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UPDATE (now with less binary): Like it or not, we have just heard from the almighty powers that be (our sources) that the G2 release date has been pushed back to Oct 6.  I guess we will just need to wait until tonight for further confirmation.

AAHHH!!!! Binary Attack!  Confused yet?  Maybe some of you were when T-Mobile proudly tweeted a bunch of ‘1’s and ‘0’s.  Well, the translation is simple, “G2newscmngsoon.”  Way to leave us on the edge of our seats T-Mobile, we hate that (just kidding, we love it).  What do we think it is?  How about a dedicated page that will completely unveil the G2 in all of it’s glory!  You know, normal stuff like specs, price, dimensions, pics and a possible pre-order (or the promise of one),  but you don’t have to trust us (cough).  Well, we have some time to kill before midnight, so leave your thoughts and speculations in the comments!

T-mobile Twitter

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  • somebody

    what phone was this again?

    hd7 took all my attention

  • John


  • duhh



    • SimplyAmazing

      I think tmo has hired some morons to handle twitterNo Dual core Winblows phone!

      thats what duhh said lol

      my last comment didnt go through :( I can’t wait for that preorder info though, Im dying to get rid of this crappy samsung flip and ready to jump in head first into the world of froyo goodness :D GIMME!

    • Andrew

      It appears that dual core phones may be out of the question for this year on all carriers. This is not t-mobile’s fault.

  • Javi

    Finally, more official news. Hopefully it is the Specs and pricing.

  • Sapphire

    Here’s a link to translate binary.


  • Tom

    Rumors had it being available for preorder or being revealed the 9th right? That’s tomorrow! I would consider that soon. I’ll be waiting anxiously.

    • jazzmanmonty

      i called that one yesterday, and sure enough, 12am 9/9 tmobile updated their site for the g2.

  • vinny

    What are you trying to tear our hearts out???? Give us some imfo we can sink our teeth into. I want my G2 and I want it now.

  • Foxeh

    I got a post card from T-Mobile late last week pretty much hinting at the same thing. If they don’t spit out anything by the end of the week I’ll be flat out annoyed. Hopefully Tom is right, but I don’t know…

  • JoshL

    There better be some news tomorrow! I cannot wait any longer!!! (speaking of which, my G1 has had some serious issues lately… SIM card is continually disconnecting. NEEED my G2!)

    • mikeeeee

      joshl, pull it and rub it on your pants.

      might be just a fine layer of crud.

      • Scott

        Jeez… that advice could fix any number of problems!

        A pencil eraser does a good job of cleaning contacts.

      • JoshL

        thanks for the advice. it’s working again. I pulled it out, played with it for a bit, and now it’s working like a champ! thanks again

      • XfooYen

        “joshl, pull it and rub it on your pants.

        might be just a fine layer of crud.”

        – That’s what she said.

  • Twigs

    They have me on the edge of my seat I’m waiting with money ready

  • funkadesi

    G2newscmngsoon – thats what it SAYS… im happy and sad at the same… happy cuz of G2 news… and sad because why would they make us decode “G2newscmngsoon”


    • funkadesi

      now decode this!


      • Andrew

        Neither can I

      • darkjuan

        icantwait4g2 is the translation


    T-Mobile has to be the worst with leading customers on their little game trails! Just announce the damn thing already.

    • djdarkknight96

      Ok, G2 COMING SOON! HD Android phone soon too…I better shut up!

  • Sivart

    Is this the new “clutch” phone?

  • Ready to dump my cliq xt for a nice G2

    • alex

      Dumped mine july 7th for a mytouch 3g slide :),

  • A.Minor

    I’m not quite fond of this approach… similar to that puzzle before the vibrant was announced. Just come out with it is what I say…

  • Serotheo

    I want the G2 but seeing as HTC with their 1.2-1.5ghz duals, Samsung’s Orion, and LG using the Tegra 2 I will have to hope a dual cored competitor comes to T-mobile with hspa+, I actually just settled on G2 but with Q1 of 2011 being the range of time of when I will get the money for a new phone, I will have to hope for a plastic Mytouch with dual core from T Mobile or hope for a G3 in 2 more years.

    • Eddie Android

      The G2 will do just fine. I like the speed (except the GPU) on my Nexus One. I don’t why these manufacturers are so eager to release dual core 1.5+ processors. Are people going to produce movies and CGI animations? I think not. 1 ghz is perfect for me, as for multitasking my N900 had 600mhz and could keep 10+ applications running without choking.

  • LarryH

    To me this was kinda funny i mean its better the the puzzle we got for the vibrant ……….. on another not i read that htc is having a huge gathering over sea sept.12 for the unveiling of a new fone its suppose to be the uk versoin G2 so i think we will know some thing on that day or the day after

  • heydrew

    “Drink more Ovaltine?!”

    • XfooYen

      bwahahaha! Decoder ring!

      • heydrew

        Seriously, if they really have pushed the release date back into October then we are getting played just like the kid in that movie. Just give us the freakin’ phone already!

  • Manny

    at one point i was really hyped about the G2…its starting to wear off now. Im just going to wait until next year and see what happens with the iphone.

    • funkmasterC


    • JM77

      Why would you wait for the iphone? I mean its a quality device but
      I would say the vibrant is at least equal and its cheaper and its available now.
      Is facetime a requirement for you?
      The N8 is a great choice for video calling plus 12mp carl zeiss camera.
      Ovi does offer fewer quality apps.
      Im honestly curious. Why the iphone?

      • Manny

        sure…my last smart phone was the iphone 3g unlocked, bought it off ebay and got it about a year or two ago.I ended up losing it. I really enjoyed it, the UI, the ipod, everything about it. Im due for an upgrade, and with all these rumors of the iphone coming to TMO i am willing to wait and see if i can get it for tmo. I could use the 3g network on it this time and get it for less.
        As of right now im using this motorola flip phone that doesnt even have a camera on it. I have been without a smart phone for quite some time now, so facetime is defiantly not a “requirement”, but i doesnt hurt.

  • Dp4609

    Alright here’s my question, I’ve read somewhere (can’t remember if it was engadget, gizmodo, androidandme or phonescoop) that the g2 won’t even be designed to reach the speeds of 42 Mbps planned for next year, let alone the 21Mbps. (I realize that no one might get either of those numbers in reality) So my question is: is what I’m hearing about the g2’s hspa+ capability true, and if it is what phones (prototype and rumored) are actually going to be able to push ands reach close to those speeds?

    • Sapphire

      Theoretical speeds of 14.4 mbps. It says it on the website that is for the G2. Look at the fine print below the image.

      • Dp4609

        And that’s with the current data network on hspa+, but would that number go up when they up the Mbps to 42? I just don’t want to deal with getting a phone again and have it lose it’s luster within a year.

      • JM77

        Ah, good question!
        If we figure real world speeds are at most a third of theoretical speeds, then 21 = 7 download. And 42 = 14. G2 is rated 14.4
        This is based on logic, some conjecture, and opinion.
        The most important question is – How much speed do you need?
        8Mbps = 1MB per second, Thats FAST even when tethering

      • Leachpunk

        @JM77 I often wonder the same thing, why is it people are so worried about the speeds. HSPA at 7.2MBPS is super fast already. I guess people expect to be torrenting bluray rips on their phones, because otherwise i dont understand why everyone craves that much speed. I think lots of people feel the speed of the connection somehow increases the speed of the phone. Things coming in at 1mbps or 10mbps take roughly the same time to process and render on the phone, so why the craving for more speed.

        I would just prefer a more stable connection.

  • alex32

    i hope they dont play games like the galaxy s. I want to hear the official release date already so i pull out the cash and get this phone already. Im fed up with my curve 8900 and ready to switch back to android. I was hoping for a september 15th release date but obviously that wont happen. I am sure september 15 is the day we’ll find out when itll release and when we can do the pre orders.
    These games are cool and all, but theres a time where it wears people out like me..and I know im not the only one.

  • gunsing

    man cant wait

  • This is an atempt to keep up the hype of the G2. I think its working.

  • funkmasterC

    How about this? T-Mobile needs to quit playing games and talking in Binary. SPIT IT OUT! Nobody likes being misled by cryptic messages and riddles. Say it and say it in simple english. Get it?

    • funkmasterC

      I would edit my message if I could – I forgot to say – T-Mobile – your marketing department sucks! They should all be fired and you should take a look at your competition and how they handle product releases. Jeez.

    • Rilesman

      Next time it will be in hexdecimal…jk….or am I?

    • Leachpunk

      Actually you are quite wrong, everyone loves to be lead by riddles and cryptic messages. Hence the notion of ARGs in the world of the internet today. It is something people thrive on, because instead of just being told and going on about their day, they are left pondering over it. Trying hard to figure out the puzzle makes the idea stick with you much longer than if it was just announced. At least to most people it does.

      Not quite the same, but same philosophy, the movie Paranormal Activity. They ran radio promos and commercials telling everyone to go vote on getting the movie in their area. Then finally it was nearing theatre release, and they sent out promos telling everyone that they did it, the movie was going to air in their theatres. This was well after IMDB had it posted as appearing in at least 800 theatres that opening weekend (normal theatre release for new movies).

      Marketing does everything, and this is another sheer example of how marketing has affected people. You may feel disgruntled at figuring out the clues, in reality you’re just frustrated because you probably can’t figure out the clue. But regardless you will continually, for a short time no less, (negatively or positively) talk about what T-Mobile has done here.

      So did the marketing work? Yes

  • mtnman

    I hear all of ya. Why don’t Tmo just stop playing games. Anyone that’s a techophile would be able to figure that message out quick. Perhaps Tmo knows this, and it’s more configured towards the high-end user, not just the avarage consumer.

    Next thing you know they’ll be doning code, puzzles and maybe and encryption code for us to decifer just to let us know that an el-cheapo phone is coming soon.

  • Do we have any specs on the G2 and a release date on the MTHD

  • queensnewbie

    ehhhhhhh, myTouchHD here I come…..

  • mtnman

    Riddle me this, Riddle me that. Who’s affraid of the big bad binary code. lol

    • Steve Jobs

      Stick to your day job. l.a.y!

  • Jason

    Nooooooo! September 29th felt far enough away, and now I have to wait yet another week? I wish it was winter so I could try freezing myself in the snow like Cartman. Sick of my Cliq, need this G2 soon.

    • Blablabla

      Lolz cartman dumb lolz

  • JoshL

    why do I feel like the website is going live tonight?? I have a feeling… (I guess my hope is beyond controllable at this point)

  • 30014

    I guess the phone is being pushed back to give tmo’s marketing dept more time to come up with more dumb ass marketing ideas.

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    I talked to some tmo reps and store managers today and they said the release would be pushed back??????

    • Steve Jobs

      So the question marks are to question your comment? Or were you just questioning what you did today?

  • Lincon Jake

    They probably heard our cries and Tmobile is going to up the processor to 1 ghz. So they need more time to test the settings. Yup that’s what they are doing.

  • jose

    OMG another month! if i dont rid myself of this POS blackberry bold soon ima go berserk!

  • mingkee

    Since I study computer in college, I can deciper the code easily.
    The hex:
    47 32 6e 65 77 73 63 6d 6e 67 73 6f 6f 6e
    Then check ASCII table with these hex.

  • joey
  • dboy

    check this out on t-mobile website under the press section

    Introducing the T-Mobile G2 with Google — the First Smartphone Delivering 4G Speeds on T-Mobile’s Super-Fast HSPA+ Network

  • rick

    check out the g2 on t-mobile.com

  • jazzmanmonty

    sorry, didn’t read anyones posts on here if anyone mentioned it before, but the g2.t-mobile.com has been updated…

  • Rilesman

    Maybe Emerald project could be changed to Tegra 2 and then the name would match the colors of NVidia!!! Goodbye Qualcomm.

    As for Qualcomm issues…..actually I read between the lines that 1.2 GHz won’t be realized any time soon but we will sell T-Mobile sub-par parts that can might it to 800MHz…but it is dual core….Cool huh? Pass the pipe please.

    • Daniel

      Can you say that again in English this time please? ;)

  • Daniel

    The Picture is finally posted on http://g2.t-mobile.com/

    Thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Slim Charles

    Check Tmobile website, it’s been added to coming soon.

  • JBOT

    G2 is now on T-Mobile site :)

  • JoshL

    new pic on website: http://g2.t-mobile.com/

  • somone

    want some specs? ok here are some: 3.7 inch screen,HD video recording (720p), 5 mega pixel camera with flash, work email, 4gb gb board 8 gb memeroy card a total of 32gb total, qualcomm MSM7230 mobile processor 800mhz cpu, HSPA+ handset, pinch and zoom, swype and drum rollllllll

    199 after mail in rebate! :)


    Arent tmo retail mgrs going to be in vegas for 10-5 and 10-6 that would be odd to have a launch like that with them gone…maybe my dates are wrong though…

  • big Jake

    I’ve read that the HTC HD3 is to have a 1.5ghz chipset for but no mention of the yugio version.. now my question is do they make a single core 1.5ghz chip & if so could’nt that have been misreported as being duel cor??