Charm Shows Up On, Still On Track For August 25th

It seems like the Motorola Charm launch is nearing, as Magenta has officially listed the handset as “Coming Soon” on As far as a release date goes, we’re still expecting August 25th as the designated launch date with availability in two colors, Golden Bronze (pictured above) and Cabernet. Hit the link below for a full list of specs, features, and services the Motorola Charm will come bundled with.




    Is this supposed to compete with the Torch??

    • Kilari

      I’m looking forward to the Charm. Because the touchscreen on top, exposed qwerty on bottom form factor really is a winner and makes for great use of the smart phone. Everything is right there at your fingertips with no sliding out a keyboard, touching a text field to activate the osk, or holding down a settings button to force the osk out. I really loved the Palm Pixi, the only complaint I have in “portrait qwerty” styles like the Pixi is it leaves little room for screen real estate. But that can’t be avoided with the limited space.

      This form factor isn’t too far off from a Blackberry with a touchsreen. Honestly I think RIM made a stupid move that cost them marketshare, I think their first move should have been just make every model they have Pearl, Curve, Bold, Tour all of them capacitive single-touch touchscreen, make minor additions to the OS to make a (+ / -) zoom possible like on Android, and at first made Opera Mini/Mobile the primary browser. That would have kept them current a long time ago while they worked on improving their finger friendly os and the Torch phone. People loved their Blackberries, they love the keyboards, they like the shape and layout but they need better control of the OS and more apps, which means touchscreen. This would have kept some of the Iphone/Android exodus from happening and while RIM still has a huge userbase to entice devs to write apps make it so any apps submitted for the next year gets 100% profit from their app sales. Then next gen add an accelerometer to the models and then, PROFIT.

      I hate being smarter than people who work for smartphone companies. They need to remember people don’t like change. People will stick with what they know if it works and there aren’t better options. So just catch up to the game in what you’re offering. It’s not hard to see what you need to offer, you can go to the store and buy your competitors phone, use the hell out of it and see what they do better than you. Then do the same but one up them in some areas. Then boom, PROFIT. It’s not like RIM doesn’t have the money to pay for engineers and programers to design and write code for the OS on par with Apple and Google. Any lack of progress is purely stupidity/laziness. I mean look at Microsoft, it only took them 9(?) years to refresh Windows Mobile to Win Pho 7…laziness.

      • Chris

        the refreshness of winmo to wp7 is not the laziness of the programmers. It’s were you delegate your programmers. Think about it, windows is constantly being attacked by hackers and viruses just because it’s the only OS dominating the world of personal computers. MAC isn’t even a fraction of what Microsoft owns. so… what would you want your programmers doing? maintaining your PC or working on a new/refreshed wp7??? I’d rather have them fixing bugs on Windows Home OS, Windows Servers, IE browser and Office suites, xbox, maintaining xbox servers, innovating with silverlight, working on visual studio and C# and F#, etc… I’d rather have them working on these than working on a new phone OS.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Superb analysis and comment Kilari, the kind of stuff that makes TMoNews an enjoyable read. The only retort I have is that IMHO you are being too hard on handset manufacturers and carriers.

        Since the early nineties the cell phone market has remained extremely unpredictable to the point that no one working in it can crystal ball the next trend, fad or feature that will lead to success and profit.

      • Rilesman

        1) I agree that a more BB style needed to be introduced into the Android family.

        2) I agree people are resistant to change but that can be a bad thing. Usually those are the sheep and will live and die by the first technology introduced to them. They are the ones who wonder why they can’t use Windows 3.1 and Harvard Graphics.

        3) Nearly everyone I know want to get rid of their BB and have personally jumped to iPhones or the Droid family for personal phones. None of them want to use their BB for work…and waiting for a secure and accredited Android / iPhone enterprise solutions.

  • Gardo

    So, slow news day again uhh???

    • alex32

      I have noticed that there is pretty much never any news from friday to sunday.
      But Monday through Thursday theres plenty of them.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Other than the fact that it would be bizarre if there was daily news about or from T-Mobile, why do you people keep posting this moronic statement on TMoNews. (By “you people” I am referring to the other intellectually challenged people who post this comment. Pretty much every other day we see it.)

      Can’t you say something intelligent and contribute to the discussion.

      Your comment is as asinine as those idiots who post “first” and also comment “Why is this news” from time to time.

      Maybe the Site should have a set of comments auto-inserted at the beginning of every story:

      — Slow news day, eh.

      — Why is this news?

      — First!

      — T-Mo needs to get the iPhone.

      — The iPhone would save T-Mobile.

      — I’m switching.

      — I switched.

      — I’m leaving T-Mobile.

      And I’ll save you the time:

      — ItsMichaelNotMike you suck!

      • Andrew

        We started deleting “First!” We get a lot of enjoyment out of deleting a lot of them. Sometimes we take care of those comments in our posts. The rest are annoying to moderate. My favorites are the grammar police comments that use incorrect grammar.

      • David

        Ummm what he said, it rules.

      • Davidohio

        That was uncalled for. Really.

      • 30014

        Good comment

    • mjc987

      Indeed, its been over 2days n nothing… im so ansious too see what’s next

      • mjc987

        What’s going on with all these replies, there goin crazy, there not even goin to person im replying =S

  • Mohammad

    I would take one if they only required $10 data plan.

    • Davidohio

      That would be nice but it is not likely we will see a $10 data plan on an android device lol

  • JM

    I am actually looking forward to this…I would like to have a front facing QWERTY. I’m tired of having to mess around with all these touchscreen only devices. I spend more time correcting what I’ve attempted to write than I do actually writing.

    • memphis10

      just use Swype to type

  • alex32

    It worries me that it is already august..and there is no visual product of the blaze or mytouch hd. In other words the hsdpa plus super phones. All we have are just web rumors.
    dying for more info on those super phones…

    • Tmoguy89

      Tmobile is testing currently 3 hspa+ phones in test markets including the one coming out in september, also tmobiles “stick together” will be taking a new motto for the soon to be new and improved magenta, watch out for it . ;)

      • alex32

        Thanks thats what I needed. Haven’t heard any news of those in a while.
        I just wish tmobile would give some info on it. An htc dual mode android qwerty phone just popped up on leaked images (its on engadgetmobile) and its a verizon phone thatll be released in 2011. Our phones are right around the corner and we dont get any leaked images (talking about the actual product).

        Hopefully this coming week there’s more info. I am sure at the end ofAugust though we will be getting tons of it.

      • alex32
  • Dewman

    Good looking phone, reminds me of those BB’s

  • alex32
    hopefully this is our hsdpa plus phone (:
    i always said if it doesnt have a quwerty kb im not getting it..but this thing makes me think about it twice!

  • derrickps3

    who in the hell??? opps scuse my language…………but who would buy this ugly looking blackberry rip off looking phone? lol

    • Dewman

      I wouldn’t say its a BB ripoff, RIM has fallen behind the times, they do have excellent email, but other than that Android is better.

    • mikeeeee

      @derrick, if it had UMA i’d buy 2 of them for me and my wife.

      ANDROID/BLACKBERRY mashup, think about it.

      i was at a t-mo store this morning and the dummy felt better than a live vibrant.

      at least with a charm you can punch numbers in with your thumb.

      try that with any other ANDROID.

      • going_home

        I punch numbers with my thumb one handed on my Nexus.
        And I Swype with my thumb one handed texting and emailing too.
        All while driving, drinking coffee, writing, and shifting gears in my 5 speed


  • Rev. Otto

    The rumors of a battery issue seem to be on the right track. The original specs on the battery were 1170 mAh, Tmobile has the shipped battery at 1420 mAh. I’m still excited about the phone and plan to purchase it off contract. Still not sure I need a dual-core, amoled, monster phone just yet and would prefer to use my upgrade on that instead of what I really need, which in this case is simply a solid workhorse Android phone.

    • Dewman

      yep that is correct, they added an extended battery.

    • mikeeeee

      @rev. otto.

      last clause of last sentence says it all.

  • TheLight

    its looks like a solid phone..not sure a6out the upgrading to ginger6read since they dont mention if its going to come out with froyo or not… also, are the specs even good enough to get the ginger6read update since they drew that line recently… just wondering

    • TheLight

      oh…and moto 6lur will possi6ly going to slow even if it can update

      • john

        Taking a shot in the dark, you broke your “B” button didn’t you…lol

  • This phone makes me think about what will come next. There’s always some leader in the market who gets complacent and then something comes along to knock them off the top. This is a case of the knocker copying the knockees style along the way.

  • Todd

    Looks like only unlimited web is required for this phone and not the android plans. Should enable it to get a few takers, maybe even me.

    • Mohammad

      unlimited web meaning for smartphones $30 or phone first $10?

      • pdxgarcon

        Here’s hoping for the latter.

  • going_home

    After looking at this phone again I think it could actually do quite well for TMO.
    Looks like a Blackberry but its an Android touch screen.
    It very well could end up converting a lot of Blackberry users.
    A lot of BB users like the keyboard but they want a touch screen also.
    This one may hit the mark for them.
    Its not for me (I will keep my Nexus thank you very much) but it will have its niche.


  • Jmts80

    This is going to make a great back up phone!

    • wp7

      no sir this phone is crap…..i use bb right now, and i use it for bbmessenger, email, organizer. which most others use aswell. The only other phone that bests bb is wp7. i would rather use ios as a backup than android. Why would i want google telling me what to do….

      Wp7 are for smart ppl with style
      android are for ex windows mobile users trying to be like ios, but not with apple.

      • 30014

        You sound like a moron. How can wp7 be better than bb when it hasn’t been released yet? It’s hilarious that you think Google tells android users what to do as opposed to dictator Steve at apple. At the end of the day its all about personal preference. I promise you your opinion has little to no impact on the happenings of the world. Your opinion means nothing to me, you just sound so stupid that I had to reply.

  • Brodie

    I wonder how many parents are getting their child this to go back to school with and how many children are gonna hide it in shame! LOL I’m going back to school with a myTouch 3G Slide…could’ve been a Vibrant but I couldn’t wait that long!

    • Dewman

      Good for you! Go back to school and maybe mommy will pack your lunch.

  • Patrick

    the phone doesn’t feel too bad in your hand….BUT….that keyboard sucks major smelly testicles. it’s not hard to hit more than one button at a time because even though the buttons are raised, they’re WAY too close together. I dont know, maybe if I used it for a few days i’d get used to it and be ok with it, but in the meantime… thanks.

  • :-)
    I haven’t seen it in person yet.
    but so far, in pictures, this device is not very attractive.
    Kinda like the KIN.

  • BronxBebe

    I have the Nokia E 73 Mode and I really like it is top of the line flashy like others? No but after researching I chose this one and the Charm was taking forever. I’d still like to get the Charm one of these days as a backup or switch back and forth. Big change from the SKLX09 yes it is for sure, lol..
    RIM are idiots for letting ATT have the 9800 exclusively instead on all 4 carriers BTW.
    I hear Samsung Q is in the works as well to go up against the BB’s I’m curious to see that one.

  • behold 2 user

    its alright but looks kinda like a kin phone no lie lol

  • reptar978

    =o it feels pretty good in my hands!! its shorter/thiner than a blackberry but wider than a blackberry xD..