Motorola Charm Release Delayed?

Rumor alert: This one’s firmly in the rumor category until we can get a little more confirmation, but we’ve heard whispers that the Motorola Charm has been delayed until August. What we’re hearing is that an issue with battery life has caused a delay in release until August 25th. With this we’re also hearing that Motorola will be providing extended batteries with the sale of the Charm. That’s pretty much all that we have heard thus far but we’ll work fast to confirm this rumor!



    shoot guess i’ll just have to get the vibrant then, gosh dang-it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aston

      not that it was a hard decision. lol

    • Reece


    • motorola bad bad

      don;t get any motorola phone because it takes long for them to update it, the lock the bootloder, they don’t give out hardware codes,and the reason they will say is “we don’t want u to root ur phone”.(we paid for the phone and it is our)

  • Look at the size of that thing! You could fit a RTG in there and have a 30 year battery life!

  • noelseven7

    I like bb so this is the close you could get to bb andriod.So im waiting

  • MichMan

    Bet that’s when we get our Cliq update. These are related events.

  • I am pretty excited for the Charm, I feel like its the perfect android for the BB lover. The only thing I dislike..its a motorola & I absolutely hate motoblurr. Either way, I am still excited for its release.

    • eYe

      You will have to run an alternative home program which will hide MB from your eyes. It it will still run in the background, but you wont see it and it will look like a regular Android.

  • TMOprophet

    I dont think this delay will upset anyone.

  • jose

    :( I agree about cliq…I don’t think we will get our update till this phone is released.

    • dans

      Moto’s already gone out and said that the Charm will be the first phone running the new Blur and 2.1. This sucks.

  • WXman

    Motorola = Delay

    It’s simple math.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Motorola = FAILURE!!!!
    As for the 2.1 update, I’m now guessing September if this Charm gets delayed to August 25th. Remember, they’re “testing in progress” the 2.1 update..blah blah blah! Goodbye Motorola forever and hello Samsung Vibrant in 2 days…yippee!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    well this is going to throw a curve in the roadmap…

    • WXman

      Why does T-Mo need a roadmap?? They are always following everyone else. LOL.

  • going_home

    Seriously ?
    Disappointed I am.


  • Stillwaiting

    Motorolo is a Failure because they aren’t releasing a phone that is having issues????

    Excuse me???

    Should they do what apple did and release a phone with a known defect?

  • helpme

    So now what will happen with the Tmobile back to school sale?

  • As a longtime palm and blackberry user, before discovering the awesomeness of android, I’m looking forwarf to this little guy.
    I LIKE my cliq and cliq xt, but I miss this particular formfactor.

    Hopefully, I can find someone on craigslist who will trade me this for an xt.