Garminfone Now $129.99 After Rebate

While the timing of this price drop is likely coincidental considering the reports in recent days regarding the lackluster sales of the Garminfone T-Mobile has dropped the price to $129.99. The real question is will this do anything to boost sales of the Garminfone or is it to little to late? With the Samsung Vibrant on the horizon and with yesterdays rumored leak of the T-Mobile 2H 2010 roadmap the Garminfone looks to be outclassed and outgunned. Still, if navigation is your number 1 priority, you need not look any further.


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  • Mitch Lantana

    Sorry, but my Slide does everything this phone does, plus more (physical keyboard plus a faster processor and more memory!). Thank you, free Google Navigation.

    • The Hammer

      Actually this phone does stuff the MT3GS does not…………Just throwing this one out here Navigation with out a f&^king data connection…….which comes in handy if ya lost and not have cell service……….

    • tmofan

      The physical keyboard is about the only hardware advantage that the Slide has over it. The Gaminfone has the same MSM7227 cpu, a 3.5 inch screen (mytouch slide has 3.4) and 4gb of internal memory. So check your facts first before posting Mitch

  • ynksrule93

    how much was the phone before?

    • bfhmd68


    • 2FR35H

      And now its only 129 with the catch 22 being you have to pay 179.00 up front and then wait for a $50 mail in rebate card

  • NiiDiddy

    This phone should have been $129.99 to being with. T-Mobile needs to quit selling their smartphones at a 2-yr discounted price of $199.99. I never thought this phone should have been $199 to begin with. It should have started at $129.99, if you ask me IMHO. It surely cannot even compete with the Vibrant to have started out at the same discounted price IMHO. Get it right T-Mobile.

    • Namo

      This should be $99 not $129. Plus, alot of folks hate that MIR thingy.

  • Barry

    What he said ^ lol

  • swehes

    Garmin should sell an app with all their maps on the android market. :) And make all android phones navigational without having a data connection.

    • The Hammer

      That would be AWESOME……

    • funky

      They did with Windows Mobile 6 & paired it with a bluetooth GPS receiver. I used it with my dash for years. The problem is that you have to pay them to upgrade your maps. I could even use the bluetooth GPS with Google Maps – it worked great… Wish it would pair with my G1 the assisted gps is garbage. Was out on my boat in fog and freakin phone told me I was in Russia.. It would have been okay if I had that red headed spy with me though..

  • Upgrade pricing is $150 with a $50 rebate down to $100 after MIR. So cheaper for existing customers.

  • Getreal

    For 70 extra bucks you could have the newest iPhone. I am typing on one now and it really is nice.

    • TMOsucks

      You are typing on it now. Later the phone will set fire and kill your family while you sleep. Good choice of a phone. (With how many issues are arising with the new iPhones, who would want one)? I wouldn’t pay an extra $70 for that.

  • drmosh

    I’ll think about it… when it’s $29.99 WITHOUT contract… /yawn

    • 2FR35H

      oh come on this should be at least 129 off contract at the least.

  • mmaxxsooner

    Liked this phone when I test drove it. 2 Things made me drop it. Headphones had to have adapter and no clear android upgrade path. Still think its the best looking android in tmobile lineup but bad choice on no 3.5 jack and ironclad promise for 2.1 or 2.2 android.

  • DannOfThurs

    Needs to drop another $30 bucks and yup, $129 WITHOUT contract. This phone is still a joke :(

  • Jabombardier

    Regardless of all that it is selling well as for I saw quite a few people who have purchased one. The. $129 price point will increase it’s sales more of course, but overall if you see a lot of people with one to their ear then that means the masses love it.