(Updated) Windows Phone 7 Technical Previews Hits The Internets

Updated: Slashgear has posted a 20 minute walkthrough video and we’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure!

I’m not sure its completely safe to say that Windows Phone 7 has been all but ignored in the recent days, weeks and months since its preview early this year, however its certainly fallen off our radar. Windows Phone has been long needed an overhaul and now more than ever it needs to bring it’s A game if it really hopes to compete with the iPhone and Androids out there. With that in mind, courtesy of some of the usual gambit of tech blogs who have posted their first impressions, or previews of Windows Phone 7, we’re getting our first chance to see if that’s really possible. Mind you this is not a hardware preview, as the phones they have been testing are for testing only so this is solely and OS preview.

Some of the comments are harsh, as BoyGenius points out regarding the phone feature itself: “We’re not going to lie, we really have no idea how people actually let the phone app get this far.”

Or Engadget, expressing a lot of love for both the Email and Keyboard options: “Let’s just put this up front: the keyboard in Windows Phone 7 is really, really good. We’re talking nearly as good as the iPhone keyboard, and definitely better than the stock Android option.”

With the leaked roadmap looking more and more accurate, we can firmly place at least one Windows Phone 7 on the T-Mobile radar and we’re all for options. The real question, are some of the glaring omissions these previews point out going to be fixed by the time this OS is ready for public consumption? Microsoft is likely ready to offer developers some serious incentives to port apps over to Windows Phone 7 but if the OS fails, Microsoft may find itself sitting on the sidelines of a smartphone movement it helped shape.

Check out the full previews below and let us know if there is anything here, anything at all that you like





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  • Brad

    It’s slightly annoying that the month name doesn’t even fit on the screen.

    • Baffled

      Yeah. How are we supposed to know what month it is when it only shows “Februa”. That could be ANYTHING!

      • how about you try to scroll to the right and find out.

      • pimpstrong

        LOL some people can’t read sarcasm!

      • Reece

        uh oh, looks like t1’s sarcasm meter has been… dis-connected XD

    • its not resizable, and its not supposed to fit. if it doest fit its supposed to mean theres more to the screen.

  • 2FR35H

    I’m sure that should be resizable.

  • 2FR35H

    What microsoft wants to do with this windows phone 7 sounds awesome I can’t wait long enough. I will get a Android 3.0 and Windows Phone 7. They should create a device that can dual boot both just for competition sakes.

  • NiiDiddy

    WP Sucks! I saw the demo at the WPC at the Verizon Center. Clunkly, slow, interface sucks…and IT WILL NOT COMPETE WITH IP4/ANDROID. Microsoft got another things coming if they think this is what will do it for them in the mobile world. WP OS = Fail!!! Not that I care anyway…I am and avid Android fan.

    • NTLDR

      Umm… @NiiDiddy – You fall under the “I’m a fanboy and I’m an idiot” lol. Windows Phone 7 UI is almost like the Zune HD’s interface. There is no lag whatsoever, and its fast as can be. Get over yourself.

      • NiiDiddy

        Umm…@NTLDR – …and your’re the genius because you figured all by yourself that if the UI looks like the Zune, then it makes it good?!? See, you didnt think before responding and that makes you the bigger idiot! Think, buddy, think — use your noggin! IMHO – Zune sucks!!!–do you see it competing with the iStuff that’s out there?? LMAO! You are probably one of those who buy anything and everything Microsoft puts out there. You’re a settler…! It’s okay to try things ever so often. Dude…get a grip on yourself!! BoyGenius is right on point! Again this is my opinion and IMO, it lags and sucks. I don’t see how it’ll compete.

        Now if you talk about their media server and maybe the xbox, then i’ll say microsoft has something great there.

      • John

        @ NTLDR

        I agree. I think NiiDiddy definitly belongs to “I’m really an idiot and a fanboy without no knowldge” category.

        Basically a big lier and loser.

        So Sad!

    • 2FR35H

      Oh you haven’t heard iOS4 was killed by android and Android 3.0 will be murdered by Windows Phone 7. Or at least compete with it definitely should be better than iOS4.

      • WHAT!

        In what world will WP7 murder android 3.0??? Please, tell me the specs you are basing your opinions on

    • IMO WM7 looks pretty stupid and ugly. Only interesting part to me is the addition of xbox live. With Windows previous history with phones ie. wimo and kin, i dont have much faith in WM7.

      As for NiiDiddy yea Wp does suck but you sure make your self look stupid and sound like an ass when expressing your opinion on the matter.

      Grow up and maybe people will take you seriously.

      • Smith

        @ housetek

        In my opinion you have no taste and for sure you have no idea about style and design.

        You just stick with bunch of ICONs next to each other and call it UI! Just WOW!

    • SwizzleStix


      First off, you speak like a fanboy, so keep shooting yourself in the foot.

      2nd, Zune doesn’t compete with any i-stuff because i-stuff is pretty much long forgotten because Apple is ALL ABOUT iphone/ipad. Outside of iphones, I don’t really know too many people talking about their iPod touches all that much, which is what the current Zune is competing with.

      Odd that you side w/ BGR’s preview, which means you can read, but then have zero clue of all the glowing Zune HD reviews. The only reason Zune is kind of irrelevant, just like the iPod line, is because everyone is moving toward an all-in-one devices like iPhone and HTC handsets. iPod is dead, face it… but so is every other PMP out there.

      3rd, you’ve never used a Zune in your life. Why does it even suck? Can you even explain? Nope, cause you’re a fanboy and you hate it regardless.

      BGR is on point about what? About something you ‘saw’ and didn’t actually touch yourself? About a preview of something that you’ve never used? Intresting… if BGR is on point, then what about engadget’s preview? Oh no, let me guess, you’re going to start saying that engadget are suddnely MS fanboys, aren’t you?

      You’re just an idiot is all you are really. STFU and find someone to change your diaper already son.

      • SwizzleStix

        Also… if BGR’s preview of the WinPhone is spot on, then you’d agree that the G1 must be a piece of crap too, right? Because as a former G1 owner… a lot of the crap they picked on, the G1 had the same ‘problems’ (Can you even call it a problem? Non color-coded threading is a ‘problem’? BGR sucks).

    • Tig


    • Reece

      I’m an Android fan too, but you’re REALLY making us look as bad as iPhans, thus please stfu

    • JaylanPHNX

      So basically you’re saying you saw a demo build of an OS how many months ago? Of course it was clunky. And Zune does not suck. Just because iZombies can’t be lured away from the marketing campaign that is Apple, doesn’t mean the hardware and software of Zune is not better.

  • bubbles

    Yeah I not impressed by win mob 7. It looks plain and boring. I don’t think it is on the same level as android and iphone 4. It launches around the time gingerbread is supposed to come out, should be interesting to see how win mob 7 does, I hope it fails like the kins did lol.

    • NiiDiddy

      @bubbles – you are on point!!!!

      • Peter

        @ NiiDiddy

        I agree. You both are on point. But just to show how much idiots you are.

    • Smith

      @ bubbles

      You are fanboy so not even worth say anything and explain things to you.

      Just hope fanboys like you fails and we don’t see useless comments like yours anymore.

    • addicus

      Actually Win Mob 7 doesn’t exist. This is Windows PHONE 7. Also it may seem off to you now because we are yet to have a truly interactive user interface on any ppc we have used including Windows Mobile, Android and IPhone OS. Windows Phone 7 will be the first truly interactive user interface. Once it is used and on the market (commercially successful or not) I suspect it will be what all the others base their “revolutionary” interfaces on, especially Apple. I am not a fan of the lack of access to the registry, ect… but that doesn’t stop me from admitting the damn thing will give you all the info we use “apps” or programs for currently. In a way it is like HTC’s Sense on mega steroid because all of the social networks, business networks and media networking will be kept up to date, easy to access and continually integrated into the phone experience.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I read the Engadget preview. I was all game until I read that you can’t even play Pandora in the background.

  • ska

    I have had more than enough WM phones and I will not believe how good it is until I see it. The HD2 software did not impress me at all. The only thing good with the HD2 is the processor speed and screen clarity other than that the software is junk.

  • Davidohio

    If it’s anything like the Kin train wreck….just sayin.

  • Wasup

    Just wanted to say how much I love my vibrant :D

  • JoshL

    I actually like the Windows Phone 7 UI. I like the integration of Facebook and other social networking sites… Android just doesn’t do it that well. And the Office apps!!! I don’t know about new Android phones, but my G1 has NOTHING to allow it to edit/create documents (unless you want to pay $15 to get Documents-to-go… which I don’t even really like). But I don’t know.. I like Android’s home screen and widgets. I like the Android market, too. I hope that Android 3.0 combines some of these elements, while still giving us that Android feel.

  • JP

    I fail to see how sales figures equates to a device “sucking”. Just because M$ can’t market for anything doesn’t mean that the iStuff is better either. Years before iPoops came out, there were tons of people doing personal mp3 players, with more features. Anybody fail to remember that the 1st gen ipod’s were riddled with problems, or the massive IP4 debacle now ensuing? I love my android phone and have never had a windoze phone before, but this looks sort of promising. Add on top of that the fact that as a developer it will be so much easier for me to develop for and to market my products across a wider market (xbox, zune, and the phone) without much work to publish to all three, and its seeming better and better.

    • SwizzleStix

      The LAST gen of iPods before the Touch STILL have problems. I know cause I keep buying the broken junk, fixing them, then sell them on eBay!

    • addicus

      Truth of the matter JP is the only thing slowing Windows Mobile down in this market is the fact it has been made to be backwards compatible for the last what, 5 generations of pocket pc technology? With Windows Phone 7 Microsoft gets to start all over based on today’s technology (with an eye on the short and long term future) and make it easier for you developers to create beautiful programs. Also the rules are pretty standardized on screen format, etc… so you can really narrow down and focus on your purpose and get a great program out. I think it is going to be a giant hit. A lot of that is because I hate the locked down system and a lot of the things I hate seem to sell well (Iphones, Ipads, Toyotas) lol.

  • jdog

    I Like how it looks but being realistic this what I think of which OS is better:
    1. Android 2.2
    2. iOS4
    3. Windows Mobile 7 OS – Would be second but no Multi-tasking yet or copy and paste.

    • Peter

      I don’t think iOS4 better than Windows Phone and Android at all. Maybe you can say Windows Phone 7 and Android are close. Each have some advantage and disadvantage BUT put bunch of icons next to each other and call it UI is wrong.

      Windows Phone 7 has a fresh stylish UI plus many great features like XBOX, ZUNE, and etc. But Windows Phone 7 has a real UI which none of the others have.


      1- Copy & Paste: Copy and paste actually will come to WP7. Just not when the first devices come this holiday but shortly after that later as an update.

      2- Multi-tasking: Multi-tasking is there but just limited for now and not everybody have access to it. But it will be more multi tasking later when they add more features and update OS.

      • tortionist

        I think you should do some research. Android is much better than the I-phone os. I’ve played with them both and it’s like night and day. It took i-phone what 5 versions of their os to actually put in copy and paste, multi tasking, and a something over a 2 Megapixel camera? Android had all of that in their first generation. I won’t even go into Swype which Android has and can be used on android 1.6 to present and I-phone has nothing like it for text input. Android is more user friendly, just as responsive, and you can actually personalize the android phones, unlike the I-phone. Then you have i-tunes, so un-user friendly it’s not even funny. How about the greedy Steve Jobs who said he’d never make I-tunes DRM content free, meaning you can buy the song on I-tunes and legally put it on 1 device only. I don’t care for Apple and definitely don’t care for the much overrated I-phone.

      • fivelbchubbs

        Ok congratulations on making me submit my first post ever. First of all putting icons next to each other on a screen is not the ui it is a way to organize ones programs/apps for easy access. If you know anything you know that is not all that goes into the ios4/android ui. just because something is different doesn’t make it better. By the way icons are simple unlike the way that guy had to press 3 buttons to make a phone call. You can say things will come all you want but until they do wp7 doesn’t have them

      • David

        @ fivelbchubbs

        Ok congratulations on submiting your first post ever. But sorry you failed.

        You can say things (ICONs) are next to each other is a way to organize ones programs/apps for easy access but till Android/iOS have UI they don’t have it. And thats not a good thing.

        P.S. Maybe you should consider this your first post also as your last post and never post again.

  • Joel

    They definitely succeeded in coming up with an operating system that’s very different and snappy. It just looks way too confusing to me. The UI feels cluttered and the visuals are a little overwhelming. Sure it looks pretty, but so many visuals just distracts from the important stuff. I wonder if there’s much in the way of customizing in this OS.

  • hecg55

    I like it. I agree with JP ipod is just a trend. people like it kuz its popular. my gf has a touch and she has just two pages of appz and its already saying that it has memory issues when she still has a ton of space left yeah they look cool and stuff but after a while they break down. id buy a zune over and ipod any day.

  • hecg55

    btw is this the dell lightning???

    • Brad

      In the video it is clearly as Samsung device.

    • Serotheo

      Uhm it says Samsung when he turns the phone over to landscape

  • nerd lust

    This is very interesting. I have a bb8900, zune 80gig, ipod touch 32gig and xbox 360. This combines all my exchange, outlook, calendar, xbox plus music and web surfing into one device. This is sweet. I’m torn I like the vibrant as well.

  • Dilla

    if winmo 7 ain’t coming to the HD2, who cares

  • Jose

    haha even the guy doesnt no how to run it lol

    • Thats because the guy has no comon sense, why would you make a phone review without knowing how to use the phone…this is a new system to him learn how to use it before you make a review vid.

  • Regular Joe

    The whole UI seems a giant waste of space: Huge tiles and shows part of the next screen in the current screen. It’s different but I’m not so sure it’s needed. Does seem quick though, I’d like to see more.

  • mikeeeee

    gingerbread will have bluetooth HID.

    gingerbread will have UMA.

    winmo7 is really nice and slippery but, changing from google to windows live to blackberry every time a new piece of hardware that catches my fancy aint worth it.

    i’m sticking with ANDROID.

    • Getreal

      That is exactly why his will fail. The game has started and Microsoft is showing up half way through. Teams have been chosen and most people don’t like to switch platforms unless it is extremely groundbreaking. With this one has to ask what am I getting? Maps, Gps, a media player, email, better Internet, better apps. The answer is no. They will sell a couple but I think this is a complete waste. Ms should concentrate on not getting their asses handed to them by google with search, maps, Docs, etc. In my lifetime ms will not exist. It will be absorbed, sold, or die. They have proven already they can innovate and in the tech world that is all that keeps you alive.

  • To anyone who thinks this thing is stupid, i want you to goto bestbuy tell them to show you a zune hd, play with it for 5 mins and see how much sense it makes, and how much fun it is…also you’ll see theres no need for any multitasking…where multitasking is needed, it will be applied….to make the long short here, dont knock it until you try it…

  • nerd lust

    Finally tmobile is getting a bunch of nice high end phones. I’m happy to be torn.

  • nain77

    i hate when people talk, and have no experience, have u ever played with a zune?? its probably the smoothest peice of sofware out there, so sensative to the touch and no lag, it amazes me how smooth and clear transitions are. if windows phone 7 is is anything like this i think it will have some sucess. I love my hd2, Customs roms are fast and stable, very customizable. and i jus played with the vibrant today at tmobile. im not gonna lie, the hardwear feels a little cheap, and touchwiz text looks like a little kid wrote it with crayon. besides that, its beautifull. i wouldnt give my hd2 for it though.

    • Getreal

      Most people haven’t played with a zune because apple already beat them to it. Following the leader is not how you stay in business. That is how you go out of business. Google owns search, apple owns media players, bb owns business phones (now), etc. Ms should focus on games and creating a better OS. Although with cloud computing on the horizon, ms will also lose the desktop os market too just like they failed with IE.

      • Tig

        It’s a good thing you don’t run Microsoft. You would have them out of business in no time. Microsoft should keep pushing forward in the mobile market full steam ahead. While I admit they seem to be clueless on which direction to go in (KIN). It’s a market they need to get and maintain market share in.

      • David

        @ Getreal

        You have no idea. I have just one advice for you: Please never run any company and don’t give any idea to any company if they asked your opinion.

        You are just fanboy and hater or one clueless person.

        Time to get more education or maybe wake up and come back to real world.

      • Getreal


        They don’t need me to put them of of the misery, they seem to be doing a pretty good job doing it themselves. Google is kicking their ass and soon office won’t sell anymore. Cloud computing is killing ms and google is makin sure they die a slow death.

        Your comment is pure stupidity. You admit they have no direction but they

      • Getreal


        They don’t need me to put them of of the misery, they seem to be doing a pretty good job doing it themselves. Google is kicking their ass and soon office won’t sell anymore. Cloud computing is killing ms and google is makin sure they die a slow death.

        Your comment is pure stupidity. You admit they have no direction but they need to keep going. I think you should run ms, you would fit right in.

      • Getreal

        @David. I would like to take your one advice but learn english before commenting.

  • I have played with a aune, i have 2 of them, and with that tegra chipset and os its using, i havent got one complaint…its a smooth as butter and the web services are fast as hell, too many fanboys with too much opinions, if you consider yourself a techie or a so called phone junkie, then you would learn to apprciate technology instead of complaining and judging before using….

  • jazzmanmonty

    impo, i think its one of the ugliest and most primitive looking interfaces ever. i understand that people like simple, but this looks like a first draft version. “lets throw a bunch of blue blocks on the main page” yes i’m getting annoyed by everyone trying to copy iphone style widgets such as touch wiz, etc. but if you’re going to think out of the box, THINK! though not a fan of the HD2 because of its problems, i’d prefer the sense ui on that thing over this any day. WinMo used to be my lifeline before android, but i see no sense returning to it. This is a phone i could give to my grandma to use. simple enough for someone that has no tech bacgroung, but way too simple for the general and tech-advanced public. no features stand out either that any other smartphone is capable of. Give us something different that will give it some appeal like the G1 had the bar code scanner that made people say ooooo! no hope left for winmo in my eyes.

    • jazzmanmonty

      oops sorry for the typos

      • Tig

        You should be sorry for a lot more than your typos.

  • nain77

    t1 connect

    i really couldnt have said it better myself, i think wp7 will be a big hit software wise, customizations seems limited thats my only concern. but look at the iphone =/ and people seem to love it

  • Namo

    WoW! The phone has not froze up yet. I’ll give it a few hours and it will. LMAO!!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m sorry but from what I’ve seen on WP7, I am not impressed. I like to fully see my menu without having to scroll over. The Xbox integration is nice but I don’t own a 360 so thats no good for me. I’ve given wm a shot with this HD2 and after all the problems I’ve experienced, I will be not be going back to Windows mobile devices.

    I don’t like the iPhone at all so thats out of the question.

    The only options for me are Symbian and WinMo.

    Symbian 4 looks decent from the stills (still need to see video though) and from playing around with Android, I seem to like it (never owned an Android device myself but have demoed it at the stores and with other people’s devices) but hopefully I won’t have similar problems with it that I did with WinMo.

    • just some dude

      Android does rule.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Don’t get me wrong, WinMo is decent. I just prefer from my experience either Android or Symbian. I have gone through some pretty rough stuff with WinMo though so I can see why some people don’t like it.

        Now the same can’t be said about WP7 because I haven’t tried it out myself but from looking at the video, I’m not going to like it.

        The xbox integration is the only thing that appeals to me and I don’t even own a 360. I got a Wii and a PS3. Wii FTW!!!

        Anywho, WP7 just doesn’t appeal to me like Android or how Symbian 4 does. I still need to see video on Symbian 4 to make my final decision though.

  • jshin

    HD2 is great, I wouldnt trade it for the vibrant, I bought vib for my wife. For anyone with an HD2 that would like to have the best of both worlds Android froyo build and wm 6.5 custom roms, xda has a duel boot program for the HD2. I am posting this from the android side right now. Its still far from 100% complete but they are getting close. Right now in the Froyo build Im using the following works, data- slow but works, wifi, works great,camera-pics only,GPS,sensors,charging and battery status,bluetooth,market and apps, live wallpaper. It boots from a bootloader of the sd so no chance of bricking. You do have to HDPL you phone first.

  • nain77


    i have 2.1 on my hd2, where can i get froyo?? i searched xda, cant find anything

  • jshin

    go to the development page and search the thread for dan1froyo, if you go to thw site where it lists the builds ie desire v4 (which is great as well, updated yesterday) it will be listed there too.


    • TMOprophet

      You using the v4 yet? if so hows it working?

  • jshin

    Gamesquare.co.uk/android.html for dan1j3lv1 froyo build.


  • SirMac

    Im actually quite impressed by the mute review, WP7 is growing on me. I like how each program looks like a giant tablet and you just scroll over for a new screen/program. Its different, its new, and I like it. Side by side icons are nerving, and have been for countless years. The social integrations look amazing, and I dont think sony phones have ps3 integrations and apple doesnt have a gaming system, so the xbox 360 set-up is pretty cool. Even for those who dont own an xbox, not getting an wp7 mobile wouldnt be useless. Hell apple has like a million apps and plenty have gone to waste (why do you need your phone to unlock your car door?)

    • Johny

      Ps3 over xbox any day

  • Johny
  • efjay

    A lot of the negative posts seem to be from people who just dont like things to be different ie they are used to a grid of icons and colourful, eye-candy and cant comprehend that WP7 is all about getting you to the information without any unnecessary bling. Its clean, smooth and all the videos show how fluid it is. Just open your minds for a minute and accept that not everyone want a static grid of icons or tiny widgets flying all over their screens.

    • just some dude

      there is nothing smooth about a grid, and clean is not the word i would use to describe a UI that cant even fit the letters of the page your in. what a useless OS. MS please redesign it, or just abandon your mobile endeavors.

  • nain77

    ive found a build called deirebuildv4,7

    but thats nnot as stable as the dan1froyo, well thats what they are saying at xda

  • jshin

    Go to the sitzi posted above, click android builds and u will find it. You will run into this glich called hyper mode quite a bit, but still completely usable.

  • nain77

    well i just put deirebuildv4.7 in and hen i run the haret all the numbers go by, after a few seconds it freezes on a black screen with a little underscore “_” on the top left, and its blinking, maybe i need to change my radio?

    • TMOprophet

      From what I read the desire rom is more stable than the froyo build at this point, did you follow all the instructions for the desire v4 rom, like clrcad.ex, I also read something about needing the newer radio rom or something, I downloaded the desire v3 rom, now they got the v4 one up, I think they fixed some of the audio in and out call issues, but I think they said it needs some more work, I am really looking forward to a complete build. And judging from the rapid progress thats been made since they got the bootloader working, I say it wont be too long before we can get a complete and stable froyo build or 2.1 sense build, once that happens I am picking up a HD2 off craigslist asap.

  • J

    Does anyone remember when the last time Microsoft made something that was a real success? Pretty much every mobile OS they’ve done has been a failure. Vista went over like a lead balloon as well as Zune. Even the Xbox 360 still suffers from the red ring of death. I used to be a fan of Microsoft, but lately getting a microsoft product is the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas.

    • tortionist

      I agree, but windows 7 on the desktop or laptop for that fact is tight, much better than xp or any of the others.

  • tortionist

    Ok, so I watched the first 5 minutes of the video. The phone seems pretty fluid and user friendly. The accelerometer needs a little work. Does it have any text input method similar to SWYPE? Can you personalize it? If not then these would be about the only things that would keep me from getting it. Of course i’d have to play with it first. It has a lot of potential. For me, SWYPE and personalization are big deal breakers. SWYPE is a must for me. There’s no better text input method at this point. If I can’t personalize a phone, then I wouldn’t want it. I can hardly wait for the HTC Vision. HTC is the “Rolex” of smartphones.

  • Totionist

    Lets go visit this guy 1126 East Gail Drive, Gilbert AZ 85296

  • TMOsucks

    I had a Zune HD. It was a nice device and everything, but the lack of music in the Zune library, lack of Apps, and the overall lack of support made my choice to return it.

    Not sure how the WM7 phone is going to do. I’ll probably pass on it. Microsoft needs some huge changes in their business plans to make me even slightly interested in their products.

  • Herinel

    very nice UI and speed but a bit too bland for my tastes, but it looks as thought they might have a much better chance of hitting it off with this than windows mobile 6.5 is right now lol

  • just some dude

    What a peace of garbage this UI is, I give WP7 a year before MS discontinues this one too, if it even makes it that long.

  • watbetch

    I like this thing, looks good guys, I think I will get rid of this pile of garbage Vibrant for one of these WP7 phones,

  • manus

    looks messy and cofusing

  • nain77

    messy and confusing are u kidding me?? EVERYHING is right there, just about 1 touch away

  • I’m not here to bash WP7 but it is unfair for the OS to be bashed so harshly before it’s released and before it receives the official smell test from everyday consumers like ourselves on this blog.

    But in saying all of that lets not kid ourselves, do we really believe WP7 will make an impact enough were it makes a serious dent in the smart phone business? All you have to do is go back to Windows track record with phones– most not very successful because of a variety of things (hardware, support and most importantly UPDATES) so time will tell if WP7 will make that change for the better but I won’t wait to see.

    • just some dude

      All due respect trendaholic, but it does not take a genius to just look at the UI and make a decision on it. All it takes is one look to see that they need a total redesign of this OS. I understand there going for a Mediacenter/xbox/zune look and feel, but there is too much going on here and the letters dont fit, that alone is annoying. I know the Win fanboys need a mobile real bad but this wont do it.

  • watbetch

    Oh yeah this stuff will be the new standard in mobile phone OS, better than android or anything. Lets all get these phones

  • Vibrant Guy

    This is by far one of the worst OS’s I’ve seen. Windows is so played out, its a shame.

  • TMOprophet

    As much as I wanted WP7 to be good and help Android evolve even more, I am not impressed with this OS. I think Microsoft is likely showing up to the party a little too late. No one will care, they will get a handful of business minded people, but I think they will fail to get back into the game. Ironically the XBOX interegration, while appealing to many who are into that, I think that target audience is likely more into Android at this point, I dont know if WP7 will be enough to pull those customers.

    • David

      @ TMOprophet

      You are simply so wrong. There is no such a thing as a little too late. People who use “a little too late” basically are clueless about market and future of technology.

      • TMOprophet

        In this instance, for me to be wrong, WP7 would need to be groundbreaing and revolutionary. However from what we have seen it is neither of these things, so therefore I am not wrong, there is indeed logic to the “little too late” idea. So in this case, you sir are wrong.

        And in several months, after WP7 is an obvious fail, dont say I didnt tell you so :)

      • Steve Jobless

        Actually, what you saw is an unfinished product. If you ask me, playing DLC (down loaded content) from your console on your handset is pretty innovative.

      • TruFactz

        playing dlc from your xbox to your phone is very innovating? i coulda swore i told Sony that when they showed the psp doin that with the ps3……

    • TMOprophet

      you imposter stop…… the real tmoprophet loves this phone. i hate yhou. stop ruining my life… i…ii…….i love wp7

      • watbetch

        lol you guys are funny, anyone in here a while knows you are the fake

      • watbetch

        lol you guys are funny, anyone in here a while knows you are the fake

  • James L

    so what would make wp7 groundbreaking and revolutionary? having an interface that is just like android and ios? lol. the whole look and feel of wp7 is like nothing we’ve seen.

    • TMOprophet

      IMO the interface looked unnecessarily complex and layered, I think it could be simpler, If I knew the answer to how to make it groundbreaking, then I likely would make more money than I do, as microsoft still cant figure this out themselves, they always over complicate their UI.
      And yes it is unlike anything we have seen, but that dont make it good

      • now_onTMO

        if you think the UI looks complex and layered or whatever you wanna describe it, then it could only mean that it is different and revolutionary and groundbreaking as opposed to how the former OS and UI looked like..
        we don’t know for sure how people will approach this new concept, but the only thing i know based from what i see is that it looks unique and more advanced compared to android and ios, it’s an improvement.. but it’s just the UI anyway, there’s more to a phone than just the interface.. we’ll see

  • now_onTMO

    i like the UI.. definitely looks better than iphone’s bleecch UI.. LOL
    i love android! :)

  • Joe

    its = Possessive pronoun

    it’s = It is

    Not that hard…

  • just some dude

    Oh man I figured out what the UI reminds me of “Tetris”. LOL Yup this freaking thing looks like Tetris. The only difference is Tetris is fun.

    • John

      @ just some dude

      Oh you again in Windows Phone related post.

      Everybody knows you are just a tool and troll. All you do is spam and talk crap. Go back to you hole again…

      • just some dude

        @john, I talk crap when I see crap.

    • John

      @ just some dude

      No. You are crap and that’s why you always talk crap.

      • just some dude

        No the phone is crap and that’s that. lol this is funny, i arguing with someone how likes this thing. oh god help me.

  • just some dude

    “Tetris UI”, coined here first.

    • coolMANDINGO

      Good one because this phone and the “tetris ui” will fail miserably! they should stick to laptop and pc’s. if microsoft wasnt so lazy theyd still be at the top of the game.

  • coolMANDINGO

    this video had me like 90% of the video “SPEECHLESS”. this phone sucks.

    • Smith

      Your comments sucks too! ;)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    HAAA!!! @ 1:36
    “Hey dude”
    “Did you get my mms”
    “Google Voice doesn’t do mms”

    Do you guys think that was intentionally put there as a shot at google?

  • HEMI 922

    WP7 wont be leader in the mobile market.. It wont be complete with Iphone and Android, Meego, Bada.. Meego and Bada just are new platform OS, they have multitasking , app switcher, and copy & paste.. MSFt is no excuse for many missing features in wp7..

  • Sgt. Cell

    The software is only as good as the hardware. MS is getting a little too like Apple. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

    • Peter

      @ Sgt. Cell

      You tried too hard and you faild…

  • mark
  • Microsoft is not any stranger to having companions galore in the telephone business, however its lineup of manufacturers for the upcoming, surprisingly promising Windows Cellphone 7 launch isn’t any much less impressive. After loads of rumoring, Microsoft has confirmed that Dell and HTC might be making Home windows Phone 7 telephones, in addition to ASUS, LG, and Samsung who had already been confirmed. All of these companies ought to have their stamp on hardware by the top of the yr, with the launch of the OS still vaguely slated for the “holidays” We now have little doubt that every one five manufacturers can build some compelling, sexy hardware, however we’re significantly enthused to see Dell really stepping into the sport after the spectacular Streak and that drool worthy leak a short time back. read extra at http://www.wp7forum.com fans group.