Vibrant with full upgrade from a TMO retail store? You can preorder at Walmart for $199….

    • Kickstar13

      It will be the same, $199.99 after a $50 Mail in rebate.

  • badaphooko01

    I didn’t get a response on the other thread so I will post it here.

    Just ordered my Vibrant from Wirefly over the phone for 149.99 no taxes shipped with no changes to my plan at all. My full upgrade date was not till 7/17 but I guess they overlooked that unlike Radio shack.

    I never have purchased from Wirefly, I hope I did not make a mistake going through them instead of Tmobile. I figure I just saved myself over $100 or lost $149.99. We will see. Anybody have a good experience purchasing through them?

    • taaars

      Wirefly is good, I had an issue with a blackberry when I bought from them, they sent me a replacement immediately and all was good.

    • Simba44

      I’ve gotten my last 3 phones from Wirefly. You have nothing to worry about. They are an authorized dealer. In fact, I predict you’ll never buy straight from T-Mobile again.

    • Reder

      If I’m reading it right, you have to agree to the $30/month data plan to get a phone through Wirefly? If that’s the case I’m just going to order through T-Mobile. I’m still on the G1 data plan ($25/month) on 2 lines, so it’d definitely cost much more in the long run to save $100 on two phones.

      Am I reading that right?

  • badaphooko01

    I went to agree to the Tmo terms and click on the link to complete the the transaction but first checked the service details and it said I would agree to $30.00 a month for data and a $36.00 activation fee. When speaking to the csr he said there would be no change to my plan(I asked him four times) because I too only pay $24.99 for data, he also said there would only be a $18.00 upgrade fee not $36.00. I have not yet agreed to the terms and sent them an email regarding the matter. This was yesterday and still have not received a response. Now I am kind of regretting the whole thing, they still haven’t charged my credit card and don’t think they will until I agree too the terms. If do not get a response tonight I will just cancel the order and go to a tmobile location in my area.

  • tmoled

    Can the vibrant tether? does anyone have experience tethering on other tmo phones. Is it good enough to consider getting rid of my existing internet service?

  • Already been involved in cellular communications as an RF engineer since 1982 when I worked for Motorola. Had Blackberrys for the last eight years or so, but just pre ordered a Samsung Vibrant through T-mobile. Want a few new capabilities as well as a new Os to play with. I’m let down that Tmobile has switched away the wi-fi compatability hotspot feature in the Samsung Vibrant, but I am certain someone will certainly figure out how to root it and add the feature back again in. I’m now transporting a wi-fi compatability only iPad and want to wirelessly tether it to the phone. Looking forward to obtaining my new phone!

  • Thanks for the nice article, I’m eagerly waiting for my Samsung Captivate coming from T-Mobile as soon as they formally confirm that they’re carrying it. I was in my local store today and experienced a hold of their dummy device. It looks and feels a lot better than I thought. This is actually going to be the phone to have. Never mind the iPhone 4g, the Galaxy S is where it’s at. As for me, I’m upgrading from a Samsung Pixon after an 18 month contract and am delighted to have ultimately settled on the Galaxy S. The decision process was fraught with many, many hours of investigation on the internet. I was close to an HTC Desire and actually closer to an Xperia X10 but then, from out of nowhere, I came across the review of the Galaxy S and it just does everything so well.

  • i’ve had my pure for per week now and i still dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to no matter i would like it not just the basic ones on the phone… every little thing about this cellphone is complicating.. i also wished to vary to that android software program as a result of windows is too slow and somebody please help me how to do this