Samsung Vibrant Shows Up on

The next big thing in T-Mobile Android phones is just around the corner, a week earlier than expected even.  Sure, T-Mobile has been showing off the Vibrant for a while now, but this page is one step closer to an order page.  Now, there isn’t much else to be gleamed here since the phone has been thoroughly detailed already.  Does this link allow you to pre-order the phone? No.  Does it give you more eye candy? Absolutely.  Head on over and salivate to your heart’s content.  Sound off in the comments!

T-Mobile via DroidDog

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  • manus

    gettin this fo sho

    • sorandkairi

      Lol superbad quote, plus 1

  • J-Hop2o6

    a few days late i see =P

  • Lori

    errr, hasn’t this page existed for like a week? it was tough to find, but it definitely existed, given that i had it bookmarked.

    • bfhmd

      Haha, yes it has. It has been up since the puzzle has been solved, but it’s okay. Tmonews is just trying to keep everyone informed including the people that haven’t seen it yet.

  • Hello?

    That’s been there for almost two weeks…

  • Logan Kennelly

    “This link” has been available for over a week. Lots of good information, sure, but we’re no closer to seeing the final, unsubsidized price or having their Galaxy S page updated to reflect the new release date.

    Still, the tension is mounting…

    • They posted a screencap of it a while ago, it was part cut off. It’s $439.

      • Hello?

        No that was Basic Upgrade for customers within the first year of their contracts.

        Unsubsidized is $499

  • tmoled

    Non-story! The page isn’t hard to find at all. When you go to shop for phones on tmobile’s website, it’s right there just like every other phone they srll. This “story” is a major FAIL. Stop being asskissers and Making up excuses for this major fail!

    • NiiDiddy


    • David

      Thanks for coming and reading anyway! Stop posting comments that are “major fail.”

      • Cybersedan

        You gotta love these toads, where in the article did it say that “the page was hard to find” or it was anything top secret?

        Sounds like you have a major problem buddy, and its not with TMoNews.

    • 3G rules

      Tmoled you sound very bitter and angry. Maybe you should get some counseling. Oh yeah, you are also a big dick.

  • NiiDiddy

    This page has been around for a few weeks now. I have seen it on…anyway, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that I am getting it and I am so excited, I can hardly sit still… :)

  • Lucky

    Customers are lucky, you can get it on 15th.

    If they even let employees order on the 15th we will still have to wait for shipping.

  • Logan

    Like others have said, it’s been up for a long time…lol.

    • Logan

      but, atleast those that don’t check out T-Mobile daily…like myself, can see now!

  • Will

    I’m not being a smartass or trying to cause a fight but honestly what is so great about this phone? What sets it apart from say… the HD2 (other than Android)? Just confused is all. I love my HD2 (with the custom cookies tab)but I will be the first to admit I prefer android’s market and customizing abilities. Anyway, this is a serious question because the talk of this phone has me enticed. Thanks!

    • Better

      Better screen, better processor, better OS, thinner, more memory, better camera (flash is worthless compared to night mode), better call quality

    • zapote21

      Other than Android? Isnt that enough? lol

      • Will

        @Zapote21 – Lol true… I kind of answered my own question there.

        @Better – thank you! I am even more interested in it. Again thank you.

      • lv3gg1

        Hey! i remember you from the forums… Good to see you still have a sense of humor.

    • crazydog

      Even the behold2 is better than the hd2 ;)

      • Matlock

        That is about the dumbest comment I’ve ever read!! The HD2 is far superior to that PoS!!

      • 3g rules

        @crazydog lay off the damn drugs!

  • Hello?

    Better screen, better processor, better OS, thinner, more memory, better camera (flash is worthless compared to night mode), better call quality, better content

  • pimpstrong

    i completely understand this post is A. for the lost souls who aren’t up to speed and B. something to pass the time. I hope that roadmap is true cuz apparently there’s not much excitement coming from Tmo right now. 1 more week.

  • poopman

    i cant decide if i want this phone or a simple phone like the nokia E73. i want a smart phone but dont want to pay $30 bucks for data when i spend $25 for home internet.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      $30 may seem like a lot for internet, but it really is very convenient to have wherever you go on your phone for e-mail, GPS, web, and videos. Plus, there are lots of great apps and most of them are free.

      • Jesus

        And dont forget Tethering :) (PDAnet , Easytether)

    • bam

      sorry to break it to you, but the E73 is still considered a smartphone and the data will cost you the same.

  • Trevor

    This page WAS up a week ago; however, it was promptly removed because it was linked to the checkout system. Once you tried to fully check out with it your cart, it referred you to Customer Care. The revamped page was added only a day or so ago.

    • Macknifetx

      This page has been up a week at least because I kept looking to see if it might allow pre-orders. And for that time it has shown the off contract price would be 500 based on the payment information at the bottom. I am not knocking David though for posting this. I have been thinking about getting this phone since the rumors started and when it was announced officially, it made me want it even more. Not sure if I will use my partial upgrade creditor not, that depends on how much of a credit I will actually get, and if it is worth that to extend my contract.

      For those people who are asking should I get this phone, or what makes it better than the next one, well only you can answer that question, For me the pluses are the screen size, the screen quality, the processor, the android apps….just to many to post really. As for the comments about the new phones coming out, well, there will always be something newer and better. You have to decide if you want to wait, because if you are waiting for the best out there, you will never actually buy a phone.

  • chris

    It’s been up the last couple of days

  • Barry

    I love this site, never been an ass kisser so when I say keep up the good work David I mean and don’t discourage the idiots from posting its so entertaining lmao. So what sets this apart besides android um the super “samoled” screen which is richer in color brighter and doesn’t consume as much battery life more pixels for better gaming etc, 16gb onboard storage, humming bird processor (which Samsung claims to be the fastest on the market right now) I guess it’s all about your preference of which OS you like better. Oh but just in case you haven’t heard, it doesn’t have a front facing camera or a flash so you may want to hang on to your HD2 for those reasons (sorry for the sarcasim i couldnt help myself) lol

    • David

      Thank you Barry and we will!!

      • tokinotabumblb

        David, do you have a Twitter page?

        • David

          My personal one is @davidtmonews but the TmoNews page is @TmoNews

        • tokinotabumblb


        • Bimmerz

          Hi David, If I wanted to ask you a question/and or share an idea with you, which email address would you prefer I emailed you at? Thx :)

    • Will

      @Barry well if there is no ffc then screw it I’ll stick to my HD2 :/
      Naw jk I could care less about ffc. Anyway, thank you for the insight. That’s insane that is has 16gb onboard storage…now I’m really sold.

  • mailman13877

    No FFC and Flash is gonna be a dealbreaker for me now that i know the 3G network can handle video calling.Fring released an update today allowing 3G video calls for the iphone 4..smfh how is it that there was an article out last week comparing the top 5 android phones and the only TMO phone that they showed was the Nexus One.They new bout the vibrant cause one of the 5 phones was the Droid X but didn’t mention it cause TMO is a failure.

    • 2FR35H

      I saw that too but honestly the picture quality was crap I now think tmo made a good decision leaving it out but they should had made this a hspa+ device. That is ready the only flaw left.

      • mailman13877

        The quality was crap because the iphone uses VGA as the EVO has a 1.3MP or it could be the app itself cause if you look at the FaceTime video on engadget its clear as water in quality

    • soon2TMO

      umm what article was it? are you aware that whoever made that list could be totally biased on particular phones.. so you mean there was no galaxy S there at all? not even the Epic 4G?? umm biased?

      fishy! LOL

  • Cameron

    I don’t get why the big Fuss over this phone? Nothing we haven’t seen before…

    and no FFC and not even a flash on the camera?…nice move samsung/tmobile…

    PLUS…it looks like the retarded brother of the Iphone…

    I mean…if you really want an Iphone clone…why not just ebay one for 7.99 instead of buying this for 199.

    and I am going to laugh when all of you Samsung users get the shaft and don’t even get upgraded ANDROID 2.2…sorry, but you know it’s happening

  • mailman13877

    on the phone with Sprint and for 420 minutes plus unlimited text and internet i pay $92 after taxes and protection fees and after my 18% of monthly bills discount.420 minutes is a lot for me cause i call only mobile phones and with that plan its unlimited mobile to mobile no matter what carrier.Thats a better phone and for a cheaper prince than my TMO plan for 600 minutes..Oh an btw nights start at 7pm.White EVO here i come woot woot

    • mailman13877

      oh and i get up to $100 of the phone purchases and 20% off accessories with my student advantage card.Yayy Evo for cheap lol..TMO was so cheap they cut down cuzz the Student Advantage for them was 12% off monthly bills and accessories an phone purchases but last year the cut it to only monthly bills and lowered the 12 to 10%..SMFH TMO is a failure

    • Chris

      Well hell, you are paying more for yours than I am paying for mine with TMO. And you think you are saving money? And you are limited on your minutes? And you are limited to unlimited calling on mobile to mobile? You are a doofus! Taxes and everything on EM+ is $82 and change. And I am unlimited to everyone, landline, cell line and my nights and weekends start when ever the hell I want them to, I don’t have to wait til 7pm like you. Unlimited txt, emails, data. Yeah you are a doofus. Stay with Sprint, they need people like you. And you are getting a 18% discount? WTF! I have some waterfront property in Arizona I want to sell you, will you please contact me? I need to unload this! And quick!

      • V

        LMAO. Some peoples children are retarded and just dont get it

      • pimpstrong

        Man. Mailman threw them numbers out like they were good or somethin lol! $92/mo AFTER 18% aint nothin to brag about. sMh.

    • Chris

      Well hell, you are paying more for yours than I am paying for mine with TMO. And you think you are saving money? And you are limited on your minutes? And you are limited to unlimited calling on mobile to mobile? You are a doofus! Taxes and everything on EM+ is $82 and change. And I am unlimited to everyone, landline, cell line and my nights and weekends start when ever the hell I want them to, I don’t have to wait til 7pm like you. Unlimited txt, emails, data. Yeah you are a doofus. Stay with Sprint, they need people like you. And you are getting a 18% discount? WTF! I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I want to sell you, will you please contact me? I need to unload this! And quick!

      • mailman13877

        Actually every1 i talk to is on mobile so i don’t need my 420 minutes.It’s free mobile to mobile no matter the carrier so what you talking about?on my TMO plan im paying $93 after my %10 discount cuzz i have 600 min,mobile to mobile and protection plan plus taxes which is really a old plan that doesnt exist anymore.With the Sprint plan i get the same thing with a better phone by far for cheaper than the vibrant an protection an nights earlier plus my unlimited weekends so it benefits me.Maybe you have a cheaper 1 but your not paying my bill.

      • Chris

        You just don’t get it do you? Apparently not. Shall we reopen Math 101 for him? No wait, can’t be Math 101 for him. Introduction to Math 101, yeah that’s it. 1+1=2, 2+2=4. You follow me? 2-1=1. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist. This is over your head. Sorry about that.

  • Shadestrades

    Can the Samsung Vibrant be a wifi hotspot?

    • soon2TMO

      tomobile must have removed that feature… but if you root it, then you can hehe

      • pimpstrong

        we can’t be 100% sure its been removed yet. And theres’s always the PdaNet App for tethering. Can’t say I’ve used it tho

      • J-Hop2o6

        he said Wifi hotspot pimp, not USB tether.. there are two that i know of, but u have to root to use these two Wifi Hotspot apps: XDAndroid Tether & Wireless Tether for Root Users (Wifi & BT).

  • Barry

    @ Will There’s always Skype or even better a laptop lol. I’ve said this over and over the i dont see the big deal removing the ffc yea it would’ve been a great feature to show your friends up when you pull your phone out but from what I hear its pointless and still taking baby steps. There’s also a night mode for low light shooting. Peace out Mailman enjoy your evo hope it stays together lol oh and you know HTC did some tweaking with those new batches of evo’s and they weren’t for the better. I’m not knocking the evo its a great phone wish Tmo had it but it seems a bit overhyped.

    • mailman13877

      I’ve held the Evo and it’s great.The night mode still doesn’t work as good as Flash IMO.HTC has never Failed and i’ve been with them since the TMO MDA so im ok with that.My cousin says the service is way better and his Evo has no issues and he left TMO last month so i can trust Sprint here in NYC

      • 3g rules

        Haha mailman is totally retarded! He has Sprint in new york city! He is so screwed! He said he can trust it because his cousin has sprint and said it is great. Umm mailman, your cousin told you that to get a referal credit! Lmao! Have fun with sprint lol

  • 3G rules

    T-mobile did not leave out hspa+ samsung did on all the galaxy s phones. There are no hspa+ phones availale in the country right now and t-mobile will carry the first one.

    • mailman13877

      your wrong..Sprint has 4G so they didnt dont do HSPA+..ATT hasnt released HSPA+ nor 4G yet so that was obvious..Also they will prob do 4G seeing iphone 4G is a name that fits lol..Verizon doesn’t have HSPA+ yet either so they have to leave it out.TMO is the only 1 with it an they basically left it out cuzz HSPA+ is out but they didnt make it a HSPA+ device..they just let it support it like the G1 did with 3G.That makes no sense.TMO is a failure

      • soon2TMO

        but HSPA+ is faster than 4G.. so ya, there isn’t an hspa+ phone right now..
        even tmo’s cliq xt can probably beat the evo on speed test.. LOL

      • pimpstrong

        Gotta agree with you Mailman. Samsung didnt “add in 4G” to the Epic, Sprint had that added in the same way Tmobile decided NOT to “add in HSPA+” to the Vibrant. If the Vibrant was HSPA+ then I probly wouldnt be so anxious to replace it come the end of the year.

      • watbetch

        There is no HSPA+ chipset for “T-Mobile to add-in”. Damn some of you hate so much

      • pimpstrong

        I’m hating because I pointed out that they did not make the phone HSPA+? I don’t hang around chip plants so I don’t know when they will be available for phones. But I do know that this would have been a perfect time to have one and stick it into this phone. Am I wrong?

      • J-Hop2o6

        so 7.2mbps is slow? damn, some ppl can’t appreciate what we have already.. 7.2 is FINE.. a 21HSPA+ phone will be here soon by the holidays to shut all u crybabies up.

      • 3g rules

        @watbetch DAMN YOU’RE UGLY! OH MY GOD! Lmao

  • Definitely will be getting this, and if the unsubsidized price is indeed $439, I’ll be happy to get that and not have to renew my contract.

  • me

    We are in a depression people!!
    None of you get to buy this phone…. I’m not letting you.
    Feed your kids, not your jones you brainwashed monkeys.

  • me


  • Still Wing-in It

    Picking this phone up on my lunch break on the 15th!!!!!! I can’t wait! Also, I called Tmobile this evening and the rep didnt know anything about the release and couldn’t give me any good information (even the stuff I knew from this site. . . Thanks David). Instead of him educating me on the Vibrant, I was schooling him! SMDH @ Tmobile. He said that the reps don’t get info until like two to three days before a release. I just can’t wait to dump my WING and get something more up to date.
    Those of you waiting a few weeks to hear about the problems this phone will have, stay tuned. I wont be doing any work that day after lunch so I will post a FULL review.=}

  • Carl

    Unless I’m missing something, tMo’s website says it will be released on the 21st which is what was originally predicted.

  • Wilma Flintstone


    Ok, now on topic, not a bad phone. I wish it had ffc and flash as well as night mode but thats just my opinion. I hope that roadmap was right because there were alot of devices that have me interested but none more than EMERALD!!! Or the Vision if that image wasn’t real.
    Dual Core = more battery life meaning more battery for video calls.

    • Macknifetx

      HTC phones of the future will still be using AMOLED screens though or another type, since Samsung us using the Super Amoled on their phones. There was an article last week about how HTC is looking for another source and Samsung cannot get production ramped up enough until 2012 when their new plant comes online. There is a another company that may have production up and running in 2011 but it is just a hope.

      So, if you are waiting for the emerald from HTC, realize it may not have the Super Amoled.

  • Still Wing-in It

    AND . . . they should display all the cute accessories for this phone. (Excuse me if I don’t use the correct name, I am outdated with my wing) For example, we should get pricing on the clear sheet that goes over the screen, the rubber and hard shell cases, etc. I could have had everything ready to go before the arrival of the phone.
    OMG I just can’t wait!

    • Shawn

      What are you going to do when in less than two months the new HSPA+ phone comes out for t-mobile in sept, possibly with a flash and ffc.

      • chotpy

        buy that one too o_O


      • pimpstrong

        @ chopty HA HA HA YUP

  • Shawn

    this page was up for a week now, how is this new news?

  • Anthony in Utah

    To get this phone or not… or wait and see what else is coming from T-Mobile this year??? grrrr so many choices haha too many options..

  • Pablo

    Got to play with this today. Rep brought it in and I was amazed at how beautiful that display was. Going to be an amazing phone. A little on the light side but by far the by best device we have ever had. Hit me up with questions fire the service if you have any as I tried to ne very thorough with the twenty minutes i had with it.

    • Stevo

      Hey pablo, do you work for t-mobile? My friend in washington actually works for htc there, he isn’t one hundred percent sure but he told me about a rumored phone coming out in september, and it’s hspa plus supported, so it must be tmobile right? Four plus screen, 1400 x900 screen (is that even possible?) dual led flash, 10 meg cam, front facing cam (but locked) I don’t know what that means, he thinks it will only work on wifi? Here is the crazy part, dual core cpu underclocked at 1.2 ghz, but will work fine overclocked to 1.5 ghz he said, but will run low on battery that way.
      Have you heard anything about a phone like this in two months?

      Please Let me know, I hope stupid at&t doesn’t get it.

      I Think this might be why tmobile lowered the goods on vibrant, no flash, no ffc.

      • Pablo

        Yes. I did get some hands on and it was incredible. No i have not heard anything about a phone for september. the vibrant was originally supposed to launch in september with a ffc but tmobile decided to scrap it so that they could move the launch up to compete with the likes of the droid x and at&t’s version of the galaxy.

  • Thomas

    I just wish they would let us T-mobile faithful pre-order on their website….. Its just a week away for the big show! I cant wait to get rid of the G-1 (it has been almost 2 years, but still one hell of a phone).

  • house3272

    this page has been up for a week r so now.

    • 3g rules

      yeah, you are the 120th person to say that it has been up for a week! Did you miss all the same comments? Moron.

  • Kathy

    “There isn’t much else to be gleamed…” ? Try gleaned.

  • Sparky

    Has anyone actually seen that the vibrant has a night mode option? How does this work? do any other phones have this night mode option? I really like the phone however i use the flash on my camera alot, and i am worried that i may be disappointed with the night mode and want my flash back.. Not trying to get in a battle with if flash is usless or not, I like having a flash when and if i need it. Just wondering if anyone has used the night mode and if it works as well as some people have said!

  • Overy

    Wow anyone know of any up to date T-Mobile web sites? Someone must be smoking a lot of marijuana behind then scene of this one.

    • David

      No crack smoking, but I guess I must have missed the original posting from when I was out of town, so this will just serve as a reminder!

    • David

      Wow, one repost and you make a comment like that…feel free to not come back. Comments like this make me quite upset and show nothing more than ignorance and a lack of gratitude when I post the next story that makes you rush to get back on the site.

      • Flgirll99

        Why bother answering comments like that? Not even worth it.

        I love this site and so do a lot of other people so his comment means nothing.

  • anonmymous

    cant wait to get mine of the 14th!!! thats right i said the 14th. i love being an employee of tmo lol

  • coolMANDINGO

    as much as i don like he vibrant , might get one. my damn camera on my g1 is done. all my pictures look like a bad van goh i have to ge the phone at full price. no contract for me. just like Lebron i want to leave my options open.