Blackberry 6 Says Hello On A New Video

Blackberry still holds a special place in my metaphorical “heart” for the joys I have experienced over the years using their devices. While they still remain the smart phone leader in the US, the future of that tenure is up in the air as Android continues its meteoric rise and iPhone 4 sells out just about everywhere. While we doubt the folks in Waterloo are sitting on their laurels, it does seem as though they haven’t been terribly busy lately. So imagine our surprise when today we are gifted with a new Blackberry 6 video showing off some arguably very cool additions to the newest Blackberry OS.  Is it enough to detract from the other players in the game? That’s arguable and in my opinion, unlikely but Blackberry remains an Enterprise staple and an email dream. Blackberry we’re pulling for you, don’t make us regret it!


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  • rev2redlineguy

    A pretty screen and some other neato tricks still won’t make the BB any better now that Android is on the rise. As a business phone, sure this thing will do great but other than that, I’d never consider another BB now that I’m hooked on Android.

    • NiiDiddy

      it’s nice though…but i agree — not/can’t go back to blackberry

  • Mohammad

    What I hate abt the blackberry is why do we need to use RIM servers only for email? They’re down once every other month for a day or two.

    • Jono

      Because that’s how RIM makes the connection between a BlackBerry and an enterprise email mailbox secure.

      While they aren’t down every other month, they are down way to often considering how many governments and enterprises use their service.

  • Red

    Is this os update going to be available for the 9700?

  • clint

    im sick of my 9700

    • Juan

      You Can Say That Again..I was excited when it came out..its pretty effin boring

  • NiiDiddy

    Wow…I am actually impressed!! Good for Blackberry/RIM!!

  • M.

    looks outdated already… pass

  • getreal

    It is actually good that they are saying hello in a new video because after watching that video I think a lot of BB subscribers are going to be saying goodbye.

  • TonyJohns

    As a current blackberry user, I’m excited!

  • jmts80

    Too little too late for me but I wish RIM luck in their quest to stay relevant.

  • Nate

    ..too little too late.. sorry.

  • mikeeeee

    it they’re putting this out on the street soon, i guess the recent ‘ROADMAP’ is a little off.

    if it’s touchscreen and UMA, i’ll take it for a 2 week spin.

  • Herinel

    They are not really impressing me much with this, yea, it looks cool, but thats about it, I mean, they aren’t really bringing anything new to the table here. -_-

    • Spovik

      I’m with Herinel. I’m a big BB fan and they’ve managed to keep me away from Android for now, but if this is the direction they go, I’ll end up either leaving BB or sticking with my 9700 forever.

  • going_home

    Pretty slick looking now without a doubt compared to past Blackberry offerings.
    There is a market for these devices without a doubt, heck the pretender in chief has one ! Everyone doesnt want an IPhone or an Evo.
    I just picked up a Nexus One today, loaded 2.2 and Swype and I have to say, its awesome. The guy I got it from couldnt get used to it and now uses a Blackberry.
    He said he has to have his Blackberry for business.
    I use my Android phone for business and have since the day I got the G1 in 2008.
    Gmail on Android is the best email experience yet IMHO.
    And the wifi hotspot feature on 2.2 is just the greatest.


  • Rey

    I’ve always loved BB and this looks great cant wait to play with it !!

  • Josh

    I used BlackBerry for years, and recently got a T-Mobile Dash 3G with Windows Mobile 6.5. I’m sorta hooked on Windows Mobile, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to stick with the Dash 3G or go to the BlackBerry Bold instead. Ugh. Decisions decisions…

  • Tim

    Having had two Blackberry’s through T-Mobile, and watching all these advances in the OS, it’s just painful. They don’t provide updates for the OS. My latest is an aging 8900, which has a 4.x OS on it that will probably never get bumped up to 5, much less 6. What you have when you open the box appears to be all you will get. Love the service but wish they would consider rolling out updates like these.

  • Special K

    All RIM has to do is focus on 2 things with this phone:

    1) Make the browser decent
    2) Put it in an exciting form factor with nice specs.

    RIM has great products, they just need to spice things up. People are over here golf clapping, and are talking about not being impressed…are you kidding me?! Going from 4.5 or 4.6 to 5.0 on the Bold wasn’t even really a functionality upgrade! This actually looks like it has some meat to it.

  • I wonder if this is the version built on top of QNX (just like Android is atop Linux)?

  • Shad

    I was a BB addict for such a long time, but could never go back. As an IT admin, why would I spend the extra $$$ for BES, when I can do it all for free with ActiveSync. For sure now that Android is doing calendar and contacts as well. I’ve said good bye to BB forever.

  • BlackBerry 6 isn’t an all new operating system but rather an major overhaul in a long line of upgrades to the BlackBerry device software after a decade or so.