Win a Samsung Galaxy S From Samsung

If there is one thing everyone loves, it is free things.  If there is one thing I love more, it’s free phones, and you should too.  Samsung is giving everyone a chance to win free phones over the next 8 days.  All in all, they will be giving away 2 more Samsung Vibrants.  Now, the days are specific for which Galaxy S variant is given away, so look sharp (but you are welcome to enter in daily if you want, you could always sell the phone).  The drawing for the Samsung Vibrant will be today, Sunday August 1st, and in 4 days, Thursday August 5th.  You’ll need a FaceBook page (Hey! we have one of those!), fan Samsung Galaxy S, and then click the “WinGalaxyS” tab, where you will be asked to enter in some additional information.  So enter and cross your fingers, you may just get lucky!

Samsung Galaxy S Fan Page

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