Is The Samsung Vibrant Night Mode A Worthwhile Replacement To Flash?

The Samsung Vibrant has undoubtedly been one of the most discussed phones in the history of TmoNews. One of the most prevalent discussion topics was the lack of flash as so many of you described this as an egregious error on Samsung’s part and a huge mistake in general for a device of this magnitude. Since the time the Vibrant has come out however, “night time mode” has been put through its paces and been shown to be equal to the task for its purpose. Is it a direct flash replacement? Not really. Is it a viable alternative? That’s argumentative at best. What we have seen however, combined with what we have heard from Vibrant users is that the add on of nighttime mode has proven to be quite handy for nighttime shots and has for some, made up for the lack of a proper flash. Some of you may very well stay away from the Vibrant because of a lack of flash, or a front facing camera or simply because its Samsung, but for those of you on the fence, a few Vibrant users wanted you to see what nighttime mode can do.

For Vibrant users who are as of yet unfamiliar with this feature, Camera, Sidebar ( the arrow), Settings, Scene Mode, Night.

Along with the below shots, our friends at Droiddog have posted a large gallery of videos and images that will give you an even better idea of what one can expect from the Vibrant camera. Also, XDA-Developers has a forum thread with a few images.

I take no credit for the below images, you can all thank two TmoNews readers who were kind enough to put it together and send them in…






  • Ryan

    I’ve been trying to tell people for quite some time (even before we found out that the Galaxy S wouldn’t have a flash) that camera phone flashes are worthless. They take terrible pictures anyways, so what’s the purpose of having one? If you want quality pictures at night, use a good camera.

    Definitely a good post showing that Night Mode is not only a suitable replacement for a flash, but in a lot of cases, even better than a flash. Nice work!

    • Testament

      I still would’ve wanted the flash for two reasons. 1.) even in daylight I’ve seen the flash help out with my friend’s photos ( I’ve done a side by side comparison of two HD2 one with the flash turned on and one turned off, and the one with flash was better. 2.) Having an extra feature is almost always a good thing. If it was on the phone and you didn’t wanna use it, you can turn it off; but sense it’s not there, if you wanted it it you can’t add it.

      Not having Flash was not the deal breaker for me. it was the combination of no Hspa+, (big deal sense my internet service suck) no flash, no FFC, and I don’t like the UI on it.

      P.S. I wouldn’t start off a sentence with “I’ve been trying to tell people…” It makes you sound like a douche.

      • the truth

        soo starting a sentence with “I’ve been trying to tell people…” is unacceptable but not knowing the difference between the words “since” and “sense” makes you brilliant.

      • DudeDu

        hahaha PS…that was funny

      • Testament

        I’m not perfect “the truth”, I just thought I’d point out what really made me post today. (No matter how silly it may sound)I mainly just read comments without input.

      • 2FR35H


        This cameras needs no help during the day just check and see you couldn’t help it anymore.

        Flash at this point would only be great if you need a flashlight

        As for no FFC thats frivolous. You have no current use for it iPhone 4 can’t work well over 3G and its mainly over wifi.

        Evo 4G and E73 are the only other people you could call and I highly doubt many of your people have FFC on their device.

        As for HSPA+ it will take advantage of up to 21mbps even though its not an HSPA+ device it still makes use of the upgraded network

        as for complaining about the UI? get over it many love it and I am convinced you are just trying to find reason not to like this device. Have you even seen the UI personally? as in demoed it? if not do try it.

      • Testament

        Try taking a picture in the daytime under a tree without flash; then get back to me on that.

        I never said no FFC was a deal breaker. I said “the combination of”. If the phone had Flash and hsupa+, but no FFC I’ll buy it. like wise if the phone had Hspa+ and FFC, but no Flash I’ll buy it.

        Just because a lot of people like it doesn’t mean i should pony up MY own money for it.

        If you like the phone good for you. It’s your money do whatever you want with it. Me I’m not wasting my upgrade on a phone that I’m not satisfied with. (I’m not looking for a perfect device) Remember if I buy it I’m gotta have to live with the thing for two years…

        I don’t hate the phone…I actually was planing on getting this phone, (my internet service has gone downhill after 7.2 update) but the lack of all four complains above plus the November phone leak has made me hold off for a while.

        PS. 4″ screen is the PERFECT size for my hands.

      • 2FR35H


        I am just countering your objections. I fully understand your reasons I was just showing you how weak they are by taking on your claimed issues. You are absolutely free to do whatever you choose I can’t stop you obviously I am just trying to convince you that your issues causing you not to buy it are rather silly. No FFC combine with HSPA+ combined with no flash and Twiz 3.0 All of which are just unnecessary features really except for HSPA+ but this device will take advantage of their current plans to upgrade their network towers to 21mbps it just won’t take advantage of speeds past that but tmobile might not go past 21mbps with HSPA+ they may switch to LTE like verizon and at&t and in that case it makes your objects pure liquid.

        People have taken sunset pictures and many pictures in practically every setting including trees with this device It passes everyones expectations flash is not needed. If its good at dark without flash its way better in the day and under the shade without it as well.

        Search for Samsung Galaxy S Sample pictures

        Take a look

        Clear as day.

      • croikee

        So Testament, which phone did you pick up for the HSPA+ service? Oh thats right, you didn’t because they don’t exist yet.

  • manus

    ha ha to all those haters flash doesnt even matter so get over it already. this phone is a beast

    • BuddyLuv

      Flash makes a big difference. Its just that some folks don’t how to take pictures.
      I have the N1, trust me; Flash would have put the Vibrant on the most wanted list.

      • Davidohio

        Umm yeah

      • 2FR35H


        You are right, clearly with flash the picture is much worse.

        and oh please your N1’s camera is crap compared to vibrants.

      • chris

        “would have put the Vibrant on the most wanted list”???
        The Vibrant OWNS the N1.I just love all these sour grapes nexus owners:)

      • somebody7

        @chris…. how about this side-by-side comparison. Still think your vibrant is superior?

        • David

          To the uninformed casual photographer, neither of those are great and neither are terrible. Without the heading, you wouldn’t know which is why so yeah, I don’t know that one is superior to the other.

    • 2FR35H


      I know right they are just so full of it

      If it wasn’t a dev phone then they wouldn’t have one thing over the vibrant.

  • Relikk2

    Wow, that’s cool!

    After the first picture you’ve used the camera more then I have lol.

  • WXman

    Holy cow, that’s awesome.

  • Fender

    Im glad this is posted for all those people who complained and said that no flash is a deal breaker…I am a vibrant owner and I love this phone

  • Me

    I’m impressed.

  • threetee14

    i guess i don’t have to get a Epic or Fascinate after all

  • jdog

    Using your flash as a super bright flashlight and recording videos in the dark with it , yeah I say not having flash is not worth it and or a fool if you think other wise. Now that night mode + a flash that would be sweet.

    • Now this sounds like a more compelling argument/solution.

  • Nick

    Saw the ones someone posted in the forum thread, and also impressive. My GF has the Behold, and honestly the LED flash is horrible. It makes everything washed out and overexposed looking. Night mode is better.

  • This is a choice for some and it does take pictures ok. The question is why do you have to go through all the changes with all the default settings that make you have to make a bunch of choices b4 you take a picture wich will take a lot of time to set up the camera b4 a shot.

    • Testament

      Yeah, your average Joe won’t go though all that just to take a picture.

      • tehandroid

        Its only 3 buttons presses to get to Night Mode. If you know were it is it takes all of 5 seconds to enable it. OH NOES thats so difficult.

  • Leo

    You’re an idiot if you complain abbout flash after seeing those pictures………..

  • franklin mintah

    This phone takes some awesome pictures and incredible HD videos

  • raymond

    i agree night mode is nice really nice but flash can also be useful at times

  • TonyJohns

    I don’t understand why Vibrant owners care so much that some people want a flash on their phone? If you are happy without flash, that’s great! Don’t get so bent out of shape because people complain about it. Your phone is not going to loose cool points because people are complaining about lack of flash.

    • BuddyLuv

      Two thumbs up my friend.

    • john

      We know it won’t “LOSE” any cool points, just irritated due to people saying no flash=fail, when they haven’t touched the phone at all.

      • chris


  • raymond

    ewww i dont like tht face

  • raymond

    lol tony you noticed as well

  • watbetch

    Flash is stupid, you dont need it, this phone does it all. Night mode is better than a flash.

    All a flash is anyway is an added tool, or something that thousands of customers wanted, but who cares. Its all about making the best phone ever. The Vibrant wins, any other phone fails.

    • watbetch

      I didn’t post this. Keep sweating me though, it’s cute

  • Junior

    Whoa!!! I cant wait to get mines tomorrow. UPS hurry up!!

  • Ace

    There is no doubt that the nightmode is great and makes a huge difference. The only place that a led flash would help would be in the complete darkness or a club setting with very low light.

  • McDaygo

    It would have still been nice to have flash, but this setting works great. I still dig my Vibrant. I was in the store today and heard a customer “knock” on it for no flash, I let the employee know about the night setting and he was surprised to hear about it. I know you can’t expect everybody to know everything but T-mo or the manager should at least have the employees have a good grip on the best phones.

  • WHOA… night mode just made me a believer

  • dustin

    That is very impressive. I was on the fence about this phone before it came out, then once released I suddenly immediately want the phone, night mode only further justifies me replacing my shi**y cliq. I’m stoked that there is finally an android all touch screen phone with a screen large enough for me to actually be able to text on without the difficulty of pressing the wrong buttons due to large hands. I’m ordering this monster once my new billing cycle starts. +1 for the vibrant, even if it does have touchwiz on it

  • hoop

    the vibrant hss a camera? lol never use the one on my hd2 and it has a flash

  • J

    Both options, nightmode and flash have a long way to come. Get over it. Its a phone. With the flash, if you’re too far it’s too dark. Too close and you look like an Albino. With night mode, if you don’t have a steady hand, it sucks. If you mount to a tripod then it’s great as long as you have at least 1 lumen. Honestly, people complaining need to stop. We’re a long ways off from having a Canon EOS camera built in our phones.

  • NiiDiddy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE…my Vibrant. And YES the night mode is awesome.

  • rolo

    I have 2 say I am impressed with the performance of the camera however I still refuse 2 pay $200 for a camera without a flash. If it rolls down to the $50-$100 range it might be worth the aggravation when my pictures come out all jacked up. but for $200 it’s just not worth it.

    • rolo

      & I still want a FFC whether I need it or not.

    • Davidohio

      Yeah dream on. $50 or $100 is low balling it to the extreme. Not gonna happen. The price hp fair for the device it is. Oh and i love your useless comment how you want a ffc weather you need it or not. Makes no sense.

      • rizzo

        Happened. The vibrant is on sale for 100 bucks on with a 2 year contract.

        Go Heat!

  • jack

    Now lets do a nightmode in video, and lets use that nightmode for a flashlight too.

  • slide_fan

    Wow I have a slide and even with flash the vibrant seems to take better pics lol. But its all good though !

  • Tokin jedi

    I need the flash simply for one app I use the most…teslaLED

  • tipsofme

    Phone is amazing and a flash has no point to me. So win/win here.

  • tipsofme

    That a really good lookin pup btw.

  • mailman13877

    This article is one sided..Why would you compare the night mode to flash on a older weaker phone?Why not compare the night mode to flash on a newer phone like the Evo or Droid X..The flash on the MTSlide is cheap and it’s single Led flash..The Evo put money into their flash an the Evo has 2 flash.That’s the way you compare things..not new against old..not a fair fight.I dare you to compare it to Flash on the Evo,Droid X with it’s new Xenon flash or Iphone 4 and i guarantee it comes up a loss vs all 3 phones.I don’t think comparing the Iphone is necessary anymore cause there’s so many androids out there but the Iphone 4 is actuall the best comparison for the vibrant when talking cameras.They both have 5MP with 1 having single flash and then the night mode on the other.But now here comes the TMO loving SETTLERS in defense of this article..Evoooo FTW

    • dustin

      The mytouch slide is only, what?..two months older and has a 5mp camera. How is that an unfair comparison? It has a single flash just like the iphone 4 with a 5mp camera and single flash. Correct me if I’m wrong on the mp for the mytouch slide. IMO the two phones used to compare are perfect. Both 5mp cameras, one with single flash and one with nightmode. Droid x and evo has dual flash, making that an unfair comparison. No one is asking anyone to admit nightmode is better than flash, as stated in the article. But its a damn good alternative. And I would agree with others it would be nice to have a flash for a camera of this caliber, as well as nightmode. Id love to actually be able to use the flash for a flashlight if nothing else

      • NiiDiddy

        @dustin – i was just waiting to see what the mailman had to say…he must have just gotten from from delivering mail lol. anyway, better analogy from you, imho–good job.

    • watbetch

      Well look who showed up, Evo boy, how’s your crappy Htc, you need samsung. The Vibrant is untouchable, its the bestest and most awesomest piece of cheap plastic ever made, I dont care if it feels like a kids toy in my hands, or if the N1 with froyo still spanks it, The Vibrant is here to stay and it will get every update ever! Samsung backs up their phones! All of them! And my night mode makes up for every other lack of feature about this phone. I love my Vibrant and it loves me back. Its a special bond between a boy and his phone. My Vibrant is very good at loving me. Does your Evo love you?

      • BronxBebe

        HAHA! LOL!

      • TMOprophet

        Whoa buddy, more info than anyone wants to know, keep that stuff to yourself. But yeah the nexus with 2.2 is much faster, at least your not a complete idiot.

      • Shawn

        are you a boy or girl, because that looks like a girls pic you posted next to your name.

    • TMOprophet

      you all trash the mailman, but despite his somewhat trashing approach to things, I think he makes some logical points sometimes. And when it comes to all these high end phones, once they all run froyo, it will come down to what phone has the features you want, cause they all have some pros and cons.

      So this time mailman FTW

      • 2FR35H


        When has he ever had a logical point? all his responses are evo is better because of non existent “4G” that you have to pay extra for, a front facing camera that almost nobody has right now, .3inches of which provides no function and a flash camera on the back. He is just a HTC Evo fanboy.

      • TMOprophet

        I said sometimes, I think what many overlook is that regardless of the advantages the Vibrant may have against other snapdragon powered phones, the huumingbird is not significantly faster than the snapdragon in simple process computing, the real difference is seen in the graphics, and the Vibrant gets the win there because it uses a newer graphics chip, however graphics set aside, the Hummingbird is not significantly superior to a 1Ghz snapdragon. In fact Qualcomm has already been hard at work with their next 3rd gen chipsets, which will have much more advanced and powerful graphics processing than seen in the first generation ones. And actually these are already complete, HTC will be launching the first dual core snapdragon phone, likely the Emerald, and it will make the Hummingbird look small.

        The basic point is that many Vibrant fanboys are trashing the Evo and Droid X, when in reality the difference in the 1Ghz processors from each are very small and the performance is great in each. Read any full review on the Evo or Droid X, they all get great reviews. There will always be better stuff coming.

      • 2FR35H


        Actually lol yes the Hummingbird Processor IS significantly superior than Nexus One and Evo Snapdragon all tests show it and only reason Nexus One may seem on par is because they have 2.2 android. Once this device and Droid X and 2 sees froyo it will show the Nexus far behind.

        Texas Instruments and Samsung processors have proven to be significantly better than Snapdragon. If all devices were on 2.2 Android they would set Nexus One in last place this is a fact. I would hardly call the differences between the 1ghz processors small honestly. However though I can’t wait for HTC to release the dual core device but TI and Samsung will surely out do them if they produce one. First always falls last due to the longer you take the more research is done on how to make something better but yes they are all good processors snapdragon 1ghz is just last in comparison to the other two.

  • Cybersedan

    That’s an amazing display of how useless a flash can actually be. I think it’s clear, other than for taking a picture in a pitch black room from 2-3 feet away, this phone will stand heads and shoulders above the competition with the night mode.

  • z6

    No doubt that night-mode is a nice addition. It’s a software setting for long shutter. That doesn’t replace a flash.

    The first comparison in this post is just very misleading. If you’re outdoors at night and take a landscape picture, any camera with long-shutter and no flash will outperform a fast shutter with flash. I bet you can take a $5000 DSLR camera with fast shutter + flash and get a similar result.

    • sgastel

      So your saying the Samsung Vibrant is just as good as a $5000 dollar DSLR camera… I personally think it is great but what a great compliment to Samsung and T-Mobile I am sure they appreciate it.

      • z6

        The point is that a flash is useless on any camera in specific settings. Like if you are outside at night and take a picture of a mountain, the flash will turn out to be completely useless (i.e. similar to that first comparison with the slide + flash because the object that requires ‘lighting’ is too far away). A long-shutter setting will be much better since more of the limited light can be captured (i.e. night mode), but everyone should know this already.

        So yes, if you have the completely wrong settings on a high-end camera it will likely underperform the Vibrant. If you want to conclude that the Vibrant is better in such a case, then i’d question your judgment, hence why the first comparison is very misleading.

        Night-mode is good in some situations, flash is good in others. As a consumer, I’d want both.

  • sgastel

    I think night mode is fantastic and works great and a flash is not needed. That being said I still think Samsung made a mistake because the masses or monkeys (which ever you prefer) are driven on key words and when you say camera they want to hear the word “Flash”. Now Samsung said it has a flash-less flash or an invisible flash then the monkeys would of been impressed and ran out to buy the amazing device that has a invisible flash. So Samsung, if you want to build a great phone go with night mode, if you want to sell a lot of phones just like the other guys then put a flash on it so the masses of monkeys can point to it and say they have a flash.

  • BronxBebe

    David, I think you really should have an ignore button on here so people don’t have to read some postings from a PITA.
    Anyways, I have the crappy SKLX09 it has flash and I won’t use it cos it makes my pics wishy washy. Low lighting flash high light none, I think the night mode works great and most cameras, video cams are coming equip with it so good move by Samsung.
    Have I’ve invested in a Vibrant? No cos I’m debating on this or the HTC Vision and Emerald for the keyboard. From everyone’s reviews I’ve seen glad many are happy and I’ve seen it go up against other ANDROIDS for its video play and it’s knocking others out!
    So no flash either get it or don’t cos it’s done and it takes great pics I mean before androids, IPhones came didn’t most phones had no flash and you dealt with it or figured how to use it?

  • Eric

    The only reason I would want an LED flash is so a flashlight app on the market can take advantage of it.

  • Myg1

    IDamn spotted a troll! lol damn I can’t wait to get my vibrant had to order it over the phone ughh this waiting game sucks…n some people just want ffc just cuz another phone has it n not use it? Well n others that said you won’t spend $200 on a phone without flash? Get out of here…..what phone hade you been using?

  • coca

    I started taking pictures in a night club this weekend and i was amazed how good they came out. I was a skeptic too, i was disappointed with T-mobile when i heard there wont be flash but i now see that the night mode is actually better than any flash on a phone out there

  • ObsceneJesster

    It’s a phone camera, who really cares what it does or whether it has a flash. It’s not meant to replace a dedicated camera and it never will. Stop arguing over something so frivolous.

  • Tarik

    The Epic Fail with the Vibrant is the fact that it doesn’t have a notification light. Everything else, the phone is fine with.

    • J

      I’d have to agree. How do you not have a notification light? Even if they used the menu/home/back/seach leds for notifications, I’d be okay. Make them so you can assign them for missed call/email/text/misc. Maybe xda will come through.

  • Don

    Just called T-Mobile because it would have cost me just as much to pay for the Vibrant then it would have to cancel my contract and get the Iphone 4 and T-Mobile hooked me up. I am a long time customer and appreciate how T-Mobile looks out for their customers. I was a little lenient with the phone having no flash and this helped me make my decision. I know having a camera on your phone is not a major deal but it is nice to take pictures when out with your friends for those funny moments. My mytouch sucks at pictures. I watched some of the Avatar movie on the Vibrant over the weekend at a T-Mobile store comparing it to the Iphone 4 while I was at the mall and was very impressed with the quality of the movie playing on the Vibrant. Thank you T-Mobile, you impressed me!

  • tmobjon

    Just tried it out on my Vibrant. I’m impressed with the night mode. It is a good alternative, but most people won’t see that. They don’t exactly put “night mode” as a feature on the box, most will just see the phone and say “oh no flash” and immediately think it’s a negative.

    Night mode is a good alternative. The vibrant is a pretty good phone.

  • blablabla

    quit your bitching about the damn flash. I bought this phone and It is completely awesome. Camera still takes great photos and I only took photos to test it out. I’m not big on snapping photos with my camera phone whatsoever but the night mode makes a huge difference and I tested it out in my basement with no lights on. The only thing illuminating the room was my computer. Seriously, stop complaining. It is a GREAT phone. I have the mytouch slide and I enjoy the vibrant 100x more. I really thought I would miss a lot of things about the slide especially the htc sense features but that has not really been the case…

  • Charles Xavier

    I’m really happy with my Droid X on Verizon, but it’s good to hear things turned out well with the Vibrant’s camera.

    • TMOprophet

      any screen issues, I heard of some being reported, as much as I like the X, and I really do, I am not a huge fan of Motorola, I sometimes feel similarities between them and samsung, although I would def get an X over a samsung anyday. I am very impressed with Moto’s Droid X build quality, it is solid!

  • kungfu

    so sad to see were this is going, ive seen the phone true its nice and if you like it get it and if you dont will then dont, i am happy with what i got works for me, but to see how peaple in here go about how the phone is almost better then life or it seems that some in here will give up there frist born just to have it or just to give there say so on it is sad, folks its just a phone family frist, hey if you got the money then get it use it wisely but dont let it control your life you control it, but hey what ever its your life

  • semper

    Even though I still prefer the iphone 4 this phone is selling like hotcakes so keep buying people so I can pay my AT&T bill BOGO got extended until September 7th, soon this Vibrant will be available as the free one too!!!

  • rev2redlineguy

    Those pics look pretty darn good. I get my Vibrant tomorrow so I’m excited! BTW…what a cute pic of that dog. ;-)

  • San Diegan

    OK, I didn’t read every response so I may have missed this.

    With flash will actually turn down some sensitivity so the picture might possibly be darker with the flash on. Is there a low light mode for the slide?

    Love the site, just keeping you on your toes.


  • slide_fan

    haha yu slide hatter !!!!

  • slide_fan

    Get off my red slide dustin. Comin from a g1.. Awesome phone.. And.since you are talking about other phones on other carriers why are you on tmo forums ?

    Sent from my slide using swype ha so amazing

    • dustin

      What the hell are you talking about? Re-read my post, I didn’t say anything bad about the mytouch slide whatsoever, I like that phone. And talking about other phones on other carriers? My post was in reply to mailman comparing other phones. If you’re going to post in regards to someone else’s comment, you should first understand what they said. So calm down, breathe, quit being ignorant and re-read what I previously wrote. Always amazes me when idiots like you get bothered because you don’t take the time to read, or least read correctly.

      Posted from my motorola cliq using swype – perks to being a t-mobile tech rep – testing beta versions of software not yet available for certain phones. Ha so amazing

  • Ron

    Damn…. Do we really need a flash since the “Antenna” works? lol..

    • Wilma Flintstone

      don’t you mean “antennaegate”? Haaa!!

  • phonegeek

    i may just use my upgrade for the vibrant its starting to seem pretty worthy ill give it some more time

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    I used the night mode on my VIBRANT tonight and I must say I need no flash with this phone, just amazing

  • JM

    That is impressive. The outdoor evening shots were most surprising.

  • khaltz

    wow it even changes angles too?

  • Att rules!

    Ill think about getting the captivate

  • HoOn

    This phone’s greatest strength is the camera and the video capabilities. I was amazed at all the bells and whistles this cameraphone can do. Have you guys even tried the Panoramic feature? It’s basically straight out of the Sony commercial with Taylor Swift. It’s amazing. I haven’t tried the night mode but reading this post just makes me appreciate the Vibrant even more. :)

    • Presto117

      all I read was “blah blah blah Taylor Swift blah blah blah shwing blah blah.”


      but in all seriousness, that panoramic feature sounds amazing!

      • chaoscentral

        action mode is even cooler, it takes a ton of photos of someone doing an action like running, and it creates a panorama with keyframes from the various movements. quite amazing to see the finished results

      • fhantom

        all samsung phones have that my cousens samsung memoir has it too and it a not a smart phone

  • I went and saw a Vibrant today. My concern is with ‘future proofing’. That is, if/when will the Vibrant get Froyo? and looking forward – will it get Gingerbread? I don’t want to spend $500 on a phone that will be outdated in 5-6 months.

    For me, it’s between the Vibrant and the Nexus One.

    • If your justification for purchase is “future proofing” then how can you consider anything execept the Nexus One?

    • MM

      All phones are outdated in 5-6 months. How long do you actually keep a phone, maybe 2 years? The phone is great and have nothing but high marks for it.

    • BobeDogg

      Gingerbread will be available for the Vibrant.. inside info.

    • comatose

      how can you consider “future proofing” with the Nexus 1 since they are stopping production on it? “future proofing” doesn’t mean “buy a phone that’s about to be discontinued”.

    • Reece

      Froyo is a no brainer at this point, worldwide release + release on multiple US carriers = death if it wasn’t gonna get Froyo at all given that it’s more capable then the Nexus One which is happily running it.

      I’ll even say Gingerbread should DEFINITELY be on here since, again, lesser phones like the Nexus One will be running that. After that however will be questionable IMO.

      …it also has root access via modding community so if Samsung was to screw people after Froyo then folks can probably get the goodness baked on there via modding so I’d probably be happy with that

  • Richard

    Hey guys, I’m on a unlocked Iphone now, and wanting something new, is the Vibrant a good choice? I looked at the HD2, but I hate Windows mobile. Thanks for the help!

    • SwizzleStix

      If you hate WinMo, then DON’T get the HD2. Simple. I’m so sick of people who bought it then wanna trash it. As a long time WinMo user, the HD2 is the best *WinMo* phone I’ve ever used, and my favorite phone of all the phones I’ve had. But I *LIKE* WinMo. Can’t say it enough: If you really like Android or genuinely have a dislike for WinMo (hopefully via experience and not because of some fanboy attitude), then DO NOT GET THE HD2.

      I will say, with WinPhon7 coming, the rumors of a super-duper Android handset, combined with my love of the HD2, I’ll skip the Vibrant and see what comes later down the road.

      • Blake

        I have to agree. I had a G1, decided to try Windows Mobile and bought a Touch Pro 2. While the TP2 is an awesome phone, I didn’t like Windows Mobile so much. Needless to say, I bought the Vibrant on launch day.

    • BobeDogg


      i had the HD2. I had been waiting for it to come out. my buddy that works for tmobile was chosen to be the ginny ppig and had it for a onth to play with and write a report about it. there’s not enough room to write all the great things about the phone. BUT the one thing that mkaes it not worth getting is Windows Mobile.You’re coming from a phone (iphone) that is such a use friendly phone. The HD2 will frustrate the heck out of you. I returned it 2 days later. If anything I highly suggest going with a phone that has the ANdroid os. MUCH MUCH Better.. hope that helps.
      btw all my friends that also bought the HD2 have all returned them and went on to other phones.

  • Flgirll99

    I just got my phone today and can’t put it down!! Love, love, love this phone. The camera is good and all the pics I’ve taken so far look good. So I guess a flash doesn’t really matter after all.

  • The Vibrant Is My PRECIOUS

    This is awesome. Its better than a flash. I love it and gotta have it.

  • Mr Roberts

    Iphone is the best tmobile out hands down why would any buy a Samsung or a windows media phone you cant get updates for your phone Its a same how slow tmobile is with there phones every other carrier are at least year ahead of tmobile only thing tmoible has going for them are there rates they are the cheapest other then metro pcs or a prepaid

    and why would they bring out a phone with 2.1 when 2.2 is already out wtf tmobile get it together i will not buy another tmobile phone until they get it togehter

    • coolMANDINGO

      grab a snickers it will be a while!

    • cheato

      Maybe you should get hooked on phonics first

      • BobeDogg

        lol……. i’m sorry that was a good one!

    • Boltz82

      Sometimes people come on these forums and post things that make them look so ignorant and pathetic. I would think that if you want to convey a point then get your stuff together and at the very least, use good grammar. Anyways, I would challeneg you to produce a phone that ships with 2.2 other than a Nexus One, which BTW they are phasing out. The Droid X ships with 2.1. The EV 4G, Incredible and other Galaxy S phones all have 2.1. Hell, even the Sony Xperia X10 ships with 1.6, and that is a remarkable phone. So I believe than if anyone needs to get it together it may be you. Keep up the good work T-Mobile.

      • swehes

        Nexus One still ships with 2.1 as well.

    • john

      TMO is the ONLY carrier with a 3g phone that has 2.2, couple that with the fact that if you update that jailbroken turd of a phone, you lose your jailbreak and unlock, you sir are now considered to be a moron. (Also, please begin to attempt to use punctuation, commas, periods, and such…makes the post comprehension capable. Dbag)

    • Tayor

      You should go back to school and learn how to write. Must be all that abreviation you use while texting and driving.

  • dc5

    i was happy with my vibrant its amazing till tonight i was on my hd2 testing newest android build which is amazing btw calls n camara are a go but anyways i get a call n the hd2 on android wasnt sounding so great so i get back on the sansung figuring it would be a longer call n it wouldnt get service it went from 1 to 0 so i got back on my hd2 on windows mobile to make my call man im glad i kept it its been so reliable for me now planning on returning the vibrant n waiting for the unlocked galaxy s from best buy for the ffc n standard software instead

  • watbetch

    The best thing is, Flash could never do this. It sucks for anything other than 2ft shots

    • pimpstrong


  • Shawn

    If you don’t need a flash because this phone has night mode, then why do the other galaxy s phones on different carriers include a flash, and I’m assuming the night mode also.

    Obviously you need a flash still, otherwise Samsung would leave off the flash on all the carriers.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And actually Shawn… in a review by CNET of the Vibrant, the reviewer specifically stated that Samsung told her it was T-Mobile who ordered the Vibrant without the LED flash.

      So the inquiry is “Why did T-Mobile order the Vibrant without LED flash?”

      AT&T also ordered the Captivate without the LED flash.

      Verizon’s Fascinate will have an LED flash.

      Sprint’s will too.

      Is it a cost issue? Maybe an LED flash cost an extra $2? So T-Mobile figures with Night Mode a flash is not needed and that saves them a couple million dollars, assuming one million Vibrants are sold.

      Or maybe it’s simply a tech issue, that the T-Mobile tech people told the decision makers an LED flash is unnecessary since Night Mode works so well and since that would also result in a cost savings, that was music to management’s ears.

      Or it could be a tech support issue. I don’t know the fail rate of LED flash on cell phone cameras (perhaps because of a loose wire). If an LED flash fails that’s a warranty claim T-Mobile has to deal with. So leaving out the flash results in fewer warranty claims.

      Just speculating. Maybe someone in T-Mobile tech or a handset buyer can chime in.

      • Shawn

        I don’t think it is any of those issues. If you visit the samsung forums, people who have owned this phone for a while, have said the phone takes poor pictures at night, in dark settings, for example, pictures of friends inside a dark bar.

        go to samsungs forums on their site.

        If you look at the above photos carefully, you will notice the dog photo and pictures of the drapes are infact taken during day light. So the camera is just amplyfing day light.

        now the camp photo in the dark, that is suspect, because night mode actually made that photo look like it was day time, the sky is blue, and the clouds have a reflection from the sun. This leads me to believe, that was NOT actually taken when the sun was down and the moon was out. It was probably taken around 5-7 in the evening, with sun setting, so turning on night mode aps the remaining sun out.

        Now, if the photo was taken truely at night with the stars out, and it had that effect, that would be a miracle, and it would also be a distortion of the pic, because look closely, the pic shows reflection of the sun off the clouds. Trust me that pic was not taken at night, along with the dog, along with the drapes…all day time.

        The samsung forum is credible, full of developers, they all said, the phone does not take true night shots.

        take care

      • Shawn

        One more thing about why t-mobile didn’t include the flash.
        I believe because a samsung vibrant 2 will come out. This will be updated with HSPA+ and a flash, along with gingerbread 3.0. If they included a flash now, then vibrant 2 wouldn’t have any real incentive for people to upgrade.

        T-mobile does this alot. For example they release pearl 8100, they leave out stuff like wifi on purpose on the initial release, because they know in a few months, they will Release Pearl 8110 with wifi. You think that is just a fluke? No way… they release little updates to the phone on purpose, leaving everything out the initial release.

        So I bet you… as soon as the yr rolls around.. Vibrant 2 will be out, same phone, just flash, hspa+, gingerbread, and something else. Vibrant 1 will drop in price, to be replaced by vibrant compete with the rest of the hspa+ phones coming out.

        Why not put hspa+ and flash now? well for the reasons I stated above…also this would clash with their Sept release of a hspa+ htc phone with flash. You gotta have something good to talk about today, then again in a few months right?

        It was not a technical decision, it was all decided upon by marketing.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s some YouTube videos I posted of the camcorder in action. The YouTube videos are in HD, so the excellent quality of the Vibrant’s camcorder is evident.

    Overall IMHO the Vibrant’s camera and camcorder functions are excellent.

  • TheAnalyst

    I’ve always said the night mode is great. This is a mobile phone…yes, it is a smartphone, but it is not primarily a camera. I had another phone, 5 megapixel with flash and I never used the flash because it didn’t work well. The night setting always and still does works better.

  • coolMANDINGO

    i will get the phone then take it back after 1 week! dont want to use my FULL discount on this phone. all in all its a cool phone. so the only complain now is the ffc and oh yeah the Mario bros. LIVE WALLPAPER! i tried searching for it on the device and it wouldnt pull up. i tried it looking for it on a friends evo and then it popped up. wtf?

    • Maverick128

      You have to download the apk and install it from the SD card. As far as I know, they pulled it from the market. I downloaded it and installed it and it works great. The battery life in this phone is incredible as well. I can go 2 days with normal usage, some gaming, etc. between chargings. I love this phone.

      You can find it here. If you register, you can download it from there and put it on your phone.

  • mike

    dam impressive

  • mailman13877

    So to the dude who said its a great comparison vs the MT Slide

    That’s a bad comparison even though it has 5MP an flash like the iphone.You guys are sometimes slower than snails.If your gonna compare things they have to be on par.If anyone of you have held an Iphone 4 you’d know that apple invested so much more money than they Slide manufacturer for its cam that the Iphone cam almost rivals the Evo’s an the Evo has 8MP.That’s the only 5MP phone that can do that.That’s why I say the fair fight would be new tech vs new tech in the Vibrator vs the Iphone 4 cam/flash.I guarantee the Iphone with flash makes you say screw the alternative I want a flash.I may be wrong bout the Evo an Droid X cuzz they have dual but the Iphone is the perfect match in cams..not the Slide..maybe you guys should google Iphone 4 cam vs Slide cam an see how far ahead apples cam is as opposed to the slides cam.Sometimes it’s more that the # of MP but the quality of the product.Also its funny how you can say the Slide is only 2 months old but u can say the Evo is outdated when its a month old?That’s why I say you guys are TMO loving SETTLERS.Your so biased an defensive when it comes to hearing the truth..Also the Evo an Droid are better phone no matter how you put it aside from graphics.The hummingbroad isn’t a must over the snapdragon so stop tryna act like its so much faster.Plus the network plays a part in that processing speed an Sprint has by far a better network than TMO here in NYC.Those comparison videos don’t tell the truth bout TMO speed cuzz they run those test in clear environments.In everyday environments in NYC TMO network is always congested.See in reality sure TMO should be the fastest network according to test but seeing the network is so backed up it isnt.That’s a reason TMO is a far 4th place.And to

    You say my logic is wrong cuzz I always say 4G..go find my comments where I only say 4G an paste it back.You won’t cuzz I don’t talk bout no 4G when 4G isn’t even out in NYC for sprint.I may have said it helps the evo over other phones but my points are usually what TMOProhet says.If they are all running Froyo or Enclair then it comes down to the features that the phone itself brings.The Vibrator brings nothing that makes a honest person want when having to choose between the Evo,Droid X an Vibrator(without thinking bout price, wise only).That’s what makes the andoid os so much more likeable than the iphone can always choose a new style phone an have the OS but iphone u can’t.I use to say the android was better but in the end they’re more a tie an come down to whether u wanna customize,stay simple and stick with the similar style phone long term.

    • Boltz82

      Mailman…. I often read your posts here and while I often agree with what you may say you come across in such a poor manor that it is hard to really side with you. You state that we at TMO are settlers. I beg to differ. I would agree with you that in NTC the network on Sprint is better than TMO. The reality is that it is about the CDMA technology instead of the GSM in that area that makes it work. In the LA area where I am it is quite the opposite. Networks vary from region to region. However, the HSPA+ that T-mobiloe has is lightning fast and I believ they are expanding the fastest. As far as the phones go, there is no perfect phone. But there aare more and more options for people now a days. I believe the Vibrant to be on par with the EVO and Droid X. The screen is the Vibrants best selling point in my mind, ahead of the others. Also, the Hummingbird processor is faster, if even just a little. But faster is faster. I look forward to hearing more from you, maybe just lose the chip on your shoulder, or at least get a smaller one.

      • Maverick128

        I’d say the Vibrant is better than the EVO based on processor and better than the Droid X based on the fact that Exchange actually works correctly on the Vibrant.

        We have a salesperson here who just picked up a Droid X and wanted me to set up his contacts, mail, calendar, etc. I tried connecting to the Exchange server and it just errored out saying that it couldn’t connect to the server. For S&Gs I tried it on my new Vibrant and it popped up right away. Apparently it’s an issue Moto is aware of but not actively acknowledging. There are 10 pages of complaints at the Moto forum on this exact same issue.

        Besides, the screen isn’t that much bigger than the Vibrant, and it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice. The thing is a massive brick while the Vibrant is sleek and sexy. No contest. Flash doesn’t matter on a smartphone.

      • BobeDogg

        BOLTZ>>>> However, the HSPA+ that T-mobiloe has is lightning fast and I believ they are expanding the fastest.. Very great point! it is being expanded as we speak! And i also agree that the Screen on the Vibrant is the most beautiful out there. I’ve owned all ip[hones from the silverback to the Iphone 4.. i’ve also had the HTC HD2 and 2 mytouches.. I have to say that none of them match the quality of the screen. Also i have to say that the Android system is head and shoulders above the iphone.

        @Mailman.. i’m trying to understand what you’re opinion is, are u an iphone fan or android? I just got the feeling that you were mad at someone and trying to beat them down in your post.

        I’m new to these forms so please i mean no disrespect, I’m just trying to learn new things abput OS’s and future phones that i’m purchasing.. Always Love yall… BD!

    • Patrick

      I would normally ignore something like this but decided to post anyway. The iPhone 4’s flash isn’t that great. One reason the camera “looks” better than other devices(at least while on screen) is because of:

      1 – The iPhone’s greater pixel density
      2 – iPhone 4 runs at 16m colors as opposed to the Evo’s 65k
      3 – Evo rocks a standard LCD display….the iPhone 4 has the retina display

      All 3 of those factors(whether you admit it or not) make a HUGE difference in how a picture appears(again, at least while viewing on-screen on the device). Now…in GENERAL…the iPhone’s camera is marginally better than the Galaxy S(from the comparisons I’ve seen). But none of them show still images using the low light setting vs still images using the flash setting on the iPhone 4. I’m by no means a samsung fanboy…i’ve never even owned one….but I’m by no means an iPhone fanboy either. I’m saying…until there are pictures taken to prove otherwise….based upon what’s been seen, I’m inclined to give my vote to the Galaxy S

      • Patrick

        just as a side note….people forget that tethering on T-Mobile isn’t an extra surcharge……neither is HSPA+. Whether people WANT to admit it…that IS a selling point. Yea….sprint has the $69 unlimited mobile plan….but you have to pay an additional $10 for the 4G and $30 MORE for tethering. And if you get the $99 unlimited plan, you can’t add on tethering(i know from personal experience). Plus the 16GB internal Storage AND micro-sd slot. I mean….people act like there’s arent things about T-Mobile’s Vibrant that are better than the others.

      • mailman13877

        Patrick your not listening to me. Forget bout the services. I’m talking phone only. The services is a choice thing n if u can afford it you get. I can afford it so its my choice. Besides I don’t need tethering but yes you guys do n I’m sure there’s free rooted ways to do it. Phone vs phone only the vibrant is not a better phone than its competitors top phones. Its TMO best phone but not a top overall phone just for the fact it doesn’t come in the top 5. Sprint n Verizon has 2 top phones n ATT has the Iphone like it or not.

      • mailman13877

        Was speaking in terms of your 2nd response

      • Patrick

        yea i see what you’re sayin about it in comparison to other phones. But each phone offers things the others don’t.

        Droid X/Evo – 4.3″ screen
        iPhone 4/Evo – FFC
        Droix X/Evo – HDMI out
        Vibrant/Droid X – DNLA
        Vibrant/iPhone 4 – 16gb internal memory
        Droid/Evo/iPhone – flash(lol)
        Vibrant – Newest GPU technology(which is better for rendering video/movies)
        iPhone 4 – Retna Display
        Vibrant – SAMOLED display
        iPhone 4 – higer pixel resolution
        iPhone 4/EVO/Vibrant – 16 million color display
        Vibrant – RIDICULOUSLY good night mode(it’s true….admit it)
        Droid X – 3 mic’s for speaker phone use

        That list could go on for AGES. I mean…if you really wanna get down to apples VS oranges(no pun intended) then it’s going to all come down to what you use vs the next person. But it doesn’t make it any better. I’d love to take all of those technologies and mix them all in one and have 1 outrageous super phone, but realistically, it’ll never happen.

        I don’t agree with your “not int he top 5 statement” because I think RIGHT NOW….the top 5 would be the iPhone 4, Evo, Droid X, Galaxy S, and probably the HD2(i know ppl will argue that because of it being WinMo but with it being able to boot either WinMo OR Linux OR Android….tri-booting is a feat in itself….plus the hardware is good too). That’s just my opinion. But even if you take the HD2 out(which you probably will) I can’t think of TWO phones that best the Galaxy S.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    that looks pretty nice. I must admit that I liked the Night Mode feature on my Nokia 3220 so this is njce. My two gripes are the lack of Ffc and that it’s made by Samsung (I’ve heard that the quality in Samsungs devices aren’t good but I’ll go up to my local TMO store and see what the build feels like).

    I’ve been wanting a FFC since the Nokia N95 hit the scene a couple years ago. This phone has great specs but I really want that ffc and was kinda ticked that the HD2 didn’t have it but at the time, my loyal, trusty and durable Nokia 3220 started finally dying on me after I had it for around 5 years AFTER someone else gave it to me. The Xperia X10 was the phone I really wanted (It had a ffc, android 1.6 but I heard that it is getting updated soon and a 4.1 inch screen) but Tmo US never got it so I had to finally replace my phone and the option I was left with was the HD2. I am waiting on Emerald (if this HD2 holds out that long – I’m on my 3rd replacement HD2 already).

  • rushmore

    Tmo folks should be proud to have this device. Lack of flash is a small issue considering what you are getting with this device and the fact that most phones are not that great with flash pics anyways. If there should be any concern, it would be the Wiz interface. Can Launcher Pro override this cheese wiz?

    In short: Chill out, since you have a device that ROCKS now :)

    • mailman13877

      To bad you don’t need a 3rd party laucher on the Evo or root to shut off the Sense UI. You can turn it off n have the native android home UI if you want. Another way Sammy n TMO fails.

    • JaylanPHNX

      From everything I’ve seen and read (check DroidDog’s videos) TouchWiz 3.0 is actually really good. You can adjust screen brightness from the homescreen by swiping left and right over the notification bar! That’s great thinking on their part. There are tons of little things like that that make the UI brilliant. I’ve also read that if you don’t like it, LauncherPro and ADW Launcher work great on it. When I get mine, I’ll be sticking with TouchWiz.

    • Maverick128

      I’m loving TouchWiz 3.0. It’s so much nicer and more elegant than the version of Motoblur on the Droid X. It really ties Android together and gives it a much classier appearance.

      Also, if you don’t like it, you can download Launcher Pro or whatever you use.

  • mailman13877

    With all these SETTLERS I wonder how come TMO can’t sell out like they did with the G1?Guess true logical customers aren’t blogging on tmonews other than me lol. Wish Evo would come back in stock already so I can switch to my Evooo ftw..other than the G1..has TMO ever sold out the way the top phones do over n over?Will they ever?They can when they stop FAILING.

    • SwizzleStix

      Congratulations, you’re now King of the Interweb Douchebags.

      • Asparagus

        Mailman….I made you a crown for your new title!

    • Patrick

      Well there WAS this one phone called the HD2…..and another called the myTouch 3G Slide(which actually was just recently sold out AGAIN and just back in stock last week).

      Oh yea……aside from the iPhone……what device has AT&T ever sold out of again? I’ll wait…

      The only device I’ve known to sell out on Sprint is the Evo(and MAYBE the Hero) but aside from that…..I’ll wait to hear another device that the masses demanded so much it was sold out for months….again….I’ll wait

      At least Verizon can say they sold out of the Droid, Droid Incredible, AND Droid X…..compliments to them

      • mailman13877

        The htc n slide doesn’t count cuzz I was speaking in terms of selling out during pre orders or day 1 for none pre order phones. Only the G1 did that.The competitors do it with every top phone that’s hyped up. Iphone counts cuzz its there top phone n has a new release every summer.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Not to be an interrupter in you all’s debate but the HD2 did sell out during preorders and day 1… K back to your debate. :)

      • mailman13877

        Thanks Wilma
        I’m wrong bout the HD2 but that’s ONLY 2 phones vs the competitors.

    • Matlock

      dude, seriously get over yourself! All you drop is come on here and bitch and complain about tmo, and how much better all the other carriers are! If you don’t like tmo’s phone line up then just leave and goget something from another carrier that you like, and stop coming on here to bash every phone that tmo comes out with!
      You talk about how great Sprint’s network is, well I can tell you that here in Tampa, the coverage for sprint is pretty spotty especially when it comes to data coverage! I went to a sprint store and had them show me data coverage for their network and it was almost non-existent. the majority of their data coverage was roaming off of verizon! Also, the Evo is supposed to be a 4g phone but 4g its not even out in freaking new york, and yet sprint has the audacity to charge extra for a service that’s not even out in most major markets. How about this mailman, go find yourself a sprint forum and celebrate with them how great your crappy network is, and stop coming on here bashing us, for wanting to support tmo! You sprint nut swinger!

      • mailman13877

        Listen Fatlock
        I’m complaining here so maybe TMO can hear my opinions. I did say sprint is better in NYC didn’t I???never said all over. Also I keep saying phone vs phone n not companies or fees.The phone itself n what it brings to the table is what I’m talking bout.

      • Asparagus

        Mailman…. Trust Me…..not listening

    • rushmore

      This is due to the lag in good devices and slow effort in 3G coverage- some of us folks have bailed. Tmo should spend less money on celeb addas and more updating towers ;)

  • mailman13877

    You can me all the names in the book as long as you realize I’m right. The more name calling the more you look like angry customers who realized I was right lol. TMO has 6 android phones coming by 2011 I remember correctly from the roadmap. My money says that the Evo is better than 3 n the Epic 4G beats atleast 2 of the exclude three that the Evo may not beat. Basically the Evo n epic 4g will beat 5 of the 6 n if it doesn’t or does sprint will already have leaked out an android phone that beats all 6.Same for Verizon n ATT..I’d bet on it cause that’s what theses companies past records show. TMO lacks the Succession that they need as of now anyways. FAIL.

    • Relikk2


  • boltz82

    @ Mailman

    It’s funny but the more you type the more I piciture you as “Newman” from Seinfeld clacking away at your keyboard, holed up in your NYC apartment eating day old pizza out of the box left on the couch. It seems to me that the only one settling is you for not even considering the fact that T-Mobile is a viable option. I told you that you are to aggresive, you didn’t listen. Listening is an important skill. That may explain why you spend so much time on a TMO website when you are so anti-TMO…….. no girlfriend. They need you to listen to them too.

    • mailman13877

      I hear you n I respect your honesty. I don’t understand how I’m aggressive though as I’m not the one calling people names n stuff. As far as to why I don’t consider TMO n option is because ive been with em since 01 n when you’ve given a business that much n no late payments n they can’t even keep up or give me (not n e 1 else) a good plan price vs sprint for unlimited things but they give it to my girl n she’s been with them only 3 years it pisses me off. Plus their phones keep holding em back n i really wanted the best for em. I’m also glad your one of the few that realize the vibrants only selling points vs the competitors many selling points. I am also on TMO a lot cause I’m still with TMO so I have the right imo. Lol ok nothing like Newman. I stay in shape strength training 4 days a week while working 12hr shifts n going to school. But I accept your Newman comparison cuzz I will respect jokes once people are honest like u n not biased based on their company n stuff.

      • pimpstrong

        Mailman u trip me out dude cuz u act bipolar lol. i havent been reading, u tried the vibrant out yet?

      • boltz82

        Touche Mailman. I am sorry to hear that they have treated you so poorly. I am a TMO fan, until they do me wrong like you. Going to work now…… have a great day.

      • mailman13877

        Lol pimp pimp
        Yes I held n everything in the store. I did comments on here saying it was a good phone n TMO best phone but it’s not better the the competition n isn’t n overall top phone. If it had ffc OR FM radio with flash it would have leaped right into a top 5 for me.

      • DSB

        why is it that you have to talk down the phones at T-Mobile… it so you will feel better about your decision to go to sprint?? The Vibrant may not be the “best” phone out of all the carriers but what makes a phone the best is up to the person using it….if you think its the best the you are happy with your phone no matter what else is out there….Last time i checked the Vibrant is android 2.1 and will be upgraded to 2.2, The screen is as good or better that any phone out, it takes good pictures flash or not, it browses the web, it gets email, it has a 1 GHZ processor, it has more memory capacity that any phone out…..have I missed something?? Oh, wait i forgot no FFC…who cares! Oh an by the way it is capeable of HSPA 7.2 which is on par or even faster that “4G” on any carrier….Please go get the EVO on sprint and be happy…..Just because the phone doesnt exactly meet the specs the YOU want doesnt make it a “fail” as you say.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I can actually agree with everything you said mailman well, besides the Newman thing Haaa!!! I’ve been with TMO since 03/04 and have had only one late payment and that was late at around 12:15am the next morning. I already know that TMO doesnt give a crap about loyal customers because they are focusing solely on generating New Customers by giving them the deals while people that have been with TMO for years like you and me get left with high monthly payments, No deals on new Phones, no early releases or early preorders, no monthly payment reductions and really no options.

        Yes Sprint’s $69 unlimited is a great plan but people like to try to argue that “It’s only 450 minutes to Landlines”. That may be true but it’s one thing that they seem to try to overlook, there’s things called VoIP like Google Voice that allows you to “Call Landlines unlimited for Free” so if you need to call a landline, just use Google Voice and you have it whooped.

        TMO really needs to give the people that has been with them for a long time some kind of reward but it won’t happen mainly because TMO is a company and companies main goal is to make money and they can’t make money by giving back. The buy one get one free thing is just a ploy to get people to sign up for TWO Contracts that they end up paying more for in the end. It’s nice if you were planning on buying two phones in the first place but most customers just think that they will get a second phone completely free and that’s not how the deal works.

        Just thought I’d comment on that. K, carry on. Have a Good one :)

      • Chris

        He said he held everything in the store. Including some dude named Rico, or was it Juan? You said it, we didn’t! I have been away for awhile Mailman, and this just brought a smile to my face. I haven’t had the chance to bash you in a few days, so figured I would get back at it. And you probably thought I was gone forever? And I see you have picked up more people that dislikes you. Its not that we know you are right (because you are never right) when we start talking to you like you are some runt of the litter of puppies that usually ends up getting tossed to the side and no one wants you around. What would be the ultimate is to see you hit by a TMO truck on a NY City street while talking on a Samsung Vibrant. I still have no idea why you can’t get a signal up that way. I had no problem and was up there yesterday on a drive from Connecticut to NC, was stuck in traffic, had a EXCELLENT signal. You must be trying to call from the Lincoln tunnel or something. Once again, LEAVE these forums. I come back, see a post from you, laugh, then throw up. And here I was thinking maybe you would be gone by the time I came back. I couldn’t get so lucky. Anyway…Mailman, welcome me back with some stupid ass post about you getting off to your Evo pic over the weekend. You should have it worn out by now, or its stuck to your sheets. But then again you can print them off the Sprint website, and put a heart around it, and have it sitting next to your bed like its your girlfriend. Did you get Dan Hesse to sign it for you? I bet it reads, Hey Mailman, Keep It Up! Love Always, Dan Hesse.

  • cnote

    This is the best phone I’ve ever had!!!! It exceeded my already high expectations and I am very happy with this choice. It’s the best phone out right now of ANY phone!!!

  • pimpstrong

    This phone is sick! Ive been so occupied with it since i got it that i havent even gotten on here to share my thoughts on it. Night Mode Works!! I cant believe that samsung enabled this thing to basically add light to the shots without flash. Those pics up top show EXACTLY how the pictures come out with night mode working.

    My 3 gripes are:
    No LED notify
    USB on top
    Power button wasnt thought out very well

    Aside from that im one happy M@!?/&+§%¥er!!

  • Not only this, but the selective focus on the camera is terrific. I am a photographer and this phone’s camera gives me some pretty advanced features for a phone, so I’m a happy camper. I received it today and am having a blast putting it through its paces and checking out the apps. Coming from a G1 with one of those huge extended batteries requiring a special back cover, this phone is light as a feather and about as thin. I feel like those volleyball players who wear weights while they train, but shed them and fly off the sand. LOL

    • mailman13877

      Your right that selective focus is cool. The phone has potential but that’s TMO. Show potential n not just be the potential like the competitors. Also each phone has its unique features like the Droid X has the ability to resize Widgets on any length n width by stretching it. I would love to have that feature cuzz the widget sizing in the AM is usually not for everyone’s liking lol.

      • Well, I will probably end up rooting my phone, and then I can enjoy whatever features are out there on whatever ROMs. That’s the beauty of Samsung here – they’re not disabling rooting like the Droid X does. People will still root that, it’ll just be more of a challenge.

  • JR

    Sprint and Verizon are CDMA phones as you all know, which means they are slightly thicker (even more so for the Sprint version due to the slide out keyboard), which means there was more space to add a flash. TMO, AT&T didn’t add one, I assume because it would have made the phone thicker. Not to mention, LED flashes are practically useless, you really need a zenon flash for it to have any real use.
    For what it is, a phone that happens to have a camera, I think it works just fine. You want better photos? Buy a small pocket-able digicam, even the best cell phone cameras can’t come close to a $150 camera.

    • mailman13877

      Sprint epic 4g is not the sgs..its the sgs pro n only sprint is getting it. The sgs pro had flash n keyboard. Sprint didn’t change anything but the name.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Someone at Samsung needs to explain how that Night Mode works.

    It’s very odd, it’s almost as if there’s an infrared type detection inside the lens. It takes just a little light, feeds off and amplifies the little light there is, and ends up illuminating the area as if there’s a 150 watt bulb lighting up the subject of the shot.

    I looked at the lens with a jeweler’s loupe and compared it with the HD2 and Slide. They all look the same, so it must be the processor or software in conjunction with what’s inside the lens.

    Whatever it is, it’s amazing. Pretty much dispenses for the need of an LED flash. (And maybe that’s why T-Mobile ordered it without the flash.) Sidenote: it’s too bad that T-Mobile is getting criticized for the Vibrant not having a flash. People need to know how well the Vibrant camera operates in low light.

    And like watbetch says, the Vibrant pics are better than what would be produced with an LED flash (I took pics with my HD2. Even though the HD2 has dual LEDs, the pics look lousy).

  • Vert

    Got my Vibrant yesterday. The low-light sensitivity is *definitely* better than a flash. Especially the cheap LED flashes they put on these phones. Here’s why:
    -LED flash range: 10 foot, if you’re lucky. Low light sensitivity works on entire scenes.
    -Even lighting… flashes make a big ugly bluish hotspot. The Vibrant takes pics that are evenly lit and natural looking
    -Stealth! The key to getting good candid pics is not to draw attention to yourself. Do people love having a bright led shined in their faces? They do not. And it makes them squint.

    The camera on the Vibrant is surprisingly good. Even in “normal” mode, the low-light ability is heads above what my G1 or Blackberry could do. The quality is on par with some mid-price digital cameras.

    I can’t imagine anyone preferring one of those crap LED flashes to this. If it were a Xenon flash… I think I would still lean towards the low-light option. I despise on-camera flashes.

  • Vert

    I will point out however that the camera lens glass is nearly flush with the back of the phone, and I’m betting it will be very prone to scratching and damage. So there a fly in the pudding for you, if you are seeking one. I am thinking how I can glue on a protective ring around it or something.

    Better yet, I’ll probably put a case on it. This thing is as slippery as a bar of soap.

    • NiiDiddy

      @Vert – bought mine with a case. Works excellent. Also glass on camera lens is reccessed when there is a case on.

      • monkeyboy

        Which case did you buy and where?

  • Bradly

    LED flash is only useful as a flashlight but as a camera flash nope, I’d rather have a xenon flash.

  • mailman13877

    Lol maybe when we talk flash we should be real. Truth is the top phones are now moving up to 2flash which is a big diff than single..So in that case the night mode is not an alternative imo cuzz u can always add more flash led an that will happ future phones but I don’t think night mode can match more led.For now in honesty I will give the night mode a win for ALTERNATIVE but fall its not cause u will have 3 phones or more with the dual LeD trend an let’s be real..TMO won’t start there good quality dual LED trendt till like winter lol..just a joke but a close to being true

    • pimpstrong

      I cant imagine a lil punk@§§ LED light giving me a better outdoor evening shot. Im dying to see the same pictures as above taken from an EVO dual LEDs and all. Guarantee its a fail. BUT i tried to take some pics at the club on saturday wit my night moded Vibarator and needless to say flash was needed at that point.

      Ima go ahead and say tho that if the EVO had HSPA+ and a SAMOLED screen then it would be the best of the best right now.

  • croikee

    To Mailman:
    You say you complain here so Tmo will listen to you? They won’t. Your attitude sucks and they’ll be happy to be rid of you. Why would they want to retain your crap attitude when you’ve already said you are going to crappy sprint? Honestly, you and sprint were made for each other. You treat people like garbage and so do they.

    Where do you come off calling anyone a ‘settler?’ Who are you to say I am settling for anything other than exactly what I want? You have the money to get a different service as if you are somehow supiorior to others? I love my service. I love Tmobile and I love the Vibrant. Yet I am settling? In who’s eyes; yours? Who are you? What have you done for anyone that makes you superior to such a degree that you can come off with your egocentric holier-than-thou attitude? THIS IS A CELL PHONE. Get a friggin life. If you get so worked up about a phone, then brother, seek help.

    I’m not worked up that you don’t like the Vibrant. I love it. I disagree with all of your points about it. I think (OPINION) it is easily a top five phone. I think Apple’s products get ranked so high partly due to the fact its an Apple. Yes I’ve owned their products as well. The Vibrant compares in every way favorably with the iPhone AND it gets good reception. No free bumpers for me to get my phone working right.

    What p i s s e s me off is you. Your attitude. You constantly putting others down with verbage instead of logical solid argumentation skills. You can’t back up your opinions with fact so you turn to cutting people down, name calling, throwing ‘settlers’ around.

    Maybe we just love Tmobile? Maybe we like this phone? Maybe we are satisfied with a company that treats us well. If you aren’t, go. Leave. Begone.

    Some day you’ll realize your crap stinks like the rest of ours and that, pal, you really are not all that special.

    • Asparagus

      Sweet….I’m a “settler” and proud of it….like a pioneer on the next big thing!

  • jmts80

    I was one of the people complaining about a lack of flash but WOW those pictures look very impressive! I am about 90% sold on this phone. Lack of HSPA+ is the only thing holding me back because my 3G speeds suck here in PHX (when I am lucky enough to get 3G)

  • derrickps3

    good technology, the outdoor shots of the nightmode were awesome, looked like it was still daytime lol

  • fauxreal

    I’ll take Samsung’s 4″ Super Amoled Display over the EVO’s washed out display any day. Not only that but the phone is way too big. I don’t really see a point in having a FFC at this very moment because not very many people use it. Yes it would be a nice option but who’s really going to be video calling enough for it to be a priority in a phone? T-mobile has a different target audience than that of Sprint or Verizon. And as far as I’m concerned the ONLY decent Android device that AT&T has sold is the Captivate. they have a tendency of locking down their Android phones which makes them a less favorable option amongst Android enthusiasts.

    The Vibrant is an awesome phone. Flash is evidently not a necessity. If you want to snap photos in the dark I would suggest getting a digital camera that is designed to do precisely that.

    Also, I believe everyone is forgetting about the 6-axis gyroscope. I’ve yet to hear of a phone that has one.

    The only thing preventing me from buying this phone is that it’s made by Samsung and I don’t trust that they’ll update past 2.2 (after the behold II debacle) and the fact that it looks a little to much like the iPhone. Otherwise, this is a decent phone and can definitely compete with the likes of the EVO and Droid X.

    • mailman13877

      The phone like I said has potential but isn’t competing or it would be sold out by now n it isn’t. It’s also the cheapest of new phones when getting it from somewhere other than TMO but that’s not helping. The only difference in this phone n the top phones as far as basic trends is the lack of ffc or flash. Seems that’s proving to bite TMO in the bum lol. Guess the sales don’t lie huh.

  • monkeyboy

    If he was my mailman I’d sic my dog on em…

  • mailman13877

    I dont have an attitude an I don’t call people nasty names like some people have called me on here.TMO can’t afford to lose even me.That’s why they’re doing so many BOGO sales to attract more customers.I call you guys SETTLERS cuzz you are an I show u my logic..If the Evo,Droid X or Iphone was on TMO an u had to pick betwwen one of em an the vibrator most likely you’d pass on the vibrator.That makes you a SETTLER cuzz u only say your happy cuzz it’s the best tMO gives you.Me on ther hand will show no mercy to a company that screws me.I’m jumping ship to get what I want most an not what my current company can give me.Same for Sprint,if they don’t keep me happy then i’l be right back with TMO or some1 else in 2yrs.That’s called settling imo.Don’t piss yourself off cuzz I’m just telling the truth.Once again fk the companies as I’m just talking phones solely. I understand you wanna take your anger out for being with a company that’s failed you with this vibrator but relax an take a deep breath lol.Now you were saying??

    • Relikk2

      Mailman, You’re stupid… Ohh yeah name calling, you like that??!!! Sprints plan are more expensive due to roaming, tmobile are the cheapest. HSAP+ is in my area. I would rather have Samsung VS EVO.

      • Relikk2

        And going by your defintion of “setteler” you are the biggest setteler of us all because you’ve been with tmobile since 2001 and still havent changed yet. If you have been unhappy this long get a new service provider and leave us alone.

      • mailman13877

        I wasn’t unhappy all this time attention..I was very pleased with my G1 but that’s 2 years now an I’m now un happy..Also ur still not reading my comments correctly..I’ve been saying Sprint is giving ME not you the best offer between the 2 companies an cheapest also for ME once more.You are also a SETTLER cuase look at the reason your choosing the Vibrant over the Evo for.HSPA+ doesn’t even have an official phone yet so 4get that.

    • monkeyboy

      Settler? Doesnt everyone settle for what they want in the end? I am getting the best phone that Tmo has to offer. Sure Tmo isnt perfect, but its the best choice for ME. The same plan and features I have would cost me $50-60 more a month on Verizon/Sprint. Tmo FTW.

      If Sprint is best for you, then SETTLE with them and goto

      • mailman13877

        That was a real comment right there. I can’t argue with your opinion. The only time I have said something is when people try to get to far ahead of themselves.Your opinion is cool n true but now if you say the vibrant is better than the Evo imma disagree. I have no issue if its good n ur happy but some people take it a notch higher.

      • J

        I personally would stay away from Sprint like the plague. Sprint is hooking up with the wrong 4G technology. WiMax has very few followers while LTE has the backing of 3 of the big 4 wireless carriers in the US and even larger backing outside of the US. With the amount of money going into LTE compared to the amnount of money going into WiMax, LTE will be far ahead of WiMax.

        First there was BetaMax. Then HD-DVD. Soon to join the list of second-rate techologies that didn’t quite make it….WiMax.

    • Relikk2

      HSPA + increases the speed in HSPA phones to (yes I won’t get full HSPA + speeds but I well get better then normal HSPA speeds)… I’m not going to go over the reason why I went with the Vibrant; that’s the phone I wanted. I won’t go into more detail because no matter what I say you will make up or find a reason to argue with 50 percent of the time having no logic behind it.

      If I was unhappy with my service for a day I would switch providers as I don’t sign contracts and buy phones out (I’m fortunate enough to afford this). That’s why T-Mobile works for me because cheap noncontract rates and fantastic coverage in my area. I was not in anyway making fun of your decision with Sprint. I was only explaining why I’m not a “settler” as sprint is a bad decision for me. I hope you move to Sprint so you can go away and leave us alone… And of course all of this is IMO.

  • the taxidermist

    The N1 is the best phone on the market, running 2.2 or CM (CM no other phone can touch it). The lack of a LED is pretty dumb, I use mine all the time as a flash light and it rocks! The vibe. seems like a good phone otherwise but all other phones I’ve hand my hands on evo Iphone4 ect are still behind 2.2 and way behind CM-N1

    • pimpstrong

      So what say you when the Vibrant gets 2.2? I mean that arguement only holds water in intervals. Also do you work in a sewer or in a mine?

      • mailman13877

        When they all have 2.2 then its only a matter of what the phones themselves can do. That’s why I say phone wise n nothing else,the Evo droid x n Iphone is better n the vibrant isn’t in the running. Idc bout led notification but was Sammy thinking?

  • pimpstrong

    Is there any other phone out with contrast SO GOOD that black is literally black? I mean this phone looks like its off when only that little loading circle is on the screen. I havent even seen a TV produce such deep blacks.

  • mailman13877

    If all that’s matters to you is colors then I applaud you. I wont disagree with it being the best.

    • pimpstrong

      DUDE you just completely refuse to see that this phone is fast or FASTER, big screen, will get 2.2, has a sick camera, amazingly good HD recording, plays back Avatar(movies period) as good as a home 1080P TV watching Blu-Ray, has WIRELESS VIDEO OUT, Plays 3D games like NO other, has the best yes BEST SAMOLED screen on th market, comes with 16GB built in, is SUPER thin, & one of my favorite parts is the best earbuds ive ever had come with a cellphone. and im typing all this with Pandora bumpin and Mario runnin his @§§ off on my wallpaper.
      What now son!? Thats my official review.

      • mailman13877

        Lmao pimp
        I just busted out laughing at work cuzz you said what now son. Wasn’t expecting that 1.Still disagree with the rest of your comment.rofl

      • pimpstrong

        Like that huh? Lol well ive thrown everything under the sun at you and u wont cave so i now retire from any future efforts.

  • RockHead

    I’m a semi-pro photographer -not my full time job, but I do get paid for some of my work. I frequently bust my ass to NOT use flash, or to set it up as indirect fill light source. Full on direct flash makes for lousy photos in most cases.

    My Vibrant will arrive in a couple of days and I’m pretty psyched to play with the camera on it. I think I’ll get much better results with it than I would if it had a flash. It sounds like there’s some decent control over what you can do with it, which I’m happy to see. My general assumption is ‘anyone griping about the lack of a flash, doesn’t know an awful lot about photography.’

    I do wish the FFC had made it, video calls are coming, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me personally. I only use Skype video calls on my laptop occasionally. Other than the FFC, I think the Vibrant ticks all the current superphone boxes. Android 2.2 will come soon enough, either from Samsung/TMO or Cyanogenmod.

    Looking forward to handing down my G1 running CM6 (Android 2.2) to my daughter.

  • cin

    So can someone tell me how to turn on night mode?

    • pimpstrong

      Camera…left tab…settings…scene mode…night…night. Gotta press it twice

      • cin

        Thanks pimpstrong. I tried it out last night and i’m impressed. I had the HD2 and the night mode on this certainly works much better than the flash on the hd2.

  • croikee


    I’m not unhappy. I’m very pleased with Tmo. I just signed a new contract in fact. I could have gone with Verizon, which I looked into and paied $30 more for what I get now. Its called good financial discernment. Verizon, for me, is not $30 a month better. If I DID go to verizon, I’d wait for their Galaxy S. If to Sprint, for their Galaxy S. If to ATT, for THEIR Galaxy S. Why? Because this phone is great.

    You don’t call people names yet you call people Settlers. How old are you that your logic and basic cognitive understanding is so developmentally delayed? I’m not angry that you don’t like Tmobile. I’m angry at your self-entitled attitude and disrespect you give all others that don’t agree with you.

    I work with teenagers as a teacher. I call them on this type of attitude when they get it because its disrespectful and immature. I really do hope you are still a teenager and have time to grow out of this. If you are an adult with this type of attitude, it really is quite sad.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Croikee… I appreciated your forthright post. Well said.

  • Bobby

    Hmm… I guess I was wrong about the camera on the Vibrant…

  • watbetch

    I can’t believe all of you are allowing this disgruntled “mailman” to troll you.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike


    • shawn

      is that picture of the black woman you, or are you a man? you mentioned in your other postings, that vibrant is a new boys best friend, but that pic is a chic, no?

      • watbetch

        The person that posted that wasn’t me

      • watbetch

        Ok it was me, I lied, and My vibrant does love me, and I love it, and we will make little Vibrant children together

  • Blake

    wth? Who uses a flash to take a picture of scenery?

    I know for a fact that taking a picture of an object with a flash will look much better than changing the exposure.

  • mjcl987

    ITS not that I dislike the vibrant, it’s just that I think HTC have better to bring this year.

    • tmo employee

      I agree. I work for tmo and I’m gonna wait to see what HTC can bring us next!

      • Dashi

        As Of August 1st I Will Be An Ex T-Mobile Employee… :( damn store is shutting down

  • TMO_Dolphin

    The T Mobile Vibrant takes very good photos and videos for a phone. My sense is that in the majority of situations with normal amounts of existing light you can get a good image. Certainly in normal daylight situations inside or outside you should get good useable shots. Regarding LED or any other types of flash, they are pretty limited. It takes a serious flash/strobe to pump out enough light for use beyond six to eight feet. A standard built in flash on a camera is probably effective out to six and no more than ten feet (at 100 to 400 ISO). These little LED flashes I would expect are good at no more than three to five feet. Still where there is little to no light they can get you something, and they offer fill light capability in other situations. I wish it came with a flash, and think it was a poor decisions to not include one. Still having played with a Vibrant, I left with the impression that this is one phone where you could probably get away without a flash in most cases.

  • ScuroRaven

    Anyone have info on the next HTC phone coming out? I have read all kinds of things but the last phone anyone was sure of was Vibrant..and that was confirmed months ago.

    • Kris

      @ ScuroRaven

      There will be “Project Emerald” coming out later this Fall(Is being reported as end of September).

      One will be The G2-which will have a QWERTY Keyboard, a 3.5-3.8 inch screen, Android 2.2, at least a 1 GHZ Processor, and be HSPA+ Capable(Which can reach speeds of up to 21 MBPS).

      The other(Which for me will be either this or the vibrant)- will be the HTC Desire HD. This phone has some great features. These include a 4.3-inch touch screen, Google’s Android 2.2 operating system and a Snapdragon processor. The rather-snazzy Desire HD will reportedly also come with an 8-megapixel camera with 720p high-definition video recording capabilities, Xvid support, Auto Face Tracking and SRS Surround Sound. Support for Adobe Flash 10 is also expected.

  • quikzilver

    Lol, The Evo screen is terrible. It has the worst screen of all smartphones.

    No Android can hold, Samsung’s GPU, screen, or 16gb memory.

    • Davidohio

      Yeah Evo is WAY overrated but don’t let mailman hear that because he is in love with Sprint and the Evo and has settled for it.

      • Dashi

        “waiting for mailman to come in here and wipe his bloody vag all over this topic”


      • pimpstrong


  • Those r incredible results

    • pimpstrong

      Incredible or HTC Incredible? Jk

  • jpb1972

    The Vibrants Night Mode easily surpases the benefit of the flash on my old blackberry 8900! Have had mine since it released on the 15th ,the phone is AWESOME!

  • just some dude

    When the Samsung vibrant can do this call me.

    • john

      When you figure out your kid can turn 180 degrees to face the light, then you’ll able to adapt not just depend on technology, retard.

      • just some dude

        Well lets just pretend that the sun is not there shall we. Then what would you do. I guess you have no answer for that.

    • jpb1972

      It can do just as good if not better, but im not calling you!

    • Reece

      uhhh… the picture samples does seem to validate that this is possible lol

    • WM123

      ITS a phone retard get a camera if you want pictures

    • Mark

      I don’t think my Vibrant can make a kids head look like a golf ball sitting on a tee. My God, the melon on that kid is huge.

  • Deals… i love em’

    DAMN!! ima get one

  • comparison guy

    Yeah I have the evo and compared it to the vibrant since i have 2 seperate accounts. and i’ll tell you one thing the evo might have a better camera and flash and stand and hdmi port but the touch response and processor on the vibrant with the hummingbird processor blows away HTC snapdragon. I even found out that the hummingbird is a dual core processor. we even compared it to my friends nexus one and WoW!!, the vibrant is so fluid. I have been using android since it was developed and none of the phones or apps for the phones put out great sound and when we checked out the vibrant, it has a built in equalizer and effects like concert hall with 5.1 surround sound. it was awsome listening to it in my freinds car. Oh and have you seen the avatar on the super amoled screen? Its like having 1080p in your hand. Last but not least for those running low on memory for apps, worry no more, the vibrant has an internal 16gb memory with external optional memory. now thats what i have been looking for.

    • pimpstrong

      FYI only 2GB is reserved for Apps

      • pantlesspenguin

        This is personally music to my ears. I’m coming from a BB 9700 which I thought was a great phone, but only allowed for about 130mb for apps! I had to be very selective when downloading apps, but now I’m enjoying everything the Android Market has to offer :).

      • Jimbo

        Dude, thats what the external memory card is for. You can finally store apps on external memory. My only Q is whether the phone supports the larger micro-SD cards (32 GIG)?


    I just got a Vibrant and yes I was apprehensive about the decision with it not having a flash. I have taken pictures inside and outside with this phone and will have to say, with the nightmode and the settings that are available…it does not need one. JMO I love the phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Fact is it childish to get all caught up on one feature or another and to say all other phones are POSs because it does not have the feature or in one’s opinion your favored phone has the better of the same feature.

    Let’s face it folks, ALL these phones are great. Some people are losing sight of that fact, that if a phone pleases the user then it’s a great phone, FOR THAT PERSON.

    Look at this pic, on the left if the first touchscreen phone that Apple copied when making the iPhone (the concept of a touchscreen phone). And that little silver phone is a Sanyo that in its day was uber cool because it was so small and thin.

    Oh, that the phone on the left is a Toshiba 2032SP (the “SP” standing for Sprint). I paid over $800 for it in 2002! The little Sanyo was about $350 in 2001-02 also.

    Can’t we all just enjoy our phones and quit with the pissing matches.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh… forgot to mention, the reason I put the T-Mobile Vibrant next to the Toshiba is to compare how far we have come, we should be happy for that instead of nitpicking this and that.

      That Toshiba 2032SP (that cost $954 in today’s dollars) had a “dual-scan STN” passive display. Compare that with the Vibrant’s display, that I put on minimal brightness for the shot.

      And of course the specs on the Toshiba were nothing. I still have the SD card that came with it. Back then it was a big deal that it had an 8MB SD card! (Note: that’s correct, it’s megabyte, not gigabyte). Now, the Vibrant comes with 16GB of storage soldered on to the motherboard!

      • JustMe

        Why does the phone on the right say HTC HD3 Bet?

      • JustMe

        Why does the phone on the right say HTC HD3 Beta?

      • Kris

        The phone industry is RAPIDLY moving. These are not even phones- they are mini computers with a calling function built in.

        If I buy a phone now- come December- it is outdated. Sad but SO very true.

        Everybody ALWAYS wants the current “Greatest” thing- but that changes- and very quickly at that.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I did my own comparison tests w/ regular mode vs night mode & I’m really blown away by the results. I’m eager to try this in more settings, such as dark bars & restaurants where I like taking pics of my friends.

    One question: I have it in anti-shake mode, but some of my pics still come out a tad blurry. Any way to fix that? I think I give it ample time between the time the shutter clicks & I move the phone.

    • TMO_Dolphin

      You can adjust the ISO to a higher speed (which will increase noise and reduce quality). It seemed to me the default setting is “Auto ISO”. I have always found it takes a little practice to get the feel of the best way to hold a phone still while recording an image. This phone from the little I have used it seems to me to have one of the better cameras and image quality. Until you offload images onto your computer and compare them and or make prints, it’ll be hard to tell how much of that quality is due to the superior screen and it’s excellent color and contrast.

  • Night mode forces the camera into using higher ISO. This makes it very grainy – pixelated. The shutter will be slower and you would have to hold you camera still for longer. If you can’t than you’d end up with more shaky shots.

    Night mode works for subjects when the flash’s light is not powerful enough to reach but it can’t replace a flash.

    Those test comparison landscape shot are a joke.

    Why are they a joke? You see, when you’re shooting landscape, you shouldn’t be using a flash at all. In fact when you do, it makes the photo even darker. So that wasn’t a good test at all. You can’t use landscapes to test your flash.

    If they wanted to, they should have had someone or something stand within flash distance. That would have been a proper comparison.

    A flash is useful only if you know how and when to use it. A lot of people don’t understand the uses of flash. You can even use a flash during daytime as a fill in. The night mode can never replace this feature.

    So I guess I’m saying here is that the flash is a useful tool to have. At least you have choices.

    • watbetch

      You aren’t talking about a camera phone’s flash because they do no do what you mentioned.

      There are more than just landscape shots here. If you can show off some amazing shots with a camera phone’s flash we need to see some of them.

    • TMO_Dolphin

      Again I have not done formal by the numbers test measurements. However to my eye relative to my impressions of other phones the Vibrant takes very good photos, and video (as noted some subtle stuttering of fast moving objects). As the Vibrant’s image quality relates to Flash Fill, the Vibrant seems to have better dynamic range than I have seen in other phones. One would have to do side by side comparisons and compare the output on screen and in print like I said, but all in all I would say this phone does very well.

    • just some dude

      could not have said it better my self.

  • Scritz McGritz

    Shut Up! That is amazing! (white girl voice) lols. Samsung galaxy phones are way better than HTC! That night mode is friggen amazing!

  • remixfa

    i dont think any manufacturer is better than another in totality. everyone has their good phones and their flops. You have the HTC incredible (very well named), and the HTC Touch pro 2 (bad), the samsung GalaxyS (incredible) and Behold (sux).

    judge each phone individually and quit being a fanboy. In the end companies care about ur money, they are not your friend.

  • joe

    the night mode is really awesome on this phone.
    yes, one phone can’t meet everyones needs but this phone wins hands down when it comes to gaming and watching vids. the screen is the best i’ve seen yet on a smart phone, yes, even better than the iphone 4 ( sorry Apple Cheerleaders ).

  • stressed

    Very solid device, too bad it will be obsolete in a few months. Didn’t you guys get the memo, htc is bringing us a dual core phone running gingerbread. Gingerbread is the perfect treat to eat under the “christmas tree”

  • remixfa

    if ur always worried about the phone being outdated in 6 months, u will never buy a phone because they will ALWAYS be out dated. OI.

    And the galaxyS will have gingerbread too anyways. :)

  • If these photos are accurate then the nite mode on the viprant is awesome. I may be a repalcement for the flash.

    I still would like to get my hands on the vibrant my self before I can absolutely believe it though.

    • Shawn

      I officially now own the VIBRANT! I love this phone. However, to set the record straight.


      The night mode only works if there is some background light, for taking a pic around sunset, or maybe you are in a room with a small 40watt bulb.. it will amplify the light available. However, it will NOT take pictures if the setting is too dark.

      The photos published in this article are misleading. Go back, scroll up..Look at each pic carefully, each photo is taken during the day. The drapes…day time. The dog photo.. day time… the camp photo…looks like sunset.

      Take the pictures of the drapes at night, the dog photo at night with no background light… or the camp photo with moonlight only, and you will get a black picture.

      Night Mode does not truely replace a flash, you still need some light available for the function to work. Meaning if you are in a true dark setting, your photos will come out black.

      • just some dude

        I just dont get why they would leave a simple thing as a flash out.

      • analog spirit

        I found this to be true with my Vibrant as well. It can’t amplify the available light if there isn’t any light available. They really should’ve just put a simple LED flash on there; it wouldn’t have been hard to do. At least allow us the option one way or the other…

      • Jsun

        Seriously… How can you take a picture in the dark if you can’t see what it is that you are taking a picture of anyway? Or do you just like taking random “shots in the dark”? (hehe, Ozzy pun)

      • CoCoChanel

        I second that. It has to be some light in the room already.

      • CoCoChanel

        I second that. It has to be some light in the room already.

  • T-Mobile didn’t get this phone with a flash because it would cost them more. Instead of putting out great phones and fixing their wireless service…they are to busy paying celebrities and sponsoring the NBA and the World Cup.

  • Mark Clotfelter

    It’s better than a flash…

    It basically digitally lightens each pixel BEFORE it’s presented to the screen, and before stored as an image after the picture is “shot”

    (That’s something that has always been possible with images taken from digital cameras…But, building it into the camera itself, as a feature, was a good idea.

    Subsequently, because it pre-lightens before it stores the image as a file, you can the affect on ALL your photos.
    That makes it BETTER than a standard flash. The lighting affect will work on even distant objects and/scenery where a standard flash would have a chance of reaching.
    Notice that the photos with far removed scenery where also benefited, in the photos above.

    • Mark Clotfelter

      Please delete the above post and leave the MODIFIED one below this…

      Mark C.

      • Mark Clotfelter

        (That’s what I get for posting when I’m dead-tired :-P)

  • Mark Clotfelter

    It’s better than a flash…

    It basically digitally lightens each pixel BEFORE it’s presented to the screen, and before stored as an image after the picture is “shot”

    (That’s something that has always been possible with images taken from digital cameras…But, building it into the camera itself, as a feature, was a good idea.)

    Subsequently, because it pre-lightens before it stores the image as a file, you can experience the affect on ALL your photos.
    That makes it BETTER than a standard flash. The lighting affect will work on even distant objects and/scenery where a standard flash would NOT have a chance of reaching.
    Notice that the photos with far removed scenery where also benefited, in the photos above.

  • Jolie

    Well, I guess I am now stuck with the Samsung Vibrant for two years. :o/ I’m going through Blackberry withdrawals. I don’t like the apps for the Vibrant. They’re just awful. I don’t know how I am going to make my peace with this phone.

  • Vera

    Samsung Vibrant… my first phone was defective. I returned it and got another Vibrant! I LOVE IT!!! Everything works beautifully! Great phone T-Mobile.

  • Vera

    Oops, forgot to add functions that I know how to use; after 2 weeks of phone of having phone.