New Buy One Get One Free Sale Starts Today

How I love the smell of Buy One Get One in the morning. As promised today starts the next iteration of the T-Mobile smartphone/messaging phone Buy One Get One free sale. This time the sale will run from September 8th through November 2nd thought lets be honest, its likely this will be extended through the rest of the holiday season or something very similar will run. The biggest difference between this BOGO and the previous editions, the addition of four messaging phones as well as the Blackberry 9300, which launches today in case anyone didn’t notice.

This offer extends to both new customers and upgrades, requires a 2-year sentence err service agreement and the second phone must be of equal or lesser value. You will of course pay for the higher priced handset and receive the lower one for free, though keep in mind in some cases mail in rebates may apply.

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  • shotime

    I wonder if this will apply to the G2???

    • Jrsykind

      I hope so!

    • jdog

      Does any body find the date weird because that is the day before the two new Motorola Android phones are coming out according to the leaked T-mo road map and lets not forget the Mytouch HD, HTC HD7, and the LG Android phone all coming out before Thanksgiving.

    • Rob


    • Ivan

      No Duh, Its Not Going To Be Buy One Get One Except For The Tmobile G2 … Think.

    • Ivan

      No Duh This Applys To The G2, It Says Buy One Get One Not Buy One Get One Except For The Tmobile G2 … Think Man Think.

  • Yyevo

    Awesome! Just in time for the add a line.

  • mtnman

    I wonder if this will apply to the G2 as well?

    • dwillistyle

      I doubt it. HD2, MyTouch Slide, and Vibrant were not part of the BOGO deal when they first came out. So based just off of the recent handset BOGO history, the G2 may be added in a month or so.

      • tmorep

        Both the HD2 and mytouch slide have been included in BOGO since July.
        the Vibrant is included officially today.

      • Yes

        Yeah, he said when they first came out. Learn how to read.

  • g1ana

    I just bought a phone motorola cliq for my daughter this weekend wondering if I should go return it and get 2 phones now? :)

    • mtnman

      You might want to consider it. After all your within the 30 day return policy.

      • tmorep

        It’s a 14 day return policy unless your in California.

    • nenes78

      I would take back that cliq. its a dead phone. get a mytouch slide instead.

      • g1ana

        Well the= CLIQ was for my daughter, so is fine. But I dont see anything worth getting for me. I am waiting for the G2.

      • JaylanPHNX

        Daughter or not, I’d get the Slide. There will be less frustration all around.

      • g1ana

        So what is the big deal with the Cliq? Why is it so bad? Well I guess I could google and find out huh?

      • nenes78

        My wife has had nothing but issues with it.

      • Daniel

        Stop asking questions and listen to the man!!! Take it back and get the slide!

    • drew

      I would.. those cliqs aren’t the best.

      • g1ana

        well my daughter is 13 and there is not much she liked other than the vibrant and i wont pay $200 for a phone for her, so anything good for $100?

    • Sarge

      GET RID OF THAT CLIQ FAST!!!! My wife has it and we’ve had to get it replaced 4 times for different unfixable problems ranging from keyboard malfunctions, constant freezing, phone making random phone calls on its own, etc, etc, etc…. They just plain $uck bad and T-Mobile won’t do anything for you but offer an exchange over and over again.

      • g1ana

        we are talking about the Cliq XT right? not the 1st Cliq that came out? Why are the phones so much cheper at walmart. Is saying $49.99 for the Vibrant and Mytouch slide?

      • YoT-Mo

        My wife, a real estate agent, has a Cliq XT. She first had a few issues with the touch screen, but a stylist made for the Cliqs solved her issues. T-Mobile has had many, many more HD2s, Nokia 2720s and Samsung Gravity 2s and even Gravity 3s returned (as a per cent of total sales) than Cliqs. For the most part very few functional problems although there are problems with every handset. When launched, the G2 can be the first handset purchased in the current T-Mo BOGO, but it will not be able to the second (free) handset — at least initially. Third party T-Mo retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, Radio Shack, etc.) purchase T-Mo handsets at close to the same price. T-Mo pays the affiliated agent a fee for each new line of Even More Service. (Even More Plus plans are available at T-Mobile company-owned stores only.) Each third party retailer can charge any price they wish for handsets. Some of these retailers sell these handsets at cost or even at a loss to attract customers (loss leaders), The profit comes from the fee paid for each new line of service.

      • Daniel

        I’d say needing a “stylist” to use your touch screen is a pretty big problem. Not only that but you compared it to some of the worst phones on T-mobile. Next time you want to make a horrible phone look good, try comparing it to something that matters…

    • Magenta Magic

      If you went to a non-corporate store, your upgrade status does not immediately reset and you will have to do your new phones thru care ie shipped to you. Ask that very specific question before you do the return. “Are you a corporate T-Mobile store?”

    • erod188

      RETURN IT the cliq is a horrible phone!!!!!! I have had my cliq for almost a year now, i have been trying to gather up some cash to get a new phone. return it asap

  • mikeeeee

    all they need are phones worth buying.

    anytime anyone doesn’t think we are the stepchildren of t-mobile just check out UK or germany and see the stuff they have for sale there.

    • mikeeeee

      case in point………….

      • g1ana

        OMG! they even have the Iphone4 in UK. What get so cheated out of good phones here in US!! really sucks! I just hope the G2 is worth my wait!

      • @g1ana T-mobile UK=AT&T US

      • but if you look closer they have tiered internet.

      • g1ana

        I just love Android, that is the only reason I would not get an Iphone. My contract is up, and was considering switching, but I love t-mob rates for my family and really hoping this G2 works out for me.

  • MeMyselfandI

    Can someone do the math to see whether this deal is cheaper than doing an EM+ family plan and paying cash for the phones?

    • MeMyselfandI

      Never mind, I did a spreadsheet myself. Over a 24 month period, all things being equal, getting the EM family plan (I used the 750 minute one with txt and web) with the free second phone is $79 cheaper over two years than getting the equivalent EM+ family plan and paying cash for the phones. When you factor in a corporate discount of 15% off the monthly bill (AAA, Govt. Emp’ee, etc…) then it becomes a $582.94 difference. That is a huge spread.

  • Jim

    Does this also mean that I can buy one smartphone for retail price without extending anything can also get the second phone free?

    • Kickstar13

      Did you not read where it says, “requires 2 year contract extension”??

  • JD

    Is this in stores only?

  • mike

    it also applies to the vibrant!!

  • does anyone know if this would work…

    my girlfriend’s contract is up and she’s just waiting for a new phone to come out that she wants… i’m still in contract until july 2011… if she got the new blackberry curve 3g… would she get it for the cheaper upgrade price, and be able to get the free 2nd phone to give to me, and then i can use that until my contract is up in july 2011 and get a new NEW phone at upgrade price then? if so that would be awesome and really help both of us (her old blackberry curve is really dying and i’m really outgrowing my g1, even with rooting and faster roms, but i can’t afford to just spend $500 on a new full price phone, plus there’s nothing out yet i’m even THAT interested in anyway, but for free i’d try something new)

    • Cyberpyr8

      You could do that. She could get her new phone and give you the other one. Swap your Sim card and change the data plan from Android to BB. In July get your new phone.

    • tmorep

      No, to take advantage of BOGO both lines need to be on a shared family plan, and be @ full upgrade eligibility. sorry

      • even though your name is tmorep i’m gonna just hope that cyberpyr8 is right haha. i guess i’ll find out when we call up soon.

      • Acacia Strain

        Cyberpyr8 is incorrect.

        Both lines have to have the full upgrade and your upgrade eligibility is reset if you take the BOGO offer AKA 22 months till another full discount.

  • pimpstrong

    So what ever happened to “No Phones Left Behind”? Because I tried rooting my girls myTouch 3G and its too much dam work!

    • Anon

      Good luck with that. After spending a few years working with TMO as a vendor, I can say with certainty that they are inept, indecisive, and just flat out unethical. They are pretty much all talk no action and this “No Phones Left Behind” will just wither away and die.

      • pimpstrong

        As it appears to have done the very same month that info was released… Sad.

  • Amanda

    I really hope this also counts on the G2. My sister and I are both upgrading.

  • rinklighter

    My computer says this is a reported attack site. Anyone else getting that message in Firefox?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Please clear your cache and try again, or check the Apologies posts a little further down the page.

      • Ktwist

        What no mention of the BOGO on the Galaxy S Vibrant? There is a huge sign for it, maybe it’s not out yet but I saw it yesterday in the back before we closed up shop. This is the one most will want to take advantage of.

      • MarkV10

        Dropped by my local Tmo store around noon and the Vibrant buy one get one free display was practically blocking the door.

    • 2FR35H

      Everyday when I am at home yes but its whatever I have been to this site long enough to know I am virus free.

  • 2FR35H

    I can’t afford a $30 data plan so windows phone 7 here I come… until you get a sepaarate required data plan then we break up.

  • C-FU

    So on the Vibrant, is it the standard $199 price with full upgrade discount?

    Just asking, as through Costco it’s $99 after $50 rebate. But you also get some free accessories; case (meh), earbud (meh), bluetooth headset (potential), car charger (nice).

    If the net cost is the same, seems to me one would be better off to just go through Costco.

  • Sarge

    I know this is off topic but mytouch 3g users I just came across this.

    • mtnman

      Yeah, try doing that with the Moto Cliq. All Moto is going to do is laugh at you. their “Supposed” to be an update on the Cliq, but it’s been pushed back so far that by the time it does have and update we’ll be making interstellar calls from another galaxy.

  • The Observer

    i’ll wait for the bogo till both the g2 and mthd comes out

  • S

    Looks like this promotion is only good in-store; however, I like the fact that if you order through the website, they will charge the purchase price of the phone to your next monthly bill. Does anyone know if they’ll do that in the store as well?

  • lilmicky3

    will flexpay be a part of it too… i think we should give our flexpay customers a chance too..

  • C-FU

    So, obviously you can’t buy a G2 and get a G2 free. But I wonder, could you buy a G2 and get a Vibrant free?

    Wife is up for an upgrade, and I will be next month…

  • Xoemmysweetxo

    can you buy a g2 and get a g2 free?

  • Xoemmysweetxo

    can you buy a g2 and get a g2 free?