BlackBerry Curve 9300 Overview

The last time we saw the Curve 9300 in action was last month, where it was first spotted with T-Mobile branding. For those that missed the brief hands on video (which had been removed shortly after it had been posted), the guys over at got their hands on the 9300 and have done a nice little overview of the device. In short, the device seems to be almost exactly the same as the BlackBerry Curve 8520 with the exception of an added UMTS radio and the glossy purple metallic finish along the front of the device. As far as a release date, we have not heard anything yet. But rest assured, we’re working on it.

[ Via, BGR ]

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  • wack mode

    ????? wow ????? same thing as the 8520

  • Uchenna

    They could do better

  • TheFlash

    Good bye RIM!!!

    • Getreal

      Agreed. Can’t keep producing this junk thinking people will buy it when other phone Mfrs are making quantum leaps.

  • pimpstrong


  • D

    Obviously it will be a somewhat updated version of the 8520… 3G, more mem, OS 6 ready.. don’t blow a gasket just because it looks the same…

  • Ray

    No flash, really. Come on. Same memory. Same OS. Same phone, just another way to get more money out of customers. I wonder if it supports GPS. If it does, why would people even buy this thing vs. the Bold.

    • covert

      Easy answer. Money. This will be less than half the cost of the Bold 9700 on contract. Probably sub $300 with no contract. Of course those are just what I would hope anyway. They all can’t be flagship devices.

      • All you know is superficial. This new replacement has the current fastest blackberry processor available; the 624mhz marvell, same as the 9700.You people sound like you only have one phone, just like you have one change of clothes? I have 2 phones,one of which is my current beater; a 8320 which is totally dialed in and works perfectly. My other is an 8900 which is my going out phone. Now,since I’m out of contract, I will be replacing both hopefully with the new 9800 slider, even if I have to but it from att and have unlocked and,my new beater will be the one you’re dissing, the replacement for the 8520.

  • Charles Xavier

    Now this is innovation.

  • telos104

    that dude needs to cut his nails…seriously.

    • Jazz

      I said the same thing. It’s always like that in all of his videos.

  • Jazz

    Nice lookin’ phone minus the purple.

    • while everyone is trying to move forwards/evolve, they are still stuck in…well, their own world.<—– what are you, high??? Junior, you need to get out more and get out of your closet and get a tan or ride your bike. LTE, look it up see who's doing it and, who will probably be first to market with it. Junior, expand your bookmarks.

  • NiiDiddy

    Well that sucked! This the true definition of what we’ve come to know as “more of the same”. Glad I ditched RIM when I did a little over a year ago for Android phones. Ugh— while everyone is trying to move forwards/evolve, they are still stuck in…well, their own world.

    • Blackberries still do exactly what they are meant to do… they weren’t designed to be toys and, in the corporate world, they are holding their own and doing just fine. Just because you may desire a different device for you, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with Blackberry. IMHO. ;)

      • NiiDiddy

        I understand. However, IMHO I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them – I just think they need to evolve. iPhones are also used a lot heavily lately in the corporate world – a lot of companies have opted for the iphone instead of they Blackberry. Why is that?? But guess what, the iPhone evolves significantly with every release. With Blackberry, IMHO, the biggest move they made was when they designed/released the very first Curve…everything about it was unique and different–everyone wanted one, just like the Moto RAZR phenomenon. Then everything else followed that Curve design except for the Storm. They are great phones, but they need to evolve a little bit more. Oh and Motorola moved on after awhile…evolved. They needed to catch up with everyone else. Same will happen to RIM eventually. :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on Raeyne. What many people don’t realize is that RIM’s government and business Blackberries (even Generals in Afghanistan have Blackberries) is an extremely lucrative segment for RIM. In fact, it was not until the Pearl 8100 in 2006 that RIM ventured into the consumer market.

        Govt. and business is RIM’s bread and butter. The only reason RIM got into consumer handsets is because they wanted the Company to grow beyond the finite govt. and business market.

        And catering to those two markets requires RIM to have phones that to anyone on here appear to be “dumbed down” or as Niididdy says where RIM is “stuck in their own world.”

        E.g. Phones for certain businesses, the military and govt. agencies cannot have a camera or multi-media capability. Many agencies prohibit WiFi and others even BlueTooth.

        E.g. When my ex-GF was promoted the Company provided her with a BlackBerry of her choice. But the choices were few and IT disabled features that the Company did not want on the phone. And the Blackberries were a special order through AT&T who provided an initial “dumbing down” for the large company my ex-GF works for.
        In fact, the consumer model of the BlackBerry she has comes with a camera, but her’s has it removed.

  • I can definitely see where you are coming from… I hear ya! I just think that Blackberry does what it is meant for and, as they evolve, I just hope they don’t move away from the core purpose of the phone and flub up the phone ;)

    • NiiDiddy

      @Raeyne – ItsMichaelNotMike makes a good point above. I think he agrees with you more and agrees just a tad bit with me, if any. Good perspective though. ;)

  • Geniuz

    Blackberry is the Sidekick of cellphones … they keep releasing the same phone with minimal hardware upgrades on an outdated OS.

  • TonyJohns

    First of all that guy NEEDS to cut his nails. That is NOT okay.

    Second, Blackberry serves it’s purpose, and serves it well. If you want a multi media device, then obviously a blackberry isn’t going to be your choice of phone. But don’t knock it just because it doesn’t provide you what you need.

    Blackberries serves millions of customers just fine, and they are doing just fine.

  • voicestream01

    smh really really surprise blackberry is still on top

  • house3272

    just saying tmonews. y not get a banner thing. like the icon at the very beginning of the url, i mean u pretty much have one, just insert it as your icon please?

    • Kickstar13

      Huh? Icon for what?

  • Nerd lust

    I currently have a 8900 it’s a great phone but it lacks 3G this will be a great entry level blackberry. I think people tend to forget most people Use regular or dumb phones. This is a nice gateway device. Some people might have been turned off by the 8520 lack of 3G which for text and email makes no difference but this is a better selling feature. The 8530 on sprint and verizon are both 3G.

  • Nerd lust

    Btw the pearl 8100 brought me and many more to the smartphone world. This device can do the same. And competes better with the other curves

  • brian

    I seriously hope tmo doesn’t pick this up. The 9700 is better and it’s in the same case…this version just lacks features!

    What is Tmo and RIM thinking????

  • ordieshortie

    I might be leaving the BB team if the phones dont get better.