Samsung Vibrant Qualifies Only As First Phone For The Buy One Get One Free Sale

Ok, so… just one more article on the Samsung Vibrant tonight, this time answering quite a bit of your comments from previous posts regarding the buy one get one status. As you can see above, the Samsung Vibrant will be available for the first handset in the current buy one get one sale starting July 15th. There isn’t much more to this, however this should quite nicely put to rest any debate on the status of the Vibrant BOGO status. Just remember, this likely means the Vibrant WILL NOT be free, but available to use as the first phone with the second phone free.


  • Bimmerz

    Well this should make a lot of folks a happy camper! :)

  • Awatt

    It doesn’t make the Vibrant free, but it does mean you can get something like the Cliq and the Vibrant only paying for the Vibrant.

  • Manny

    Waiting for Sept & Dec

  • Manny

    Waiting for Sept & Nov

    • Bimmerz


      • JL

        I ditto his ditto. They have better phone coming out. I can wait since I have htc sense on my rooted G1

      • Ace

        Why wait when you hear the emerald is being release another phone with better specs would be rumored it would never end

      • Galen20K

        same. I love my Nexus One but looking forward to the bright Emerald glow….

      • monkeyboy311

        WTF, tech will ALWAYS get better. The Vibrant is the BEST Android phone Tmobile has ever had.

  • swehes

    However will it be allowed to be the second handset in a BOGO promotion?

    • deezy

      counts as first phone only, not a second one free. meaning you cannot buy a vibrant get one free. buy a vibrant get an HD2 free works tho( not that we want an HD2, just an example!)

  • joh

    Is the BOGO promotion just for smartphones?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    FYI anyone who is interested in doing this, I have the Slide, HD2, Touch Pro2, G1 and soon the Vibrant.

    IMHO the Slide is an excellent phone. Those of you who might not be interested because it’s a mid-level phone, I guarantee you it does not feel mid-level at all. I am extremely impressed with the Slide.

    The Slide is super fast, it has a great display and the physical keyboard is typical HTC, meaning fantastic.

    I am getting the Vibrant and giving the Slide to my GF to replace her G1. Having used the Slide for about three weeks now at times I considered getting a second Slide and opting to wait until the holidays to see what shows up. The Slide is that good, that I considered it over getting the Vibrant.

    So if you are wondering which second phone to get on the BOGO, you won’t be disappointed with the Slide, especially at the promo price, aka FREE.

    Sidenote: Why no BOGO for moi? I am on Even More Plus.

    • going_home

      You’re right, the 3G Slide would be an excellent phone for free.
      Unfortunately I bought one off contract when they first came out for $429.00.
      Yep, I returned it after a week. Just wasnt a $429.00 phone number 1,
      and number 2, it seemed like it was a very very small upgrade from my G1.
      Yeah 2.1 is faster than 1.6 and Swype is way cool. They keyboard is inferior to the G1’s and like you said hard to open, and the phone is slicker than snot.
      But I’ve since then picked up an Nexus One on Craigslist and loaded Swype
      and 2.2 and I am very happy with it. I dont miss the keyboard with Swype.
      I will save my contract extension for an HSDPA+ phone near the end of the year.


    • NiiDiddy

      I agree – I got the Slide for my wife on Father’s day [not because she wears the pants, but because I have been holding out for the Vibrant lol…], and it’s a super-duper phone. The best MT3G phone yet, it the Slide. I was pleasantly surprised and still am, and I agree with you…as the BOGO free phone.

      I am going with the Garminfone as my 2nd BOGO “free” phone since I just wanna try it out. Then I might turn around and sell it on eBay.

  • Mike Wong

    I’m assuming his buy one get one free promo is for two year contract only? Is that correct?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh… I mentioned all the phones because it’s against those which I am comparing the Slide.

    If there’s a criticism I have about the Slide, it’s super, super slippery. The keyboard is very difficult to open because the gripping surfaces are so smooth (and slippery)

    I have a lanyard on it and that has saved me from dropping it.

    I am also going to put some Best Skins Ever skin material on the gripping areas so the thing isn’t like a wet dog ditching the tub when he’s getting a bath.

  • badaphooko01

    Not related to this, but If get this phone on contract for $199.99 after the MIR including the upgrade fee and decide to spread it over payments how much will I have to pay out of pocket at check out?

    • dcb

      You will pay 1/4 of $250.00 plus the upgrade fee plus tax……so about $100 bucks depending on what your tax rate is

  • NiiDiddy

    Well, Vibrant my “paid” BOGO phone, and Garminfone or Slide the “free” BOGO phone.

  • clocinnorcal

    If I’m currently a customer, can I add a line to get this deal?

    • tehandroid

      You would have to have one line that can upgrade and yeah you can add another line.

  • tehandroid

    I have the Vibrant in my store right now and the thing is amazing. By far the best phone out on the market. The 4 inch touch screen is def the sweet spot for touch screen phones. The camera is amazing, it has night mode and actually takes better pics in the dark than my HD2 using a flash.

    Touch wiz is nice and this phone freaking fast. This phone is def worth picking up, best Android phone on the market, even over the EVO and the Droid X.

    • UA412

      Anyway you can confirm if it has the tv out via the 3.5 jack or not?

      • tehandroid

        I don’t believe it does, haven’t read or seen anything saying it will. But it does share pictures and video over wifi so if you could prolly stream to a wifi equipped tv or like a ps3/xbox360.

      • Zach F
      • UA412

        It might not. Someone on one of the other updates said he talked to a rep and they said it didn’t have it.

        AT&T’s has it but they could have taken it out.

      • tehandroid

        @Zach F
        Thats for the Galaxy S not the Vibrant. While I hope it does, because that would be cool its not uncommon for features like those removed from US versions.

      • Ruben

        thats exactly what i was looking into.. its not confirmed on US MODEL.. just the EURO MODEL.. if it has it.. wont really need a pc anymore.. with emulators… and flash, bluetooth mouse n keyboard… it is the mobile pc.

      • soon2TMO

        we are unsure if it is there or not, the said 3.5mm tv out feauture is not even on the userguide/manuals of the phone, im betting this feature was just discovered or something by some singaporean owner, but it works!


        not sure though, but that’s what i think!

      • Ashish

        @ UA412
        Tv-out feature is indeed there here since it is purely a setting thing. I also read it on some another post that it is indeed there by going to Settings menu.
        there is no logical reason why would they take it out since only difference i find between this & international version is FFC. everything else like DLNA etc. are present in Vibrant.
        I am going to go to stores on 14th since then they will have one to show me. i can shed more light at that time.

      • Ashish

        Ok so to be more precise, we need to check at:

        Applications -> Settings -> Sound and Display (scroll all the way down)
        If you see TV out, it has it..
        @ tehandroid- can you plz check it at your store & let us know.

  • Josh

    I am a t-mobile rep. today i was able to the samsung event in the city and they gave all of us a free galaxy amazing phone. I really like 4 inch screen the amoled display is so clear. this phone was what we t-mobile really needed

  • Paul

    I see in that screenshot it says “Mail-In Rebate Valid Until July 20”. Does that mean the BOGO promotion will end then?
    I’m not eligible for an upgrade until August so was going to wait until then and *fingers crossed* get a BOGO deal for a Vibrant and something for the wife.

    • Matlock

      Just call customer care and talk to them, they can probably work something out for you!!

  • James

    If I have a full upgrade am i eligible for this promotion?

  • ObsceneJesster

    HAHA…All the cheap-skates just got screwd!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… you remind me of an ex-friend who I went to a restaurant with a few years back. We waited for our table in the bar.

      They had a TV on and California was having its Saturday night Lottery Big Spin contest (people who scratched “Big Spin” on their tickets got to go to Sacramento and spin the wheel for up to $2 million in cash. The wheel is like a giant roulette wheel).

      Anyway, everyone in the bar was watching. This nice grandmother comes up for her turn. She tells a sweet story, all her kids and grandkids are waving to the camera, and she says what she would do with the $2 million if she won (give it to family members who need it).

      So she spins the giant wheel. The ball goes round and round and then plops on $10,000, the lowest prize. You could hear a pin drop because everyone was sad for her. Everyone, that is, except my friend whom you remind me of.

      When the ball landed on $10,000 he let out a big laugh in a “ha ha, you just got screwed!” tone.

      At dinner he asked to borrow $10,000. True to form to anyone who would laugh at that senior citizen’s chance at the wheel, he did not say when he would pay the money back. So I told him no.

      But inside I imagined that old lady sitting with us and letting out a big roar of a laugh two inches from his face and saying “ha ha, you just got screwed.”


  • Oce

    This sammy looks OK, but think I’ll wait-n-c what the next HTC android has to offer. Not a big fan of Samsung. Love to see an Tmo version of the Evo.

  • Cmon son

    If I have a family plan and one line is eligible for an upgrade, can I still get the BOGO sale?

  • laphoneuser

    I’ve never participated in a BOGO event for a phone. Can someone please explain it to me?

    I’m eligible for an upgrade, and I’m on a customer loyalty plan for $45 (unlimited minutes). Is there a way I can take advantage of this?


  • J1

    Apologies in advance for my dumb question, as I never participated in a bogo sale…

    But I was wondering if the 2nd phone/”get one” part of the deal is commitment free???.. meaning you don’t have to get it activated, leaving you free to do what you want with it.. such as reselling it on cl, ebay or even a family member…

    Thanks in advance as well.. lol

    • dcb

      No…..the 2nd phone in the bogo would either a 2 year contract for upgrade or you would have to add a line with data also on a 2 year contract….you chat still sell it but the contract remains

    • eYe

      No, second phone has to be activated, either on new line or on another line that is eligible for upgrade.

      • wtfci

        I want to party with your friend.

        Grandma had better odds of bedding Brad Pitt than she did winning 2 million dollars.

      • wtfci

        Please excuse that last response.

        What if you buy the Vibrant at the retail price? Is that second one free still required in a contract?

  • J1

    @ dcb and eYe

    Thanks for the clarification.. much appreciated!!!

  • Tommytmo

    Is the BOGO offer good only in store or can you do it through customer care. The reason I ask is the local T-mobile store always has thier phones priced $25-$50 more than on-line. 2 weeks ago they said I was eligible for full upgrade, and offered me the my-touch slide for $269.

  • Kbalz

    Can I do BOGO in store? Or will the rep be like ‘Never heard of it…’

  • RockHead

    @Kbalz If the rep in the store has never heard of it they’re well & truly clueless. I was in my local TMO store yesterday and there is BOGO stuff everywhere: In the window, sig sign in the middle of the store, on the sales counter, on the manager’s nametag… You can’t swing a dead cat in a TMO store without hittin something BOGO. TMO wants that data plan revenue!

  • Perry

    Hey, off topic question: Do AAA discounts apply to EMP plans?

  • Reder

    So would it be viable to buy a Vibrant, get a free HD2, sell it on Craigslist, then use that money to buy a Vibrant?

  • claysu

    I’m available for an upgrade but my wife isn’t, will I will able to do a BOGO?

  • Dan

    I would think so. I myself am getting two Vibrants from this deal :)

    • Reder

      How are you managing that if the Vibrant is only available for the first phone in the deal?

  • Relikk

    Could someone explain in detail the BOGO free requirements as far as contracts go.

  • See link

    • Relikk2

      Here is the Tmobile contact link.

      Must get min $139.99 750 minutes plus ulim internet plus text contract plan.


  • It cost more to get the phone BOGO then it does to just buy it in long run.

    Two year contract plan apple to apple is $30 more then non contract. $30 * 24 = $720 + $200 up front cost of phone (no including the $70 contact fees and possible $50 rebate making the phone $250 up front) = $920 or you could just buy two Vibrants for $900.

  • JA

    So this BOGO deal is only for those who are signing up for a Family Plan? This post is not very clear on that.

  • Relikk2

    Use the link, yes must buy family plan contract $139.99 or higher.

  • Relikk2

    Sorry, I kind of came off as a butt whole, I ment use the link for more detail.


  • Ashish
  • ECA

    According to, the BOGO requirements are as follows:

    For a limited time only, buy one smartphone with a
    select family plan, and get a second smartphone
    FREE. Hurry, offer ends July 20!

    Your 2-line family package includes:
    Two smartphones (same model) for the price of one!
    Family Talk + Text + Web plan $139.99/mo. for 2 lines
    • 750 shared Whenever Minutes® Talk
    • Unlimited Text
    • Unlimited Web

  • Cameron

    Uhm this is not true i just signed up for a new account 2 year and bought the vibrant i was told i could not get even 1 other phone free, not the HD2 not the mytouch or mystouch slide, nothing…..!

  • when will this bogo offer start?

  • Joey

    Remember the last time sammy and tmo gave phones away….6 months later….no more behold II