G1 and MyTouch Get FroYo, Kind of…

Some said it couldn’t be done, but the good people behind the famous CyanogenMod just took that as a challenge.  This time they are serving up a nice helping of FroYo to all those rooted HTC built T-Mobile Android phones.  CyanogenMod 6 will run on the G1, the MyTouch 3G and, of course, the Nexus One.  This Mod will give you all the rooted goodness, but does have it’s share of bugs (like no Flash 10.1 and force closes in the Android Market).  All in all, this is a pretty stable build and might be the way to go.  Saying that there hasn’t been very many updates regarding FroYo on the G1 and MyTouch, this may be your only answer.  As always, proceed with caution and leave your thoughts in the comments!

CyanogenMod, XDA Developers (for G1/MyTouch instructions)XDA Developers (Nexus instructions)

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