MobileBurn Goes Hands On With The LG Sentio

A smartphone it isn’t but the LG Sentio is quite the full-featured dumbphone, which should please anyone looking for the basics plus a few extra bells and whistles. One of a trio of LG devices to land on T-Mobile USA, most of us likely wait for one of the something with a little more “oomph” hopefully landing on the T-Mobile doorstep soon. Given that two more LG devices are set on the rumored T-Mobile 2010 roadmap, we might not have much longer to wait to see what LG really can bring to the T-Mobile table.

For the moment however, enjoy the video brought to you by and feel free to scoop one up for a mere $69.99 from


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  • Mohammad

    Isn’t the nokia nuron a better device overrall than this?

    • Dashi

      I Have Played With Both And They Both Fall Into Different Catagories The Nuron Is More Of A “My First Smart Phone” Deal While This Phone Is SO light And Very Sleek I Am Very Impressed With This Phone Over All

  • Jimbo

    In my opinion I love the led backlight patterns for the diffrent callers and the touch screen is more responsive then the nokia 5230 definitly get this over the nuron

  • wack mode

    ummmm the nuron is way better then this phone. Why would you think the lg sentino is better wow

  • The Nuron is a way better phone. Ovi marketplace. free turn-by-turn gps. and a way more responsive screen

  • Aussie

    I played with a demo of this thing… it is a total joke. The Nuron feels much more like a very good phone that is just a little weak on features…this phone was HORRIBLE.

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    It seems like every idiot who handles a touch screen phone is expecting a high end android like experience.

    Perhaps you should save yourself some embarrassment and read the specifications of the phone and understand the phone wasn’t built to compete with others.

    It’s just a simple featured, entry level touch screen device. That is all.

  • TMoFan

    I think the Nuron has this phone beat with apps from the Ovi store.

  • SenthilG

    If you are looking for using web browser in this phone. Forget about it. It is completely useless. Browser doesnot work. I am disappointed with other features. I am returning this phone after working with it 4 hours. It is a sleek very basic touch screen phone that can be used be effectively used to make calls. Even auto rotation doesnot work consistantly.