And Just Like That, T-Mobile G2 Pricing

So we’ve seen images, have a great guess at a release date and a pretty decent idea as to what to expect inside the device. How about price, you guys want to know price don’t you? Well as the above image shows the price of the T-Mobile G2 with Google will drop in right in line with other smartphones across the market at $199.99 with a $50 mail in rebate on Even More plans. Even More Plus customers, you’ll be paying $499.99, which is pretty much in line with expectations as well. No real surprises here but its always nice to have an idea what to expect and who are we kidding, you guys were begging to get this information. So there you have it, we delivered.


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this is being released right on schedule per my “faux leaks” that I defined last year. LOL.

  • Galen20K

    Nice! Exactly as we thought, great Value!

  • Pocketchange.

    ha, good thing I turn 18 on the 25th so i can sign on with a contract.

    • TMoFoSho

      So be ready for FLEX PAY No contract. U pay your first month’s bill up front and $499.99 all at once. good luck. better off getting your parents to do two year contract or at least finance it no contract.

      • Chris

        Is that new? I turned 18 in 2007 and had no problem signing a new contract.

      • tmopro

        not true! if you have had a bank account and joint credit card with parents before that will help. ive seen 18 year olds get contracts.

      • I know a new law passed recently under Obama that prevents 18 year olds from getting credit cards without a cosigner who’s 21+. And I think you will need a credit score. So if they allow you to go on contract, like my friend who’s 20, he had to pay a 3 months up front as a deposit.

      • Yes

        Both the Obama and T-Mobile parts of your post are you talking out of your ass. T-Mobile never requires a deposit to start service.

    • Freedom

      You have to have a credit score to get a contract with them same for all of the service providers just a heads up

      • aksnoopy

        I was able to sign up for Cingular (now AT&T) when I was 18 and switched to Tmobile a couple years later and had no problems with credit checks.

    • penguin

      dont listen to that guy anyone qualifies for flexpay contract as long as they have a social, even with no credit, only horrible credit does not

    • Relikk2

      Not sure how it works for someone with no credit but this is how flex pay worked for me. I did it on my Vibrant. I picked the family ‘even more plus’ plan at $119.99. I had to pay the tax on my Vibrant and the first month payment on the Vibrant. $37 (tax) + $25 (for Vibrant $500 / 20 = $25), so i paid $62 at T-Mobile the first day. And apx one month later my T-Mobile bill was due so I paid $119 + $14(normal tax) and $0 phone (because i paid the first month up front for the phone), Total $133 a month. Second month I paid the normal $133 plus the $25 phone charge, $158.

      Family ‘even more plus’ gets me two phones with unlimited web, text and 1500 anytime minutes total. Still get the normal stuff, like unlimited nights and weekends and free T-Mobile to T-Mobile.

      • dcb

        You are not on flex pay then……if you were then you would have had to pay the first month of your service up front. You also would only been approved to finance 200.00 of your phone purchase……you are on regualar post paid service

  • rpinazo

    Nothing we didn’t know but nice to see confirmation! Keep it up Tmo News.

  • Jonathan from Los Angeles

    Nice! I can’t wait till T-Mobile puts on a full-on ad blitz for this phone.

    • Galen20K

      they had BETTER! and we’d BETTER see it after EVERYTHING on TV, Internet, and Mobile devices IF they want to actually succeed which I really REALLY want them to with this Campaign.

      • AndroidRRR

        I agree FULLY!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Exactly Jonathan… I don’t know why T-Mobile launches phones bit by bit instead of getting a month or two of free publicity by announcing a phone two months ahead of time.

      Apple does that and the media gives them free news coverage that builds up excitement and anticipation.

      T-Mobile does not do much except on some phones.

      Since IMHO this phone is a BIG deal, I would expect to see a few “brass band” commercials on TV. After all, a late Sept. release qualifies this as a holiday phone, so T-Mobile should be trumpeting this big time.

      • Rilesman

        I agree with T-Mobile’s advertisement woes….but if they don’t have the units to meet demand then they may not advertise as well.

        However, with the H network (seriously they have to distinguish HSPA+ somehow) they really need to step up the game and draw the crowds or at least the respect and wow factor.

  • J5

    Hope the pre-orders start soon!

  • I was hoping they’d undercut the competition and bring it in at $149 or something, but this is exactly what I was expecting. No surprise, but good to have confirmation. :-)

  • alex32

    paying this awesome phone with cash the day it releases. im done with my curve 8900. im glad that ill soon be able to jump back on the android bandwagon. Next step we need to know is release date which is bound to hopefully come in a few days. I cant wait till september really hoping for a september 15th release date

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    ‘Faux leaks” by the way is my opinion that there are rarely genuine leaks of info. The faux leaks process starts with rumors, but no pics. Followed by one blurry shot, to a few less out-of-focus shots, to some specs, more specs, confirmed specs, pricing, then a supposed “in the wild” video on YouTube.

    And this pricing, you are right. As we have said before, $200 is the new “default” superphone contract price, $500 is the max retail price. (Albeit I was in Best Buy snooping around and saw that Verizon wants $650 retail for the Droid X. That causes me to think Verizon really wants people to opt for a contract rather than buy phones on eBay, for example.

    • Will

      Best buy and other non direct sellers charge a higher price for no contact than do direct retailers to make up cost on the lower upgrade prices they give

  • George

    i wonder what color will it carry???

    • kc

      I hope black! thats the best looking phone color from all the pictures ive seen.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Engadget said it looks like only the one color will debut.

      But maybe there will be others, assuming T-Mobile has a few surprises.

  • Barry

    I agree the G2 campaign needs to start asap

  • DannOfThurs

    Anyone else check out the Charm pricing there? They really want to get rid of them…LOL

  • Eddie Android

    Looks like ill be posting my Nexus One on Craigslist pretty soon!

    • cp

      how much?

      • Eddie Android

        most likely 300 to $360 its in almost perfect condition but has the usual touchscreen glitches

      • cp

        we may have to talk, sir. you might not have to sell it on craigslist.

  • Collin

    Time to extend my contract on for another 2 years to get this foe 200. Come on Android Powerhouse for T-mobile!

  • pimpstrong

    I’d say this price is what was expected.

    with a 1 year discount it would be $329

  • shawn

    G2 is a big let down it doesn’t compete with none of the high end smart phones but the only phone it competes with is the vibrant!!

    • tortionist

      Are you kidding? The G2 is better than all of the others at this point. They have snap dragon processors, the G2 doesn’t. It has better. and Android 2.2. It blows all of the high end smart phones away. It may not be SAMOLED, but who cares. The screen isn’t too big at 4.3 or 4.0 inches, but just right at 3.7 inches.

    • JaylanPHNX

      You make no sense at all. The G2 IS a high-end phone and competes very well. It has HSPA+ which is as fast as Sprint’s 4G. It has a processor that is as powerful as a Snapdragon but with a better graphics processor. It has a 3.7″ AMOLED screen which is not small or cheap by any means. And then to say it only stacks up to the Vibrant, as though the Vibrant isn’t right up there with the highest of high-end devices is even more inane. Get a clue and some punctuation while you’re at it.

      • Relikk2

        HSPA+ is faster then Sprints 4G. HSPA+ with an HSPA phone on T-Mobile in some cases is faster the Sprint 4G.

      • john

        My mytouch slide is faster on hspa+ than a buddy’s evo on 4g, he was avg 3.9 dl, and 1.1 ul, and I was at 5.6 dl and 0.9 ul I think mine’s faster.

    • badbob001

      I definitely need to see some specs before I make final judgment, but so far, this seems to be basically the same level as the Vibrant but with an added keyboard. My G1 is barely making it to the two year mark and that is thanks to cyanogenmod and not t-mobile, who considers it dead already. My next phone better have the capacity to carry it for two years and not play catch up to phones released a few months back.

      What is there that can surprise us? We know it’s a single core CPU in the same class as the snapdragon but packaged with better 3D and a HSPA+ modem. The screen is not super amoled and doesn’t match the iphone 4’s resolution. There is no FFC. The EPIC’s keyboard is better. There is no debut of a new version of Android. The price is the same as all other smart phones. What can it possibly have that will surprise us? 1GB of ram? I will not be surprised if all the G2 is for is to introduce HSPA+ and T-Mobile has an an even better phone for the holidays.

    • davidohio

      Shawn that is the most ignorant statement on the blog today. Congrats!

  • Just in time for Jobs apple event. I’m tempted to get the G2 and a Ipod touch next gen, That is the only way to have FFC on Magenta…..

    • ItsAllNoise

      You can go with the nokia n8 – ffc, 12mp camera, 48 hrs music playback. Or wait for the mytouch hd. I’m trying to decide between G2, N8, or HD myself. Confirmed G2 specs will be coming soon from Tmo news super spies I hope!!!

    • MrMeNaCe

      or you can get the n900 which already supports 3.5g aka 4g on the USA tmobile network. and then you can make video calls all day on skype

  • MJ

    SPECS!!! we have photos ROM, prices, release dates…Come on T-Mobile! Need offical specs please.

    MAKE OFFICAL ANNOUNCEMENT T-MOBILE!!! There isn’t anything left to hide.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I said before, I am going to hold off on buying this phone. I want to see what T-Mobile has in store for the holidays. That’s only 30 days from when this phone will debut, so it will be interesting to see what all the carriers bring out.

    That said, maybe things have changed too. With the economy being as bad as it is, perhaps the carriers will choose to bring out phones early so that holiday shoppers will either buy early or know what’s available in October, early November, rather than November.

    Another reason to wait, since the economy has not improved there will be heavy competition between the carriers to get the few dollars people are willing to spend for phones (IMHO gone are the days when Christmas was a time that people got his or her loved one that favorite superphone he or she has coveted. Gone are the days of dads spending $800 to load up the entire family with phones they want.)

    With the carrier price war and the bad economy we are going to see some great pricing this holiday season. And on the tech side Windows 7 phones, handsets with Qualcomm’s hot new chips and a few surprise handsets will all be debuting (mostly to entice the hesitant shopper).

    So if you can wait, do so.

  • NiiDiddy


  • Jim

    Still wondering what “Project Emerald” is going to bring us at T-Mobile. If it’s even an Android phone. I’d like more leaks about THAT! LOL

  • ov1

    If I read this correctly it will be 250 @ point of purchase with a rebate of 50 in 6 to 8 weeks later. Oh yes I getting about two after release so you guys can check out for bugs for me. You know like the vibriant did. Now the only problem I see with my plan is that by then they will start leaks of the mytouch hd or the glacier and the the decision game starts all over again. Played with the epic today very nice. But I think I will stay with tmo pricing plus I hear sprint has isome customer service and overall reception issues.

  • fa-q

    i like how watermark what is essentially stolen company jnformarion good job!

    • David

      Welcome to the tech blog world!! Its nice and warm here!

    • G1 user waitin for G2

      I highly doubt its “stolen” information, some people just cant resist leaking information out, have you not seen about every other post on here that has leaked pics? oh yeah and good job to you for checking your grammar before posting.

      • TmoBully

        I know it’s a little picky to check grammar when it comes to comments, but you forgot to capitalize the “o” in your last sentence. Sorry I couldn’t resist. :P

  • philosophics

    Pretty sure I’m waiting to see what the glacier is gonna be. I asked for at least 4″ of screen so to me, this really isn’t that much of an upgrade from my g1.
    Try harder next time to meet the expectations we set for you. We spoke, you ignored…

  • keele8

    I wouldn’t be suprised it they start at $199 and in a month it will drop to $149. We know the HD is coming so just like the slide and vibrant we will see price drops soon after it releases.

  • ov1

    You know. What would be nice if the vibrant would come with the back up stronger battery and back cover like that little monster called the charm.its So light it feels fake so I think it could handle the added thickness

    • G1 user waitin for G2

      what would be nice is if we can finally see some specs, lol. I have been checking this site about every hr hoping for new info on the G2, my life would not be complete if i died today, haha ok im not taking it that for but losing my patience now on this phone.

      • G1 user waitin for G2

        Can’t believe I bashed someone else for their grammar, I meant to say “im not taking it that far(not for)”

  • Fyi spoke to htc rep specs goes as no 1ghz processor no sense 800 mhz processor 1500 mah battery but it still has horrible battery life so htc is looking elsewhere for a battery manufacture

    • ItsAllNoise

      I have been wondering how much of a battery drain hspa+ will be. I guess I could turn it off when its not needed. Hmm…

  • redman12

    I’ve been holding out my upgrade since May 2010 for a super phone, I think it’s time to UPGRADE!

  • alex

    great price.might be getting this,although i really want the mytouch hd. Guys dont you think tmobile is being awfully quiet when it comes to froyo updates like the mytouch slide, the mytouch, and the vibrant. all we herd is the mytouch will get froyo i would like to know a date. anyone have a guess?

  • threetee14

    stupid question… what does the G stand for anyway?

    • nom3


      • JoshL

        The T-Mobile Google2 (G2) with Google?? I don’t think that’s right…

      • john

        Perhaps generation?

      • Jesus

        If it was generation wouldnt it be 2g ? As in second generation ?


    what you guys don’t realize about advertising is its not cheap and the other carriers pass that cost along to the consumer hence big red. yeah we see the Droid ad every other commercial but look at that customers bill. my buddy has the Droid 2 but can’t wait to get the heck out of big reds grasp. sometimes less is more and in tmo’s case it works. we might not see the advertisement but we also don’t have clogged networks either ATT. just my two cents about the marketing scheme.

    • Rilesman

      Yes, you are correct about advertising being expensive and passed on to the consumer but a well constructed plan, multiple media, and with the correct targeting and message can also be VERY effective.

      Right now, T-Mobile has informative (mostly) adds but messes the boat with an effective message.

  • Patrick

    i MIGHT trade a vibrant for this…….NAH!!!!! lol well….whats the battery life like lol

  • Michael

    This might be the phone that makes me drop my MyFaves contract with another extenssion.

  • adrianxt

    Im 18 and I got my postpaid contract back in April… I even got my phone with a 300 dollar credit line so im payin in monthly installments

    • Inertiaman

      Random poster says, ‘What?’.

      • Jesus

        he was probably replying to some of the first comments ;)

  • vinny

    The vibrant can not even compare to this device. The G2 is twice the phone the Vibrant is. I sent the Vibrant back and kept my Nexus One. Im hoping the G2 is the Nexus 2 we are waiting for with the plain android UI.

  • shawn

    ignorant?? r u serious first off all the super smart phones have HDMI output the g2 doesn’t for a phone that took so long 2 come out n has so much hype it is real basic it really shouldn’t b in the same class as the other smart with it being the first 2 start the android movement…4 those of u who tried 2 @ me bcuz of lack of understanding..please use spell check!!

    • Relikk2

      You’re ignorant because you don’t realize that the Samsung Galaxy S line is the best phone available right now. “phones but the only phone it competes with is the vibrant!!” The Vibrant blows away everything that is currently out right now, with respect to hardware power. By saying that that the G2 only competes with the Vibrant is a complement! Mega Pixals, FFC, and Qwerty do not equate to hardware power. Galaxy S tweaked can hit Quadrant scores of around 2700. You probably don’t even know what Quadrant is.

      You’re also proving that you’re stupid because you write run on sentences to defend you’re ignorance.

      I’m excited about the G2 because I think it will compete with the Vibrant. LOL, here is a link to HDMI cable for the Galaxy S. I’m sure that HTC can make a similar setup of the G2.

      • Perry

        Not that I am taking sides in this debate, but I don’t think anyone is going to believe you with your grammar and accusations of other people’s ignorance. You claim that others do not even know what Quadrant is when you cannot spell mega pixel right. Just so you can be more believable in your views next time.

      • relikk2

        Thanks Perry, but miss-spelling mega pixel, and using “of” instead of “for” hardly makes my views unbelievable. It might not be the best effort but I’m sure that most people could let those mistakes go and still understand what I was trying to express. My claim was not “other’s”, it was that Shawn PROBABLY doesn’t know what it Quadrant is.

        Could you give me your email address so you can proof read my next attempt? I don’t want to embarrass my self again.

      • mtnman

        Relikk2: I have that cable, and it doesn’t work, well at the moment it doesn’t. I bought it off Cellular Accesories and was excited to hook it up and all I got was “No Signoal” Tried it on my living room set, bedroom set, my PS3, and surround sound system. Still nothing. Got ahold of Samsung Tech support and as of now there working on a software issue that prevents if form working. I did all the right steps in using the TV Out, but nothing.

        Samsung was in such a hurry to get it out, they didn’t have the software to support it.

        I’m keeping the cable until Samsung gets a OTA update to fix it. Cellular Accessories said if I wanted they would extend the 15 day return policy and take it back and credit me, but I told them I’ll keep it instead of sending it back only to have re-order it latter.

    • Anthony

      I really dont see the point of HDMI output. its a phone. If i wanted to see something on a larger screen, i’d just use my laptop or PC.

      • Relikk2

        Companies are going to start selling media through phones hardcore. Phones will probably be you’re source of watching rented and purchased movies (via a Netflix type service)in the foreseeable future. At least that what I believe the companies think…

      • john

        @relikk2, rented through the phone…hogwas…oh hd2, tmobile first on that one.
        Sorry, had to call that one.

      • relikk2

        @ John,

        I meant all cell phone companies, not just Vibrant. I believe that all mfg’s are going to heavily focus on media sales. This could make an HDMI cable useful in the future.

  • Steve

    I was hoping for $450 on the EMP plan. Oh well still buying it.

  • Deke218

    I wonder how many of you will hate this device 6 months from now.

  • JoshL

    Yay $200!!

  • Anthony

    we need some leaks on emerald so i can make a decision to keep my nexus or go with this or something else this fall. :) this G2 phone is a slight upgrade over the nexus from the specs so far — the real driver for me is having a hardware keyboard again. i miss the G1 for that lone feature.

  • shawn

    first off didnt no this was class thought…never new i couldnt make a mistake…y would i buy a fone 4 $5 and the buy accessories jus fort it 2 do wat the basic smart fones are doin…all im sayin is the fone should’ve been better than the evo…it’s a thinner G1 with a lil upgraded features!!dude stop jockin me!!

    • 30014

      If you don’t like the phone don’t get it, it’s really that simple. Now stop whining like a little bitch and learn proper grammar. You’re not texting your buddies.

    • relikk2

      You’re not in class, and I’m sorry for making fun of you run-on sentences. They just make it very hard to understand what you are saying. Thanks to Perry I now know I make mistakes too. In all seriousness the EVO is not a good phone in comparison to what the competition released around the same time. It’s a NEXUS one without JIT (or poorly done JIT) and a bigger screen. The G2 has a much better GPU and a much better CPU. Just because the CPU isn’t 1 ghtz doesn’t mean it not as good as the Snapdragon. There is a lot more to a CPU then just hertz. Also, i’m not 100 percent sure but I don’t think that the EVO comes with the HDMI cable, I think you have to buy one.

      Sorry everyone, I forgot to have Perry proof read. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to write.

  • notxel

    All I need now is Official Specs on the G2 and I’ll be happy! I’m about 90% certain that I’m picking up the G2 but I would just like some confirmed Specs. We have just about all the other relevant information on the phone.

  • Bobert

    I am really hoping that this has WIfi calling built in.
    My TMO reception blows ass at our new place and I am .3 miles from a tower. It may be that we are up on a hill so maybe that has to do with it. I was thinking of giving Verizon a shot but yikes their costs!

  • Pretty much what I expected. $500 is pricey for a phone, still $180 cheaper over 2 years than if you are a sucker and get it “subsidized”.

    Even More (2 year contract required)
    500 min talk+text+web: $80/mo
    Cost of phone: $200
    Total over 2 years: $2120

    Even More Plus
    500 min talk+text+web: $60/mo
    Cost of phone: $500
    Total over 2 years: $1940

    • eYe

      Some of us have plans that are cheaper than those Even More plans and let us “subsidize” phones. $135/month with 4 discounted phones is what I pay now, $130/no discounts on EM plans. Who is the sucker now?

      • eYe

        Not to mention that with T-mobile I can upgrade every 22 months, not 24.

      • Obviously there are a few of you grandfathered into astoundingly good plans, still by far you are the exception not the rule. I’m grandfathered into a very inexpensive plan but it’s never qualified for equipment discounts so I’m switching to Even More Plus when my contract expires in October.

        For most people (as in well over 90%) getting the “susidized” phones is about as smart as buying lottery tickets with your retirement money.

  • thoughtSausage

    pricing list seems a little suspect… why would there be the Sidekick 2008 still listed on there? Just a thought…

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    engadget just posted that the g2 will only be clocked 800mhz

  • Justin Lane

    Well i just seen the specs on this phone and the part that scares me with it ?!?
    MEMORY: 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, WTF!!! how is it supposed to handle all the UI and intel if it only has the minimal amount of internal memory on it, im sorry this just seems like a failure ready to happen, this is just my opinion though and im only one man so hey have at it

    I will stick to my awesome Vibrant which sports a nice 1 gig hummingbird, i know it doesnt sound as rugged as a snapdragon or scorpion for that matter, but the internal 16gigs of memory (not including what you can put on the external memory card)is the sticking point here, shouldnt a high amount of internal memory be what gets a phone through to its future? after all Android does give out some tasty treats so often (the dessert upgrades) that use plenty of space as well as RAM…

    Maybe im just imagining things here but buy something thats going to at least survive through to a new phone at upgrade time, or the carriers could always make the ability to upgrade term shorter, dont know about you all, although as exciting as it is to get an all new phone thatt does crazy tricks, im getting kinda worn out buying multiple phones over a small period and discovering lateer that it doesnt fit my lifestyle or needs
    Im just saying

    • HEY GUYS

      those are the specs for the european phone with a similar name released in ’09

  • AgDon

    With the newer better Verizon model coming out soon and probably for the $199 price maybe they should lower the G2 price to $150 or a BOGO.