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UPDATE (now with less binary): Like it or not, we have just heard from the almighty powers that be (our sources) that the G2 release date has been pushed back to Oct 6.  I guess we will just need to wait until tonight for further confirmation.

AAHHH!!!! Binary Attack!  Confused yet?  Maybe some of you were when T-Mobile proudly tweeted a bunch of ‘1’s and ‘0’s.  Well, the translation is simple, “G2newscmngsoon.”  Way to leave us on the edge of our seats T-Mobile, we hate that (just kidding, we love it).  What do we think it is?  How about a dedicated page that will completely unveil the G2 in all of it’s glory!  You know, normal stuff like specs, price, dimensions, pics and a possible pre-order (or the promise of one),  but you don’t have to trust us (cough).  Well, we have some time to kill before midnight, so leave your thoughts and speculations in the comments!

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