Motorola Charm Definitely Delayed Till August, Coming In Two Colors

The Motorola Charm may not have the T-Mobile Android masses as excited as the Samsung Vibrant, but it might welcome a new audience to the Android world. It was only a week ago that our first report surfaced regarding a possible delay in the Charm launch and given the above screen shot, the Charm has been delayed till August 25th. Our earlier report suggested that battery issues were to blame and that Motorola was working on a fix to battery drainage issues, possibly providing an extended battery with purchase. It’s all speculation as this point, but given the Cliq’s launch and release under less than thrilling battery conditions, it’s a possible repeat scenario for Motorola.

On a secondary note, it looks as though we might get graced with not one, but two color schemes for the Motorola Charm, a Cabernet and a Golden-Bronze. They both sound so exciting, I’ll take the Cabernet please.

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  • Mohammad

    I can wait. It’ll be right about back to school time.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nice I guess. News is a kinda slow lately huh?

    • 2FR35H

      Well Vibrant is kinda the highlight of the next few months.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        yeah thats true.

  • MichMan

    And that’s when we’ll get our Cliq update. Oh well. I’m going to try to convince myself it’s like getting a new phone. Yeah. I feel better already…

    • I was hoping it would be before the end of august ….this is total b.s…..they should go on and just give us 2.2

      • Titty!

        Hello. 8/25 is before the end of august. XD

  • fish

    Don’t do it! Don’t trust moto anymore! Don’t get this phone, you will regret it less than 6 months from now when you still don’t have the 2.2 update…

    Go to motorola and read the cliq forums. Soon you can also see the same feelings in the XT forums. Also look at how moto dropped support for the dext…

    HTC and even LG are releasing more phones near the end of the year, wait for those.

    Don’t get this phone and you will be happier in long run!

    • RolloC84

      I second that motion.

    • Chris


      • sorandkairi


  • Keine

    Around the time for school. Finally, I would like some android action for the school time!

  • damn….this is first story in two days

    • David

      Its been a little slow since the release of the Vibrant, plus I needed a little time to relax…the run up to that has kept me busy, you guys surely know how to fill up my inbox with questions!

      • Getreal

        Yeah. Give the guy a break. He runs a damn good site. Thanks man for all your hard work.

  • Bimmerz

    @ Wilma & Dabe, Glad to see that I am not the only one addicted to this site! lol

    News is usually a little slow on the weekends around here, none of the other phone sites have posted much either. But that’s ok, let them enjoy a few weekends off here and there, because come August-October, I suspect this site is going to be VERY busy!

    Anxiously awaiting for the (rumored) HTC Emerald in Nov. – bring it on! :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      yeah. I used to be a frequent gsmarena visitor but once I heard about this site from a friend, I haven’t been back to gsmarena like I used to. This site is just that good. *that was such a buttkiss comment haaa*. Yeah, I’m waiting on that project emerald device as well. Hopefully thats the htc phone with the dual core inside.

  • jawdoc

    Yep..Off topic Vibrant getting better reviews than Captivate.Some people are scoring vibrant at 230$ w/o contract at Costco.

  • Davidohio

    And the complainers are out in full force again….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      *trigger Lord of the Rings or Jericho Hill Battle sequence*

  • Myg1

    We hear you david…i check this site like everyday at least ten times to see exciting stuff I didn’t get a chance to get mt vibrant yet will order mines tonight…speaking of which have you guys seen mailman? Lol

    • Davidohio

      No mailman so don’t mention him because you may wake the beast lmao!

  • Joshuakprice1

    Well, I for one am happy about this. I’ll be waiting for the emerald, but this phone should do something very important. Namely – bring people to tmo who would not have otherwise invested in android. More people buying android phones means more money invested back into this market, which means more and better phones later on. Free phones are an important niche, a lot of customers only get whatever is free. So here’s to a bigger market share!

    • Joshuakprice1

      Correction, happy about the phone, not it being late:) Better late than never!

  • Fish

    it’s not actually free…the contract plans cost more than the plans with no contract. you pay for the phone with or without the contract.

    don’t get the motorola charm…get something else…you will be happier in the long run like i said earlier

    i understand people want a deal on their first android phone, but immediate your immediate happiness with a new phone will be overshadowed by your disapointment in a few months. the learning curve is small with android and you will want more in 2 or 3 months. but alas, you got a motorola, you can’t get more, and you are in a contract and can’t get the cheaper phone cost until 11 months after you got your free charm.

    it’s childish, but in a few months i’ll be saying “i told you so”.

    don’t let motorola have your money. give it to other companies that make a better product, have better customer satisfaction, and are willing to continue putting out android updates to their phones.

    • Joshuakprice1

      I’m not saying I’m going to buy it, I’m not really this phones “target market”. I want the emerald, or something better. But this is perfect for a certain market, who won’t master android in 2 months, and won’t spend 200 on a phone, no matter how good it is. Its more money in android overall.

  • Mike Lowery

    I would never get the Charm, its not even jaw dropping or has the specs of a high end phone. #FAIL. Its ugly also. I have the Cliq, I hate Motorola for playing us on our update lol. Its ok, I will be getting the Dell Streak. You guys should check that phone out and follow me on Twitter @jaehood2010. Give me your thoughts on the phone.

    • Davidohio

      Of course it does not have high end specs, it is not a high end device lol.

    • WXman

      Um… maybe you should check the specs out. It’s got more RAM and ROM than any other phone on TMo, and the processor is faster than any Android phone on TMo except maybe the Vibrant. The Charm is going to kick ass and take names….and it’s going to do it for literally half the price of the Vibrant.

    • mj

      with insights like this I am going to run, not walk, to twitter and follow you…

  • jshin

    Speaking of Android, I am rinning Froyo on my Hd2, not from main memory buy off the storage card! My Hd2 is now the sweetist phone now that I can duel boot wm 6.5xx or Amdroid 2.2. Most everything works, it is missing, camcorder and does not find contacts saved to sim, it will crash fairly often but is getting better with each new build. What does work, data (slow) wifi, works great, camera (pics only as of now) gps, market, live wallpapers,calls, fm stereo,apps to sd,gmail sync,all apps.
    Check it put at Xda, very close to a finished image.

  • mj

    ahh the tmonews comment section. where it’s your birthright to get Dorid X style phones at “charm” prices…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well if you want some BIG news on this Motorola, how about that Nokia just announced it is buying Motorola’s entire wireless division!

    Sale to be completed by year’s end.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here is one of the many stories:

    Note the article says:

    “Under the deal announced Monday, Nokia Siemens will take over most of Motorola’s network equipment assets such as its GSM and CDMA business, while Motorola will retain control of the less widespread iDEN technology and a number of other assets such as network infrastructure related patents.”

    • Saceed

      WTF so do I get my update. Motocliq

  • WirelessJoe


    You should do some research before stating such things. The sale is for the wireless infastructure equipment. Not handsets. Big difference. Motorola will continue to manufacture handsets.