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Motorola Charm Definitely Delayed Till August, Coming In Two Colors

The Motorola Charm may not have the T-Mobile Android masses as excited as the Samsung Vibrant, but it might welcome a new audience to the Android world. It was only a week ago that our first report surfaced regarding a possible delay in the Charm launch and given the above screen shot, the Charm has been delayed till August 25th. Our earlier report suggested that battery issues were to blame and that Motorola was working on a fix to battery drainage issues, possibly providing an extended battery with purchase. It’s all speculation as this point, but given the Cliq’s launch and release under less than thrilling battery conditions, it’s a possible repeat scenario for Motorola.

On a secondary note, it looks as though we might get graced with not one, but two color schemes for the Motorola Charm, a Cabernet and a Golden-Bronze. They both sound so exciting, I’ll take the Cabernet please.

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