Webconnect Rocket 2.0 Coming Soon

Well what do you know, Webconnect Rocket 2.0 is coming soon. The only true HSPA+  device in the T-Mobile lineup is about to get a tiny makeover while maintaining its sleek figure. The good news, this one out of the box works on both PC and Macs and can accommodate up to 16GB of additional storage, backwards compatible and you get the idea. We’re not quite of a release date on this one but we’re hearing when inventory of the current Webconnect Rocket runs out.  There isn’t much else to see here, no plan changes or anything, just a makeover really. Of course we’ll update if we hear of anything special added in.

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  • Getreal

    Who carries laptops anymore?

    • Danny

      All 4,200 employees within our organization. That’s who. ;-)

      • Getreal

        Well there are 4200 people that are less efficient than me.

      • Awsnap

        You mistyped ‘more,’ FYI.

    • Shawn

      Umm almost everyone I know carries a laptop with them. Unless you are a teenager and just use your phone for texting and random internet surfing to watch youtube, then I guess you would be correct, you don’t need a laptop with you

  • DjECast

    @ Getreal

    are you serious with this… I know plenty of people that would greatly benefit from this including myself… unfortunately i cannot afford it but this is pretty hot…

    • Getreal

      Yes I am serious with this.

      Why don’t you get an iPhone? You can surf the web and hook up a real keyboard and bang out word and excel docs.

      The many Android phones also support tethering from TMO, so again, I don’t know why people need this.

      The days of lugging around laptops are becoming a thing of the past.

      • Shawn

        so you should carry around an iphone, then when you need to type, you should carry around a full keyboard that you plug into the iphone. Then you should look at a 3.5 inch screen and try to put together a cohesive document? You are clearly either a teenager or someone who doesn’t have any serious reason to use their computer other than surfing the net all day, which sure you can do on your phone.

      • joe

        Don’t know what you do for work, but as a developer/consultant/software engineer I live and die by my laptop and the ability to get internet on the go, as does everyone else in my company, and probably the majority of people in the private sector doing software development.

        Also, you do realize that tethering from any phone is against the T-Mobile’s TOS, and that no android phone from T-Mobile can tether without first rooting it and flashing a custom linux kernel/rom. I am not even going to get into how ridiculous your comment about the iPhone is. So in short, Getreal please get real.

      • john

        @joe, pdanet, or easytether, no root needed

      • This argument almost sounds familiar. Only it was about laptops taking over for a desktop computer. It certainly won’t be the last argument either. When netbooks were booming people said there was no need for a laptop.

        Everything has it’s own purpose and place. I doubt in a blink of an eye they will disappear. Especially considering the limitations a phone still has. I have not found a phone that can render 3d images while at a coffee shop or allow me to easily make power point presentations efficiently. The list and rant could go on.

        Simply put, phones are still for quick and easy access to certain daily tasks and nothing more. Someone that thinks a phone could replace a computer or laptop does not even grasp the full purpose of one. Honestly, I would not want a phone to replace my laptop’s purpose if they could.

      • Getreal

        @Joe. Why don’t you take that big degree of yours and learn how read your TOS. There is no violation for that. All phone companies are allowing tethering. The evo allows up to 8 phones. iPhone allows laptops to tether.

      • Getreal

        @Shawn. I am a teenager and don’t do any serious work and you are a moron.

      • Awsnap

        @get real.

        Sprint also charges an additional 30 a month to use that feature, or the icon is locked.

  • NokiaN900user

    Good news. This is the ZTE brand on the leaked map for upcoming T-mobile devices

  • Macknifetx

    I just bought one of these about a month ago. Had been sitting on the fence for a while trying to device, and of course not they announce 2.0. LOL. Still though, the first edition will get good speeds for my laptop once they roll out HSPA in Phoenix. I had bought it because I was in Dallas a while back and needed to send an email to a client and got terrible reception on the wifi at the airport. So, pulled out my MT3G, moved the file over and got it sent from there.

  • croikee

    @ Getreal, seriously? This is tmobile. Why would we want an Iphone? I want a phone that actually works. Every time I go to coffee shops here in Seattle (which is daily) to do work I bring my laptop. I see the shops full of people on THEIR laptops.

    I have yet to see someone with a keyboard attatched to their PHONE, doing work. Sorry, laptops are here to stay for a good many years. Don’t know where you live but that isn’t reality in many other parts of the states at least.

    • Getreal

      I live in 2010 not 1997. I am from the future. I will tell you this in 2010 the Lakers win the NBA title.

      I know plenty of people who want an iPhone. I am typing right now on one.

      My point is that laptops are slowly dying like blackberry. Phones today are becoming very powerful. You can hook up keyboards plug them into tv’s. It is where it is going. Mobile computing is supposed to be mobile. Lugging around a laptop is a gym exercise I don’t need to do. In the near future cloud computing and mobile phones will reach people “sitting in Starbucks with their laptops being stupid thinking they are important.

  • TheEminent1

    T-mobile, may we have a mobile hotspot device please?

    • thizmobile

      Android/winmo can become mobile hotspots and work great. I’m sure they will eventually get a designated hotspot device but why pay more when your phone can do the same?

      • 2FR35H


        Because with the other way around you don’t have to worry about what devices T-Mobile Gets you could have an unlocked AT&T device with T-Mobile and still receive T-Mobile’s 4G speeds via wifi if you have a mifi or hotspot device.

        Not to mention it would save your phone battery because tethering will drain it.

        Most importantly of all is that this thing will get speeds of up to 42mbps once t-mobile tweaks it up. Nexus one nor any non HSPA+ device will be able to do that. Nothing is HSPA+ currently except the webconnect rocket.

  • James

    I carry my laptop but I wouldnt this cayse I use my nexus with froyo

    • 2FR35H

      You should use it because your nexus one will never take advantage of the speeds this thing will soon enough produce if T-mobile upgrades their network to produce speeds of 42mbps or 56mbps cap.

  • luis

    The HD2 has tethering on it. Wouldn’t that be suitable enough for the go instead of paying extra for just an internet connection?? I have you used it as well and i have to say that it is pretty quick

  • bob

    @joe T-Mobile not only allows tethering on their devices but, there is a whole section of CS set aside to answer tethering questions AND there is NO extra charge (and they use that in their sales pitch)! Like john said, no root is needed for android devices!