• Macknifetx

    Great News. So now I just need to find out how to get off work on the 15th and go get one. Hopefully, they have enough of them and it will not matter that I cannot get there until later in the evening to pick mine up.

    • andrew

      pre order at radio shack its only $150 with $50 gift card

    • swehes

      Got a store just across the street from my work. Will be there at 10AM on Thursday! :) The store manager also told me I can go over there to play with their Demo on Tuesday. Very excited.

  • Woofdah

    Has anyone come across a store that actually has one yet to play with? None of the stores in our area have them, and the Champs haven’t even been trained on it yet??

    • Josh M.

      yup. here in philly the guys are awesome. they let me play around with it for 10 minutes. truly amazing. and yes, i know somebody :)
      seriously, you should get it. i was told $399 retail.

  • Geniuz

    Here’s an unboxing of T-mobiles version the Vibrant.

    • David

      Thank you sir, Just posted that!

      • Geniuz

        You’re welcome … I’m excited to get my hands on one. July 15th!!

    • pimpstrong

      much appreciated. Only thing left now is to buy it!

  • Darien

    i took the day off already. same with the wife, she was originally going to swap her behold for a behold 2, but now that the BOGO is in effect and for this device Im picking two of them up for sure. If she hates the phone ill sell it on ebay lol.

    • Al

      I checked w/Tmobile cust service, and the buy one get one free smart phones are only for the older smart phones and does not apply to the new Vibrant. I already pre-ordered from Radio Shack. Let me know where u heard the buy one get one free offer from for the new Vibrant. Radio Shack still does not know if they will have their phones on 15th. I would rather go to Tmobile store to get the new phone.

      • dcb

        Won’t be able to get it as the free phone but you can buy the vibrant and get any of the other smart phones for free after rebate …..if you want 2 vibrants you will have to buy them both

  • Charles Xavier

    Wow, the same day I’m switching from T-mobile to Verizon for the Droid X, what good timing!

  • Mike

    So radio shack will call me to pick up my phone on the 15th?

    • Al

      i ordered last week, and they mentioned the 21st to me. I checked w/them today, and they are saying it’s still the 21st. They have no clue.

    • watbetch

      My RS said the 15th

  • Gerry

    I waited to order the phone hoping I could get it directly from a TM store. Finally I went down to the RS, ordered one and set an appt to pick it up on the 21st. When I got home I fired up the computer, opened up my RSS reader and the first panel tells me I can now get one from TM on the 15th…ARRGGGHHH! I hope the date for RS gets moved up as well, however I’m not holding my breath. Well, I did save $50 and there are no mail in rebates.

  • lol Yesterday, they told me 21st.. :/

    • TheAnalyst

      I pre-ordered last week at RS and today they told me I will have it on the 15th.

      • Gerry

        Did they call you or did you call them and ask?

  • Josh M.

    Just left the tmo store and the rep let me play with the vibrant for 10 minutes, guys its truly amazing, yeah! definitely getting it since i was told it was $399 no contract price. Avatar look amazing, sims 3 ran great. I took some pics with it. no flash, no problem, no biggie. its super fast and screen is incredibly responsive. I am still salivating over my brief experience with it. Box even shows the vibrant and avatar on the cover :)
    yea this is a major win for tmo.

    • Lamar

      399!!!! GTFOH

      • Green Robot

        He he, shouldn’t it be GTFOOH?

      • Josh M.

        yeah i still think the exact same way, I will believe it when i see it. although $400 would be amazing right?

      • Hello?

        I assume the o is for outta which means no second o necessary.

  • izzy

    I wonder if any accesorries are available yet!

  • badaphooko01

    My contract is up 9/17th and qualify for a full upgrade 7/17. If this phone comes out the 15th, will they push my date up a couple of days to get the full upgrade price or will they make me wait till the 17th? I have 3 lines with Tmobile and have been with them for the last six years.

    For those of you who know how the pricing works, I have a question. I can pay cash for the upgrade price but how would a payment system work if i was to purchase at full price? being $399 was the actual price. Somebody please shed some light.

    • john

      the couple of days is usually negated when you call in or have a store call for you.

    • dcb

      If you are going to pay full price then it would be better to switch to the even more plus plan…..that way you get a better rate on your service and can pay the phones out over 20 months in installments …….depending on how much installment allowance you have in your account

      • badaphooko01

        the only reason I would not want to waste my upgrade is too see if something better comes out later, either way I am getting this phone. Cant’ wait!!!!

  • Belcher

    This is PERFECT..Ordered it Tues @ the Shack peeing my pants waiting for the 21st now I have the 15th AND the 16th off.. OHY it’s play time

  • NiiDiddy

    Can’t wait!

  • Green Robot

    So does anybody at all have any reliable information on whether the Shack is or is not going to mail these phones on the 15th or and whether those of us that preordered at their local brick and mortar Shacks will be or won’t be able to pick up their preorders on the 15th or have to wait until the 21st because so far different Shack employees are only saying what they feel like saying at the moment when asked about this matter which clearly indicates that they pretty much have no frackin’ clue what they are talking about and are just making stuff up to get some sort of personal satisfaction out of it which is possibly motivated by their loneliness and need for interpersonal contact with another human being which is what most people are after anyway I suppose?
    How’s that for a runon sentence for you all? Anybody care to answer because there is a question in there somewhere if you look carefully you know.

  • Myg1

    watch how fast this phone flies…DUAL CORE processor that clocks out at 1ghz..something thats not even mentioned anywhere!

    • Reece

      This isn’t dual core

      It does have a great GPU which makes it sickingly faster then Snapdragons @ 1Ghz, but this Hummingbird CPU is NOT dual core.

  • Tipsofme

    I played with it for a half hour today at my store and I was jaw dropped by the screen. It is the most amazing screen I have ever seen on a phone. The video playback with avatar made my roommate iPhone 4 look out of date. Can’t wait to order mine at full price. Worth ever dime. Cam has some amazing features too. Layer was amazing!!!

    • Josh M.

      amazing isnt it? whats the full retail?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • kresk

    will the 5.99 t-zones work on this beast?

  • FredTheMole

    Just got back from the RS store I pre-ordered from, they confirmed that I will be able to pickup the phone on 7/15!

  • Paul

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile’s Buy-One-Get-One deal has been extended? I’d love to pick up a pair of these but my wife isn’t eligible for an upgrade until sometime in August.

  • RockHead

    I just left my local T-Mo store. Have a pair of pre-ordered G1 for my wife and I. We’ll be the full upgrade discount. $250 per phone and $50 per phone mail in rebate. No BOGO on the Vibrant.

    Screw that I’ll go order it from the Shack for $200 each and $50 gift card each.

  • Sami

    i don’t know if u guys know, but i was one of the ones pondering if i would get my vibrant on the 15th or 21st. but i just came back from the shack, and there was a sign that said “get yours on july 15, 2010.” so the shack has it on the 15th too!!