Reminder To Pre-Order The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant At Radio Shack And Get A $50 Dollar Gift Card

Update: Since I apparently missed the original posting of this while I was gone, let this post just serve a reminder because prior to posting the above image, I had tried to capture the 7/12 pre-order date with phones shipping 7/15 for those of you who still wanted to take advantage of the gift card. I don’t know why T-Mobile is allowing retail employees to know of a 7/15 release date but not retailers themselves, unless there are concerns over inventory ala HD2 issues.

Radio Shack is allowing pre-orders on the Samsung Vibrant that includes a $50 gift card for qualified new and upgrading customers. For just $199.99 the phone can be yours with shipping starting on July 21st. While that’s just a few more days after the moved up T-Mobile release date of July 15th, the $50 dollar gift card hopefully will entice some of you to take advantage of this offer. You must order by July 18th to qualify for this offer so act fast and order now!

Radio Shack

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  • Matt Smith

    Starting today? This has been up since July 1…..

    • pimpstrong

      whats Starting today?

      • Matt Smith

        The original post said this promotion was starting today. David has since fixed it.

        • David

          I did, it was my bad and I acknowledge it, but people who sit there and say the site sucks all of a sudden because of it, suck themselves. Simple mistake, simple to fix…now on with more exclusives.

  • wack mode

    ummmmm i thought the samsung vibrant was coming out on july 15 not july 21???

    • 2FR35H

      Its July 15th For buying at T-mobile but Radioshack’s won’t ship until the 21st

  • booyaka

    this deal has been up for 8 days already ..

    • Nick

      Did you read the post before clicking it?

      Reminder To Pre-Order The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant At Radio Shack And Get A $50 Dollar Gift Card

      I can’t imagine who would expect something they’ve never seen before under something titled REMINDER.

      Nice to see that they updated their shipping date. Still not sure about it though. I think I’d rather just pick one up on the 15th at T-Mo.

  • Bob Goodloe

    This isn’t the iPhone and there will be no long lines waiting to buy it from Radio Shack. I’ll look at it when it comes in the T-Mobile store.

  • JustMike


    Also, Radioshack momentarily announced a 7/15 shipping date yesterday, but has since changed it back to 7/21.

  • BJ

    Why did you post this article?
    First of all, you have been able to get a $50 gift card and preorder since July 1st.
    Second, Radio Shack changed their website and it says that orders ship on the 15th.
    Im not sure if thats for in-store orders, because I called RS yesterday and they still didn’t know but it is guaranteed that they come out on the 15th at both t-mobile and RS online.
    But if you are able to get the phone in RS on the 15th, its worth preordering. A free $50!

    • David

      As a reminder to pre-order it from Radio Shack…

      • phonegeek

        they are relentless dont mind it

  • pimpstrong

    Is there something wrong with a reminder or somethin people?

    • David

      Preach on brother!

    • BJ

      First of all this did not say “Reminder to” when I clicked on the link. Somehow David managed to change that title of the post to try to make me look like I didnt know what I was talking about. I didn’t mean to sound like a dick or anything. But David tried to make me look like one, so from now on I guess i will leave my comments to myself, because if I say something that is right, the author will change the title of his story so I look wrong.

      • Davidohio

        Yeah ok. that sounds really paranoid. I’m sure he did change the post JUST to make you look stupid. You do a pretty good job of that yourself.

  • DjECast

    Did we not read the title of the post?

  • krztov

    too bad radioshack wont do EMP billing to account, wanted me to pay 500 up front (thats another thing, radioshack was telling me the device was 500, not the 450 that had been tossed around before), went to preorder on day 1 and walked out from that. going to go to the tmo store downtown here in boston first thing next thursday morning :)

    • 2FR35H

      Drom whaty it looks like T-Mobile describes 4 payments of $125 of which as you know equates to $500

      • 2FR35H

        *From What

  • Shannon

    Outta curiosity, what are the pros and cons of ordering through Radio Shack as opposed to just going through T-Mobile? I mean, other than the $50 gift card. Is it anything like with additional contract terms and fees?

  • Chris

    I think I’ll wait till the 15th and pay $199 at a T-Mobile store and mail in my $50 rebate. I would much rather have $50 cash in 6-8 weeks than a RS gift card. Plus I will be able to pick the phone up on the 15th and not have pay or wait for shipping.

  • JustMike

    FYI – RadioShack just declined my preorder saying I’m not eligible until 7/23. Any other “charter” team android members who preordered the G1 in 2008 are probably in the same boat.

    I’ll find out of the corporate T-Mobile store is any more flexible when I try to upgrade in-person on 7/15.

    (btw David – thanks for the great site and timely info! Nothing about your site sucks, even if you do make a minor mistake once in a blue moon. )

    • Daniel

      I just ran into the same e-mail. According to the website, I’m eligible for an upgrade. RadioShack seems to think otherwise, so they canceled my pre-order. I’m going to call TMO Customer Care today to see if I can upgrade in-store.

      The reason I didn’t want to upgrade in-store is because they like to open up the phones, and set them up for you. That’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ll see if I can convince them otherwise.

      • Daniel

        Oh, and I was planning on canceling if they didn’t stick with the 15th as the release date. I mean, we pre-order so we’re among the first to get the phone…not the last.

      • Davidohio

        What is the big deal if they open the box? Do you have OCD? Did you know that you can tell them not to open box?

  • MaySkipThis!

    I got an email from RadioShack instructing me to call them immediately to complete my order for shipping. Very excited.

    BUT – after holding for 30 mins, I got a rep who was not very articulate who told me my flex pay account could not be upgraded. What is the big picture answer here? What does this mean?

    He could not explain whether this meant I could not order a new phone and get a new 2-year commitment (kinda counter-intuitive to me). He was telling me the only recourse was to cancel the order. How disappointing…RS not doing what they can to help me keep my order and get a new phone…

    Bad taste in my mouth about getting this phone now…
    Angry, will not give money to RS ever!

    I will talk to a Tmo rep, but that means I have to wait again…frustrated.

    • pimpstrong

      brush your teeth and hang in there lol

  • corematter

    You are able to preorder or whatever is on now.

    • 2FR35H

      Doesn’t Ship till the 21st either :/

  • penguin

    Release date is still the 21st

  • chotpy

    c’mon. it’s got a pretty box…

  • pimpstrong

    at any rate unless your getting the phone on contract then RS and BB are complete ripoffs. I’m takin my happy @$$ down to a Tmo store and its too bad they aren’t opening up early… or are they?

  • Will

    Just ordered mine..easy…shipping date is 7/15 for web orders.

  • daffy

    Anyone else find it odd that there hasn’t been any official word from T-mobile about the pricing of the phone except for the new customers $199 price?

    • Chris

      You can see some pricing here:

      Plus what they have listed as $199 is for a “new two-year agreement.” not just for new customers, just new contracts. So if your contract has expired then your good.

      • pimpstrong

        still we should know the OFFICIAL full price. I mean damn it aint exactly easy to come up wit $450 or so dollars. A week out and all they can say is Coming soon

  • izzy

    Are the july 15th release only for online purchases or for all online and instore?!….ooh and another thing,I preordered mine at rs and the worker told me I can use the 50$ gift card towards the phone!!!…pretty sweet!

  • TheAnalyst

    For those wondering about in-store RS pre-orders, you will get the phone on the 15th. I pre-ordered last week and today I spoke to the store. The sales associate told me I will receive my phone on the 15th.

    • soniccool

      He told me 16th..

  • picture of the packaging!!!

    i can’t wait to get my hands on this box! =)
    i am absolutely sure that i am getting this phone, finally an upgrade from my dusty G1

  • TrustWorthy


    Don’t even listen to those complaints man. You do an extraordinary job here, been trolling for years now and can honestly say this website has more exclusives and info than any tmo rep has ever been able to answer me.

    Thanks for your hard work and contribution!

  • Matt Smith

    (I have tried posting this like 3 times…hope they don’t all show up)
    Wirefly has it for $149.99, free shipping, for upgrades.
    Bing has $25 cashback, so grab one for $125

    • 2FR35H

      Oo sounds nice

  • Nick

    What is going on with RS, I called and they said their system shows 21st and they have no info about it coming out on the 15th. Also the RS website changed their add back to 21st. Can anyone else check as the rs store associates I spoke to were clueless.

  • Green Robot

    So is the Shack getting Vibrant on the 15th or on the 21st? There are conflicting reports on that. Does anybody know for sure? Seems like the Shack employees sure don’t have any clue and are just making stuff up depending on how they feel at the moment.

  • NewGuy

    Well I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new phone for awhile. Decide to go with this phone. I did my pre-order online the same day it opened up on Radio Shack’s site. Well I just email this afternoon stating it shipped today ( too excited :D ). Now I’ve heard that the phone started hitting some stores stock inventory on 7/7 but anybody got there’s yet or got confirmation of it?

  • Tracy

    Radioshack gift card no longer available. Says order needs to have been placed by midnight July 12 to receive it.

  • Will

    Just called my RadioShack today and the sales rep said I can come pick it up first thing tomorrow morning. stoked!!