(Updated) Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile Promo Video

Update: One more video for you, courtesy of Facebook.com/TMobile, the official T-Mobile Facebook page.

The Samsung Vibrant news train rolls on this time with a promotional video specifically for the T-Mobile Vibrant. Showing off both the phone and its bountiful features it’s just enough to hold you over for just a few more days until the phone drops. While some of you are still hearing the Vibrant is still planned for a July 21st launch, we’re confident the July 15th launch details were no fluke and we can expect to see the phone on Thursday. Until then, enjoy the video!

On a different note, for some odd reason I find the jingle catchy, am I the only one?


  • wack mode

    wow cant wait!!

    • IwantIt

      DITTO! I talked to the local store and the manager assured me that they had plenty of them that came in and accessories to be had for thursday!

      side note: for all of the talk about tmob being sold…smart people will buy now and grandfather them selfs in! think positive! lets just hope its att and not sprint!

      untill thursday….

    • TMoRep

      So I just got my Vibrant at a Samsung event I attended and I have to say hands down the best phone on T-mobile. The thing that kills the competition is the processor, for real..Like 2 to 3 times faster than a Snapdragon and it runs a hell of a lot cooler. Check it out here against the Nexus and Desire====>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLUQP7CWyeQ

      Also if you wondering about hooking it up to your tv but you don’t have a DNLA set, you can use DNLA through an Xbox360, PS3 or you can buy the adapter from Samsung for $80 bucks. I figure most people have at least an Xbox or Playstation, ehh.

      Also in the Market there is some exclusive applications for this phone, just search “Samsung” and you will find them. A cool one they showed us was “Car Home” which automatically turns your phone into driving mode when plugged in with a Samsung Car charger.

      • TMOchic

        Hey TMoRep. I am attending the Jack Morton Samsung vibrant event for my market in Orlando on the 21st. I work for a retail store as well. By chance, did everyone at the event for your market receive a phone? Just wonderin.

      • Dashi

        @TMOchic Generally It Is A Drawing Or Contest Kind Of Thing At Conventions

      • TMoRep

        Yes, everyone attending the even got a free Vibrant.

      • TMOchic

        Cool. I was hoping you would say that! I have to travel ridiculously far to get to the training, and I love learning about android, but taking a device home would make it far better ;)

  • Danan

    Sweet, I’ll buy this one.

  • Brad

    I was in a TMO retail store today and their Samsung rep was there talking with the store staff – I of course had to ask if he had a vibrant on him and he let me see it. I was impressed the most with the display and quickness of the phone. This (original) MyTouch of mine seems like a dinosaur compared to this phone – it is quicker, brighter, larger, and can probably spit farther too (though I couldn’t find an app for that).

    He also confirmed the Thursday launch date. I’m getting one for myself and one for my wife. Can’t wait.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yee haw.….….…!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I think your’s is the first “spy” and preview in a store, from a Samsung rep no less.

      Thanks for sharing.

      My Slide is an amazing phone and shares many of the attributes you describe about the SGS, but I want the SGS SAMOLED display.

      Have to go… (find a paper towel to wipe the drool).

  • Nmansell

    This was released when Samsung held their Samsung Galaxy S Press event in NYC : / but nevertheless excited!

    • JustMike

      Yes, this looks like the same video that’s been up on http://www.samsungmobileusa.com/GalaxyS/ for a couple of weeks now, but I’m sure it’s new to a lot of people.

      I’m ready for Thursday.. anyone camping out? Somehow I’m thinking that won’t be necessary, but I’ll get there before lunch just to be safe.

      • larry

        That explains why the girl takes a photo with a FLASH around 1:38.

      • meee

        good catch larry.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Wow, I’m really getting more & more excited as I see this video. I can’t wait for the 15th because I’ll definately order this beauty first thing in the morning. Yeah!

  • Nice…..
    However, what a tease when i saw the camera flash during the video and yes, i know it’s just to “highlight” the camera feature.
    Love this device; hate it for not having a flash of any kind.
    But hey…..can’t until later this year. I have a good feeling about a couple of HTC’s coming our way!!!

    On a side note, i just read something about a $50 unlimited everything plan coming from TMO?? does anyone know when or any other details??

    • Bimmerz

      I’d be interested in knowing more about your (side note) inquiry too, that would be awesome! Hopefully someone with more info on this, will chime in – or we’ll hear something more about this soon.

  • JoeMamma

    I’m rocking a Nexus one right and i was gonna wait till something better came along, but i really like this phone now. im just gonna get one on thursday @ retail price and my nexus one is gonna go on CL.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      IMHO a good call.

      I am debating, still, on listing my HD2 on eBay or keeping it because I like WinMo and the HD2 would make an excellent “emergency phone” since I need two of those (both I and my GF are totally wireless at home, meaning no land lines). So she can keep here G1, I’ll keep my HD2.

      My feigned justification / failed logic sure gets expensive, however. :(

  • corematter

    Anyone know for sure if the Vibrant will be eligible for TMO’s BOGO promo?

    • Reder

      This is a very good question. The rep I spoke with yesterday said she wasn’t sure if it would be a part of the promotion, but the BOGO promo is going until the 20th… if that’s accurate and the phone launches Thursday, that makes it part of the promo, right?

      Let’s hope so. I could certainly go for two vibrants for $200.

    • NiiDiddy

      just got off the phone with tmobile rep. they confirmed release date of 15th. however, it didnt say anywhere in the system if it will qualify for BOGO. i have 3 lines currently due for a phone upgrade and my tmobile account also qualifies for a BOGO —if Thursday rolls around and it just so happens its a BOGO, i’m all in!!

  • swehes

    The only drawback I can see with getting it on the 15th is that the stores (at least here) doesn’t open until 10AM! Who in their right mind doesn’t open the store at least a couple of hours earlier to get this bad boy out to people. Extremely annoyed by this. Well. I’m taking my break and walk over to the store at 10AM on Thursday. Come to me Vibrant!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Generally, who in their right mind would open at 8:00 a.m. on a work day when no one is able to shop. ;)

      Opening at 10:00 let’s them get ready for the lunch rush purchasers.

      And generally, only real fans shop at noon. Most either buy at night, after work, or on the weekends.

      • Animate

        lol I’m one of those Leave for lunch a little early people.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is on a YouTube private account. May get torn down since it violates YouTube’s TOS.

    I assume this is the full length promo for marketing people to chop and/or edit depending on the length of commercial time purchased.

    TMoNews Game: How would YOU edit this into a 15 second or 30 second spot? Those are the challenging time constraints, one minute would be easy.

    Verizon just had a cool, catchy spot on TV. Had a “I am cool, walking in the night” type feel to it.

    The mix with this sounds good too, targets the “with it” crowd instead of the family-oriented handsets/plans.

    • ashish

      Tmo rep did not confirm this – however right now even mt3g is on BOGO. So, they said most likely this will be on BOGO program.

  • no flash, that sucks

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh ha ha… Is this going to be the new SGS joke, no camera flash?

      That’s like on Woot when they have PC-based stuff and people post “will this work on a Mac?” As old as it gets, every product someone posts it, just to be annoying.

      Sidenote: If you were serious… your opinion sucks. :)

  • ashish

    Hi all
    So I went to Tmo store – yes although it is not official by Tmo on web-site, they confirmed it is coming in stores on July 15th.
    Tmo reps are going to go on Training on July 13th – it seems that they definitely expedited this training & launch to mae Tmo ahead of AT&T.
    Unlocked price may be around $450…
    All the accessories will also come on july 15th..
    I will be the first one to get a call and get this phone on July 15th – atleast in that store :-).. Can’t wait long enough now

  • Bimmerz

    This vid makes it very tempting for me, thx for sharing this David. :)

    But I think I am still going to hold off until I see what T-MoSanta brings us around the holidays. If the holiday phones turn out to be not all that, then I can always double back to the Vibrant. WTG T-Mobile, keep the super phones coming, we’re long overdue! :)

    • agreed my fellow TMOB’IAN.
      very tempting….the no flash still makes me pause, although once in stores I WILL go down to check one out!
      but i think TMO-santa will be bringing little goodies this year for those who will wait!!

      • Bimmerz

        @ Karl; Oh make no mistake, this little phone geek will also be going down to the local T-Mo store to check it out as well! lol And the truth be told, if it were the GS Pro version, I’d REALLY have a hard time walking out of my T-Mo store without it!

        But as you said; good things, come to those who wait! Bring it on T-MoSanta! :)

    • swehes

      Buying mine off contract. So for the holidays if I feel the need I can still get a phone from Santa. :)

      • JermaineJacksonhair

        Me too. Love the HD2, can’t take windows anymore (not into custom roms). Gonna grab the Vibrant to get back to Android, plus I’m loving the speed of the phone. With my HD2, I hardly use the flash and turn it off most of the time so it won’t kill me seeing how I don’t plan for this to even be my last phone this year. The Vibrant will be good enough to hold me until the holidays.

    • mu

      If they include this in the BOGO offer..I’m getting both. I was going to wait till Xmas to see what comes next…and get the Vibrant for the wife. But I want one too! I don’t know if I want to wait if I can get one too!

  • MarkV10

    I was in the local T-mo store on Saturday, the rep had been through the training and was pretty excited about this phone. She confirmed it for the 15th at $199 (with mail in rebate). This last bit is the only downside I see, I really don’t like MIRs

  • swehes

    Does anyone know what the phone is going to be off contract?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      $450 and $500 are the two numbers I have seen.

      I will be getting mine from an eBay source, who sold me the Slide, boxed, for $150 less than I almost paid T-Mobile.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hey all… don’t forget to go into your local stores to get some preview/spy shots (and to post them on the Net, with links) for us to enjoy. Also post your impressions.

    Stores should be getting the Vibrant in today or tomorrow.

    Last week the local corporate store I visit said they will get it in today or tomorrow (Tuesday).

  • NiiDiddy

    If this qualifies for the BOGO, I am getting 2!!!

    • swehes

      Does BOGO stand for Buy One Get One free?

      • NiiDiddy

        @swehes – yes is does :)

  • john

    Spot on swehes.

  • UA412

    Went in today and they only had a leather case. Does anyone know if they will be getting in the gel cases?

    Also what are the rules for BOGO?

    • Perry

      Leather like a holster or leather like a cover for your phone?

  • getreal


  • monkeyboy

    Im curious about the rules for BOGO also. I have 3 lines on my Family Plan. If I get (2) Vibrants, will I get penalized if I cancel the data plan for the second Vibrant? I just need (1) smartphone, the other lines have simple phones.

    • Smylax

      @ monkeyboy

      You can’t cancel the data line. If you get a smartphone at a discounted price, you are contracted into the data plan for 2 years. If you don’t want to pay for the data plan, don’t get the phone… all the awesome things that phones like this do don’t work without the web, so its totally pointless. Save your money in that case and get a feature phone.

  • Cassie


    • maverick777

      The Galaxy S supposedly has a setting in the browser to enable flash even with Android 2.1. Although I have yet to confirm this myself.

      If not, all Galaxy S phones will receive the Android 2.2 update which will enable flash on the browser.

      Bottom line is it’ll have in-browser flash as some point even if it doesn’t have it out of the box.

  • NiiDiddy
    • YES!!!

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Icemike

    Hey JoeMamma how much you looking to sell that nexus one for?

  • JP

    I do have to say the video is much better than the slide video.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s interesting that this video is out of character for T-Mobile. Come to find out with other’s posts in here that it’s a Samsung production.

      LOL… that explains the somewhat catchier and cooler tune rather than T-Mobile’s “it’s OK to be a gentle man” type music.

      Sidenote” “It’s OK to be a gentle man” you ask. While crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge I saw that on a car bumper sticker. I accelerated a little to see what kind of “man” would plaster that such a pussy statement on his car.

      The guy did indeed look like a “gentle man.” He definitely looked like a man in name only and one who thinks that a bumper sticker that his double entendre on the word “gentleman” made him uber cool.

      Relevant to TMoNews, he looked the type who would tap his foot to T-Mobile’s myTouch commercials and opine that Samsung’s tune is too “far out” for him.

      I tailed the pantywaist the entire bridge crossing, scowling and fantasizing about blowing his car up with a grenade launcher and drooling/laughing while watching his car burst into flames and fly over the bridge railing.

      I digress, forgive me. And remember, it’s OK to be a gentle man.

  • Smylax

    For the BOGO, the Vibrant will be eligible for the FIRST device, aka the “buy one,” but will not be eligible as the 2nd, or “get one.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    On BoGo (buy one get one free for those who don’t know what this means) I would imagine it does apply, the logic being as follows:

    1. What does BoGo terms say? If it says on any phone in the store, unless they tear down the BoGo signs and/or say the Vibrant does not apply, then it will apply to BoGo.

    2. Remember that the HD2 (arguably T-Mobile’s flagship phone at the time) qualified for the All Phones Free promo and BoGo promotion (they even had it in the posters for the stores. So seems to me there would not be any reason to exclude the SGS from existing promotions (note word “existing).

    3. Samsung wants the phone to be a BIG hit, mainly so they can trumpet BIG numbers to the media. What’s one way to do that, restricting sales? No, it’s to get the phone into as many hands as possible, e.g., with T-Mobile’s BoGo.

    4. Pricing does not indicate that this phone is considered by T-Mobile or Samsung to be some special or limited edition phone where it might be excluded from existing promotions.

    5. If BoGo gets you to commit to two more years on each of your lines, T-Mobile is gonna want you to do that rather than have you free to switch to another carrier.

    Just my thoughts in case no one chimes in on T-Mobile’s official position on the issue.

    • Smylax

      1. None of the in-store material say any phone, they all say “select smartphones.”
      2. The HD2 did not qualify for the free device in the BOGO for nearly 2 months into the sale. The MT3G Slide wasn’t eligible as the free device until July 7th.
      3. Samsung is hoping this sells out without the need for BOGO, hence why they are not allowing it to be the free device.
      4. Its not special or limited edition. However, they learned from the HD2 launch not to put a new device on BOGO or they would be unable to keep up with demand. This is what happened with the HD2. It was on BOGO for the first week it was out, then promptly removed from being BOGO eligible…
      5. Yes this is true, but in store the reps do not have the authorization to make that decision, although rumor has it that customer loyalty will be a new focus of the new COO, Jim Alling. Just don’t expect it to roll out too fast, it takes a while to start new programs.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Great points. Has T-Mobile come out with an official position on the Vibrant being eligible for BoGo?

        I think I saw earlier that it would have to be the buy one and the get one would have to be the lesser phone. Is that accurate? And is that from T-Mobile?

      • Smylax

        Yup, they sure have. I’m not going to post a shot from Streamline though lol. But yes, its already in Streamline.
        Oh, Streamline is our internal website…

      • Smylax

        Oh, and yes, the lesser (cheaper) phone has to be the free one, naturally. But like I posted early, the Vibrant won’t qualify as the free device.

        • David

          Wanna bet??? Check the blog in a little…

        • Ashish

          Hi David
          Bet for what ?

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          He’s referring to how BoGo works, I think.

      • NiiDiddy

        So in essence, with the BOGO, I can buy, say the Vibrant for my upgrade, and choose a different phone of lesser cost and my free one?? I asked T-Mobile and they told me BOGO has to be with the same device model. Or could it be the person I spoke with has no clue what they are talking about??

      • NiiDiddy

        type… **and my free one** should be **as my free one**

      • Smylax

        Yup that rep was clueless…

      • hi!

        i’m going to disagree with you about the HD2’s bogo availability i actually got both devices (the buy one and the get one) on launch day.

  • HoOn

    Hey guys. I am using a nexus one which works with my tones acct, if I buy the vibrant full price will tmo force me to get the smartphone plan?

    • HoOn

      That’s T-Zones by the way

      • Smylax

        If you buy any phone full price you don’t have to change anything. However, they keep doing upgrades to their systems, and t-zones is not supposed to work with smartphones any longer. You should be receiving an error message when you try to use the web browser. If not, you’re some how slipping through the cracks. Don’t be surprised if it stops working…

    • monkeyboy311

      BS that tzones works with a nexus one.

      • HoOn

        I definitely do not habe the smartphone plan. Works with my grandfathers 2.99 Tones

      • Smylax

        I didn’t say it didn’t, I said it’s not supposed to. So don’t be surprised if it gets shut down.

      • HoOn

        Smylax, I believe you! My comment was more for Monkey boy! ;)

  • Bradly
    • badaphooko01

      I am kind of worried after watching that video, the phone was lagging when he was swyping through screens. I know that the international version had lag issues but they have since upgraded the firmware which fixed all of that. Would Tmo make that same mistake just to get it our early?

      • Bradly

        So that wasn’t my internet connection being slow. Oh boy………

      • area5x1

        I haven’t watched the video yet, but are you talking about lagging when swiping through home screens? There’s an easy fix for that. Just download LauncherPro through the Market, and get super smooth swipes. I am using Launcher Pro on my G1, and the transitions are very smooth, even on my ancient CPU and lackluster RAM. I’m not exaggerating here, when I say smooth, I mean it is SMOOOOOTH.

      • Brad

        I can confirm the hesitation/lag while scrolling through homescreens. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it was definitely there. It felt like a low framerate issue, like when playing a game on an underpowered pc.

      • 2FR35H

        Low framerate as in low fps? thats not possible seeing as the galaxy S beat the Nexus and desire in that FPS challenge. 55fps compared to htc’s 22fps.

        Its probably just because he just turned it on and things are loading up.

    • badaphooko01

      yes, lagging through the home screens and I too have launcher pro on my g1 as well but thats not the point. This phone should have no lag whatsoever having the processor it does.

  • Mr.B

    This sux I’m not eligible for a full upgrade till the 19th! Do you think T-mobile would let me get the full upgrade price on the 15th?

    • badaphooko01

      I’m in the same boat as you for me the 17th, according to customer care they should have no problem doing it. Wirefly did it for me but had to cancel my order because the agent lied to me when he told me my current data plan price would not change which it would have.

    • NiiDiddy

      @Mr B – Funny, that’s my Martial Art’s Master Instructor’s name…Mr B. Anyway, you are so close to your upgrade eligibility that they’ll do it for you. I remember last year sometime, one of my line’s upgrade eligibility was a month away and the T-Mobile store was STILL ABLE to allow me to get an upgrade. It is possible!!! :)

  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    Newer phones are normally part of the buy one part but not the get one free. You would have to get another device. They eventually make it a BOGO a couple of weeks after its out.

  • lb

    How does the bogo work for cell phones? I ask because I’m on a fam plan and my line is eligible for an upgrade but not my wifes line. Would I be able to buy my Vibrant and get her a blackberry for free? She already has a bb plan.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Alas I have failed on my spy mission.

    Went into the store near my P.O. Box and the two guys on the “night shift” said they got the store’s Vibrant allotment in, but the box has not been opened and only the manager can open the box and enter them into inventory (makes sense, I bet phones come up missing all the time).

    Manager was not in, so no preview for me. They did say that the manager would probably have a demo unit tomorrow. Oh well.

  • Deana

    Just got off the phone with Customer Care. Keep in mind that if you are going in and upgrading your phone (I’ve had my BB for 2 years), you will need to make a down payment on your phone. It includes the first installment of $50 and your upgrade fee. I’m going to be at the store on Thursday morning, because if you order through Customer Care, you have to pay for shipping, and you still have to wait for the phone.

  • Scott

    I stopped in a TMO retail store today and there was a Samsung Rep there and he had the Vibrant. At the time he was talking to one of the employee’s and hate to say it but as I was listening in I knew 10 times more than the employee did. I thought perhaps it was just that one employee but then another approached and he too was clueless. In other words I have learned more about the Vibrant here and online so if you go into a retail store, keep in mind they probably won’t know any more than you already do. The Samsung rep also said TMO has done a very bad job on Marketing and have had people ask him when they’ve seen the phone… “Is that the new Droid”. You could tell he was disappointed in the lack of advertising.

    He did say it will be released on the 15th.

    With that said, I finally got my hands on it after waiting for the 3 employees and it is VERY impressive. I had an HD2 for a day and hated it, felt too big, the Vibrant at only .3 inch less screen size felt great in my hand, very slim and light. The display was amazing, great color and detail. I asked the rep why no FFC and Flash for the camera and point blank said COST. Told him I would have rather paid more to get the features and he shrugged his shoulders like… yep I agree. Asked about the ability to use a 3.5m jack video out to TV like I’ve seen on the international version of the Galaxy S and he said… NO, they took that out too. I’m still holding my hopes up that he just wasn’t allowed to say as also when I asked if it would have tethering and hot spots configured out of the box he said NO but that if one were to find a app like “Easy Tether” then it could be used to tether. He did say the All Share (DLNA) was really cool but unless you have other electronics that also feature it, you may not be too excited about it but that more and more gadgets in the future will have it included. He also did not have the DATA enabled so was not able to test browsing or navigation etc… The music player was cool. I liked the way it spins around with album art in landscape mode. I was not seeing any lag going from one screen to the next. He also said something about “Media Hub” or newer version of it will follow a few months later. I asked about Android 2.2 and he did confirm it will be upgraded but after the Media Hub is updated so my guess on that is don’t expect the 2.2 update till LATE in the year, I hope I’m wrong.

    That’s about all I could do as 2 more employees were waiting to look at it, oh and one was saying hey it does have a FFC and the Samsung rep had to correct him and tell him the very small dots on the upper left corner were proximity and light sensors… NOT a FFC.

    Either way… I’ll be picking one up for sure on the 15th. Sure I could wait for the next best thing in Sept-Dec. but then there will be leaked info of then the next best thing. All I know is this will be MUCH better than my current MyT3g original and the G1 I’ve also had and just got $89 from Gazelle.com. Not bad when I paid $149 for it originally. With 5 lines I will always be under contract, lucky for me one of my 5 lines just became eligible for full upgrade this month.

    Hope this helps others…

    • Mr.B

      That really sucks that they took the 3.5″ jack video out to tv away. I was really hoping that it would have that dangit. They keep taking away a lot of the good features this phone had to offer on the international version.

      • badaphooko01

        I was about to say the same thing, I read some where that the AT&T version had that feature enabled. Sucks for us, not really a deal breaker for me cause I would never use it just sucks that it was taken out and for what reason, cost?

      • underdog378

        Someone commented in another thread that they played with the vibrant and that the setting for video out was there

    • soon2TMO

      .. but somebody else mentioned here before, that that a tmo rep told him that it does have that feature.. and honestly, i don’t really think that samsung intentionally made that feature as it is not in the manualsuser guide of the phone, it just happened that some SGS owners discovered that it is capable of that feature..

      it’s like they just they got their own tv jack, connect it on tv, and it worked!

      well im not so sure.. but i highly doubt that it will be intentionally taken off, we’ll see.
      i hope it is there!! ughh

    • Scott

      Okay being that I don’t have the Vibrant in my hands yet… and the employees at the TMO store wouldn’t let me look at it more that I could yesterday I wasn’t able to look at the menu settings. The Samsung Rep told me the 3.5mm jack was not going to be included but in my earlier post I said I’m still holding out hope. Well I tweeted Wirefly.com being that they have have one and have posted a video review to see if they would follow up to verify if it could do video out to TV.

      They said they don’t have the cable to try it just yet but did tweet that…

      Wirefly: We can confirm that the Vibrant DOES have a TV-out menu option (PAL + NTSC), and are awaiting further confirmation from Samsung.

      So again holding out hope as this would be a cool way to show off the phone and play games looking at it on the TV while using the phones with it’s 6 proximity sensors as a controller.


    Just sold the Nexus, so I got my cash ready for thursday. I love gsm phones!!

  • singlienkwal

    I just order the vibrant from wirefly, thought it would save me money.. and time of course. Hope i made the right choice thou i never shop with ’em before.

  • things & stuff

    I’m dying waiting for this phone, alla Cartman-esque. Unfortunately there’s no glacier around here to freeze myself 2 more days!!