Blackberry 6 Says Hello On A New Video

Blackberry still holds a special place in my metaphorical “heart” for the joys I have experienced over the years using their devices. While they still remain the smart phone leader in the US, the future of that tenure is up in the air as Android continues its meteoric rise and iPhone 4 sells out just about everywhere. While we doubt the folks in Waterloo are sitting on their laurels, it does seem as though they haven’t been terribly busy lately. So imagine our surprise when today we are gifted with a new Blackberry 6 video showing off some arguably very cool additions to the newest Blackberry OS.  Is it enough to detract from the other players in the game? That’s arguable and in my opinion, unlikely but Blackberry remains an Enterprise staple and an email dream. Blackberry we’re pulling for you, don’t make us regret it!


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