Samsung Vibrant Unboxing Courtesy Of Wirefly

Well I know likely no one will actually read what I am going to as all attention will be on the Samsung Vibrant unboxing video so I’ll keep this post short. Ok, I’m done. Thanks to the guys at Wirefly for this! Just 6 more days!


UPDATE: We’ve added a quick Samsung Vibrant overview below, courtesy of Be sure to check it out!

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  • cheesmo

    Can’t wait until Thursday!!!

    • briaann

      original Asian/Euro market Galaxy version will it work on tmobile network

      • 2FR35H

        Not on T-Mobile’s 3G briaann

      • Matlock

        The European one WILL work on T-Mobile’s 3G!

      • TheDude

        It doesn’t have the 1700 band required for Tmo 3g

    • drivethruboy168

      Can’t wait! I get mine on MONDAY!! :-)

    • ktwist

      For all evenmore+ customers, the price cards are showing a retail price of $499 on no contract. Just an fyi

  • Stillwaiting

    8 mp camera, is he wrong?

    • Motivated

      yeah he’s wrong, its a 5MP camera.

    • Stillwaiting

      Yeah, I checked the t-mobile website, and it says 5 mp. Darn, that would have been a nice surprise and a fare trade off given no camera flash. Oh, Well. Still getting this phone. Looks great.

  • Rob


  • MyNamesNotRick

    Is this the phone I want to pay $450 for?!

    Why the full price?

    T-Mo has repeatedly shown me that I cannot trust them to do good things with their phone line. So, I will be waiting for my contract to lapse and planning my exodus if things don’t get better very soon with their offer of phones.

    What is wrong with this phone you ask?

    It’s not the lack of FFC or flash. I use my phone for a phone (plus little things here and there) and I could care less about a camera.
    It the damn design, inside and out, that kills me.
    Simply put, if I wanted a phone that had a design of an iPhone and interface like an iPhone, I would buy an iPhone.

    Why don’t I just get an iPhone?

    I like T-Mo too much. Great service (for where I’m at at least). And great customer service.
    But they have started the process of alienating their “techie” customers and much more, they have properly alienated their “grown up” customers with their line of phones.

    That process cannot be reversed so easily with one “super phone” (if this can be classified as one).

    I’ll be using my G1 just a bit longer but T-Mo….you are on watch.

    • pimpstrong

      waaah waah waah somebody hasn’t been following the leaks of Tmo’s near future releases.

    • pjs

      This phone was not really T-Mobile’s choice phone. Samsung built the phone for almost every carrier worldwide. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have nearly the exact same design

      • Andy

        Wrong……some of the carriers actually have FFC and flash on their version. Don’t know why some refuse to admit that T-mobile lacks when it comes to superior android phones.

      • J-Hop2o6

        if u would do your research Andy, you’ll see that Sprint is the only one with FFC.. and Verizon and Sprint ADDED LED flash.. smh at some ppl downplayin this phone.

  • Andrew Martel

    sweet…glad i dont have to work thursday till 3pm. probably just gonna order online and use bings cashback anyway

    • Chris

      I second that! Bing here I come! Get this this in the $300’s with 35% back!

  • mike

    no flash… way to go tmobile fail

    • 3g rules

      again with the no flash.THERE IS NO FLASH PEOPLE RN GET OVER IT! Your comment is a FAIL!

      • jscarano

        OP, Have you been living under a rock ?

    • pimpstrong

      fail comment

      • Davidohio

        The whole “FAIL” thing is childish, really old (and over used), and just plain stupid!

  • fujitsujeff

    i wonder when their will be an official review of this phone, as opposed to the general Galaxy S phone. I’m still waiting on the CNET review …

    • NiiDiddy

      there is a cnet review…

      • Rocky

        no, there’s only a cnet PREVIEW. I’m with you fuji, I’ve been scouring the internets and can’t find a proper review anywhere.

  • Sasha

    Is that a FFC at 5:07 on the right or just the light reflecting in a small circle?

    • Vibrant will not have a FFC.

    • jscarano

      Thats the proximity sensor.

      • Sasha

        I thought the sensor was on the left.

  • Why are yall still complaining yall have seen that tmobile will be releasing some great phones starting in august all the way to december you should rejoicing thaty they have finnally start to listen to all of yall crying

    • pimpstrong

      yeah at this point its just B!@#$ing for the sake of B!@#$ing.

  • Matt Smith

    Just FYI: Wirefly has it for upgraders for $149.99, free shipping. If you go through, you get $25 cash back.

    • The Wireless Stores in Hillsboro, OR are taking preorders now for the phone. No payment down too. $199.99 after $50 rebate and a free acc bundle pack; case, cla, and screen protector.

    • Jay

      The problem with Wirefly is that you have to take whatever plan that comes with the deal.

      • B-Mobile

        Just for the hell of it i went to wirefly if you select (more plans) there is an option for (keep your current plan) but they do force the android internet access on you so you have to call t-mobile to take off the double internet charge (if you already pay for the web) other than that it looks decent the total was $157.99 up front (no Bing cash back applied)

    • sweet deal

      Where can I get this bing cash back? Its a sweet deal if I ever have to cancel its like paying 325 instead of 500 for a non contract price

    • MAN


      • Matt Smith

        Go to, type in Wirefly, hit enter, click on the wirefly ad

    • andyandy

      That is like a way better deal than Radio Shack. Canceled Radio Shack and ordered at Wirefly. Order already approved. I tried the Bing thing, and I found some coupon for a free Bluetooth headset too. I love sweet phones, but I love deals even more.

  • Cindy

    Just 6 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!! I am so excited to get my hands on this phone, this will be my very first Android/SMART Phone! I love the purple cover! :)

  • Cindy

    Tmobile tweeted this after someone asked why the phone has no FFC or Flash…

    “Just wait until you get one in your hands you will forget all about that stuff especially with the night mode on the camera!”

    SO WE’LL SEE! ;)

    • pimpstrong

      im with you Cindy as Ive been looking to buy my 1st android since january. And from the Engadget picture that I saw taken with the Vibrant I would say it takes excellent low light pictures. Vibrant FTW!

  • Boy

    Good looking device but…

    No A/V cable like the original Asian/Euro market Galaxy?
    – Does that mean no Audio/Video output capability from the phone?

    16GB on board storage? sweet! goodbye preinstalled 2gig card, hello 16gb microsd.

    ~ Ari, the reviewer, almost did some damage to the phone while taking off the plastic wrap. just open the end of the sleeve and slide the phone out. dont peel it.

    • soon2TMO

      as far as i know , the only feature that was taken was the FFC, but everything should be the same as the unbranded version….

      FYI, the original version did not come with A/V cable, i dont know where you got the info from.. ?? if you go to youtube , people are using their own tv-out jacks (nokia, etc..).. but those did not come with the phone…

      so i believe this one will have that feauture as well , just provide your own cable for your 3.5 mm headjack..

      • Boy

        I hope that’s the case cause I got a cable somewhere. Well I watched a video on youtube demonstrating the av capability n I assume it came with cables but oh well, no biggie.

    • Chris

      if you have an N or N+ wireless router at home. Just stream the video/music through your network and to any other devices that’s connected to the network… I don’t see why you would want some more cables… just suggesting that that’s a better option than having to hook up your phone somewhere for a A/V out..

  • IwantIT!

    I cant wait! this is the best phone t-mobile has so far. And I for 1 have been waiting for an awesome fone! Too bad Google screwed the pooch on the nexus…tmobile wouldve sold it like hot cakes. So unless something even better comes out in the next week, i am getting one!.

    oh and to the guy that thinks every other fone in the world needs to be a brick and
    not be sleek like the ifone….pfffft

  • cscorbin

    I’m tempted to pick up two of these on the 15th but uggg can’t decide. I wish TMO would give us a taste of what else is coming this year.

  • mailman13877

    This phone is stupid..Sprint here i come..just waiting for the 28..White Evo for a lil less than $150 with my discount from work and a good plan plus my 18% work discount makes my bill after taxes $92 i was told..White Evo,protection plan and 4G all for $92/month is super..TMO is such a FAILURE

    • soon2TMO

      oh the weak EVO?? hahhahahahhaahah

    • jscarano

      Man I’m definitely getting this stupid phone! Cant wait!

    • swehes

      If Sprint was GSM I probably would have been there at this point. But they are not. So I am sticking with T-mobile. I like their customer service.

    • pjs

      don’t wait for the 28th, leave now. I’m tired of reading your drivel on every single post on this site. LEAVE mailman13877

    • btg

      You again…

      $92 AFTER 18% discount?


    • dcb

      See ya!

    • pimpstrong

      my God u said this same thing yesterday

    • Matlock

      The Vibrant sh*ts all over the Evo! There is nothing great about the Evo, and 4g is a load of crap! Its not even real 4G! Its been proven that the Galaxy S phones are far superior than the HTC Snapdragon phones.

      • TMOprophet

        I disgree, the EVO is pretty badass, I messed around with one, its a damn sweet phone. Besides its got lots of crap that the VIbrant don’t. I think both phones have some nice features, but I would get an EVO over this Vibrant.

      • Andy

        Just admit that the Evo is a lot better than the Vibrant. If you dont believe it just read the specs for yourself. I hate to burst you bubble but the vibrant will cap out at 3g.

    • Chris

      I wish the hell you would leave now. We are so tired of you trolling the forums. You are saving so much money as you say, pay the ETF and leave! And when he does, David will you please change the web address so he can’t find his way back? He gets a discount of 18%, which is more than we pay for unlimited. So I know hes not smart enough to find his way back when the web address is changed. LOL! If I was to send you a calender that says its the 28th, will you go ahead and leave?

  • Mailman13877,

    Sorry to rain on your parade. Go ahead on to Sprint. Or you can call T-Mo and tell them you are thinking of leaving for that plan, and the loyalty department will beat it.

    Oh wait, you probably won’t fit in that “Loyalty” category–you’ve already made it obvious you are one that jumps ship at the drop of a hat. I am paying for 2 phones, all the extras, and insurance you talk about for your one phone, and I’m only paying $130 after tax. How you like them apples???

    Oh, and do some research… the HSPA+ network T-Mobile is already rolling out is consistently beating the Sprint 4G (WiMax) network as far as data speed goes. Apparently other countries let WiMax go and they are focusing on LTE. Funny because Sprint is the only major company here in the states using WiMax for its 4G. Maybe Verizon, ATT&T, and T-Mobile know something???

    So take off, get off our network. Just one less person using our towers and filling up our forums with nonsense.

    • Shawn

      Nicely put. Anytime I ask T-mobile for an upgrade or some sort of discount, they’ve always politely thanked me for being a customer with them for x amount of years and proceeded to bend over backwards for me. They’ve certainly gone above and beyond the call of any company I’ve dealt with.

      The reason I love T-mobile so much is how well they treat me for being loyal to them for so many years. And I, in return, remain loyal to them. It’s a great relationship, and I can’t wait for this phone to come out. I was hesitant when I first saw it, but it is by far the greatest looking version of the U.S. bunch and its features are the richest for T-Mobile to date. I’ll be there when the doors open on the 15th!

    • Chris

      Josh, it does no good to talk to this idiot. Its like talking to a tree. He doesn’t understand math, regular BASIC math. I have tried, it doesn’t work. He doesn’t get it.

  • Nokia N900USER

    Whoever is on here complain about this phone should keep their opinions to themselves. The tmobile version looks the best. You can swap the entire back case. This phone is tempting but I will wait

    • swehes

      how is the Nokia N900 to use? Have a friend that is curious about it.

      • Macknifetx

        I had to test remote capabilities of some Nokia phones for work, and one was the N900. I played with it for a bout a week, and was not real impressed with it. Seemed a little slow, the screen was not that good. I was actually more impressed with the E72, than the N900. Was glad to go back to the Mytouch. I cannot wait for this phone though. Will be there when I get off work on Thursday.

    • Stiiiwaiting

      I really like getting two covers, I can destroy one without worry.

  • KevinMemphis

    A fast processor cant overcome the fact that the Vibrant is missing a flash, wont be supported with any updates by Samsung, and offers the completely uncompelling latest stillborn version of Touchwiz, an Android ruining interface. Pass.

    • 2FR35H

      If you think this will be unsupported then you sir are a retard by any definition.

      • KevinMemphis

        Samsung doesn’t support their devices. It’s a common well known and documented fact. Deal with it.

      • 2FR35H

        @KevinMemphis oh really?

        Samsung Behold 2 received 1.6 previously on 1.5

        Samsung Galaxy Received 1.6 previously on 1.5

        Samsung Moment Received 2.1 previously on 1.6

        They count as support. Deal with it.

      • HoOn

        Owned! Deal with it!


      • soon2TMO

        Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica 1.5 to 2.1

      • TMOprophet

        Samsung does have a bad rep for support..and sorry 1.5 to 1.6 dont count, when sammy promised 2.x, but in any case the Vibrant will get froyo, but I wouldn’t count on gingerbread or anything like that. Either way this phone is a step up for Samsung, perhaps they are starting to put on their game face. Despite my anger over the BH2 I would be very curious to see a successor to the Galaxy S. Enjoy your phones for those who get this one…I’m waiting for something else.

    • cor-e

      I’ve only heard of samsung not supporting 1 of their android phones and all of a sudden everyone says they dont support any of their phones??

      And do you believe that samsung wont support a phone that is carried by all 4 major US carriers not to mention many other carriers around the world?

      And from what ive seen touchwiz isnt that bad, plus you may be able to turn it off….and even if you cant isnt that the beauty of android you can always download an app to replace it

      • Macknifetx

        I am tired of hearing how this phone will not be supported. I bought a MT3G when it was released, and it had 1.5, Guess What? I have received ONE upgrade to 1.6. They have said that we would received 2.0, then 2.1 and it still has not happened, so HTC apparently has this problem as well. Samsung has gone on record as stating this phone would get 2.2, and with the number of units they will sell across the different carriers, I believe that will happen.

        I happen to think this is a good phone based on the specs and the benchmarks, specifically the graphics. For all of those people who keep saying they are leaving Tmo, well quit griping, and leave already. Go get the EVO or Aria or the Driod. When they fail to get updates because of the UI, you can go on forums dedicated to that network and complain how you did not get an update, or the terrible customer service.

        And on Thursday, when I get off work, I will call the stores in my area and make sure they have the Vibrant in Stock, just so I know which store to go to. Now, if they would just get HSPA in the Phoenix area.

    • Awsnap

      Samsung has gone on record stating a 2.2 update is coming.

      And this isn’t an entry level phone, this is their be all, end all device for a while.

      Perhaps you should contemplate buying another device, from another service provider.

      Thank you, come again!

    • pimpstrong

      dude the night mode feature eliminates the need for flash and Samsung has already made a public announcement that they will update the phone to FroYo. and as my man said, if you dont believe they will update the SGS vs. the dumba$$ behold 2 then you are in fact retarded.

      • JoshL

        Samsung has proven that they are interested solely in a profit, exampled with their lack of behold II updates. (And don’t give me that BS about it not being able to handle Eclair) I will never purchase a Samsung phone. And while they promise Froyo, what about updates after that? Ponder that for a bit.

      • Dale Murphy

        @Josh. no need to ponder. most people already know there will be no further updates beyond Froyo. if you haven’t already heard or read, samsung is already working on the galaxy 2.

    • Davidohio

      Are you retarded? This device will be supported and the ffc does not matter really because of the night mode and it has a newer touchwiz that you can turn off if you don’t like it. You should really do some real research before bashing a product.

  • daffy

    So if im tied to an old family plan and am not due for a full upgrade i can only buy this directly from t-mobile?
    (sorry i’m kinda new to the whole upgrading phone thing)

    • Amanda

      I think now with tmobile if you have had your phone for 11 months you are eligible to update to a smartphone with full upgrade discounts. If it hasn’t been 11 months then you have to pay a pretty heavy price.

    • Chris

      you can buy you’re phone from t-mobile or radioshack. if your not due for a full upgrade, ask t-mobile for early upgrades. they do have it, which takes whatever months you have and they have some sort of brackets for months:discount ratio and there you have it. not a full discount, but you get some if you’ve been with them for more than 11 months. if you think you can buy it full price, i would say just do that. just in case you’ll like the phones being release on sept tru dec.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Heck yeah, I can’t wait for the 15th because I’m definately going to get this phone online in the morning. I love the screen and the looks of the phone are sharp. Goodbye Motorola Cliq and hello Vibrant!

  • Bradly

    Sayonara Touch Pro 2 it’s been good, but Windows Mobile just needs to get their act together! Hello Vibrant my first Android phone.

  • Amanda

    First of all, that guys voice is annoying. Anyway, I am waiting for September/November to see what HTC is coming out with. BTW, this is probably a stupid question but what exactly does AMOLED mean? What is the difference?

    • ellothere

      It’s basically an new screen technology that gives you really crisper and higher contrast pictures, as well as deeper blacks, and saves you over %30 battery life over what an lcd would do. Most oleds suck out in sunlight, and thats what the super amoled is so amazing gets rid of. So basically the super amoled is the best screen you can get right now. Its the same if not better than the iphone 4s screen. Amoled lasts less time than lcds, but youre not going to get to that amount of hours anyway… oled stand for organic light emiting diode witch for the average consumer means it’s thinner.

  • bliss

    Ok, I have had the Nexus one since day one when it came out. Prior to that, I had the Samsung I8000S for 6 months, hated it’s touch screen environment but otherwise a decent phone running out of the windows 6.5.
    however this new Viberant, aka, Galaxy, is another monster. Things I don’t like about this phone though are: 5 mega pixel, (could have killed apple if it was 8 mpx.), NO SCRATCH FREE screen!! Again, a big loss and also no flash. And finally, the whole body seems too flimsy and crackly as you can see from the video. I had the I8000 which is very similar to this and it was flimsy and the cover made noises when you held it tight.

  • Shannon

    It hurt to watch this dude be so rough with the phone in the video…

    • bliss

      Yeah no kidding, he was throwing it on the table like a rag. Someone needs to teach these people how to have a better presentation when showing a high end device. Being a little more careful and conscious about the device says a lot.

      He seemed like a spoiled little kid tearing and throwing things around. So, overall his handling and knowledge about the phone was very poor.

      Samsung needs to seriously made solid phones with solid materials. These flimsy covers are very poorly and cheaply made. Doesn’t matter it comes with 2 separate covers when they are made from very flimsy material. I am not very impressed with the hardware of the phone. Compared to Nexus one the Galaxy has a lot of ways to go.

  • tmogeek

    Its really a hard desicion to make, whether getting this phone or wait a couple months for the upcoming devices, especially the HTC Emerald. any advice?

  • Holiday

    Isn’t Tmobile and Sprint going to merge?

    • badaphooko01

      Possibly, just readt this piece about companys that may not be here next year. Hers is the Tmobile part.

      T-Mobile, the U.S. wireless provider, is owned by telecom giant Deutsche Telekom (DTEGY.PK – News). It is the No.4 cellular company in an American market that only supports two really successful firms — AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. Even the third-largest company in the market — Sprint-Nextel (NYSE: S – News) — has 50 million customers. T-Mobile had 34 million customers at the end of last year. T-Mobile only had a profit of $306 million in 2009. That was down from $483 million in 2008. T-Mobile not only faces three larger competitors, it also has to begin to offer 4G service to compete with Sprint’s new WiMax service and LTE-based products from AT&T (NYSE: T – News) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ – News). T-Mobile may seek a partner to offer a 4G network, but there are no super-fast broadband networks likely to be finished before its three rivals offer the service. As it now stands, T-Mobile has no future in the U.S. A merger with Sprint-Nextel has been mentioned several times. The combined company would have a customer base about the same size as AT&T or Verizon. And the transaction would probably make Deutsche Telekom a large owner of the combined operation. Another alternative would be a merger with Virgin Mobile. Maybe Deutsche Telekom will just change the firm’s name

      • Wow

        Wow this would completly and utterly suck… I hate sprint ibhad the for 3 years they have the worst customer service support to date well 2nd to AT&T now I don’t know of that has changed but it was bismil when iwas there. Now tmobile doesn’t really have anything but there support is second to no one, the people there Are amazing and provide excelllent help.if this happens I will be devestated I mean completly and utterly devestated ibdont care about the evo or the galaxy pro they have shortly service and horrible CS. ( from my expereince). Oh please let this nor happen

  • crazydog


  • mailman13877

    OK i never said 4G was better than HSPA+.All i said was there are phones for it unlike TMO who only has capable phones and not official phones for HSPA+ so stop bashing me cuzz im right.Also for the dude who said the EVO is weak then the vibrant must be str8 crap seeing it isnt a better phone than the EVO in no shape of form.You guys talk bout customer service is nice and the plan and loyalty but you know what..that’s all they can offer and it’s a shame because i don’t settle and the 1st thing to me is the phone and it’s features then service and the EVO beats all TMO phones and Sprint has better service than TMO no matter what in NYC.Customer service is not a need for me like you guys cuzz i’ve never had an issue with my G1 plus it’s rooted.Also when you call TMO tech support they never know anymore than whats on their forum site so what’s the point?I’d rather pay a lil more money for better phones and service cuzz it’s MY MONEY not yours.Besides that you guys may be paying more $$ but not me cuzz like is said my current TMO plan doesn’t exist anymore and i get 600min with mobile to moibile and nights n weekends plus unlimited text,protection plan and android data pack for $92.With Sprint i get the same stuff for $92 after my discount.Sure i need a discount to get it but in the end no matter what $92 is $92.And i like mobile to mobile on any carrier an nights starting at 7pm so yea bash me but it’s only my opinion.As far as me bashing TMO it’s a fact because what i’ve been saying is they’ve been failing to the point they are remaining a distant 4th place an are having trouble managing and they really are 4th and there are REAL articles online saying that TMO may not be around in 2011 in the USA so relax.Oh and their phone with the exceptions of the G1 and the Wing sux compared to there competitors.They will lose more than me to Sprint i bet cuzz you guys seen how many people want FFC and guess what.They now have 3 Android phones with it an the latest 1 has a slideout keyboard and its slimmer than the G1 with a FFC for only $100 on contract..AFFORDABLE unlike TMO charging on par prices as their competitors for phones that sux and edited iphone 3G rips of the original phone.I could care less bout memory cuzz i know some1 will talk bout memory..I can buy the same amount of memory for less than $50 so big deal whether it’s built in or not.OH and im paying less than $150 for my EVO an you SETTLERS are paying $200 with upgrade for a phone that isn’t even making Nexus One owners budge towards it.SMH at how people are so quick to bash me for leaving TMO..2001 to now and they have not been loyal to me so don’t talk LOYAL.

    • mailman13877

      I wish you and all the other article posters on TMONEWS would give your opinions on commenters debate from time to time..It would be fun lol

    • crazydog

      Goodbye buddy. BTW I’m paying $125 for two cliq xt with ALL unlimited & will pay the same once I upgrade both to the vibrant. I already talked to a rep ;)

    • soon2TMO

      oh please.. convince me that the EVO is better..

      we can have a little debate if you want! i’ll wait!

      • Chris

        You will be waiting a long while if you are gonna wait on Mailman to get back to you. All he can say is he is saving money. And he isn’t even right on that, so don’t look for any miracles from him. LOL!

    • Rocky

      92 bucks a month isn’t a deal. try 1500 anytime min, free mobile to mobile, free nights and weekends, unlimited text/pic/vid messaging, unlimited internet with a 10 gb a month cap, and phone insurance for the low price of… $67 a month!!!
      So, have fun with your spotty service. Enjoy no GSM and being locked into your carrier (almost all of sprints android devices are locked to them.) Have fun paying more for 4g that isn’t really faster (this could change once they optimize their networks, but this will be at least a year.) Relish paying overages for the download cap your sure to exceed. All in all, I hope you enjoy paying more for all that extra hype. Me? I’ll continue paying less for actuall service.
      Also the EVO has a less responsive inferior screen. It’s snapdragon processor gets blown out of the water by the hummingbird. Yes it has a FFC, and if that’s a deal breaker then by all means go for it. Personally I like the 4 inch screen over the 4.3. Yes the kickstand is cool, there’s no denying that.

      • Rocky

        Ha, I just realized he said he’s using a G1. so you’re paying 92 bucks a month for 3G?! Way to suck at life.

    • Davidohio

      Lmao! @mailman. He said t-mobile is going out of business next year because he read that ridiculous yahoo article that moron wrote, which has incorrect financial info about t-mobile earnings last year. That is ONE PERSONS OPINION. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE WRITES IN ON A WEBSITE DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE YOU IDIOT. I would like to wish you all the best with your Sprint slow ass 4G service . I guess you have not seen all the independant studies that proved that hspa+ on t-mobile spanked the pants off of sprint and verizon big time!

  • wasup

    niceeeeeeeeeeeee, wonder if I can get a white back part somewhere ? hmmmm

  • Used_the_Galaxy

    Our T-Mo store got them in stock today. I wanted to hate it after the Behold 2 fail.. my coworker wanted to hate it because he loves HTC and his Nexus 1…. but we were both seriously impressed… the screen blew away the nexus, and made the slide look like a g1…

    there was TV OUT in the setting… which i read these samsungs will do..

    The stock UI was pretty sweet… yes it a lame IPhone knockoff… but thats what launcher pro beta and ADW launcher are for (look them up, free in the market for 2.1 and above… adw is on 1.6 and up to)

    Cry all you want, make all the ‘theories’ you want… but this phone is sick and I hate to admit it.. fyi the hummingbird processor in it blows away the snapdragon when it comes to graphics..

    yes i have always hated touch wiz.. but this launcher is nothing like previous touchwiz.. i wish they wouldnt have called it that so people couldnt pointlessly cry…

    even though samsung is lame for copying iphone graphic style… its still android, which still destroys the iphone

    just forget everything everyone says and go try it… test out the live wallpaper that is water, blows away the nexus one..

    • JustMike

      Sounds like a great step up.. thanks for the scoop!

    • soon2TMO

      thanks for being objective…

    • underdog378

      Thanks for the confirmation of the tv out setting (via 3.5mm jack like the international version). That is great news.

  • NiiDiddy

    Is Thursday here already?? I was going to wait and not be an early adopter, but i cannot wait. I think I’ll join the early adopters!! :)

  • Myg1

    wow Mailman leave if u want..ur just everywhere lol…o and i bet not a lot of peoples know friend that works at tmobile has a training about the Vibrant the other day and this phone has a DUAL Core processor that clocks out at 1ghz..!.didnt know that didnt ya? its awesome to know! wow i just love the screen will freaking get this phone in store July 15th!

  • Frankie

    its not the original galaxy s but i will still get it cos its has the fastest processor on any phone to date and i wont pass on that cos tmo took out the FCC…..does anyone know whether the american version of the galaxy s can do the video output through the 3.5mm earphone jack…..pls?

  • yuck

    Looks more like an Iphone to me :P

  • ebatr8

    so torn with picking this up next week hd2’s capabilities on a custom rom are so sweet and i got an xda android build on 2.1 running on it and its fast as hell makes calls and texts the full working version is gonna be out soon im thinking especially since the vogue is now running froyo on a build that is usable daily. Any XDA gurus here that care to share there opinion? samsung vibrant or wait for android on hd2 till something better rolls out like better android device or even windows phone 7


      Just get it then sell it when something else comes out, thats what I do, I love gsm phones

      • swehes


  • ogrerocks

    Has no one noticed from the specs this thing has a dual core processor? How can you not be impressed?

    • pete

      It doesnt have dual core processor. However, it does have a CPU and a GPU. I guess that is where the confusion is.

  • kresk

    will the 5.99 t-zones work on this beast?

    • Stiiiwaiting


  • Technogen Quake3 playing at high FPS on this. It’s going to be a great media phone with its hummingbird.

  • ultravision

    I have had my HD2 exchanged 2 times through t-mobile I now have to call up the warranty department again because my HD2 keeps dropping calls each time it switches from 3G to EDGE. Can anyone confirm since this will be my 3rd exchange within 90 days if i will be able to get the Vibrant because T-Mobile allows a customer to get a completely different phone after 2 exchanges within 90 days.

    • Ace

      I’ve tried that they only tell u 3 devices to choose from motorola cliq, bb 9700, and i believe nuron. So I would sell hd2 and then buy this.

      • Stiiiwaiting

        Sell a defective phone, great advice

  • J1

    Damn I have to admit this phone is really starting to grow on me, despite the lack of flash and ffc.. it has so many other sweet features.. props to magenta for really taking a step in the right direction..

    I’m trying to hold out for that htc loving coming our way in nov, but damn I’m starting to feel like eve in the garden of eden lol.. decisions decisions..

    @David: can you please put up some links to some discounts on tampons and mydol bc its seems like a lot of ppl on this board are still on their period smh

    If you don’t like this phone then don’t buy it.. if u don’t like tmo then do us a favor and just leave.. b*tching about this and that on a tmo forum only proves you are a attn wh*re..

    Props to all the early adopters, I believe you will be very satisfied with your purchase..

    • Chris

      i will buy this phone and get my gf one too. I don’t get what these people are complaining about. nowadadys if you don’t like the phone, then wait 3 months lol. i know what you’re talking about. but i did took that survey from t-mo a couple of months ago and it ask what would i ask t-mo to do. and i replied to their text that i wish they have better android selections. and that’s just what they are doing. i did my part and tmo did theirs, i can’t ask for anything more.

      for the people that’s asking for an FFC and LED Flash, please, go to sprint or something lol…

  • Question for you android users. I will buy two of these phones if they are low vision accessible. My husband want a stupid IPHONE and I want this phone. He wants an iphone because of the build in screenreader. Does android do that? If it does, tell me how to get to it in the UI? I’ll head to the Tmobile store today to play around with it if someone will tell me how to turn that stupid functionality on.

    • watbetch

      Android does have these types of features.

  • jason c

    Does the version of Android that comes with this phone support live wallpapers? Just wondering because I’ve heard that even though the mytouch phones are getting the newest version of Android (or did), that they can’t support live wallpapers. Thanks!

    • J-Hop2o6

      Android 2.x supports Live Wallpapers.. it was disabled in mT-Slide becuae they wanted to save battery power.. i sure there’s still a way to enable (or install) Live Wallpapers on the mT-Slide.. but this phone (Vibrant) WILL have Live Wallpapers OTB.

  • corematter

    Question. Does anyone know if this phone is eligable for T-Mobile’s BOGO when it’s released on 7/15? There’s conflicting information. Some say on this post that it’s not eligible and on the other previous post, some say that it’s eligible?

  • johnny

    I’m pretty impressed with this phone and am currently off contract. Has anybody used connectbot with the onscreen keyboard (on other android phones) and care to give their impressions?

    Atm, the best phone for me seems to be the Epic 4g. Tmobile doesn’t seem to offer a phone with these specs with a physical keyboard.

    Personally, i dont’ mind the idea of onscreen keyboards, but having to press extra keys might be a too too annoying to get to common keys (for unix nerds) like Ctrl, alt, and escape.

  • Cat

    So is Samsung vibrant had FFC and WiFi? please full details. I am deaf person as customer tmobile……..I am demand this FFC now!

    • TMOprophet

      NO the Vibrant doesn’t, Sprint’s version, the “Epic 4G” does, as well as a keyboard. Sorry but no FFC on the Vibrant

  • croikee

    Ha, mailman…i’m sorry. For $90 a month, no discount, I have unlimited everything. None of this mobile to mobile crap, everything I want, unlimited. Enjoy your mobile to mobile and 600 minutes with a carrier that will be out of business in five years.

    • mailman13877

      How are you guys saying you have unlimited plans on TMO for only $90 a month..I don’t see that plan on their site anywhere and does that include talk + text + Web? I know they had a $50 unlimited promotion plan or something like that when the G1 came out but i didn’t qualify cause i just got my G1 an restarted my contract and you had to be with them for 22 months or something an since i restarted my contract those months started over.

      • swehes

        Actually. Off contract you get unlimited everything for $79.99+taxes and fees.

  • croikee

    Mailman its called loyalty. I’ve been with them long enough that they called me one day and said “Here is our offer, unlimited everything for this price.” Its actually $75 but there are your normal taxes etc.

    Feel free to jump ship to Sprint, I was with them almost as long as I’ve been with Tmobile. You say customer service isn’t important, thats because you’ve enjoyed GOOD customer service with Tmobile. You don’t know what you have until its gone, many times.

    I had nothing but poor experiences with Sprint and their customer service. I know one thing: Sprint never rewarded my loyalty. If I had an issue, Sprint never gave me a $50 credit on my next bill due to my service issues. Tmobile does all of that and more.

    So have fun at sprint and your AMAZING $92 a month plan which really, is a pile of crap. But hey at least your phone is nice with your crap plan!

  • croikee

    Oh and yes, that $90 includes unlimited VOICE, DATA, TEXTING, MEDIA TEXTS, unlimited EVERYTHING. Oh, and no charge for their HSPA+ network which has been reviewed multiple times as superior to Sprints. AND I don’t have to pay $10 extra for it.


  • Nick

    Does anyone know if the Vibrant will have HD video recording. I havent seen it stated explicitly.

    • Davidohio

      Yes Nick it does have HD video recording. It is documented and has been reviewed.

  • ashish

    Yes Samsung supports HD video recording popularly known as 720p video recording.

  • badaphooko01

    Just ordered my Vibrant from Wirefly for 149.99 not tax shipped with no changes to my contract at all. My full upgrade date was not till 7/17 but I guess they overlooked that unlike Radio shack.

    I never have purchased from Wirefly, I hope I did not make a mistake going through them instead of Tmobile. I figure I just saved myself over $100 or lost $149.99. We will see. Anybody have a good experience purchasing through them?

  • roberto

    I rather buy the phone from tmobile, they have the instalment payment option,which allows you to pay for the phone in 4 months

  • Belcher

    Getting mine @ Costco my Fav store EVER!

  • monkeyboy311


    I wondering the same thing, never purchased from Wirefly before but its $50 cheaper than if I upgraded with Tmobile.


    Can I upgrade 1 line on my Family Plan through Wirefly than upgrade the others through Tmobile? The other lines will have basic phones, which are actually cheaper if I go through Tmobile.

  • cansomeonereply?

    Do I still get to keep my insurance in case the phone is stolen or lost? Does Wirefly offers you that? I appreciated ur attention ppl :)

  • TR

    I’m ordering mine on September 15, have to wait for my 1-year upgrade discount :(

  • DLM83

    SOUNDS GOOD AND ALL BUT LETS FACE IT GUYS, VIBRANT CANT COMPARE TO THE EVO 4G, IPHONE 4, OR ITS BROTHER THE EPIC 4G. Having a preloaded avatar movie and sims game doesnt cut it for me. i have no idea why tmo decided to get the ugly duckling of the galaxy s product. maybe it wasnt tmo’s choice but they really got the bad deal. yea the front facing camera has been out before evo and the iphone 4 BUT there time to shine is now. tmo shouldve got a gsm brand samsung epic. been a wit tmo since forever. customer service is awesome and never gave us problems but they need to step there game up on phones.

  • Thanks with regard to the info, I ‘m truly looking forward to the Samsung Epic 4G, despite the fact that I have always been really curious in gizmos, for a long time I have already been searching for my very first smartphone and I did not get it yet. The explanations are quite simple: each couple of months there is a revolution in the market (tough to come to a decision!) and prices right here in Brazil are pretty abusive. Maybe I would enter this world in great style with a Samsung Epic 4G. I hope so.